Proceedings of the 2017 4th International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology (ICEMCT 2017)

486 authors
Ai, Qinghua
Studies On the reform of College English teaching based on the combination of Micro course and Flipped classroom
An, Zhi-quan
The Present Situation and Countermeasures of the Integration of Traditional Culture into Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities
Bai, Dongqing
Analysis on the Innovation of Teaching Methods and Its Implementation in Colleges and Universities
Cai, Hongxia
Analysis on the Publicity and Education Effect of Urban Community Middle-Aged and Elderly People Nutrition and Dietary
Cai, Huan
The Methods to Strengthen the Internal Accounting Control in the New Era
Cao, Hongwei
Path Analysis On the Cultivation of Humanistic Spirit in Medicine
Cao, Na
A Probe into the Teaching Management Method of Higher Vocational Education under the Idea of "Put People First"
Chen, Chaochao
Research on the Incentive Ways of Logistics Staff in Universities from the Perspective of Socialization
Chen, Chen
First Exploration on Interactive Teaching of Artistic Design Course – Take Font Design Course for Example
Chen, Hong
A Study on the Construction of A Diversified Environmental Audit Work Pattern
Chen, Hongmei
Analysis of corps urbanization based on internal and external source dynamics
Chen, Jie
Contents and Countermeasures of Cultivating Students' Cross-Cultural Communicative Awareness in English Teaching
Chen, Lei
Study on the Concepts of Residential Buildings under the Background of Green Building
Chen, Qiaoling
Study on Confucianism's Educational Ideology under the Language Competitive Program
Chen, Wei
Evaluation of Niche Suitability of Regional Technological Innovation Ecosystem
Chen, Xi
Scientific Consciousness and Exploration Spirit in Shan Hai Jing
Chen, Xiuming
Research on Causes and Prevention of Incision Infection in Patients Undergoing Abdominal Surgery in Department of Gynecology
Chen, Xudong
Application of three dimensional teaching method in histology and embryology course
Chen, Yang
Case analysis of the dispute of Bao Wan
Chen, Yanhua
A Study on the Flipped Classroom and Its Application in College English Teaching
Chen, Yawei
A Study on Strategic Management of Higher Vocational Colleges
Chen, Yongping
Analysis on the Image of Bath Woman in Canterbury Tales
Chen, Zewen
Study on the Strengthening of Hospital Internal Control and Externalization Regulating of Hospital Financial Management
Chen, Zhengquan
Exploring Rationality of University: Newman's "The Idea of A University" and Its Reflection on Practice
Cheng, Hongping
Research on Problems and Solutions of Urban Community Elderly Physical Fitness Services under Healthy Aged Tendency – Take Hubei Province for Example
Cheng, Meng
A Research on the Legal Issues of the Third Party Electronic Payment
Chong, Lan
The Discussion about the Characteristics and Influence of Digital Media Art Design
Cui, Chengeng
The Evolution of Urban Living Concept in Internet Age
Cui, Chunhua
Contents and Countermeasures of Cultivating Students' Cross-Cultural Communicative Awareness in English Teaching
Cui, Liping
The Construction of Innovation Education System of Second Classroom in Local Normal Colleges
Dai, Hua
Study of the Application Mechanism and Implementation Strategy of needs Hierarchy Theory in Ideological and Political education management in Colleges and Universities
Dai, Yingying
Exploring the Negative Attitude in the Study of Anti-aging
Deng, Kai
Legal Problems of Property Right Transactions of State-owned Enterprises from the Perspective of Mixed Ownership
Deng, Shuang
The Development Direction of The New Chinese-style Mahogany Furniture Design-Based on Market Trend Concerning the Generation of 1980s/1990s
Deng, Zhaoyan
Research on Service Innovation of Library in Big Data Age
Di, Yangyang
Analysis of corps urbanization based on internal and external source dynamics
Ding, Haolong
Dynamic Impact of Carbon Emission Trading on China's Macro Economy--- Based on CGE Model
Ding, Qiang
The comprehensive service system of cross-border e-commerce logistics enterprises and empirical study
Ding, Yuxia
On the Integration of Socialist Core Values into Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities
Dong, Haiyang
Research on the Disciplinary Nature and Curriculum Optimization of Physical Education and Training
Dong, Hui
Discussion on Application of Dance Anatomy in Basic Training Classroom of Chinese Classical Dance
Dong, Liping
The Characteristics of Immunoglobulin and Complement by Aerobic Exercise and Stop Training
Dong, XiaoYu
The Impact of Coastal Urban Logistics Economic Development on International Trade Development
Dong, Xiaoshuang
Research on reasonable injection-production ratio of water flooding in the high water cut stage of Lamadian oil field
Du, Jianhua
Research on the Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Network Accounting
Du, Shiwu
Study on the Differences of Vocal Music Teaching and Vocal Music Singing Theory
Duan, Fangwei
Early-warning Model of Support Vector Machine Based on Hybrid Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization for Power System Operational Status
Duan, Jun
Study on the Impact of Monetary Policy on Corporate Investment Behavior
Duan, Jun
Analysis of the Impact of International Transfer of Service Industry on the Development of Service Industry in Chongqing
Duan, Limin
Study on the Digital Design and Practical Application of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Anhui Province – The Case Study of Wuhu Iron Picture
Duan, Xiaoge
Application of Humanistic Conception in Ideological and Political Work of Enterprises
Duan, Zhongyu
Characteristics and Countermeasures of China's College English Teaching during the Transitional Period
Duan, Zhongyu
A Study on Some Problems and Countermeasures in College English Teaching
Fan, Jing
Research on the Path of Constructing the Students' Psychological Consultative Education Platform of Private College by Using WeChat
Fan, Yuanli
Presupposition ad Entailment
Fan, Zhenyu
A Feasibility Study on "Jin Mo Brownouts"
Fan, Zhenyu
The Problems and Countermeasures Faced in the Process of Implementation of "Jin Mo brownouts" Policy
Fan, Zhihong
A Study on the Integration of College English Teaching and the Humanities Education
Feng, Jianfu
On the Cultivation of Comprehensive Quality of Martial Arts Specialized Students
Feng, Jun
Research on Internal Control of Accounting Information System in ERP Environment
Feng, Xiaolan
Research on the Strategic Transformation of Vertical B2C E-commerce Industry
Feng, Xinqun
The anthropocene context of tourism land scapeplanning- the case of tourism ecology planning and design project of Zhi Ao Stone Village, Huanglong Township, Shengsi County, Zhejiang.
Feng, Xinqun
Effect of parametric design on landscape
Feng, Zhiming
The Application of Classroom Simulation Exercises Teaching Method in English Pre - service Skill Training for English Teachers
Fu, Fangjian
The Infiltration of Mathematical Modeling Thought in Advanced Mathematics Teaching
Fu, Weiwei
Legal Problem Research on the Protection of Consumer Rights in Electronic Commerce
Fu, Yuan
Research on Problems and Countermeasures of College Bilingual Instruction
Gao, Biao
The Theory of Civil Engineering Talents Cultivation of Circular Economy Theory
Gao, Hao
Study on Capability-oriented Teaching Mode of Business Majors in Private Universities
Gao, Jianjun
Study and Practice of "MOOC+" Online and Offline Mixed Accommodation-type Teaching Mode in Colleges and Universities
Gao, Juan
On the bottleneck and Countermeasures of vocational college enrollment
Gao, Weixin
Analysis of the Integration and Application Mechanism of Folk Art Resources in Art Teaching of Colleges and Universities
Gao, Wen
The analysis of the situations of hot spring tourism in Yunnan
Gao, Wen
Studies on the necessity of the transaction of air pollution emission in 'Dianzhong' economic zone
Gong, Longyu
Research on the Establishment of Miao Nationality Embroidery Database in Western Hunan from the Perspective of Digitizing
Gong, Yan
Discussion on the Influence of Network Sports Information on College Students' Sports Life Style
Gong, Yan
Research on the Influence of Network Public Opinion on Sports Management
Gong, Yan
Research on College Students' Physical Education Motivation in Computer Network Environment
Gong, Yan
Discussion on the Function of Computer Network Information Resources in Physical Education
Gong, Yunhong
Analysis of the Restricted Factors in the Function of College student Village Official in Yunnan Minority Areas
Guan, Jingjing
Construction and Implementation of the Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode of College English from the Perspective of Ecology
Guo, Honglian
Research on Problems and Solutions of Urban Community Elderly Physical Fitness Services under Healthy Aged Tendency – Take Hubei Province for Example
Guo, Hua
Analysis of Relationship Among Production, Supply-marketing and Mutual Fund Cooperatives: A Case Study of China
Guo, Qin
Research on the Logic and Thinking of Constructing Fault Tolerant Mechanism under Pressure Management in China
Guo, Qiuxia
Research on the Effects of Different Listening Process Models in Listening Comprehension and Memory Based on Cognitive Psychology
HE, Minglie
Computer-based Language Test: Characteristics and Processes
Han, Cuiping
A Study on the College English Teaching Reform Based on the Cultivation of Applied Talents
Han, Hongqiang
Path Selection for Coordinative Development of National Economy Mobilization Informationization and Logistics Visualization
Han, Jinzhu
A Study on Influencing Factors and Countermeasures of College Students' Burnout in Physical Training
Han, Junde
Construction and Optimization of Logistics Supply Chain Model based on Fresh Agricultural Products
Han, Yi
Distinguishing on Applicable Scope and Degree of Soft Law under Chinese Context
Han, Yumin
The Theory of Civil Engineering Talents Cultivation of Circular Economy Theory
Hang, Guilan
Application of "flipped classroom" in financial management teaching
Hao, Jing
Synergetic Research on Cross-border E-commerce and Cross-border Logistics based on Ecosystem
Hao, Jingjing
Research on Training Mode and Paths for Autonomous Professional development of Foreign Language Teachers in Colleges and Universities
Hao, Shantao
Research on the Civil Liability System of the Anti-Monopoly Law in China
He, Changgui
Research on the Application of Network Video Streaming Media in Colleges Badminton Teaching
He, Qiong
The Realistic Predicament of the" Spirit of the Craftsman" in Higher Vocational Education
He, Qiong
The Realistic Predicament and Countermeasures of the Entrepreneurial Innovation Ability Training in Higher Vocational Students
He, Ying
Analysis on the Industrial Structure of China's SO2 Emission