Proceedings of the 2022 6th International Seminar on Education, Management and Social Sciences (ISEMSS 2022)

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The Course Design of Network Attack and Prevention Under the BOPPPS

Haibo Luo
First of all, based on the school’s orientation, student situation, and professional talent training requirements, describe in detail the level of knowledge and ability that should be achieved after learning this course. Secondly, the key problems to be solved in the teaching reform of this course, blended...
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Discussing the Application of 4Is Principle Under the Context of China—with Perfect Diary as an Example

Xiaoqi Cai
Internet development has allowed the e-commerce industry to grow and consumers to fulfill their wants through online shopping. However, as more and more information is available online, companies must differentiate from others. Integrated communication marketing (IMC) allows businesses to transmit unified...
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The Development of Chinese Green Financial Market

Qingzhi Li
Chinese President Xi Jinping promised that carbon emission quantity will reach the peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. In order to fulfill this mission, China must make full use of green financial market which mainly consists of green credit, green bond and carbon trading market....
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Study on the Countermeasures of Rural Sustainable Development in Heilongjiang Province Under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization

Yanhua Sun, Ying Wang
Nowadays, rural economic development is an important part of China's economic development. Therefore, the Ninth National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the strategy of Rural Revitalization. In order to improve the development of rural economy in Heilongjiang Province, the government...
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The Identification of Serious Circumstances of Help Information Network Criminal Activity Crime

Guozhong Hua, Jingyuan Liu, Kexin Zhou, Xilin Shen
Since the judicial interpretation of helping information network criminal activity crime was promulgated, there has been a clear incrimination standard for the determination of “serious circumstances” for the crime of helping information network criminal activities, which provides specific judgment ideas...
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Integrated Exploration of Design Thinking and Children’s Art Education

Cong Zhang, Yuting Li, Xiaowei Hu
Children's art education is an important link in their growth process and the reasonable art education is conductive to their physical and mental development. The children are rich in imagination, but the common art education lacks the guidance of innovative thinking. Hence, the integrated exploration...
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Analysis of the Problems and Causes of American Infrastructure Act

Yudi Liang
The development of infrastructure is a major concern for people’s livelihoods. Faced with a variety of problems in the post-epidemic era, the Biden administration entered office with the slogan “Build Back Better” and has shifted its focus to domestic affairs. At the end of 2021, acts for the infrastructure...
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Exploring the Legitimacy of Criminal Regulation of Suicide Caused by Online Violence

Huijie Cao
In the information age, the Internet is increasingly connected with people's daily life and has become an indispensable part of people’s social life. However, online violence is increasingly widespread and suicide incidents caused by Internet violence also occur frequently. Although the country...
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The Enlightenment of the Disintegration of Soviet Union for Contemporary Chinese Cultural Dissemination

Duo Yang
The disintegration of the Soviet Union has far-reaching significance for the development of socialist countries all over the world, and the development of socialism in China still needs to learn the historical lessons of the disintegration of the Soviet Union today. Among them, the major mistakes of...
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Assessing the Content Topics of the Educational Videos on Tik Tok for Science Communication

Pengqi Wang, Mengli Yu, Yadong Liu
Short video platforms like Tik Tok are becoming an increasingly crucial educational platform that fosters learning on demand with educational science videos. Educational videos are perceived as a productive strategy to enhance the users’ scientific knowledge and even are applied in some academic scenarios....
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The Practice of TBLT in Teaching Oral Language in Asian Primary Schools

Xixi Chu
Task-based approach is a new method of teaching practice. It requires teachers to have a full understanding of the syllabus. On this basis, teachers should design a realistic task which students are interested in. Then, students need to brainstorm, and the teacher can give their some simple words and...
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The Intervention Effect in Chinese Raising Construction: From Contiguity Theory Perspective

Xiaotian Yan
The raising construction in Chinese is different from the English, for which the displacement of the subject will be intervened by adverbial phrases and experiencer. This study will give a better explanation of the intervention effect of Chinese raising construction from the perspective of Contiguity...
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Future Development Trend of UK Retail Industry

Zhu Zhu
Britain has now become the third largest e-commerce market in the world. It is of great significance to study the relationship between online e-commerce and offline retail industry and seek new business opportunities for retail industry. This paper first analyzes the development scale of online e-commerce...
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The Impact of Gender Differences on Chinese English Learners

Ruqian Xu
Gender differences caused by physiological and psychological factors has always been an important topic in the field of second language acquisition. Previous studies were mainly from Western countries, however, there has been no systematic cognition among the studies in China. Therefore, this paper mainly...
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The Stigmatization of Fan Groups in China

Lingzhang Xia
With the development of the Internet, the speed of information dissemination is constantly accelerating and the scope of dissemination is constantly expanding. Online media’s ability to spread information has already surpassed traditional media. Thanks to the popularization of social media and image...
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Probe into the Influence of Psychology on Shopping

Yao Fu
As time went on, human subjective thought came to be regarded as an important discipline known as psychology. Psychology determines most of the choices and determines the course of events. In the work, this article mainly explores the influence of psychology on shopping.
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The Educational Inequality of Exceptional Children in China and Latin America

Xiepin Zheng
The concept of inclusion is widely accepted, but special groups are still often marginalized, which include deafness, blindness, etc. This paper will use the comparative method to compare the current situation of children with special needs in the two regions from three aspects of inclusive education,...
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Research on the Effect of Intergenerational Care on Fertility in China

Song Hu
In order to cope with an aging population and declining fertility rates, encouraging people of childbearing age to have more children has become a measure in China. From the perspective of intergenerational care, this thesis conducts research on work pressure, nursery industry, traditional culture, retirement...
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The Role of Instrumental Teaching in Music Aesthetic Education of Primary and Secondary Schools

Yiren Cai
This paper discusses the basic ideas on music aesthetic education research, analyzes its achievements and shortcomings, summarizes the conclusion that instrumental teaching may improve music aesthetic education, and further supports this point of view by introducing the psychology theory of embodied...
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A Literature Review on the Application of Anchoring Effects in Online Auctions

Yixiao Hao, Luxin Liu, Bowen Sheng, Jianping Yao
Online auctions have seen a tremendous transformation as online functions developed over the past decades. This paper aims to explore the background, state quo, and current problems of online auctions through a deep analysis of literature reviews and case studies. Using the examples of Mobile Internet...
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American Psychology or World Psychology?

The Impact of Foreign Forces on the Origin and Advancement of American Psychological Association

Hetian (Minnie) Yuan
This essay analyzes the significance of both foreign ideology and domestic reforms on the origin and evolution of the world-known American Psychological Association (APA). By examining early psychology texts since the Enlightenment era, this essay mainly argues the undeniable role of foreign ideology...
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Bilingual Teaching in Calculus

Rong Wang
In this paper, we describe the necessity and importance of bilingual teaching in the Calculus class in China. First the purpose, meaning and difficulties of the bilingual teaching are discussed. We next compare merits and demerits of classic textbooks in Chinese with the ones in English, which emphasis...
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Role Performance and Self-Identity of Transgender Bloggers in Bilibili

Ying-hao Shen
Relying on the practice of social media, individuals can jump out of the geographical layer and construct a flowing performance space based on interest and relationship in the way of self-performance. From the perspective of the theory of Dramaturgical and the research method of network ethnography,...
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Time Management and ‘LAIssez-Fairer’: Less Is More

Tanwen Lu
In people’s daily life, everyone must have the experience of making a schedule or setting a tomorrow plan. But the fact seldom do people have high efficiency in work or life. Research shows that many artists do not have an extremely accurate timetable of their work or life. But they still have a really...
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Double Consciousness in the Residents of Relocated Households—Take Binhu District, Hefei for Example

Zhiming Xia
Residents of the relocated households refer to those who have relocated their houses in the city and experienced a sharp transformation from rural residents to city residents. They witness rapid growth in the development of urbanization in China and they embody two separate identities at the same time:...
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Fault Tolerance and Respect: Corporate Culture that Can Improve Employees’ Execution

Likun Lu, Yiwen Sun
In today’s society, many companies are trying to improve the executive power of employees to create more value and profits, such as enacting some reward mechanisms and giving more training opportunities to staff, but most companies ignore a very important factor—corporate culture. This article aims to...
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Financial Contagion of Chinese Financial Market to the Developed and Developing Countries During the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Epidemic

Zhe Ren
Financial contagion is market disturbance from one country to another. The paper focuses on financial contagion from China to the developed and developing countries. More specifically, this paper selects US and UK as cases of developed countries, and Brazil and Thailand for developing countries. Spillover...
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Difficulties and Development Path of China’s Rural Green Finance System

Liping Zhu, Xubiao Yang
China's economic development has entered a new stage, focusing on coordination and balance between the economy and the environment. How to construct the rural green financial system has become an important issue. This paper analyzes the positive impact of the development of China's rural green...
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Bi-Model Helmet Wearing Detection

Yongtai Yang
The conflict between workers’ personal will and the construction side’s safety needs has existed for many years, until the idea of using algorithms to detect if workers are all wearing helmets came to fruition. This paper will use the combination of two mainstream computer visualization tools, Pifpaf...
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Gender Inequality in Rural Education in China and its Policy Development

Jiayu Kuang, Mengfan Liu, Yihan Ren
Gender inequality in education has always been a problem in Chinese society. Although education has been widely popularized in rural areas, there are significant differences in the access to educational resources for students of different genders. This paper investigates the educational gender inequality...
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New Perspectives of Schizophreniform Disorder

Yangying Liu
This study aimed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the schizophreniform disorder. This study clarifies the differences and connections between schizophreniform disorder, schizophrenia disorder, and schizoaffective disorder. The difference between them may be the difference in the period of...
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A Study on the Communication of City Image on Overseas Short Video Platforms—Taking the Hangzhou Image on TikTok as an Example

Yuanqing Gao
As the capital city of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is famous as a cultural metropolis in China with a lengthy history. Since the broad market of short videos has created new opportunities for city image communication, the emerging way of “Learn about a city on TikTok” has highlighted the cultural significance...
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A Study on the Influence of College Students' Perceived Anfu Sports Shoes e-Word of Mouth and Product Attitude on Purchase Intention

Ching-Hui Lin, Hong-Bo Chen
The purpose of this study is to analyse the effect of eWOM and product attitude on college students’ intention to buy Anfu sport shoes in the online community. In this study, 767 valid questionnaires were obtained from college students who no purchase Anfu sports shoes by convenient sampling. After statistical...
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Evaluation and Influencing Factors of Default Risk and Interest Rate Risk for Bonds

Jiatong Song, Xinyun Xie
This article studies the default risk and interest rate risk of bonds in terms of evaluation methods and influencing factors based on 15 literature articles. The paper showed that the main evaluation models for the default risk include the KMV model, Logistic model and ZETA model, while those for interest...
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The Training and Learning Alternative Course System Based on Qualification Framework of Numerical Control Technology Specialty Group

Xiaoyue Hu, Yu Wang, Zhi Shan
In order to solve the problem of lifelong learning of multiple students in the numerical control technology specialty group, Guangdong Mechanical & Electrical Polytechnic has established a qualification framework for the specialty group. This qualification framework horizontally includes two types:...
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Peer Interaction as a Bridge to Critical Thinking for Chinese EFL Learners

Shiwu Bi
There is a growing emphasis on critical thinking skills for English learners in Chinese universities. This paper intends to study the effects peer interactions have on the improvement of students’ argumentative structure in written work. Peer interactions are organized under the teacher’s guidance throughout...
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Analysis and Research on Bridge and Tunnel Accidents of Dangerous Goods Transport Vehicles in China

Yuanyuan Yu, Yu Zhang, Xiao Lin, Jie Zhang, Hao Wang
In recent years, accidents in the transport of dangerous goods have occurred frequently and have shown a rapid upward trend. The danger of dangerous goods transport vehicles passing through key areas such as bridges and tunnels cannot be ignored. Combining the causes of accidents, this paper analyzes...
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Seeing Changes in Attitudes Toward China from Reports on the Two Olympic Games

Houru Pan
This paper focuses on the change in the attitudes that countries around the world have toward China. This study is shown through the comparison of two reports on the 2008 and 2022 Olympics that both took place in China. The main methods are using word clouds to create straightforward graphs and rhetorical...
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A Literature Review on Studies Supported Social Motivation Theory Account of ASD

Yuduo Cai
Social Motivation Theory has become a leading theory and model to explain patients with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)’s behaviors and several studies using neuroimaging methods have provided biological and neural evidence to support the theory. Based on the existing literature research, this paper...
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Study on the Transformation of Chinese Higher Academic Continuing Education in the Context of the Epidemic

Yueyuan Luo
The epidemic has accelerated the transformation of teaching mode of Chinese higher academic continuing education, i.e., from offline to online teaching. In view of its difficulties during epidemic, such as, backward construction of online teaching platform, limited online course resources and immature...
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Research on the Tourist Dilemma of the World Heritage -‘TOMIOKA Silk Mill’: From the Perspective of the Different Perceptions of Actors Related to the Heritage

Xiaodeng Ma
Tomioka Silk Mill, located in Tomioka City, Gunma Prefecture, Japan, became the first Japanese modern heritage site listed on the World Heritage List as ‘Tomioka Silk Mill and Silk Industrial Heritage Sites’ in June 2014. Focusing on the phenomenon of the explosion and sharp decline in the number of...
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Research on Regional Rural Governance Based on Two-Mode Network: Take Southwest China as an Example

Xu Luo, Guihua Zhang, Yan Xue, Lingyun Luo, Tong Zhao
In the last decade, complex systems in the form of network structures have become a popular research topic. Various biological, technological, transportation, social, and many others, have been modelled and analyzed as complex networks. In recent years, stakeholders of rural development have played a...
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The Value of Code-switching, Motivation and Implications for Parenting

Lili Xia
In verbal communication, code-switching is a common occurrence. The motive for code-switching has been studied from a variety of disciplinary viewpoints, including sociolinguistics, pragmatics, and psychology. This study will summarize Colin Baker's views and investigate the value and underlying...
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Scientific Listening: How to Settle Communication Barriers Within an Organization

Enqi Hu, Ruijin Xu
Communication has always been one of the most inescapable things in human life, but we have found in different studies that many factors can cause us to form communication barriers. So we found the problem, why do we make errors in communication? We've all had the experience of being “off the same...
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Sustainable Development and Comparison Between Three Provinces of Northeast China and Ruhr Germany from the Perspective of Industrial Tourism

Yi Zhang
The proposal of old industrial bases revitalization strategy in Northeast China has initiated the transformation of a large number of old industrial cities in the three provinces of Northeast China. However, in the process of transformation, a large number of industrial relics such as industrial buildings...
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Exploring the Influences of the Political Immigration in Turkey

Yonghui Yun
The refugee and asylum seeker have become one of the most important issues for Turkish policies and the immigration policies for refugees and asylum seekers in EU provides enough room for sovereign states to accept those immigration from the Middle East. At the same time, the social capacity and political...
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Job Market Analysis of Fresh Graduates in China

Jiajie Yao
In recent years, the employment situation of Chinese university students has repeatedly aroused the concern of the government and the public, and the talk of employment difficulties and unemployment upon graduation has become widespread. This has seriously affected the development of China’s education...
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Study on Risk Assessment of Project Site Selection Decision

Mingyu LI, Yunfeng LU, Qinglong WU, Chi MA, Jinyao GAO
Engineering site selection is the starting point and basis point for construction engineering to play its function. The quality of site selection decision is of great significance to the construction of engineering projects and the operation of follow-up facilities. This paper after analysing the four...
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Research on Influencing Factors of Perception of Decent Work of Hotel Employees Under 35 Years Old

Jiaqi Jin, Jin Wang, Jiaying Liu
With the development of domestic hotel industry and the change of labor supply and demand market, the competition among hotels has changed into the competition for talents. In order to better retain and cultivate young hotel talents, this paper investigates the perception of decent work of 134 hotel...
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Study on the Cognitive Difference of Museum Core Attraction in the Critical Heritage Studies Context

Lu Li, Yuxian Zhou, Zinan Chen
In the traditional cognition context, ‘the treasure of the museum’ is the most representative heritage carrier of each museum, but also the core attraction most attractive to visitors. Based on the theory of critical heritage studies and tourist gaze, this paper analyses the cognitive situation and difference...
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Humans’ Association of Emotion with Music: A Literature Review

Amy Lu
This literature review aims to address the current state of research regarding the relationship between classical and other predominantly non-vocal music and human emotion. The specific focuses of this review are three-fold: first, the correlation of specific musical components with emotion; second,...
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IC Circuits—Soul of Modern Society

Yunlong Han
Almost every technology people used from last century till today contains components of Integrated circuits. In order to present the significance of chips, this article is going to go through the fabrication of chips—from chip design, wafer growth, wafer fabrication to package and testing. Moreover,...
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How the Age Impact WOMEN’S Rating on Clothing Based on WOMEN’S Clothing E-Commerce Review

Siqi Li, Ziwen Wang
The research focuses on the increasing need in mature women’s clothing when they shop online. Clothing has both psychological and social meanings for consumers, therefore, our research attempt to find multidimensional aspects of consumers’ perceptions and evaluations through reviews, and accordingly...
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The Influence of FEMALE’s Awakening Consciousness on Consumer Culture

Ziqi Guo
Since the post-modern era, with the rapid development of the world economy and the spread of diversified ideas, feminism has attracted increasingly more attention from the public. Meanwhile, various women have the ability to use their judgement to make decisions by themselves instead of staying in domestic...
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The Impact of 5G on the Sustainable Development of Enterprises

Zhiyu Zhou
In recent years, the rapid development of 5G technology has brought new technological changes to society, which has attracted extensive attention from all aspects of society. To realize their sustainable development, more and more enterprises begin to apply 5G technology in production and management...
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Aesthetic Salvation in Contemporary Social Culture Based on Cultural Industry Theory of Frankfurt School

Yifan Yang
The cultural industry theory of Frankfurt school was born in the middle of the 20th century and came into being in the reflection of German Nazi totalitarianism and American cultural monopoly. In their view, the greatest characteristic of modernity at the ideological level is instrumental rationality....
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Reasons and Countermeasures of Short Video Addiction --A Case Study of Chinese Teenagers

Ruimei Liu
At present, there is little research on the new type of Internet Addiction—short video addiction, the psychological mechanism and causes of short video addiction, and the research on the causes of short video addiction from multiple angles. This paper takes Chinese teenagers as an example to explore...
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The Cases Studies on How Positive and Negative Media Messages Shape People’s Behavior and Personal Well-being

Yuchen Guo
Network public opinion events have brought a series of influences to the society and people’s life with an evolution trend different from the traditional public opinion in the past. The research on the evolution of its process and rules will ultimately help the government to adjust the strategy of network...
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Problems in English Education Under the No Child Left Behind Act

Chun Qian
The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act exhibits three potential problems in English education in the U.S. from the perspectives of both students and teachers. Firstly, NCLB reduces English language learners’ (ELLs) motivation to learn English because of the tedious learning environment. Under NCLB, according...
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Analysis of China’s E-commerce Delivery Time and Forecast of Future E-commerce Industry Trends

Qichen Jin
The rapid development of the logistics industry promotes the growth of e-commerce. With the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for e-commerce have gradually increased. Customers are paying more and more attention to delivery time. This paper wants to analyze the main...
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Factors Affecting the Core Competitiveness of Enterprises

Shuming Tan
It was Prahalad and Hamer who first put forward the concept of core competence and defined it. Since then, a research upsurge on core competitiveness can rise. Different researchers have studied it from different perspectives, such as technology view, knowledge view, resource view, organization view...
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The Citizenship of Plurisexuality in the International Society

Chengjie Pei
Due to the dual identity of “refugee” and “sexual minority”, the marginalized situation of bisexual asylum seekers is a superposition of all disadvantaged identities. They present a special and cumulative practical situation derived from both the identity of “sexual minority” and “plurisexuality”, facing...
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Analysis of the Causes and Solutions to the Employment Difficulties of Chinese College Students

Yizhe Zhang
The concept of educational equity usually includes three levels: equity in starting point, equity in process, and equity in outcome. The severe employment problem of college students has drawn the whole society’s attention. After the rapid development of higher education, more and more college students...
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The Influence of Confirmation Bias and Survivorship Bias on Electronic Industry

Sijin Li, Chenyu Song, Yuchen Zhu
This article explores the practical consequences judgmental biases have on organizations through the use of case study. Specifically, confirmation bias and survivorship bias will be discussed using organizations from the electronic industry. By studying the case of Nokia and Sony, this article aims to...
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Analysis on the Evolution of Inner Mongolia College Admission System

Jianing Bai
The college entrance examination is the most important exam for Chinese high school students. There are many kinds of college entrance examination mechanisms in China, among which Inner Mongolia is the most special, and it adopts the online system to fill in the application form. There are not many researches...
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Analysis of PPP Mode of Elderly Service Industry in Shandong Province Under the Background of Population Aging Analysis of the Model Horizon Based on SWOT

Zhen Gao
With the increasing aging trend of China’s society, the contradiction between supply and demand of the pension industry is also becoming increasingly prominent, especially in Shandong province with a huge population base. Therefore, based on the basic goal of accelerating the modernization, standardization...
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Medical Knowledge Question Answering System Based on Knowledge Graph

Junwei Li
Knowledge graph has broad application prospects in the field of medical question answering. The research first builds Neo4J knowledge graph based on Chinese structured medical common sense data, and then builds a question answering system based on the constructed knowledge graph. The steps...
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Calculation and Analysis of Global-Scale Earth Gravity Field Parameters Based on EIGEN-5C Model

Bolong Yu
There are many calculation model schemes with practical value for calculating the critical parameters of the earth's gravity field. However, the research work of systematically using the EIGEN-5C model for global-scale inversion of the earth's gravity field needs to be supplemented. To solve...
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FEE & Education and Training for Sustainable Tourism

Sijiong Ren
The Foundation for Environmental Education is the world’s largest environmental education organization, affecting more than 100 countries. The foundation has five groundbreaking projects aimed at helping people take meaningful and purposeful action to create a more sustainable world. At present, the...
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Analysis’ Mental Health Problems and Their Attribution Under the Epidemic

Benxin Zhao, Xiaofeng Cong, Xiaojie Gong
In recent years, the mental health problems of college students have become increasingly serious. Based on the perspective of Eriksson’s self-identity, this paper analyzes the causes of the mental health problems of college students under the epidemic. Research found that affected by the outbreak, college...
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Transformational Leadership and Employee Innovation in the Context of Telecommuting During the Post-pandemic Era in China: The Mediating Effect of Proactive Behaviors

Qianying Zhang
This study investigates the relationship between transformational leadership, employees’ proactive behaviors and employee innovation in the context of telecommuting during the post-pandemic era in China. The author surveyed telecommuters based in Chongqing and Sichuan of China and altogether received...
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Factors Affecting User Clicks on Ads

Wenqi Li, Ziyang Xu
In recent years, e-commerce has become a new and popular industry, and the issue of click-through e-commerce advertising has received widespread attention. To increase product exposure and sales, more and more e-commerce companies are focusing on the issue of advertising. Displaying ads that are relevant...
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Preferential Policies in Higher Education for Minorities in China

Jingyi Yang
Under the background, higher education for ethnic minorities in China differs from ordinary students. This paper aims to analyze the impact of the preferential policies on minority students, minority areas, and the development of the entire social education structure from China’s existing preferential...
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From Educational Field to Work Place: The Impact of Effective Feedback on Leadership Development

Zhoulin Pan, Jingyi Zhou, Sicheng Zhu
As a theory to study the effectiveness of leadership behavior, after years of development, the leadership member exchange theory has become a hot spot and key field in the research of leadership behavior in management psychology and has attracted the attention of many scholars. As an important theory...
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Scarcity and Sustainable Development of Marine Living Resources in China

Zilu Su
Marine living resources refer to the economic animal and plant resources in the ocean, which are characterized by life, self-proliferation and continuous renewal. China’s marine living resources are rich in species and widely distributed, but they are facing an increasingly scarce situation. The author...
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Air China’s Customer Relationship Management a Case Study in China’s Airline Industry

Zhenxu Sun, Jiamin Tang, Xiaoyi Wang, Xin Yang
Since the full-scale outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019, the global aviation industry has been greatly affected, and customer relationship management has become increasingly important for aviation companies. How to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention has become a higher priority in...
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Research on Influencing Factors and Configuration Paths of Privacy Fatigue of Social Media Users

Lijuan Niu
The attitude of users towards privacy issues is an important prerequisite for Internet information security governance. Exploring the influencing factors and configuration paths of privacy fatigue will help researchers understand users' privacy protection attitudes, provide management inspiration...
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Gender Differences in STEM Education in China

Hanfei Peng
Gender differences are widespread in STEM education. There are some gender inequalities in the family, school and society. And women are also at a disadvantage in STEM educational expectations, educational opportunities, and future employment environment. Initially, parents’ different educational expectations...
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Stigma and Depression Among Chinese High School Students

Yuansi Wu
This research examined the effect of stigma on depression by interviewing 6 grade 11 and 12 high students attending an international school in Shenzhen, China. A volunteer sample of 6 students was chosen for the study. Once permission to conduct the study was granted, interviews were arranged and conducted...
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The Current Situation, Dilemma and Way Out of the Auditory Transmission of Online Novels—The Example of Himalaya FM

Siyuan Wang
In recent years, as the audiobook industry continues to innovate, more people have become willing to pay for quality audiobooks. The explosion in market demand has provided a wide scope for the production and broadcast of audiobooks. However, along with the huge business opportunities, audiobooks have...
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A Data-Driven Research of Sales and Delivery on JD.Com Platform: Based on DID Model

Ziming Guo
E-commerce has become an integral part of people’s lives and its ease and breadth have given great convenience. Price changes and platform activity are always points of concern in people’s online purchases. This paper takes the platform as the research object to explore the impact of the Butterfly...
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Negative Parenting Practices, Childhood Trauma, and Paranoid Personality Disorder

Chuwen Ni, Yunqi Wang
The negative parenting practice, involving authoritarian, permissive and uninvolved parenting pattern, has harmful effects on children’s mental health and personality development. Even worse, childhood trauma damages children’s normal formation of personality and elevates the risk of personality disorders....
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Research on the Path of Legal Regulation of Securities Violations

Xuanhan Chen
Currently, capital market violations are frequent, causing serious losses to national interests, social public interests and investors’ legitimate rights and interests. In the face of violations, the limitations of “multi-headed governance” of regulators are obvious, and the phenomenon of “fragmentation”...
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Gender Inequity in K-12 Education

Zhishuang Lin
The purpose of this paper is to investigate gender inequality in education during the K-12 period and to analyze and propose further suggestions thereby raising the attention of schools, families, and the community to achieve gender equality in education at an earlier time. This article analyzes gender...
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Improvement of College Students’ Office Ability Take Short Videos Combined with Office Software as an Example

Xunchen Liu, Changxian Gan, Lijuan Fu, Zeming Wang, Naijing Wang, Xinyi Wang, Yahui Li
Short video in people’s lives has become the mainstream entertainment method. It will be the main model of new media short video plate that combining short video with office software to create a short video platform for office software learning. In today’s campus environment and employment environment,...
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Leadership in Transformational Change: Proactively Creating a Branding Effect to Overcome External Resistance

Chuao Liu, Ziqing Que, Jing Zong
When facing an unexpected external crisis, leaders of organizations and companies are supposed to make transformational changes, seeking other possible development models to overcome those resistances. In particular, the outbreak of Covid-19 has threatened many corporations’ survival, which is of necessity...
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Gender Difference in Higher Education in China and its Influencing Factors

Pengjun Fan
Equity in education is the primary task of social development. But there is still a big difference in higher education, many families cannot afford the high tuition fees of higher education due to the backward economy. In particular, females have fewer opportunities to receive higher education than males....
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Analysis of the Role of Design Management in Corporate Brand Development Take RED as an Example

KeChun Mao, QiuPing Lin, ChenLu Sun, WeiHai Zhang
Nowadays, as the concept of design management continues to evolve, the research on design management has constantly been conducting. The use of design management methods has become a way to improve the competitiveness of corporate brands. Taking the RED platform, a two-in-one platform for social networking...
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CRISPR-Cas9 Fundamental Uses: Analysis of Human Genome Engineering Through CRISPR/Cas9

Yushun Tian
The invention of CRISPR-Cas9 allowed the wanted genome to be targeted and edited. Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR) combined with Cas9 protein together can be diverted to a guided location in the genome, editing the DNA strand. This achievement improved the human body’s...
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The Positive Impact of School Bullying Experience Under Social Support——Pro-social Behavior

Shuhan Lin
Although there has been much research highlighting the importance of social support for adolescents, there is less research related to the identity transition of victims of socially supported school violence in subsequent incidents of school bullying. By combining national and international studies,...
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Research on Construction Site Intelligent Management Based on BIM Technology

Jie Lai, Yuan Liu, Wei Wang, Yun Liu, Cheng-qiang Gao
At present, with the rapid development of information technology, the traditional site management mode has seriously lagged behind the development of the information technology. In view of the shortcomings of the intelligent management construction, this paper puts forward the deep integration of BIM...
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Tourism Development Under the Traditional Ecological Culture of Yunnan’s Ethnic Minorities

Jingrui Zhang, Ziping Yu, Fanxin Liu
The Dai, Yi and Wa peoples in Yunnan Province, China, have a strong ecological awareness and tradition of biodiversity conservation. The “Longshan”, temple forests and religious plants in Dai culture, the harmonious aesthetic idea of Yi people to coexist with forests, and the traditional medicine and...
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New Direction in Understanding of Personality Disorders

Yuntong Li, Muyang Liu, Jiayi Yan
A personality disorder is a common complex mental disorder. There are a lot of types of personality disorders, different types will cause different severe effects. At present, the clinical diagnosis and treatment of personality disorders are more difficult, because the specific causes of personality...
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The Impact of Policies on Discriminations against Professional Women

Zihao Lin
This paper attempts to review the impact of policies on women preparing for pregnancy in the workplace and puts forward some personal suggestions by analyzing and comparing the current status of marriage and childbirth policies in various countries around the world. This paper finds that: 1)the policies...
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Influence of Internet on Well-Being of Rural Elderly-Analysis Based on CFPS2020 Data

Xinyu Li, Wenjing Zhang
Under the dual background of the rapid popularization of the Internet and the deepening degree of population aging, using the Internet to improve the happiness of the elderly has become an important topic. Based on the data of China Household tracking survey in 2020, this paper analyzes the impact of...
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Value and Method: the Application of Blockchain Technology in the Field of Criminal Evidence

Ying Zang, Siyou Li, Yuchao Lou, Shanshan Liu
In the era of data, applying blockchain technology to electronic data storage has become an important judicial practice. However, it appears more in civil and administrative scenes, and the use in criminal activities remains in its infancy. The introduction of this technology into the field of criminal...
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Gender Inequality in China’s Preschool Education

Xinyue Lu
The study of gender inequality and gender stereotypes in kindergarten teaching and environment layout is helpful to preschool education practitioners to change their gender concepts and teaching methods, which is beneficial for children to form inclusive gender concepts and correct gender cognition....
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Whether We Live in a Society Without Opposition? Observation and Reflection on Social Media Based on Frankfurt School Theory

Zhisen Sun
Frankfurt school is the most important school of cultural critical theory since the 20th century. It is deeply influenced by Marxism, but it shows different research orientations and understanding of the real society. This paper combs and summarizes the views of the three most influential thinkers of...
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Analyzing Factors of Users Click Behavior on Ads Based on Logistic Regression and Machine Learning

Sitong Zhou
With the development of digital marketing, e-commerce industry is gradually increasing the market share it occupies, so one of the most concerned things for e-commerce platform is the users’ behavior of clicking online advertising. High clicks indicates that users have greater possibilities to buy products....
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Challenges and Directions for the Right to Education of Refugees in the Post-pandemic Era—A Case Study of Germany

Zhankai Xiang
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of many people around the globe. Apart from the health issues, among other groups, refugee children are exceptionally impacted on their right of education and the population of refugee children increased in recent years. When those two situations happened...