Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Tourism, Gastronomy, and Tourist Destination (ICTGTD 2018)

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The Effect of Electronic Word of Mouth on Twitter towards Customers’ Purchase Intention at Starbucks Coffee Indonesia

Wijayanti Dewi Prabandari, Vienna Artina Sembiring, Maria Angela
Internet has been growing rapidly in Indonesia. Starbucks is one of the companies which adopts Twitter as a media to promote its products since interactions occurred in the social media might result in Electronic Words of Mouth (eWoM) with larger and faster range of broadcasting rather than Words of...
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Makotek as a Tourist Attraction in Munggu Village, Bali

Gede Yoga Kharisma Pradana, I Wayan Pantiyasa
The purpose of this study is to comprehend the Makotek as a tourist attraction in village Munggu, Bali. In general, the tourism destination will be developed in sustainable way if it has many touristic potentials. Meanwhile, the phenomena in Munggu village is different. Although this village doesn’t...
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SWOT Analysis of Rural Tourism Development: Case Study of Kampung Tajur, Purwakarta

Amalia Mustika, Michael Khrisna Aditya
The tourism industry is one of the high-income and at the same time, safe and clean industries for the economy of each country. Development of this industry indicates the political, economic, social, security, cultural and scientific stability of the world countries. Rural tourism is also accounted for...
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Exploring the Indonesian Tourism Destination via Indonesia.Travel @indtravel

Janfry Sihite, Arissetyanto Nugroho
The tourism destination promotion is one of the component to develop the competitiveness index for travel and tourism. An exploratory @indtravel, indonesia tourism destination promotion twitter channel conducted to elaborate the promotion strategy. A content analysis conducted for 1196 tweet from @indtravel...
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The Quality Of Chips Made From Basil Leaves

Putu Eka Wirawan, I Nyoman Sudiarta
Chips made from basil leaves material may add to the diversity types of chips that already exist in the market. The objectives of this research is to determine the quality of chips made from basil leaves from several aspects such as color, flavor, aroma and texture, to find a good composition, precise...
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Community Participation as an Aspect of Social Capital at Tourism Village

Purwanti Dyah Pramanik, Rahmat Ingkadijaya, Mochamad Achmadi
The research aimed to identify community participation as an aspect of social capital in Kampung Tajur Tourism Village (KTTV), Purwakarta, West Java. The method used descriptive quantitative method. The study was cross sectional. Respondents were 38 families who lived in KTTV. Sampling was collected...
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Developing the Tourism Industry of Lahat Regency through Its Culinary Dish

Muhammad Arif Ramadhan
The purpose of this research is to investigate whether the culinary of Lahat Regency such as Jekhuk, Tebu Telok, Jamur Gerigit and Terung Kerutuk is able to be promoted to boost the tourism industry in Lahat Regency, South Sumatra. This research design is a case study that involves three experts of the...
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The Quality of Moringa Pasta as an Alternative of Healthy Food

Anak Agung Ayu Arun Suwi Arianty, I Gusti Ayu Melistyari Dewi
Fettuccine is a type of pasta which popular in Roman and Tuscan cuisine. it is a flat thick pasta made of egg and flour. Fettuccine traditionally made fresh. Now days, people getting aware about healthy. They looking for food not only to make them full, but also it can make them healthy. Moringa leaf...
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The Impact Of Social Media As Promotion Tools Towards Intention To Visit: Case Of Batu, Malang, Indonesia

Amir Hidayat, Robert La Are
This research aims to investigate the positive impact of social media as promotion tool toward intention to visit, case of Batu, Malang, Indonesia. Social media is user-generated content as the independent variable, and intention to visit, or intention which means the motivation of a person in the sense...
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Development Tourism Village Strategy Of Samiran As A Creative Tourism Model In Central Java

Nina Mistriani, Rudi Prasetyo Ardi, Haniek Listyorini
The development of tourism potential in Tourism Village Samiran Boyolali Central Java can be classified as advanced, especially after getting the award as the third best tourist village in the national tourism village appreciation event in 2013 implemented by Menparekraf. This research explores tourism...
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Literature For Media Tourism Promotion (Review Semiotics)

Fifi Nofiyanti, Filma Festivalia, Mimi Enggriani
This study aims to explore the literary works such as novels which have tourism background. Literary works and tourism can be attributed to a close. The existence of two functions that can be implemented, namely the promotion of tourism and increase the reading habit. There are seven novels that were...
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The Effect on Entrepreneurship Subject towards Entrepreneurship Interest for Tourism Higher Education Students

Lestari Ningrum, Novita Widyastuti, Filma Festivalia
Entrepreneurship education holds significant role in fostering the growth of entrepreneurship in Indonesia. However, little attention is given to access its impact. This study aims to examine the effect of entrepreneurship education on students' entrepreneurial interests in Tourism Higher Institution...
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Is Internship Program Impact Career Development Perception? Empirical Study on “SGU” Hospitality Students

Adelia Samantha Sabirin, Munawaroh, Robert La Are
The impact of internship towards career development is the main objective of this research. This study aims to find what impact perceived by students during internship that can influence their career development This study is limited for Swiss German University student majoring in Hotel and Tourism Management....
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Development Of Gunung Payung Cultural Park As One Of Tourism Attraction In Kutuh Village South Kuta

Ni Nyoman Sri Astuti, Ni Ketut Bagiastuti, I Ketut Suarta
This study aims to determine what are the internal and external factors and development strategy of Gunung Payung Cultural Park as one of the tourist attraction in the village of Kutuh Kuta Selatan. This research use data collection methods are observation, interview, literature study and documentation....
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Protection Of Intellectual Property Rights For Balinese Indigenous Industry In Cultural Tourism Busines

Made Handijaya Dewantara
This paper is written to identify and clarify some issues that occur in the protection of intellectual property rights for traditional products of Balinese indigenous industry, which are the main capital of cultural tourism business in Bali. In addition, this paper found out strategies that can be done...
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Analysis of Electronic Word of Mouth (e-WOM) and Marketing Mix (7P) on Buying Young Consumer Interest in Restaurants and Cafes in Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Tri Djoko Sulistiyo, Jason Augustian F
Culinary business competition in Indonesia is getting tougher in this digital era, where consumers have the power to influence other consumer behavior through social media reviews. In addition, one of the main things that affect consumer behavior is the existing marketing mix such as Product, Price,...
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Balinese Traditional Snacks Vs Milk Pie Boosting “Jaje Bali” to Be Travelers’ Favorite Typical Balinese Souvenirs

Savitri Hendradewi, Mimi Enggriani, Diana A. Kunaefi M
This research aims to analyse the Balinese traditional snacks and milk pie and how to develop unpopular traditional snacks to be also traveler’s favorite typical souvenirs. There are many traditional snacks in Bali however they are not as popular as milk pie among local travelers. The study use descriptive...
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The Important of Physical Environment for Guest Satisfaction on Restaurant in Bali

I Gusti Ayu Dewi Hendriyani
The physical environment of a restaurant today, prioritized as one of the attractions of a restaurant for its customers. Customer satisfaction is the goal of all businesses including restaurants. Customer satisfaction is a dynamic condition associated with fulfilling customer expectations of the service...
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The Manufacture Of Waste Jackfruit Seed Becomes Perkedel

Firlie Lanovia Amir, Anak Agung Istri Putera Widiastiti
Jackfruit is one of fruit types that is widely grown in the tropics area. In Indonesia, jackfruit able to grow in almost each region. The utilization of jackfruit as a variety of processed foods have been done a lot, but jackfruit seeds as one of the waste processing jackfruit has not been widely utilized....
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The Influence of Motivations and Discipline Trough to the Employee Performance at PMB Trisakti School of Tourism ??" Jakarta

Johannes Kurniawan, Doni Muhardiansyah, Nurbaeti
The purpose of this study was to analyze the motivation and discipline on employee performance at PMB Trisakti School of Tourism as well as to analyze dominant factors that influence the employee performance. In this study, researchers conducted a study on the employees that work at PMB Trisakti School...
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How to Manage Urban Tourism of Kampung Sumbawan, Krapyak, Pekalongan: A SWOT Analysis and Related Strategies

Rina Suprina, Agie Pradhipta, Purwanti Dyah Pramanik
Urban tourism is going to be an important tourism activity in the world. Pekalongan, a small city in Central Java, is famous for its cultural heritage. One of the areas which is potentially developed to be a tourist destination is Kampung Sumbawan. The purpose of this paper is to find out and suggest...
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Leuser Mountain National Park Marketing Strategy in Optimalization of Ecotourism Zone

Meizar Rusli, Teguh Pujiwioto
The competition of tourist attraction can not be run only on the basis of feeling alone but must be through good management. Appropriate marketing techniques can not work without good communication from the managers who will be delivered to the potential tourists and the tourists, because the good marketing...
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The Employee Benefits Pay Mix Of Elderly Workers in The Hotel Business in Pattaya, Thailand

Wanvicechanee Tanoamchard
This research aimed at proposing the employee’s benefits pay mix for elderly employees in the hotel business. The purposes of this study are to survey the needs for employee benefits of elderly workers in the hotel business, and to suggest the mix of benefit pay plans regarding the needs from an empirical...
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Abon Quality with the Main Substance of Banana Blossom

Firlie Lanovia Amir, Ni Wayan Rena Mariani
Abon is one type of food in form of meat fibers that being sliced and added by some spices, and then cooked until dry, abon usually consumed with rice or other kind of foods, usually used as bread stuffing. Banana tree is a fruit plant widely spread in southeast asia including Indonesia. Commonly, the...
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Determinant Factors Affect Tourist Satisfaction Towards Traditional Balinese Cuisine at Restaurants in Ubud Tourism Resorts, Gianyar, Bali

I Nyoman Arcana, I Nyoman Wiratnaya, Ni Putu Ariesta Budiani
Bali has various types of traditional food dishes as local products that attract tourists. Local Balinese culinary arts offer a gastronomic experience of local cuisine that has a distinctive taste. The local processed ingredients, the presentation, and the exciting flavors become value added of local...
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The Competitiveness of New Development Ten Tourist Destination in Indonesia

Candra Hidayat
This research investigates the competitiveness of new development ten tourist destinations performance in Indonesia. It deeply analyzes fourteen pillars organized into four broad factors of competitiveness. First board is the enabling environment has five pillars: 1.Business environment, 2.Safety and...
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Modeling The Demand for inbound Tourism to Thailand: Panel Data Approach

Kittipat Preedatham, Vorrapob Vivatvanit, Karoon Suksonghong
This paper models the inbound tourism demand of Thailand by focusing on six major tourism markets, including China, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Russia, and India. Several economics variables widely used in the demand modeling literature were adopted. Besides, additional variables pertaining to environmental...
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Sudent’s Behavior In Purchasing “Burapha University” Products

Tanaphon Nitichaowakul
The objectives of this study were 1) to examine student’s behavior in purchasing“Burapha University” branded products and 2) to examine the management of the “Burapha University” productretailing shopin Burapha University main campus. The population was Burapha University students and the samples included...
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Community Participation Toward Impact of Rural Tourism (A Case Study at Desa Krapyak, Central Java)

Nurima Rahmitasari, Amrullah
Desa Krapyak (Krapyak Village) is a potential rural village located in sub-district of North Pekalongan, Central of Java with the potential of tourism to develop. This research focuses on the impact of community participation toward rural tourism in Desa Krapyak. Understanding that tourism development...
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Managing Tourism Cultural : Enhance The Local Value And Increasing Experience Of Travelers

Dedy Wijayanto, Dian Octarina
Cultural tourism is a tourist visiting the cultural heritage of the past tens or even hundreds of ago. Cultural tourism needs to be taken seriously and carefully so as to provide benefits to others. Various kinds that are included into cultural tourism, among others; temples, dances, historic buildings...
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The Effect of Consumer Behavior on Decision Visit to Seaworld Ancol Jakarta

Antonius Rizki Krisnadi, Reinardy Onggo
Consumer behavior is the behavior shown by consumers in searching, buying, using, evaluating, and using the products and services they expect to satisfy their needs. This study aims to determine the effect of consumer behavior on the decision to visit Seaworld Ancol.The type of research used is quantitative...
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Substitution Trial of Red Seaweed (Porphyra) with Green Grass Jelly (Cyclea Barbata Miers) in Making Nori

Mohammad Syaltut Abduh, Alifatqul Maulana, Sinta Haditsah Zaitun
This study aims to utilize seaweed as a substitute on Japanese Nori foodstuffs and can be consumed by the community. Seaweed is a raw material that is widely used for various purposes such as additional ingredients on cosmetics or or just made in addition to the drink on ice mix. With this research is...
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Modeling of the Destination Image to the Trip Quality and Perceived Value in Bandung

Devita Gantina, Anita Swantari
This study explains that Destination image can give you confidence, impression and perception of the destination. This study also proves the theory about the influence of destination image on trip quality, and perceived value. During the research, a total of 100 respondents completed the survey. carried...
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The Influence of Perceived Organizational Support Toward The Employees’ Turnover Intentions in Budget Hotel: A Case Study in Jakarta

Agus Riyadi
Turnover is a common problem for hospitality industry including hotel. There are many factors that could be the reason for employees to leave their organization. The objectives of this research are to find the relationship, the influence and the degree of the influence given by perceived organizational...
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Assessing Destination Branding and Hotel Performance of the South East Asia Market

Mohd Raziff Jamaluddin, Agus Riyadi
South East Asia (SEA) has progressed well in the past ten years in attracting tourist arrivals.However no specific reason can explain the performance of the destination especially in this region. This studyattempted to assess the role of destination branding with the tourist arrivals and hotel performance...
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Green Hotel and Its Implementation in Indonesia (Case Study: Aston Hotel & Resort Bogor, Neo Hotel, and Fave Hotel)

Yustisia Pasfatima Mbulu, I Made Adhi Gunadi
This study aimed to examine the policy of Green Hotel and its implementation at Aston Hotel & Resort Bogor, as well as to analyze the application of green concept hotel at Aston Hotel & Resort Bogor to its own hotel network management, such as Neo Hotel and Fave Hotel. This research used qualitative...
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The Potential of Chocolate Products as a Culinary Business (A Study in Tangerang, Banten)

Jesica Laurencia Putri, Diena Mutiara Lemy
Tourism sector has a good impact for the destination’s local economy. Restaurant is a part of toursim sector. Types of restaurant are grouped based on the product and service given for the customer. Dessert can not be seperated from the existence of restaurant. One of the dessert product found in some...
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The Local Tourist Interest on Museum: A Study in Bandung, West Java

Tania Maria, Diena Mutiara Lemy
Emerging number of local tourists visits to Bandung for recent years creating opportunities to develop more innovative tourist destinations, including museum. Therefore, this study seeks to understanding local tourists interests upon museum in Bandung. Data was collected from respondents using electronic...
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Souvenirs and Community Participations as a Support to Tourism Attractions in Ciapus, Bogor

Nungky Puspita, Hindun Nurhidayati
The tourism industry cannot be separated from the tourism components itself, such as Attractions, Amenity, Accessibility, Supporting Facilities and Institution, which are related to each other. Supporting facility such a place to buy souvenirs is an important component because souvenirs include in objects...
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Analysis of Traditional Food Promotion in South Sulawesi

Sri Sulartiningrum, Mohammad Syaltut Abduh, Wisnu Saputra
The tourism industry cannot be separated from the tourism components itself, such as Attractions, Amenity, Accessibility, Supporting Facilities and Institution, which are related to each other. Supporting facility such a place to buy souvenirs is an important component because souvenirs include in objects...
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The Aesthetics of Nature Tourism Through the Philosophical Perspective of Immanuel Kant

Myrza Rahmanita
This study is an attempt to explore aesthetics conception of nature tourism using the philosophical perspective of Immanuel Kant. Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy tree that discusses the essence of beauty, while nature tourism is a travel activity undertaken by a person or group to various landscapes...
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How does Griya Batik Mas Pekalongan Promote their Products? The Strategy and its Obstacle

Adawiyah Robiatul, Rina Suprina, Meri Dwi Susanti
Promotional strategies are steps determined by the company to achieve a company's goals. Batik is a genuine cultural heritage of Indonesia which is currently being enjoyed by the people of Indonesia. One of the batik producers in Java is located in Pekalongan City, Central Java. One of batik artisans...
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The Negative Impact of Rapid Growth of Culinary Tourism in Bandung City: Implementation of Innovative and Eco- Friendly Model Are Imperative

Prety Diawati, Henry H. Loupias
Bandung is known as a culinary city mainly by domestic tourists from Jakarta. The negative impact of the visit was an increased volume of garbage around 100 -200 tons / weekends. In addition, about 75% of garbage derived from styrofoam food packaging and drink plastic bottles. In order to face the problem...
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Internationalization of Indonesian Traditional Culinary (Case Study: Enrichment Goat Tongseng with Red Wine)

Asep Parantika, Minggus U Marpaung
Indonesia is currently in the midst of promoting their nature beauty and culture diversity including its culinary. Despite becoming a soft diplomacy to many countries in the world, this work has an objective to increase the number of foreign tourist coming to Indonesia. Beside Rendang and Fried Rice,...
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Residents’ Place Image and Perceived Tourism Impacts in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta Special Region

Nurti Rahayu
This paper aims to analyze the residents’ image towards tourism of Gunung Kidul, one of the regencies in Yogyakarta special region. As one of the main tourism area in Yogyakarta, Gunung Kidul offers varied tourism objects to visitors. In this view, this paper seeks to explore the role of residents’ place...