Proceedings of the 2021 3rd International Conference on Economic Management and Cultural Industry (ICEMCI 2021)

1117 authors
Jiang, Yi
Does Institutional Investor Ownership Influence Corporate Cash Holding?
Jiang, Yibing
The Development Process and Future Prospects of Auctions
Jiang, Yizi
Impacts of Covid-19 on Consumption-Related Industries Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model
Jiang, Yucheng
Application Research Based on GSP Auction Mechanism
Jiang, Zizhao
Research on the Development of Pension Real Estate in China
Jianhong, Li
Retail Investor Attention and Firm Investment Efficiency
Jie, Lv
Study on the Surgical Scheduling Problem Considering the Uncertainty of Operation Time
Jiexiang, Wang
Industrial Internet Based on Value Co-creation Theory Platform Ecosystem Innovation Strategy Research
Jin, Chuhang
Analysis of the Development Prospect of AI Companies in China
Jin, Huizhu
Research on the Influence of Covid-19 on U.S. Business Service Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model
Jin, Mingzhou
Research and Analysis on Markowitz Model and Index Model of Portfolio Selection
Jin, Shaopeng
How to Shape the Brand Magnetic Field? The Generative Logic of Consumption Resonance
Jin, Yanqiao
Strategy from the Perspective of Supply Chain
Jin, Yizi
Stock Analysis Strategy for US’s Stock Market Based on Risk, Profitability, and Market Value Insights
Jin, Yuhan
The Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture Industry in U.S Stock Market
Jin, Zhenxin
The Application of Business Analytics in the Era of Big Data
Jingkun, Zhou
Theoretical Framework, Case Study and Policy Implication of Cultural Capital Prompting Regional Innovation
Jun, Yu
Theoretical Framework, Case Study and Policy Implication of Cultural Capital Prompting Regional Innovation
Kang, Xiyao
Feasibility of Setting Up a Personal Credit Institution in Somalia
Kang, Ziyuan
Do Hedge Funds Hedge in Recent 20 Years?
Ke, ZhiHao
Do Hedge Funds Hedge in Recent 20 Years?
Kong, Ruolin
Difference Between Virtual Idols and Traditional Entertainment from Technical Perspectives
Kong, Yiwei
Board Gender Diversity and Corporate Financial Investment: Evidence from China
Kuang, Jianing
The Effects of the Paris Agreement on Stock Markets: Evidence from Clean Energy Stocks
LIANG, Jieyu
Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Urban Agglomeration Competitiveness in Pearl River Delta
LIU, Weihua
The Rule of Law and Foreign Direct Investment
Lai, Huatong
The Success of Luxury Goods Branding in China: A Case Study of Gucci
Lai, Wenhao
Chinese Macroliquidity System and Comprehensive Liquidity Index
Lai, Yiwa
Research on Building Industry in U.S. Stock Market during COVID-19
Lan, Xiang
Adolescent Obesity: Case Study of McDonald’s Happy Meal
Lan, Yingjun
Evaluating the Efficiency Between Discounted Cashflow Valuation and Residual Income Valuation
Le, Simin
The Applications of NPV in Different Types of Markets
Lei, Yanfeng
Cultural Distance and the Export of Film and TV Works: Verification Based on China and B&R Countries
Lei, Yuting
Do Hedge Funds Hedge in Recent 20 Years?
Lei (Dexter), Cong
Analysis of U.S. Economic Under the Covid-19 Epidemic
Lemiao, Fan
Digital Expansion Path from the Perspective of Diversification Strategies
Li, Bingcan
Analysis of Tesla’s Marketing Strategy in China
Li, Binghao
Overseas-Study Industry
Li, Chen
Institutional Investor and Firm Financialization: Evidence from China
Li, Chengzong
Influence and Prospect of Chinese Hog Futures- Live Hog Industry Perspective
Li, Chenle
Business Analytics for Used Car Price Prediction with Statistical Models
Li, Chenyu
Inflation in the US During Covid-19 Crisis: Cause, Current Status, and Moving Forward
Li, Chunsheng
Survey Data Analysis Using Information Theory – A New Method for Business Research
Li, Chunsheng
Online Impulse Buying: Impact of Internet Celebrity Endorsement and Peer Pressure
Li, Chunsheng
Modelling Time Series Customer Preference Based on E-commerce Website
Li, Fuyun
The Ethical Dilemma for Ele.Me
Li, Haiyun
The Influential Factors on Consumer Purchase Intention for Organic Food in China
Li, Hanwen
An Analysis of Branding Practices of Airbnb: Implication for Future Strategic Planning
Li, Hanyu
Investigate the Capital Structure of Facebook Based on Financial Model
Li, Haoying
Strategies for the Service Industry to Effectively Overcome the Crisis: Meituan’s Specific Practices During COVID-19
Li, Hengrui
Does Institutional Investor Ownership Influence Corporate Cash Holding?
Li, Jianchun
Study on the Mechanism and Path of Integrating Craftsmanship Spirit Into Vocational Quality-oriented Education for Vocational Students
Li, Jiarui
Analysis on Promoting Employment of College Graduates Under the COVID-19 Pandemic
Li, Jiawei
Cultural Industry System Based on Interest Rate Risk Analysis of Commercial Banks
Li, Jiaxuan
Panic Buying and Its Causes: A Case Study of the US Toilet Paper Market
Li, Jiaying
Analysis of Four Technology Related Industries Before and After COVID-19 Based on Fama-French Five-Factor Model
Li, Jie
Research on the Methods of Maximizing the Profits of Enterprise Shareholders
Li, Jing
Research on the Position of Both China and US to Deal with the Financial and Economic Problems Caused by COVID-19
Li, Junrong
The Impact of Covid 19 on the American Airlines Industry
Li, Keyang
Potential Arbitrage Analysis
Li, Keying
Research of Impact of COVID-19 on Clothing Industry Using Fama-French Five-Factor Model
Li, Kunyang
Study on Precision Marketing Strategy of Foreign Trade Corporation
Li, Meiying
Analysis of Firms’ Share Repurchases ‘Causation: A Case Study of Starbucks
Li, Menghan
Research on Accounting Information System Based Big Data
Li, Muxi
Prediction of Bitcoin Price Based on the Hidden Markov Model
Li, Qibing
Analysis of Innovation Opportunities for AirTag
Li, Qingzhi
The Economic Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on the U.S. Industries
Li, Qiqi
The Impacts of COVID-19 on the Indexes
Li, Rui
A Literature Review on the Evidence and Limitation for the AMH Theory
Li, Ruiyi
For Web Software Company– A Micro Company But a Global Business
Li, Runshi
Investigation for Smartfood’s Market Ability Based on Regression Analysis
Li, Ruoyao
The Influence of Female Consumer Psychology on the Experience-based Economy
Li, Ruoying
Construction of Distribution System of Coronavirus Based on Talmud Bankruptcy Distribution
Li, Shengjie
Influencer Marketing and Traditional Marketing in China: How Does Influencer Marketing in the Leisure Food Industry Affect Purchase Intention
Li, Shenhong
The Morality Impact of Price War and Low Salary on the Chinese Delivery Industry’s Workers
Li, Shiqi
Leadership Style, Organizational Culture and Performance: Evidence from China’s Manufacturing Industry
Li, Shuaitong
The Influence of “Double 11” by Anchoring Effect
Li, Shuwu
The Use of Information and Communication Technology in Educational Management in the 21st Century for Higher Education Trend in China
Li, Shuyi
Research on the Relationship Between High Tech Company Stocks & Investment
Li, Siqi
Business Analysis in Modeling of Financial Risk
Li, Siyi
Research on the Role of Chinese Board of Directors in Anti-hostile Takeover
Li, Siyi
Analysis of Bitcoin Development and Investment Value
Li, Sizhe
Exploring the Digital Age: The Carrying Capacity of Virtual Reality Technology for Historical and Cultural Heritage
Li, Tianyu
Analysis of Bitcoin Development and Investment Value
Li, Tingjun
Analysis of U.S. Sector of Services with Fama-French 5-Factor Model During the Covid-19
Li, Wanyi
Research on Sustainable Product Design Strategy in Sharing Economy in Post Epidemic Period
Li, Wanying
Analysis of Bitcoin Development and Investment Value
Li, Weiyue
Influencer Marketing and Traditional Marketing in China: How Does Influencer Marketing in the Leisure Food Industry Affect Purchase Intention
Li, Xiaoyu
Comparison of Different Asset Pricing Models Based on Alibaba and Tencent Stocks
Li, Xinghao
Based on SWOT Analysis to Explore the Marketing Strategy of Sexy Tea’s Inconvenience
Li, Xinglin
Marketing Strategies Based on the Analysis on the Features of Tool Knives
Li, Xinrui
A Comparative Analysis of the Credit Rating System Between China and the United States
Li, Xinyi
Evaluation of JianKang Health Club’s Business Model Research
Li, Xinyi
The Effect of Corporate Cash Holding on Idiosyncratic Risk: Evidence from China
Li, Xuliang
DuPont Analysis on the Financial Capacity of Midea and Gree Company
Li, Yan
Does Institutional Investor Ownership Influence Corporate Cash Holding?
Li, Yan
Research on the Investment Value and Regulation of Bitcoin
Li, Yanyu
Analysis on the Functions of Financial Intermediary
Li, Yating
Analysis of the Risk and Control of the Micro-credit Companies
Li, Yating
Marketing Strategies of Chinese Cosmetic Brands in Local Market