Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Far East Con" (ISCFEC 2020)

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Intelligent Video Surveillance Systems with the Purpose of Increasing the Economic Efficiency of Lending Financial Institution

A V Pisareva, S G Chekunkov, D O Vakhnin
The essence of the project is the development of intelligent video surveillance systems and the implementation of sales of hardware and software security systems using face recognition technology. The payback period of the project is ten months. The total revenue for 2020 is planned to be 5, 75 million...
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Study of Psychographic Characteristics of Consumers of Credit Products

T S Timofeeva, O F Serova, O V Golub
Banking industry today requires a greater choice of interactive marketing tools to interact effectively with the consumer. In the practice of marketing research, it is customary to segment consumers primarily by socio-demographic parameters, but such a division is not enough to develop communication...
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Influence in the Behavioral Economy of the Tourist Industry

A I Mosalev
The article deals with the phenomenon of influence and some features of its manifestation. Theoretical views of representatives of behavioral Economics are presented. As a study of the phenomenon of influence in the tourism industry, two sides of relations are considered: tourists interacting with tourist...
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Measurement of the Intensity of the Creative Works while RnD Projects are Carrying Out, on the Fuzzy Expert Model

V P Koretskiy, R A Galiakhmetov
The article describes fuzzy logic approach and theory of complexity in term of work measurement for brain- creative work bound to research and development intensity to be estimated. The idea that the intensity of the creative- and brain-work can be estimated through its product complexity is put forward....
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Formation of Cash Flow-Based Factor Models in the System of Value-Based Management

N A Shcherbakova, V A Shcherbakov
The article considers the issues related to assessment and management of company value. It justifies the need for applying economic-mathematical modeling for company valuation in order to let companies manage their values. The authors propose models for calculating cash flow based on income and investment...
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Actional Verbs of Movement as Basic Means of the Actualization of Spatial Relationships in French

M Yu Nikitina, S I Garagulya
The article studies the lexical-semantic group of the French verbs of movement which is an integral part of the verbs denoting the dynamic spatial localization. Particular attention is focused on its variety of semantic structure and essential variability of forms. Different classifications of the lexical-semantic...
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Formation of Fiscal Conditions for Stirring up Self-Development Processes in Northern Regions of RF

T Barasheva
The process of transforming regions into self-developing ones presupposes availability of financial resources enabling them to carry out independent financial and economic policies. The state fiscal regulation, being a tool for managing the development of territories, should contribute to enhancing the...
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Development of Zoning Method for Solving Economic Problems of Optimal Resource Allocation to Objects of Various Importance in Context of Incomplete Information

A V Terentyev, S S Yevtukov, E A Karelina
The article is devoted to the development of the zoning method, which allows, in the presence of minimal information about states of the research environment, to build algorithms that provide a Pareto-optimal solution within the framework of the theory of a game with “nature”. The idea of the method...
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Innovative Potential of the National Innovation System of the Russian Economy for Building a Digital Economy

I S Prokhorova, A V Zakharova
The article considers the readiness of the national innovation system of Russia to implement the technological concept of industry 4.0 and digitalization of the economy on the basis of the methodology of innovative potential of the object of innovation. Indicators of global economic growth such as state...
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Trust Technologies as a Basis for the Formation of Intersubjective Interaction in a Virtual Economic Environment

O Korolyov, M Kussy
The article deals with the formation of intersubjective relations in a virtual environment. Attention is paid to the peculiarities of the implementation of intersubjective relations in a virtual environment, the factors of intersubjective relations are highlighted, the role of trust as an institutional...
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Methodical Bases of Tariff System Development at Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

S I Babina, E A Morozova
Tariff systems of small and medium-sized businesses are mostly poorly structured, which is very often the cause of conflicts in the team, employee dissatisfaction with the wage system due to its incomprehensibility, low productivity. The article presents the mechanism of developing a tariff system for...
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Transformation of Technologies to Improve the Efficiency of Business Processes in the Digital Economy

V V Isaychenkova, A V Novikova, P V Novikov
The article is devoted to the study of modern aspects of digitalization in the field of business process management. A conceptual scheme for the digitalization of business systems proposed. A set of indicators to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of business processes of economic entities...
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The Scorecard System for Performance Evaluation of Social Network Management at Work with Stakeholders

V V Zotov, A V Gubanov, A I Alekseenko
Stakeholder Theory argues that when achieving the objectives of an organization, the diverse interests of different stakeholders should be taken into account. Therefore, among the most acute problems of modern management are the use of social networks in the public communication for organizing interaction...
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The Main Directions of Basic Industries Modernization Taking Into Account the Genetic Profile of the Region

Yu Myslyakova, E Shamova, V Zakharova
The positioning of the country in globalization conditions is largely determined by the pace of development of new knowledge, the creation of innovative products and its export. The transition to a new level of innovative development of the region cannot be achieved without identifying its «invariant...
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Human Resources Policy of the Enterprise in the Conditions of Digitalization of the Economy: Change of Content and Prospects of Formation

N V Borovskikh, E A Kipervar, D B Solovev
Sustainable development of the enterprise in the conditions of continuous development of economy and social changes is based on the effective personnel policy as the personnel is the most valuable resource of the organization. The purpose of the work was to identify problems and determine the prospects...
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Mechanisms and Resources of Virtual Enterprise Risk Management

N Apatova
The article describe the risks of virtual enterprises, internal and external factors their and reasons. The typical risks are economical and organizational risks, the virtual enterprise can manage them with strategy policy methods. A virtual enterprise must constantly introduce new information technologies,...
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Study of the Relationship Between Forecasting Strategies and Successful Socialization in Children with Visual Pathology

A I Akhmetzyanova, T V Artemyeva
The ability of children to interact with peers and adults according to generally accepted social norms and rules of behavior in society allows them to adapt to new social conditions. Children with visual impairments are characterized by certain features associated with the sensory sphere, which limit...
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Crowdsourcing in Marketing Research: Problems and Prospects

S F Farahutdinov, P S Medvedev, M V Deneko
Nowadays, in the marketing sphere and in modern sociological research, the method of crowdsourcing is widely used. The article reveals the essence and gives a brief overview of this method formation and describes the areas of its use. The article describes a set of basic concepts, assumptions and practices...
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Overcoming the Negative Demographic Trends by the Children’s Injury Prevention

E O Akvazba, N I Skok, M V Deneko
The article provides an overview of the demographic situation and its importance for the further society development. The authors describe injury as a social phenomenon that has a significant impact on the demographic situation in Russia and in the whole world. The data on the predominant causes of injuries...
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Main Tendencies of Economic Development of the Cross-Border Regions of Russia and Belarus in the Conditions of Interstate Integration

A Kuzavko, S Silchenkova, E Kirillova
The Russia and Belarus regions economic development depends on a number of factors, one of which is the presence of a common border. Therefore, the aim of this study is to carry out a comparative analysis of economic indicators of the Russia and the Republic of Belarus border regions (Dnieper-Dvina region),...
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Financial Markets Security: Tax Aspect

Yu B Bubnova
Financial markets are the fundamental of the functioning of the modern economy. The development and globalization of financial markets has made the speed of information presentation, the speed of its processing and security as the main criteria for their functioning. Digital technologies, instantly penetrating...
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Dynamics of Intra-Group Interaction Attitudes at a Normative Behavior on Different Age Stages

A I Akhmetzyanova
In social interaction, when both external (social) and internal conditions change, subjects transform their behavior in accordance with the changed external requirements in the space-time continuum. In changing conditions of social interaction, subjects implement social attitudes of intra-group interaction...
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The Religious Situation in the Tyumen Region: Sociological Analysis

E M Sharipova, M V Deneko, I A Karnaukhov
There is a pressing need for an objective study of issues related to the religiosity and religious tolerance of the population in order to effectively implement the state policy in the field of interethnic, interconfessional and socio-political relations. The authors of this article conducted an applied...
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Anthropological Design of Inclusive Clothing as a Factor in Improving the Quality of Human Capital

T A Zaytseva, L A Koroleva, I A Slesarchuk
The article highlights the issue of improving the quality of human capital using the principles of the anthropological design of inclusive clothing and levelling the differences between relatively healthy people and those with health restrictions. The possibility and necessity of using the basic provisions...
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Model Integrated Growth of Small and Medium Business in the Region on Assessment of Factors

T K Snegireva
The article substantiates the need for integrated growth of small and medium-sized businesses in the sphere of manufacturing industries of the Vladimir region. The main factors that limit the joint activities of large and small and medium-sized businesses in the region are formulated. Based on the use...
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Methodological Aspects of the Sustainability of the Socio-Economic System as an Integral Indicator of Regional Development

E Denisova, S Kupriyanov
This article discusses the basic conceptual concepts of “sustainability”, which in some senses are different, but do not exclude each other. A number of problems of socio-economic development, which are interrelated with the ideas of sustainability. The stability of the socio-economic system of the region...
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Technique Development of the Complex Diagnostic Analysis of Enterprise Activities

L V Eihler, A S Strynkovskaya, T P Sidorova
Modern business entities face a significant number of problems, which ultimately lead to crises and unprofitability. In many ways, these states are due to insufficient amount of operational information for making management decisions. The role of this kind of information is difficult to overestimate...
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Problems of Innovative Development in the Conditions of Digitalizing the Russian Economy

E N Strizhakova, D V Strizhakov
The modern economy is at the third stage of its development – the digital economy has replaced the agrarian and industrial economy. The main characteristic of this stage is the significant growth of the IT sector, increasing the number of people employed in it, as well as using the advanced technologies...
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Science and Technology as the Main Factor of National Economy Competitiveness in Terms of Globalization

V Stolyarova, Z Stolyarova, A Troshin
The geopolitical situation in the modern world has a significant impact on the processes of globalization. We cannot but recognize that the dynamically changing conditions of the modern world community directly affect the economic, political, social and cultural spheres of individual states. Various...
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Success Criteria for the Managers’ Professional Activity as an Expression of Capacity for Leadership

N A Aminov, V S Chernyavskaya, I I Osadcheva
Purpose (mandatory). The purpose of the study is to develop a set of criteria for assessing the level of significance of person’s life for the management-level representatives in the organizations and their formation of personal values. Design/methodology/approach (mandatory). Research methods: «Existence...
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Factor Analysis of Investment Returns of Gross Regional Product of Irkutsk Region

E A Filatov
The development of the national economy is inextricably linked with the intensification of investment activities in the regions of the country. Such an important indicator for the state as the level of national security depends on the investment climate in the state, which explains the relevance of this...
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Factor Analysis of the Knowledge Intensity of the Invested Capital of Russia by Filatov’s Methods

E A Filatov
The basic tool for a comprehensive analysis of economic activity is the factor analysis. The main attention in the factor analysis is paid to the study of internal causes that form the specificity of the studied phenomenon; the identification of generalized factors that are behind the corresponding specific...
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Digital Technologies Applied to Music Therapy in the Information-Semantic Approach

E A Vereshchagina, A B Kayak, S G Fadyushin, T A Kudra, S S Lyadov
The paper presents the rationale for the use of information-semantic approach to the study of music therapy issues in the context of the challenges of digital technologies. At present, the information theory and the basics of semantics in relation to art, including music, are becoming more relevant and...
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The Impact of the Level of Development of Banking Infrastructure on the Indicators of Innovation in the Region

I Bakeeva, A Nikolaeva, J Nefedova
Innovation is the driving force of economic growth and the welfare of the regions at the present stage of the development of society. It is innovation that promotes competitive advantages for companies. But the implementation of innovative activities is impossible without creating favorable conditions...
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Management of Independent Work of Students in Polytechnic Higher Education Institution

I Stolbova, M Kraynova, V Varushkin
Information and communication technologies are the most important factors that greatly influence the quality of education. The capabilities of ICT of the latest generations are high enough to ensure personification of the educational process. The article touches upon relevance of competent organization...
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Institutionalization of Power: A Legal-Sociological Approach to the Creation, Development and Dissolution of the State

N Sidorova, V Osipov, D Sidorov, A Zeldner, N Shishkareva
The article considers the problem of institutionalization of power from the standpoint of the formation of the state as the basic institution. Institutionalization allows you to trace the paradigm of the formation, development and decomposition of the state, which is traced in the works of famous scientists...
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The Role of the State in Providing Social-Economic Development: World Experience and Russian Practice

I V Minakova, T N Bukreeva, K A Nosachevski, O G Timofeeva, O I Solodukhina
Liberal and neoliberal approaches implemented in the Russian economy have been proven untenable. Reforms led to economic losses comparable to losses of wars, revolution and the civil war of 1914-1922. World practice has proved that only a state-controlled economy is capable of providing economic growth...
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Anti-Inflationary Policy in Russia: From Inflation Targeting to Economic Growth

I V Minakova, T N Bukreeva, E I Bykovskaya, O G Timofeeva, O I Solodukhina
The paper analyses the official Russian state anti-inflationary policy. It reveals that this policy does not correspond to the causes of inflation. Over the period from 1992 to 2018, the monetarist basis of the state economic policy pursued in Russia has not changed. Sterilization of financial assets...
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Development of Critical Thinking of Students by Means of Active and Interactive Methods of Training

L V Mamedova, N N Grib
In the conditions of modernization of Russian education there was a structural and substantial change of system of higher education. The happening transformations are caused by the amplifying tendencies of globalization, a humanization and informatization of education, need of use of intellectual and...
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The Territory Image Assessment with Reference to Its Tourism Attractiveness

L Y Falko, T V Metlyaeva, I L Klochko, I A Slesarchyk
The paper investigates approaches to assessing the image of the territory in connection with its tourism attractiveness. Analysis of some marketing, sociological, and cultural approaches for assessing the image of the territory was carried out. The authors propose to use a comprehensive methodology for...
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The Creative Mechanism of Humor as an Effective Means for Intellectual Capital Formation

M Musiichuk, S Musiichuk
The problem of the development of an individual’s creativity is analyzed herein for the purposes of creation of an innovation product as the main intellectual capital component. The novelty of the author’s approach is realized based on the creative mechanism of humor, possessing the property of self-reinforcement;...
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Tools of State Regulation of National Healthcare

M N Rudenko, D V Rozhkov
The healthcare system is one of the most significant elements of the state social protection system. In the Russian Federation, the foundation of the healthcare system is made up by an extensive post-soviet network of healthcare facilities; meanwhile the private market of healthcare services is also...
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The Management Mechanism of Sustainable Development of Regional Tourism

M N Rudenko, N V Shabanova
Managing sustainable development of tourism at the regional level is a complex multifaceted issue which largely lies in the process of searching, formation and rational use of the resources, tourist attractions in particular. Despite having an impressive potential of tourism resources, Russia fails at...
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Development Potential as an Economic Background for Regulation of Regional Economic and Social Processes

E V Kizil, A A Lyubimova
Nowadays more and more attention is paid to the issue of ensuring a stable regional socio-economic situation by developing approaches that treat regional potential as a background and a key focus in generation and application of tools for regulating economic and social processes. Taking a regional development...
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Russian Educational System in the Context of Structural Reforming Crucial Goals and Problems of Transformation

El V Martynenko
The article is devoted to the problem of Russian educational system reforming and its adaptation to the new challenges of the modern global economic and social conjuncture. The crucial task of the Russian educational policy is to ensure modern quality of education based on preserving its fundamental...
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Fundamental Principles of the Institutionalization of a Digital Economy in the Contemporary Russian Society

T Krasota, R Bazhenov, I Mironova, S Bedrina
The paper foregrounds the issue of changing a contemporary society towards the way of technological development, which is able to provide a totally different quality of economic development. The authors observe basic principles of economic institutionalization in general and, in particular, the digital...
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Pragmalinguistic Aspects of Chinese Advertising Text

K A Zaitseva, N N Kolbanova
In this article the author is researching pragmalinguistic feature of Chinese advertising texts, analyses different types of speech acts, that are used in advertising texts, also gives the examples of speech influence methods in advertising. The analysis allow to pick out certain features of advertising...
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Human Capacity of Regional Economy’s Reindustrialization

M M Mityugina, O A Filippova, T V Kravchenko
The aim of the article is to develop a program of regional human capacity, which is considered as the basis for effective reindustrialization of the region’s economy. The study analyzed existing organizational and methodological approaches developing human capacities, focused on education and training...
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Dedollarization as an Indicator of the Formation of National-Oriented Public Policy

E N Gribina, G A Trushkin
Sanctions, as well as dollarization of national economies, are “legitimate” instruments that once consolidated the status of the world financial hegemon for the United States of America. However, this hour is completely different: the dollar, which was based on the function of a liquid asset, at the...
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The Parity of Crowdinvestment and Venture Transactions Market of Selected Countries

A V Smolnikova, Yu I Seliverstov
Subject. This article is devoted to the relationship between the new tool for promoting innovation-oriented projects — crowdinvesting, which is a promising direction for financing high-risk innovative projects, and the venture capital market in individual countries of the world, which is caused by the...
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The Level of the Country’s Health Care as an Indicator of its Economic Development

A V Sigal, M A Bakumenko
The research paper deals with numerical evaluation of the impact of an economy’s health care development on the economy’s competitiveness globally. The research has been conducted with the help of econometrics and on the basis of data provided by credible organizations, such as the World Health Organization,...
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Modern Aspects of Managing the Institutional Environment of Higher Education

R T Timakova, A V Maiseyenko, R V Iliukhin
Modernization of higher education as the next stage of its reform, taking place in changed social conditions when it is necessary to ensure the quality of education based on preserving its fundamentality and compliance with modern trends in the development of society and the national economy in the transition...
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Impact of Opportunistic Behavior in Contractual Relations on Risk Management in the Modern Russian Economy

A Deev, S Chernomorchenko, L Shabatura
One of the key problems in risk management planning in Russian business is the widely practiced opportunism in contractual relations. Within the last 10-15 years the opportunistic contract has become one of the stable business patterns in the Russian economy. The article dedicated to the study of the...
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Historical Aspects of Church Singing in the Field of Cultural Traditions of Russia

A Panicheva, B Ershov, V Fursov
The article discusses the historical aspects of church singing, as well as church singing practice related to the activities of the Orthodox Church in Russia. It is shown that this practice has become a part of the global musical culture and a solid foundation of the national performing choir school....
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Role-Playing Design of the Model of Competences for a Competitive Manager

I B Adova, O V Milekhina
The results of the design and analysis of the role model of the competencies of the manager are reflected to ensure his relevance in the labor market. The theoretical review of the competency models was made on the basis of the consideration of external factors by scientists (globalization, technology...
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How to Support Monotown Industries with Advanced Professionals: Information Model as a Tool for Individual Education Route Design

A A Zakharova, M V Morozova, V G Lizunkov
For many years company towns, or monotowns (i.e. their Russian designation), have been crucial issues for federal and local governments from the point of view of monotowns’ economies diversification, and social and enterprise restructuring. One of the most significant changes may come from industry-university...
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Success and Failures of the Russian Pension Reform

M V Bogatyreva, A E Kolmakov
According to the world experience, it is impossible to balance the federal budget and provide Russians with pensions that would allow them to live with dignity after the end of their working period. Examples are failures that Ukraine and Greece suffered while trying to carry out ambitious retirement...
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The Threat to Higher Education: Diplomas Trading

M V Bogatyreva, A E Kolmakov, M I Leskinen
Russia seeks to bridge the gap in the level of education, knowledge and skills of Russian workers and workers from developed countries. The training level of Russian workers is lower. Russia relies on the higher education system which has already created prerequisites for the «catching-up» development....
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Consequences of Verbal Deviations in the Sociocultural Behavior of Modern Youth

O A Mogutova
This article presents the results of the author’s study of the consequences of sociocultural deviations in the verbal behavior of students. Modern society is undergoing major changes in all spheres of life: politics, economics, education, culture. All these changes affect the behavior of young people...
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Management of Innovation Processes of Russian Banks Based on Cluster Analysis

K Kurilov, D Bogatyrev, G Zabolotny
The global financial system is an essential component of the global economy. Its role can be compared with the circulatory system that ensures the delivery of funds to economic entities. The total number of components of the global financial system is about 50,000 credit institutions, including microcredit...
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Job Satisfaction as an Indicator of Effective Motivational Climate in the Organization

M Kashirina, E Podolyan, A Kurilova
The article is devoted to the issues of studying of motivational climate in the organization and satisfaction with job of personnel as one of indicators of motivational climate. Considerable attention is paid to representation of results of the research of level of job satisfaction and structure of labor...
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Management of the Organization of Digital Production Companies

A Kurilova, D Ivanov, D Savenkov
Companies are concerned about the need to improve competitiveness and strengthen their position in the market, based on innovation and the introduction of digital production. Effective management of the organization of digital production is necessary, which establishes the main approaches to the analysis...
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The Segmentation of the Residential Real Estate Market on the Affordability Criterion: Methodical Aspect

P A Muller, K V Chepeleva, Zh N Shmeleva
The article investigates the methodological problems of assessing the affordability of housing. Particular attention is given to the consideration of modern methods for assessing the affordability of residential real estate described in domestic and foreign literature, in official documents. The development...
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Advancement of Instrumentation of Balanced Social and Economic Development Through Systemization of Combined State Support and Regional Funds

V V Kovarda
The existing model of territorial administration in Russia is based on the redistribution of income in a benefit of the federal government, and then financial support is provided to the regional administrations using various tools. Thus, with the withdrawal of most of the income from the regions into...
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Industrial Enterprise Stability Management in a Globalized Economy

S Chuprov
Solving a problem of maintaining the efficiency and stability of the developing industry subject to quick and sudden changes in the globalizing business environment has been of priority in the economic research for the last time. Against the dynamic background of institutional and innovative transformations...
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Prevention of Extremism Among Young People in Modern Russia

T Chekmeneva, A Pribitkov, I Obertyaeva, N Muhina
The article discusses opposition to extremism in modern Russia. We have to admit the fact that, along with the positive characteristics of the younger generation, alarming symptoms of social and political immaturity began to appear; loss of national cultural identity; individualism and egocentrism; deviant...
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Digitalization of Regional Industrial Complex Technological Processes

V Yu Anisimova, N M Tyukavkin
The process of economy digitalization has become customary in the activities of business entities. Digital technologies increase the operating efficiency, the accuracy of production and other activities, as well as the quality of manufactured products. Currently, the pace of the progress in the area...
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Model of Recovery Procedures System for Continuous Technological Processes

E N Bulakina, O N Nedzelsky, D O Pochufarov, A N Bikineeva
An expert system of recovery procedures for continuous technological processes has been developed. The organization of a flexible control system will significantly reduce losses during downtime of technological processes and improve the reputation of the enterprise. As practice shows, in the event of...
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Adoption of Management Decision in the Project Financing System

T R Gambarov, R R Bashirzade, U S-E Khakhanaev, A V Pahomova
The article describes the basic methodological provisions of the project approach to financing. They are focused on management decisions on the development, evaluation and implementation of investment projects in the infrastructure of production, especially in logistics, and non-production areas. Attention...
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Digital Technologies as a Factor for Growth of Continuous Well-Being of Sovereign Consumers in the Modern Society

E A Gasanov, A E Zubarev, T G Krasota
In the article, the authors analyze the impact of digital technologies on the reaction of sovereign customers to the goods and services offered at the market. The economy digitalization enables to take into account as much as possible all factors that allow the consumer to make effective decisions aimed...
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Defining Digital Economy of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States

E V Kuzina, E Y Nadezhdina, L A Berezutskaya
The paper is devoted to some of the macro-regional aspects of digital economy. Special attention is paid to the definition of the level of digital economy development in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries. Currently the topic of digitalization and the perspectives of its development in other...
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Non-Standard Means of Staff Development

O V Mamatelashvily, A I Pudovina, G A Akhtamova, E F Mukhamadieva
The investigated problem is important today due to the fact that the level and rate of modern business development has fundamentally changed the attitude to the “corporate culture” as a system of training and an integral part of the staff development process. The article is aimed at finding the ways...
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The Introduction of CALS-Technologies in Russia

E Shangina
The article presents an analysis of the development of CALS-technology. CALS technology allows to reduce costs during the entire product life cycle and improve its quality and competitiveness. As a result of the introduction of these technologies, there is an increase in the efficiency and competitiveness...
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Wages Level and Labor Productivity Relationship in Different Russian Economy Segments in 2004–2018

A V Vinogradova, J A Grinevich
The relationship between labor productivity, differentiation of wages of the population and a number of interdependent factors is an integral part of the development of long-term economic growth. Currently, the Russian economy does not have a direct relationship between wages and labor productivity in...
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Socio-Pedagogical Conditions of Forming Intellectual Needs of Students of Secondary Vocational Education

N A Nozdrina, J A Vorontsova, N V Kutsobina
Significant changes that have taken place in recent decades in the Russian society, in its value-oriented benchmarks, have certainly been reflected in the nature of the social order to the education system. In this situation, the importance of popular scientific information increases dramatically, and...
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The Choice of the Competitive Strategy of the Company

M S Santalova, I V Soklakova, D K Balabanova
The article uses methods of assessing competitive advantages, identifies key success factors, and draws up a strategic map of competitors of the studied IT company in order to choose a strategy and develop measures for its subsequent implementation in an innovative environment. It is proposed to open...
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The Analysis of the Selection Criteria of the Optimal Model of the Dynamics in the Case of Extrapolative Forecasting for Short Time Series

E A Polishchuk
Selection of the optimal dynamics model in the case of extrapolation forecasting by short time series. Article describes the technology of choosing the optimal model of the dynamics of key indicators of the youth labour market of the Russian Federation using extrapolation forecasting by short time series....
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Sectoral Systems of Professional Development in Implementation of Regional Strategies for Human Capital Development

M Sorokin, A Sorokin
The article focuses on the reasons for a growing interest in the issue of human capital in the modern Russian conditions. The need to develop regional strategies is determined by specifics of jobs in regional economies, sector-based characteristics of work organization at the regional enterprises, targeted...
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An Empirical Study on the Modeling of an Optimal Investment Portfolio Using Multivariate Model of Conditional Heteroscedasticity: Evidence from the Chinese Stock Exchanges

A Shchankina, Zou Ping
For any subject of economic relations, the main purpose of investments is to maximize income and minimize risks, as well as to save money from inflation. The best way to achieve this goal is a portfolio approach to investment. Nowadays, there are plenty of strategies and techniques for the construction...
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Actual Issues of the Fight Against Violations of Antitrust Legislation, Committed by Using of Digital Intelligence

A Yu Sokolov, I N Dekhtyar, V N Batova, I V Akifyev, E N Konina
The article is dedicated to the research of the problems in practice of authorized agencies, existing during the consideration of cases of the antitrust violations by using of specialized software. The task of legal regulation in contemporary conditions is to determine instruments, which could be used...
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The Impact of Human Capital on Innovation Activity in the Region

B V Bakeev, M F Safargaliev, N N Uraev
One of the most important factors for increasing innovation activity in the region is human capital, which contributes to the formation and realization of the innovation potential of business structures and the economy as a whole. The need to improve human capital is realized at the upper levels of government...
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The Essence of the Development of Public Audit in Modern Conditions

M Uspambaeva, L Moldashbayeva, B Zhumatayeva, G Mussirov, B Suleimenova
The research shows the studies of the Kazakhstan state audit system on the example of the experience of the Republic of Latvia. The quality of the state audit plays an important role for the effectiveness of the states bodies. The state audit includes the policy check in compliance with the international...
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Business Support Infrastructure at the Regional Level

I G Pavlenko, A A Ostovskaya
In order to ensure the recovery of the Russian economy, it is necessary to effectively use all the factors and resources of economic growth, including the resource of entrepreneurship. The state, its federal and regional authorities are responsible for creating favorable economic, political, social and...
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Use of the Method of the Analysis of Hierarchies in Acceptance of Pedagogical Decisions

M G Koliada, T I Bugayova, G A Kapranov
In pedagogical processes and the phenomena connected with an innuendo, with indistinct and indistinct expression of a processed material, with uncertainty of conditions and the reasons which influence results, and difficulty of their multifactorial analysis, it is necessary to involve such methods of...
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Theoretical Foundations and Analysis of the Practice of Decision-Making on the Formation of a Project Financing System

T R Gambarov, R R Bashirzade, U S-E Khakhanaev, A V Pahomova
The article reviews the theoretical foundations and analyzes the practice of the project approach and its financial support in the context of structuring the management decision-making process based on the basic theoretical and methodological principles of management and finance. Attention is focused...
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Administration of VAT on Export-Features and Challenges

O V Tayurskaya
In any country the special attention is paid by the government, regulatory authorities, regional management and entrepreneurs to the taxation of enterprises engaged in foreign economic activity. Export activity is a special kind of business activity with special conditions of control and benefits provided,...
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Perfection of Evaluation System of the Effective Use of Human Capital in Terms of “New” Economy

E Y Kazhanova, Z V Stolyarova, E N Chizhova
With the transition to a post-industrial type of development, new requirements for the main productive power of society have emerged, caused by the dynamics and content of scientific and technological progress and the peculiarities of the new technological way of life. Evaluation of the professional...
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Formation and Promotion of the Territory Brand of the Neuromarketing Tools

V E Reutov, E A Mitina, N N Kalkova
The article presents a theoretical study of the definition of «a brand of a region» and the attributes of its components, as well as practical recommendations for the rebranding of the territory using of neuromarketing tools. The purpose of this article is to consider the theoretical and practical significance...
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Foundations of Designing the System of Strategic Management for Digital Education at the Macro Level

J Gnezdova, T Lomachenko, T Kokodey, M Mikhailov, K Mitus
The article describes the design of the system of strategic management of the development of digital education on the basis of the three-level pyramidal concept of formation of the optimal network structure of digital education development strategies. The key questions of creation of conditions for introduction...
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Cooperation in the System of Spatial Development Management

S Zhevora, N Sidorova, V Osipov, A Zeldner
In the article, taking into account the current socio-economic situation in the country, the problems of spatial development are considered due to the extensive development of agricultural cooperation. Particular attention is paid in the article to potatoes, “second bread”, the increase in production...
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The Role of Publishing Activity of Polytechnic University Students in the Development of Polytechnic Education

A V Borisov, M K Belyaev, A A Ilova
Increasing publication activity is an important task in ensuring the effectiveness of students’ learning and independent work, it contributes to the achievement of a high level in mastering basic, general professional and professional competencies in mastering “smart” technologies of the “Industry 4.0”...
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Organizational Approaches to Forming Regional Ecosystems of Entrepreneurship Education

R I Malikov, K E Grishin, G F Shaikhutdinova, R R Zainashev
This article describes the organizational approaches to the formation of regional ecosystems of entrepreneurial education. The model of the organization of interaction between the actors of the regional ecosystem of entrepreneurial education is considered. The presence of a logically structured ecosystem...
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Marketing Approaches in Solving Medical and Social Problems on the Example of Diabetes Mellitus

E D Polyakova, T N Ivanova, O V Evdokimova, E A Pyanikova, T M Blinkova
The article provides data on the incidence of diabetes mellitus (DM) in the Oryol region. A marketing approach is proposed that includes several components followed by making decisions on the problem under study: 1. analysis of the development of diabetes morbidity in the world and in the Oryol region;...
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Socialization of Students’ Personality in the Process of Polytechnic Education

N Y Saigushev, O A Vedeneeva, Yu B Melekhova
Identification and evaluation of the level of socialization of the students necessary link of the pedagogical process, giving information about the implementation of educational goals that are essential for further programming and regulation of education, to manage the development of students’ personality....
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Integral Assessment of Innovation Activity in the Municipalities of the Region

Z R Gabitova, E V Karavaeva, R A Nigmatullina, O V Ivanova, A I Lebedev
At present, the problem of finding business niches and opportunities within a specific territory, taking into account the current location of the productive forces, natural-geographic, resource, production and other potentials for the development of the region becomes urgent. In this regard, it is necessary...
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Features of Knowledge Economy Formation in Corporate Training

O V Mamatelashvili, A I Pudovina
The relevance of this problem is determined by the immaturity of the theory of forming knowledge economy at the setting of corporate training, as well as by the specific peculiarities of organizing corporate training in a market economy. The transfer of Russian economy to the innovative model based...
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Family Model Based on the System Approach

N V Nozikova
The paper presents the results of a theoretical system interdisciplinary research aiming to develop a family model on the basis of empirical data and practice of dealing with a family. The hypothesis suggests that the development of the system conceptual family model in the ontological, structural, functional,...
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Correlation of the Image of the World and Individual-Psychological Features of Adolescents

E I Shuleva
The author presents the results of an empirical study of individual psychological characteristics and image of the world of adolescents. The study used the following methods: multi-Factor personality questionnaire 14PF (Sixteen Personaflity Factor Questionnaire, 14pf) Cattell (teen version), projective...
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ERM for an Insurer: Challenges and Prospects

E P Morgunova, G I Bolkina
The paper presents analytical and practical study of implementing ERM at an insurance provider; such providers are institutional investors and constitute a major force in the global investment market. The paper dwells upon the key challengers and prospects of this aspect of management. It identifies...
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Coordination of Innovative Infrastructure in Territories of Advanced Development: Models and Mechanisms

A Byankin, G Burdakova
The development of technological entrepreneurship in the regions of advanced social and economic development is closely connected to the creation of innovative and supporting infrastructure in the territory. Every educational, scientific, production infrastructure element has a certain function and operates...