Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Management, Education and Social Science (ICMESS 2017)

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Research on the Blending Case Teaching Method in Military Theory Course

Fei Li, Rong Hu, Jianbo Hu
Case teaching method can inspire students' thoughts, focusing on cultivating students' ability to analyze and solve problems. In view of the existing problems in the process of case teaching, this paper puts forward the mixed case teaching method in military theory course based on the discussion of the...
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Research on the Construction of the Tax Case Database

Li Liu
We should vigorously promote the construction of the case base of tax science in order to speed up the reform of the case teaching reform of tax administration in China. In case database construction, thinking the contents of tax professional construction of case base is proposed from the design of case...
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Practice and Exploration of Creative Thinking Training in Environmental Design Teaching

Jiao Zhang, Jingjing Zhang
Based on the theoretical platform of creative thinking research, this paper starts from the relationship between creative thinking and environmental design, and uses methods like empirical research, case study and experience summary to discuss the connotation, logical relationship and thinking characteristic...
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The Research of Undergraduate Engineering Education Based on the Students' Ability to Solve Complex Engineering Problems

Shuying Chen, Lei Chen
Since the beginning of China's engineering education accreditation, especially after China's accession to the Washington Agreement, the ability to solve complex engineering problems has become the basic orientation of undergraduate engineering education. This paper analyzed the basic requirements of...
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A Comparison of the Chinese and American Undergraduate Syllabi in Regard to Their Content and Style

Zhencong Liu, Tong Jia
This paper aims to compare the Chinese and American syllabi for undergraduates in regard to their content and style. 36 syllabi of various majors in different universities were collected and compared. It was found that the common components in both Chinese and American syllabi are heading, course introduction,...
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The Social Education Function of Hezhen Nationality Folk Proverb

Guang Yang, Hejiang Wang, Ping Ren
The Hezhen nationality in northeast minorities in the long historical process, gradually formed a unique characteristics of the fishing and hunting production folk proverbs, the Hezhen nationality folk proverbs in addition to entertainment, it has important social education function, the social education...
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Security Measures on Things and the Nature of Criminal Law of Non-conviction Based Corrupt Assets

Lei Wei
It is necessary to avoid the hidden loss of non-conviction based corrupt assets due to the lag of domestic law and to avoid the lawful rights and interests of the persons involved in the process of recovering the non-conviction based corrupt assets in order to provide sufficient domestic law basis for...
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Virtual Simulation Training Course Construction Based on Irai Platform

Wei Zhao, Mengying Liu, Liu Han
A new training course is presented to construct the physical environment and control object, and use the external real electric circuit to control the virtual complex mechanical structure based on Irai platform. The training course system adheres to the student-oriented, aims to cultivate ability of...
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Human Resource System of Colleges Based on Mobile Web of Technology

Hongyan Ma, Jianguo Li
For the demand of mobile and convenient application for university personnel management system in the Internet era, this paper designs a set of personal management system of colleges based on mobile web technology. Using Sencha Touch of mobile web technology as programming tool, the system is created...
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From Critical Problem to Interdisciplinary Application-Novel Material Development in Postgraduate Studies

Yixin Wang, Hong Tao, Di Wu, Yanglu Qu, Yangchao Deng, Dengguang Yu
The postgraduate students majored in materials science and engineering for a master degree are often puzzled by where and how to start their scientific investigations. The hot problems in the applied disciplines can be exploited as the good start points for a series of innovations, which comprise fine...
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Research on Applying Three-dimensional Teaching Material in Vocational Education

Wei Wang, Xiaohan Wang, Xin Xu, Cong Feng
Vocational colleges is the important base of cultivating applied talents in our country, vocational education pay more attention to cultivate the students' speaking ability. To emphasize the ability training, teaching reform, teaching mode innovation in vocational colleges teaching, we based on the theoretical...
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Exploratory Research on the Construction of Entrepreneurial Specialty in Universities - Typical Cases from Ningbo

Yanbin Liu, Fanghui Ju, Zhiwei Yu, Chidi Hu
Under the background of the reform of college entrance examination system, how to improve the specialty connotation, concise specialty characteristics, and build competitive specialty is an urgent problem that university administrators need to solve. University administrators need to break through the...
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Concept and Measuring Research of NGOs Social Value Waste-A Case Study of Zhejiang NGOs

Yanbin Liu, Fanghui Ju
With the vigorous development of public welfare undertakings, there have been many problems in the public welfare organizations, the public welfare projects are invaded, the donation is not up to standard, the public welfare target is replaced, the public welfare activities are held together, and Public...
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Privacy Protection in Mobile Social Network in the Context of Big Data

Pingshui Wang, Zecheng Wang
With the rapid development of Web 2.0 technology, mobile social network data has shown the classical big data characteristics. The analysis of social network big data is getting deeper and deeper. At the same time, the risk of privacy disclosure in social network is also very obvious. A series of privacy...
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An Approach for Evaluating New Energy Industry Security and Its Application

Jun Xu, Tengfei Ren
In order to solve various issues arising from the new energy industry development, effectively avoid the happening of industry crisis, this article firstly constructs an evaluation index system of three layer hierarchical type on the basis of the industry security theory. Then an evaluation approach...
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Translation Strategies for Chinese Higher Education Institutes' Website Publicity

Yuhong Huang, Yiying Chen
Website publicity, an important window for expanding Chinese universities' international influence, contributes to the reputation of Chinese higher education institutes in the age of globalization. This paper interprets the translation process and the translational eco-environment from the perspective...
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Inheritance of Aesthetic Education in Universities

Chenghui Yang, Yubin Wang, Ning Cai, Hongjie Bao
In order to strengthen the core socialist values and aesthetic education in colleges and universities. Through the method that a consciousness and the coordination of the three links, two positions to support each other to promote the aesthetic education in Colleges and universities. The teachers' cultural...
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Is the Traditional "Experimental Practice Teaching" Effective?

Houchun Ding, Li Jiang
This paper tries to examine the effect of the traditional experimental practice teaching in order to draw people's attention to its reforms. Based on educational equity theory, adult learning principle and the perception of typical events, we construct a set of effectiveness assessment indicators and...
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Thinking on the Teaching Mode of "Cross Major Comprehensive Training" Based on "Virtual Simulation"

Li Jiang, Houchun Ding
The purpose of this study is to reveal the value of "cross-disciplinary comprehensive training", which is the value of students' practical ability and put forward countermeasures to their development. The article first evaluates the effectiveness of the current experimental practice teaching form from...
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Research on Method of Module Combination for Cultivation of Individualized Engineering Innovation Ability

Lei Wang, Xiang Liu, Jianhua Cao, Xuhui Xia
Based on analysis of connotation of individualized innovation ability, this paper combs the main influencing factors in cultivation of individualized innovation ability, establishes individualized training module combination index system for innovation ability, and puts forward individualized training...
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Research on Differences of Fairness of Educational Resource Allocation between Urban and Rural Areas in China

Wenjing Wang, Ye Tao
After constructing the urban and rural compulsory education fairness index, the authors calculate the urban and rural compulsory education fairness index scores of 31 regions from 2010 to 2014 to study the differences of fairness of urban-rural educational resource allocation. The results show that most...
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An Empirical Study on MOOC-based College English Model in China

Qin Wang
The present study was designed to explore MOOC-based college English model in China. The paper outlines the basic role of teachers and students in the model and reports the major findings from a one-semester teaching practice in a university in China. Likert Scales, questionnaires and interviews are...
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Engineering Application Talents Cultivation of Mechanical Design Manufacturing and Automation Based on Engineering Education Accreditation

Peng Zhang, Bin Fang, Chonghai Xu, Shubo Qiu
The establishment of engineering education accreditation system, is to achieve the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of Chinese engineering education. It has become a broad consensus on the engineering sector and the education sector. The major of mechanical design manufacturing...
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Flipped Training-A New Teaching Model for Engineering Training

Xiang Liu, Lei Wang, Jianghua Cao, Xuhui Xia
Aiming to solve the problems which exist in college engineering training teaching, this paper puts forward a new teaching idea of "flipped training", expounds connotation, characteristics and elements of "flipped training", and analyzes supporting conditions for implementation of "flipped training",...
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The Construction and the Application of Incentives Model Theory for Cooperatives Agents

Songqin Ye, Lei Sun
The purpose of this paper is to construct the model of incentive theory for agent issues and to discuss the mechanism of the internal benefit distribution and its influencing factors. The principal-agent relationship of Chinese farmer cooperatives has its own characteristics. By constructing theoretical...
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Fostering Innovation in International Journalism Education with Social Media in Beijing

Chen Li
This paper aims to identify whether a newly-proposed learning mode, which integrates the use of social media, has been an effective method for innovating in journalism education. Based on a quantitative analysis of three consecutive surveys of 139 students who attended a course incorporating WeChat/Weibo,...
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Teaching Thoughts of Mathematics, Information and Control Courses

Xueyan Lin, Qiqi Song
The purpose of this paper is to coordinate the relationship between the set up time, content and teaching methods of mathematics, and information and control courses in automatic control professions. We achieve goals by research visits, questionnaires, students' feedback and other methods. We should...
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Research on Electronic Archives Management and Service under the Background of Big Data

Lei Chen, Shuying Chen
In the era of big data, the types of electronic archives are increasing, and the scale is expanding, which brings difficulties to the management and service of electronic archives. In order to solve the problems existing in the management of electronic archives, such as the loss of archives, the out...
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Research on the Profit Model of Shared Bicycle-Take Mobike as an Example

Lu Liu, Xingwen Zhang
At present, China's bicycle sharing industry is booming and it has become a hot spot in capital investment. At the same time, the profitability of bicycle sharing companies has increasingly become the focus of public attention. In this paper, the McKinsey 5Cs Profit Model is used to study the profitability...
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Application of Communicative Language Teaching Approach in China-Taking Senior High Schools' English Teaching as an Example

Kaiwei Yan
Deriving from Hymes' theory of Communicative Competence, the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method has profound impact on the language teaching both at home and abroad. Yet it has not achieved the intended results in China for various reasons. This paper is dedicated to introducing the status...
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Analysis on Economic Effects of Urban Population Structure in China

Wei Wang, Jiankang Yang
Based on the production function of Cobb-Douglas and the model of Solow growth, the paper set up the state space model as the core of the urban population structure. Then use the national economic statistics from 1995 to 2014 to measure the economic effect of age structure, urban and rural structure...
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Calculation on Personal Account Payment Ratio of Pension Insurance of Urban Workers

Li Zhang, Yanan Yang, Wei Wang
In order to analyze the ratio of personal account payment, the paper made the maximizing personal utility and social welfare as the study perspectives, regarded the urban workers and state-owned enterprises as the research object. By applying the model of personal optimal payment ratio, we calculated...
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Analysis on the Development of International Logistics Management Based on Bibliometrics

Jin Huang, Xuan Liu, Rong Zhang, Yihua He, Fengping Wei, Ji Fang, Chang Liu
This paper explores 20,555 papers embodied by SCI-EXPANDED, SSCI, A&HCI, CPCI-S and CPCI-SSH in the past 10 years. We compared and analyzed the increasing trend, research institutions, research field, and subject distributions. The global logistics management research papers are fluctuating up; Chinese...
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Application of E-Portfolio in Higher Education-A flexible assessment tool to estimate teacher competences and student learning

Yan Huang
E-portfolios are a relatively new instrument being used to assess teacher competences and student's study attitude. However, it is not yet widely being accepted in Chinese higher education system. This paper is aimed to represent the situation of the use of e-portfolio in western countries, Asian regions,...
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A Study on the Ideational Function of Hard News Headlines from the Transitivity-A Case Study of Uygur Version "Xinjiang Daily"

Xiaojun Wang
In this paper, the systemic functional linguistics theory is used to analyze the ideational function of the hard news headlines from the transitivity of the Uygur version "Xinjiang Daily" as the material source. Analysis of Uyghur version of the "Xinjiang Daily" hard news headlines transitivity can find...
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Handshakes between Spirit of the Craftsman and Scientist's Spirit for Vocational Education

Yanhua Wang, Yong Li
The history of rise and fall of ancient Chinese craftsmen is briefly reviewed, and it is point out that craftsmanship can't be developed isolated from the skill cultivate of craftsman. Based on an idea that applies artificial intelligence scientific technology to craftsmen skill modeling, steps and movements...
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Research on Dynamic Management System of Double-Deep Rack for Automated Warehouse

Yunfeng Ma, Yang Gao
In order to reduce the land cost of the warehouse, improve the competitiveness of enterprises. One of the approaches increasing space utilization is to reduce passageway as far as possible. Compared with single-double rack, double-deep rack can save half passageway space, hence can realize more compact...
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Attitude towards Mobile Advertising and Mobile Web Information Acquisition Behaviour: Perspectives from the Advertising Value, Credibility and Self-efficacy

Ling Qin, Hong Yan
Mobile e-commerce is booming in China, of which mobile advertising is one of the key applications. Despite the rapid growth, the effect of mobile advertising is generally considered poor because of the low click rate and and low users' information acquisition rate about products and services. The purpose...
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Practice of Module Teaching Method on the Clothing Structure Design Course

Xiangling Meng, Kan Liu, Tianqi Yang
In order to train the students' ability to transform the style design into the two-dimensional pattern and to improve students' innovation and practice ability, clothing structure course was as a link in the whole fashion design. The teaching method was named Module Teaching Method. In this method, clothing...
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The Study on the Effect of University Faculties' Job Stress on Organizational Commitment

Ping Yuan, Yanbin Liu
In recent years, the role of university faculty is more and more important, and multiple job responsibilities made faculty's job more demanding and stressful. Under high performance pressure, faculty turnover rate is always high, and it has detrimental effects on the development of university. However,...
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Development of "Third Places" Function of Transitional Library in the New Campus of Universities

Lihong Qi
The aim of this study was to develop the function of "third places" in the transition Library of the new campus of university. On the basis of the satisfaction degree investigation and statistical analysis on the present situation of the library service in the new campus of the university, the paper...
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Analysis on the Auspicious Decoration Representation and Culture Implication of the Civilian House in Southern Fujian

Xiaocong Hu
Auspicious decoration is an important part of the traditional residential buildings in southern Fujian, reflecting the southern Fujian people a yearning for the pursuit of a better life, embodies the southern Fujian region unique history and culture, religious beliefs, national psychology and aesthetic...
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Bailian Industrial Transformation and Upgrading of Research under the "Internet +" Perspective-A Case Study of Bailian Industry in Guangchang County, Jiangxi Province

Zhonghou Cheng, Xiaoyong Huang
"13th Five-Year Plan" outline requirements clearly stated: "By 2020, the industry towards the high-end level, agricultural modernization has made significant progress." Bailian industry as a traditional agriculture, only comprehensive transformation and upgrading, to keep up with the pace of modern agriculture....
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Research on the Mainstream Media Presentation of AIDS in the Framework of the Theory

Delong Gao, Li Wang
In the area of health, AIDS has become an important problem that the whole society faces and the mass media should shoulder the social responsibility of disseminating health information. In this paper, let we take the mainstream media "People's Daily" as an example. With AIDS-related reports as the object...
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A General Model of E-learning for Supporting Blended Learning in Higher Education

Jinghua Zhang
The blended learning which combines the e-learning and traditional classroom teaching is becoming the trend in higher education. There has been a lot of research concentrated on the practice of blended learning which just shows the diversity of practice mode of blended learning. This paper pays great...
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Research on General System Theory and Enterprise's Assets Structure

Baifang Liu, Li Li, Xinyu Liu
The general system principle has an important enlightenment on how to arrange the enterprises' assets structure. The entirety principle requires that in distributing the enterprises' resources we should not only consider the function of individual assets but also analyze the interaction and influence...
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The Path of Optimization in Asset Structure-Empirical analysis on comprehensive-class listing companies based using panel data model

He Chen, Baifang Liu, Xinyu Liu
Based on the financial data selected from 77 companies during four quarters in 2009 in the comprehensive-class listing companies, two methods, including normal analysis and panel-data model analysis are used to analyze deeply the path of optimization in corporate asset structure. The empirical analysis...
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Analysis and Experience Reference of Science and Technology Talent Development Strategy in Developed Countries

Ran An, Jie Meng, Xiaojing Zhang
With the arrival of knowledge economy era, human resource issues have increasingly become public attention. Relying on science and technology innovation is the key to enhance science and technology competitiveness, science and technology human resource is one of the most important resources for national...
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A Study on the Application of " Collective Punishment " in the Teaching Mode of Flipped Classroom in Colleges and Universities

Yuechao Lou
It is difficult to carry out the formative assessment of the evaluation of the classroom teaching in the course of classroom teaching. The assessment of the students' ability of judging ability and sharing ability is taken as the core, and the "collective punishment " measures are used to reduce the...
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Study on the Campus Adaptive Obstructs and Educational Adjustment of Korean College Students-A case study of ***university in Changchun

Hairu Zhuang
In this paper, a questionnaire survey about 'the circumstance of campus adaptation of university students' and in-depth interview were conducted among some Korean college students in Changchun in order to help students better adapt to collage life. The result showed that there was a low level of learning...