Proceedings of the 2015 3rd International Conference on Education, Management, Arts, Economics and Social Science

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The Theory of Aesthetic Characteristics of Chinese Court Dance

Yanbin Ding
In the ancient Chinese art, poetry, music and dance, and then gradually produces the differentiation, the formation of the distinctive arts, and the palace dance with its reigns for the lofty status and economic power, focused mainly on folk dance dance in all walks of life essence for its political...
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Research on the application of network public opinion in government crisis management

Zhigang Li, Hongqi Chen
In today's society with the rapid development of network information, network public opinion development plays a more and more important role in crisis events, in the government crisis management also gradually learn to use the public opinion of network to carry on the control and treatment. But now...
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Some Discussion on China's animation industry profit model

Hongqi Chen, Li Zhigang Li Zhigang
With the advent of large number of domestic anime, China's animation industry has reached an unprecedented degree of prosperity, but may not realize is unclear animation industry in our country there is still a lack of profitability, lack of innovation, industry chain imperfect . From our current major...
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The significance of network literature in China and its value bearing

BinYing Wu, JingHui Wu
With the development of the times, the development of the society is obviously accelerated. Network literature has also been influenced, which is more unique, showing a more innovative development trend. At the same time, the network literature also presents some development problems, this paper makes...
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A Microcosmic Research of Library Layering Service Equity

ZhiYuan Zhao
As infrastructure of Chinese cultural construction, library is of far-reaching importance to the promotion of comprehensive national quality. Implementing layering service in libraries is effective utilization of library resources. Layering services at demands of different groups represents equity of...
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Study on Long-term Mechanism for Voluntary Service of College Students in Children’s Welfare Work

HaiZhou Bao
Voluntary service of college students in children’s welfare work is a manifestation of colleges and universities serving the society, which can not only train personal quality of college students, but also produce important influence on the construction of socialist spiritual civilization in China. However,...
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Thinking on Reform and Innovation of College Dance Education under New Media Environment

Yuan Chen
The spread of social dance art is vital work in the process of college dance education. Dance talents cultivated not only have strong adaptive capacity, but also can combine skills and techniques and social demands very well. Talents of such type are also called as dance art. In particular, they have...
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Teaching Research on Vocational English Based on Learning Needs

HuaFang Cui
Nowadays, English for vocational college students, is not only a compulsory course but also a subject that plays an important role in their comprehensive competence development and future career path. However, because of the impact rooted in Chinese traditional education, there are now a great number...
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Resource Superiority of University-enterprise Cooperation of Investment-oriented Enterprises

XiaoLi Dang
Based on analyzing some problems existing in university-enterprise cooperation process, this paper discusses university-enterprise cooperation from three aspects (university-enterprise cooperation idea, cooperation platform and cooperation system) and proposes can effectively utilize the superiority...
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Study on improving the teaching quality of English curriculum of self-taught major

Wanjuan Ding
Through the form of questionnaire survey and individual interviews,carry on sample investigation of English learning situation of the students who major in Wood Science and Engineering in School of Materials Science and Engineering, analyze and summarize from the learning motivation, learning interest,...
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Food Hygiene and Quality Control in Food Processing

Dehong Du
Food safety is crucial to guarantee human life health safety and promote social stability and social stability. However, as various kinds of food increase in the market, food quality and safety accidents take place frequently, and food processing and production are faced with severe challenges. Thus,...
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Analysis of the Inserting Way of National Culture in the New Media Advertising

SongShuang Duan
The development of economic construction has brought civilization and creativity, but civilization and creativity also promote the progress of the society. Advertising media is a typical development of social civilization from the traditional paper media, radio station to the new media. Under the open...
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Study on Teaching Reform of Employment-oriented International Trade Specialty

Lijun Fang, Ruirui Hou
International trade specialty is an applied subject with strong comprehensiveness in colleges, so professional ability training for students majoring in international trade should be employment-oriented and refer to actual personnel demand of enterprises to train professional applied talents and carry...
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Study on Continuing Education Mode of Judicial Police Colleges and Universities from Perspective of Learning Society

Jing Feng, Jiantong Ren, Liya Su
To guarantee orderly implementation of modern judicial work, it is required to strengthen the education for important forces maintaining judicial work, i.e. judicial police officers. Therefore, it is inevitable to strengthen the study on continuing education mode of judicial police colleges and universities...
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Research on the Rhythm Training of the Piano Duet

Rong Fu
In playing the piano, the piano duet is a very special form of playing, it can arouse interest and cooperation consciousness in playing piano, the more important is that it can strengthen the rhythm control, the identification ability of timbre and sound and the ability of cooperation and playing of...
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Study on Current Situation and Countermeasures of the Martial Arts Inheritance of Qiang Group

Wencan Fu
As a alienation branch under Chinese national assimilation and national fusion, Qiang has its unique ethnic culture and history of development It is the integration of multiple ethnic Han, Yi, Tibetan and other ethnic cultures, after generation to generation of heritage for many years, forms the new...
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Research on the Application of Cloud Desktop Technology in Laboratory in Colleges and Universities

Jinjiang Gu
With the continuous development of computer technology, colleges and universities invest a lot of money to update the computer almost every year, but the effectiveness of the use of computer is still low, even it is difficult to meet the actual needs of teaching. In order to improve the teaching effect...
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Study on the Mechanism of Exchange Rate Communication and Actual Intervention on the Exchange Rate Pricing of RMB

Hong Guo, Hua Li
Exchange rate communication and practical intervention are the two policy instruments of foreign exchange intervention. As the central bank of our country is out of the normal mode of foreign exchange market intervention, exchange rate communication will play a more important role in the exchange rate...
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Establishment and Optimization of Practical Teaching System in International Trade Specialty of Chinese Universities

Lin Guo
With the further economic development on a global scale, there is an incredibly huge demand from the society for professional talents, especially for talents majoring in international economics and trades. Nowadays, Chinese universities have worked out a wide range of practical teaching contents about...
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Exploration of enterprise supply chain and Its Management under Marketing Perspective

Yanmei He, WeiHua Huang
Nowadays, market competition is not just pure competition among various enterprises, but supply chain management competition in market economy. Since new changes are taking place in market competition, supply chain management development should be enhanced continuously. So, giving great impetus to supply...
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Exploration on Practical Course Teaching Reform of Architectural Engineering Technology Major

JunWei Hou
The course of architectural engineering technology is a strongly practical specialized course. Therefore, teachers can not impart theoretical knowledge simply in teaching and should meanwhile strengthen practical teaching. Practical course is set for academic practice of students. Factors such as incomplete...
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Computer Teaching Development Based on Information Environment

Yan Hou
Informatization of education sector mainly means to utilize computer and network to display teaching content in a new form or utilize computer and network to extend the knowledge learned. In one word, computer and network are applied in practical teaching to make teaching more convenient and effective....
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Organization and Implementation of the teaching of Computer Basic Course “Classification+Grading” in Local Comprehensive Universities

Hongxi Jiang, Jianjun Cheng, GeJing Xu
There are many discipline categories in local comprehensive universities and the students are widespread. Computer skill and professional differences of the freshmen bring challenges to the setting and teaching organization of public computer course. On the basis of analyzing the setting and teaching...
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Investigation of the Collaborative Innovation on E-commerce Logistics

Lei Ning
Nowadays, e-commerce and distribution logistics has jointly satisfied online shopping demand for consumers, improved people living convenience and quickness, and became the cohesive ties between e-commerce platform and consumers. So for such a pair of industries which coexistence and co-prosperity, and...
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Classroom Teaching Construction for College Ideological and Political Theory Based on Study of Teacher-Student Interaction Learning

Jiani Li
College Ideological and Political Theory teaching owns unique teaching content and personalized teaching method, and can generate corresponding positive influence on students’ growth of ideological awareness through teaching practice. As new course reform is implemented, corresponding changes have taken...
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On the Famous Painting “Search Every Lofty Peaks for Draft” in the Record of Shi tao Drawing Theory

Jinsong Li
Shi Tao (Kugua monk) was a famous calligrapher and painter in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty in China, and also was a theorists with self-views. In the various aspects of painting art ideas and techniques he had superb views, in the theory he had a complete set of theoretical system. The...
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Exploration on Low-carbon Travel and Establishment of Low-carbon Tourist Attractions

Mintian Li, ShiYing Yang
The development of tourist industry has inseparable relationship with environment. With the constant development of tourist industry, environmental issue in China has gradually entered the view of the public. However, the development of tourist industry highlights its advantage of low-carbon emission...
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From Shen Congwen’s Work “Xiao Xiao” to Unscramble the Core Value of Chinese Language and Literature

Xinyan Li
“Xiao Xiao” is one of Shen Congwen’s representative work, it is like a piece of beautiful bright pastoral, in simple and beautiful humanity light shines, but brought a kind of difficult to queer doubt and sorrow for readers. Although the length of “Xiao Xiao” is short, but the language characteristic...
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ERP-based Business Accounting and Finance Management

Qian Liu
As China’s economic development level keeps on improving, market economy is ever-changing. With the progress and development of computer technology, business accounting and finance management also becomes informatized and programmed. The wide application of SRP system exerts profound influence on business...
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Study on Internal Control Construction of Enterprise Accounting

Qian Liu
Internal accounting control level has become a key factor of enterprise development. To enhance decision-making ability, effectively eliminate fund obstacle and make sure financial conditions comply with standards, enterprises must enhance internal accounting control construction force and then accelerate...
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Study on Public Service Function of Competitive Sports in Shaanxi and Implementation Path

RongHua Liu
Shaanxi is a sports power in China. Over these years, it has developed sports strongly and especially contributed a lot of sports talents to the state in terms of competitive sports. In recent years, with vigorous publicity and promotion of the slogan of strengthening the country through sports in China,...
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An analysis of Gentlemen and Fighter of British and American Literature in the Literary Works

Rui Liu, Liping Tian
In the history of world literature, the importance of English and American literature plays an irreplaceable role. Because of the influence of many factors, the British and American literary works have also formed a unique feature, which has a very strong mark, and the most notable is the British gentlemen...
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Research on Chinese national music based on the perspective of Musical Anthropology

Xiaoyan Liu
The folk music has always been the most important treasure in the treasure house of the Chinese music. Till now it has been five thousand years .After music anthropology has entered into our country ,it has been continuously developed.The communication between Chinese national music and other countries...
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International Logistics Development under Economic Background of New Silk Road

Ning Luo
The flourish of modern logistics has created profits for enterprises for the third time. Internationalized logistics and trade are the inevitable direction of modern logistics. Moreover, the construction of international logistics center can promote the rapid development of international trade due to...
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Effective Way and Method of Education through University-Enterprise Cooperation Based on University-Enterprise Benefit Community

Zhaonan Mu
University-enterprise cooperation is the contemporary value orientation of Chinese higher education in the reform of quality-oriented education and the deepening of adaptation to social rhythm development It allows social enterprises and schools to cooperate and cultivate applied skilled talents meeting...
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Study on Problems in Internal Control of Chinese Accounting Firms and Corresponding Countermeasures

ShuHui Qi
Enhancement of internal control of accounting firms can significantly improve management quality, risk prevention ability and market competitiveness of the firms and generate great influence on modernization construction and development of accounting firms. Thus, it is required to pay attention to it...
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Analyze Innovation of Food Machinery Technology

Huanxia Shao
With the continuous improvement of industrial production technology, food production enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges, the continuous improvement of food production machinery technology should become the future development of enterprises and the ultimate goal of sustainable power, improve...
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Research on Coupling of Financial Innovation and Technology Innovation in Hebei Province

ShuangSheng Shen, Lina Zhao, Jia Wang
In order to further explain the essence of financial innovation and technological innovation, this paper constructs the coupling model and the coupling coordination model based on the characteristics of financial innovation and technological innovation, and takes Hebei Province as an example to carry...
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Development and Influence of Chinese Copper Shang Culture on Copper Instrument

Zilong Song
In the pre Qin era, metal mining and smelting is an important driving force for national economic development and civilization, prosperity of the copper smelting proposed "bronze culture" also runs through the whole China inland In the early Western Zhou Dynasty, the bronze instrument has become an important...
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The Feasibility of Infiltration and Method of Chinese National Music in Piano Teaching

Jun Su
In our country during the piano teaching , the teachers and the students are pursuit for the chapters such as Beethoven's piano Sonata Chopin‘s Etude, Rachmaninoff's Prelude. In order to enhance the student's piano skills, reflect the teaching quality,the teachers take these foreign music as the ultimate...
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Study on New Rural Ecological Environment Construction and Sustainable Economic Development in Hainan

Hong Suo, Xiaojun Gan
As Chinese socialism new rural construction policy is carried out in Hainan, Hainan rural economic construction achieves rapid development. However, when rural ecological environment has been fully developed and used, there are still so many environmental problems. Only by promoting ecological protection...
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Promotion Mechanism of Ganpo Local Culture’s “Going-out” Strategy

Pingrong Tu, SuQin Zhou
Ganpo local culture is one shining star among Chinese local culture, which has bred and accumulated profound local culture for Ganpo. These local cultures have also vigorously promoted the development of economic society in Jiangxi. However, Ganpo local culture has not enjoyed high reputation or influence...
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Thoughts and Countermeasures for Ningbo Constructing International Bulk Commodity Spot Transaction Market

Changqiu Wang
With the development of the bulk commodity market, there are great market risks and problems emerging in endlessly. In this paper, it takes Ningbo as an example to construct the bulk commodity spot market, for the purpose of reducing the market risks and really realize the functions of spot service entity...
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Comparison of Similarities and Differences between Two Forums of Art and Literature

KaiLi Wang
There are differences between two forums, from the aspect of time, location, background of times, purpose, significance, language of times. However, there are similarities among differences. The similarities lie in that, two forums offer high location for literary and artistic work, show the way for...
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Study on Development of Aviation Logistics Industry in China

Hui Wang
With the constant development and reform of Chinese logistics and trade policies, China has started to develop aviation logistics rapidly. The rapid development of aviation logistics has produced great influence on and brought great challenges to relevant logistics enterprises in China, incurred the...
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Survey on the Structure of city Wall Comprehensive Landscape System Based on the Principle of “Authenticity” and “Integrity”-Take the Xi’an City Wall as an Example

Yifei Wang
On the basis of fully investigation on current theoretical research result of cultural heritage protection duality principle and context analysis problem, and fully understand the duality principle of “authenticity” and “integrity” on cultural heritage protection, the paper analyzes the current situation...
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Research on Construction of International Logistics Center Relying on Silk Road Economic Belt

YuQin Wang
A key factor affecting the economic growth is the road transportation cost. If the transportation cost can be cut down, it can bring quite large economic flow space for logistics and population flow, further to promote the fast economic growth. It also means that, the core factor affecting the regional...
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Interpretation on Chinese Linguistics from the Language Skills of A Dream in Red Mansions

Yueping Wang
Among Chinese classical novels, A Dream in Red Mansions is a great model full of language arts among numerous literary works. Because of different personal characters, their language expressions are also different, both Wang Xifeng’ s interaction languages and Lin Daiyu’ s frank and critical language...
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Research on Influence of Sumsung Project on the International Logistics Development of Shaanxi Province

Dehong Xu
As one of the world famous brands, Sumsung was founded in 1938, its Samsung Electronics includes heavy industry, securities, military industry and other industries, which drives the rapid development of economy. Sumsung project entered the high-tech zone of Xi’an city, Shaanxi Province in 2012, with...
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Analysis on the Problems Existing in the Development of Current Religious Charities of Our country

ShuHua Xu
Influenced by the religion nature, religious charities not only have belief foundation of social mass, also has strong social public trustworthiness, giving full play to the social service function of religious charities can further improve people’s livelihood, promote the harmonious and stable development...
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Research on the Literature Teaching and Literature Education under the Exam-oriented Environment

Wei Xu
With the further development of the educational system reformation in our country, all teaching and research institutions paid more and more attention to the literature education. However, for the interaction and amalgamation of literature education and literature examination, there is still distance,...
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Reflection on Crucial Issues in Enterprise Operation Management

Jiangai Xue
Water is the source of life, and in case of water pollution, people's production and life is bound to be greatly affected. Among them, deficiencies in the operation and management of wastewater treatment enterprises, can easily lead to substandard wastewater treatment, thereby affecting the overall local...
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Study on Application of Piano Duet in Piano Teaching

Nan Yan
On the basis of piano teaching, piano duet is developed, and it is also a modern new playing form. Playing forms of piano duet mainly include four-hands playing and two-pianos playing. Piano duet player must have a certain sense of cooperation and coordination, and it can be seen that, piano duet is...
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Sentence Structure Balance in English Translation of Chinese

ZhuoSheng Yang
In translation practice, structurally imbalanced sentences written by students are often seen; especially long sentences lack beauty, seriously affecting the quality of the translation. This paper explains the basic principles English sentence structure balance follow, deeply discusses structure imbalance...
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Analysis of Hotel Management Problems and Countermeasures Based on Consumption Cycle

ShiYing Yang, Mintian Li
With continuous development of economic level and technical level in China, people’s living quality improves significantly, and an increasing number of people go out for traveling. Rapid development of tourism offers an opportunity for development of China’s hotel industry. Meanwhile, competitions of...
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On Knowledge-action School-enterprise Cooperation New Mode

Hang Yuan
How higher vocational education training complex, innovative and development-oriented technical and skilled personnel, strengthens learning and training of expertise and professional competence and effectively cultivates talents with personal competitiveness the society needs through knowledge-action...
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Seeking Growth in Solitude Journey - On Thomas Wolfe Angel, Look Homeward

GuiYing Zang, Hong Yang, Junyan Cai
Thomas Wolfe's "Angel, Look Homeward", describes the absence of Eugene in the family lives lost - escape - search - Return to childhood. In this paper, the theory of the growth of the novel, the protagonist in solitude in the quest to explore the growth journey of understanding the mentality of the development...
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Study on The Catcher in the Rye from the perspective of Jewish culture

CaiYun Zhang
The Catcher in the Rye is the representative work of the famous American Jewish writer Salinger. The sculpture of the personality of the protagonist Holden based on Jewish culture clarifies the relationship between the subject and the Jewish culture and shows that Salinger carries forward the excellent...
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Research on the Working Status of Party Member Supervisor Function from the Perspective of Whole Staff Education

Kehan Zhang
Adhering to taking the education as the priority is the radical task of higher education. Every teacher in colleges and universities is education worker. Among them, the party member teachers should play a leading role and take educational responsibilities consciously and actively, fully exploiting the...
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Teaching Research in Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics Modeling Idea

Li Zhang
Integrating the idea and approach of mathematical modeling into the Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics can provide new idea for the teaching process, make the relation between theory and practice more closers and motivate students’ interest in learning. This paper discusses the necessity...
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Characteristic of the Naming of Hotels in Tengchong Heshun Ancient Town

Meian Zhang
Heshun ancient town in Tengchong, Yunnan is a famous home town of overseas Chinese and one of the top ten charming towns in China; furthermore, it is a well-known tourist attraction in China. There are nearly 200 hotels at local. This paper discusses the characteristic of the hotel naming in Heshun ancient...
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Study on Course Teaching of Finance Based on Case Teaching Method

Ping Zhang
To cultivate more financial talents for the society, colleges and universities have enhanced teaching and adopted innovative teaching method to help students absorb financial knowledge. Currently, case teaching method can concretize abstract knowledge. Moreover, teachers fully introduce cases in the...
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Brief Discussion on the Quality of Secretarial Clerk of Party and Government Offices in Vocational Colleges

ShengXuan Zhang
Party and government offices in vocational colleges is the core organization for colleges’ party affairs construction and plays a decisive role in dealing with colleges’ administrative affairs and coordinating each institution’s work as well as archive file management. Therefore, the comprehensive quality...
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Study on Root Causes and Countermeasures for the Weakening Credibility of Local Government in China

XiaoLi Zhang
Government credibility, carried by government administrative behavior, is actually rooted in public appeal, and embodied in the government's political legitimacy and social influence. At present, the weakening credibility of local government has become an obvious problem, which is mainly manifested in...
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Capital, culture and urbanization - Analysis of culture urbanization based on perspective of Marx and Engels

XueChang Zhang
The culture urbanization has significance for the development of new urbanization with Chinese characteristics, and we can draw wisdom from interrelated thesis of Marx and Engels on the culture urbanization. In this paper, to explore the cultural town as the core, with Marx and Engels' relevant thesis...
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On Integrated Teaching of Hotel Management Specialty

Zhi Zhang
In the era of internationalization, Chinese hotel industry has become a representative window of economy and culture etc. Meanwhile, it also embodies comprehensive national strength. So, the state places greater expectations on hotel industry. Hotel management specialty as hotel talent delivery channel...
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Influencing Factors and Countermeasure Analysis of Autonomous Learning of College Students' English Curriculums

JinZhu Zhao
English autonomous learning has an extremely important influence on strengthening and improving the overall English level of college students ,which can steadily enhance learning enthusiasm and initiative of students in later stage of their English learning , and then get the best learning effect. But...
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Enlightenment of Second Language Acquisition from Language Thinking in English Teaching

Yanmei Zhao
Actually second language acquisition is a very complex psychological process, language thinking plays a very important role in the process of second language acquisition, therefore, exploring the relationship between language and thought is an essential part of the study of second language acquisition....
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Physical Education Reform in Higher Vocational College Based on The Top-Down Design

Jun Zheng
This article intends to begin with the problem of lacking overall consideration of the physical education curriculum reform in higher vocational colleges, starting from the concept and perspective of the top-down design, discuss on the direction of physical education reform in higher vocational colleges,...
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Method Analysis of Application for Integrated Multiple Intelligences Theory to Cultivate English Learning Strategies

Yun Zhou
With the global economic integration , demand for English talents in all walks of life continue to increase, speeding up the cultivation of English talents has become an important educational work. Influenced by culture, region, religion, behavior, life habit, English teaching and learning faces with...
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Analysis of The Artistic Language in English Literary Translation

Li Zhu
English literary works are the same as Chinese literature works, whose article contents are rich and colorful, words are very exquisite. Thus translators must familiarize with what are the key points for English literature being translated into Chinese, at the same time, translators must master four...
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Exploration on the Feasibility of Opening Art Practice Course in Dance Major of Colleges and Universities

Ying Hui
During the teaching process of dance major, colleges and universities emphasize to improve students’ practical ability, guarantee the improvement of students’ art practical ability through opening art practice course for the dance major. While the feasibility of opening art practice course for the dance...
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Exploration on the Management Model and Lean Production of Traditional Manufacturing Enterprise

Jin Li
With the issue of "Made in China 2015" by State Council in 2015, China is stepping into the comprehensive implementation of strategy of developing a powerful manufacturing country, which has brought about new opportunities and many challenges as well to Chinese manufacturing industry. In order to make...
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Imitates and Surpasses: Intertextual Reading of A Child Who Sells His Smile

Min Li
A Child Who Sells His Smile is the German children’s literature writer James Krüss’ masterpiece. The novel has distinct intertexuality characteristics. James Krüss extensively absorbed Germany, Italy and other European classical works of writers nutrition.His novel not only imitated but also beyond the...
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Study of Status Quo and Countermeasures of Foreign College Students ' Mental health

Qi Fu
This paper analyzes the Status quo, specific educational mode and characteristics of students' mental health education in the foreign universities, and to learn advanced mental health education from foreign, to inspire the mental health education for college students in china
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A Research On Improving The Competiveness of Grain and Cooking Oil Processing Enterprises

Haijuan Tian
The increasing development of economy and technology promote the growth of grain and cooking oil processing enterprises. At the same time, the increasing development of grain and oil enterprises also makes the market competition fierce. If the grain and cooking oil processing enterprises want to survive...
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Discussion on the Protection and Problem of Computer Network Security

Biao Wan
With the advent of the Internet era, people's life has changed a lot. In this change, on the one hand, the Internet has brought a lot of benefits; on the other hand, it also brings a lot of troubles. In order to reduce the unnecessary loss in the process of using computer networks, many network technology...
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Study of English Intervening Bilingual Teaching Model in Early Childhood Education

XiuLing Liu
This paper mainly introduces the early English intervening bilingual teaching model for children. English intervening bilingual teaching in early childhood improves the English level of children a lot, the pragmatic ability, especially the ability of the listening and speaking of English, is significantly...
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Promoting Local Economy Development with Integration of Culture and Tourism

ShuHui Ren
The local economy development is badly in need of the support of culture and tourism. Culture is considered as the soul of tourism, so only the tourism resources with culture can be equipped with lasting charm. However, tourism is the important foundation of cultural development, which is able to promote...
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The Intellectual Property Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Xiaosu Xing
In the field of private law, intellectual property and intangible cultural heritage have the rather high similarity; therefore it determines that intellectual property protection in the current private law legal system is the most convenient and reasonable protection mode for intangible cultural heritage...
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Exploration on Cultivating Ethnic Minority Talents in Western Universities

YanLing Zheng
Western area of China has vast territory and large population. In recent years, with the rapid development of nationality education and improvement of the teaching quality, the high-level education has been improved. But the ethnic minority talents cultivation structure is still not reasonable. Regarding...
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Study on Online Shopping Rights Protection from Perspective of Impairment of Online Shopping Rights and Interests of College Students

Cuifen Huang
With the popularization of internet information society and the rapid development of logistics service industry, online shopping has become one of the most important consumption patterns of Chinese consumers. In particular, the convenience and diversity of online shopping are attractive to younger generations...
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Study of the Cultivation of Preschool Teachers

Bo Gan
Preschool teachers are the educational works in preschool education, that have significant influence on children’s behaviors and habits. As a consequence, to improve the quality of preschool education is to improve the quality of preschool teachers. At present, our country is in the crucial time of preschool...
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Analysis of the Development of Carbon Finance in Commercial Banks in Era Of Low Carbon Economy

HuiQing Gao, Ming Lei
With the continuous development of social economy, its economic model is developing in low carbon economy, carbon finance has become a new field in the development of banks. As a financial institution, commercial banks should grasp the development opportunity and make it into a new profit growth point.
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College English-major Teaching Based on Service-oriented Teaching Mode

Xiaogong Li, JiaLi Yuan
In English-major teaching, colleges must change their teaching philosophy, to make English teaching in line with the world, so that students can quickly adapt to society during social contacts. Meanwhile, through learning students can meet social service-oriented translation requirements. However, at...
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Clothing Enterprise Marketing Channel Research Based on the Angle of Internet Marketing

Jing Lou
In the 21st century, the arrival of information era has completely changed people's life, commercial economy which society relies for survival and development also gradually enter into the network camp, forming the global boundless business operation trend, online shopping has become the first choice...
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Research on Photography Teaching Based on the Digital Age

YingcHun An
Because of the deep influence of traditional teaching mode, the present photography teaching in our country is a little lagged behind. After the arrival of digital age, the content and means of photography teaching has some new changes. Under this new situation, it is the only way to better improve students’...
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Discussion on the Restriction Factors of Economic Mathematics and the Resolution Strategies

QingHua Li
Economic mathematics is the compulsory specialized courses of the logistics major, business administration major and accounting major, mathematics basis of these students in their former study is poor, they are lacking of right thinking for mathematics leaning, and have a distance with common university...
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Analysis of Modern Enterprise Employee Career Development Mode Innovation

Liqiong Wang
The modern enterprise pays more and more attention to employee career development, through innovative enterprise staff career development mode, can improve enterprise comprehensive strength, is advantageous to the enterprise and the interactive development of employees, which is more advantageous to...
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Japan's Electricity Trade Logistics Patterns for Our Reference

ShuYuan Wang
Electronic commerce to soar development trend in recent years become important industry for economic development in our country, the development of electronic commerce led to the rise of the logistics industry, so the improvement of the logistics industry to become the ladder of the progress of electronic...
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Innovation Strategy Research of Shaanxi People's Livelihood

YanXue Wang
Along with the information age of the Internet with the reform and opening up successively, and the development of science and technology of the people's livelihood in our country are like a duck to water, great changes have taken place, especially in modern science and technology as the forerunner of...
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Application Research on Chinese History of Literature Language Medium

Yunjiang Wang
This article is based on the history of the special form language media, from the perspective of the historical literature unique language form, its application in the history of literary creation is the concrete analysis, put forward in the historical literary creation process needs to be combined with...
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Research on Cross-border Cooperation of Major Along-border Ports in Northeast China

Lingyan Li
In order to adapt to the influence of global economy, China has positively promoted the strategy of cross-border cooperation, so as to realize the maximum increase of interests. Cross-border cooperation has strong maneuverability and flexibility, thus it has become the first choice for China to develop...
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The Application of Micro Lesson in College Chinese Teaching

Guangcai Zhang
With the continuous development of the two kinds of the political and economic system reform, the production mode and life style of our country have changed greatly, and the school education system need to further reform. An important way of curriculum is to achieve the education purpose, and the most...
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Study on the Acquisition Analysis of Corrective Feedback in Chinese Classroom Interaction

XueHui Wu
Corrective feedback is the main content of interaction feedback in Chinese classroom, and it has a promotion effect on the acquisition of language. However, many scholars both hold different views at home and abroad. Some people think that corrective feedback is helpful to the acquisition of the second...
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Study on the Dual Reader Structure of Children Literature and its Influence on Creation

Hong Jin
Children literature is the most powerful literary style of the reader's consciousness, and the research of children literature readers is an important field of children literature research. In order to further study the characteristics of children literature, this paper presents a dual structure of children...
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Innovation Research on the Professional Planning and its Training Mode about the Vocational Academy Students Based on the Human Oriented Perspective

Xiaobing Liu
On the basis of analyzing the career planning theory, and combining with the career planning education problems in vocational college, this paper proposes a career planning and training model based on human oriented perspective, and investigates and statistically analyzes the career planning of vocational...
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Exploration on Optimization of College Students’ Employment Guidance Course From the Perspective of MOOC

XiaoHe Xu, YunChang Zhao, GuiYu Zhao
Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), as a new mode of education in the information era, has brought opportunities and challenges to the college employment guidance. Based on the analysis of employment guidance curriculum in colleges integrated with MOOC, this paper analyzes their current situation and...
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Investigation on Autonomous Learning Using Network Resources of Logistics Students ———Taking Qingdao Huanghai Universities As an Example

Hong Wang, FuHui Jing, Lina Chang
21st century is the age of network, also is the era of big data. It puts forward higher requirements on logistics, so the use of network resources for autonomous learning has become a logistics professional students in one of the main form. This paper analyzes on the advantages of the use of network...
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The Importance of Engineering Cost Control in Completion Settlement Auditing Phase

ZhiYing Xie, Qian Zhang
Construction project completion settlement auditing is one of the important stage of the project cost control. The stage of audit work is directly related to the project owners and construction unit vital interests. Audit results determine the project cost ultimately, which is underlines the importance...