Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop of Advanced Manufacturing and Automation

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Intelligent Predictive Maintenance (IPdM) for Elevator Service- Through CPS, IOT&S and Data Mining

Kesheng Wang, Guohong Dai, Lanzhong Guo
With the rapid economic growth and urbanization development, most of elevator production and service companies have completely changed their service policy opting to eliminate the standard preventive service policy. They now provide some form of predictive service policy and emphasize that they utilize...
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An IoT-based Occupational Safety Management System in Cold Storage Facilities

Y.P. Tsang, K.L. Choy, T.C. Poon, G.T.S. Ho, C.H Wu, H.Y. Lam, P.S. Koo, H.Y. Ho
In the contemporary strategy of cold chain logistics, cold storage plays an important role to keep the inventory under the extreme environmental conditions. As the demand of cold storage services is growing rapidly nowadays, attention paid on occupational safety of warehouse workers is increasing under...
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High Performance Manufacturing - An Innovative Contribution towards Industry 4.0

Odd Christian Sandengen, Leif A. Estensen, Harald Rødseth, Per Schjølberg
This abstract is an introduction to the next generation of High Performance Industrial Manufacturing, through the Industry standard 4.0. The fourth Industrial standard is based on advanced Automation and Robotics, sensor based computer technology, interconnected by wireless communication, and supported...
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Applying Built-in Virtual Personal Assistant for Educational Equipment

Jinghui Yang, Yavor Stefanov, Zhe Li, Kesheng Wang
The report exposes an idea to solve a problem of different hardware development board with various software modules that enter more actively in the educational process. This paper focuses on the establishment of an educational device, which is compatible with multiple sensors, modules and interactive...
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Applying Sequential Pattern Mining to Portable RFID System Data Heikki Sj"man, Martin Steinert

Heikki Sjöman, Martin Steinert
This paper presents how data mining can be applied to RFID proximity tracking data captured in a production setting. The WINEPI algorithm is explained and used for mining sequential patterns from transaction data produced by portable RF transceivers that can be attached, for example, to the personnel...
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A Review on Data-driven Predictive Maintenance Approach for Hydro Turbines/Generators

Shewei Wang, Kesheng Wang, Zhe Li
Hydroelectricity as a renewable energy to respond the increasing population and environment crisis is widely used in the world. With the Hydro Turbines/Generators (HTG) being more and more complicated, the maintenance play a more and more important role in the production management in the hydro power...
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Data-driven Predictive Maintenance for Green Manufacturing

Harald Rødseth, Per Schjølberg
With the current situation of high demand of sustainable manufacturing, different stakeholders have clear expectations for more environmental manufacturing and at the same time minimizing the operational costs. The role of maintenance plays a key role in the path towards sustainable manufacturing. For...
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Industry 4.0 - Potentials for Predictive Maintenance

Zhe Li, Kesheng Wang, Yafei He
Abstract: Industry 4.0 represents the coming fourth industrial revolution on the way to combine modern industries with Cyber-Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Internet of Services. In an Industry 4.0 factory, machines are connected as a collaborative community to collect, exchange and analyse...
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Smart Maintenance-Industry 4.0 and Smart Maintenance: from Manufacturing to Subsea Production Systems

Andreas Marhaug, Per Schjølberg
This paper is focused on how principles from Industry 4.0 in manufacturing can be used in operation and maintenance of subsea production systems. The primary purpose and goal of the paper is to investigate the application of Smart Maintenance to achieve high level of safety, availability and profit in...
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Vision of Industry 4.0

Wladimir Bodrow
This paper is devoted to concepts, approaches and some examples of the fourth industrial revolution. The basis of this revolution also well known as Industry 4.0 build so called cyber-physical systems. They contain the integrated smart software systems including the internet address to enable the communication...
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Additive Manufacturing for Enhanced Cooling in Moulds for Casting

Even Wilberg Hovig, Vegard Brøtan, Knut Sørby
Additive manufacturing allows new design solutions for moulds and dies that can improve quality and productivity in casting processes. Complex cooling channels made by additive manufacturing give fast and reliable cooling and a more accurate control of the solidification. The paper shows a comparison...
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Beyond Agile Methodologies:a Conceptual Analysis for Software Process Pipeline in the Industry 4.0

Lapo Chirici, Kesheng Wang
Accelerating software development schedules is a paramount activity in the continuously evolving digital scenario of industry 4.0. Software companies are competing to bring more efficient processes to improve quality and productivity in the pipeline. In order to accomplish this, the entire segment have...
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Logistics 4.0 Solution-New Challenges and Opportunities

Kesheng Wang
Logistics 4.0 will change and improve traditional logistics and its self-perception. Logistics has become a core pillar in the value chain for industries and it is crucial for them to have the right good with the right quantity and right quality at the right time at the right place and in the right condition...
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Vendor Consolidation for a Small Appliance Company

Fred C.C. Yuen, K.L. Choy, H.Y. Lam
Vendor consolidation is becoming an important management focus in recent years due to the need to sharpen cost performance to increase competition in the fast changing business environment. Vendor consolidation can assist company to streamline its operation, concentrate buying power and reduce purchase...
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Tracking of RFID Tags Moving on a Conveyor Belt Using Inverse SAR Approach

Haishu Ma, Kesheng Wang
This paper proposes a novel method for tracking the moving items attached with ultrahigh frequency(UHF) radio frequency identification tags (RFID) on a conveyor belt. The localization method is based on phase measurements which is sampled from the radio signal backscattered from the tag antenna to reader...
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A Knowledge-based Decision Support Framework for Wave Put-away Operations of E-commerce and O2O Shipments

K.H. Leung, K.L. Choy, Migar M.C. Tam, Y.Y. Hui, H.Y. Lam, Y.P. Tsang
Warehouse put-away and storage operation is one of the typical internal operations in a warehouse or a distribution center, alongside receiving, picking, packing and shipping. Under today's e-commerce business environment, logistics practitioners are required to efficiently handle e-commerce shipments...
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A Goal Programming Approach for Green Supply Chain Network Optimization

Hao Yu, Wei Deng Solvang, Bjørn Solvang
Green supply chain management has been focused by both academicians and practitioners in recent years due to the increased public awareness on environmental problems and sustainable development. In this paper, a decision aided model for green supply chain network design and optimization is proposed to...
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Some Unresolved Concerns & Future Directions for Resilient RFID Smart Structures in the Supply Chain

Jorge Munilla Fajardo, Mike Burmester
Smart structures are highly interconnected adaptive systems that are coordinated by cyber systems to optimize specific system objectives. To capture realistic IoT scenarios we must employ threat models that allow untrusted behavior and address system vulnerabilities, exploits and attack vectors. Resilience...
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A Simulation Enhanced VSM Approach for high-Mix Manufacturing Environment

Yu Quan, Erlend Alfnes, Håvard Gjengstø Brekken, Mats Moen Eide
As market requirements change, manufacturers are experiencing the transition from low-mix to high-mix production, handling a larger number of product variants to stay competitive and avoiding reduction of system performance. Value stream mapping (VSM) is a preferred method of implementing lean manufacturing...
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Conceptual Approach to Managing Technological Processes of Industrial IoT Workshop

Pavel Drobintsev, Vsevolod Kotlyarov, Igor Chernorutsky, Nikita Voinov
Usage of industrial networks of Internet with net-centric control is the driving trend of the future material manufacturing of goods and services. The bright future of this approach is out of doubt provided these complex net-centric systems will function with high reliability. Such systems are characterized...
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Phase based Indoor Real-Time Tracking of Mobile UHF RFID tags

Haishu Ma, Kesheng Wang
Indoor real-time location system (RTLS) has attracted more and more attention due to the growing demands on location-based services (LBSs). Many localization algorithms have been developed, but most of them are either expensive to implement or suffering from low accuracy because of various impacts, e.g....
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Efficient Cloud Resource Scheduling for Stochastic Demand with Heterogeneous Cost Models

Wei Wei, Yang Liu
Distributed cloud platforms facilitate service providers to deliver geographically dispersed online services to a large number of users all over the world, while the aggregated user requests introduce stochastic demands for various resources in different cloud data centers. Resource scheduling in cloud...
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Multi-criteria Optimization of Electromechanical Modules: Part 1- PROMETHEE method

Ina D. Nikolova, Dimitrinka S. Dahterova, Vanio D. Ivanov, Hirpa G. Lemu
The paper presents a study conducted to make multi-criteria optimization of electromechanical modules with a goal of providing easier tools for decision-making involving complex decision parameters. The work is motivated upon understanding that the task of both designing electromechanical modules and...
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The Quality Prediction of Fiber-Optic Gyroscope Based on the Grey Theory and BP Neural Network

Na Ji, Hongxia Cai
Fiber-optic gyroscope has become a new generation of leading device of inertial measurement system. Fiber-optic gyroscope is small batch product with high precision and high cost. Its development process has the characteristics of heavy testing work, complex data analysis, poor stability so that its...
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Beyond Rapid Prototyping: Study of prospects and challenges of 3D printing in functional part fabrication

Hirpa G. Lemu
In the recent years, the additive (layer) manufacturing technology, which emerged about three decades back, to assist design conceptualization and visualization through rapid prototyping, has created application interests beyond rapid prototyping. This transition beyond prototyping, i.e. transition to...
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Comparative Analysis of Computational Methods in Fluid-Structure Interaction: Temporal discretization and coupling techniques

Endashaw T. Woldemariam, Hirpa G. Lemu
Fluid-structure interaction problems occur in a wide variety of science and engineering fields. In solving such problems, two domains of different characteristics shall be modeled and analyzed through separate kinematic equations. The complexity in the computation of such kind of problems arise mainly...
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Research on Manufacturing Processes and Dynamic Balance Test of Motorized Spindle Shaft

Chilan Cai, Yafei He, Jian Wei, Ning Li, Hongfei Zhu
The shaft is the core transmission part of the motorized spindle. Based on the mechanical performance requirements and assembly requirements with other parts, this paper did the structural analysis on the shaft, and developed a set of high efficient manufacturing processes, including processing steps,...
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Multi-criteria Optimization of Electromechanical Modules: Part 2 - RAZOR method

Ina D. Nikolova, Dimitrinka S. Dahterova, Hirpa G. Lemu, Vanio D. Ivanov
The paper presents the second part a study conducted on multi-criteria optimization of electromechanical modules. This part focuses on the use of RAZOR method, which is a multi-criteria optimization outranking method, based on the so-called Z-score in statistics. The conducted study is motivated by understanding...
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Designs and Development of Engine Measurement System for Experiment Test

Zongzheng Ma, Shaohua Dong, Qianzhu Zhang, Bobo Pan, Yan Huang
With the development of computer technology, data acquisition is more and more easily which can replace the manual recording process and improve the accuracy and efficiency of the data. So one experiment data acquisition system for the internal combustion (IC) engine was designed including the hardware...
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Friction and Wear Characteristics of 30CrMnSi-LD10-CS Under Constant Pressure

Jian Wu, Xu Li, Te Li, Deli Liu, Lanzhong Guo
In order to investigate friction and wear characteristics of 30CrMnSi-LD10-CS friction pair, the friction and wear test rig was built to measure the friction torque and wear coefficient under low speed, and mathematical calculation was used to figure out the relationship between friction torque and wear...
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A Flocking Algorithm for Second-Order Multi-Agent Systems

Yang Li, Jin Yuan, Xuemei Liu
An effective flocking algorithm for multi-agent systems is presented. A type potential function is introduced for avoiding agents' inner collisions, and makes them formulate an -lattice pattern. The potential function creates a virtual force is only effective when the distance between two agents is beyond...
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ADAMS and ANSYS based Mechanism Optimization of Multifunctional Sprayer and Performance Test

Xinxue Zhao, Xuemei Liu, Jin Yuan, Rongkang Chen
For significant differences in plant morphology at different growth stage after tobacco transplanting, using single boom sprayer leads to poor disease and pest control. This paper designed a multifunctional sprayer, to conduct boom spray to seedling stage, and to conduct tunnel spray to maturity stage....
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Optimization Design and Simulation Analysis of Booms System of High-Branch Pruning Machine

Jin Yuan, Xuemei Liu, Yanfu Chen
In order to design a rational and lighter booms system of the High-Branch pruning forestry machine and improve the stability, this paper mainly studies three aspects about the boom system of the High-Branch pruning forestry machine: parametric design, physical modeling and dynamic simulation. Firstly,...
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Numerical Simulation for Non-Metallic Particles Air Sorting with EDEM-FLUENT

Chenze Man, Chaobin Hu, Guohong Dai
In the recycling of end of life vehicle, the residue of shredder composed of metal particles and non-metal particles. If non-metal particles is sorted into raw material with high purity, the recycling value of end of life vehicle will be increased. Due to the litter differences in the volume of solid...
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A Quality Pathway to Digitalization in Manufacturing thru Zero Defect Manufacturing Practices

Ragnhild J. Eleftheriadis, Odd Myklebust
Manufacturing industry has often used different types of quality improvements to reach a "near zero" perfection in product and process development this is often strategic objectives. Manufacturing of products with a large number of components and difficult geometries, often have high probability of detective...
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The Design of Manipulator to Grab Wheel Hub based on Static and Dynamic Analysis

Jing Li, Biao Li, Hui Qian, Nanyan Shen
In this paper, the research object is dispatching platform of wheel hub. And the design process of palletizing manipulator for a wheel hub is introduced, which includes the structure design of manipulator, and the static and dynamic analysis to ensure structure strength and stiffness under a certain...
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Investigation of Ni-based SiC Thicker Coating by Induction Cladding

Deqin Sun, Yi Xu, Guohong Dai, Zhengya Xu
Fabrication of thicker coating by induction cladding could achieve excellent properties, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and so on, and also was an important technology for machinery parts remanufacturing. Used the mixture of Ni60 and SiC powder as coating materials, discussed...
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Parametric Optimization Using The Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) Technique for Minimizing Tool Wear While Milling Inconel 718 Alloy Assisted by Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL)

Vishal S. Sharma, GurRaj Singh, Knut Sorby
In today's industrial scenario, the high cost involved in manufacturing is the major concern apart from the environmental factors. With the manufacturing cost reaching sky high levels, the use of a suitable optimization technique has become one major requirement while designing any manufacturing process....
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Design of Chain Drive Elevator in Complex Environment

Shuguang Niu, Xiaomei Jiang, Haizhou Zhang, Baoliang Meng
This paper discussed the elevator towed forcibly by circular ring chain drive in complex environment, analyzed the key technology of the elevator design, and better solved the safety, maintenance and other problems of traction elevator by using chain drive with the advantages of maintenance free, corrosion...
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Time Integration Schemes in Dynamic Problems- Effect of Damping on Numerical Stability and Accuracy

Ashish Aeran, Hirpa G. Lemu
A great deal of progress has been made in the past several decades towards the understanding and development of time integration methods in structural dynamics. These methods involves a step by step algorithm for transient analysis of linear and non-linear dynamic problems. It is essential to provide...
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Vibration Analysis and Simulation of Traction Inclined Elevator

Xiaomei Jiang, Lanzhong Guo, Shuguang Niu, Yannian Rui
To provide convenient transportation facilities for long distance buildings and sightseeing landscapes located on the top of the mountain, and residential area set on the hillside due to the insufficient urban area, there have been some demands for the inclined elevator. However, compared with vertical...
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Multibody Dynamics Simulation of ROV Manipulator Designed for Student Competition

Benjamin Øygarden, Mathias Bruset, Hirpa G. Lemu
Problem-based learning or competition driven learning is nowadays used by many universities and colleges as a key tool to motivate students in higher education. In the mechanical engineering discipline, for instance, Formula Student competition, annually organized by Institution of Mechanical Engineers...
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Design of the LED Flexible Automation Assembly Line Structure

Shuai Li, Yao Dong, Lilan Liu
With the development of LED technology, LED lamps have been widely used in many fields because of its significant characteristics such as environment friendly, high efficiency and energy saving. As the LED lighting market competition is fierce, the production efficiency is one of the most important factor...
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Applying Radial Basis Function Networks to Fault Diagnosis of Motorized Spindle

Zhe Li, Kesheng Wang, Jinghui Yang, Yavor Stefanov
In a motorized spindle, due to the complexity of the system and nonlinear relationship between features and types of faults, it is difficult and inefficient to use traditional methods or physical models for the fault diagnosis. This paper focuses on the research on applying Radial Basis Function (RBF)...
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Importance of Production Environments When Applying Industry 4.0 to Production Logistics - A Multiple Case Study

Jo Wessel Strandhagen, Erlend Alfnes, Jan Ola Strandhagen, Natalia Swahn
Manufacturing companies are now on the move towards the fourth industrial revolution, Industry 4.0. It is driven by rapid technological developments and the need for industrial actors make oneself independent of high labor costs. Industry 4.0 concerns several aspects of industrial production, including...
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Research of Visual Layout System of Production Line based on Virtual Simulation Technology

Qi Huang, Lilan Liu, Sen Wang, Wei Zhou
Layout design of the production line is a difficult problem directly affecting the productivity. This paper researches on a rapid method of dynamic layout for the production line in manufacturing industry. Based on virtual simulation technology, a visualization system of production line layout is developed...
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The Role of Cultural Characteristics in Industrial Manufacturers Performance -Implications of locating production in Norway

Natalia Swahn, Marco Semini, Jan Ola Strandhagen
Geographical location is one of the factors that can contribute to the company's competitive advantage on the global market [1]. Each location is unique in terms of its cultural characteristics; understanding the relation between cultural factors, production characteristics and performance is essential...
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Development of Person Localization and Activities Recognition System

Liandi Gao, Shuaib Tao, Changqing Ji, Baofeng Wang
This paper first presents the trends and related works of localization and activity recognition of human body. Then we introduced the discussion of multiple studies for person localization and activities recognition. And finally we can see that the ceiling binary infrared sensor network for locating...
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Technology Transfer as Driver for Innovation and Automation in SMEs - Experiences and results from different programs in Norway

Leif Anders Estensen, Terje Bakken, Anandasivakumar Ekambaram
Competence brokering for knowledge and technology transfer plays an important role in innovation and development within small and medium sized companies (SMEs). This type of activity focusing on cooperation between SME's and R&D environment has been implemented in various applications in Norway for many...
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Investigating the Application of Systems Engineering to the Design of Manufacturing Systems

Pascal Hofmann, Cecilia Haskins
The increasing complexity of manufacturing systems in highly competitive environments motivates the need for refinement of the design of manufacturing systems. The application of systems engineering is still undeveloped in some industries, but the potential benefits are substantial. However, there exists...
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Manufacture and Delivery Scheduling for Multiple Customers on a Single Machine with Availability Constraint

Jing Fan
In this paper we consider a scheduling problem with the joint consideration of manufacture and delivery for multiple customers. Since the machine is not always available due to breakdown or maintenance during the manufacture period, the interrupted job is resumable after the machine becomes available...
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Applying Quality Function Deployment in Game Design

Yi Wang
Quality Function Deployment is a useful tool in product development and design with the application of voice of customer in collecting customers' needs. The purpose of these studies is to apply the effective use of Voice of Customer in redesigning a game for educating youth about cyberbullying. The data...
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3D Body Scanning: Towards Shared Protocols for Data Collection- Addressing the needs of the body scanning community for ensuring comparable data collection

Simeon Gill, Steven Hayes, Christopher J. Parker
Currently, there are no public, universal or easily applied protocols for capturing body scan data, which may result in discrepancies in the captured scan data; a series issue in a scientific field. This paper presents a step-by-step process that forms the basic procedure for capturing, storing, processing,...
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Development of an Industrial Internet of Things Suite for Smart Factory towards Re-industrialization in Hong Kong

C.K.M. Lee, S.Z. Zhang
Re-industrialization, which supports industrial upgrading and transformation, promotes smart production and high value-added manufacturing processes, and helps to create new momentum for the economic growth of Hong Kong. Under the current situation, industrialists encounter several challenges to achieve...
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Motivations for Purchasing Luxury Handbags

Yuewei Wei, Yi Wang
In 2014, Chinese luxury market accounts for 25% of whole luxury consumption in the world, becoming the largest luxury market in the world. However, the attitudes and motivations held by Chinese consumers towards luxury products consumption are under-researched, thus becoming an important academic topic,...
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Hybrid Biogeography/Complex-based Optimization

Chen Wang, Yang Yang
The optimization of complex systems is a very difficult problem in modern engineering technology. It is with multi-subsystems, multi-objectives and multi-constraints. In this paper, a novel solution to the complex systems optimization called HBBO/Complex. HBBO/Complex adapted from biogeography-based...
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A Web3D-Based Method for Visualization of LED Lighting Environment

Jiankang Du, Jianqing Zhang, Lilan Liu
This paper is on the inquiry of the Web3D visualization methods for LED illumination environment. In recent years, the three dimensional visualization technology has been widely applied in many fields, such as city planning, engineering, medicine, education and so on. However, technology of LED visualization...
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Garment Single-piece Flow Production Based on Template Sewing Technique

Jishu Zhang, Peiguo Wang
Lean and Agile Manufacturing has been a hot issue in garment manufacturing in China nowadays. In this paper, a new garment manufacturing mode was presented named as garment single-piece flow production based on template sewing technique. The differences between garment single piece flow production codes...
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Technology Architecture of Intelligent Remanufacturing

Ziqiang Zhou, Guohong Dai, Chaobin Hu, Xiangyan Zhang
With the attention of world manufacturing paid to sustainable development, the social value of recycling and reusing waste products has been generally recognized. The disassembly and remanufacturing of waste products or parts are very important aspects. Only by improving the productivity of remanufacturing...
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Challenges in the Manufacturing and Operations of Graphene

Y. Wang
Graphene is a two-dimensional, atomic-scale, honey-comb lattice in which one atom forms each vertex. It is the basic structural element of other allotropes, including graphite, charcoal, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. It can also be considered as an indefinitely large aromatic molecule, the ultimate...
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A Novel Method for the Evaluation of Fashion Product Design based on Neuro analysis

Baorui Li, Kesheng Wang, Yi Wang
It is difficult to qualitatively analyze the design effect of the product. This paper will be applying the mathematical fundamentals of the fuzzy theory to create a novel evaluation model. The neuro attributes are used to quantify the factors of affecting the product appearance and the evaluation indicators....