Proceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012)

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The Patient Admission Scheduling of an Ophthalmic Hospital Using Genetic Algorithm

Liming Zhang, Huiyou Chang, Ruitian Xu
Currently, FCFS scheduling method is widely used in hospitals for patient admission scheduling, which ignores the impacts of patient length of stay and surgery arrangement on the usage of hospital resources. This paper proposes a more comprehensive mathematical model and evaluation mechanism for the...
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An Effective Image Fusion Method Based on Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform and Pulse Coupled Neural Network

Lijuan Ma, Chunhui Zhao
In order to solve the problem of spectral distortion and the fuzzy texture in visible and infrared image fusion technology, a novel visible and infrared image fusion method based on the Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform (NSCT) and Pulse Coupled Neural Networks (PCNN) is proposed in this paper. First,...
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An Improved Personalized Recommendation System Research

Xingyuan Li, Qingshui Li
In order to find information of interest and found valuable information resources in enrich Internet data. This paper describes a personalized recommendation system, personalized recommendation system is an intelligent recommendation system to help e-commerce site for customers to provide complete personalized...
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A New Energy-Efficient On-Demand Routing Protocol for Green Wireless Mesh Networks

Yinpeng Yu, Yuhuai Peng, Lei Guo, Meng Song
In order to solve the green energy saving problem with the wireless routing technology, a new energy-efficient survivable routing protocol, called Energy-efficient Survivable AODV (ES-AODV) for unicast demand in green Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs), is proposed in this paper. The routing protocol uses...
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Community evolution in dynamic social networks

Gang Wang, Yuli Lei, Chongjun Wang, Shaojie Qiao
This paper proposed a framework and an algorithm for identifying communities in dynamic social networks. In order to handle the drawbacks of traditional approaches for social network analysis, we utilize the community similarities and infrequent change of community members combined with community structure...
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A Novel Hybrid Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme

Xin Yang, Long Zhang, Chunming Li, Guoqiang Li
In this paper, we propose a new type of threshold proxy signature scheme: hybrid threshold proxy signature (HTPS), in which a signature is cooperatively generated by the partial original signers themselves and the proxy signers on behalf of their own original signer in threshold proxy way. We formalize...
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Gene Prediction Based on One-Dimensional Image Segmentation

Fei-Yu Wang, Zi-Wei Zheng, Wei-Hua Li
In the current study, using methods of signal processing to manage gene prediction has attracted great attention. At first, the voss mapping which can map the DNA alphabetic sequence into the numerical sequence and the 3-base periodicity of exon are introduced. Then a fixed-length sliding window approach...
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Curriculum Schedule Arrangement Solved by An Improved Immune Optimization Algorithm

Xiao-feng Li, An Shi, Jian-guo Luo
To solve the university timetabling problem (UTP) effectively, a immune algorithm-based solution for UTP was proposed. The mathematical model of UTP was expounded, a framework of immune algorithm was given, and simulation experiments were done to validate algorithm. Experimental result shows that proposed...
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A Localization Algorithm of Multi-hop Three Dimensional AOA with Space-based Angle Transmission and Its Application

Qingzhang Chen, Yunfeng Ni, Xinghua Li, Rongjie Wu, Yanjing Lei
Wireless sensor node's localization is a funda-mental technology in Wireless Sensor Networks. There are only quite a few study on three-dimensional (3D) localization which is suffered in slow progress, actually, is one of the main difficulties in WSN localization. Based on the study of the existing two-dimensional...
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Research on Node Localization Algorithm in WSN basing Machine Learning

Qingzhang Chen, Yuzheng Chen, Congling Fan, Fan Yang, Peng Wang
Machine learning uses experience to improve its performance. Using Machine Learing, to locate the nodes in wireless sensor network. The basic idea is that: the network area is divided into several equal portions of small grids, each gird represents a certain class of Machine Learning algorithm. After...
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Synchronous Optimization Method for Heterogeneous Database Based on the Minimal DataSet

Zhenyou Zhang, Dongguang Wang, Zhi Cao
The data synchronous of the distributed heterogeneous database was one of the important researches for the heterogeneous databases. This paper analyzed the data synchronization optimization mechanism of the distributed heterogeneous database and puts forward to get the minimum change data set from each...
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Dynamic Integration System for Heterogeneous Database Based on S2SH

Zhenyou Zhang, Ziqi Zhao, Zhi Cao
Between each node database there must be different in the distributed heterogeneous database system, so how to resolve these different (It's said that realize the mutual transformation between heterogeneous databases) was an basic problem in the heterogeneous database system. This paper analyzes the...
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Data Extraction method for Heterogeneous Database Based on EJB

Zhenyou Zhang, Bochen Sun, Zhi Cao
Data island exists in most of the information system. And the system platform integration could eliminate the existence of the information island. This paper visited database information system through the EJB component technology, and using the metadata way to extracted data information from the heterogeneous...
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Target Tracking Based Adaptive Particle Filter in Binary Wireless Sensor Networks

Ling-Dong Su, Ming-Yue Zhai, Zhi-Yu Zhu
Since real-time and communication amount is crucial for the wireless sensor network target tracking, the performance of target tracking in the wireless sensor network is critically depended on real-time and communication amount reduction. This paper presents a target tracking method based on distributed...
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Development Trend Analysis on Corn Futures Price in Our Country by Multiple Regression Model

Junyi Chen, Pingyuan Xi
As the main influence factors on price fluctuations of corn futures is more complex, so analyzing these factors that is very difficult. In this paper, China's consumer confidence index and consumer price index are selected as variables of the rational expectations so that the econometric model is created...
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Research on the Credit Management of Commercial Banks of Lianyungang City for the SMEs

Junyi Chen, Shuping Han
At present, the credit management mode of commercial bank in lianyungang for the SMEs is still in the exploring, although the various credit policy for the small and medium-sized enterprises has been come out, the risk management plan and operation method that really suit for credit demand for the SMEs...
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An Efficient Sleeping Scheduling for Save Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks

Shu-Guang Jia, Li-Peng Lu, Ling-Dong Su, Gui-Lan Xing, Ming-Yue Zhai
Smart grid has become one hot topic at home and abroad in recent years. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) has applied to lots of fields of smart grid, such as monitoring and controlling. We should ensure that there are enough active sensors to satisfy the service request. But, the sensor nodes have limited...
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Research of Node Energy consumption Based on Dynamic Power Management in Wireless Greenhouse Control System

Yongxian Song, Juanli Ma, Xianjin Zhang
The resources of wireless sensor nodes are limited, and the power of nodes is supplied with battery whose capacity is very limited, once the energy of battery is run out, the nodes will lose their effect, so there are serious energy constraint in wireless sensor network. In this paper, the specific energy...
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Estimation Algorithm of Two-Dimensional Direction of Arrival based on Rectangle array of Distributed Source

Hui Yao, Ying Wu
For estimating two-dimensional direction of arrival (DOA) of local scattering distributed source, the computational complexity of various algorithms for DOA is prohibitively high, induced by high dimension searching manipulation. According to this problem, an ESPRIT-like algorithm is proposed. The proposed...
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Blind Image Separation Based on an Optimized Fast Fixed Point Algorithm

Wei Yuan, Liyi Zhang
An optimized fast fixed point algorithm based on modified Newton iteration method has been proposed. With good performance of the blind image separation, the optimized algorithm can improve the convergence speed greatly. We proposed a new adaptive enhancement parameter to enhance the separated images...
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A General Threshold Signature Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve

Yulian Shang, Xiujuan Wang, Yujuan Li, Yufei Zhang
Based on Elliptic Curve cryptosystem, a threshold signature scheme characterized by (k, l) joint verification for (t, n) signature is put forward. After being signed by a signer company employing (t, n) threshold signature scheme, the information m is transmitted to a particular verifier company, and...
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Design and Implementation of Mongolian Wordnet Management Platform

Si Ha, Enbo Tang
With the development of natural language processing technology, a powerful tool containing semantic information is in great need in lexical semantic processing. Aiming at automatic processing of words in machine translation and automatic proofreading, Wordnet mainly provides semantic information in the...
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A -calculus-based Complaint Model for a User-interactive Question Answering System

Yancheng Li, Hua Duan, Qingtian Zeng, Faming Lu
User-interactive question answering systems are catching more and more attention, however users’ complaints arise within it from such problems as unfair compensation. This paper focuses on a -calculus-based formal model for the complaint process of a user-interactive question answering system. The formal...
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On the First-Order Markov Model for the PLC Fading Channel

The power line communications (PLC) channel is noisy one, which can be modeled by the Markov process. The order is the key concerning when used the Markov process. the level of complexity will be incurred from using higher order , while the first-order Markov models may lead to the less accurate channel...
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A Realization of Security Model on Unified Database Console

Hui Wang, LianZhong Liu
As an extremely important platform of data storage, database management system(DBMS) is widely used in all kinds of enterprises and departments. The availability and security is a critical performance index for database. How to help administrator keep database secure and effective is a key job of database...
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Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Kernel Collaborative Representation

Liang Zhang, Jiwen Dong
Aiming at solving the problems of occlusion and illumination in face recognition, a new method of face recognition based on Kernel Principal Components Analysis (KPCA) and Collaborative Representation Classifier (CRC) is developed. The KPCA can obtain effective discriminative information and reduce the...
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A Verifiable Visual Cryptography Scheme Using Neural Networks

Yuqiao Deng, Ge Song
This paper proposes a new verifiable visual cryptography scheme for general access structures using pi-sigma neural networks (VVCSPSN), which is based on probabilistic signature scheme (PSS), which is considered as security and effective verification method. Compared to other high-order networks, PSN...
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Kernel Methods and Its Application in Wavefront Reconstruction

Zhiying Tan, Ying Chen, Kun She, Yong Feng
Kernel methods can effectively deal with the nonlinear problem. The methods not only can be used for data de-noising, also be effective for classification problems. Using kernel PCA method, we provide a more precise Zernike expansion, which can apparently improve the reconstruction accuracy. At the same...
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Design and Implementation on Auto Test Set of an Airborne Radar

Fulu Jin, Yunpeng Li, Hongrui Wang
To automatic test the function and performance of an airborne radar, changeable test adapter is adopted to implement the hardware and software design of the automatic test set of the antenna, transceiver and indicator of the radar based on AT89C52. Problems such as t the different types of interfaces,...
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A Novel Data Access Scheme in Cloud Computing

Xiaowei Gao, Zemin Jiang, Rui Jiang
Recently, Hota et al. present a Capability-based Cryptographic Data Access Control in Cloud Computing. This scheme implements data storage, user authorization, data access and integrity checking. However, we find two fatal attacks in the data exchange between CSP and User. These attacks makes a registered...
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Slotting Optimization Algorithm of the Stereo Warehouse

JunHui Wu, TongDi Qin, Jie Chen, HuiPing Si, KaiYan Lin
In order to solve the problem of slotting optimization management with automated storage and retrieval system (AS / RS), the genetic algorithms of the slotting optimization process with stereo warehouse were discussed. The process of the slotting optimization was designed by the real-number coding. The...
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Efficient Data Structures for Range Selections Problem

Xiaodong Wang, Jun Tian
Building an efficient data structure for range selection problems is considered. While there are several theoretical solutions to the problem, only a few have been tried out, and there is little idea on how the others would perform. The computation model used in this paper is the RAM model with word-size...
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Software Simulation Method for Digital IF GNSS Signal

Xiangyu Wu, Jinrui Liu, Hang Gong, Gang Ou
Data simulation is an important auxiliary method for baseband signal processing algorithm design of digital IF GNSS receiver. Especially when the high sensitivity and high dynamic receivers are developed, or multipath and cross correlation mitigation techniques are considered, exact and complete tests...
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A Design for Water Surface Communication System of Ultra Short Base Line Positioning System

FuPeng Qiu, HongJie Wan, XueWei Wang
In order to satisfy the requirement of the underwater acoustic positioning system for offshore oil exploration, a design idea for water surface communication system of ultra short base line(USBL) positioning system. The main function of this design is to achieve high-quality communication with underwater...
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Non-uniform Cluster-Based Mobile Data Collector Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks

Xinlian Zhou, Sheng Chen
One fundamental task of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is to save sensor power, and try to prolong the lifetime of WSNs. Traditional routing protocols are almost based on homogeneous WSNs, all sensors are use single hop or multi-hop to transmit data to base station, which lead to overload sensors next...
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Dynamic Evolution of Requirement Goal Deployed on Network Environment

Yang Liu, Jinzhao Wu
Under the network environment, it inevitably exists inconsistency and dynamic information in users’ requirements because of the complicated and volatile network, update, restructuring and so on. This paper studies how to handle the inconsistent information and keep correctness of the requirement goals...
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Accelerating Unpopular Channel through Federation

Jing He, Wei Zhou, Shipu Wang
Nowadays, peer-to-peer technology has provided users with cheap and powerful communicating facilities. However, P2P streaming system faces two challenges. Firstly, how to improve the poor Quality-of-Experience (QoE) in unpopular channel Secondly, how to select peers to contribute their resources for...
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Research On DB2 Performance Testing Automation

Lei Zhuang, Zhen Gao, Hao Wu, ChunXin Yang, Miao Zheng
Software testing play a significant role in modern software development and maintenance process, which is also an important means to ensure software reliability and improve software quality. With the continuous improvement of quality requirements of the software products and software engineering technology...
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Design of Dual-mode RFID Reader

Yulin Zhang, Tongtong Wang, Changbin Shang
The Internet of Things accelerates the development of RFID technology. Logistics, transportation, aviation and other fields has increasingly high demand on the reader's identification distance and reliability. In order to meet the market demand, the design of RFID reader based on the dual-mode was proposed....
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Remote Video Surveillance System Based on DirectShow and Image Compression

Shangfu Gong, Ligang Wu, Yanjun Wang
Video surveillance, convenience and rich information, has been widely used in security, protection, monitoring and other occasions, and has already been one of the most important precautionary measures in commercial, residential and transportation areas. However, considering the massive data transmission...
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The Implementation of Serial Communication CSerial the Port Class

Naining Wen, Shangfu Gong, Yanjun Wang
Illustrating the advantages and disadvantages of several commonly used methods to develop serial communication program under Microsoft Windows, this article uses a serial communication class through a third party, namely the use the Remon Spekrijse provided free serial port class CSerial the Port class,...
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The Globally Linear Embedding Algorithm

Jieyun Xia, Shuaibin Lian
LLE is a very effective non-linear dimension reduction algorithm and widely explored in machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining and etc. ‘Locally linear, Globally non-linear’ has always been regarded as the features and advantages of LLE. However, the theoretical derivation presented in this...
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Network Modeling and Performance Analysis under Time-varying Channel and General Arrival of M2M Services

Fu Li, Xue-fen Chi, Jia-sheng Zhang, Xu-dong Li
To investigate and forecast the traffic characteristics of important M2M service--Small data service, we modeled its arrival process and analyzed the effects it has on current wireless network. By simulating service logic and designing traffic generation function of typical M2M small data service on...
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A Performance Tool for Earth System Models Development

Hang Li, Zhongzhi Luan
We present a performance tool for Earth system models development to aid in analyzing the performance of the climate modeling applications. It is difficult for existing tools to handle with the complex, coupled structure and the long execution time of models. Our performance tool implements rapid analysis...
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Improvements based on the IPSec VPN Secuirity

Ya-qin Fan, Ling Lv, Mei-lin Liu, Fei Xie
In this paper, through specific description of the concept of virtual private network VPN, operating principles and the IPSec protocol, and using the OPNET software for performance simulation of IPSec VPN network, we get the result of IPSec VPN throughput of the network, which is unstable. o though IPSec...
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Research on the Wireless sensor Network Data Fusion Technology

Ya-qin Fan, Yu Ding, Mei-lin Liu, Xin Zhang
Wireless sensor network ( WSN ) is a kind of energy constrained network, by using data fusion technology, the elimination of redundant data, can save energy, prolong the network life purpose. Data fusion in wireless sensor network can realize different protocol layers, Based on the introduction of wireless...
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Research on K-Anonymity Algorithm in Privacy Protection

Chen Wang, Lianzhong Liu, Lijie Gao
Nowadays, people pay great attention to the privacy protection, therefore the technology of anonymization has been widely used. However, most of current methods strictly depend on the predefined ordering relation on the generalization layer or attribute domain, making the anonymous result is a high degree...
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An Efficient Routing Algorithm for Opportunistic Networks based on Network Coding

Yukun Yao, Zhihu Liu, Zhi Ren, Yadi Wen
To address the problems in Opportunistic Networks that nodes employing routing algorithms based on epidemic mechanism can’t sense their neighboring nodes timely and many redundant data packets permeate through the network, an efficient routing algorithm based on XOR network coding was proposed (Xor Network...
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Research of the Transient Temperature Field and Friction Properties on Disc Brakes

Jian Zhang, Changgao Xia
According to the real dimension of the braking disc, the finite element modeling for three-dimensional transient cyclic symmetry during the long downhill braking is established. The distribution of the transient temperature field of the brake disc during the braking are analyzed. The variation of the...
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On Transformation from The Thesaurus into Domain Ontology

Ping Li, Yong Li
In order to reduce the workload of constructing domain ontology, this paper proposes a transformation method from thesaurus into domain ontology. We can take building the cereal crops’ domain ontology as an example to detail narrative of the process of the transformation and to prove the effectiveness...
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A Constructive Heuristic for Two-Dimensional Bin Packing

Bohan Wang, Jiamin Liu, Yong Yue Malcolm Keech
Two-dimensional bin packing is encountered in various applications where small rectangular items are packed into a minimum number of large rectangular objects (bins). Aiming at an optimal area utilization, the paper presents an effective constructive heuristic approach to two-dimensional bin packing....
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One-dimensional Searching-based Particle Swarm Optimization

Wenqiao Lin, Yufeng He, Xinchao Zhao
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) guides its search direction by a linear learning strategy in which each particle updates its velocity through a linear combination among its present status, historical best experience and the swarm best experience. Such a velocity update strategy is easy to achieve,...
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Study on recognition of black insects on dark background by computer vision

Sa Liu, Yan Yang, Xiaodong Zhu, Huaiwei Wang, Shibin Lian
Improved color channel comparison method (ICCCM) is an effective method to transform color images into gray-scale ones. Based on the ICCCM, black or white insects could be effectively extracted and recognized from the real color images with bright background. However it is difficult to use the ICCCM...
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A Improve Robust Watermarking Algorithm for Binary Images

Lei Zhang
A improve robust watermarking algorithm is proposed for binary images. The primary focus of the proposed algorithm lies in finding more flippable pixels and enhancing the robustness of watermarking. Based on Haar Wavelet Transform, the more flippable pixels was found not only in the neighbourhood but...
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Analysis and Improvement of User Authentication Framework for Cloud Computing

Nan Chen, Rui Jiang
Cloud Computing, as an emerging, virtual, large-scale distributed computing model, has gained increasing attention these years. Meanwhile it also faces many secure challenges, one of which is authentication. Amlan Jyoti Choudhury et al proposed a user authentication framework to ensure user legitimacy...
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Predict the Tertiary Structure of Protein with Error-Correcting Output Coding and Flexible Neural Tree

Yiming Chen, Yuehui Chen
In this paper we intend to apply a new method to predict tertiary structure. A novel hybrid feature adopted is composed of physicochemical composition (PCC), recurrence quantification analysis (RQA) and pseudo amino acid composition (PseAA). We use the Error Correcting Output Coding (ECOC) based on three...
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Runtime-based Behavior Dynamic Analysis System for Android Malware Detection

Luoxu Min, Qinghua Cao
The most serious threats for Android users is come from application, However, the market lack a mechanism to validate whether these applications are malware or not. So, malware maybe leak user’s private information, malicious deductions for send premium SMS, get root privilege of the Android system and...
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component; Embedded Software; Simulation; Graphical Editor Framework ; Software and Hardware Combination

Bo Geng, Qinghua Cao
Embedded software and hardware integration simulation platform is developed for simulating the embedded systems design process in current engineering system, which can facilitate finding various problems in system design process. For example, in the system scheme phase, the scheme and design verification...
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Application of Link Prediction in Temporal Networks

Haihang Xu, Lijun Zhang
Link prediction is an important research hotspot in complex networks. Correlational studies merely use static topology for prediction, without considering the influence of network dynamic evolutionary process on link prediction. We believe that the links are derived from the evolutionary process of network,...
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Security Issues and Challenges in Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks

Lulu Liang, Qi Zou, Guang Yang, Lei Shi
Recently, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have attracted a lot of attention from the network research community, especially in the aspect of event-driven wireless sensor networks (EWSNs), such as adversary locating, fire detection and so on. As the nature of importance of event monitoring, security has...
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Short Text Similarity Computing Method towards Agriculture Question and Answering Systems

Bingjie Sun, Zhichao Liang, Qingtian Zeng, Hua Zhao, Weijian Ni
Text similarity computing is the core issue that question-answering system needs to solve. It is mainly used to filter out the existed problems which are similar to the user’s questions from database. Because of the low recall of domain keywords in domain text similarity computing based on traditional...
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Cyber Security Situation Awareness Based on Data Mining

Jie Liu, Xuewei Feng, Jin Li, Dongxia Wang
Situation awareness is a kind of the third generation of information security technology, which aims to provide the global security views of the cyberspace for administrators. A framework of cyber security situation awareness based on data mining is proposed in this paper. The framework can be viewed...
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Application of Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Optimization Parameters in Equipment Material Transport

Xi Li, Liyun Chen, Aizhen Liu, Sen Liu
In order to solve the path selection problem in the transport of equipment and materials, while improving the quality of solutions, this paper uses ant colony algorithm based on optimization parameters to achieve. Through genetic algorithm to solve the parameters of ant colony algorithm, resulting in...
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JPEG2000 image compression method based on GPGPU

Weiling Wang
In order to improve the compression speed of JPEG2000, the JPEG2000 compression standard is analysised and it concluded that the part data of the core algorithm that is DWT in JPEG2000 are independent from each other, so it is very suitable for parallel processing. CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture)...
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Correlation Trust Authentication Model for Peer-to-Peer Networks

Wei Cheng, Zhenhua Tan
A requester node requesting a service in a peer to peer network transmits a request to a service provider node. The request may include a communication history of the requester node identifying other nodes with which the requester node has previously communicated. The service provider node authenticates...
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XML Retrieval with Results Clustering on Android

Pengfei Liu, Yanhua Chen, Wenjie Xie, Qiaoyi Hu
XML receives widely interests in data exchanging and information management on both traditional desktop computing platforms and rising mobile computing platforms. However, traditional XML retrieval does not work on mobile devices due to the mobile platforms’ limitations and diversities. Considering that...
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E-Forensics Application Research in the Agricultural Industry Regulator

Zhenkai Chen, Zailin Piao
The electronic evidence is becoming increasingly popular in cracking down on Internet pornography, online gambling, phishing and other high-tech crime cases .It also takes an important part in the agricultural industry, regulatory processes and electronic forensics. Of course, electronic forensics has...
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Model Comparison and Data Interface Program Development between BPA and PSS/E

Peng Li, Peng Tian, Hezhi Liu, Xu Wei
Write a data interface program transforming data between BPA and PSS/E by VC and realize bidirectional transform of power flow data and transition from BPA to PSS/E of stable data. Illuminate the corresponding relationship between these two programs of both power flow and stable data and compare differences...
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WS-SIM: A Toolkit for Modeling and Simulation of Service Composition

Fan Zhang
Web service has been rapidly developed in recent years. Web service selection is an important issue in web service composition and lots of service selection algorithms have been presented. As lots of them select an atomic service during runtime, it is not an easy task to evaluate the quality of the composited...
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Predicting Protein Subcellular Localization Using the Algorithm of Diversity Finite Coefficient Combined with Artificial Neural Network

Zeyue Wu, Yuehui Chen
Protein subcellular localization is an important research field of bioinformatics. The subcellular localization of proteins classification problem is transformed into several two classification problems with error-correcting output codes. In this paper, we use the algorithm of the increment of diversity...
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Transient Signal Feature Extraction Based on Box Dimension and the Largest Lyapunov Dimension

Caidan Zhao, Fujia Yan, Minghui Gao, Lianfen Huang
Cognitive radio is one kind of wireless communication technology, which is to effectively improve the spectrum efficiency by the way of wireless spectrum sensing. Besides of varieties of security issues of the traditional wireless communication, it also has some new problems, such as Primary User Emulation...
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Sliding Mode H Control for Active Vehicle Suspension Systems

Ai-Ming Feng
This paper is concerned with the sliding mode H control for an active vehicle suspension system. The suspension system is first decomposed into two virtual subsystems via a linear transformation. By considering the tire deflection of the suspension system as a virtual control for the first subsystem,...
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Control Algorithm Optimization of Electric Air Conditioning Based on ADVISOR

Jinrui Nan, Zhichao Zhou
In order to develop more energy-saving control algorithm, an electric vehicle air conditioning system model is established. Electric air conditioning system compressor model, compartment thermal load model, heat transfer model, controller model and temperature calculation model are built based on certain...
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Global Synchronization of Moving Agent Networks with Time-varying Topological Structure

Lifu Wang, Zhi Kong, Xingang Wang
The synchronization of moving agent networks with linear coupling in a two dimensional space is investigated. Base on the Lyapunov stability theory, a criterion for the synchronization is achieved via designed decentralized controllers. And, an example of typical moving agent network, having the Rössler...
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Harmony Search Algorithm Based on Cloud Theory

Lifu Wang, Zhi Kong, Xingang Wang
The parameter bw is a distance bandwidth between 0 and 1 in harmony search algorithm, which helps the algorithm in finding globally and locally improved solution. In this paper, a new harmony search algorithm is proposed in order to improve the convergence speed and the global search algorithm of the...
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A Method on Single Source Publishing for Music in DITA

Xuhong Liu, Yunmei Shi, Peng Liu, Ning Li
Federated Media Publishing means to distribute the single source content through multimedia after integrating various media manners, which is the trend of digital publishing. DITA is designed to produce multiple deliverable formats from a single set of DITA content, but it can’t be directly used in Federated...
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Bargaining in a Push Supply Chain System under Partial Cross Ownership

Jiguang Chen, Qiying Hu
Supply chain under partial cross ownership (PCO) refers to the dyad in which each one holds part of its partner’s shares. In a two-echelon push supply chain under the partial cross ownership, when the operational decisions are bargained, the supply chain is coordinated, and the allocation of the chain...
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A Cross-Entropy Method for Solving Passenger Flow Routing Problem

Yang Jiang, Xingchen Zhang, Tiantian Gan
In this paper, a new design optimization method- cross entropy methods for passenger flow routing in passenger hubs is employed, in order to develop rational and efficient passenger flow routing program, which will help improving the passenger flow organization. According to the description and characteristics...
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Formalization of Emotions with Intensity

Rui Qiao, Heng He
Logical formalization of emotions moves forward and develops more widely accepted and clearly defined emotion models. However, there is little quantitative analysis of emotions based on modal logic. We put forward a logic LEI to represent quantitative belief, preference and disgust. Then, event-based...
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A Novel Simplified Limit-1 Polling Communication System

Jin Lu, Hongwei Ding, Yifan Zhao, Min He
proposed a Limit-1 polling system model with simplified service process (SL-1), which was analyzed by the theory of imbedded Markov chain and the method of multidimensional probability generating function. The related characteristic of system was obtained based on the analysis of polling mechanism. The...
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Mechanism for Security Enhancement in Mobile Application Installation

Peng Zhang, Hanlin Sun, Zheng Yan
Mobile operating systems (e.g., iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc) are becoming powerful platforms on which various applications can be installed and run. Each mobile OS offers application store (e.g., Apple App Store, Android Play, etc) for developers to easily publish applications and earn profits....
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Analysis of virtual storage technology and its application in the library

Dongxin Lu, Yixi Niu, Linqi Zou
With the rapid development of computer technology, storage systems become more and more important, the virtual storage technology can simplify storage system and more and more attention. This article briefly describes the concept of virtual storage technology, focusing on the classification of the virtual...
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Support Vector Clustering for Outlier Detection

Hai-Lei Wang, Wen-Bo Li, Bing-Yu Sun
In this paper a novel Support vector clustering(SVC) method for outlier detection is proposed. Outlier detection algorithms have application in several tasks such as data mining, data preprocessing, data filter-cleaner, time series analysis and so on. Traditionally outlier detection methods are mostly...
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Complete Coverage Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance Strategy of the Robot

JunHui Wu, TongDi Qin, Jie Chen, HuiPing Si, KaiYan Lin
In order to solve the problems of complete coverage path and obstacle avoidance with the mobile robot, the complete coverage planning was described first, and then the algorithm of the complete coverage path planning was analyzed. The complete traversal algorithm and the obstacle avoidance strategy of...
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Mix-subdivision Dynamic Terrain Visualization Algorithm

Xiaohui Zhao, Baodi Xie, Depeng Wan, Qingyun Wang
Dynamic Terrain is becoming more and more important in ground-based simulation systems. In military simulation systems, craters and ruts can improve the reality. In this paper, a dynamic terrain visualization method based on quadtree and multi-resolution voxel is presented in order to realize the real-time...
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The Algebraic Semantics of EPDL at Activity Level and Verification

Jinzhuo Liu, Lixia Wang, Tong Li, Qian Yu, Na Zhao
In recent years, algebraic semantics and its verification are increasingly important in software engineering. In this paper, firstly, the algebraic semantics of software evolution process description language (AS-EPDL) at activity level is explored. The algebraic semantics of activity level in EPDL provide...
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Algebraic Semantics-based Verification for EPDL at Task Level

Jinzhuo Liu, Lixia Wang, Wei Wang, Xuan Zhang, Ye Qian
The algebraic semantics has been applied to describe and verify semantics for a long period of time. In this paper, the algebraic semantics of EPDL of task level is studied. The paper is divided into two parts. In the first part, the initial algebraic semantics of EPDL (AS-EPDL) of task level is given....
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Distributed Computing Design Methods for Multicore Application Programming

Qian Yu, Tong Li, ZhongWen Xie, Na Zhao, Ying Lin
In order to solve the serial execution caused by multithreaded concurrent access to shared data and realize the dynamic load balance of tasks on shared memory symmetric multi-processor (multi-core) computing platform, new design methods are presented. By presenting multicore distributed locks, multicore...
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Calculation on Energy Saving Potential of a New Dry-type Air-conditioning System

Xiaowei Hu, Yufeng Zhang, Lili Wei, Xinhui Wu
Temperature and humidity independent control can be made by a new dry-type air-conditioning system, the combination of silica gel rotor and heat pump. Heat pump cycle can simultaneously cool the process air and heat the regeneration air, so it can cancel each other out in the cold and heat energy consumption...
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Code-switching Speech Detection Method by Combination of Language and Acoustic Information

Hongji Zhang
In this paper, we propose a new speech detection method to English-Mandarin code-switching speech. Unlike previous methods, in this method we first train a support vector machine (SVM) model based on feature parameters and Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) , then integrate the language identification (LID)...
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The Strong Convergence of a New Iterative Algorithm for Asymptotically Nonexpansive Mappings

Yuanheng Wang, Weiwei Sun
In a real Banach space E with a uniformly differentiable norm, we prove that a new iterative sequence converges strongly to a fixed point of an asymptotically nonexpansive mapping. The results in this paper improve and extend some recent results of other authors.
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Impact of Automation to Maritime Technology

Song Ding, Duanfeng Han, Boshi Zhang
Due to incredibly advancing technology and reduced manning levels in the maritime industry there is now a cultural shift in the maritime industry toward increased levels of automation in tasks, particularly with regard to navigation systems. But there are two sides to the automation advances. Increasing...
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Algebraic Techniques in Linear Cryptanalysis

Hongru Wei, Yafei Zheng
Linear cryptanalysis is a statistical analysis method. Linear cryptanalysis constructs probabilistic patterns first and then distinguishes the cipher from a random permutation using lots of plaintext-ciphertext pairs. Linear cryptanalysis has a big data complexity. Algebraic attack attempts to exploit...
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The Development and Application of Virtual System of Physiological Function Experiments Based on Networks

Deli Wang, Haifeng Tang, Xiaodong Ren, Kun Fu, Qingfan Meng
[Purpose]To inspire students’ interest in learning, cultivate their spirit of innovation, and comprehensively improve the level of experimental lesson, the virtual system of physiological function experiments based on networks was developed, applied. [Methods] With establishment of the data management...
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Modelling and analysis of river networks based on complex networks theory

Xuewen Wu, Ling Li, Yonggang Qu
River systems are open and self-organizing complex systems. Complex networks theory can well combine rivers' macro properties with their microscopic properties. This paper builds a river network model based on complex networks theory and describes its characteristics. After the analysis of the model...
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An Evaluation Method of Combat Service Operation Performance for Surface-to-Air Missile Based on FNN

Gang Li, Dapeng Li, Yanyan Zhou, Linwei Xu, Jifeng He
Firstly, the implication and purpose of the Combat Service Performance Evaluation for Air Defense Missile was elaborated in this paper. Then the Fuzzy Neural Network (FNN) Evaluating Method was put forward to apply to the combat service performance evaluation. Secondly, an evaluation index system was...
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Research of Electric Power Steering System Assistance Characteristic Based on The Identification of The Road

Qiang Li, Changgao Xia
Study of traditional assist characteristic cure does not take into account the difference of steering resistance torque caused by different road adhesion coefficient. Vehicle dynamics analysis model is established based on ADAMS/CAR. Simulation of steering wheel torque is realized under different road...
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Analysis of the Multi-channel MAC Protocols in Wireless Networks

Chunguang Shi, Haitao Zhao, Yi Tang, Yunfeng Zhou
This paper discusses the problems that may be encountered in a multi-channel MAC protocol design. Furthermore, the normalization network throughput of multi-channel MAC is analyzed based on a Markov chain model. The simulation shows that compared to single channel 802.11, multi-channel MAC can improve...
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A new hybrid GRASP with the pilot method for the delay-constrained multicast routing problem

Ying Xu, Xiongfei Zheng, Renfa Li
Multicast routing problem is a well know optimization problem for transmitting real-time multimedia applications in telecommunication networks. As the underpinning mathematical model, the constrained minimum Steiner tree problem in graphs is a well-known NP-complete problem. In this paper we investigate...
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An Air Quality Predictive Model of Licang of Qingdao City Based on BP Neural Network

Ruobo Xin, Zhifang Jiang, Ning Li, Lujian Hou
In order to obtain high precision results of urban air quality forecast, we propose a short-term predictive model of air quality in this paper, which is on the basis of the ambient air quality monitoring data and relevant meteorological data of a monitoring site in Licang district of Qingdao city in...