Proceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012)

1259 authors
Yang, Guo
A Backward Compatible MultiChannel Audio Compression Method
Yang, Jiagong
A New Integrated Front Platform of Financial Self-service Equipment Based on ESB
Yang, Jinhua
Light Illumination Information Extraction Method of High Dynamic Range Image
Yang, Libo
Building Online Learning Community for Higher Education
Yang, Ling
Study On Application Of Monitoring The Melt Flow Balance Of Injection Molding Process By Using Cavity Pressure Monitoring Technology
Yang, Linlin
Status and development trends of Pu'er tea industrial mechanization and automation
Yang, Mei
Extended VIKOR method with fuzzy cross-entropy of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets
Yang, Mei
An Interest Management in Large-scale Analytic Simulation
Yang, Minzhen
An Applied Research On Experiential Marketing In M-commerce
Yang, Qiuge
The Key Management Scheme for the WMSN-based Post-Disaster Road Monitoring System
Yang, Shanliang
Extended VIKOR method with fuzzy cross-entropy of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets
Yang, Songqiang
A Mathematical Formula Retrieval Method Using Structure Sub-tree
Yang, Xiaolong
Traffic Accident Reconstruction Technology Research
Yang, Xiaozhong
Improved Additive Operator Splitting Algorithms for Basket Option Pricing Model
Yang, Xiaozhong
A New Parallel Difference Numerical Method for the Payment of Dividend Black-Scholes Equation
Yang, Xiaozhong
An Efficient Difference Algorithm for Black-Scholes Equation with Payment of Dividend
Yang, Xin
A Novel Hybrid Threshold Proxy Signature Scheme
Yang, Yan
Study on recognition of black insects on dark background by computer vision
Yang, Yang
A Software Protection Method Based On Computer Fingerprint And Asymmetric Encryption
Yang, Yi
Optimization for Web-based Online Document Management
Yang, Ying
The Research and Design of Trusted Cloud Computing Platform based on Group theory
Yang, Yiqing
Preparation of Ni-Mn-Zn ferrite films on CeO2/YSZ-buffered Si substrate
Yang, Yuying
Short-Range Detection System with Polarized Laser and Polarization Characteristics of Typical Targets
Yao, Hui
Estimation Algorithm of Two-Dimensional Direction of Arrival based on Rectangle array of Distributed Source
Yao, Hui
An Android Terminal in TelosB Wireless Sensor Networks
Yao, Hui
Enabling Zigbee Communications in Android Devices
Yao, Lan
Recursive Backstepping Nonlinear Control and Sliding Mode Control of a Novel Hyperchaotic Finance System
Yao, Pirong
Visual Center of Gravity and Ratio of the Split Screen
Yao, Yukun
An Efficient Routing Algorithm for Opportunistic Networks based on Network Coding
Yao, Yukun
An Energy-efficient Routing Algorithm for Disruption Tolerant Networks
Yao, Zhenning
Calculation Error’s Correction of Three-component Geomagnetic Field’s Marine Survey
Ye, Lei
Unstructured road detection based on hybrid features
Ye, Wu
The Reverse-Engineering-based Design of Three-dimensional CAD Parameterized Organic Morphology Mold
Yi, Jin
Improvement of KEA Based on Lexical Chain
Yi, Qian
Velocity Control of Unmanned Helicopter Based on Fuzzy-PID
Yin, Haiqing
The Application of ATCA Structure for Power Communication Switching System
Yin, Linsen
A Study on Grey Correlation Degree Model of Venture Capital Intrinsic Value
Yin, Xiaoqi
The integrated operation of the network security equipments based on HTTP
You, Zhangping
Computer Simulation Technology Application in Hydraulic System Analysis and Design
Yu, Dong
Clarification Question Generation for Speech Recognition Error Recovery Using Monolingual SMT
Yu, Haibin
A System Architecture for Energy Saving in Buildings
Yu, Haibin
SR-Tree: An Index Structure of Sensor Management System for Spatial Approximate Query
Yu, Helong
Unsupervised multi-scale fuzzy clustering algorithm application in the evaluation of soil fertility
Yu, Jiatong
Study of the Quantitative Evaluation of Tourism in Shanghai Based on the World Exhibition or Exposition
Yu, Lina
Research on a Sensor Network Communication Optimization Algorithm
Yu, MengLan
Analysis on Status of Two-dimensional Code Development & Prospects Prediction
Yu, Nanhua
A Distribution Communication Network Scheme Involving DERs in Power Grid
Yu, Qian
The Algebraic Semantics of EPDL at Activity Level and Verification
Yu, Qian
Distributed Computing Design Methods for Multicore Application Programming
Yu, Shihua
Automatic Hexahedral Mesh of Concrete Box Girder with the Vertical Section Method
Yu, Wanrong
Implementation of TCP/NC protocol simulation based on OMNET++
Yu, Xing
The Optimal Robust Portfolio Model Based on CDaR
Yu, Yan
A Variation Level Set Formulation Local Based C-V Model for Medical Images Segmentation
Yu, Yang
SELinux-based Secure Server Virtualization
Yu, Yinpeng
A New Energy-Efficient On-Demand Routing Protocol for Green Wireless Mesh Networks
Yu, Zhenhong
Based on Neural Network PID Controller Design and Simulation
Yu, Zhou
The Calculation of the Magnetic Field Produced by an Arbitrary Shaped Current-carrying Wire in Its Plane
Yuan, Dingrong
A Strategy of Constructing Heterogeneous Cost-sensitive Decision Tree
Yuan, Dongfeng
Parallel Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Yuan, Fang
Keyword Aggregate Query Based on Query Template
Yuan, Ling
Verification of Dependable Architecture based on Prototype Verification System
Yuan, Qiong
A Support State Marker Method for Detecting Discontinuities in Simulation of Dynamic Systems
Yuan, Wei
Blind Image Separation Based on an Optimized Fast Fixed Point Algorithm
Yuan, Wei-guo
Combined Enhancement Algorithm Based on Muti-Scale Analysis
Yuan, Yue
Design and Implementation of an SVG Editor for Power System
Yue, Kaikai
An Evacuation Decision Making Model for Firefighters in Ad Hoc Robot Network
Yun, Xiaoyan
Sub-topic Segmentation in Multi-document
A Whole Rate-Distortion Optimize Pronounce Based on Wireless Sensor Network
Zeng, Hongyun
Rule-based Data-Driven Thematic Mapping Technique
Zeng, J.
Methods in Solving the Wave Equations for A Loudspeaker
Zeng, Peng
A System Architecture for Energy Saving in Buildings
Zeng, Peng
SR-Tree: An Index Structure of Sensor Management System for Spatial Approximate Query
Zeng, Qingtian
A -calculus-based Complaint Model for a User-interactive Question Answering System
Zeng, Qingtian
Short Text Similarity Computing Method towards Agriculture Question and Answering Systems
Zeng, Qingtian
A Middleware for Metadata Management Oriented Distributed Data Sharing
Zeng, Weibo
Rule-based Data-Driven Thematic Mapping Technique
Zhai, Ming-Yue
Target Tracking Based Adaptive Particle Filter in Binary Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhai, Ming-Yue
An Efficient Sleeping Scheduling for Save Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhang, Boshi
Impact of Automation to Maritime Technology
Zhang, Chen
Strategies for The Security of Online Payments in E-commerce
Zhang, Chen
Analysis of the B2C Mode of Mbaobao and Strategies for Vertical E-commerce
Zhang, Chuanchao
Design and Implementation of a Context-Aware Based Classroom Inquiring System
Zhang, Chunhong
WoT based Context-Aware Middleware Design for Integrating Real-World Object to SNS
Zhang, Chunhong
Self-Adapting Acquisition of Sensor Data in Mobile Environment
Zhang, Chunhong
A Data Collecting and Caching Mechanism for Gateway Middleware in the Web of Things
Zhang, Chunling
An improved method for AMR-WB speech codec
Zhang, Chunna
Research of New Kinds of Urban Management Based on the Technology of 3s
Zhang, Di
Parallel Outlier Detection in Dial-back Fraud Calls
Zhang, E
Study on predistortion techniques and adaptive modulation used in fading channels
Zhang, Fan
WS-SIM: A Toolkit for Modeling and Simulation of Service Composition
Zhang, Fan
A New Parallel Difference Numerical Method for the Payment of Dividend Black-Scholes Equation
Zhang, Fangyu
A Method of E-Service Workflow Composition Based on Linear Logic Inference Rules
Zhang, Fuchun
Design of Interactive Intelligent Family Utilization System in Smart Grid
Zhang, Fujin
The R&D Research of Digital Content Platform
Zhang, Fujin
R&D Model of Platform Technology for Digital Content
Zhang, Hong
Study of Distributed Personalized Search Engine
Zhang, Hongbin
Convolutive Blind Source Separation based on Wavelet De-noising
Zhang, Hongji
Code-switching Speech Detection Method by Combination of Language and Acoustic Information
Zhang, Hongliang
Research on Management Information System for Construction Market based on XMLHttp+XML Database Synchronization
Zhang, Hongliang
The difference supervision theory of engineering registration workers based on Bayesian inference