Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Education, Society, Economy, Humanity and Environment (ICESHE 2019)

It is our great pleasure to welcome everyone at the First International Conference on Education, Society, Economy, Humanity and Environment (ICESHE 2019) that was held on the 12th of August, 2019 in the Auditorium building of the Institut Agama Kristen Negeri Tarutung. This international forum provided the dissemination and exchange of current, scientific information on theoretical, generic, and applied research in the areas of Education, Society, Economy, Humanity and Environment.

The theme for ICESHE 2019 is: “Breaking through Social, Human, Educational and Environmental Sustainability Across the Industrial Revolution 4.0”. Then, sub-themes of ICESHE 2019 are included the following topics: (1) Religious, Social and Rural Development, (2) Media and Education for Social Transformation, (3) Communication, Digital Literacy and Teaching Media in Encountering IR 4.0, (4) Human Skill Challenges for Environmental Development, (5) Communication and IT to Breakthrough IR 4.0, (6) Teaching Methods, Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment for Educational and Social Improvement, (7) The Environmental Implications of Geology, Biology, Entrepreneurship and Metaphysics.

It provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application of the experiences, to create research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. It is not merely for Indonesian context only, but all around the globe. The conference was targeted for educators, policy makers, researchers, academics, principals, supervisors, graduate students, practitioners, academics, professionals and teachers. There were 70 papers accepted for presentation however there were only 43 papers are selected to be published in this proceeding.

We would like to thank the organizing committee and the members of reviewers for their kind assistances in reviewing the papers. We would also like to extend our best gratitude Rector of Institut Agama Kristen Negeri (IAKN) Tarutung, Prof. Dr. Lince Sihombing, M.Pd.; for her tremendous support.

Furthermore, we would like to thank Prof. Dr. Thomas Pentury, M.Si. (Directorate General of Christian Society Guidance of Ministry of Religion, Republic of Indonesia), Prof. Dr. Lince Sihombing, M.Pd. (Rector of IAKN Tarutung), Drs. Nikson Nababan, M.Si. (Regent of North Tapanuli), Drs. Rapidin Simbolon, M.M. (Regent of Samosir), and Dr. Elsina Sihombing, M.Pd. (IAKN Tarutung) as the Keynote Speakers and we also would like to appreciate Prof. Peter Paul Moorman, Ph.D. (Leiden University), Prof. Stephen Guptil, Ph.D. (Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies Philippines), Rev. Johannes Fritz. (Partnerschaft Kleve, German-Silindung), Dr. Achmad Syahid (UIN Syarif Hidayatullah, Indonesia), William Rosser Dubois, DVM. (IAKN Tarutung, Indonesia/Guest Professor from USA), Cho Byung Joon (IAKN Tarutung/Professor of Theology from Korea) as the plenary speakers for their invaluable contribution and worthwhile ideas shared in the conference.

We are particularly grateful to our committee, for their enormous support, and to the reviewers, for their valuable time and expertise to evaluate all manuscripts submitted to this issue.

Dr. Elsina Sihombing, M.Pd.
Dr. Liyus Waruwu, M.Th.
Prof. Dr. Binur Panjaitan, M.Pd.
Juni Santo Sihotang, S. Kom.
Warseto Freddy Sihombing, M.Th.
Frainskoy Rio Naibaho, M.Kom.
Dr. Lustani Samosir, M.Pd.