Proceedings of the 2012 2nd International Conference on Computer and Information Application (ICCIA 2012)

1259 authors
Zhao, Yuchi
The Application of Fuzzy Control in Computer Control
Zhao, Yuchi
Predictive Control Algorithm in the Application of Computer Control
Zhao, Yuling
Multiscale Event Study of Private Placement Announcement Effect
Zhao, Zhi-chao
The Application of Network Anomaly Mining Technology in Campus Network Information Security
Zhao, Ziqi
Dynamic Integration System for Heterogeneous Database Based on S2SH
Zheng, Hui
Preparation of Ni-Mn-Zn ferrite films on CeO2/YSZ-buffered Si substrate
Zheng, Jianhua
Shock Resistance of a Marine Pump
Zheng, Liang
Preparation of Ni-Mn-Zn ferrite films on CeO2/YSZ-buffered Si substrate
Zheng, Miao
Research On DB2 Performance Testing Automation
Zheng, Mingfeng
The Analysis of the Key Problems about Traffic Accident Speed Identification Based on Braking Traces
Zheng, Quanlu
Research and Application of Parallel Computing under Linux
Zheng, Wei
Interference Modeling and Analysis for Inclined Projective Multiple Beams of GEO Satellite Communication Systems
Zheng, Wei
Optimal Selection of Cyclic-prefix and Sub-carrier for OFDM Signal in Mobile Satellite Communications Channel
Zheng, Wenxi
An Energy-efficient Routing Algorithm for Disruption Tolerant Networks
Zheng, Xiongfei
A new hybrid GRASP with the pilot method for the delay-constrained multicast routing problem
Zheng, Yadan
CQI Prediction for Shadow Fading in LTE-compatible GEO Mobile Satellite Communications System
Zheng, Yafei
Algebraic Techniques in Linear Cryptanalysis
Zheng, Yanling
Research on modeling and indexing of Trajectories of moving objects in road networks
Zheng, Zi-Wei
Gene Prediction Based on One-Dimensional Image Segmentation
Zhong, Yanhua
Teaching Agent Model Construction Based on Web Cooperative Learning System
Zhong, Yanhua
An improved Differential Evolution optimization based on P system
Zhong, Yanhua
Short-time Traffic Flow Prediction Method Based on Universal Organic Computing Architecture
Zhou, Dongsheng
Design of College Teacher Workload Management System Based on ASP.NET
Zhou, Gaoxin
Improved Additive Operator Splitting Algorithms for Basket Option Pricing Model
Zhou, Guozhu
Cross-layer Design to Solve Cooperation Problem in Ad Hoc Network
Zhou, Mingquan
A Statistical Local Binary Fitting Model for Blood Vessel Segmentation
Zhou, Shan
A Method of E-Service Workflow Composition Based on Linear Logic Inference Rules
Zhou, Shangzhen
Four flavonoid glycosides from the pulps of Elaeagnus angustifolia and their antioxidant activities
Zhou, Tianhe
Fast Root-finding of Nonlinear Equations in Geometric Computation
Zhou, Wei
Accelerating Unpopular Channel through Federation
Zhou, Xinlian
Non-uniform Cluster-Based Mobile Data Collector Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhou, Yanyan
An Evaluation Method of Combat Service Operation Performance for Surface-to-Air Missile Based on FNN
Zhou, Yaozhong
The Calculation of the Magnetic Field Produced by an Arbitrary Shaped Current-carrying Wire in Its Plane
Zhou, Yifu
Research on Eliminating the Influence of Cloud Shadow of TM Image
Zhou, Yifu
Research on DEM Modification and Production of Three-dimensional Images in the Intersection Region of Seawater and Land
Zhou, Yun
An Interest Management in Large-scale Analytic Simulation
Zhou, Yunfeng
Analysis of the Multi-channel MAC Protocols in Wireless Networks
Zhou, Zehua
Based on local structural similarity image denoising algorithm
Zhou, Zehua
Infrared image and visible image fusion based on wavelet transform
Zhou, Zhichao
Control Algorithm Optimization of Electric Air Conditioning Based on ADVISOR
Zhu, Bin
Keyword Aggregate Query Based on Query Template
Zhu, Boyan
Audio Retrieval Based on Chinese Keyword Search in Relational Databases
Zhu, Dongqing
Electricity, Heat and Gas Marketing Information System Based on SOA Architecture
Zhu, Liang
Audio Retrieval Based on Chinese Keyword Search in Relational Databases
Zhu, Tong
The Design and Implementation of Cloud Service Based Customized Mobile Device Application System
Zhu, Xiaodong
Study on recognition of black insects on dark background by computer vision
Zhu, Xiaoyi
Analysis of the Development Situation of Chinese Socialization E-commerce
Zhu, Xingle
Calculation Error’s Correction of Three-component Geomagnetic Field’s Marine Survey
Zhu, Zhi-Yu
Target Tracking Based Adaptive Particle Filter in Binary Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhu, Zhipu
Large-scale Wire-speed Multicast Switching Structure Based on Multipath Self-routing Switching Structure and Implemented on FPGA
Zhu, Zhu
Optimization of the Culture Medium for Rhodospirillum Rubrum S1 with an Artificial Neural Network Model and GA
Zhuang, Lei
Research On DB2 Performance Testing Automation
Zou, Jian
An Evacuation Decision Making Model for Firefighters in Ad Hoc Robot Network
Zou, Linqi
Analysis of virtual storage technology and its application in the library
Zou, Qi
Security Issues and Challenges in Event-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks
Zou, Teng’an
Extended VIKOR method with fuzzy cross-entropy of interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy sets
Zou, Xiao Yun
Mail Filtering Algorithm Based on The Feedback Correction Probability Learning
Zou, Xiaoping
Recognition of topology feature of Graphene by image processing technique
Zuo, Ming
Model-Based Design of UAV Autopilot Software