Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Learning Innovation and Quality Education (ICLIQE 2019)

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The Effect of Curriculum Peculiarities on Psychological Well-Being Possessed by Students and Alumni of SMART Ekselensia Indonesia School

Dezya Salsabila Prawira, Pedri Haryadi, Irani Soraya
Adolescents are actually the next generation and future human resources who play an important role in the times. Psychological Well-Being is a condition of an individual who has a positive attitude towards himself in managing his behavior, can create an environment that is compatible with his needs,...
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The Implementation of Curriculum at State Vocational School (SMKN) 2 Kasihan Bantul, Yogyakarta

Fairuz Chrisvianova, Haryanto
The purpose of this study is to describe the implementation of curriculum especially at the field of musical art at SMK N 2 Kasihan Bantul, Yogyakarta. The method used in this study is a qualitative approach. The data was collected by using observation, interviews and, documentation for 2 months. The...
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Curriculum Management-Based Entrepreneurship in Elementary School Unggulan Aisiyah Bantul of Yogyakarta

Fani Fahira, Setya Raharja
Knowledge of the curriculum in elementary schools will greatly impact the learning process. Effective curriculum should be more on how the curriculum can be by the child’s development so that they can learn according to the pace and speed of their learning. The purpose of this study was to find out how...
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The Effectiveness of Experiential Learning Based on Creative Industry to Improve Competency of Entrepreneurship of Vocational High School Students

Singgih Prastawa, Muhammad Akhyar, Gunarhadi, Suharno
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of Experiential learning on entrepreneurial competencies of vocational high school students. This study used quasy experiment method with the design of Non-equivalent Control Group Post-test only. The research sample amounted to 40 students, consisting of...
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Intervention of “Religious Activities” Instilling the Character of the Responsibility in Early Childhood to Welcome Revolution 4.0

Anti Isnaningsih, Arif Rohman
The aim of this article is to illustrate the role of “religious activities” in instilling children’s responsibility to face the industrial revolution 4.0. Character traits developed are responsibilities obtained through three approaches in developing Licona’s moral theory, namely the concept of morality,...
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Character Education Learning Method for Early Childhood According to Q.S. Lukman: 12–19

Elfan Fanhas Fatwa Khomaeny, Alfadl Habibie
The Strengthening character education program becomes the priority program of the Indonesian government in fixing the national education system in anticipation of the symptoms of moral collapse, and the decline of religious values in society. This is marked with the issuance of Presidential Regulation...
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Application of Play Method to Develop Children’s Cognitive Abilities Through Beam Games in Tridaya Kindergarten

Ema Aprianti, Heni Nafiqoh
This study raises the issue of “The Application of Play Methods To Develop Cognitive Abilities of Children Through Beams in Tridaya Kindergarten”. The aim to be achieved is to find out the results of the application of the game method in developing children’s cognitive abilities through block play in...
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The Implementation of Scientific Literacy in Enhancing Scientific Thinking Ability for Early Childhood

Ifat Fatimah Zahro, Sharina Munggaraning Westhisi, Ayu Rissa Atika
This article aimed to obtain and to analyze the differences scores of scientific thinking ability between the children whom got the scientific literacy learning and classical learning. The background of the study is the lack of science activities in early childhood education due to several things: (1)...
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The Teacher’s Perspectives About Challenges of Teaching English for Young Learners: A Case Study at English Course for Young Learners

Rany Sylvia Pertiwi, Icuk Salabiyati, Doni Damara, Bambang Widi Pratolo
This study is done in an English course for kids in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The objectives of the study are to know the teacher’s perspective on the challenges while teaching English for young learners and the challenges for the teacher in teaching English for young learners. This research uses the qualitative...
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The Urgency of Science Comic Based on Local Culture in Forming Elementary School Character of Environmental Care and Awareness

Ratih Laila Istiqomah, Slamet Subiyantoro, Peduk Rintayati
Meaningful learning is not only able to strengthen students’ cognitive but also forming a strong and discerning characters. Ironically, there are some studies, showing that 45% of millennial generations are ignorant and unconcerned about their surrounding issues. This shows that the current learning...
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Mother’s Perception of Father’s Involvement in Developing Social–Emotional Development of Early Childhood

Ririn Hunafa Lestari, Syah Khalif Alam
One of the tasks of parents is to care for and care for children, the mother is in charge of taking care of the child and the father earns a living. But the role of the father when taking care of the child is forgotten. The involvement of fathers in caring for and caring for children has a good impact...
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Effect of Father’s Involvement in Early Childhood Education

Rohmalina, Ghina Wulansuci
Father not only helps breadwinners, but fathers are also able to care for and care for their children as mothers do. This has been proven by science that father involvement has an important role to be involved in the care and care of children physically and psychologically especially in the process of...
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Mindful Parenting Based on Development Brain Children in PAUD Fortune

Siti Zaenab, Dita Destari Iin Risky Indryanai
The success of attitudes, behavior, affection for parents can be formed through the development of a child’s brain. This is because parents always give love and good parenting. In order to improve the ability to speak, think, motor, creative, noble innovation at the age of 0-6 years in PAUD, must be...
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Malaysian Early Childhood Educators’ Perceptions Regarding Children’s Social–Emotional Development

Suziyani Mohamed, Noratiqah Satari, Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yasin, Hasnah Toran
Social-emotional development at an early age is pivotal and it is significantly affecting children’s future life. Children with good social-emotional skills will succeed in academic and later life. Nevertheless, to make sure all children mastered social-emotional skills, teachers need to be empowered...
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Management of Educators and Education Personnel at SDN Potrojayan 3 Prambanan

Ali Akbar Al Ayubi, Udik Budi Wibowo
This research aims to identify the management of educators and education personnel at Potrojayan 3 Prambanan Public Elementary School. This research is a qualitative study with the type of phenomenology. The analysis unit of the study was SDN Potrojayan 3 Prambanan. The research subject consists of the...
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Partnership Management Between SMK Negeri 2 Gedangsari Fashion Expertise Program and Astra Michael D. Ruslim Education Foundation

An Nissa Herdhaningtyas, Lantip Diat Prasojo
This study aims to describe the planning, organizing, implementing, and supervising the partnership of the SMK Negeri 2 Gedangsari Fashion Expertise Program with the Astra Michael D. Ruslim Education Foundation. This research is qualitative research with the phenomenology approach. The research subjects...
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Transformational Leadership of Inclusion Principals in SD Negeri Giwangan, Yogyakarta

Atik Mar’atus Sholikhah, Edi Purwanta
Principal leadership encourages, guides, directs and moves all school staff and communities to work effectively in order to improve and manage school programs to improve and achieve achievements. With transformational leadership as a leader who has the power to influence subordinates in certain ways....
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Laboratory Management of Science in Improving Student Achievements in Sma Lubuklinggau

Bayu Ismoyo Mukti, Suharsimi Arikunto
Laboratory as a place of observation, experimentation, training and testing of knowledge and technology concepts. The Natural Sciences Laboratory (IPA) functions as a place for learning activities that require special equipment that is not easily presented in the classroom. The Science Laboratory functions...
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School Management Based on Culture in Public Junior High School 1 Jetis and Public Junior High School 3 Banguntapan, Bantul, Yogyakarta

Budi Indrianto, Mami Hajaroh
This study aims to describe: Cultural-based school management, planning, implementation, supervision, evaluation, and supporting factors and obstacles to the implementation of culture-based school management in Public Junior High School 1 Jetis and Junior High School 3 Banguntapan Bantul, Yogyakarta....
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How Could Website, Motivation, Internet Literacy, and Satisfaction Influence Student’s Education Behavior

Enggal Sriwardiningsih
Purpose-This study are expected to provide benefits of using website for student’s education behavior, while other variable could be present for this purpose. There was some hypothesis that interactive website, motivation, internet literacy and satisfaction affected student’s education behavior. Methodology-...
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Teacher’s Policy Using Dangdut Music to Support Classroom Learning

Eva Tri Rusdyaningtyas, dan Farida Hanum
Every teacher has their own strategy in managing their class. In addition, in the learning process, teachers need new innovations that can arouse students in the class. This study aims to determine the teacher’s policy in managing class using dangdut music rhythm to support the learning process in the...
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Implementation of Adiwiyata Program in IntraCurricular Activities at SMA Negeri 2 Brebes

Faizatin Qisthi Maula, Saratri Wilonoyudho, Kardoyo
The research aims to analyze the implementation of Adiwiyata Program in school intra-curricular activities. Adiwiyata program represents a program to develop awareness and environment - cultured school to create the responsible school community as an effort to support and manage the environment through...
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Classroom Management: Managing Instructional Scaffolding Through Research-Based Learning to Achieve Creative and Innovative Thinking Abilities

Maman Suryaman, Andrie Chaerul
This research is concerned with measuring the contribution of the instructional scaffolding effectiveness through research-based learning to achieve creative and innovative thinking skills. The effectiveness of learning is largely determined by several factors including the supporting classroom atmosphere,...
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Management of Industrial Work Practice Program in Vocational High School

Maria Iriani Fransye Rembang, dan Lusila Andriani Purwastuti
Implementation of the Industrial Work Practice Program can also support the achievement of the Vocational High School vision in producing students who are ready to work. Management is an effort to achieve the objectives of a program. The management process includes four important functions: Planning,...
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Conflict Management in Improving Schools Effectiveness

Rahayu Larasati, Setya Raharja
Conflict is something that cannot be avoided. Schools are required to have an effective approach in managing the conflicts faced to increase the effectiveness and achievement of the school. This article was created to illustrate and explain the application of conflict management in a increasing school...
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Madrasah Education Management Ibtidaiyah Ma’arif Saman Bantul

Ratna Hestiana, Sugiyono
This study aims to reveal the management of MI Ma’arif Saman in terms of the management of the curriculum, educators and education staff, student, facilities and infrastructure, and school and community relationThis study uses the qualitative research method with a phenomenology design by conducting...
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Implementing Management Vocational School of Building Relate Inclusive Concept with Approach of Diversities Program and Universal Design Learning

Roemintoyo, AM Hilmy Nur, Budi Siswanto
Every human being, including us are unique individuals. The uniqueness is what makes every human being has different characteristics. Therefore, the education system in Indonesia need to capture this aspect which can eventually be used as a reference to adjust school management and teaching system in...
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Error Analysis of Learning Management in the Preliminary Classroom Activities of Lower Grade Elementary School Teachers in the District of Buluspesantren Kebumen, Indonesia

Rokhmaniyah, Kartika Chrysti Suryandari
This article describes research aimed to reveal the pattern of learning management errors in general preliminary activities carried out by lower grade elementary school teachers and to analyze and address the causes of these errors. The research uses a combination of school action research methods and...
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Implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System in Improving the State Primary School Culture

Sri Wartini, Slamet, Mintasih Indriayu
This study is a descriptive and explorative study that aims to describe the implementation of an internal quality assurance system in improving the school’s quality culture. This study uses a qualitative approach with a case study method conducted at one of the state elementary schools that has implemented...
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Management of Education Quality Improvement Strategies at Sapen Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah Elementary School and Yogyakarta Suronatan Muhammadiyah Elementary School

Widi Hantoro, Muhammad Nur Wangid
The purpose of this study is to obtain a descriptive description of the implementation of strategic management in improving the quality of education in both schools by tracing the planning, organization, implementation, supervision and evaluation of strategic management to improve the quality of education...
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Parent’s Adjustment in Promoting School Readiness on Preschool Students

Dinni Asih Febriyanti, Endah Kumala Dewi
Previous researches and current development of school readiness concept shows the important role of parents in shaping children’s school readiness. These roles and responsibilities are related to providing physical needs and stimulation for children’s readiness. This study aims to obtain empirical data...
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Student Engagement Among High School Students: Roles of Parental Involvement, Peer Attachment, Teacher Support, and Academic Self-Efficacy

Hazhira Qudsyi, Isna Husnita, Rahmat Mulya, Andra Ardila Jani, Anisa Dwi Arifani
Student engagement becomes one of concepts in students who have an important role in students’ academic performance. Based on previous literature studies, this study aims to analyze the predictions of parental involvement, peer attachment, teacher support, and academic self-efficacy to student engagement....
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Tendency for Learning Plateau: Literature Study in Grade Five at Bandung Regency Primary School

I Putu Bayu Ardhya Satrio, Ilfiandra, Mubiar Agustin
Learning plateau is the emotional and physical condition of a person who cannot process information or new experiences because of the very deep pressure related to learning, so he/she is not eager to do learning activities. Learning plateau is a term of physical, mental, attitude and emotion exhaustion...
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Preliminary Analysis of the Student’s Creative Thinking Skills in the Elementary School Teachers Education Study Program

Lestari Ika, Zakiah Linda
Creativity is needed by elementary school teachers in designing learning that fosters thinking and creative attitude in students. Before being able to create an instructional strategy that encourages creative thinking and attitudes, should before becoming a teacher, students of elementary school teacher...
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Teachers’ Understanding About Executive Function Toward Mathematics

Nani Restati Siregar, Supra Wimbarti, Sri Koesrohmaniah, Yulius Sunardi
This study aims to explore teacher knowledge related to the skills involved in mathematics learning in the classroom and explore teacher knowledge about the important role of executive functions in mathematics learning. The method of this research was using a survey. The participants were 50 elementary...
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The Character of Respect as Viewed from Moral Development and Language Politeness in College Students

Dewi Noviana, Semartini Atur
This study aims to determine the relationship of politeness in language and moral development to the respect characteristic in health sciences students. The sample in this research was 90 students. Sampling was done by using a purposive non-random sampling technique, in which by taking the final level...
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Implementation of Motivation Physical Education Learning in Elementary Schools

Suci Cahyati, Pamuji Sukoco, Hartati
The focus of curriculum 2013 uses a scientific approach to place teachers not as information centers but as facilitators, motivators, and inspiration for students. Motivation is a key element for the learning success of students. The teacher’s ability as a motivator can be seen from the lesson plann,...
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Calibration and Standardization of Happiness Measurement Through Rasch Models Based on Multiethnic Teenagers in Indonesia

Yenni Rizal, Ahman, Juntika Nurihsan, Nurhudaya
The present research aims to analyze the scale of happiness measurement of multiethnic teenagers in Indonesia based on Rasch Model, the standardization of happiness scale which applies the Rasch Model analysis is assumed to produce more accurate, consistent and suitable results with the other standard...
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The Influence of Group Guidance Service Using Poetry Media to Increase Student Learning Motivation in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Bela Janare Putra, Budi Astuti
The purpose of this study was to determine whether there was any influence from the implementation of group guidance services using poetry media in increasing student learning motivation. This type of research is using the pre-experimental method with one pretest and posttest design group. The population...
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Sociodrama Techniques in Group Guidance to Improve Vocational High School Student’s Confidence to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Edy Cahya Saputra
The industrial revolution 4.0 give demands to vocational high school students to have work skill with digital technology. Student must have the confidence to capable of being demonstrated creativity and innovation because in the era the industrial revolution 4.0 only creativity and innovation that cannot...
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Perceptions and Expectations of Students Toward Academic Tutoring Services

Elfi Yuliani Rochmah, Muhammad Chirzin, Muhammad Anis
This study aims to describe the perceptions and expectations of students on academic guidance services. This research is a qualitative study with research subjects as students of Pendidikan Guru Madrasah Ibtidaiyyah (PGMI) IAIN Ponorogo. Data is collected through interviews and observations. The Validity...
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The Influence of Career Guidance Services Based on Life Skills on Career Planning for Students at State Vocational High School 6 Palembang

Era Anggela, Budi Astuti
This study aims to determine the process of implementing career guidance services based on life skills and to determine whether the services provided have an effect on or not after providing career guidance services based on life skills on career planning for students at State Vocational High School...
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Does Gender Makes a Difference in the Counseling Alliance of Multicultural Counselor’s Candidates?

Herdi Herdi, Sunaryo Kartadinata, Agus Taufiq
Past theoretical and empirical studies have consistently found that the superior performance of multicultural counselors and the effectiveness and efficacy of multicultural counseling are influenced by counseling alliances that are established with counselees. This study aims to examine the differences...
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Physiognomy and Counselor Competencies

Ika Ariyati, Suwarjo
The counselors required competencies which are needed to do their job well. One of the competencies is the ability to identify a counselee, especially on the multicultural context. If the counselors can recognize their counselee well, they can determine the kind of intervention or an appropriate therapy...
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The Effect of Symbolic Modeling Techniques Through Video Shows to Reduce Bullying Behavior of Students in Industrial Revolution 4.0

Jurana Jamal, Budi Astuti
Bullying is a behavior that is very threatening and has a harmful effect on its victims. This study aims to determine general bullying behavior at SMPN 2 Pinrang. Moreover, it is also to see whether the techniques used are effective in reducing bullying behavior in students. This research is a quantitative...
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Fulfillment of the Right to Social Guidance for Children in Elementary School

Kukuh Prasetya Arief Wicaksana, Slamet Subiyantoro, Siti Sutarmi Fadhilah
The purpose of the research is intended to know the actions of teachers in guiding learners to behave and relate socially well in primary school Al Firdaus, Surakarta, Indonesia. This type of research using qualitative methods and strategies used in this study a holistic single case study. Data collection...
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How is the Influence of Critical Thinking on Education Revolution Era 4.0?: A Pilot Study

Lucky Nindi Riandika Marfu’i, Heru Sriyono
The education revolution 4.0 demanded educators to be creative and innovative. These skills were aimed to improve the quality of students’ graduated from their institutions. One of the main skills needed to be developed was students’ critical thinking skills. To know the relation between critical thinking...
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The Student Problems in Guidance and Counseling Unit at Faculty of Medicine, Sultan Agung Islamic University, in 2018

Ahmadi Nur Huda, Ika Buana Januarti, Siti Maesaroh
The students from Faculty of Medicine have academic and non-academic problems that can influence their study. The factors affecting academic performance are learning systems, lecturers, and good infrastructures. One of the infrastructure facilities in Faculty of Medicine, Sultan Agung Islamic University...
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The Impact of the Use of Group Counseling Motivational Interviewing as a Strength-Based Approach to Reduce Students’ Disruptive Classroom Behaviors

Sri Rahmah Ramadhoni, Mungin Eddy Wibowo, Muhammad Jafar
The purpose of this research is to determine the effectiveness of group counseling motivational interviewing as a strength based approach to reduce disruptive classroom behaviors of students. The research method is an experiment using the design of one group pre-test and post-test by involving 7 students...
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Learning Guidance to Improve the Achievement Motivation of the O2SN Volleyball Athletes in Majalengka City

Yucky Putri Ediyanti, Bayu Dwi Febrianto
lack of achievement motivation in volleyball athletes in majalengka district. One effort to improve achievement motivation in the academic field is to use tutoring. The development of an increasingly modern era, especially in the era of globalization as it now demands high quality human resources. One...
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Contribution of Learning Independence and Think Talk Writing Learning Model Toward Student Mathematical Communication Skill

Ahmad Taufik, Budi Usodo, Dewi Retno Sari Saputro
Mathematical communication skills are important part of mathematics, both in writing and verbally. Students can express their idea, describe, and discuss mathematical concepts through mathematical communication. Therefore, to develop mathematical communication fluency needed the independence personality...
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The Effectiveness of the Use of Digital-Based Educational Comic Media in Improving Reading Interest in Elementary School Students

Anesa Surya, Jenny Indrastoeti Siti Poerwanti, Muhammad Ismail Sriyanto
This research aimed to obtain information about the effectiveness of digital-based educational comic media in improving reading interest of elementary school students This research is a the experimental research with design the one group pretest posttest. The research subjects were the students of SDN...
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Interactive Multimedia Based on “Sumpah Pemuda” Values: An Innovation for Civic Education

An-nisa Nur Sholihah Indah Septiani, Triana Rejekiningsih, Rusnaini
The lack of value integration and character building in Civic Education learning occurred due to the running education system that prefers the cognitive aspect, which is a central issue discussed in this study. This paper aims to describe the development of interactive multimedia based on “Sumpah Pemuda”...
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Blended Learning on Listening Learning Based of Local Wisdom in the Javanese Language Education Study Program

Astiana Ajeng Rahadini, Tya Resta Fitriana
Local wisdom is an important element that should be known and learned by Javanese Education Study Program students as a basic science of Javanese culture. This research is a qualitative research that aims to describe the implementation of blended learning in Javanese-listening skills based on local wisdom...
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Improving Ability to Write Narrative Texts Through Picture and Picture Learning Model (Class VII Action Research at MTs Nur-Attaqwa)

Azmy Ali Muchtar, Aceng Rahmat, Herlina
Writing is interpreted as giving birth to thoughts or feelings, in writing there are skills to write narrative texts, narrative texts or narrative essays is the narration of a story or event. Narrative essays are stories that are presented in the order of time. There are a lot of methods can be used...
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Web-Based Motion Literation Assessment in Dance Learning on Junior High School

Dinny Devi Triana, Bambang Prasetya Adhi, Sri Hermawati
This study aims to diagnose the students’ literacy skills in the industrial revolution 4.0 era, especially in dance learning using the web. In the era of industrial revolution 4.0 or the era of disruption, “new literacy” was needed in addition to old literacy as a capital to take part in people’s lives....
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The Utilization of Mobile Learning in Junior High School Physics Science Learning in Rural Area of Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Dwi Sulisworo, Dian Artha Kusumaningtyas, Trikinasih Handayani
People are the widely used mobile technology for their activities in various sectors. This technology also is widely considered for use in education; included in science learning. On the other hand, almost all people in many regions in Indonesia are connected through the internet network. However, the...
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Student Perspectives in the Implementation of Learning Based on Lesson Study at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri 2 Mataram

Gito Hadiprayitno, Baiq Niswatul Khair, Akhmad Sukri
Has been done research which aims to implementation of lesson study in Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri (MTsN) 2 Mataram. This activity involved 6 graduate students as a model teacher for 3 months. Each student has the opportunity to practice as a model teacher twice and 10 times as an observer. The documents...
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Implementation of Creative Entrepreneurship Learning Model Based on Discovery Skills to Improve PSTE Students’ Entrepreneurial Skills in Science Learning of Energy Material

Hadi Mulyono, Idam Ragil Widianto Atmojo, Hasan Mahfud, Riky Rivaldi Pratama
Creative thinking skills are essential skills for 21st-century life. Creative thinking skills are closely related to the ability to produce creative ideas to compete globally. The purpose of this research was to improve creative-thinking skills using the Creative Entrepreneurship Learning Model-Based...
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Developing English Material for Specific Purpose Based on Character Education

Hafidza Nash’ul Amrina, Latifah Anom
The development of gas and oil industry in Bojonegoro can straightly influence the need of employee which can use English fluently both oral and written. In fact that based on the result of STIE Cendekia’s tracer study in 2017 it found that there are 73% of students after graduation do not meet English...
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The Development of Education Game Learning Training Module Based on Information Technology in Industrial Revolution 4.0 for Teachers in MI Al Asy’ari Jombang

Iesyah Rodliyah, Lina Arifah Fitriyah, Emy Yunita Rahma Pratiwi
Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 is the fourth world era where information technology has become the basis in human life. Although we are in the era of 4.0 revolution, there are still many problems related to the lack of learning innovations that utilize information technology skills. This is also experienced...
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Developing Geometry Students Worksheet Based on Realistic Mathematics for Learning in Elementary School

Iva Sarifah, Endang M. Kurnianti
This study aims to develop Geometry Students Worksheet based on Realistic Mathematics for Learning in Elementary Schools. This study conducted for one year in elementary schools in DKI Jakarta. This study is a research and development (Research & Development/R & D) using mixed methods research with adapted...
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Learner Autonomy as Strategy to Enhance the Quality of Learner

Jolanda Tomasouw, Juliaans Eliezer Rulland Marantika
The aim of this research is to measure the effectiveness of learner autonomy as a strategy to enhance the quality of learner. In designing a dynamic and quality learning, it is necessary to design an appropriate strategy to achieve the goals. For that reason, the class environment should be designed...
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The Cultural of Fourth Industrial Revolution in Learning Process

Mohd Jasmy Abd Rahman, Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yasin, Mohd Isa Hamzah, Zolkepeli Haron, Md Yusoff Daud, Nur Kamariah Ensimau
The emergence of a new technology known as ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ or the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has led to the current development of technology that predicts 50 billion electronic devices will interact with each other. Meeting the challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, all students...
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The Development of Tools for Designing the Local Characteristic Food Packaging Based on Digital Applications as an Attempt to Accelerate Education

Monica Hartanti, Nina Nurviana, Christine Claudia Lukman
Different varieties of local community products have sprung up, one of which is a food souvenir. The souvenirs certainly require a proper packaging design. Thus, the government has provided several facilities to cater to the needs. However, there is still a problem concerning the limited number of facilitators...
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Agrotechnology Study Program Revitalization Through Integrated Pest Management Farmer Field School on Indonesian National Qualification Framework-Based for Quality Improvement

Okke Rosmaladewi, Lilis Irmawatie, Dick-Dick Maulana
The revitalization of the study program is carried out to improve education quality and relevance, one of which is by implementing periodic evaluation and curriculum development to improve quality, process, and results of the program by involving stakeholders. Stakeholders involvement is quite essential,...
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School Literacy Improvement Efforts in a State Junior High School

Rama Dwika Herdiawan, Mursid Saleh, Warsono, Djoko Sutopo
an effective literacy action plan to guide a school literacy improvement effort is rather challenging, however, it requires an essential plan from the school leaders who are concerned with addressing the literacy systems as well as students’ learning needs. In case of resolving the problems on school...
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The Analysis of Learning Progression on Genetics

Roni Ardiansyah, Harlita, Murni Ramli
Learning progression (LP) or conceptual progression has been researched and discussed intensively since 2009. Some LP on biology has been formulated and tested by some scholars after the LP released by the National Research Center (NRC) the USA. However, the learning progression focused on genetic diseases...
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Conceptual Biotechnology Measured by Using a Two-Tier Multiple Test

Rukayah, Idam Ragil Widianto Atmojo, Hartono, Joko Daryanto
Biotechnology is a concept that combines biology and technology. The concept of Biotechnology in this research is divided into 4 based on the Rainbow Code of Biotechnology (RCB). This research aimed to measure the concept of biotechnology using a Two-Tier Multiple Test (TTMC). This research consists...
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Profile of Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in Junior High Schools in Surakarta

Siti Nur Hasanah, Widha Sunarno, Baskoro Adi Prayitno
Critical thinking is an important skill for student in 21st century. They this skills to solve problems and make good reasonable decisions in learning process and in their daily activities. This research aimed to analyze the profile of critical thinking skills of junior high school students and was conducted...
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The Development of Android-Based Learning Media in Multiplication Concept for the Fourth Grade of Primary School

Yuyu Yuliati, Dudu Suhandi Saputra, Devi Afriyuni Yonanda
This research is motivated by the low understanding of students about the concept of multiplication and teachers who have not forced learning such as developing learning media needed in the learning process. Learning media that can improve thinking skills and understanding students have an important...
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Curriculum Management in Education Era 4.0 at International Islamic Elementary School Al-Abidin Surakarta (SDII Al-Abidin)

Affif Firdaus Subarkah, St. Y. Slamet, Mintasih Indriayu
Curriculum management is one aspect that influences the success of learning in national education. Education is currently entering the era of education 4.0 characterized by the use of digital technology in the learning process or known as cyber systems and the use of international languages. The education...
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Implementation of Inclusive Education in Yogyakarta Private Primary School

Agnes Rina Widyawati, Sugiyono
Inclusive education becomes the concern of the world community nowadays, including Indonesia. In Indonesia, inclusive education has been going on for more than a decade. However, the lack of information and research related to the implementation of inclusive education is one of the things that impede...
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The Impact of Reading Activity Before Lesson on Creative Thinking Skill

Ambar Sulistiyarini, Sukarno, Triyanto
Creativity is one of the skills in the core subject of the 21st century. Thinking skills are related to language development. Language mastery can be obtained through reading. Reading involves the brain to think in understanding the contents of a reading. The more often you read, the more your students’...
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Learning Model in Elementary School Saren 1 Elementary School, Kalijambe Subdistrict, Sragen Regency

Amirul Wisnu Sani, Sudiyanto, Sandra Bayu Kurniawan
Learning model is the steps implemented by the teacher so that the goals of the learning outcomes that are expected to be quickly achieved. Therefore the choice of models when learning takes place must be appropriate to achieve learning objectives efficiently and effectively. This research was conducted...
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The Influence of School Infrastructure on Student Learning Activeness: A Research Study

Anang Amiruddin Nugroho, Udik Budi Wibowo
Implementation of learning should ideally not only pursue learning outcomes but also pay attention to student learning process. Students activities and creativity are developed through various interactions and learning experiences. As a basic element of learning that needs to be developed is student...
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Need Analysis of Students Worksheet Based on MIKiR at Themes Always Save Energy of Fourth Grade of Primary School

Andi suhandi, Issaura Sherly Pamela, Amalia Oktavia, M. Agus Mubarok, Khairul Amri
This study aims to a) describe the level of need analysis of student worksheets based MIKiR on the theme of always saving energy in grade IV of primary school and b) describing the subject matter needed by students in accordance with the 2013 curriculum. This research is part of research and development...
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Strengthening of School-Based Character Education (Case Study of Full-Day School at Cemara Dua Elementary School, Surakarta)

Ardaneswari Putri Cahyaningsih, Sukarno, Triyanto
This study aims to describe the implementation of strengthening culture-based character education at the Cemara Dua Surakarta Elementary School through the program’s full-day school. This research is qualitative research by describing several phenomena that occur to obtain data more deeply. Data collection...
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The Effect of Means Ends Analysis Model on Reasoning Skills of Planes

Arif Wahyu Hidayat, Anesa Surya, Sukarno, Jenny Indrastoeti Siti Poerwanti
This research aimed to determine the effect of the Means Ends Analysis (MEA) learning model on the reasoning skills of planes in the fourth-grade students of the public elementary schools of Nakula cluster of UPTD DIKPORA, Serengan District, Surakarta City in the 2018/2019 academic year. The approach...
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Implementation of Character Value of SD Negeri 2 Indralaya Students Through Social Studies Learning Media Based on Edutainment in Primary School

Bunda Harini, Nuraini Usman
This study aims to describe the implementation of the character values of SD Negeri 2 Inderalaya students through the application of Social Studies Learning Media Based on Edutainment in Primary School. This study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive methods. The subjects of this study were all...
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Developing Mathematical Literacy by Implementing Traditional Games

Christiyanti Aprinastuti
This study aims to describe that mathematical literacy can be improved by using traditional games. The Indonesian traditional games which were implemented are “Telor Penyok”, “Koba Tiup”, “Dakon”, and “Sret-sretan”. The research method is qualitative descriptive. The data were collected by observation,...
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Analysis of Written Mathematical Communication Skills of Elementary School Students

Chuswatun Chasanah, Riyadi, Budi Usodo
21st-century education emphasizes 4C skills, one of which is communication skills. Mathematical communication skills are important for students to master because they will affect other mathematical skills. The purpose of the study was to describe the level of written mathematical communication skills...
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Misconception of Science Learning in Primary School Students

C. M. H. Laeli, Gunarhadi, Muzzazinah
This study aims to identify misconceptions in science teaching primary school learners and the factors that influence in the Surakarta Islamic Ta’mirul Elementary School. Studies are qualitative research case study type. Subjects selected through a purposive sampling technique. The research data obtained...
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The Effect of Gender on Student Learning Style in Class IV, SD N Mangkuyudan

Dewi Astuti, Sarwanto, dan Chumdari
This study aims to determine the effect of gender on student learning styles in SD N Mangkuyudan, Laweyan, Surakarta, Indonesia. This research is quantitative research with a descriptive approach. The sample in this study were fourth-grade students, amounting to 29 (17 male students and 12 female students)...
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Analysis of Science Process Skills on Science Learning in Primary School

Diyah Ayu Widyaningsih, Gunarhadi, Muzzazinah
Science process skills are very important to be developed in science learning because helps students develop their thoughts to make discoveries, therefore they can be assisted using scientific concepts. Science process skills become the provisions of students to develop and obtain new knowledge or knowledge...
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The Development of Android-Based Mobile Learning in Learning Sundanese Script for Elementary School Students

Dudu Suhandi Saputra, Devi Afriyuni Yonanda, Yuyu Yuliati
This research is motivated by many teachers who have not optimized learning such as developing the learning media needed. One of the technology-based learning media is learning media that is based on Android, one of the media that has an important role in improving the quality of education. This research...
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The Improvement of Locomotor Basic Movement Through AniChrac Games

Eka Fitri Novita Sari, Sujarwo, Sukiri
The improvement of locomotor basic movement through AniChrac Games is an action research to improve 8 locomotor basic movement such as running, walking, jumping, galloping, hopping, skipping, leaping, and sliding for class I students, in which the eight basic movements are conducted through games of...
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Observational Skill: The Use of Picture Storybook with Scientific Approach Based Through Project-Based Learning

Fatchul Fauzi, Muhammad Nur Wangid, Zuhdan Kun Prasetyo
Observational skills are one of the indicators to know the level of achievement of science process goals. This research examines the influence of picture storybook with scientific approach through project-based learning on observational skills. The research was a quasi-experiment conducted in the second...
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Development of Thematic Textbook Based on REACT Strategy at Elementary School

Fitriah Susilawati, Gunarhadi, Hartono
The purpose of this research is to find out the thematic textbook feasibility and to identify the importance of the development of thematic textbook based on REACT strategy on thematic learning for the IV grade students at elementary school. This REACT strategy is combined with scientific approach which...
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A Self-Government School with the Freedom to Determinate their Own Ideal Concept of Liberal School in Sanggar Anak Alam

Francisca Mega Berlian, Arif Rohman
Everyone has the right to get freedom, even a student in a school. However, education now limits and even does not give any freedom to students. Schools have provided many regulations and many subjects which limit children’s freedom. Sanggar Anak Alam is a school which still upholds freedom with responsibility....
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Self-Efficacy in Scientific Literacy Student Ability Based on Gender

Hawa Ajeng Trisnawati, Retno Winarni, Sri Yamtinah
The purpose of science education is to develop the concept of knowledge and understanding that is useful and can be applied in everyday life. Self-efficacy or confidence in the ability of self to be one factor in the success of learning, especially in this study focused on science literacy skills of...
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English e-Book for Elementary School Students: Research by Design Based on Whole Language Approach

Herlina Usman, Ika Lestari, Noldy Pelenkahu
This study aims to develop an English Language Electronic teaching material model for five class in elementary schools based on whole language approach. Using the whole language approach, overall language teaching an integral part of four language skills which include reading, speaking, listening and...
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Analysis of Mathematical Creative Thinking Abilities in Primary Schools

Isnaeni Aprilia Kartikasari, Budi Usodo, Riyadi
One of the goals of Indonesian education in the 21st century is the development of students’ potential in order to become creative human beings. The ability to think creatively mathematically has not received special attention. This is because there are still many students who solve math problems just...
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The Implementation of Environment-Based Curriculum in Adiwiyata State Primary School

Lusia Dwi Septy Cahyanti, Setya Raharja
The Indonesian government implements Adiwiyata program in some schools to improve the next generation character of environmental caring. An important component of the Adiwiyata program is an environment-based curriculum that focuses on environmental management and protection. Some schools still face...
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Analysis on Mathematics Learning Misconceptions of the Second-Grade Students of Elementary School in Addition and Subtraction Integer Topics

Markus Sujarwo, Sudiyanto, Sandra Bayu Kurniawan
Mathematics concepts in primary school are basics concepts to understand mathematics concepts in the next grade. Therefore, mathematics misconceptions of primary school students should be avoided because they may affect the acquisition of the next concepts. This study was aimed to explore the types of...
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Teaching Strategies as a Powerful Hidden Curriculum: A Review Study

Mirza Basyiruddin, Rukayah, Roemintoyo
A hidden curriculum arises during the learning process especially when the interaction between teacher and student. How the teacher chooses to educate students can convey messages that are hidden and not hidden. The message has a positive or negative effect. That’s why teaching strategies are a powerful...
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The Divergent Thinking Ability of Fifth-Grade Students in Elementary Schools

Muna Fauziah, Sri Marmoah, Tri Murwaningsih
Divergent thinking ability plays an important role in the development of competencies in 21st century education. This study aims to analyze the divergent thinking ability of fifth-grade students in elementary school. This research approach was descriptive qualitative. The subjects of this study were...
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The Analysis on the Usage of Thematic Teaching Materials Grade IV at Elementary School

Nenik Hidayah, Sri Marmoah, Hartono
The curriculum which prevails at elementary school nowadays is curriculum 2013 with integrated-thematic learning approach. The demand of education development causes the establishment of new teaching materials which are in line with the needs. Therefore, an analysis on the usage of teaching materials...
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Thematic Learning in Elementary School: Problems and Possibilities

Nur Fitriana Kusuma Wardani, Sunardi, Suharno
Thematic learning is one of the recommended approaches for elementary schools in Indonesia. Thematic approaches use themes to create active, interesting and meaningful learning. However, there are still problems in the implementation of thematic learning. The purpose of this study is to identify problems...
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Analysis of Science Process Skill on Science Learning in Primary School

Nurul Azmy Rustan, Retno Winarni, Sri Yamtinah
Science process skills are the basic competencies to develop a scientific attitude and skills in solving problems so that it will form the students personal creative, critical, innovative, and competitive in the global competition in society. This study aimed to describe the learning process of science...