Proceedings of the International Conference on Economic Management and Green Development (ICEMGD 2018)

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The heterogeneity of village cadres and poverty reduction

Dungang Zang, Yuke Luo
By using the data of 7 provinces, 757 administrative villages and 31615 famers in the minority regions of the Midwest, this paper investigates the relationships between Village cadres heterogeneity and poverty reduction. And we find that the age of the village cadres, ethnic identity, investment promotion,...
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Analysis of SOEs’ Bankruptcy Reorganization: A Case Study of Nuclear Titanium Dioxide Company

Yi Jia
This paper focus on the risks and benefits of implementing bankruptcy reorganization of the state-owned enterprises (SOE). By using the nuclear dioxide company as an example, this paper will discuss the bankruptcy reorganization's impact on different parties involved in this company including the creditor,...
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Monetary policy transmission mechanism: A survey

Wang Zuyi
The transmission problem of monetary policy plays an important role in the theory of monetary policy. Its conduction effect determines the performance of macroeconomic regulation and control, which influences the current and future policy decisions of the monetary authorities. The effective transmission...
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Social Behaviors and Modern Marketing Philosophy

Guo Jing
How to conduct effective marketing behaviors is one of the most eye-absorbing questions in the business all the time. Researchers and pioneers have made plenty of attempts to achieve their goals. In this paper, from the perspective of human nature, one theory of new marketing philosophy has been proposed....
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An Analysis of Land's special role in China’s regional development

Shi Dingsen
This article mainly researches the particular role of land in China economic development. There is no denying that China developed rapidly in past 30 years and land has played key roles in the development process. On one hand, Chinese governments utilize preferential policies about land to attract investments....
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The Discussion of Economic Growth Models and Its Future Development

Lin Jinjun
In 1939, the British economist Harold established the first economic growth model in the history of modern economics [1]. This marks the introduction of mathematics into the economic theory, which means present-day analysis of economic development has provided more accurate theoretical explanation than...
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Evaluation of China’s National Designated Poor County Policy

Gu Jialu
Chinese central government car ried out the National Designated Poverty (NDP) County Policy in the 1880s, aiming to reduce the amount of the poor, improve the life quality and balance the development of different districts. To probe into the effect of the policy, this paper sorts out the 4 phases of...
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What Influences Online Coupon Sales in Chinese Catering Industry-Evidence from Empirical Study with Micro-data in Chinese Catering Industry

Li Zhe
Online coupons are digital coupons that people could purchase at a lower price than its face value. The use of online coupons to attract consumers is very popular among restaurants. This research is to find out the influential factors of the coupon sales. Fourteen factors are chosen from three perspectives—restaurant...
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The Causal Relationship between Socioeconomic Status and Smoking Behavior: Evidence from Canada

Pengyu Wang
I will be analyzing information related to health status in Canada to determine the causal relationship between socioeconomic status and smoking behavior by using the probit model. The data set used includes information from the Canadian Community Health Survey on Canadians 12 years and older with a...
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Feasibility Analysis of Enterprise Reserve and Preparation Material under the Condition of Civil and Military Integration

Hai-rong Jia, Gui-qing Gao, Kang Wang
In the current stage, military and civilian integration has risen to a national strategy. The military and civilian integration of military reserve stocks for supplies can be chosen by local enterprises, and the demonstration should be conducted on this proposal. Finally write a report to determine whether...
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An analysis of the differences in corporate culture between China and Japan

Feng Xin
Corporate culture is defined as a company’s social value, management skills, and group consciousness. Corporate culture is the method to deal with external and internal conflicts. In 21st century, corporate culture and business models attract more attention of researchers because if a company wants to...
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The Effects of Word-of-mouth on the Trend of Movie Box Office Performance: Take Douban Movie’s Rating Platform as an Example

Chen Guangpei
During the slowdown in the growth of China’s movie market, word of mouth (WOM) seems to exert more influence on the trend of box office performance. The objective of this paper is to measure the impact of WOM (valence and volume) on the trend of movie box office performance, differing from previous studies...
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Empirical Study on the Path to Organizational Cultural Hegemony Construction

Zhong Yucai
On the basis of Kathleen M. Eisenhardt’s case construction theory [1]and Huang Cui’s research methodology of quantification of policy documents[2], this paper takes the case of Huawei’s organizational cultural hegemony construction. And through analysis of the contents of and correlation among 241 norms...
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Research on the Impact of Incentive Mechanism on Performance in SMEs of China

Feng Jun
The remarkable achievements have been achieved in China’s economic development. SMEs play an important role. SMEs provide more than 80% of the jobs in cities and towns, the healthy development of is a major strategic task of the relationship between people’s livelihood and the social stability. However,...
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How Does Authoritarian Leadership Lead to Employee Unethical Pro-organizational Behavior? The Mediating Effect of Work Stressor and Moral Disengagement

Shaw Kang-Hwa, Liao Hung-Yi
Along with the developing of the research on Organizational Behavior, more and more scholars pay attention to the unethical pro-organizational behavior (UPB). Drawing on the S-O-M Model, we explored the relationship between the authoritarian leadership and employees' UPB, and the mediation effect of...
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Shelf Space Allocation and Green Technology R&D in Green Agricultural Products Supply Chain

Sun Guohua, Caihong Xu
This paper examines the shelf space allocation and R&D of green technology in the green agricultural products supply chain(GAPSC) with one supplier and one retailer. The retail demand is influenced by the green level and shelf space allocated. The optimal equilibriums are investigated in the GAPSC with...
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A Literature Review on Regional Decentralization in China

Yang Jusheng
Chinese decentralization has had a significant impact on the country's political and economic life. The rapid economic growth in the past 30 years in China has been inextricably linked with the pattern of decentralization. However, the particularities of such political centralization and fiscal decentralization...
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Influencing factor analysis on fish farmer’s future Cooperative finance demand----based on the Panjin municipality pilot area in China

Yang Yu, Erda Wang, Guangdong Liu
This paper tries to identify those factors which may have potential influence on the fish farmer’s cooperative finance demand. In the process, a total of 442 farmer households as well as small-micro farming enterprises were sampled from the villages in Panjin municipality of Liaoning province in China,...
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Human Nature and Sharing: Reflection on the Education of Chinese Citizens under the Background of Shared Economy

Liu Shizhan, Xiaoli Lin, Pan Jiqing
Sharing the single car, sharing the car, sharing the charge treasure and so on is a shared economy under the guidance of the concept of shared development, new mode of economic operation, which emerges as the times require of the present society. As the mirror of sharing a bicycle refracted, there are...
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What affects the performance of Merger and Acquisition in China: A review for Chinese literature

Shang Xiao-feng
Since 20 century, Merger and Acquisition has become an instantaneous hot spot in China, given that it is one of the most important activities of asset allocation. Therefore, many scholars in China have conducted a large amount of surveys from different views. My study summarizes the extant related Chinese...
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Influence of IT-facilitated Knowledge Management on Economic Growth

Ji Yujia
The development and disperse utilization of information technology has improved knowledge management capability and made it essential to production. In this paper, KM capability is introduced into a new endogenous economic growth model based on Romer’s model as a key factor. It’s proved in the new model...
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The Leverage Status Quo and Risk Prevention of China’s Real Economy

Zheng Dianhong
The leverage ratio of Chinese real economy has soared since 2008,especially among the government departments and nonfinancial corporate sectors. High economic leverage has reduced the utilization rate of real economy debt investments. As a result, corporate accounts receivable have increased and face...
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Departure Interval Adjustment to Alleviate Bus Bunching under Dynamic Demand and Traffic Condition

Fu Yanjia, Zhao Rui, Zhang Wenyi
As a green mode, public transportation makes great contribution in alleviating urban traffic congestion and promoting sustainable urban development. In the process of giving priority to the development of public transport, how to ease or solve the bus bunching is always a hot issue in the field of public...
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Study on Demand Characteristics and Market Segmentation of Sweet Potatoes in Beijing Urban Area

Zhang Lixin, Liu Ruihan, Lei Siyu
We investigated the consumption characteristics of sweet potatoes in thousands of consumers made a detailed analysis of the market segmentation in this research. The result shows that the majority of consumers are satisfied with the quality of sweet potatoes products and focus on the therapeutic effect...
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Zhuhai exhibition activities volunteers Investigation and Research on service status

Han YuMei, Yuan Ting
The Zhuhai student volunteers participate in the exhibition of volunteer activities, to learn their attitude, volunteer training, volunteer allocation and coordination, incentive, security and other aspects, summarize the successful experience and put forward suggestions for improvement according to...
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Improving Urban Traffic Mobility and Reducing Emission with Day-to-day Pricing

Liang Ying, Li Honglian, Jiang Shanshan
The existing studies on day-to-day pricing are mainly theory-amicable, and insufficient attention is paid to practical demand on mobile efficiency and feasibility. In addition, the environment issues are valued very much in recent years in China to improve the human settlement and then support the sustainable...
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An Exploration on the Practice Space and Implementation Paths of Green Supply Chain in Deepening Reform and Opening Up in Hainan

Ke-wei Song, Mi Zhou
This paper briefly reviewed the basic concept, research and practice basis of green supply chain, analyzed the requirements of green development for deepening Hainan’s reform in terms of strategic positioning, basic principles, and development goals. The essential foundations and advantages for Hainan...
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Discussion on Green Financial Management of Enterprises in the Context of Sustainable Development

Lan Wu, Liu Liu
With the rapid development of economy, the wasting of resource, environmental pollution and other issues have become increasingly serious. On this background, many countries and regions around the world have put forward the idea of sustainable development, it also forces enterprises to reflect on their...
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A research on the recycling rate of discarded clothes by structural equation modeling——taking colleges in Beijing as examples

Guan Jie, Zheng Zhanzhi
Recently, the number of discarded clothes is growing sharply in China. This study explores the factors that might influence the recycle behavior of college students by structural equation modeling. Then we establish the structural equation modeling to study the multivariate coupling relationship between...
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Construction of Trust-based Performance Evaluation Model for Farmer Cooperatives

Min Shao Hui, Xing Li Tong, Hui Zhao Xian
The role of cooperatives in agricultural and rural economic development has not yet been fully realized, resulting in a relatively low level of performance, and the relatively low level of internal trust in cooperatives is one of the key factors influencing these issues. Farmer cooperatives essentially...
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The relationship between public and private management: A review

Dong Ao
Public management and private management that belong to the management are increasingly valued by several management scholars, and a growing number of people start to study them. Whether the less development of public management can acquire some experience from better private management has become the...
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Research on the Volatility of China's Stock Market Based on MCMC Algorithm

Wang Yu, Wang Hao
Financial time series contains information on market changes and investment risk fluctuations. This paper aims to study the volatility of China's stock market by analyzing the time series of Chinese stock market returns. We choose the closing price of the Shanghai and Shenzhen close index as a sample....
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Research on location selection of super mall based on GIS Technology and Huff Model

Zhou Lei, An Ye
This paper attempts to adopt GIS technology to select the best location for large-scale shopping malls in the region, and analyzes the various factors that should be considered in the location selection of large-scale shopping malls, including population density, traffic conditions and existing commercial...
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Overview of Research on Dual-Channel Supply Chain Management

Ying-ying LI
On the basis of systematically reviewing related literatures at home and abroad, this paper summarizes the current research on the selection of dual-channel supply chain, channel conflict, pricing strategy and coordination mechanism, and discusses the future research direction and hopes to lay a foundation...
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Research on the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility Characteristics and Corporate Double Reputation

Ge Xiaochun, Zhao Mengqi
In this paper, 294 questionnaires were used to explore the influence of corporate social media capability on the relationship between corporate social responsibility characteristics and corporate double reputation. The empirical analysis was carried out by SPSS multiple regression statistical method....
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Environmental Performance, Environmental Disclosure and the Role of media

Zhang Yue, Zhang Changjian
With the continuous advancement of ecological civilization construction, enterprises are increasingly inclined to transmit good information on environmental management to external stakeholders through environmental disclosure, using media to shape the green image and establish corporate reputation. This...
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Research on Green Total Factor Productivity Estimation and Decomposition of China's Transportation Industry

Wang Ruizhe
China's transportation development has entered a new era, and TFP estimation needs to be combined with the new development concept. This paper uses China's provincial panel data and Malmquist-luenberger (ML) index method to measure the green total factor productivity of the transportation industry in...
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Research on the path of railway infrastructure's impact on technological progress

Bao Xuhang
Based on China's provincial panel data for 2000-2016 years, this paper uses the Malmquist index method to measure China's technology progress index. The direct and indirect effects of railway infrastructure on technological progress are measured by the panel data analysis model with cross terms. The...
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The influence of "One Belt And One Road" national strategy on the transnational operation of China's retail industry -- empirical analysis based on questionnaire

Pan Liyan
This paper obtained first-hand data from Chinese domestic retail entrepreneurs and experts in the field of retail industry on the development of China's retail industry in One Belt And One Road countries, especially those with economic and trade relations with China, as well as Retail related industries...
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The Analysis of Guantsu’s Advanced Economic Ideas

Wu Di
This article introduces the concepts of law of demand and supply and monopoly economy, an all too familiar ideas to the today’s readers. But it had been put forth about 2600 years ago, by Guantsu, a Chinese economist and politician. He lived in a period around 700 BCE in China, otherwise known as the...
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Study on the overseas market selection of coal engineering enterprises based on the diamond model

Zhong-hua Xu
Combined with the characteristics of international coal market itself, this paper establish the coal engineering enterprises diamond model in order to select overseas target market, quantify the various factors, set comprehensive assessment index system which including 6 first grade indices and 15 second...
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Why does stock price always behave like a roller coaster? A glimpse from the perspective of disposition effect and herd behavior

Yifei Li
This study aims at when the new information appears in the stock market under the interaction influence of disposition effect and herd behavior, how the stock price will change? Taking these two common investor’s psychological phenomena into consideration, I follow the track of pervious researches mainly...