Proceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012)

1259 authors
Zhang, Hongwei
Denoising Analysis on UWB Communication in Mine Tunnels
Zhang, Hongwei
Online Monitoring System of the Mine Main Fan
Zhang, Hongyun
A Novel Adaptive Match Scheme for Parallel Mesh-decomposition in OpenFOAM
Zhang, Hongyun
Implementation of TCP/NC protocol simulation based on OMNET++
Zhang, Hua
Real-Time 3D Hand Gesture Detection from Depth Images
Zhang, Hui
Simulation and Implementation of an Improved Inscribed Chord Interpolation Algorithm
Zhang, Huijuan
Accuracy Analysis of Positioning Method for Fusion GPS Pseudo-range and Continuous Wave Radar
Zhang, Jia-sheng
Network Modeling and Performance Analysis under Time-varying Channel and General Arrival of M2M Services
Zhang, Jian
Research of the Transient Temperature Field and Friction Properties on Disc Brakes
Zhang, Jianfeng
Airborne SAR - ATI - GMTI Influence Factor Analysis
Zhang, Jiaqi
Similarity of Macaque Face Images based on PCA
Zhang, Jingxuan
Automatic Supervisory Control System of Quenching Temperature in Steel Mill
Zhang, Keyu
Uniqueness of q-difference Polynomials of Meromorphic Functions
Zhang, Lei
A Improve Robust Watermarking Algorithm for Binary Images
Zhang, Li
Improved Newton’s Method for Calculation of Power Distribution Network Theory Energy Loss
Zhang, Liang
Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Kernel Collaborative Representation
Zhang, Liang
A Revised Distributed Interpretation for Ontology Integration
Zhang, Liao
Optimization for Web-based Online Document Management
Zhang, Lihong
Application of improved DV-hop localization algorithm in port container positioning
Zhang, Lijun
Application of Link Prediction in Temporal Networks
Zhang, Lijun
Image Feature Extraction of Moment of Inertia Based on Otsu Threshold Segmentation
Zhang, Lijun
Microscopic Image Segmentation of Chinese Herbal Medicine Based on Region Growing Algorithm
Zhang, Liming
The Patient Admission Scheduling of an Ophthalmic Hospital Using Genetic Algorithm
Zhang, Liyi
Blind Image Separation Based on an Optimized Fast Fixed Point Algorithm
Zhang, Long
A Novel Hybrid Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme
Zhang, Longbo
A New Data Classification Algorithm for Data-Intensive Computing Environments
Zhang, Ming
Gabor-LBP Features and Combined Classifiers for Music Genre Classification
Zhang, Minghong
An Empirical Test of the Cross-group Network Externality of Two-sided Market
Zhang, Ning
The modified mortality decomposition model and its application in the China longevity risk analysis
Zhang, Peng
Mechanism for Security Enhancement in Mobile Application Installation
Zhang, Peng
Dynamic Building Tracking from UAVs Based on Image Manifold Learning
Zhang, Ping
Design and development of the architecture market management information system
Zhang, Ping
The difference supervision theory of engineering registration workers based on Bayesian inference
Zhang, Qin
Equipment Support Training System Design
Zhang, Rong
Kalman/Particle Filter for Integrated Navigation System
Zhang, Ting
An OA-based integrated information management system building for marine monitoring business processes
Zhang, Wanfang
The Computer Network: the New Perspective of Construction of Business English Teaching
Zhang, Wanwan
Logistics Management Building Mechanism in E-Commerce
Zhang, Wanwan
Development of Logistics in Electronic Commerce
Zhang, Weidong
Airborne SAR - ATI - GMTI Influence Factor Analysis
Zhang, Weitang
Based on local structural similarity image denoising algorithm
Zhang, Xianjin
Research of Node Energy consumption Based on Dynamic Power Management in Wireless Greenhouse Control System
Zhang, Xiaofeng
3D Visual Simulation On Nanchang Hangkong University
Zhang, Xiaofeng
Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Solving Nonlinear Equations
Zhang, Xiaoli
An Android Terminal in TelosB Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhang, Xiaomei
An Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Cellular Automaton Model for Traffic Flow
Zhang, Xiaoping
A Distribution Communication Network Scheme Involving DERs in Power Grid
Zhang, Xiaoxia
A decision support system with EDA_PR algorithm for the hot rolling scheduling
Zhang, Xin
Research on the Wireless sensor Network Data Fusion Technology
Zhang, Xingchen
A Cross-Entropy Method for Solving Passenger Flow Routing Problem
Zhang, Xiumei
Design and Implementation of Chinese Information Filtering System
Zhang, Xuan
Algebraic Semantics-based Verification for EPDL at Task Level
Zhang, Yan
Study and Simulation of the Model of Stability Measurement for Integrated Semiconductor Equipment
Zhang, Yufei
A General Threshold Signature Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve
Zhang, Yufeng
Calculation on Energy Saving Potential of a New Dry-type Air-conditioning System
Zhang, Yufu
Simulation Research of a type of Pressure Vessel under Complex Loading Part 1 Component Load of the Numerical Analysis
Zhang, Yufu
Simulation Research of a type of Pressure Vessel under Complex Loading Part 2 Complex Load of the Numerical Analysis
Zhang, Yuhua
Object-Oriented Programming Hardware/Software Supports and Comparison
Zhang, Yulin
Design of Dual-mode RFID Reader
Zhang, Yuyan
A Retrieval Sorting Approach for Online Forums Based on Domain Topics
Zhang, Zhenbo
A Research of the Vertical Differentiation of Digital Content Products
Zhang, Zhenbo
An Empirical Test of the Cross-group Network Externality of Two-sided Market
Zhang, Zhenyou
Synchronous Optimization Method for Heterogeneous Database Based on the Minimal DataSet
Zhang, Zhenyou
Dynamic Integration System for Heterogeneous Database Based on S2SH
Zhang, Zhenyou
Data Extraction method for Heterogeneous Database Based on EJB
Zhang, Zhiguo
Application Of XML For Telemetry Data Management
Zhang, Zong-li
Research computer network remote education teaching model
Zhang, Zongfu
Teaching Agent Model Construction Based on Web Cooperative Learning System
Zhao, Caidan
Transient Signal Feature Extraction Based on Box Dimension and the Largest Lyapunov Dimension
Zhao, Chunhui
An Effective Image Fusion Method Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and Pulse Coupled Neural Network
Zhao, Dan
ES-TMP: Inter-domain Egress Selection based on Traffic Migration Prediction
Zhao, Duanyang
Research and Practice on Algorithm Analysis and Design Course Teaching Based on Online Judge
Zhao, Duanyang
Research on Key Security Strategies of Cloud Computing
Zhao, Fayong
A Comprehensive Test Compression Scheme based on Precomputed Test Sets
Zhao, Haitao
Analysis of the Multi-channel MAC Protocols in Wireless Networks
Zhao, Hongwei
Medium Access Control Layer Design and Simulation for 802.16 System
Zhao, Hua
Short Text Similarity Computing Method towards Agriculture Question and Answering Systems
Zhao, Jianguang
Research on embedded GPS/GPRS intelligent building security technology
Zhao, Jing
Improved Preisach -DOK Modeling on the Henkel Plot of A Longitudinal Barium Ferrite
Zhao, Liming
Image Feature Extraction of Moment of Inertia Based on Otsu Threshold Segmentation
Zhao, Na
The Algebraic Semantics of EPDL at Activity Level and Verification
Zhao, Na
Distributed Computing Design Methods for Multicore Application Programming
Zhao, Ping
Four flavonoid glycosides from the pulps of Elaeagnus angustifolia and their antioxidant activities
Zhao, Qiaofang
Research and Development of Online Examination System
Zhao, Qiaofang
Research and Development of Web-based News Releasing System
Zhao, Qingyun
Automatic Hexahedral Mesh of Concrete Box Girder with the Vertical Section Method
Zhao, Shenghui
An improved method for AMR-WB speech codec
Zhao, Shifeng
A Statistical Local Binary Fitting Model for Blood Vessel Segmentation
Zhao, Wenpu
Automatic Hexahedral Mesh of Concrete Box Girder with the Vertical Section Method
Zhao, Xianghui
Weight-discounted Symmetrization in Clustering Directed Graphs
Zhao, Xianghui
Improvement of KEA Based on Lexical Chain
Zhao, Xiaochuan
Model-Based Design of UAV Autopilot Software
Zhao, Xiaohui
Mix-subdivision Dynamic Terrain Visualization Algorithm
Zhao, Xin
A Framework of Evaluation Methodologies for Network Anomaly Detectors
Zhao, Xinchao
One-dimensional Searching-based Particle Swarm Optimization
Zhao, Xinye
Extended VIKOR method with fuzzy cross-entropy of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets
Zhao, Xinye
An Interest Management in Large-scale Analytic Simulation
Zhao, Ya
The Implementation of Virtual Studio Laboratory Based on Web
Zhao, Yifan
A Novel Simplified Limit-1 Polling Communication System
Zhao, Ying
Design of Intelligent Access Control System Based on UWB Location Algorithm