Proceedings of the 2017 4th International Conference on Education, Management and Computing Technology (ICEMCT 2017)

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Dynamic Impact of Carbon Emission Trading on China's Macro Economy--- Based on CGE Model

Haolong Ding, Zhengliang Min
As the economy develops at a speed in China, the emissions of carbon dioxide also increase on a growing basis, which result in the continuous rise of the seal level and frequent occurring of extreme climates, and become of one the major obstacles impeding the economic development in China. One of the...
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On the importance of stage performance in vocal music performance

Lei Ning
Vocal music cannot be separated from the performance of the stage, and the stage performing arts must be accompanied by national vocal music. The two promote each other and influence each other. The charm of the stage show is that it can make the theme of unwritten music art more vivid, so that the vocal...
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Exploration of Music Education and Folk Music Cultural Heritage in Colleges and Universities

Jin Pan, Dongdong Xu
Against the backdrop of educational reform, music education becomes more and more important in colleges and universities, by being the important constituent in quality-oriented educational structure in colleges and universities, which can not only cultivate students' music accomplishment, but also push...
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Case analysis of the dispute of Bao Wan

Songqin Ye, Yang Chen
"Bao Wan contest" is probably the most cited major event of the second half of the capital markets in 2015. From the initial treasure can silently holdings placards, Ampang low-key intervention, and Vanke former largest shareholder of Huarun group to silence, to sound tough against Bao Vanke management...
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The research of language communication education strategy: The Belt and Road background

Jingjing Wang
"Silk Road Economic Belt" and twenty-first century "maritime Silk Road" referred to as "The Belt and Road". "Belt and Road Initiative" as a long-term strategic decision in economic exchanges and interaction along the surrounding countries, plays a long-term role. "Belt and Road Initiative along many...
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On the necessity and measures of cultivating students' ability of cross border in vocal music teaching in Colleges and Universities

Chunmei Rong
With the continuous development of the Performing Arts model, the cross border began to become the goal pursued in various forms of art. In the field of cross border music there are many forms of college students as future successor, it is necessary in college through reasonable and effective education...
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The importance of Chinese National Opera practice in College Vocal Music Teaching

Chunmeng Wang
In the history of the development of Chinese national vocal music, Chinese National Opera occupies the extremely critical position. Although China's national opera and national choral music are different, but there are a lot of similarities between the two, they promote each other in the process of progress,...
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Exploration of clinical teaching reform under the trend of modern medical development

Zhanao Liu
With the continuous development of social economy and the improvement of people's living standard, trained in the traditional medical teaching mode of medical students at the beginning of the new pattern of the "bio - environment - social - psychological - Social Medical Engineering" demand showed some...
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A Study on the English Journals Published by Commercial Press of China

Huanqi Ji, Xie Zhang
Four English Journals had been published by Commercial Press of China in the early twentieth century and the issuing background and theme of the four journals are probed. These four journals have three prominent features: first, they were edited by famous scholars; second, they have a rich content concerning...
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Study Insight of Financial Sharing

Xuan Wang
Financial shared service, which relies on information technology, is based on financial process, and it aims at optimizing organization structure, standardizing process, improving process efficiency, reducing operating cost and creating values. It is a distributed management mode that provides professional...
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On the bottleneck and Countermeasures of vocational college enrollment

Ling Yu, Juan Gao, Haicheng Ning
Vocational college enrollment is the result of the development of education in China, but there are many problems in the enrollment of Higher Vocational colleges. In this paper, the reason of Vocational Colleges Admissions alone as a starting point, analyzes the causes of existing problems in the higher...
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Research on the evaluation system of College Students' practice ability -- Based on the "three oriented" talent cultivation mode

Hui Ji, Tao Li, Hua Tian
With the system of education reform in China and the continuous progress of the implementation of the policy of university enrollment, college students gradually become the main force of social construction and development, and college students' practice ability, has become a good evaluation of students...
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Functions of Nominalization in Scientific News Discourse

Qianbo Li
Under the framework of systemic-functional linguistics, the present study makes much effort to demonstrate the specific functions of nominalization in scientific news discourse. Through the analysis of the data, the discovered functions of nominalization are conciseness, objectivity, formality, thematic...
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Exploring the Negative Attitude in the Study of Anti-aging

Yingying Dai
The topic of anti-aging science has been discussed widely from ancient time to nowadays. Many people are interested in anti-aging, from ancient emperors to ordinary middle aged women. Some people may argue that anti-aging is a positive attitude that they want to stay young. It is understandable if people...
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Research on Teaching Team Construction and Excellent Teaching Team Formation

Ying Wang
Teaching team construction is an effective way to organize the grass-roots level teaching and to enhance the quality of education of colleges and universities. Forming an excellent teaching team needs explicit goal and some of the key factors such as choosing and employing persons using scientific methods,...
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Analysis on Teaching Reform of "Graphic Design" in Higher Vocational Colleges

Keliang Zhang
Graphic design course uses the basic elements of a two-dimensional space to create the image (for example: the use of point, line, surface), and deal with the relationship between image and subject image. In the teaching process of graphic design, how to make students in accordance with the law of formal...
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The Strategies of teaching reform about English language courses based on network autonomous learning

Meng Zou
English linguistics is one of the required courses for hospital staff, whichplays an important role in developing the doctors English language ability. This paperbased on years of teaching practice of English Linguistics and the investigation and analysis of 128 medical staff of a hospital based learning...
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Research on reasonable injection-production ratio of water flooding in the high water cut stage of Lamadian oil field

Xiaoshuang Dong
Lamadian oilfield has developed since the year 1973, which has passed a number of large-scale adjustment. It has come multiple sets of layers and sets of well pattern development pattern, injection-production relationship is complex and ineffective circulation. Therefore, It is necessary to study the...
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Realistic demand and route choice of archives management in Colleges and universities in the information age

Jie Lin
With the advent of the information age, the archives management in Colleges and universities is facing the challenge from the reality. College archives management is the most important part of the daily work in Colleges and universities, and it can measure the management level of colleges and universities....
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Research on Appeal of English Movie Title Translation based on Schema Theory

Dongmei Zhou
This paper aims to analyze translation strategies under the guidance of Adaption Theory. We picked out 100 movies with more than one title from the angle of different schemas to conduct the questionnaire on the basis of Schema theory. to find correlations between schema and appeal of movie titles. Based...
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Research on the Development of Rural Electric Merchants in the Mode of "Internet + Agriculture"

Xuqi Zhang
China is a big agricultural country, the development of agriculture had a very important impact on Chinese economic development. In order to promote the development of agriculture, we must actively seek innovation and improve the intelligent, ecological and precise level of agricultural production. Internet...
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Evolution and Equilibrium Strategy of Carbon Emission Behavior of Electric Power Enterprises under Coal Price Fluctuation

Xilian Wang, Xianmin Jia, Ciyu Ren
Under the carbon trading mechanism, carbon price is an important market signal, different power companies' environmental costs caused by carbon emissions paice and carbon emissions vary widely, it directly affect the economic profits of power companies. Therefore, this paper studies the evolution and...
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Evaluation of Niche Suitability of Regional Technological Innovation Ecosystem

Wei Chen
Analysis of Regional Technological Innovation Ecosystem Suitability from the Perspective of Economic and Technological Environment. The evaluation index system of regional ecosystem of technical innovation ecosystem was constructed and the niche evaluation model was selected to estimate the suitability...
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Research on Integration of University Innovation Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education

Yingzhen Xue
Under the innovation-driven social transformation and economic development trend, how more effective and practical way to cultivate different types of innovative talents, has become an important task of China's reform and development process of Universities face. Diversity, practical and comprehensive...
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Research on the Application of Internet Technology in Real Life Practice

Zhuang Miao
Internet Technology is seen as an extension of the application of the Internet, it is known as the third revolutionary innovation of information technology. Application innovation is the core of the development of Internet Technology, the innovation which taking the user experience as the core is the...
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The Tourism Logistics Transformation and Upgrading behind EC Enterprise "brutal growth"

Qingxiang Wang
With the barbaric growth development of Electronic Commerce, the volume, demand, carrier, upstream and downstream business of tourism logistics have a big business changes. Tourism logistics is facing socialization, networking, systematic and ecologicalization, "the last mile" and other new requirements....
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The Application of Multimedia and Network Technology in Music Teaching of Art Colleges

Xiangdong Tan
This paper take a network sampling investigation partial provinces the higher normal universities music network curriculum construction and the use present situation, discovered that the existence the question, like the course content is unitary, the teaching method is obsolete, the teaching design lacks...
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Application and Public Sector Focus of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

Yaxi Wang
Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) models have been used for a longer period of time in countries around the world, it has become one of the core ideas and measures for many governments to achieve economic goals and enhance public service levels. Although PPP encountered some institutional confusion in...
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The Characteristics of Immunoglobulin and Complement by Aerobic Exercise and Stop Training

Qiaozhen Yan, Liping Dong, Ke Pan
objective To understand the characteristics of immunoglobulin and complement by aerobic exercise and stop training.Mthod Random selection 14 freshmen,4 weeks to aerobic exercise by treadmill(9Km•h-1,gradient is zero,15min) for 45min,and aerobics every other day;Then stop training 4 weeks,phlebotomize...
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The Application of Constructivism Learning Theory in English Teaching

Junjia Kou, Yixian Lv
Based on the theory of constructivist learning and the support of computer network technology, this paper designs the English writing teaching model. Based on constructivism learning theory in the computer network environment, this paper tries to improve the traditional English writing teaching mode,...
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Business English talent cultivation research under the background of regional cross-border electricity

Huijun Yu
The meteoric rise of cross-border e-commerce has become one of the pillars of our foreign trade. Survey found that heavy cross-border e-commerce booming had a large demand for relevant personnel. We think, for the regional economic development, efforts should be made to break through the backstage that...
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Discussion on the Tone of Japanese

He Wang
From the current situation in the teaching and learning of Japanese tones, more and more attention has been paid to the tone of Japanese language. The overall level has been greatly improved no matter from the breadth and depth of the content of the study. Although lots of textbooks and dictionaries...
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A Study on Strategic Management of Higher Vocational Colleges

Yawei Chen
The paper discusses the important significance that the higher vocational colleges carry out the strategic management, focuses on the prominent problems when these colleges plan, make, implement, supervise and assess these strategies, analyzes major difficulties of carrying out the comprehensive strategic...
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Reform and Development of College English Education

Yuanyuan Song
With the rapid economic development, especially after joining the WTO, our country has obtained more opportunities to communicate with other countries.As the major language tool in the world, the function of Englishbecomes more and more prominent.Therefore, our country has a higher demand for the English...
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Presupposition ad Entailment

Yuanli Fan
This paper aims at the distinction of Presupposition and Entailment. Since various kinds of definition misused confusedly. The distinction is always a hot question for discussing. The author tries to distinguish the presupposition and entailment from semantic scope by negation test. The traditional negation...
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The analysis of the situations of hot spring tourism in Yunnan

Wen Gao
The preliminary census identified that Yunnan abounds with out the 1266 natural hot springs and water covered, accounting for about one-third of total of hot springs, and the ranking the first among the provinces and regions in China. In nearly few years, Yunnan's tourism industry association suggested...
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Economic Development of Small and Medium-Sized Cities in Western China under the Background of Silk Road Economic Belt

Ying Lv
The in-depth promotion of the Silk Road economic belt will provide significant development opportunities for the economic development of small and medium-sized cities in western China, which will also be helpful to promote China's westward opening-up strategy, realize regional balanced development, explore...
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A Study on Influencing Factors and Countermeasures of College Students' Burnout in Physical Training

Jinzhu Han
Physical training burnout refers to a series of students' negative psychology and behavior in physical training caused by personal factors and environmental factors. Based on the author's study and practical experience, this paper first summarized the causes of college students' physical training burnout,...
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Research on Guidance Strategies of Online Public Opinion of University Student Emergencies in We Media Era

Yanxia Tang
With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous progress of science and technology, mobile phones, computers and other mobile terminals have changed the communication form of college students to a large extent. In the era of wemedia, college students accept the information more widely...
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Research on the Disciplinary Nature and Curriculum Optimization of Physical Education and Training

Haiyang Dong
Physical education and training, a discipline to study the system of basic theory and method of physical education and sports training, is the subordinate discipline of the first-level discipline sports science, which investigates the law of physical education and sports training based on modern education...
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The Present Situation and Countermeasures of Training Simulation System

Qinxin Meng, Qinlei Meng
Simulation training is a training method in recent years with the development of equipment. The technology is complex, expensive, and high requirement on the operation, so the modern weapons should not make real training compared with rifles and other small arms. Therefore, to strengthen the research...
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A New Insight into Human Resource Management in College Library Based on Knowledge Management

Qiang Qin
College library, the center of the college literature information exchange and the extension of classroom teaching, plays an important role in school teaching and research. In the library management, the emphasis on the management mode with the center of the human resource management is not only the...
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Research on Development Status, Problems and Prospects of Low - carbon Transportation Planning

Baozhong Wang
With the global climate change and low-carbon economy increasingly development, we are concerned about the transport and energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, the development of low-carbon transport has become a priority choice in the transportation industry emission reduction. As an energy...
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Studies on the necessity of the transaction of air pollution emission in 'Dianzhong' economic zone

Wen Gao
"Dianzhong" economic zone is consist on Kunming city, Qujin city, Yuxi city and Chuxiong City. The position of the economic zone is central of Yunnan province. In "Shisanwu"plan, the "Dianzhong" economic zone be considered the cord area, the power and the leader of the economic development of Yunnan...
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An analysis of the factors for educational game design based on mobile platform

Zhe Ji
Digital games have been playing an important role around our lives, including the aspects of learning and education. The way of teaching of digital games can effectively motivate the learners, acting a good supplement of traditional way. With the innovation of technology and popularization of mobile...
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Research on How to Improve Employee Performance with Performance Pay

Liqin Li
Performance pay is often used to link performance and pay, with the aim of motivating employees to work better. This paper explains the impact of performance compensation on employee behavior from both the reinforcement theory and the expectation theory, and puts forward some requirements for the effective...
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Research on the Quality Improvement of Teachers' in Ideological and Political Theory Course in Colleges and Universities under the Background of MOOC

Wei Song
The effect of ideological and political work in colleges and universities depends largely on the level of education and teaching of ideological and political theory. The key lies on the quality of ideological and political theory teachers. The quality of ideological and political theory teachers directly...
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Research on the Incentive Ways of Logistics Staff in Universities from the Perspective of Socialization

Chaochao Chen
With the gradual deepening of socialization reform of logistics in universities, it is extremely necessary to implement scientific and reasonable staff incentive measures. However, the problems that the incentive concepts of the current college logistics enterprise managers lag behind, and incentive...
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The Fiscal Policy of Promoting the Development of Ecological Civilization in Japan and Its Enlightenment to China

Zhengwang Li, Hui Liu
This paper mainly introduces the development of ecological civilization, promotes Japan's fiscal policy, promotes the development of ecological civilization in Japan based on fiscal policy, and puts forward to our country to promote the development of ecological civilization and implications for fiscal...
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The Integration of Cultural Industry and Its Management Innovation

Yiwen Lu
Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, under the proposal and drive of the Communist Party of China(CPC) and the government of China(GOC), the development of cultural industries' cross-border integration has been developing. However, the lag of the mechanism of cultural management system caused the cross-border...
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Study on Capability-oriented Teaching Mode of Business Majors in Private Universities

Hao Gao, Guilan Sun
For private universities to cultivate innovative qualified business talents, it is necessary to reform the existing teaching mode. In this paper, first introduce the concept of capability-oriented teaching mode, demonstrate necessity of capability-oriented teaching mode implement, construction of capability-oriented...
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Scientific Consciousness and Exploration Spirit in Shan Hai Jing

Xi Chen
"Shan Hai Jing" is an ancient Chinese book between the Warring States to the Qin and Han dynasties which more than two thousand years ago, there are a total of 18 books, scholars have paid great attention to its mythological value research since the Ming and Qing. The last century 80 years later, some...
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Path Selection for Coordinative Development of National Economy Mobilization Informationization and Logistics Visualization

Tongyu Ji, Hongqiang Han
as the crucial constituent of modern war, national economy mobilization informationization complies with current development trends of times, which could be an effective method to transform the civilian resources in national economic system to the military resources. It is closely related with the logistics...
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Research on Laboratory Construction and Teaching Reform of Public Physical Education in Colleges and Universities at Internet + Era

Jianxue Liu
The arrival of the Internet + era poses new challenges for the construction and teaching reform of public sports laboratories in colleges and universities. This paper discusses the management system, laboratory construction and the present situation of PE teaching in public colleges and universities,...
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The application of flipped classroom in the teaching of Computer Application Basis

Rongfu Wang, Hongli Zhao, Xiufen Zeng
"Computer application basis" is a compulsory cultural basic course for college students; however, there are many inadequacies in this course, including large gaps among students in terms of learning basis, lacking of interests on study, weak learning abilities and lacking of the basic conditions in school...
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A Study on the Development Paths of Special Agricultural Products Industrialization in Underdeveloped Areas

Luan Hu, Qing Wang
The underdeveloped areas are characterized by high proportion of agriculture, distinctive agricultural resources, and unique advantage of regional economic development, which provides favorable conditions and vast space for the development of industrialization management of distinctive agricultural products....
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Research on the Art Design of Public Space of Rail Transit

Yulan Li, Lin Zhang
Rail transit has become one of the most important means of transportation for urban residents. It is an urgent problem to be studied that how to show the cultural characteristics of the station area and its cities by the artistic design of the public space of the rail transit in our country. In this...
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Research on the Logic and Thinking of Constructing Fault Tolerant Mechanism under Pressure Management in China

Qin Guo
Chinese great achievements in economic construction due to the Chinese characteristics of the pressure-based governance model at a large extent. Under the pressure management, the policy indicators together with the responsibility and pressure by layer decomposition overweight, and it is seen as an important...
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Research on Problems and Solutions of Urban Community Elderly Physical Fitness Services under Healthy Aged Tendency – Take Hubei Province for Example

Honglian Guo, Hongping Cheng
This paper analyzes the current situation of the elderly sports service in the urban community by investigating the status quo of the elderly sports in the urban community of Hubei Province and the investigation of the situation of the elderly sports service in the community by literature, questionnaires,...
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Research on Causes and Prevention of Incision Infection in Patients Undergoing Abdominal Surgery in Department of Gynecology

Xiuming Chen
Objective: To explore the risk factors of incision infection in abdominal surgery in the department of gynecology. Methods: A total of 240 patients who underwent abdominal surgery in Baotou City Gynaecology Hospital were enrolled in the study, including 120 incision infection patients and 120 non- infection...
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A Study on the Application of Micro Blog Platform in Contemporary College English Teaching

Ling Luo
The rapid development of network technology has a great impact on students' learning. In particular, the emergence of blogs, wikis, podcasts and other application software based on web technology provide a broad platform for sharing resources and information, and shorten the distance between people....
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Financial Management Professional Teaching Reform Research

Saiyan Ya
in this paper, using the practical teaching theory analyzes the present situation of financial management teaching, find out the existing problems and puts forward establishing practical teaching system, the simulation practice teaching system and the field practice teaching system of teaching reform...
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A Research on the Legal Issues of the Third Party Electronic Payment

Meng Cheng
With the rapid development of China's e-commerce, the third party payment as a payment platform came into being, but it is not mature in the market operation as a payment platform on account of a series of problems like payment security. Based on the author's study and practice experience, this paper...
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Legal Problems of Property Right Transactions of State-owned Enterprises from the Perspective of Mixed Ownership

Kai Deng
One of the core steps in managing state-owned assets is the property right transaction of state-owned enterprises, which not only can optimize the layout and structure of the state-owned economy, but also can increase the value of state-owned assets. In addition, this will make the management of state-owned...
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Legal Problem Research on the Protection of Consumer Rights in Electronic Commerce

Weiwei Fu
Electronic commerce is a modern trading mode in the daily life, having a rapid development in recent years. However, the protection problems of the rights of consumers in e-commerce have impeded the development process. This paper analyzes the infringement ofconsumer's right to know, consumer's right...
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Research on the Civil Liability System of the Anti-Monopoly Law in China

Shantao Hao
The basic objective of the civil liability system of the anti-monopoly law is to prevent the occurrence of the illegal monopolyand to punish illegal monopoly behaviors. However, the civil liability system of the anti-monopoly law in our country is relatively rough and the operability is also relatively...
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Research on the Perfection of Legal Protection System of Commercial Secret in China

Jiwei Jiao
Trade secret has high economic value. If the operator obtains the trade secret of the competitor, he will have a very large competitive advantage in the competition. There are many shortages in the legal protection system of commercial secretin our country, such as ambiguous legal nature, scattered law...
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A Study on the College English Teaching Reform Based on the Cultivation of Applied Talents

Cuiping Han
With the transformation of higher education from elite education to mass education in China, the social and individual needs for English talents are multi-level and pay more attention to the practicality of talents. Under the overall framework of applied talents training, the reform of English teaching...
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The Help and Influence of Memetics Theory in Applied Linguistic on Second Language Acquisition Teaching

Na Lin
College English teaching has a history more than ten years in our country, focusing on only from the transmission of language knowledge to improve the use of language skills. Through the test results of the past few years, it can be clearly found in a variety of skills, the weakest part of the students...
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Study on College English Teaching Design from the Perspective of Cross-culture

Ni Wang
At present, there is a misunderstanding of "instrumentalism" in the practice of college English teaching in our country, which is not conducive to the cultivation of compound talents and the improvement of its quality. According to the UNESCO Declaration on Higher Education in the World and the Declaration...
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On the Cultivation of Comprehensive Quality of Martial Arts Specialized Students

Jianfu Feng
In the era of knowledge economy, the author puts forward new requirements for the quality of Martial Arts talents in the 21st century. At the same time, it also brings opportunities and challenges to the development of Martial Arts education. Only by changing the educational thought, optimizing the quality...
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The Development Direction of The New Chinese-style Mahogany Furniture Design-Based on Market Trend Concerning the Generation of 1980s/1990s

Jing Zeng, Shuang Deng
With much more attention paid to the traditional Chinese culture, mahogany furniture is getting increasingly popular around the world. How can mahogany furniture be in line with the aesthetics taste of the generation of 1980s/1990s and be more folksy to people This paper will explore the design orientation...
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Construction and Implementation of the Flipped Classroom Teaching Mode of College English from the Perspective of Ecology

Jingjing Guan
Classroom ecology regards English classroom as an ecosystem, and regards teachers and students as key elements of common development in a harmonious environment. With the development of information technology, flipped classroom, a new teaching mode, has entered our field of vision, and been carried out...
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A Study on the Equity Crowd Funding Operation Model and Its Risk Regulation in China

Xiuping Li
With low operational risk, low transaction cost and high efficiency, Internet finance has become an important means to develop economy in recent years, which has injected new vitality into the financial development in the world. As a new type of Internet financing model, crowd funding breaks the scope...
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Research on the Application of Feedback Mechanism in Product Interaction Design

Jiawei Song
This paper first describes the application of feedback mechanism in product interaction design, analyzes the relationship between feedback behavior and its relationship with feedback behavior from the theoretical level. Finally, it analyzes the application mechanism of feedback behavior in product interaction...
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The Necessity and Perfect path of the Chinese State-run Pension Institutions in PPP

Hongyu Sun
The implementation of Chinese state-run pension institutions in PPP is conducive to compensating for the government subsidies,promoting the reform process of the state-run old care institutions and accelerating the transformation of government functions.At present,in the implementation process,corporategovernancestructure...
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Considerations on the "Mutual Embedding" of Tibetan, Hui, Tu, Salar and Mongolian and Han Nationality in the Perspective of Intermarriage——Data Analysis Based on Qinghai Province

Shiliang Wang
Intermarriage is an important part of the study of ethnic relations and it is also an important consideration for national interdependence. Taking the marriage registration data of six counties in Qinghai Province as an example, this paper tries to analyze the "interlocking" situation of the Tibetan,...
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A Discussion on the Improvement of the Construction and Management of Small-scale Farmland Water Conservancy

Ruohan Wang
There are some problems in the construction and management of small-scale farmland water conservancy projects in China, which affects the development of small-scale water conservancy projects to a certain extent. In this case, it is necessary to analyze the construction and management of small-scale...
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The Discussion about the Characteristics and Influence of Digital Media Art Design

Lan Chong
Digital technology has accelerated the transformation from tradition to modern in society, and the field of art design is inevitably joined, which makes the digital media art design have become a new subject, therefore, it's of great significance that how to understand the characteristic of Digital Media...
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Rural Community Governance and Cultural Construction in Contemporary China

Na Ning
The construction of rural community culture is not only an organic part of rural community public service construction, but also the inherent requirement of building a harmonious society in rural areas. China is in a critical period of transition from traditional society to modern society, and the construction...
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The anthropocene context of tourism land scapeplanning- the case of tourism ecology planning and design project of Zhi Ao Stone Village, Huanglong Township, Shengsi County, Zhejiang.

Geng Huang, Xinqun Feng, Feng Lin
The original ecological environment in an absolute sense such as climate, geography, biology, hydrology and others of the earth have been profoundly, thoroughly and permanently altered by human activities. [1]The earth's environment has been constantly changing for thousands of years under human activities,...
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A Study on Problems and Countermeasures in Mixed Ownership Reform of State-owned Enterprises

Xiaoling Zheng
The State Council issued the Opinions on the Development of Mixed Ownership Economy in State-owned Enterprises on September 24, 2015, which pointed out that the development of mixed ownership economy is an important measure to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises. It is necessary to promote the...
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On the Herd Behaviour of University Students Based on the Studies of Social Psychology

Chunlin Li, Weixi Zeng
The herd behavior of university students is a common phenomenon of social psychology in university campus. This paper analyzes the concept and nature of university students' conformity behavior and summarizes the four common kinds of herd behavior, including learning herd behavior, occupation herd behavior,...
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Research on Tourism Development of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Tian Wang
Cultural development of intangible cultural heritage can inject capital into the protection of intangible cultural heritage and realize its unique charm. The further excavation of cultural connotation of intangible cultural heritage also promotes the further development of tourism development, thus forming...
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A Study on Principles of Rural Landscape Design under the Concept of Sustainable Development

Zhi You, Yulan Li
The concept of sustainable development has been universally recognized once it is put forward. Today, it has become a universal policy objective in the international landscape planning. In the face of the current economic crisis, rural landscape design should take its duty to make the sustainable development...
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Research on Brand Building Strategy of Agricultural Products

Yajuan Sun
In recent years, Chinese agricultural brands around the construction of a lot of useful exploration, established pollution-free food, green food, organic food as a priority to the development of the object. Since 2004, the central government has introduced five consecutive "one document", agricultural...
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Research on Consumer Behavior in Mobile Internet Environment

Junli Zhang
In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile commerce at home and abroad, users' consumption through the mobile terminal network increased. In order to realize the continuous development and innovation of the mobile electronic business model and e-commerce application model, it is very important...
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Research on the Application of Personalized Education in College Physical Education

Le Kang
With the progress of society, people began to pursue individuality. The personalized talent can be able to work better in the job, to promote the development of various industries. As a training place for talents, colleges and universities need to pay attention to individualization, and physical education...
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Research on Home Old Aged Support Model in Rural Areas

Dan Liu
With the emergence of the phenomenon of population aging, the number of rural elderly population is increasing. Community home care model is the most suitable for rural areas in China's old-age model, in order to meet their material needs, life care service needs, medical service needs and leisure and...
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Research of Management Mechanism for Sport Injuries in University

Yue Li
Using the literature material method, interview method, field survey method and other methods, with eight universities in jiangsu province sports injury accident risk management research as the breakthrough point, the current physical education problems and restricting factors of emergency risk management...
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The Realistic Predicament of the" Spirit of the Craftsman" in Higher Vocational Education

Qiong He
The cultivation of spirit of the craftsman should become an important goal of personnel training in vocational education, but higher vocational and technical colleges are facing a series of difficulties, such as misunderstanding, embarrassment of social image and lack of social culture. this paper puts...
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The Realistic Predicament and Countermeasures of the Entrepreneurial Innovation Ability Training in Higher Vocational Students

Qiong He
Higher vocational college students' innovative entrepreneurial ability training is an important thing, at the same time also faces many problems. Therefore, we need to establish a rationalization of higher vocational students' innovative ability training goal; Example for entrepreneurial innovation ability...
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Narrative Inquiry on the Formation of Practical Knowledge of College English Teachers' Teaching Reform

Linzhi Shao
In the teaching reform, teachers as a direct practice, the success or failure of teaching reform plays a direct role. This year, with the advance of the new curriculum reform, the practicality of teaching reform has been pushed to the cusp. The teacher's practical knowledge is closely related to the...
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Study on the Mechanism of Science and Technology in Poverty Alleviation

Manlu Yang, Yu He
The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the concept of shared development. It is clear that all the poor areas and poor people in the country will enter a comprehensive well-off society in 2020. Sichuan Province will play a supporting role in poverty alleviation and promote...
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Research on Enterprise Information Construction Based on Computer Application Technology

Min Lai, Zheng Liang Liu
With the deepening of the technological level of our country, especially the computer technology is not interrupted to improve, information technology should become a broad synonym for the development of Chinese enterprises, computer, network technology and information processing technology has become...
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Research on the Current Situation of and Measures for Accountability Audit of Military Cadres

Siyuan Wei, Chengwei Liu, Tongyu Ji
Since the implementation of the accountability audit of military cadres, the relevantrules and regulations and mechanismhave been constantly improved. A new wayto comply with thetrend of modern auditing in China andmodernization construction of army has been developed. However, there are some problems...
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Analysis of Factors Posing an Impact on Air Quality in Chengdu

Chengwei Liu, Siyuan Wei, Tongyu Ji
As an inland megacity, Chengdu plays a leading role in economic development of Sichuan. In recent years, it has seen rapid economic development. With such rocketing development of economy, the environment problem is becoming increasingly predominant. This paper includes statistical analysis of the atmosphere...
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The Analysis of Legal Issues to the Houses With Limited Property Rights

Yilin Wang
In recent years houses with limited property rights are inevitably becoming a topic that ignites controversy on a number of fronts. What is the limited property rights for houses How shall we give a proper definition for them Why are they so prosperous and what is the authority's stance Whether they...
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Study on Problems and Countermeasures of Labor Supervision in China

Jiaqi Zhang
Labor supervision is a kind of measure that the state uses administrative power to intervene and supervise labor relations. It is of great significance to prevent the labor disputes and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of employees. It also means a lot for building harmonious and stable labor...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Civil Servants at the Grass-roots Level

Ping Zhang
There are huge number of civil servants sticking to the first line, and they directly contact with the masses and responsible for the administrative management and service. It's extremely important for government to improve the ability of government public administration to improve quality of the team....