Proceedings of the 2022 7th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2022)

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Evolution process of land reclamation in Macao and its impact on economy and ecology

Shangchen Wu, Youshen Lu, Hanwei Fang
The city of Macao has always been a typical example of reclamation. With more room for variety of land uses especially for public facilities, it brings opportunities for city development. However, some unexpected impacts have been discovered regarding land reclamation in Macao. This article analysed...
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Research on Product Innovation of Tourism Enterprises under the Background of Aging

Based on Experimental Analysis

Shanshan Ma, Kexin Cai, Changjiang Tao
How to adapt to the development status of an aging population, develop innovative tourism products and improve the tourism experience of elderly tourists have become an important issue for tourism enterprises to be solved. Based on this, this paper constructs a structural equation model to explore the...
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The Effect of Psychological Safety on Innovation Behavior: A Meta-Analysis

Jiamin Zhu, Hongjiang Lv, Yan Feng
This meta-analysis examines the relationship between psychological safety and innovation behavior and explores potential moderators that may moderate the relationship: cultural context and team type. A total of 94 independent samples of 85 articles meet the inclusion criteria (N=19180) through literature...
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Proposals for Carbon Reduction Measures for Industrial Enterprises under the Dual Carbon Targets

Qiang Wu, Jian Tan, Song Gao, Zesen Li, Shiyu Meng, Xiaotong He
The global warming situation is serious, and the world’s awareness of climate change issues is deepening. According to the China Carbon Neutrality Study by 2060, the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization (G-2060) has reduced the number of tons from 10.9 billion tons in 2028 to 1.38...
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The Market Regulation System in China Under the New Political Context

Qiuyang Ma, Gao Zhang, Menghua Fan, Li Ma
The power system in China faces three new changes. The first one is the “Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutrality” national strategy; the second one is to establish the new generation energy system where the green and clean generation will be used to support most of the demand. And the third change is a new...
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Research on Accelerating the Scientific and Technological Innovation and Development of Geological Prospecting Entities

Lamei Li, Yuan Yao1, Hao Yan, Fangfang Liu, Lei Wang, Junjie Yi, Qinghua Yan
Currently, geological prospecting entities are facing varying situations. To seize the chances of development, these entities shall continuously enhance their scientific and technological innovation, so as to take the path of sustainable development. From the perspective of macro geological view, macro...
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Suggestions on Carbon Asset Management of Power Grid Company under Double Carbon Targets

Bingjie Li, Song Gao, Hu Li, Shiyu Meng, Zesen Li, Xiaotong He, Jian Tan, Shiyu Meng, Song Gao, Hu Li, Zesen Li
Under the dual carbon goal, power grid enterprises are facing new development opportunities. In view of the new business format generated by the dual carbon goal, it is necessary to carry out the research on the carbon asset management of power grid companies to support the business expansion of emerging...
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An Analysis of the Machong Dragon Boat Movement under the Background of Cultural Confidence

Zhang Ming, Xie Dan
Culture is the soul of a nation. The glorious history and culture of our country have a long history and profound heritage. Dragon boat culture is a team project in my country’s traditional sports culture, and it can better reflect the collective cultural identity of “united and concerted”. This article...
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Constructing the Meaning of Martial Arts Situationalization in the Context of Internet + Sports

Xiaofeng Wu, Qifeng Zhou
Using the literature method and comparative analysis method, we analyze the phenomenon of traditional martial arts from “competition” to “artistry” in the digital era, with the “immersion” of western technocratic ideas and sports development models. How China’s traditional martial arts have returned...
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Study on the Spatial-Temporal Evolution Law of 4A and Above Tourist Attractions in Jiangsu Province

Jie Yu, Yujie Zhang, Wei Zhang, Xinyao Wang, Ziqiang Liu
The establishment of tourist attractions, especially high-grade tourist attractions, is very important for the development of tourism and the optimization of its structure. Taking 235 4A and above tourist attractions in Jiangsu Province as the research objects coupled with geospatial analysis method,...
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Research on the Development Path of Cultural and Tourism Integration in Traditional Villages

A Case Study of Tongle Lisu Traditional Village in Weixi County

Liping Wang
Cultural and tourism integration is an important means to stimulate the cultural revival of traditional villages and promote the development of local economy. With the development of rural tourism, some traditional villages have built a platform for the preliminary integration of culture and tourism...
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Exploring the Sustainable Development Models of Cultural Heritage in Major International Countries

Yuting He, Luo Shu, Jiankang Zhang
Sustainable development is the way to protect, inherit and utilize cultural heritage. This paper explores the sustainable development model of cultural heritage through a logical review and case study of the sustainable development practices of cultural heritage in four major international countries:...
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The Influence of Chinese and Foreign Sports Culture Differences and Atmosphere on Their Domestic Sports Industry

Yuan Li
The generality of sports culture itself makes it one of the global cultural contents. As the current worldwide physical symbol, sports culture can make different people understand the meaning of it directly and achieve the purpose of effective communication. With the help of modern communication media,...
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Research on Development Mode and Path of Eco-sports Tourism in Southwest China under the Concept of “Two Mountains Theory”

Tao Xuesheng, Liu Jian
Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, China has always adhered to the concept of “two mountains theory”, comprehensively promoted the sustainable development of green economy and the construction of ecological civilization, and provided fundamental...
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Research on the Development Strategy of Heyuan City’s Homestay Industry under the Background of Rural Revitalization

Siduo FENG
This article is based on the development status of Heyuan B&Bs. It discusses the development of Heyuan B&Bs and tourists’ demand in all aspects, and deeply analyzes the problems existing in the B&B industry.Although the homestay industry is developing rapidly under the current economic model...
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The Necessary Analysis and Path Exploration of the Ideological and Political Construction of Military Physical Education under the Circumstance of Education for Morality and War

Xiao-nan WU, Xiao-hong MA, Xiao-li ZHANG
Taking “education for morality and war” as the fundamental starting point, this essay analyzed the historical inevitability of ideological and political construction of military physical education curriculum from three aspects. It conceived the development path of military physical education curriculum...
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Research on Countermeasures of Urban and Rural Sports Facilities Planning and Promotion in Lingchuan County in Guangxi Province

Zhong Haofan, Huang Jing
Regarding the background of special planning of urban and rural sports facilities, it is found that the number and quality of public sports facilities in Lingchuan county need to be improved after analyzing the relevant status,where has insufficient main sports park and the national fitness center. There...
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Industrial Heritage Tourism Sustainable Development

A Case Study of the Anning City, Yunnan Province

Keyi. Zhao
With the implementation of the supply side structural reform policy and the integration of the state-own iron and steel enterprise, residents in the Anning city, face a new round of unemployment test. And one of the effective means to solve the unemployment problem is to develop service industry, especially...
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Innovative Research on the Blending Learning Mode of Econometrics Global and Regional Impacts of RMB Internationalization

Qian Yu
China has seen exponential development within the first twenty years of the twenty-first century, making it the second largest global economy. Together with this growth, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has put in place various strategies to help it grow its economic muscle as well as international...
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Based on the Concert of “Two Mountains theory”, the Development Mode and Path of Ecological Sports Tourism in Southwest China are Analyzed

Zhu Meixiu, Liu jian
The “Two Mountains Theory” firmly establishes and implements the concept of green ecological development, which is an extremely important political theoretical basis and practical guidance for China’s ecological and material civilization and national green ecological development in the new era. Ecotourism...
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Research on Spatial-temporal Pattern of Coupling and Coordinated Development of Urban Highway Traffic and Tourism Economy in Anhui Province

Yanmei Deng, Yabo Li, Yuyan Huo, Yuxi Fan, Song Chen
Based on the data of transportation and tourism economic development in Anhui province from 2010 to 2019, this paper introduces the coupling coordination degree model for analysis. The results show that there is a coupling relationship between urban traffic and tourism economy in different cities of...
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High-end Sports Tourism: Concept Definition, Experience Dimension Identification and Scale Development

Lu Yuyang, Lu Changbao
The high-end sports tourism industry develops rapidly, but the related theory exploration obviously lags behind. As a new form of tourism, high-end sports tourism is lack of discussion and theoretical gap in terms of concept definition, experience dimension identification, which will certainly affect...
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The Participants Experience of Masses Sports Event in Pandemic Period

Taking Marathon Runners as an Example

Xin Xu
With the suspense of the pandemic of COVID-19 in 2020, leisure sports events are being canceled most of the time all over the world. This study used multiple methods and data to examine runners’ embodiment experience, aimed at discussing the current situation about marathon runners and marathon event...
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Research on the In-depth Development of Traditional Sports Culture Tourism Resources from the Perspective of Collaborative Development

Kewei Yu, Jingjing Chen, Ronglu Li
The continuous development of Chinese people’s living standard and the increasing spiritual and cultural demand promote the rapid development of cultural industry, sports industry and tourism industry. The comprehensive implementation of “May Day holiday”, “National Day holiday” and “paid vacation” provides...
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The Positions in Soccer and Marketing and Globalization of Soccer in the World

Zhejun Zhu
With the rapid development of technology and science in recent decades, many professional soccer teams try all possible means to improve their strength and performance in the field of soccer. As a result, there are remarkable transformations of soccer, especially in the professional area. However, most...
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A Review on The Research of Self-efficacy in Domestic Sports Field -- Taking CNKI Core Journal as an Example

Tang QiuMeng, Wen YuHong, Bu He
This paper summarizes the current research status of self-efficacy in the field of physical education in China, and finds that the current research mainly focuses on students’ general self-efficacy and teachers’ teaching efficacy. Among them, students’ general self-efficacy is the main research object,...
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Analysis of the Ecological Impact of Tourism Development under Environmental Kuznets Curve

Based on the Panel Data of RCEP Members from 1995 to 2017

Wen PANG, Haixia ZHENG
This paper mainly studies the intrinsic linkages between inbound tourism development and ecological environment among RCEP members. We first construct an economic model for the EKC to represent the relationship between tourism development and environmental impacts, taking the panel data (1995 ~ 2017)...
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Outlook for Asia Pacific International Travel and Tourism 2022 to 2024

Dongli Tang, John Koldowski
This paper elaborates the current position of travel & tourism from firstly, the perspective of Global International Tourist Arrivals (ITAs) and secondly for International Visitor Arrivals (IVAs) into and across the Asia Pacific region. It then provides an outlook for Asia Pacific International visitor...
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Observation and Study on Intervention of Tai Chi Daoyin on Cardiovascular Related Diseases

Jiansheng WEN, Min SU
Lack of physical exercise and harmful eating habits may lead to obesity and hypertension, elevated blood glucose and blood lipid. It is the main non communicable disease leading to early death, which is called the metabolic risk factor of cardiovascular disease.This study compared the effects of Tai...
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Exploring Wine Tourism Experience Constructs: A Qualitative Approach

Yuqing Zhang, Hoffer M Lee
Wine tourism is getting popular in market throughout the world and wine tourism experience keep arousing tourism scholars’ attention. However, for what constructs a wine tourism experience still remains debated. This study aims to identify the underpinning constructs of wine tourism experience using...
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Research on the Coupling Effect and Influence Mechanism of Large-scale Sports Events and Urban Brand Development

Wenxiu YU, Huiqiang Ma
Based on the in-depth analysis of the interaction mechanism of the coordinated development of the two systems of sports events and urban brand development, this paper introduces the coupling evaluation model and multiple linear regression analysis. Taking Chongqing International Marathon as an example,...
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The Importance of Community Participation on Ancient Village Tourism Development of China

Yanjun Liu
Ancient villages contain rich historical and cultural resources, which plays an important role in promoting the historical and cultural development of a country. The development of ancient village tourism is actually a kind of inheritance of history and culture of China, and also contributes to the local...
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The Comparative Research on the Framework of Cultural Industrial Policy System Between China and Japan

Dong Tong
Japan is one of the countries with relatively perfect cultural industrial policy system in the world. Under the guidance of its strategy of building a nation through culture, the Japanese government has constructed a cultural industrial policy system to promote the development of cultural industry and...
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Inheritance and Development of National Traditional Sports Culture in the Context of Big Data -- Take TikTok as an example

Yang Li, Ting Yuan, Jingjing Chen
With the continuous progress of human society, information technology is also becoming more and more mature, and mobile Internet communication technology has been more popular. Big data is also born, and it is ubiquitous rooted in every aspect of human activities. It has changed people’s original living...
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Investigation of Determinants and Constraints of Fan and Participant Engagement in Sport Events

Xin He
Attendance at sporting events generates substantial income for sports venues and organizations, which benefits cities and regions economically. High attendance at sporting events generates revenue for sponsors. Despite this, the environment in which sports activities take place is becoming more and more...
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Review of the Influence of Covid-19 on China’s Tourism

Yuqian Sun
At the end of 2019, COVID-19 with strong infectivity broke out in Wuhan, China, which caused a short but serious blow to China’s tourism industry. As a part of China’s economic development, tourism has maintained a state of continuous growth and has a good developing trend before the outbreak of the...
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Application of Blockchain Technology in Smart Tourism

Smart tourism comes into being with the development of information technology. With the help of modern science and technology, smart tourism can realize service wisdom, management wisdom and marketing wisdom, which can not only further improve the tourist experience, but also enhance the international...
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Study on the Integration Development of Rural Tourism and Traditional Sports in Keyi Village

Tang Yanhua
Under the implementation of the national rural revitalization strategy, the integration of rural tourism and traditional sports has become a hot topic. Rural tourism based on traditional sports has become a new tourism mode, which is both an opportunity and a challenge to the overall development of rural...
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Three Kinds of Ability for Teachers to Carry Out Military Physical Education Curriculum

Bai Shengjun, Wu Xiaonan, Li Meng
“Moral Education” is inevitable for Military physical education curriculum teachers to carry out ideological and political curriculum.In order to cultivate excellent ideological and political quality of the students, it is necessary for the teachers to integrate ideological and political education with...
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Research on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of the Development of Xiamen Sports Industry

Chenxiuping, Liaojianmei, Zhenghui
Using the methods of literature, mathematical statistics and expert interview, this paper studies the related problems of promoting the high-quality development of xiamen sports industry. The research shows that The sports manufacturing industry, sports service industry, sports facilities construction,...
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A Survey of Rural Residents’ Travel Intention in Changsha and Its Promotion of Tourism Economic Development

Jing Huang
In a new pattern of development in which domestic and international double cycles reinforce each other, tourism has become a new growth point under the new normal. With the implementation of the rural revitalization policy, the income level of rural residents will increase. Daily life will also change...
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Summary of Research on Urban Commercial Fitness Space from the Perspective of Space Justice

Yabo Li, Yanmei Deng, Zulong Li, Yuxi Fan
With the advancement of urbanization, the improvement of people’s living standard and people’s yearning for a better life, the residents’ fitness demand is unprecedentedly high. As a lifestyle derived from urbanization, fitness consumption has become an important topic in the research of space production,...
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Application and Development of Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing in Tourism and Its Influence on Traditional Travel Agencies

Yanyan YANG
The organizational form and product form of the tourism industry determine the industrial characteristics that the tourism industry is highly dependent on information. In the past half century, information technology has been promoting the continuous improvement of the service quality and management...
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Is There a Lipstick Effect in the Chinese Game Industry in the context of Big Data

Yuewei Shi
With the maturity of big data technology, traditional industries have accelerated the integration with big data, and many industries have undergone radical changes, so some traditional economics principles may become invalid. This paper mainly researches whether there is a lipstick effect in the current...
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The Marketing Influence, Changes and Opportunities of China’s Tourism Industry under the Covid-19

Zhuoran Li
After the rapid outbreak of Covid-19 at an alarming rate, it has had a catastrophic and unprecedented impact on the tourism industry, and has also profoundly affected the marketing methods related to the tourism industry. This paper collates and explains the intuitive harm of covid-19 to the tourism...
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Research on the Development Path of Ecological Sports Tourism in Southwest China from the Perspective of “Two Mountains Theory”

Guo Chunyi, Liu Jian
This paper summarizes the concept definition, reality reflection and development path of the existing research on eco-sports tourism development in southwest China by using the method of literature. Combining with the concept of “Two mountains theory” and based on the development of ecological sports...
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Research on the Countermeasures for the Development of “Non-destination Routes” of Chinese Homeport Cruise Products

You-Yu Dai, Fengshuai Du, Xiaonan Feng, Yicheng Liu, Huixin Wang
Chinese cruise tourism products are seriously homogeneous, which significantly limits the sustainability, healthy and rapid development of China’s cruise market. The study aims to provide planning suggestions for Chinese “non-destination route” cruise tourism products and increase the diversity of tourism...
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Research on Entrepreneurial Path and Entrepreneurial Growth of Athletes Based on Initial Resource Orientation

Fengbo Liang, Xiaopei GUO
The exploration of athletes’ entrepreneurial path is of great significance in alleviating employment pressure, solving the problem of athletes’ employment and promoting the development of sports. Entrepreneurial resources as a key factor in the choice of entrepreneurship path, few studied the entrepreneurial...
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Research on Cultural Tourism Resources Integration and Image Perception of Heyuan Hot Spring Tourist Destination Under the trend of industrial integration

Wu Xinlei
Under the trend of industrial integration, the tourism industry and other industries coexist and blend, reconstructing and achieving a win-win situation. In the post-epidemic era, hot spring tourism has been favored by tourists who value health and prefer to maintain good health due to its outstanding...
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Study on the Conditions for China’s Tourism Industry to Become a Pillar Industry

Shan Dongfang
Based on the analysis of pillar industries, the concept and division criteria of pillar industries are defined. Pillar industries refer to those that meet the long-term strategic planning of a country or region, represent the new direction of future industrial sustainable development, closely integrate...