Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Economics, Finance and Statistics (ICEFS 2017)

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A Multivariate Asymmetric Long Memory Conditional Volatility Model with X, Regularity and Asymptotics

Manabu Asai, Michael McAleer
The paper derives a Multivariate Asymmetric Long Memory conditional volatility model with Exogenous Variables (X), or the MALMX model, with dynamic conditional correlations, appropriate regularity conditions, and associated asymptotic theory. This enables checking of internal consistency and allows valid...
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Stationarity and Invertibility of a Dynamic Correlation Matrix

Christian Hafner, Michael McAleer
One of the most widely-used multivariate conditional volatility models is the dynamic conditional correlation (or DCC) specification. However, the underlying stochastic process to derive DCC has not yet been established, which has made problematic the derivation of regularity conditions, such as stationarity...
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A Simple Test for Causality in Volatility

Chia-Lin Chang, Michael McAleer
An early development in testing for causality (technically, Granger non-causality) in the conditional variance (or volatility) associated with financial returns, was the portmanteau statistic for non-causality in variance of Cheng and Ng (1996). A subsequent development was the Lagrange Multiplier (LM)...
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The GJR-GARCH and EGARCH option pricing models which incorporate the Piterbarg methodology

Coenraad C.A. Labuschagne, Sven T. von Boetticher
Knowledge of the risk-neutral distribution of the cumulative return with respect to the model used, is needed in European option pricing. Duan, Gauthier, Simonato and Sasseville (DGSS) provided an analytic approximation model for the case where an EGARCH or a GJR-GARCH specification is used to describe...
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Tourism Stocks in Times of Crises: An Econometric Investigation of Non-macro Factors

Anastasios Zopiatis, Christos Savva, Neophytos Lambertides, Michael McAleer
Following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the European media emphatically pronounced that billions of euros were wiped from tourism related stocks. This comes at a troublesome time for the tourism industry, in the midst of a global financial crisis, and the unpredictable rise of radical Islamic...
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US Antidumping Petitions and Revealed Comparative Advantage of Shrimp Exporting Countries

Chia-Lin Chang, Michael McAleer, Dang-Khoa Nguyen
The paper explores the trade competitiveness of seven major shrimp exporting countries, namely Vietnam, China, Thailand, Ecuador, India, Indonesia and Mexico, to the USA. Specifically, we investigate whether the United States (US) antidumping petitions impact upon the bilateral revealed comparative advantage...
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Investor Sentiment, Information Disclosure and Corporate Investment Behavior

Yanyu Zhang, Qiang Xu
Behavioral Corporate Finance believes that disclosure of corporate information, not only affects the corporate value but also affects the expected growth of the enterprise market investors. Investors would give the lower level of disclosure of the stock a higher level of risk. This paper selected the...
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Construction of Evaluation Index System of the New Generation Migrant Workers' Employment Quality

Qian Li, Wanming Chen
The "supply side" structural reform is an innovative reform to improve the level of social productivity and other important mission. From the perspective of public management, it is bound to deal with the transformation of migrant workers and improve the quality of employment of them in the supply side...
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Volatility Spillover and Multivariate Volatility Impulse Response Analysis of GFC News Events

David Allen, Michael McAleer, Robert Powell, Abhay Singh
This paper applies two measures to assess spillovers across markets: the Diebold Yilmaz (2012) Spillover Index and the Hafner and Herwartz (2006) analysis of multivariate GARCH models using volatility impulse response analysis. We use two sets of data, daily realized volatility estimates taken from the...
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An Econometric Analysis of ETF and ETF Futures in Financial and Energy Markets Using Generated Regressors

Chia-Lin Chang, Michael McAleer, Chien-Hsun Wang
It is well known that there is an intrinsic link between the financial and energy sectors, which can be analyzed through their spillover effects, which are measures of how the shocks to returns in different assets affect each other's subsequent volatility in both spot and futures markets. Financial derivatives,...
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Choosing Expected Shortfall over VaR in Basel III Using Stochastic Dominance

Chia-Lin Chang, Juan-Angel Jimenez-Martin, Esfandiar Maasoumi, Michael McAleer, Teodosio Perez-Amaral
Bank risk managers follow the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) recommendations that recently proposed shifting the quantitative risk metrics system from Value-at-Risk (VaR) to Expected Shortfall (ES). The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (2013, p. 3) noted that: "a number of weaknesses...
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Research on Audio Digital Watermark and realization in MATLAB

Biqing Li, Zhao Li
Based on improved algorithm of DCT(discrete cosine transform), the Audio Digital Watermarks is embeded and detected in this paper.The watermark embedding process is simulated by MATLAB was described in this paper. The experimental results shows that the watermarks by this algorithm has good stability...
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The Impact of Personal and Institutional Investor Sentiment on Stock Returns under the Chinese Stock Market Crash

Kexuan Wang
Under Chinese stock market crash, personal and institutional investor sentiment is out of control, which leads to the stock prices fall further. Therefore this article uses the concept of behavioural finance to study the problem. This essay uses multiple regressions to study the influence of the current...
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A Vibrant Life by the Chao Phraya River, Northern Bangkok Thailand: The Heritage Tourism Value of Baan Lao Community

Korakit Choomgrant, Renu Sukharomana
The reputations of primary and secondary tourist destinations are hierarchically created through its value to the nation. Prioritizing a conservation project and tourism development can have major differences. Values attached to a destination by inhabitants are different from those of tourists, and are...
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Empirical Study on the Impact of Information Disclosure Quality on Listed Companies' Value

Dongwu Niu, Heng Ma
Firstly, this paper analyzes the information disclosure status of A-share listed companies in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Through the statistics and analysis of information disclosure assessment results, it finds out that the information disclosure level of listed companies has been obviously improved....
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The Development of a Code of Practice and Indicators for Official Statistics Quality Management in Thailand

Titirut Mekbunditkul
This research was granted by the National Statistical Office of Thailand and it aims to construct Code of Practice and indicators for official statistics quality management in Thailand. Researcher has studied official statistics quality management from 3 international agencies, such as The United Nations...
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Performance Evaluation of Third-party Cold Chain Logistics Enterprise Based on A Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Huijun Huang, Yawen Xu
Performance evaluation of third-party cold chain logistics (3PCCL) enterprise is a complex and difficult process requiring the consideration of various aspects. This paper set up a scientific index system including four aspects: finance, internal operation, customer as well as learning and growth. Meanwhile,...
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Corporate Strategy Difference and Earnings Management Motivation

Lei Chen
To investigate the impact of corporate strategy differences on the value relevance of earnings management, the study use Chinese listed companies as a sample and find that the greater the degree to which a firm's strategy deviates from the industry's conventional model, the lower the value relevance...
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Analysis on the correlation between SEO and the performance of listed real estate companies in China

Weihong Huang, Wei Lin
Seasoned equity offering is one of the important funds sources of listed real estate company, there is significant correlation between the different factors in the seasoned equity offering and real estate listed company's performance after refinancing. The empirical study of 44 sample companies show...
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SWOT Analysis of Cross-border E-commerce Development in China under the Background of Internet Plus

Jingjing Xie
With the development of the information technology and economic globalization, cross-border e-commerce has become a new growth point of economic development of foreign trade. It is a new driving force to promote the upgrading of industrial structure. This paper analyzes the advantages, disadvantages,...
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Study on the Countermeasures of Chinese Enterprises Cross-border M & A failures ---- Case Study Based on SAIC's acquisition of Ssangyong

Juan Li
After the 2008 financial crisis, China shows strong growth in cross-border mergers and acquisitions team, while through the number of the failed mergers cases over the years, the implement of cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) of Chinese enterprises found unsatisfactory. Through a comprehensive...
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The Influence of Foreign Strategic Investors on the Risk Management of Chinese Commercial Banks

Shuyue Yang, Guoqiang Zhou
To study the effect of the Chinese commercial banks' introduction of overseas strategic investors and put advice on introducing foreign investment was the topic of the text. The improvement of internationalization has promoted the rapid development of the banking industry, and the banking industry is...
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Logistic Symbiotic Dynamic Model for Producer Services and Manufacturing Industry

Bohui Pang
A Logistic symbiotic dynamic model is proposed to describe accurately the symbiotic evolution process for producer services and manufacturing industry. The symbiotic evolutionary process of producer services and manufacturing industry is analyzed practically. The results show that the actual growth rate...
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The Design of Online Shopping Platform Support System Based on Web3.0

Tongdi Xiao, Zhenghua Hu, Libing He
The business volume of online shopping which is based on the internet will have an inevitable sustained growth, and it can hardly satisfy customers' shopping experience only by the online shopping platform that is form by 2D graphic and text messages. By hold some characteristics of Web3.0 time, this...
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Performance Measurement of Banking Supervision: From the Perspective of Banking Supervision Law

Sang-Bing Tsai
Financial supervision is the power that financial management authorities execute the laws concerned to supervise and monitor financial institutes, the main goal to execute this power is for the whole and safe financial banking business, for financial fair trade and for the maintenance of financial order....
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Research and Application of DMAIC in Improving Fault Early Warning Process for Intelligent Production of Single Well

ChunLei Wu, YiWei Wei, XiaoLiang Chu, Yi Tan
Improving single well failure repair efficiency by implementing Six Sigma DMAIC process for single well failure repair system in oil field. The problem is defined in strict accordance with the DMAIC process approach, clarify the scope of the process and improve the objectives. Then analyzing the main...
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The application research about theory model of mobile payment

XiaoQing Chu
China is the country with the largest number of mobile terminals, and has a great market development potential. But compared with some developed countries, our mobile payment is behind a lot, and now our mobile payment has not been recognized by all consumer groups. There is an important hot issue in...
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Design and Practice of the Mixed Teaching Model --Taking Business Management Foundation as an Example

Qiongxue Bao
The mixed teaching model is a kind of complementary teaching model combined by the traditional teaching method and the networked teaching method. With the continuously educational reform, the mixed teaching model in the flipped classrooms has become an important research direction in the educational...
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It's Complicated: Understanding Gender Equality in Bangkok, Thailand

Korakit Choomgrant
This paper examines the state of "gender equality' in Thailand by taking the Silom precinct as an example. It is a qualitative study that analyzes analyzing information and data gathered from both primary and secondary sources. The discourse analysis method is also accommodated. What is revealed that...
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The Impact of Demographic Structure on Housing Prices: Evidence from Macau

Song Yanan
Due to the Macau's rapid development of the real estate market, the average housing prices increased by about 600% in 10 years. The changes in the demographic structure also affected the housing needs, and the aging population increased to affect the housing market. Therefore this paper used the quarterly...
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Trade credit in the Chinese Economy: An analysis of Listed Companies

Zhengcheng WU
To provide a comprehensive analysis of trade credit activity in China, This study compared the use of the important non-formal financial channel, trade credit, between different sectors in China. This study further compared the use of trade credit between the firms of different scale. The results suggest...
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Assessing the Ability of Banks to Manage the Credit Risks of Their Enterprise Customers-From the Perspectives of Banking Act and Banking Supervision Law

Sang-Bing Tsai
In the rapidly changing global financial environment, credit risk control and management is the top priority for banks. This study explores the ability of one bank in Taiwan to assess the credit risks of their enterprise customers. Importance-performance analysis (IPA) is commonly used to assess performance...
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The Statistics of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Joerg Osterrieder
Cryptocurrencies became popular with the emergence of Bitcoin and have shown an unprecedented growth over the last few years. As of November 2016, more than 720 cryptocurrencies exist, with Bitcoin still being the most popular one. We show the statistical properties of the most important cryptocurrencies....
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Satisfaction of European Tourists Regarding Destination Loyalty in Phuket

Aswin Sangpikul, Anan Chieochankitkan, Hounnaklang Suwanchai
The European travelers market is one of the important international tourist markets to Phuket. However, little is known on their intention to revisit Phuket. Destination loyalty is an important marketing factor in sustaining the destination attractiveness. It is necessary for tourism managers to understand...
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Futures Hedging Effectiveness with the Information of Implied Volatility Index

Ming Fang, Chiu-Lan Chang, Sa Yan
This study outlines and compares approaches for estimating time-varying optimal hedge ratios with or without implied volatility on futures markets. These time-varying methods are applied to compare the outcomes using out-of-sample performance evaluations. The hedging performance for the models with IV...
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Research on the optimization of industrial structure in Shaanxi Province Based on DEA model

Qunwei Wang, Xiujian Wei, Gangqiang Zha, Shouzhi Xi
The optimization process of industrial structure mainly includes two parts: rationalizing and upgrading industrial structure. Firstly, the C2R model is analyzed through data envelopment. Industrial structure evaluation system consisting of 10 input parameters and 1 output index is established and the...
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Silk Road 4.0: Initiative Transformation for Chinese Silk Enterprise

Ning Mao, Michael McAleer
This paper searches the breakthrough point to improve the current dilemma of Chinese silk enterprises. Creswell (2012) stated that the case study methodology is a qualitative approach that explores one or multiple cases through in-depth data collection from multiple sources. This paper use case studies...
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Cluster Analysis of Inbound Tourist Source Market in Guangdong Province

Tong YU
According to the data of inbound tourism in Guangdong Province from 2006 to 2015, the author analyzes the development situation and composition of inbound tourism in Guangdong Provinceby Excel software, and the author conducts cluster analysis of inbound tourism market of Guangdong Province by SPSS23.0...
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Improvement on the Transducer Sensitivity Measurement Results using Vibration Exciters

Moses Temba, Shenzhi Du
Abstract. The most important equipment in a calibration system used to calibrate vibration transducers is the exciter used for generating motions. A perfect exciter when excited in a geometrical direction, should provide a stable, single directional and distortion free vibratory movement, without generating...
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An Empirical Study on the Experience Satisfaction of Tourism Performing Arts Project under the Experience Economic Background--Taking Heyuan City as an Example

Ying Zhang
High-end, efficient, and innovation driven are the keys of the tourism industry's improvement of quality and efficiency. In the experience economy age, the tourism performing arts project often is the breakthrough point of the traditional sightseeing scenic spots' transformation and development. And...
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Theravada Buddhism Beliefs' Motives for Thai Luxury Fashion Consumption

Ning Mao, Michael McAleer
This paper reviews the Thai national character according to Hofstede's cultural dimension theory and Komin's nine values cluster (Psychology of the Thai people), analyses the social hierarchy of Thai consumers according to the Luxury 4P Taxonomy (Han et al., 2010), integrates the Theory of Cultural Capital...
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The Real Estate Market Simulation Experiment about the Urban Housing Destocking Strategies

Yanwen Xu
To stabilize the urban housing market is one of the main contents of the China national economic work in 2016. This paper, taking the third-tier city Yichang as the research object, built a simulation model of the urban real estate market based on the urban characteristics and the historical data. With...
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Quality Evaluation of World's Top 40 Universities Based on Multivariate Analysis

Mengran Yuan
University comprehensive quality evaluation is an important method to evaluate the quality of World University. Scoring on a university via the study and research of all aspects of a university , is an ideal way to show the whole picture of a university, that is, its quality level is built on the comprehensive...
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Research on Network Security Evaluation System Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method

Xuepeng Huang
In today's world, the Internet has become an indispensable part of our daily life, work and study. In order to meet the growing needs of users, the network has been expanding, from inside and outside the network threat, is also a variety of threats in the network security. Based on the analysis of network...
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A Study on Thai Taxi Drivers' Cross-cultural Communication Problems and Challenges

Janpha Thadphoothon
This study investigates Thai taxi drivers' cross-cultural communication problems and challenges by synthesizing the research findings from two related studies: (1) a classroom investigation of Thai taxi drivers' communication challenges and (2) a study on Thai taxi drivers' English language competence...
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Empirical Study on China's position in the global value chain of Electronic Information Manufacturing Industry

Yu Chen, Chengcheng Mao, Jinglei Huang
High-tech industry involves many production links. Trade volume includes foreign valueadded, which cannot truly reflect the status of this manufacturing industry in the international division of labor. In order to restore the real profitability of each economy, this paper measures the export value of...
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Time series analysis of China's service trade based on ARIMA model

Pengliang Wang
Since the international trade and global development environment tend to be severe, all of the countries are looking for new economic growth points. Therefore, service trade is widely concerned. Now the opportunities and challenges of trade in services coexist. To study the development of China's service...
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Optimal Active Power Loss with Feeder Routing Collaborate Distributed Generation Allocation and Sizing in Smart Grid Distribution

Phatcharasak Phawanaphinyo, Narongdech Keeratipranon, Chaiyaporn Khemapatapan
The Smart Grid (SG) has widely supported the electric power from the Distributed Generation (DG). It becomes a practical standard to generate the electric power from a renewable energy into the distribution system to compensate for the power demand, especially in the peak time. However, the advancement...
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Multi Fuels Allocation for Power Generation using Genetic Algorithm

Anurak Choeichum, Narongdech Keeratipranon, Chaiyaporn Khemapatapan
This paper presents solution of optimal multi fuels allocation for electric power generation planning problem via a genetic algorithm (GA). The objective is to maximize the electric power energy output and minimize the fuels cost. This is a considerably difficult problem because of its data variation....
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Time-Varying Effect of Gold and Crude Oil prices to Stock Price Index

Sukrit Thongkairat, Roengchai Tansuchat
This paper proposes time-varying effect of gold and crude oil price to stock price index with Markov switching state space model which provided the time-varying coefficients to analyze the time-varying behaviors of the stock index. A Bayesian approach is employed to predict the parameters of the model...
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The Analysis of Emission Permits Trading System

Yang Liu
As one of the economic means of environmental policy, the emission trading system can effectively reduce the environmental load and achieve the purpose of preserving the environment. In China, it`s urgent to improve the problem of environmental pollution by establishing a sound emissions trading system....
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A Comparison of Statistical and Data Mining Techniques for Enrichment Ontology with Instances

Aurawan Imsombut, Jesada Kajornrit
To enrich instances into an ontology is an important task. That is because the process does extend the knowledge in ontology to cover more the domain of interest, as a result, more benefits can be gained. There are many techniques to classify instances of concepts, however, two popular ones are the statistic...
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Lesson Learned in Education and Skill Mismatches from Maptaphut Industrial Estate, Thailand

Duangjan Varakamin
This paper studies educational and skill mismatch by using primary data in Maptaphut Industrial Estate, Rayong Province conducted from 226 surveyed workers. The ordinary least squares (OLS) and unconditional quantile (UQR) regressions are used to examine the mismatches on earnings. The findings are as...
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One Dimensional Signal Denoising Based on Wavelet Transform and Threshold Theory

Jinming Fu, Yuanfan Li
Wavelet analysis plays an important role in signal processing because of its good time-frequency locality and multi-resolution analysis performance. Based on wavelet analysis in one-dimensional signal denoising are studied, and the principle of threshold and threshold function of wavelet threshold denoising,...
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Research about the Influence of Incentive Method towards Executive on Corporation Performance Based on Multiple Regression Model

Nanhao Wang, Yichong Tang, Fan Liang
With the advent of economic globalization, the corporation plays a vital role in the development of economy. Contemporary society is confronted with a common difficulty that how to manage corporations effectively, and how to maximize corporation revenue. According to the Principal Agent Theory, the division...
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Decomposition analysis on the macroeconomic drivers of the carbon emission from energy consumption in China

Junsong Jia, Huiyong Jian, Min Ju, Dongming Xie
To make clear the relationship between the macroeconomic driving factors and the carbon emission (CE) of energy consumption (EC) in China, we first computed this CE during 2000-2014 and then analyzed the corresponding drivers by the Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index (LMDI) method. The results show the economic...
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Demand for Narcotics in Thailand and Policy Implications

Renu Sukharomana
This paper examines that the demand for narcotic drugs based on Becker (1968) is one kind of rational behavior of human beings. The results from sampling surveys in eight provinces representing nationwide drug user/addicted in Thailand in 2014 shows that demand for narcotics (amphetamine, ice drug and...
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Chinese Outward Direct Investment in Australia: Current Condition Analysis and Prospect

Xuezhen Kang
Australia has become a crucial destination for Chinese foreign investment. Based on statistical data of Chinese outward direct investment (ODI) in Australia throughout recent ten years, by practically analyzing the development and current condition of Chinese ODI in Australia, this paper discusses problems...
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Analysis of the Main Causes of the Imbalance of International Payments and Risk Prediction

Shaowei Huang, Jixiang Zhang
As an important variable of national economy, the balance of payments reflects the transnational flow of physical resources. Therefore, it is very important to predict the risk of the imbalance of international payments. Based on the balance of payments data from 2003 to 2012 in China, this paper uses...
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An Analysis of Administrative Penalty against Accounting Firm and CPA -- Based on the CSRC's Bulletins from 2001 to 2016

Yue Yu
This paper analyzed the punishment bulletins released by CSRC against accounting firms and CPAs from 2001 to 2016.We use statistical manners to demonstrate the different types, reasons, penalty speed and penalty intensity of those cases. Chinese administrative penalty has its own characteristics and...
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Analysis on Key Points of Foreign Trade English Correspondence Translation

Suping Jiang, Biqing Li, Zhao Li
Modern economic development shows that: international trade activity is a significant component of world economic development, and turns into strong impetus for world economic development. Foreign trade business grows rapidly, which is a huge shock to the global economy. Many scholars and translators...
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Analysis on modern apprenticeship status in higher vocational colleges

Shufen Guo, Biqing Li, Zhao Li
This paper, by means of observation and literature research, comprehensively studies the development of modern apprentice system in higher vocational colleges, aiming to better apply research results to our country's the execution work of modern apprenticeships as guideline. This paper is divided into...
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A Study on Cross-border M&A of China State-owned Energy Enterprises Based on SWOT Analysis

Yini Feng, Qingjun Meng
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions are the necessary prerequisites to expansions overseas of China state-owned energy enterprises. By using modern enterprise strategic tool "SWOT analysis", this paper has an in-depth analysis of the cross-border M&A of China state-owned energy enterprises, which contains...
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Foreign Direct Investment and the development of the Casablanca Stock Exchange

This paper aims to empirically examine the impact of Foreign direct investment in developing host countries' stock markets development, in our case Morocco's Casablanca stock exchange, while investigating the effect of domestic savings and exchange rate among other variables, we utilized market capitalization...
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Environmental information disclosure and firm performance

Hsuehen Hsu
This study investigates the association of environmental information disclosure and corporate financial performance for the steel industry. This study uses A-share steel industry listed companies in Shanghai Stock Exchange from 2010 to 2014. The environmental information disclosure includes environmental...
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An empirical study on the influencing factors of environmental information disclosure of Chinese mining listed companies

Zhijuan Li, Chaoyang Zhou
This paper conducts the research based on the data of 75 listed companies of Chinese mining industry in 2015. The disclosure of environmental information was extracted from the published annual report information, independent social responsibility report. The listed company size, profitability, financial...
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Research on Artwork Pricing of China

Aolei Zhang
To provide reference for market participants and policy makers, this paper introduced the present situation of art auction market, summarized the main methods of Chinese artwork pricing, analyzed the existing problems of artwork pricing in China and put forward suggestions to perfect present pricing...
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An Integrated Approach for Logistic Partner Selection in a Logistics Alliance

Chunchao Pang, Lishuai Liu
This study looks at selecting the partner in a logistics alliance as well as the intricate relationships between various factors. We use three research models herein. First, Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) establishes the criteria for the interrelationship structure, categorized according to their...
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Research on the Exertion of Information Technology Superiority in Economic Management

Qingming Liu
With the development of information technology, it's shown that information technology can better serve the management work of the enterprise by integrating and dealing with many types of information, hence promoting the favorable development of the enterprise at a deeper level. With rapid development...
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The Analysis of ASEAN Travel Markets to Thailand: An Approach to Promote Thailand's Economy

Aswin Sangpikul
ASEAN travel markets have been one of the important international tourist markets to Thailand. However, little effort has segmented this market for marketing purposes through an empirical study. This study, therefore, has an objective to examine the perception of Thailand's destination attractions of...
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Empirical Study on Pricing Formation Mechanism of Transfer of Rural Land Contractual Management Rights

Hui Ma, Yanqiu Zhang
The core of issues concerning "agriculture, countryside and farmers" is rural land problems.The transfer of rural land contractual management rights should be premised on scientific and normative pricing formation mechanism. Adopted the empirical and investigation study method, based on field research...
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Research on the Selection of Knowledge Cooperative Partners in the Technology Alliance Based on Imperfect Information Dynamic Game Theory

Chunhua Hu
Exploration and research on technology alliance partner selection based on imperfect information dynamic game is the premise and guarantee to further promote the knowledge collaboration efficiency of Enterprise, University and Research Institute, to promote the sustainable development of technology alliance....
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Realized Volatility of Precious Metal Returns: HAR-RV

Roengchai Tansuchat
This paper applies ultra-high frequency data particularly tick-by-tick data from three precious metals, namely gold, silver and platinum to estimate realized volatility, and model HAR-RV models evaluate Value-at-Risk. The tick-by-tick data from January 1, 2011 to December 8, 2016 covering 2, 070, 720...
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The Statistical Analysis of 70 Deaf People's Divorce Court Judgments in Central China

Qiuping Wei, Qian Xia
70 deaf people's divorce court judgments in central China were collected to analyze the results of judgments, the age gap between the couples, the relationship between the ways of knowing each other and the results of judgments, the relationship between the fertility's circumstance and the results of...
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The Implementation Effect and Improvement of Regulations of the People's Republic of China on International Ocean Shipping

Wei Wang, Wujing Qi
The development of the ocean shipping industry requires legal guarantee. It's been over a decade since Regulations on International Ocean Shipping was implemented in China. It has stimulated the vitality of the ocean shipping market, promoted standardization of ocean shipping management, improved the...
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Analysis on the Necessity and Reasonableness of Project Management of Dangerous Cargo Declaration

Qian Xia, Qiuping Wei
Water transport is one of the most important modes of transportation in China. With the rapid growth of our economy, the number of goods transported by ship has doubled year by year. China has become the largest country in the world in terms of cargo throughput. Ship transport is of great significance...
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Analysis of Cost Control Mode Based on Enterprise Value Chain

Shixiao Yang
Cost control is a systematic project, which can directly reflect the level of enterprise management. It is an important indicator of the core competitiveness of enterprises. Along with the further development of the globalization, the competition between the enterprises become more fiercely. Enterprises...
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Discussion on the Construction of Agricultural E-commerce Mode

Huiting Jia
With the rapid development of agricultural industrialization and agricultural informatization, the impact of e-commerce on agricultural economy is becoming more and more important. It brings new features such as high efficiency, low cost and no limitation of time and space to agricultural development....
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How to statistics and manage the personal and intellectual property information in the office automation system

Biqing Li, Zhao Li
This paper uses an object-oriented analysis, about personal directory management and intellectual property management of the development process office automation systems, some of the core operating processes and technology systems. In this paper, in order to study the personal directory management and...
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Why does Beijing's carbon emission of energy consumption have an 'inverted-W' shape during 2005-2015?

Zhihai Gong, Junsong Jia, Min Ju, Dongming Xie
Based on the characteristics of energy use and economic growth in Beijing, we analyzed the carbon emission of energy consumption from 2005-2015 by the Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index method (LMDI). The results show that Beijing's carbon emission of energy consumption had an 'inverted-W' shape during 2005-2015,...
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Research on the Performance Management Problems in Local Governments' Administrative Service Centers and the Countermeasures

Ting Li, Hong Geng
The construction of a service-oriented government has become a considerable trend of government transformation, and the administrative service center, as a major innovation of China's administrative system reform, not only represents a useful attempt made by the government at managing work performance,...
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Design of Internal Control System of Cost

Minhang Fu
Along with the prosperity of the market economy, enterprises become more and more concerned about cost in the process of continuous pursuit of interests. Consequently, the internal control of cost gets particularly important. For this reason, the state has also issued a draft for internal control of...
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A study on the motivation of knowledge spillovers under the influence of high speed railway

Chongren Bi, Yun Zhao
In order to estimate the influence of high speed railway on the knowledge spillovers among different provinces, this paper defines the connotation of knowledge spillovers. According to the analysis framework of knowledge spillover, the SAR/SDM panel data model are established based on the spatial econometric...
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Industrial Agglomeration and Pollution Emission

Zhi Wang
To study the relationship between industrial agglomeration and pollution emission, Fixed Effect Model is used to analyze the panel data of 21 prefecture-level cities in Guangdong Province from 2005 to 2014. It is found that industrial agglomeration has a negative external effect on the intensity of pollution...
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Simple Analysis of Campus Network Security Status

Shiyong Zheng, Zhao Li, Biqing Li
In this paper, we are going to discuss as well as analysis about the security issue of campus network, promoting different security strategy for dealing with different security threatens, carrying on effective and approachable security checking, making rootly elimilating any threaten come true, so that...
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The Quality Management Model Construction of International Chinese Language Education based on TQM

Wu Cai
With the continuous development of international Chinese language education, how to improve its quality has become a major issue. This paper describes the current development status, existing problems and development trend of international Chinese language education in accord with latest statistical...
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Decoupling Byzantine Fault Tolerance from 802.11B in SCSI Disks

Xiangshi Kong
IPv6 must work. In fact, few leading analysts would disagree with the evaluation of randomized algorithms, which embodies the essential principles of algorithms. We introduce an analysis of RPCs, which we call Bub.