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Genetic Based Time Synchronization Optimize Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Chang Chen, Dongxiao Wang, Liangang Xiao
Time synchronization provides uniform timescale for distributed sensor networks. In this paper a genetic based time synchronization optimize algorithm is proposed. It first generated the nondeterministic transmitting delay and then adopted the genetic algorithm to simulating these delays. Minimal linear...
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LMI-based Control Performance Analysis of Networked Control System with Random Delays and Dropouts

Yanpeng Wu, Xinmin Wang, Ying Wu
In this paper, the problem of control performance analysis with decay rate of networked control system (NCS) with uncertain time delays and packet dropouts is studied, and the stabilization controller is designed to deal with the network induced issues. Gridding approach is introduced to transform the...
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Tree Routing Improvement Algorithm Based on the Neighbor Table in ZigBee Networks

Leqiang Bai, Jingjing Sun, Jing Dai, Ye Tian
Aiming at the problems of ZigBee tree routing algorithm that the algorithm has many hop counts, long latency of data transmission and low ratio of the packets delivery, a tree routing improvement algorithm based on the neighbor table in ZigBee networks is proposed. The proposed algorithm establishes...
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2-Hop Neighbors Table Based Broadcasting Algorithm in Ad Hoc Network

Leqiang Bai, Ye Tian, Jing Dai, Jingjing Sun
In order to reduce redundant forwarding nodes and transmission delay, this paper proposes a 2-hop neighbors table based broadcasting algorithm. The proposed algorithm introduces two conceptions which are in-degree of two hop neighbor nodes and out-degree of neighbor nodes. It can reduce the number of...
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The Static Voltage stability research based on the improved continuous power flow

Junjun An, Shengnan Lv
This paper proposes an improved method of continuation power flow calculation to trace the PV curve of power systems .A new parametric method which is based on the algorithm principle is proposed to reduce the possibility of parametric method that does not converge in the correction process, which improves...
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On Motion Mechanism Calibration Technology of a Linear Structured Light 3D Measurement System

Kui Wang, Ying Hu, Fenglong Bi, Yue Ma
Aiming at the motion mechanism calibration of a 2DOF linear structured light three-dimensional (3D) measurement system, a significant method is proposed in this article. Firstly, the physical model of the measurement system is given. Secondly, the calibration model is deduced and a calibration method...
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Research on Technology of LPI/LPD Communication

Tongxiang Wang, Jianhua Fan, Yu Zhang
The LPI/LPD communication is a technology of hiding the information into the noise or other useless signals through an efficient modulation, making it difficult for the detector to capture the hidden information. Spread-spectrum communication has good characteristics of LPI/LPD and has been widely used....
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Effects of Structure Parameters on Temperature Characteristics of Multiple Quantum Well Ring Laser

Jing Guo, Sheng Xie, Hao Wang, Weilian Guo
Due to the potential application in all-optical signal processing, semiconductor ring laser (SRL) has become one of research hotspots in the present. In this paper, an equivalent SRL was modeled utilizing a numerical device simulator (ATLAS), and the effects of structure parameter on the temperature...
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The Application of GARCH Model in The Growth Enterprise Market Risk Measurement

Qian Rao, Zan Zhang
After the financial crisis, many countries have been paying more and more attention to the regulation of financial market risk, and the core of risk regulation is the market risk measurement. Based on the theory of risk management, this paper studies the statistical characteristics of the Growth Enterprise...
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Study on the Sustainable Development of Logistics for Circulation Economy

Rong Zhao
since the nineteen seventies, resource and environmental problems have become one of the important problems in the world, it is mainly because of human use of resources and the environment is incorrect and the development of human society and the natural harmony does not cause. Extensive economic growth...
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Nostalgia Instruction Enhances the Subjective Well-Being of Undergraduates

Xiaoli Tao, Hongge Liang, Huimin Zeng
Nostalgia is recognized as an emotional experience that enables the integration of the past with the present. In this study, 396 undergraduate students were assigned randomly to either a nostalgia instruction group or a control group (in which they recall ordinary things). The life satisfaction and subjective...
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Could Non-elasticity Demand be Blamed for the Raising of House Price in China

Xin Tong, Susheng Wang
The Chinese house price was raised rapid and sustain, some scholars thought that the reason is the non-elasticity demand, it is said that the action of collusion of the firms is the maximum of profit. To test if the reason of collusion of housing firms in China was they faced to a non-elasticity demand,...
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The Study of the Agricultural Product Logistics in Shenyang Based on the Perspective of the Supply Chain

Haotiao Zheng
China is a large agricultural country, the logistics of agricultural products in the national economy play a decisive role in the development of China, the development of the logistics industry, Among many fresh agricultural products, as the fruit and vegetable production and consumption power of Chinese...
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Air-to-ground Attack Path Planning Method Without Terrain Restriction

Xiaowen Duan, Xiaoguang Gao
Through the analysis of the research status, battle features and operational requirements on air-to-ground attack, the paper proposes a new air-to-ground attack path planning method. Firstly, the characteristic point calculation method is put forward based on the scheduled attack direction and weapon...
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A Robust Regulator Designed for Chinese House Market to Deal with Speculation

Xin Tong, Susheng Wang
To deal with the speculation in Chinese house market which leads to the sustained and rapid rising of house price and the accumulation of bubbles, and leads to the inefficiency of resource allocation, this paper designed a robust regulator for Chinese house market through the discussion of the reason...
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An Improvement of Extend TOPSIS Method for Armament System of Systems Selection with Interval Data

Pengle Zhang, Yajie Dou, Kewei Yang
An Improvement of Extend TOPSIS (IE-TOPSIS) method is presented for Armament System of Systems (ASoS) selection. In this paper, ASoS selection problem is a multiple criteria decision-making problem. Because determining the specific value of the attribute for each ASoS is difficult, the criteria score...
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Shenyang Rail Transit’s Investment and Financing Management Mode Selection

Yi Qin, Renxiang Wang
As quasi-public goods, urban rail transit’s investment and financing management mode selection determines its operation form, which also determines the operation efficiency and effectiveness of the rail transit. While, the different lines in different regions have different characteristics, which have...
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Analysis of Threshold Current for InP/ AlGaInAs Multiple Quantum Well Ring Laser

Sheng Xie, Hao Wang, Jing Guo, Weilian Guo
Due to the flexible functions and monolithic integration, semiconductor ring laser (SRL) has become a hot topic in the field of photonic and optoelectronic integration. In this paper, a new threshold current expression suitable for the circular SRL with multiple quantum well (MQW) material structure...
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A Distributed Approach For Chinese Micro-blog Hot Topic Detection

Xiang Zhang, Ruitao Lin, Lili Dong, Ru Wang
In consideration of the features of micro-blogging content such as short text, sparse feature words and the huge scale, a method to detect micro-blogging hot topic was proposed in this paper based on MapReduce programming model. This method first employs the hidden topic analysis to solve the problem...
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The Inter-temporal Securities Portfolio Model Based on Inter Programming

Dong Yu, Yuzhen Lu, Qing Li, Min Zhang
In order to satisfy the inter-temporal securities investors, we discuss the inter-temporal securities portfolio model with adding transaction fees in this paper. Meanwhile, for the purpose of improving the practicality of the model, we take the transaction fees, the trading volume and the minimum trading...
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Study on Supervision Control System for the Risk of Food Supply Chain

Bingrui Gao
Food supply chain involves in the production, consumption, processing, circulation and other links of primary agricultural. Any improper control of links will affect the final quality of products; even jeopardize the of consumers. So the treatment of food supply chain safety relied on the concerted efforts...
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Optimized Research of Chinese Expenditure Structure on R&D

Rongping Li, Yuanjie Li
With the development of economic globalization and integration of knowledge economy, science and technology's impact on economic growth, has become a focus of the whole society, especially in developing countries. Based on a detailed analysis of present situation of investment in science and technology...
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The Demonstration on the Training of Postgraduate Innovative Ability

Xiangsheng Meng
Postgraduate innovative ability is an important indicator to measure the level and quality of postgraduate education. Postgraduate innovative ability training process is a complex system process with multi-actor participation and multi-link link. In this paper, we discuss the participation actors, training...
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Links between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Performance in Colleges and Universities: Mediating Effects of Organizational Innovation

Cheng Yang
Purposes: Empirical Study of transformational leadership, organizational innovation and organizational performance. Procedures: This paper putted forward relevant hypotheses, constructed models, and framed variables into a questionnaire. Methods: Used the analysis of multiple linear regressions and the...
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Development and Situation of Boron Removal from Solar Grade Silicon

Shuhui Shi, Xinrong Yang
In recent years, more and more attentions have been paid to the research of producing solar grade silicon by the metallurgical method,boron removal has always been difficult and important in various technologies. In this paper the recent research on removing boron is summarized. The boron removal is...
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Logistics Information Network Design and Implementation

Hang Yin
With computer technology, network technology and information technology, rapid development, to bring great modern work of the change in the life of modern man also given a lot of convenience. Logistics and transport industry today is moving in the pursuit of efficient, low-cost, reliable direction. Wide...
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Emergency Materials Distribution Risk Control

Haotian Zheng
In recent years, all kinds of frequent occurrence of unexpected events, damage is very serious, affect the range is very wide. These sudden public events not only cause great loss of life and property, but also affects the social stability, and even endanger the national security, the economic society...
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Optimization of Agnelina Joint Automotive Logistics of Transport and Line

Xin Shi
With the continuous development of the urban economy, the growing demand for automobiles and the automotive logistics demand also will continue to grow. The vehicle logistics is an important part of automotive transportation and distribution logistics, Mode of transport and the pros and cons of lines...
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Logistics Process Optimization and Cost Control

Zhen Xiao
With the advent of the global economic integration, inter-enterprise transactions gradually broken the geographical constraints, companies began to expand their own business to various regions of the core strengths of manufacturing enterprises not only in its unique product design and good user experience....
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Research on the Selection of Enterprise of Logistics Outsourcing and Cooperation Partners

Rong Zhao, Fenghui Lian
With the development of economy, logistics industry has been rapid development in our country, logistics enterprise's service and management level also had the very big enhancement, enterprises gradually realized that the modern logistics has become "the third profit source", is the enterprise to reduce...
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Power System Load Modeling Based on Genetic Programming

Jian Zhang, Chaohui Zhang
Genetic Programming (GP) is a new evolutionary algorithm based on genetic algorithm, which has self-adaptive, self-organizing, self-learning and other advantages, and has significant advantages in terms of symbolic regression to solve long-term problems of the model structure automatically recognizes...
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Study on Farmers' Demand for Rural Land Management Right Mortgage Loan--Based on the investigation of Faku County

Lihong Yu, Jinli Chen
To study the willingness and characteristics of farmers' demand for rural land management right mortgage loan, this paper made a statistical analysis on the farmers' demand by the survey data of 398 peasant households Faku County, Liaoning province in China. The results show that farmers’ awareness to...
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Study on Practical Experiences of Rural Land Management Right Mortgage Loan in China

Lihong Yu, Lin Dai
To study the development situation of rural land management right mortgage loan in China, this paper, taking pilot Faku County, in Liaoning province as an example, summarized the main practices and achievements of rural land management right mortgage loan, and analyzed the problems in the practice. The...
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The Improvement of Oil-water Separation Technology in Oil Spill Mechanical Recovery

Yindong Zhang, Jie Yang, Xingming Zhang, Wenhua Li
The new methods of negative pressure suction and curved surface diversion are presented to improve oil-water separation in oil spill mechanical recovery. With the negative pressure suction, the oil-water mixture recovered by skimmer is inhaled into separator smoothly and bigger oil droplet is obtained....
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Research on Distributed Data Stream Mining in Internet of Things

Liancheng Xu, Jiao Xun
For mining useful data from mass data generated by Internet of things, analyses shortages of the traditional Apriori algorithm which has a lower mining efficiency and occupies the larger memory space. So, MapReduce model of cloud computing is introduced. In the mechanism of MapReduce, combine the architecture...
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Evaluation on the Supplier Management in the Supply Chain Management Environment

Xiaobin Wang, Yingtao Peng
Along with the progressing of technology and developing of the economy the forming of the global information system and the global market and the accelerating of the technology transform technology progressing and the diversification make the life cycle of products more and more shortened enterprises...
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Returns Reverse Logistics Management Strategy in E-commerce B2C Market

Hao Yang
E-commerce or nothing in 21st century. Nowadays, E-commerce has penetrated into every managerial field. Yet the reverse logistics has already been a great barrier for the further development of E-commerce .However, opportunities abound in the Reverse logistics market as well.To beginning with, this paper...
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A Modified Nonnegative Garrote Method for Identification of Brushless DC Motors

Guodong Jin, Libin Lu, Xiaofei Zhu
An effective identification framework has presented to build a more accurate nonlinear model for brushless DC motors, which are frequently used as drive systems of micro electromechanical unmanned aerial vehicles. The identification method uses a two-step procedure to obtain a fully parametric model....
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Under the Environment of Supply Chain Logistics Outsourcing Decision and Risk Research

Xiwei Guo, Da Wei
With the integration of the global economy and the development of information technology, the cooperation between enterprises is increasingly strengthened. Transnational cooperation in the region and even the whole trend is increasingly obvious. In the fierce competition environment in order to gain...
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A review of algorithms for order batching problem in distribution center

Tingwei Ma, Peng Zhao
Order batching is pivotal for the efficiency of order picking operations so that researches on this problem are prevalent. The aim of this paper is to analyze and summarize the range and idea of order batching by giving an review of the different solution approaches which have been suggested in the literature,...
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SOA-Based Supply Chain Performance Evaluation

Zhisong Lin, Liangchun Li, Guifei Song, Jia Wang
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an application architecture. From the lack of research Supply Chain Management Performance Evaluation Methods exist at home and abroad, combined with supply chain performance management needs, article described Definition and characteristics of SOA.Than proposed...
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Research on product development and design quality control based on QFD

Aizu Chen, Suchao Hao
Quality function deployment (QFD) using the House of quality to convert customer needs into product design and manufacturing requirements. This theory based on the QFD method, JK company manufactures drilling rigs, for example, categorizing customers, through the establishment of "House of quality" model...
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Multi-scale Shell Vibration Signal Analysis of Ball Mill in Grinding Process

Jian Tang, Zhuo Liu
Component decomposition and physical interpretation of shell vibration signal of ball mill in grinding process is very difficult. Aim to this problem, several multi-scales decomposition algorithms are used to analyze shell vibration signal in this paper. Empirical mode decomposition, ensemble empirical...
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An X-corner detection algorithm based on checkerboard features

Yan Wang, Wenhui Liu, Chang Liu
The paper presents an X-corner detection algorithm based on the neighborhood features of the X-corner. It makes use of the features in the neighborhood of X-corners to detect X-corners, which include the black or white area occupying half of the neighborhood area and a large gray difference between black...
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Research on Fourth Generation 4G Mobile Communication Industry Spillover Effect - Empirical Case Study of Beijing

Jian Chi, Wenji Chen, Yaoqiang Han, Jing Li
Along with the development of information technology, the impact of information on global economic and social has become more and more profound. Mobile communication (4G) industry has brought huge spillovers to the economic and social benefits. This paper combines theoretical analysis and empirical research...
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Finite Element Analysis OF Bi-Modulus Ceramic Structure

Ling Du, Fan-chun Li
By judging positive and negative of stress balls tensor of ceramic beam structure, to determine tension and compression elastic modulus and the position of the neutral layer of the beam structure, the structural analysis of the ceramic beam could be done. The results showed that, there was a great error...
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Analysis on Financing Difficulty of Farmers Specialized Cooperative ——Based on Finance Supply Chain

Nidi Zhou, Mingxian Li, Yi Li, Yimin Yang
Lack of funds has a bottleneck to restrict the development of farmers specialized cooperative because of weak power, financing pledge and guarantee shortage. As a new financing technique, supply chain financing which mainly contains three models including accounts receivable, prepaid accounts and stocks...
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All-Optical Clock Division Using Period-one Oscillation of Optically Injected Semiconductor Laser

Shengxiao Niu, Mingjiang Zhang, Shuihui Shi, Chao Chen
Nonlinear dynamics of a semiconductor laser subjected external optical is applied to all-optical clock division. By properly adjusting the injection conditions, the divide-by-two clock division and the divide-by-three clock division are achieved base on the period-one oscillation. The divide-by-two clock...
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Discrete Global Sliding Mode Preestimate Congestion Control Algorithm for Internet

Ming Yan, Chao Liang, Yandong Liu, Yezhong Han
In order to restrain the congestion phenomenon in Internet, a congestion control algorithm with state preestimate is proposed based on discrete global sliding mode control theory. Taking into account the uncertain and time-delay factors in actual Internet, a discrete global sliding surface with state...
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Study on pricing strategy of hybrid distribution channels of Cruise Companies

Yang Yang, Huashan Tan
With the development of E-commerce, many cruise companies reconstruct their distribution channels by adding the electronic direct marketing system. This paper researches the product pricing problems of cruise companies based on hybrid distribution channels, discusses a manufacture-leader Stackberg game...