Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Economics, Finance and Statistics (ICEFS 2017)

The International Conference on Economics, Finance and Statistics 2017 (ICEFS 2017) was held in Hong Kong, China, from January 14-15, 2017, serving as a platform for expertise exchange. ICEFS 2017 is co-organized by International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI,, Hong Kong; Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU), Thailand; Wuhan One Cherry Culture and Media Company; University College Algebra Zagreb, Croatia; University Giustino Fortunato, Benevento, Italy; Faculty of Sports Sciences, University of Murcia, Spain; Graduate Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece, Greece; Higher Inclusive Education Resource Center, Wuhan University of Technology, Wuhan. ICEFS 2017 has drawn the attention of researchers from several disciplines: Economics Session, Finance Session and Statistics Session.

The conference is attended by engineers, scientists, and managers of various companies and professors of the universities from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Australia, South Africa and other regions. We have had record number of submission 200 for this conference. Positive recommendations of at least two reviewers are considered by the conference committees for making an acceptance decision on a manuscript. 87 papers have been accepted for presentation at the conference and will be published by Atlantis, which is online available in full text via the platform

We express our special gratitude to all the members of ICEFS Committees, IETI, DPU and Atlantis Press, who worked so hard to prepare the conference and who supported the conference so professionally. 

Finally, we would like to thanks all the authors, speakers and participants of this conference for taking part in and contributing to the International Conference on Economics, Finance and Statistics 2017.

ICEFS 2017 Organizing Committee
January 14-15, 2017