Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

1117 authors
Li, Yi
Digital Transformation and Ecosystem of Smart Pillows
Li, Yi
Research on the Impacts of Covid-19 on U.S. Medical Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model
Li, Yi-Ming
A Study of the Co-movement and Spillover Effects of Stock Markets Among China and ASEAN-5 Countries
Li, Yihao
Board Gender Diversity and Earnings Management: Evidence from China
Li, Yinuo
The impact of biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries on regional economies during the epidemic period
Li, Yonghao
What Marketing Strategies Did Mercedes-Benz Use to Succeed in the US Market?
Li, Yuanhui
The Ethical Dilemma for Ele.Me
Li, Yuanyu
Impacts of Covid-19 on Consumption-Related Industries Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model
Li, Yuejia
Analysis on the Stock Value of United Rentals, Inc. During COVID-19 -- Based on the Theory of Value Investment
Li, Yueqing
Evidences and Explanations for the Momentum Effect in the World: A Literature Review
Li, Yuexuan
Which Platform is Better for Business: Instagram VS Twitter
Li, Yueyi
The Study of Virtual Fitting Room in China
Li, Yufei
Analysis on Factors Affecting Life Insurance Demand in China
Li, Yujie
The Relationship Between Women Household Activity Hours and the Wage Gap Between Men and Women
Li, Yunchen
Entry Point for China’s Climate Policy
Li, Yuning
The Impact of the Pandemic on Chinese Economy
Li, Yuyang
Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy of Apparel Luxury Goods on Chinese E-commerce Platform
Li, Zexin
Research and Analysis on Markowitz Model and Index Model of Portfolio Selection
Li, Zeyu
Research on Capital Asset and Investment Portfolio
Li, Zhaoyu
A Literature Review on the Evidence and Limitation for the AMH Theory
Li, Zhengyan
Analysis of China’s Income Inequality from the Perspective of Opportunity Inequality
Li, Zhiheng
The Study of the “Size Effect” on the Market Efficiency and the Market Anomalies in NASDAQ
Li, Zhongyue
Entry Point for China’s Climate Policy
Li, Zihan
The Impact of Corporate Cash Holding on Stock Price Crash Risk: Evidence from China
Li, Zongyu
Luxury During the Epidemic: The Rise of the Chinese Market
LiYuan, Fu
Analysis of the Economics Behind Gree-style Survival
Liang, Chantel
The Impact Factors of Protectionism on China
Liang, Haohong
Learning from the Past Ten-Year Effects of Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA)
Liang, Jiahui
Research on the Relationship Between Customer Satisfaction and Compensation Plan in U.S Airline Industry
Liang, Jiaxin
The Influence of Social Environment on Victoria’s Secret Advertising
Liang, Junye
Research on the Relationship Between High Tech Company Stocks & Investment
Liang, Qianwen
Strategic Management and Financial Analysis in the Context of Epidemic -- A Case Study of Coca-Cola Company
Liang, Tianchen
The Method of the Money Making Mechanism of TikTok
Liang, Xiaohan
Investment Analysis of Airline Companies in Pandemic
Liang, Yi
Market Change: How to Transform and Upgrade Luxury Goods in the New Era
Liang, Yudong
Influencer Marketing for Start-ups: The Rise of Micro-influencers
Liang, Yuewen
Research on Marketing Mix Strategy of PDD E-commerce Platform
Liang, Yuran
Merger Arbitrage’s Performance in Different Regions After Covid-19
Liao, Bingyi
The Impact of China’s Fertility Decline on China’s Economy
Lin, Fengwu
Catholic Sponsorship of Art in Baroque Period and Its Enlightenment to Modern Art Investors
Lin, Haichuan
Overview on the Growth and Development of TikTok’s Globalization
Lin, Haotian
The Study of Virtual Fitting Room in China
Lin, Jing
Analysis of the Current Situation and Development of Tencent WeChat
Lin, Rui
The Effects of Covid-19 on the Online Food Delivery Industry
Lin, Xi
The Progress of Cryptocurrency Assets Investment from Financial Perspectives: Risks, Comparisons and Impacts
Lin, Xixi
Analysis on Promoting Employment of College Graduates Under the COVID-19 Pandemic
Lin, Yixuan
Analysis of Digital Marketing of China’s Automobile Manufacturing Industry During Pandemic Time
Ling, Kedi
A Rising Marketing Star – A Study into Douyin Marketing
Liu, Bingchen
Actuarial Research Based on Pension Insurance for Urban Residents in China
Liu, Botao
Covid-19’S Effects on Inequality in The American Labor Market from Three Perspectives: Skill, Race, and Gender
Liu, Chang
What Business Leaders Can Learn About Intercultural Negotiations from the Kosovo Conflict
Liu, Chuanze
Research on Lego Multi-channel Development: Success and Improvement
Liu, Feier
Analysis of Success Factors and Developing Potential of Pop Mart
Liu, Fengyang
The Different Perception and Reaction of Customers Towards Traditional Marketing and Influencer Marketing in Food Industry
Liu, Gisele
The Correlation Between Desire Thinking and Compulsive Buying
Liu, Han
Industrial Expansion and Brand Empowerment of Intangible Cultural Heritage Technologies Under the Background of Industrial Science and Technology
Liu, Hanfei
Research on Brand Remodeling and Marketing Strategy Optimization of Chinese Domestic Cosmetics in Post-pandemic Era
Liu, Hanyang
The Impact of Internet Finance on the Systemic Risk of China’s Listed Commercial Banks
Liu, Haoyang
Financial Statements and Analysis, Taking Tencent as an Example
Liu, Hongyu
Development of the Emerging Shoe Market and Its Problems
Liu, Jia
The Concealed Fact: Relationship of Healthcare Performance and Income Inequality in the United States Based on Factor Analysis
Liu, Jianfeng
Strategies for the Service Industry to Effectively Overcome the Crisis: Meituan’s Specific Practices During COVID-19
Liu, Jin
Research on Capital Asset and Investment Portfolio
Liu, Lu
Influencing Factors of Stock Price Crash Risk
Liu, Meiling
Research on the Tourism Development of Traditional Villages in Leizhou Peninsula from H-I-S Perspective
Liu, Minjie
Management Economics in the Development of Bilibili
Liu, Qianyin
The Importance of Effective Regulatory Control in the Pharmaceutical Industry in China
Liu, Rui
The Effect of Wealth Increase on Education and Entertainment Consumption in China
Liu, Wenjuan
Analysis on the Positive and Negative Effects of Science and Technology
Liu, Xingyu
Digital Transformation and Ecosystem of Smart Pillows
Liu, Xinyao
A Review on the Relationship Between Portfolio Concentration and Fund Manager Performance
Liu, Xinyi
The Effectiveness of Fourth U.S. Quantitative Easing Policy on China
Liu, Xinyi
The Influential Factors on Consumer Purchase Intention for Organic Food in China
Liu, Xinyi
Study on the Mechanism and Path of Integrating Craftsmanship Spirit Into Vocational Quality-oriented Education for Vocational Students
Liu, Xinyu
The Progress of Digital Currency Electronic Payment
Liu, Xuhui
Board Gender Diversity and Corporate Financial Investment: Evidence from China
Liu, Xuran
Analysis on Employment Status of College Graduates during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Liu, Xusheng
Based on SWOT Analysis to Explore the Marketing Strategy of Sexy Tea’s Inconvenience
Liu, Yangyu
A Summary of the Marketing Strategies of Luxury Cosmetics Brands
Liu, Yantong
Smart Pet Collars Possess Potential in the Chinese Market
Liu, Yaxuan
The performances of Financial Models During COVID-19: Evidence from CAPM and Fama-French Five Factors Model
Liu, Yi
E-commerce Price War Based on Game Theory
Liu, Yihai
Study on Evaluation of the Level of Enterprises Management and Choice of Business Strategy from Enterprises Annual Financial Statements
Liu, Yiran
Apple Inc. Strategic Marketing Analysis and Evaluation
Liu, Youjing
Marketing Strategy During the Pandemic: A Study of Chinese Live Streaming E-commerce Based on Taobao Live
Liu, YuJie
Transit Ridesharing System Using Tradable Credit Under Asymmetric Transaction Costs
Liu, Yuchen
Investigation of the Valuation Model and Asset Allocation Based on Duration
Liu, Yuchen
Policy Performance Analysis of Six Stability and Six Guarantees Based on Empirical Analysis
Liu, Yuhao
Evolution of Sanitary Pads: From the Traditional Product to a Tethered Digital Platform
Liu, Yulin
Risk Analysis of Enterprise Financial Derivatives: Evidence from MGRM Company
Liu, Yunran
Investment Analysis on the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Company Under Covid-19 Pandemic
Liu, Yunran
The Effect of Corporate Cash Holding on Idiosyncratic Risk: Evidence from China
Liu, Yuqi
Analysis of the Marketing Strategies of Fashion Brands in the Economic Environment of Social Media
Liu, Zhentu
Comparing Between Chinese College Entrance Examination and UCAS by Using Market Design Theory
Liu, Zhiyue
The Valuation Strategies of Artificial Intelligence Startups: The Investment Analysis of MEGVII
Liu, Zhizhen
Research on the Performance Form and Breakthrough Path of Current Interest Solidification in China
Liu, Zihan
Covid-19’S Effects on Inequality in The American Labor Market from Three Perspectives: Skill, Race, and Gender
Liu, Ziyu
Analysis on Promoting Employment of College Graduates Under the COVID-19 Pandemic
Research on the Choice of Enterprise Value Investing Under the New Environment
Long, Yuanqiao
An Empirical Study on the Impact of Policy on Stock Volatility of Construction Materials