Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Education, Society, Economy, Humanity and Environment (ICESHE 2019)

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Changing Society’s Mind Set in Managing Rural Development: A Way of Educators in Balancing Prosperity of Cities and Rural Areas

Lince Sihombing
Living a prosperous life is a right of every nation. In order to have this prosperity, government’s assistance is badly needed. The assistance varies in various aspects of life for citizens and villagers. One of this is having skills in managing their way of life, which varies in done and involved with...
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The Effect of Reward and Physical Environment at Higher Education Toward Motivation of Work

Lustani Samosir
This research aimed to find out the effect of reward and physical environment of higher education toward the lecturers motivation to work, with hypotheses: there is a positive and significant effect of reward and physical environment toward the motivation of lecturers. Using quantitative approach method,...
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Switching Points of Authentic Assessment for Teachers Era 4.0

Elsina Sihombing
Indonesia curriculum is always revised periodically for the purpose of its accomplishment regarding national learners’ needs in Indonesia. The recent newest curriculum is named K-‘13 since it was launched in 2013. Authentic assessment is a distinguisher segment of K-’13 against the former curriculum,...
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The Impact of Teachers’ Guidance on Students’ Learning Motivation

Adiani Hulu
The study aims to find out the positive impact of teachers’ guidance on students’ learning motivation at SMPN-1 Sipoholon North Tapanuli district, North Sumatera Indonesia in academic year of 2018/2019. The method used in this study was descriptive quantitative and inferential method. Population is all...
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Modern Educational Philosophies

Akdel Parhusip
A Christian school, to be truly Christian, must be established on the foundation of God Himself, the Creator, who has made Himself known through an authoritative and trustworthy Bible, and of Jesus Christ, His Son, the Savior of the world. Within this framework, how-ever, Christian schools differ from...
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The Relationship of Spiritual Intelligence with Changes to the Present Administration

Bernard Lubis
In the development of the quality of human life, a person does not only need the intelligence and emotional sensitivity. There is another thing that is very important to do with the meaning of life which is the spiritual side. For people who understand the meaning of life will be a motivation for themselves...
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Developing Religious Education Assessment Model Based on Curriculum 2013

Betty Arli Sonti Pakpahan
The purpose of the study was to develop a model of assessment instruments for Christian Religious Education (PAK) based on 2013 curriculum. The steps in developing the model was carried out according to the provisions of each type of test. The subjects of the study were students of VII grade of junior...
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The Outcomes of Learning Mathematics in Mathematics Classroom

Binur Panjaitan, Zuhri
well-implemented education is very influential on the success in the learning process of students in school. Current interest in mathematics learning that focuses on understanding, mathematical reasoning and meaning making underscores the need to develop ways of analyzing classrooms that foster these...
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The Effect of Globalization on Living the Faith in the Family

Johari Manik
The growth of human spiritual life in modern times is directly proportional to the dynamics that develop in society. This growth and development is in line with the dynamics of human thought which has always been influenced by the modern and instant era. Today is called the era of globalization or the...
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Students’ Evaluation on Curriculum in Christian Education Major at IAKN Tarutung

Limmarten Simatupang
The purpose of this study is to determine student evaluation of curriculum in Christian Education of IAKN Tarutung. This study utilized survey method, where a total 82 respondent selected students participated. Respondents are 3rd grade students of Christian Education major of IAKN Tarutung. The indicators...
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The Effect of Work Motivation, Compensation, and Role Perception on the Effectiveness of Work of School Principals (A Case Study About the Effectiveness of Work of the Headmasters of Junior High Schools in North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra Province)

Marudut Situmorang
The research is aimed to obtain information about the influence of work motivation, compensation, and role perception to wards principals’ working effectiveness. The research was performed to all Junior High School headmasters there are throughout North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatera Province by examining...
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The Role of Motivation in EFL Learning in a Vocational School

Rafita Tioria Sianipar
There is no doubt that motivation is a very powerful force to second language acquisition as claimed by the experts (de Bot et al,. 2005; Gass and Selinker, 2008; Oxford and Shearin, 1996). In Indonesian context, only a small number of students in high schools are considered as highly motivated in English...
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Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices on Teaching Grammar

The aim of study was to explore the teachers’ beliefs and classroom practices in terms of grammar teaching in Indonesian context. English language cannot be acquired by learner without teaching grammar to them directly. Additionally, rote, mechanical drills, and repetition are necessary support the students’...
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The Relationship Between Self-Concept and Emotional Intelligence

Roida Lumbantobing
Self-concept is always crucial for everyone in making various decisions in their lives. Individuals having positive self-concept will be more optimistic, confident and positive about everything, which in turn can lead to better emotional intelligence. This research aims to provide an overview related...
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Feasibility Analysis of the Establishment of Lab School in Lumut Maju Village, Lumut District, Central Tapanuli Regency

Romauli Nababan
This study aims to determine the feasibility level of the establishment of Lab schools ranging from kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school / high school in Lumut Maju Village, Lumut District, Central Tapanuli Regency. The intended eligibility includes: land area, land location, school age...
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The Influence of Problem-Based Active Learning on the Student Achievement in Ethics Course

Rusmauli Simbolon
This research was aimed to explore to what the extent of problem-based active learning model can improve student achievement in the subject of ethics at department of christian education, Institut Agama Kristen Negeri Tarutung. As in the proposed hyphothesis, there is a positive and significant influence...
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The Effectiveness of Students’ Critical Thinking in Learning at IAKN

Tianggur Medi Napitupulu
The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of students’ critical thinking at Christian Religion Education (PAK) Department of IAKAN Tarutung, who were learning in Semester V in academic year of 2016/2017.This research hypothesis: “There is a positive and significant influence between...
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Improvement of Teacher’s Capability in Developing Christian Ethics of Elementary School Students

Uranus Zamili
Something that becomes a reality that often happens that Christian ethics has begun to disappear in millennials, especially in the world of education in this millennial era. Violation of Christian ethics is not only done by students, but even school principals and teachers do so. Not only those students...
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The Role of Sunday School in Educating Children to be Obedient and Faithful

Dame Taruli Simamora
This study aims to describe the role of Sunday school tears and parents in educating children to be obedient and respectful. The research was a kind of literature study, of which the data was purely secondary data that obtained from the library. Since the study belongs to qualitative study, thereof,...
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Holy Bible Learning Program for Society to Anticipate Setback of Christianity

Liyus Waruwu
Christianity has been expanded since long time ago. This religion believe that God words/ God commands is what it is as in the Holy Bible. It does not mean that this statement aims to underestimate the other different Holy Bible from other religions, not at all. Unfortunately, there are many Christians...
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Development of Teaching Materials on Christian Religious Education

Nisma Simorangkir
This study aims to give an understanding to teachers of Christian Religious Education about the development of teaching materials that will be used by teachers in learning. Christian Religious Education teaching materials have different characteristics from the teaching materials of secular education,...
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Creative Learning Methods Improving Children’s Interest in Attending Sunday School in Tarutung, Indonesia

Senida Harefa
The purpose of the study was to find out how creative learning methods can improve children’s interest in attending Sunday school based on the Borg & Gall model. The study used R & D research method using closed questionnaire instrumentation which were distributed to 25 informants. Technique of sampling...
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The Role of Pastors in Developing Adolescent’s Spirituality at GKPI Onan Runggu Resort Years 2019

Andar Gunawan Pasaribu
The aim of this article is to explore the extent to which a role pastor impacts the development of adolescent’s spirituality. This work uses qualitative methods. The author uses a data collection technique, conducting a literature review through gathering data from books and the internet, direct field...
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Nepsis in the Philokalia

This paper is a review of nepsis according to the Philokalia Fathers.The Philokalia is a collection of texts written between the fourth and the fifteenth centuries by spiritual masters of the Orthodox Christian tradition. After a person believes and is baptized in Christ, he has put on Christ and become...
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Paul as a Role-Model and His Teachings Solution on Ephesians Cases Based on 2 Timothy 3: 10 – 17

Imron Widjaja, Oditha Hutabarat, Horbanus, L. Roby
This article discusses about the influence of Paul’s role-model towards Ephesians regarding various problems they encountered around. The role-model states in the holy bible dealing with Paul is not only talking about His character or His life pattern which is always properly for God, but also about...
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Humanity and God’s Divinity

Julius Sianturi
This study belongs to Qualitative research using literature approach to find the problems of humanity regarding their degradation in faith and believing to God. The core of debate from the 1st century up to 5th was dealing with Jesus Christ introduction concisely about His personality as God, and the...
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Prevention of Apostasy Through the Implementation of Community Bible Study Program

Martua Manik, Binur Panjaitan, Liyus Waruwu, Benny Hutahaean
One of the problems that occur in society is that many Christian communities have been apostated to other religion across from their former religion. The steps prepared by Christian teachers have not been maximized so that each community becomes spiritually mature and has a Christian character. The purpose...
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Contribution of Christian Values Upon Students’ Character of Dating at Tarutung State Christian Religion Institute

Pestaria Naibaho
The research target is to determine the contribution of Christian values in realizing respectful and commendable dating character of PAK study program students at IAKN Tarutung. Data was gathered by using closed questionnaire. The population was 948 students, and the sample was 15% = 142 students. The...
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The Integrity of Creation and Living Environment Sustainability Viewed from Christian Ethics

Rencan Charisma Marbun
Living environment has a very important life-supporting function. Therefore, management and development are directed to maintain its existence in a dynamic balance through various protection and rehabilitation efforts and efforts to maintain the balance between its elements continuously. Furthermore,...
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The Understanding of Religion Related to Motivation and Attitude of Religion

Riris Johanna Siagian
This article tries to describe and critize the understanding of religion relate to motivation and attitude. Usually, everybody knows his or her religion by doctrine, ritual, church order, ideology. This research aims to know how the followers especially men as a father in District V of the HKBP, North...
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Who am I? Reflection on Pastoral Assistance Services Toward Healing Drug Users

Risma Siregar
Who am I? reflection of pastoral care services on healing drug users. Pastoral care is like the heart of an actual and conducive service directly there is a touching communication relationship agave love, the real state of feeling counselee real, without being covered in poetic words and theatrical words....
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Restoration of the Wounded and Social Assistance Mark 1: 40 – 45

Susanto Dwiraharjo, Liyus Waruwu
This article aims to propose a model of social assistance to Christians who experience suffering throughout their lives. This article, furthermore, finds a new model in assisting in the perspective of socio – biblical for the people who undergo the social struggles. This research is driven by the fact...
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Development of Vocal Technic Models in Choir

Eben Haezarni Telaumbanua, Abdul Muin Sibuea, Harun Sitompul
This study discusses the development of the choir model in the Department of Church Music Education (PMG) of the Tarutung State Christian Religion Institute, which so far has been using a conventional model where students are more passive. Students just keep silent, to hear, remember, observe and memorize....
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Comparison of Lament Songs in the Old Testament and the Andung Andung in the Toba Batak Culture

Herdiana br Sihombing
This study aims to find out the song of Lament in the Old Testament; know the Andung Andung in the Toba Batak culture; know the similarities and differences in the content, meaning and purpose of lament songs in the Old Testament and Andung Andung in the Toba Batak culture. Singing lament or mangandung...
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Using SAVI Model in Learning Solfeggio

Jagar Lumbantoruan
Learning quality development at universities is driven by KKNI curriculum (Indonesia national qualifying framework). The implication of the curriculum aims to sharpen the learners competence in the field of attitude, cognition, and psychomotors (general and specific skills), which are eligible to encounter...
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The Influence of Knowing How to and Continuity to Play Piano Toward the Ability of Performing Solfeggio

Lince RT Simamora
Educational improvement at the level of universities is certainly impacted by all the efforts from stakeholders in managing the process of learning. Learning music at PMG Department, majoring on church music at IAKN Tarutung North Sumatera, Indonesia, has a regulation that all the students of music department...
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The Existence of Migrants in Tarutung City

Elvri Teresia Simbolon
Tarutung is the capital city of North Tapanuli regency, which is located in North Sumatera province, Indonesia. The amount of people in this city is about 42.125 (men are 20.525; women are 21.600), who are majorly Bataknese tribe. Nevertheless, besides Bataknese there are also some other coming tribes...
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Repositioning Mission in Postmodern Culture

Fransiskus Irwan Widjaja, Fredy Simanjuntak, Noh Ibrahim Boiliu
Postmodernism is a worldview culture entering Asian society lately. It provides the impression of values such as spirituality, pluralism, relativism, altruism, which causes significant shifts. It consists of the decline in religious spirituality, disorientation from pluralism, the power to provide information...
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Perception of GKI SUMUT Medan Congregations About LGBT

Haposan Silalahi
The research carried out at GKI SUMUT MEDAN aims to find out the congregation’s perception of LGBT. Researchers are interested in examining LGBT because of two reasons, namely that the existence of LGBT is still considered as a community or marginal people who receive negative labeling from the Christian...
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Impact of Electronic Service Quality to Travelling Intentions: Case Study at Indonesian’s Tourism Website

Herlina Saragih
Recently time, websites become not only as communication mediators with customers but also impact the growth of competitiveness, especially in government tourism sector. For government, marketing to support destination, we could call “Tourism Destination Marketing”. Destination develops public interest....
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An Analysis of Traditional Ritual “Persentabin”

Iwan Setiawan Tarigan
This research belongs to qualitative research which is dealing with theology scope about persentabin, a traditional ritual at Lau Kawar lake Kuta Gugung village, Naman Teran district, Karo Regency. The study aims to find out the background of the ritual, the meaning of ritual, and the chains of the process...
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The Impact of Worship to Students’ Attitude at Schools

Dorlan Naibaho.
Worship is the way of communicating between people to the Lord. A good school is a school on the basis of God’s relationship, of which human being is one of the mandatorily creation. Therefore, the school stakeholders especially learners and educators as His creation should be obedient in faith. The...
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Congregation Satisfaction Levels on the Quality of Priests, Services from Alumna of Theology of STAKPN / IAKN Tarutung in Lutheran Church in Tapanuli Utara

Nurelni Limbong
The aim of research is to examine the level of congregation’s satisfaction with the service quality of the priest from alumna of study program of Theology of STAKPN / IAKN Tarutung in Lutheran Churches in North Tapanuli Regency in 2018. This research is a qualitative descriptive approach, using survey...