Proceedings of the International Joined Conference on Social Science (ICSS 2021)

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Food Security Improvement Model Through Social Forestry Program

Wartiningsih, Nunuk Nuswardani, Rosita Indrayati
Covid 19 has hit all countries including Indonesia. This disaster hit all sectors of people’s lives, including the strategic sector, namely food security. This is raising concerns because in the end the production and distribution of community food will also be disrupted, in this regard FAO states that...
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Study of Licensing Regulation in Bangkalan Regency in Improving Micro Business

Uswatun Hasanah, Ahmad Arsyadmunir, Aris Hardinanto
The research purpose was to obtain comprehensive information about the regulations and efforts of the Bangkalan Regency Government after the enactment of Presidential Regulation Number 98 of 2014 concerning Licensing for Micro and Small Enterprises. The data were obtained through in-depth interviews...
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The Existence of Marriage Agreement and the Status of Illegitimate Children Among Moslem Community

Sumriyah, Dewi Muti’ah
Marriage agreement is one of the preparations in building a household before marriage. This kind of agreement usually arranges everything about marital property, either jointly acquired property or personally owned by one of the spouses. By doing marriage agreement, they can get legal certainty to use...
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Supervision Strategy in Decision Making of Business Cooperation Contracts by Director of Regional Companies (BUMD) Through the Implementation of Legal Due Diligence (Legal Audit), Financial Due Diligence, and Feasibility Study

Rina Yulianti
Commissioner is an organ of a limited liability company that is responsible for supervising and providing advice to the Board of Directors in carrying out the management activities of a Regional Owned Company (BUMD). Management and representation by the board of directors in running the company, one...
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Indonesia and Malaysia Cooperation Model in the Tourism Sector Development in Madura

Nunuk Nuswardani, Wartiningsih, Suhal Kusairi
Madura as one of islands in Indonesia that has a lot of potential for environmental tourism is very beautiful and has island with the cleanest air in the world, but it is still not touched by the (central) government policy to propose Madura as tourist destination in cooperation with UNWTO or other tourism...
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Legal Protection for Hospitality Workers Who Experience Unilateral Employment Termination Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Misbahul Munir, Devi Rahayu, Syamsul Fathoni
When Covid-19 pandemic has forced the government to implement policy of limiting community mobility. This policy has negative impact on the hospitality sector, which is labour-intensive business. With pandemic reason, the hotel carried out temporary layoff, reduced wages and even reduced employees which...
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Juridical Analysis of Marine Ecotourism Development by Fisherman Community

Lucky Dafira Nugroho, Helmy Boemiya, Ida Wahyuliana
Fishermen are still a profession for the majority of people who live in coastal areas and small islands. Fishermen who are classified as small fishermen, they are still hostage to a situation of poverty that is already multidimensional. One of the factors that encourages small fishermen cannot separate...
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Conflict of Interest in Business Cooperation of Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD) Using Regional Capital Participation with Third Parties in the Perspective of Criminal Law

Erma Rusdiana
BUMD is a business entity that all or most of its capital is owned by the region, and was established with the aim of providing benefits for the development of the regional economy in general, organizing public benefits in the form of providing quality goods and / or services for the fulfilment of the...
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Fashion Products Based on Intellectual Property as a Cultural Tourism Object

(Study of Specific Art of Pamekasan Batik)

Djulaeka, Dyah Ayu Sulistyo Rini, Makhmud Zulkifli
The art of batik motifs provides identification for regions in introducing distinctive characters both through colouring and various designs. This distinguishing feature provides an attraction for batik lovers and at the same time an icon of a potential cultural tourism object. This article provides...
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Legal Status and Protection Salt Farmer Workers

Devi Rahayu, Syamsul Fatoni, Muhammad Ali Syafa’at
Salt is a commodity that is continuously needed by the community. Salting activities are carried out by coastal communities. In reality, salting activities are carried out by salt farmers who are not the land owners and who bear the risk of loss. The relations construction between the pond owners and...
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Legal Aspects in Security and Law Enforcement During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Deni Setya Bagus Yuherawan, Joice Soraya, Jasmine Anting
Covid-19 will be examined from a legal perspective, with three fundamental pillars: humanization, freedom, and transcendence. A regulatory, legal concept and case-based approach is used in this study. The study’s findings revealed that the government’s Covid-19 handling policy contained inaccurate recipient...
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Juridical Problems of Corporate Criminal Liability Formulation in the Information and Electronic Transactions Law

Aris Hardinanto, Ach. Lutfi Alqadri, Muhammad Zidny Fuady
Corporations as legal subjects by consensus have been accepted in criminal law. The impact of this acceptance toward legal subjects in various existing laws in Indonesia is formulated as expansion of the meaning of people, so that people are individuals and legal entities. One of laws that expands the...
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Usman Balo: From Bad Boy to Freedom Fighter

Bustan, Bahri, Najamuddin
This article discusses the work of a figure of freedom fighters from Sidenreng Rappang South Sulawesi. The person in question is Usman Balo. He is known as a freedom fighter during the revolution in Sidenreng Rappang. Usman Balo is interesting to review because it is considered a controversial figure....
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The Availability of Regional Legal Products on Sharia Tourism in Madura

Agung Ali Fahmi, Muwaffiq Jufri, Ansori
Sharia tourism has been widely practiced in this country, including in Madura. As a place for religious community, Madura is considered worthy of being the centre of sharia tourism destinations in Indonesia. However, this idea should be complemented by the availability of regulations that serve as a...
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Indonesian Authority to Determine Maps as the Legality of Country Territorial Boundaries

Indien Winarwati
In determining territorial boundaries, the map existence is very important, because the map includes the outermost starting points that illustrate the Country territorial boundaries. Indonesian map provides spatial information for public about the Indonesian country, also describes the boundaries projection...
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Implementation of Electronic Government Through the People’s Service System in Sidoarjo (SIPRAJA) in Tambakrejo Village, Waru District, Sidoarjo Regency

Eva Hany Fanida, Tjitjik Rahaju, Fitrotun Niswah, Suci Megawati, Aprilia Devi Rekasari
The Regency Government (Pemkab) of Sidoarjo creates and develops a digital public service innovation, namely the Sidoarjo People’s Service System (Sipraja) based on android applications and websites. This Sipraja is a concrete manifestation of the Sidoarjo Regency Government (Pemkab) in optimizing the...
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Analysis of Village Governments’ E-Readiness in Developing Villages E-monographs

Indah Prabawati, Muhammad Farid Ma’ruf, Badrudin Kurniawan, Galih Wahyu Pradana, Deby Febriyan Eprilianto
The village government’s role in supporting the acceleration of national development is critical. As a result, improved village data administration is required to assist the acceleration of growth. Village data has a vital role and is required for all development processes. Village e-monographs are a...
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Asset-Based Community Development in Wonorejo Kampung, Rungkut, Surabaya to Strengthen Community Economy

Meirinawati, Tauran, Galih Wahyu Pradana, Fitratun Niswah, Suci Megawati
In the last decade, the Surabaya City Government has encouraged its citizens to develop the Kampung UKM. It is a program to build small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the community to raise their economy. However, community development requires accurate information about its potential. This study...
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Higher Education Policy During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Strategies for Implementing and Adapting Educational Policies Through Online Learning

Tjitjik Rahaju, Meirinawati, Indah Prabawati, Muhammad Farid Ma’ruf, Badrudin Kurniawan, Galih W. Pradana
Various sectors of life were directly and indirectly affected by the emergence of Covid-19 in December 2019 in Wuhan (Huang, 2020). Capano (2020) declared Covid-19 to be a real tsunami that most countries were not ready to handle. Education was the main sector affected (Adedoyin and Emrah Soykan, 2020;...
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The Desire of Traders in Kedurus Kota Surabaya Regarding Additional Travel Routes and Duration of Trading

Agus Sutedjo, Sri Murtini, Ketut Prasetyo, Ita Mardiani Zain
Commonly, peddler have small incomes, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic, including peddlers in Kedurus Village, Surabaya City. However, there are various opportunities to increase the income of these peddler in various ways. Opportunities that can be used are walking duration and traveling paths...
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The Effect of Population Development and Gross Domestic Product on Covid-19 Prevalence in East Java Province

Dian Ayu Larasati, Nuansa Bayu Segara, Elisabet Septin Puspoayu, Adis Aditya Nuzulia Rohmah, Laily Wahyuningtyas Putri Hariono
Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a family of coronaviridae. The government has taken various countermeasures to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in various sectors. Covid-19 pandemic affected not only health sector, but almost all...
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Impact of Disaster Mitigation Socialization on Community Readiness for Facing Flood Danger (Case Study on Baureno -Mojokerto -East Java)

Ketut Prasetyo Dian, Sukma Perdana Prasetya, Dian Ayu Larasati, Rindawati
The flood disaster that once hit Jatirejo Sub-district, Mojokerto Regency encouraged universities to participate in efforts to prepare the community to be ready to face the disaster if it struck again at any time. The purpose of this service activity is to provide information and practical knowledge...
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Fulfilment of Right to Health During Pandemic Covid 19 in East Java

Iman Pasu Purba, I Made Suwanda
Corona Virus the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid 19) a pandemic. The spread of Covid 19 in Indonesia is currently being affected because Covid 19 is increasingly spreading across regions and across countries accompanied by an increase in the number of cases...
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Implementation of Freedom to Learn Policy Through Democratic Teaching Practices

Maya Mustika Kartika Sari, Listyaningsih
This article examines philosophical and theoretical views in realizing the concept of freedom to learn which is the main issue in curriculum changes in universities. The freedom to learn policy has reaped various responses from the community, both in terms of terminology, interpretation, and implementation....
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The Principle of Restricting Political Rights for Ex-Convicts of Corruption in the 2020 Regional Head Elections

Rahmanu Wijaya Maya, Oksiana Jatiningsih, Harmanto
The implementation of regional head elections in Indonesia in 2020 is coloured by the presence of former convicts, especially corruption crimes or relatives as candidates, including some declared elected as regional heads. Election organizers and the public are being tested in this phenomenon, restrictions...
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The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Possibility of Lost Generation

Warsono, Sarmini, Rr. Nanik Setyowati
The Covid-19 pandemic has created a dilemma not only between health and the economy but also between health and education. The government must make policies to prevent the spread of Covid-19 which can cause death. The Minister of Education and Culture has adopted a policy of prohibiting face-to-face...
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Differences in the Amount of Karst Groundwater Use Based on Education Level and Availability of Other Water Sources as Well as Seasonal Factors

Eko Budiyanto, Nugroho Hari Purnomo, Muzayanah, Aida Kurniawati, Millenia Rahma Jayanti, Sabrina Aulia Rizki
Karst underground water is the foundation for meeting water needs for most people in the karst region. Therefore, its sustainability needs to be maintained properly through good management. Management of underground karst water really needs to pay attention to the characteristics of the user and environmental...
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Public Perception of Ketintang Village, Gayungan District, Surabaya Against the Covid-19 Pandemic

Ita Mardiani Zain, Wiwik Sri Utami, Bambang Sigit Widodo, Bambang Hariyanto
Coronavirus or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) is a virus that infects the respiratory system. The disease caused by this virus is called COVID19. Coronavirus can cause mild disorders of the respiratory system, severe lung infections, and even death. According to data released...
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Application of Visual Identity to Semolowaru Culinary Tourism Centre Revitalization

Puspita Sari Sukardani, Gilang Gusti Aji, Putri Aisyiyah Rahma Dewi, Awang Dharmawan
Tourism becomes of one the prioritized sectors for development, and culinary tourism centers are essential for the development of regional culture as well as the public economy. Culinary tourism not only provides an experience of enjoying the food of one region but also becomes a communal place with...
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The Empowerment Strategy for Retired Indonesian Migrant Workers in Blitar Regency, East Java by LP3TKI

Arinto Nugroho, Budi Hermono, Irfa Ronaboyd, Dita Perwitasari
The Indonesian government has an obligation to provide protection to Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) when they are still in Indonesia, when they are in the destination country and after finishing their contract. PMI who has finished working have more problems, one of problems is the of sources of income....
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Online Lectures Student Satisfaction During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Danang Tandyonomanu, Puspita Sari Sukardani, Awang Dharmawan
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused an instantaneous change in human behaviours, including those related to learning communication. Face-to-face lectures are replaced with online lectures using all available platforms. This change raises the question of whether online lectures can meet the needs of students,...
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Fighting Against Hoax During Infodemic by Volunteer of Kim Surabaya

Gilang Gusti Aji, Putri Aisyiyah Rachma Dewi, Awang Dharmawan
The battle towards COVID-19 become a challenge during pandemic. It is caused by the overflowing information that is called as phenomenon of infodemic. Infodemic could make the condition of pandemic getting worse. It makes people, decision maker, and medical officer confused to find reliable sources and...
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Internship Concepts and Assessments: Perspectives from Student, Academic Staff, and Company

Tsuroyya, Danang Tandyonomanu, Anam Miftakhul Huda
Current Indonesian Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology requires each university to hold student internship for 20 credits during a semester. This policy eventually leads to developing an internship program that accommodates need of university, student, and company. Studies on internship...
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Labor Efficiency Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Based on Law Number 13 of 2003 Concerning Employment

Astrid Amidiaputri Hasyyati, Intan Lovisonnya, Siti Nur Azizah
Protection of workers in guaranteeing the basic rights of workers/laborers and ensuring to improve the quality of the workforce and their welfare while taking into account the progress of the business world must be provided, but the progress of the business world in the last 2 (two) years has been hampered...
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Islamic Boarding School, Education Laboratory and Terrorism Action: A Dialectic Study in Indonesia

Emmilia Rusdiana, Pudji Astuti, Gelar Ali Ahmad, Vita Mahardhika
The purpose of this study is to validate the Islamic boarding school in the vortex of conflict between the peace laboratory and the crime of terrorism. This study proves that Islamic boarding schools are a place for activities to spread religious values or educational laboratories. Islamic boarding school...
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Assessing the Dilemmatic Problem of Positive Fictitious State Administration Settlement Examination in Government Administration

Hezron Sabar Rotua Tinambunan, Elisabeth Septin Puspoayu, Nurul Hikmah, Aditya Ferryan Sugiarto
The establishment of the Job Creation Law has an impact on testing positive fictitious state administrative decisions. The enactment of the Employment Creation Law has an impact on changes in the absolute competence of the State Administrative Tribunal. This article aims to examine the changes in the...
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The Validity of the Imposition of Restrictions on Community Activities in Indonesia as an Effort to Overcome the Covid 19 Pandemic

Muh. Ali Masnun, Hananto Widodo, Eny Sulistyowati
The purpose of this article is to analyse the legal aspects of micro and emergency PPKM and what are the legal implications of implementing micro and emergency PPKM. This type of legal research uses a statute approach, a conceptual approach and is analysed prescriptively. Based on the results of the...
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Special Court Model in Settlement of Tenure Conflicts and Agrarian Resources

Tamsil, Indri Fogar Susilowati, Mahendra Wardhana, Dita Perwitasari
Conflicts over land tenure and agrarian resources that continue to increase and persist if a fair solution is not found, are not impossible to become a ticking time bomb. The refusal of some communities to bring conflicts over tenure and agrarian resources to court is suspected because the community...
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The Perception of a Juvenile Delinquency for Junior High School Students in Blitar City

Kusnul Khotimah, Sarmini, Agus Suprijono, Ali Imron, Riyadi
SMP Negeri 5 Blitar City is a complex school which is located close to SMP Negeri 3, 5, and 6 schools that often commit deviant actions every day. Deviant actions referred to here are actions that violate the rules or regulations in schools such as smoking, truancy during class hours, and fighting every...
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Teacher’s Need Assessment: For Digital Media-Aided QR Code Worksheet Workshop to Integrated Social Studies Learning in the New Normal Era

Nuansa Bayu Segara, Sarmini Sarmini, Ali Imron, Dian Ayu Larasati, Katon Galih Setyawan, Muhammad Ilyas Marzuqi
Face-to-face learning activities began to be considered by the government after 1.5 years of the Covid-19 pandemic. Necessarily, learning activities need to be adapted with the conditions of the new-normal era. Teachers need assistance to face the current learning conditions. This study aimed to assess...
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Identification of “Karst Geopark” Singgahan District, Tuban as Outdoor Learning Laboratory of Social Sciences

Sukma Perdana Prasetya, Sarmini, Ita Mardiani Zain, Artono, FX. Sri Sadewo, Hanifah Mahat
This research is an exploratory study that focuses on how to analyse locations in Singgahan Tuban District as Karst Geoparks to be used as an outdoor learning laboratory for social science material. From this analysis, this research will include: ((1) identification of the requirements and identification...
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Framing Analysis of Japanese and American Cartoon Films and Understanding of Children Watching

Refti Handini Listyani, FX Sri Sadewo, M Jacky, Farid Pribadi
The purpose of this study is to expose the following two things, the theme of cartoon films as messages and meanings generated by children when watching cartoons. Both of these are explored through a qualitative method using framing analysis approach. Results indicates that level of children’s liking...
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The Invisible Education: Politics of Face-to-Face Learning in Post-PPKM Emergency

Agus Machfud Fauzi, Martinus Legowo, Moh. Mudzakkir, Novi Fitia Maliha, Ardhie Raditya
Face-to-face learning for students and college students have started after the implementation of the Emergency PPKM and Various Level PPKM policies. Based on media reports, the policy received various responses from various provincial and district/city governments, namely some have implemented it in...
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Theosophical Teachings: Universal Fraternity The Adherents of the Archipelago Religion in the Colonial Period a Political Conspiracy

Sumarno, Wisnu, Dinar Listya Putri, Rojil Nugroho Bayu Aji, Artono
This paper discusses the development of Theosophy teachings in the colonial period. This theme is interesting to be raised because theosophical teachings became the soul and spirit of the Indonesian nationalist movement during the struggle for independence. The Theosophy movement became an inspiration...
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Reflections on Transformative Pedagogy in High School in History Learning in Indonesia

Agus Suprijono, Sri Mastuti Purwaningsih, Corry Liana, Riyadi
This article is based on research that aims to see that transformative learning has been going on for approximately 8 years in Indonesia. Has transformative learning been effective in producing graduates with critical awareness? The research process is the implementation of a mixed method between qualitative...
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Analysis of AKM Instrument Development for Historical Literature Capabilities of History Teachers of East Java

Sri Mastuti Purwaningsih, Agus Suprijono, Corry Liana, Riyadi
Reading literacy competence is important in education because it will build the ability to understand text, which is useful for decision making in the real world. Especially for history subjects that have a variety of sources, really need literacy mastery. The low reading literacy of Indonesian children...
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Audio Insert Camera Based Presentation to Increase the Effectiveness of Geography Online Learning During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Bambang Sigit Widodo, Muhammad Turhan Yani, Indah Prabawati
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of the use of audio insert camera-based presentation media during the Covid-19 pandemic. The research was conducted by experimenting with 78 students of the Geography Education study program and divided into 2 groups, namely 38 students in class A as the...
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The Mystical Values in Sex Symbols in Transitional Texts from the Hindu-Buddhist-Islamic XVI to the Early Twentieth Century

Wisnu, Sumarno, Dinar Listya Putri, Esa P. B. G. G. P, Artono
This article discusses the mystical values of sex symbols in Javanese texts during the Hindu-Buddhist-Islamic transition. The theme is interesting because it became a polemic when the teachings of these values were processed in the Islamic period. Starting from the Chronicle of Kadiri, the polemic of...
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Determining the Most Dominant Batik Gajahmada Tulungagung Purchase Decision Indicator Using SPSS

E. Triwidyati, D. Kristanti, R. L. Pangastuti
Batik Gajahmada Tulungagung is one of the industrial homes in Tulungagung that produces batik writing and batik cap fabrics. The number of business people who plunge into the world of batik makes batik business competition more rapid. The research aims to determine the most dominant indicator on the...
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Determining the Most Viable Cement Company Stock Investment Using PER and PBV

K. Yuliari, D. R. Septyaningtyas
The cement industry is one of the many industries that are the basis of industrial and economic development in Indonesia. The cement industry business is increasing every year because they need for cement in Indonesia is expanding. The research aims to determine cement companies’ most viable stock investment...
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Determining the Most Dominant Indicators of Employee Performance in KSP Artha Mulia Kediri with Multiple Linear Regression Methods

D. Kristanti, E. Triwidyati, R. L. Pangastuti
KSP Artha Mulia is a savings and loan cooperative with many members scattered from all regions in Kediri. This study aimed to determine employee performance indicators at KSP Artha Mulia Kediri with multiple linear regression methods. The method used is quantitative. This population includes all 70 employees...
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Determining the Most Dominant Honda PCX Purchase Intention Indicator in Kembang Jawa Motor Kediri with Multiple Linear Regression

Angga Rizka Lidiawan, Sudjiono, Anita Firdausi Rahmania, Risma Gesang Ayu Cahyani
Honda is one of the significant companies originating from Japan engaged in the automotive field. Honda has consistently continued to develop the automotive products it creates. One of the flagship products of Honda that became the prima donna among the upper-middle class is the Honda PCX, which is a...
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Find Out the Most Dominant Level of Satisfaction OVO Users Use SPSS

Nur Laely, Nunung Susilo Ningsih
OVO is a form of digital money payment system from Indonesia that is commonly used by various sellers. Starting from large traders and owners of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The use of OVO makes buying and selling transactions easier for both sellers and buyers. With the massive use of...
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Find Out the Most Dominant Sales Indicators of UMKM Bakso Aci Using SPSS

Djunaedi, Angga Rizka Lidiawan
The existence of an online marketplace that can be used for free by sellers or business owners can certainly increase sales of a product. Items that used to be marketed face-to-face between sellers and buyers, can now be done online. Likewise with the business process that is now used by MSMEs Bakso...
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Social Solidarity of Luhak Community Lima Puluh Kota

Siti Fathimah, Eka Yuliana Rahman, Romi Mesra
Lima Puluh Kota is one of the areas of natural origin of the Minangkabau known as Luhak Nan Tigo. Luhak Nan Tigo consists of three luhak (regions) which are the heart area of Minangkabau, because that is where the development of the Minangkabau natural area originated. This certainly makes this area...
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Job Performance of Women and Child Protection Service Institution

Ruth Sriana Umbase, Meike Imbar
The evaluation on job performance of a provider institution for women and children protection service has an important role in handling victims of violence, exploitation, discrimination on women and children; however, with various limitations, the service objectives are difficult to achieve. Cases of...
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A Special Village on the Trajectory of Religious Pluralism: History of Manado Arab Village

Eka Yuliana Rahman, Siti Fathimah, Rahmania Rahman
The Arab village is traced to its population, which on average are Arabs from the Arabian Peninsula, especially from Saudi Arabia and Hadramaut (now Yemen), whose history in this village has developed until now. Like the ethnic Chinese whose settlements are just next door to the Manado Arab village,...
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The Phenomenon of Student Life Who is Studying While Working in the City of Padang

Romi Mesra, Awaluddin Hasrin, Siti Fathimah, Rahmania Rahman, Sang Putri Sidik
Many things are faced by students who choose to study while working, such as having to endure sleepiness during college due to getting a night shift that usually has to go home early, there are also those who are struggling to make college assignments because they are tired from work, and so on. Like...
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Community Empowerment at the Malalayang Dua Beach Tourism Object, Manado

Ferdinand Kerebungu, Siti Fathimah
This study examines and analyzes the impact of community empowerment, which has been carried out by the government to people who carry out micro-economic businesses in the Malalayang Dua beach tourism object, Manado. From the research, it is expected to produce several instruments that are used as patterns...
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Implementation Group Task Assignment’s Method to Increase Social Interaction Students on Online Learning System

Rahmania Rahman, Grystin Djein Sumilat, Romi Mesra
The online lecture system, also known as e-Learning, is a lecture process using information and communication technology, in this case the internet. The online lecture system is an alternative for learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, where the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the order of human life,...
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The Role of School Committee in Improving School Quality SMA Negeri 2 Tondano

Veronike E.T. Salem, Nismawati, Cahyadi Nugroho, Irfan Rifani
This study aims to determine: 1) the role of the school committee to improve school quality, and 2) the inhibiting factors of the committee’s role to improve school quality. This type of research is descriptive qualitative. Informants with the purposive sampling method. Data collection techniques through...
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The Role of Woman Fish Seller in Bitung Market North Sulawesi Province

Yoseph Daniel Ari Santie, Nismawati, Cahyadi Nugroho
Women today do not only play a single role but also play a dual role. Another meaning is that housewives do not only play a role in the domestic sector, but also in the public sector, such as traveling around, opening stalls, domestic helpers, salon employees, shopkeepers, factory workers, farmers, construction...
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The Existence of Kabasaran Dance in Minahasa

Zoni Henki Singal, Nismawati, Cahyadi Nugroho, Irfan Rifani
This research discusses the existence of Kabasaran dance with the Minahasa culture in Tondano. This research was carried out to find out by exploring the meaning of cultural heritage that needs to be revealed. The diversity of Minahasa culture has a cultural meaning from the ancient Tou Minahasa generation...
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Development Priorities Based on Sectoral Analysis to Reduce Disparity in Indonesia

Recky H.E. Sendouw, Fabiola B. Saroinsong, Jeane Mantiri
In determining development priorities, especially those related to improve income disparities between provinces, several studies examine income disparities using data on provinces in Indonesia. However, these studies pay less attention to the sectoral role of income disparities between the provinces....
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Emotional Intelligence and Creativity of History Teacher

Hetreda Terry, Apeles Lexi Lonto
This research conducted at Senior High School in City of Manado, North Sulawesi Province. Creativity of the teachers play important roles to achieved the goals in education at school. Along with that, every teacher including history teacher should had creativity to do their responsibility as a professional...
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Implementation of Restaurant Tax Policy in South Tondano District

Jetty E. H. Mokat, Sisca B. Kairupan, Jeane Mantiri, Recky H. E. Sendouw, Riani F. Simarmata
This study aims to describe and analyse: How to Implement Restaurant Tax Policy Number 1 of 2011 especially Restaurant Tax in South Tondano District, Minahasa Regency. This researcher uses descriptive qualitative, with data collection techniques through observation, interviews and documentation. And...
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The Effect of Employee Work Discipline on Community Satisfaction at the Maesa Unima Sub-district Office, South Tondano District, Minahasa Regency

Sisca B. Kairupan, Recky H. E. Sendouw, Jeane Mantiri, Jonardi P. Pasaribu
With The method used by the author in this research is quantitative research method. Based on the results of the analysis, it was found that the significance value in the table using the SPSS program shows sig. 0.000 <0.05, with the regression equation Y = 19.367 + 0.424X. which shows that each increase...
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Development of Moodle-Based Interactive Multimedia to Implement Hybrid Learning Strategies in Civic Education Learning

Apeles L. Lonto, Wua Telly Delly, Widdy H. F. Rorimpandey
The purpose of this research is to develop learning media and produce interactive multimedia products and to be able to apply hybrid learning strategies in Civics learning. While in the long term the media developed is expected to be patented to be a learning medium not only in Civics learning but also...
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School Organizational Climate and Its Relationship with Teachers’ Innovative Work Behavior in Junior High Schools

Tellma Monna Tiwa, Marssel Michael Sengkey
The level of development of teachers’ innovative work behavior is determined by related factors, including the school’s organizational climate. This study aims to explain the relationship between school organizational climate and its dimensions with the innovative work behavior of teachers. The research...
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Development of SAVI Learning Models Towards Students’ Specific Needs at Manado State University

Aldjon Nixon Dapa, Selpius Kandou, Usman Duyo, Intama J. Polii
The purpose of this study is to describe the application of the SAVI learning model in the network for students with special needs at Unima Manado. The SAVI learning model is an innovative learning model in building a conducive learning climate and according to the needs of students with special needs....
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Village Analyst of Financial Management in Bori Village North Kao Distric

Abdul R. Dilapanga, Marthinus Mandagi, Margareth Rantung, Thiar Y T Sitorus
This study aims to describe village financial management in Bori village, Kao Utara sub-district. The research method used is a qualitative method with a descriptive approach. Data collection was carried out through observation, interview, and documentation techniques. The results showed: 1) village...
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Development of Assessment Instrument of Scientific Literacy Ability for Students at Musamus University

Syamsul Bahri, Merta Simbolon, Kameliana Alhad
This research is a type of research and development of Wilson, Oriondo, and Antonio model modification test which aims to explain the profile of the development of assessment instrument of scientific literacy ability for students at Musamus University Merauke majoring in Physics Education and Mathematics...
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The Use of Various Greetings Among Students of Musamus Merauke University

Zem Santo, Yasinta Riska Diana Meteray, Lay Riwu
This study aims to describe the use of various greetings among students of Musamus Merauke University, by using descriptive qualitative methods. Data consisted of variety of greetings from the students’ discourse. Data collection techniques applied reading, listening and noting technique. Listening technique...
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Improving Counting Ability Through the Think Pair Share (TPS) Cooperative Learning Method in TK Aba Bendungan Wates Districts Kulon Progo Yogyakarta

Nurlayli Hasanah, Minuk Riyana, Diah Harmawati
The purpose of this study was to improve the numeracy skills of group B kindergarten children through the Think Pair Share (TPS) type of cooperative learning method. This study uses a collaborative classroom action research type. The research model used was Kemmis and Mc. Taggart. The subjects of this...
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Problem-Solving Approaches in Improving Students ‘Mathematics Achievement in Elementary School

Fredy, Rudolfus Ruma Bay, Salman Alparis Sormin
This study aimed to improve student achievement in the multiplication and division materials through the problem-solving approach. This type is classroom action research, consisting of two cycles, each cycle consisting of two meetings. The procedures of this research include planning, implementing actions,...
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Border Area Security Policy in Geopolitical and Geostrategic Perspective

Fitriani, Alexander P Tjilen, Ransta L Lekatompessy
Security policy in border areas is very important to study from the perspective of the geopolitics and geostrategy of the Indonesian State. This study aims to describe the importance of this security policy, especially in the border area between Indonesia and PNG. The method used is literature study,...
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Syntactical Analysis of Students’ Writing Paper

Seli Marlina Raja Leba, Rezky Uspayanti, Ranta Butarbutar, Marni Bawawa
English has been studied for many years and it is very important to know syntactical errors produced because it gives the information about the factor affect the language errors and helps to improve teaching and learning strategies for the English language. This study aimed to investigate the syntactical...
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Student’s Obstacle in Solving PISA Like Task: An Error Analysis

Anis Munfarikhatin, Irmawaty Natsir, Markus Palobo
The PISA survey every three years gives unsatisfactory results since Indonesia was involved in the assessment. The habit of implementing PISA-type questions in schools has not been maximally pursued and is only limited to knowledge. This allows students to make many mistakes in solving PISA-type problems....
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The Effect of Blended Learning on Students’ Mathematical Proving Ability

Nurhayati, Dessy Rizki Suryani, Khumaeroh Dwi Nur’aini
The blended learning given in this study is divided into two, namely face-to-face learning and electronic learning using the Moodle application. Blended learning for the first time was carried out in the Department of Mathematics Education at Musamus University. The ability to prove mathematically is...
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Reconstruction of the Institutional Pillars

Education System in Merauke Regency

Alexander Phuk Tjilen, Ransta L Lekatompessy, Edoardus E. Maturbongs, Fitriani
The reconstruction of the institutional pillars of the Education system in Merauke Regency is an institutional restructuring effort that leads to an increase in the quality of education. Problem Solving Education should be studied from various viewpoints and structured problem-solving methodologies....
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Flip Book Maker Based Water Chemistry E-module Development as a Distance Learning Alternative

Novike Bela Sumanik, Evy Nurvitasari, Lamtiar Ferawaty Siregar
The Covid-19 epidemic and demands in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 require creative and innovative academics to use technology to meet distance learning needs. One of the learning alternatives using technology is e-module. This study aims to produce an e-module in environmental chemistry courses...
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The Implications of Protecting Geographic Indications of the Cultural Rights of the Asmat Indigenous People

Yosman Leonard Silubun, Jover Jotam Julianto Kalalo, Marlyn Jane Alputila
Diversity of product potential Geographical indication does not only consist of biological products, agriculture, and plantations that stretch from the west to the east Indonesia. However, there are also potential Geographical Indication products that come from culture in the form of handicrafts, for...
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Teacher’s Role on Teaching English During Pandemic in a Blended Classroom

Arin Mantara Anggawirya, Lastika Ary Prihandoko, Fathu Rahman
This paper analyses how the blended learning process is applied during the pandemic through the perspective of the role of the teacher. In this study, there were 68 students as respondents who were spread in the Merauke area in schools from the middle schools to the university level. In collecting data,...
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Criminology Prespectives of Criminal Acts in Correctional Institutions

Salvadoris Pieter, Nurul Widhanita Y. Badilla, Rudini Hasyim Rado
This study aims to determine and analyse the factors that cause the occurrence of crimes in correctional institutions (Lapas), especially those that occur in Class II B Prison in Merauke. This research is a type of normative juridical research which bases its analysis using a statute approach accompanied...
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Strategy of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Merauke Papua to Improve Economic Welfare During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dewi Putri Anjar Wulan, Irfan Wildzan Muafa, Aldisa Arifudin
The world is experiencing a Covid-19 pandemic, including Indonesia and especially Merauke Regency, Papua. The appeal to prevent the chain of spreading this virus requires people to stay silent at home. This has an impact on economic instability and one of those affected is MSMEs. For this reason, a survival...
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Student Problem Solving Ability Based on Blended Learning

Dian Mayasari, Sadrack Luden Pagiling, Abdul Rachman Taufik
The aim of this study is to describe the ability of problem solving based on Blended Learning. This type of research is qualitative with research subjects in mathematics education students taking Advanced Calculus courses in the Department of Mathematics Education at Musamus University as many as 3 high,...
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The Design of Vlogs as Ethnochemical Learning Media by Project Based Learning

Henie Poerwandar Asmaningrum, Jesi Jecsen Pongkendek, Dewi Natalia Marpaung
This study aims to design a vlog as a project-based ethnochemistry learning medium and maintain its validity. This type of research is qualitative research. The designs produced at this research stage have gone through planning based on the results of preliminary studies, which contain activities; identification,...
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Students’ Perceptions Towards Autonomous Learners Concept in Academic Writing Classes: Sequential Mixed-Method

Lastika Ary Prihandoko, Arin Mantara Anggawirya, Fathu Rahman
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed learning patterns, especially in the field of academic writing. The characteristics of students being autonomous learners are essential to survive in a disruptive period, especially in education. This study aims to determine students’ perceptions regarding independent...
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Analysis of Learning English Based on Multiple Intelligence with a Constructivism Approach

Martha Betaubun, Henie Poerwandar Asmaningrum, Nasrawati
The purpose of this study was to analyse the urgency of learning English online based on multiple intelligences with a constructivist approach. The form of this research is descriptive qualitative using case studies. Sources of data consist of informants, places (events), and documents. Techniques or...
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Feasibility Test of Physics Textbook Developed Using Multimode Representations to Improve Students’ Problem Solving Ability

Merta Simbolon, Mitra Rahayu, Syamsul Bahri
This study aims to determine the feasibility of physics textbook that has been developed by researcher using multimodal representations to improve students’ problem-solving abilities. The instrument used in this study was a questionnaire containing twelve categories of good quality books: the presentation...
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The Influence of Emotional Intelligence, Learning Behavior, and Culture on Accounting Understanding

Okto irianto, Salma Febrianti Rumatoras
This study aims to determine the effect of emotional intelligence, learning behaviour and culture on the accounting understanding of students of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Musamus University partially and simultaneously. The dependent variable in this study is understanding of accounting...
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Investigating EFL Students’ Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) via E-Learning During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Yuni Ratna Purwaningsih, Rosalia Floriani, Desy Eva laila Rokhmah
The world is currently confronted with a new paradigm for dealing with the COVID-19 virus. Consequently, more online learning activities are implemented. Therefore, the researchers employed the Higher Order Thinking Skills method to help students better comprehend the variety of questions and materials...
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Policy of District Government of Poso in the Prevention of Terrorism

Paul Adryani Moento, Fransiskus Wuniyu, Erwin Nugraha Purnama
This research aims to illustrate and analyse the policy of the local government of the Poso district in the prevention of acts of terrorism by using qualitative descriptive methods. Data obtained by using interviews and library and document studies. The results showed that the local government of Poso...
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Role of Teachers in Supporting Ecosystem Learning During a Pandemic

Yonarlianto Tembang, Ratna Purwanty, Lay Riwu, Sadrack Luden Pagiling
This study aims to describe learning ecosystems during the COVID-19 pandemic in fifth grade students of YPPK Santo Tarsisius Biankuk Meraike elementary school, where almost all students cannot participate in online learning (DARING) due to limited communication media. The research method used is qualitative...
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Dynamics of Elite Theory Case Study: Elites Configuration in Indonesia

Indra Kesuma Nasution
The fall of the Suharto regime has resulted in changes in the configuration of political power in Indonesia. Political power defined as the capacity to control the political system. Suharto’s regime was the central political power to control the political system and Indonesian society. Indonesia’s political...
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Legal Analysis of the Empowering Legal Entities of Badan Usaha Milik Desa (BUMDes) After the Enactment of the Job Creation Law

Husen Alting
This research resulted the existence of Badan Usaha Milik Desa (BUMDes) as legal entities by the enactment of Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation has clarity providing and affirmation of the legal entity status of BUMDes Article 117 of the Job Creation Law was change the provisions of Article...
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Campaign Banners of Mayor Candidates in Ternate Meanings and Messages

Sasmayunita, Muhammad Azwar Assiddiq
Banner is one of the most effective media that is used during political campaigns. Political candidates use the banner to introduces themselves to the public. Moreover, this media can convey information related to the political candidates who participate in an election. Before an election time, cities...
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Kaizen and Standardization of Indonesian Handicraft Products to Japan Market

Case Study: Atta Bags Craft from Bali

Indra Kesuma Nasution, Sandi Rais
Kaizen is a tool to increase productivity of Toyota cars in large quantities and high quality. Kaizen is Toyota’s way of thinking to make cars with better quality, good prices for the wider community, and available on demand. The basic philosophy of Toyota is customer satisfaction, good quality, and...
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Learning Innovation and Design for ESP in Tourism Subject Course Based on the Independent Campus Policy in New Normal Era

Gede Ginaya, Ni Putu Somawati, I Gusti Agung Bagus Mataram
The existence of the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted various aspects of human life which includes aspects of health, economy, social, culture, as well as the education sector. This online learning requires higher vocational education to transform learning technology in a short time. The application...
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Teacher’s Pedagogic Competence and Learning Motivation Its Effect on Student Learning Outcomes

Sirajuddin Saleh, Jumadi, Muhammad Syukur
This study examines the effect of teacher pedagogic competence and learning motivation on student learning outcomes. The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was a positive and significant influence on teacher pedagogic competence and learning motivation on student learning outcomes....