Proceedings of the International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing 2016 (ICCASP 2016)

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Multi-quality characteristics optimization of WEDM for IN-625 by applying Taguchi DEAR technique

Sachin Sonawane, M. Kulkarni
To manufacture quality products at lowest cost in industries, optimization is an effective technique which can be applied to find out the best manufacturing conditions. The objective of this research work is to examine the effect of control factors and to choose the correct settings of these factors...
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Distortion Reduction Strategies for PCD Runout of Cam Shaft Gear

V. Kulkarni, M. Dhanvijay
The purpose of heat treatment will be to modify the structure of material and relieve the stresses set up in the material. Rejection of Gears is susceptible, after heat treatment process, due to excess distortion. This leads to risk of getting PCD Runout fired owing to its chronicle failure. Analysis...
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Shielded Metal Arc Welding Electrode Selection Using Technique for Order Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) Method

Raj Bansode, Sanjaykumar Gangurde
An important factor in welding process is selection of appropriate welding electrode. If a wrong welding electrode is selected then it may give rise to various welding defects and ultimately lead to failure of weld. In this paper, best welding electrode is selected from available alternatives of general...
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Numerical Investigation on Effect of Wrinkle on Stiffness in Isotropic Metal Sheets

Supriya Patil, C. Ramdas, Rahul Harshe, Sham Gurav
A numerical study was conducted to find the effect of wrinkle in a metal sheet on its stiffness under tensile, compressive and flexural loading conditions. To define wrinkle of different sizes in model 'wrinkle factor' - ratio of thickness of specimen at wrinkle location to thickness of the specimen...
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Design and Material Optimisation of a Solar Dryer – Tray Section

Himanshu Bishwash, Shreya Bobadi, Manoj Nikam
India is a great country with about 160 million hectares of arable land. It is the second highest producer of agro-products in the world. 40% of its GDP is agriculture based. However, in the recent times, the contribution of agriculture to the GDP and area of arable land has reduced considerably mainly...
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Analysis of Solar Dryer using Tono Therm M-65 Phase Change Material

M. Boda, C. Papade
This paper presents the construction and performance evaluation of a solar dryer. The objective of this work is to study the performance analysis of solar dryer system with and without Tono Therm m-65 PCM. In this heated air from a separate solar collector is passed through a food tray, and the drying...
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Optimization of Process Parameters of Nickel – Chromium Electroplating for Thickness Variation using Genetic Algorithm

D. Khedekar, V. Gosavi, C. Gogte, P. Brahmankar
Surface is very critical from quality point of view which affecting the life and the performance of products. Surface properties can be improved by number of methods, but electroplating is preferred because of its enhanced results at lower cost. In this work nickel chrome is selected for experimentation...
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Photodegradation of Rhodamine 6G dye by Cd, Sr doped ZnO Photocatalyst, Synthesized by Mechanochemical Method

Sneha Salvi, P. Lokhande, H. Mujawar
In the present investigation, synthesis of Cd, Sr doped ZnO semiconducting material was carried out by ecofriendly simple mechanochemical method. The grinding of Oxalic acid, Zinc acetate, Cadmium acetate and Strontium acetate in mortar and pestle at non-stoichiometric proportion allowed these reactant...
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Study of Zr and Sn Doping on Photoluminescence Property of Cadmium Sulphide Nanoparticles

Madhuri Bhagat, P. Lokhande, H. Mujawar
Semiconductor nanoparticles have drawn significant attention due to their excellent application in optoelectronics and photonics. Cadmium Sulphide extended its application in the field of photoluminescent materials. In present study, Zr and Sn doped Cadmium Sulphide nanoparticles prepared by Chemical...
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Actuation of Electro-Pneumatic System using MATLAB Simulink and Arduino Controller- A case of a Mechatronics systems Lab

Priyam Parikh, Rupesh Vasani, Saurin Sheth, Jigarkumar Gohil
Mechatronics is an immerging branch in the present era which deals with mechanical systems, instrumentations and electronic systems. Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems are the vital elements of Mechatronics system. The actuation of hydraulic and pneumatic system can be done using a PLC or a microcontroller....
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Experimental Investigation and Optimization of Flatness and Surface Roughness using Grey Relational Analysis for WCB Material during Face Milling Operation

Saurin Sheth, P. George
The right selection of the machining process parameters may help to achieve the desired dimensional and geometric tolerances, to meet the functional requirements. In the present study to know the effect of machining parameters, during face milling operation, on surface roughness and flatness various...
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Optimization of Powder Spray Process Parameters using Taguchi Methodology

S. Karidkar, R. Mali
Powder coating of metal product is essential to avoid corrosion and to improve surface properties. The coating thickness alone doesn't ensure the corrosion resistance. If surface is not covered completely, the micro-gaps can initiate rusting. Hence, microstructures should be observed for various coating...
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Electromagnetic Hemming of Aluminum Sheets using FEM

Ashish Rajak, Sachin Kore
Hemming is a metal sheet forming procedure to obtain tight fit or minimum gap when folding of sheet edges takes place over another. Bending of sheet metal edges takes place to 1800 in the last step of production line. This process is assumed to be a critical as it affects the surface quality of any enclosure...
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Finite Element Modeling and Simulation of Electromagnetic Crimping of Al6016-T6 Tube with Steel Rod

Getu Areda, Sachin Kore
Numerical modeling and simulation of an electromagnetic crimping process will give us better insight how different phenomenon relate and affect the result of deformation significantly. This paper focuses on modeling and simulating of electromagnetic crimping of Al6016-T6 tube on a steel rod with single...
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Influence of Machining Environment on Surface Integrity in HSM of Inconel 718 with Productivity Perspective

Ganesh Kadam, Raju Pawade
This paper investigates the effect of material removal rate (MRR) and mainly machining environment on resultant surface integrity in high-speed machining (HSM) of Inconel 718. For this high-speed turning is carried out for three different cutting speeds, feedrates and depth of cut under dry, flood coolant...
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Investigations into Wire Electro-discharge Machining of A6061/Al2O3p Composites

Vaishali Baisane, Nilesh Patil, Subhash Lahane, Raju Pawade, Prakash Brahmankar
Wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM) is a widely employed non-traditional machining process. Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) are newly developed materials having favourable mechanical properties like high strength, hardness, wear resistance and strength to weight ratio. In this study, experimental...
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Residual Stress Analysis in Orthogonal Cutting of AISI 1020 Steel

Omkar Bhatkar, Sagar Sakharkar, V. Mohan, Raju Pawade
The aim of research work is to analyze residual stresses generated during shaper machining. This paper presents the simulation of single point cutting process by finite element method and compared with experimental work results. Taguchi L9 experimental design is used to obtain effective process parameters...
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Experimentation and Optimization of Shrinkage in Plastic Injection Molded GPPS Part

Tejas Bhirud, Rajesh Metkar
The objective of this research is to find out the optimized process parameters for minimum shrinkage. For this purpose, the injection molded General Purpose Polystyrene (GPPS) part which is used in refrigerators is taken. The Taguchi method is used for design of experiments. For five parameters with...
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Optimization of High Pressure Coolant Assisted Turning of Inconel 718 using TOPSIS

Sunil Raykar, Uday Dabade
Optimization of process parameters for machining Heat Resistant Super Alloys (HRSA) is a very challenging task for researchers. Many techniques are being used to find out optimized process parameters for machining these alloys. This paper presents the use of Technique for Order Preference by Similarity...
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Chemical Machining of Monel

Deepakkumar Patil, Rupesh Dugad, Sachin Farakate, Mudigonda Sadaiah
This study shows the effect of etching condition on microchannel of 100 µm width. Microchannels were fabricated on Monel 400 substrate by using different concentration of Ferric chloride (FeCl3) and nitric acid (HNO3) in water. Effect of exposure time on channel width and peel off resistance of photoresist...
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Design and Development of a Variable Damping Device for Vibration Control with Electrorheological (ER) Fluid

Shashikant Goilkar
In present scenario, online monitoring and control of dynamic mechanical systems drives an attention of many researchers. Present paper explores design, development and fabrication of an Electrorheological fluid damper done in laboratory, which can be used as a semi-active variable damping device for...
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Analysis for Machining of Ti6Al4V Alloy using Coated and Non-Coated Carbide Tools

Ganesh Dongre, Javed Shaikh, Leena Dhakad, A. Rajurkar, P. Gaigole
The fundamental machining techniques were established long back. However, machining operations consume a large amount of money annually worldwide. Advanced engineering materials, such as ceramics, MMC, Titanium (Ti), Inconel and its alloys offer properties like high strength at elevated temperature,...
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Analysis of Micro-texture Geometrical Deviations in Wet Chemical Machining

Sarvadnya Gandhi, Rahul Chanmanwar, Sagar Sapkal
The recent development in manufacturing sector has brought the world closer. The development in manufacturing techniques is due to advancement in material sciences for getting better quality of tool and secondly utilization of alternate energy sources. Wet chemical machining process is a non-traditional...
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High volume red mud composites for development of value added products in concrete industry

M. Deshmukh, D. Sarode
Red mud (Bauxite residue) is an industrial by-product produced in Bayer's process of production of alumina. An inventory of 3 Billion tons of high alkaline red mud is awaiting in stock-pilling yards for its bulk utilization at global level. Annual generation of 120 MTPA of red mud is putting an additional...
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A study on Designing for Sustainable Product Development in view of End-User Role through Remanufacturing

Sawankumar Naik, Ravi Terkar
Sustainability requires diligent use of resources to avoid impairing the environment and addressing factors of scarcity. Recently the life of the products has decreased drastically which has made it necessary to plan for End-of-Life (EOL) options for the product. The design factors for the same need...
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Mechanical Characterization of Hardness and Surface Roughness for Cryo Treated 7075 Aluminium Alloy

Dilip Khedekar, Sandeep Patil, C. Gogte
Aluminium and its alloys provide the solution in many applications as it is light in weight, strong and is highly and easily recyclable. Good part is large amount of material is available for recycling that is easily recycled by just 5% energy required to produce ,without deteriorating the properties...
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Exploring Machinability of AISI 4340 Steel with Coated Carbide Inserts

Sanat Das, Santanu Das, Bijoy Mandal
Turning is widely employed as a material removal process for roughing or semi-finishing operation. However, turning of a workpiece material needs use of an appropriate cutting tool insert. Insert material and its geometry play quite significant role in obtaining desired machinability. For obtaining better...
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Design and Development of Press Tool Changing Attachment on Automated Guided Vehicle

Avinash Panchal, Bhushan Salunkhe, Rahul Patil
In the present work, a hydraulic scissors lift is developed to lift up to 300 kg load at a height of around one meter. This mechanism is specially designed for loading and unloading press tool dies by considering press machine shop where installation of Gantry cranes and use of forklift is not convenient....
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Flow Controlled Chemical Machining

Smita Bhandare, Haresh Mahala, Rupesh Dugad, Ranjit Khot, Atul Saraf, Mudigonda Sadaiah
This paper presents a new method of manufacturing 3D components by using Flow-Controlled Chemical Machining (FCCM). FCCM can be used for fabrication of 3D components using flow control set-up (or pattern) and suitable etchant. In this investigation, pattern used is perforated and having wettability which...
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FEM Simulation and Analysis of Temperature Field of Environmental Friendly MQL Grinding

Prashant Patil, Chandrakant Patil
This study proposes an approach for the development of a three dimensional transient heat conduction finite element model (FEM) for grinding process. FEM simulates the temperature field in conventional and nanofluid based environmental friendly minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) grinding process. For...
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Advanced Graphical User Interface for Analysis of Infrared Thermographic Sequence using MATLAB

Murali Kante, D. Reddy
The Infrared non-destructive evaluation (IRNDE) is an emerging approach for non-contact inspection of various solid materials such as metals, composites and semiconductors for industrial and research interest. Data processing is an essential step in IRNDE in order to visualize the subsurface defects...
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Microscopic Analysis of Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) of Submerged Arc Welding (saw) Joint for 1018 Mild Steel Sheet

Tanvir Tadavi, Bhagwan Jogi, Shahaji Dhende, Shruti Banait, Pranita Wagh
This research presents observation of the microstructure of 1018 mild steel in the heat affected zone (HAZ) region. For SAW process various parameters are chosen such as current, voltage and welding speed. The welding experiments were conducted as per the Taguchi L9 method. The samples of 1018 MS were...
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Macro Scale Arrayed Structure Fabrication using Reverse EDM

Bhushan Nikam, Shivprasad Mawal, Kiran Patil, Anil Mirgale, Raju Pawade
In the last few years, industries have been facing challenges to fabricate the complex shaped geometries and arrayed structures on difficult to cut materials. Recently, various researchers have successfully applied reverse electro-discharge machining (R-EDM) process for manufacturing of the arrayed structures...
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FEA Based Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Forces in Dry Milling of Inconel 718

Nikhil Bauskar, Rahul Mali, T. Gupta
Machining process simulation is an important aspect in the manufacturing context that generates a scenario to enhance the process performance in terms of time and cost. With unique high temperature and stress properties and applications of Inconel 718 material in various sectors of engineering, the machinability...
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Numerical and Experimental Studies on Fixture-Workpiece Contact and Structural Deformations in Pocket Milling

M. Yadav, S. Mohite
Geometrical inaccuracies, in a statically clamped workpiece subjected to cutting forces, are mainly caused by the contact deformations at the locators and the structural deformations in the body of the workpiece. In addition, during machining the structural deformations continuously increase as the workpiece...
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Experimental Study of Anode Shape Prediction in Through Mask Electrochemical Micro Machining

Pankaj Jain, Dilip Ghelot, Todarmal Bagoriya
To manufacture quality products at lowest cost in industries, optimization is an effective technique which can be Electrochemical micro-machining (EMM) appears to be very promising as a future micro-machining technique, since in many areas of applications it offers several advantages, which include higher...
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Automated CAD Modelling of Mechanical Components

Harshadeep Joshi, Pooja Ghole, Shraddha Shirse, Sonu Madke
Most of the manufacturing industries produce similar components where the designer has to model similar products again and again which is not only time consuming but also introduces operator fatigue and reduction in the productivity of the designer. Different activities of the CAD division can be automated...
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A Comparative Analysis of Cutting Forces in Precision Turning of Co-Cr-Mo Bio-implant Alloy in Dry and Wet Machining Environments

Ketan Jagtap, Raju Pawade
Decisive requirement for the long-term stability of the artificial joint is to minimize the release of debris particles. The wear/debris induced osteolysis and aseptic loosening are the result of failure of metal-on-metal joint implants. Severe plastic deformation (SPD) processes have been used to adapt...
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Simulation and Experimental Study of Acoustic Waves for Cleaning of Soot in Process Equipments

Adnan Shaikh, Nilaj Deshmukh
In any combustion process of a fuel there will be always some unburned carbon (soot) generated and some ash carried with the stack gas stream. Soot, ash, and molten ash (slag) will accumulate at the tube banks of the heat exchangers. Some ash will even melt down at the tube surface. The final result...
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Influence of Manufacturing Parameters on Performance of Biodegradable Mg-Ca1.0 Implant

Sandeep Desai, Raju Pawade, Hemant Warhatkar
The paper reports the effects of machining parameters on performance of biodegradable magnesium calcium alloy implant in terms of surface roughness, microstructure, microhardness, chip morphology and degradation rate in face milling using CVD diamond like carbon coated carbide inserts. The result shows...
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Some Experimental Investigations on Turning of Nimonic 80A using Sialon Ceramic Inserts

Jitendra Patil, Vishwanath Chavan, Shirish Kadam, Mudigonda Sadaiah
The main objective of this study is to analyze the effect of cutting speed, feed, and depth of cut on response variables such as surface roughness, tool wear, and material removal rate (MRR). Turning of NIMONIC 80A was carried out at three levels of cutting speed, feed, and depth of cut. Analysis of...
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Study of Interfacial Pressure Distribution for Preloaded Bolted Connection

R. Mangalekar, C. Ramdas, B. Dawari
Analysis of double strap bolted lap joint was carried out using Finite Element Method (FEM). Angle of interfacial pressure distribution between the plates to be joined using preloaded bolted connection has been a debatable point though widely researched. Shigale's Pressure cone approach for the determination...
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Application of Shainin DoE tool to Explore Unknown Variables causing 'Ghost Noise' in 5th Gear Cycle of Transaxles during NVH Testing

Rajendra Khavekar, Hari Vasudevan, Harshvardhan Desai
As the automotive industry is growing at an increasing pace today, there is severe competition and pressure to produce vehicles, which meet the ever increasing expectations of the consumers. The demand for increased vehicular refinement ensures that many manufacturers implement stringent Noise, Vibration...
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Review of Experimental Techniques used to Study the Mechanical Behaviour of Biological Soft Tissues

Somnath Kadhane, Hemant Warhatkar
This review is intended to highlight and discuss the various experimental techniques used to obtain the mechanical behavior of soft tissues at varying strain rates. A variety of techniques used to obtain the mechanical properties of soft tissues and soft materials from low to intermediate and high rates...
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Analysis of Undercut for SS304 in Photochemical Machining

Shivam Yadav, Atul Saraf, Mudigonda Sadaiah
Undercut plays a crucial role in the industry of photochemical machining technology. This paper inspects the effect of undercut on the process parameter in Photochemical Machining (PCM) of SS304. A full factorial (33) Design of Experiments (DoE) were performed consisting of twenty-seven experimental...
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Abrasive Assisted Electrical Discharge machining: An innovative hybrid approach

S. Wankhade, B. Dabade, M. Khond
The Electric Discharge machine (EDM) has evolved from a non traditional machining process and positioned itself in industries as a most indispensable conventional machine. It is multipurpose and excels with ability of precisely producing difficult-to-machine, geometrically complex component of any hardness....
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Experimental Investigations into Powder-Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining (PMEDM) of HCHCr D2 Die Steel

Rajendra Shinde, Nilesh Patil, D. Raut, Raju Pawade, Prakash Brahmaknakr
The purpose of this paper is to present an experimental work attempting to model and optimize the influencing process parameters involved in powder-mixed electrical discharge machining (PMEDM). Looking at available literature it is observed that a lot of work can be done in the field of electric discharge...
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Experimental analysis of orthogonal micro-machined surface features and chip morphology of AISI1215 steel by using EBSD method

Shivam Yadav, Rahul Waikar, Raju Pawade, Suhas Joshi
In this work analysis of fundamental aspects of orthogonal micro cutting was carried out in terms of variables like shear angle, chip thickness, chip morphology as a function of cutting speed, depth of cut, tool rake angle and heat treatment provided to the work specimen. Analysis of results shows that...
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Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of AlTiCrN, AlCrN Coatings Deposited By Advance Sputtering Technique

Atul Kulkarni, Girish Joshi, Nilesh Patil, Vikas Sargade
Developments in PVD coating technique for cutting tools enable high speed and dry machining with superior cutting parameters in commercial manufacturing sectors. The present research work investigate the microstructure and the mechanical properties of the AlTiCrN, AlCrN coatings deposited by High Impulse...
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Surface Morphology and Stability Analysis of Ceria-based Nanoparticles for its Utilization as a Lubricant Additive

Jibin Philip, Chacko Koshy
The lubricants added with nanoparticle additives have achieved a predominant position in the field of research on development of sustainable lubricating oils. The efficient physical and chemical properties of metal oxide nanoparticles as lubricant additives have widely extended its purview. The surface...