Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Material, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

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Development of Airbag Fabrics by Polyester Filament

Guifen Yao
The use of airbags can improve the safety of the car. Since the airbag appears to now, fabric for airbags has gone from the coated fabric to the uncoated fabric. The raw materials for airbag fabric has been nylon, especially nylon 66, which also prompts researchers from all of the countries continue...
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Numerical Simulation of Water Entry Impact of Torpedo Based on FE-SPH Method

Cheng Wei Pan, Qiao Gao Huang
The water entry of torpedo based on FE-SPH coupling method was studied. Firstly, the model of water entry of high-speed torpedo is established. In the case of grid structure, the numerical simulations verify the effectiveness of the model by comparing with the experimental results. Then the impact forces...
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Analysis of Computer Information Management System Security

Xiaoling Shi, Xiaoping Shi, Zhitian Zhang
This article takes the computer security management as a breach, from the different angle analysis influence computer information management system security factor, the discussion guards against each kind not to favor the computer information management system security the countermeasure and the measure,...
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The development and application of a new multifunction drift well gauge tool

Ke Wang
Now Tahe oil field has reached the middle development stage and the improved wells in the oilfield are increasing gradually. Ahead of perforation change and running the perforation string, wiper trip, soft dip and wellbore depth check are necessary jobs. The new multifunction drift well gauge tool, combining...
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The aggregation structure of flat pentagonal flake ZnO films by electrodeposition method

Chunyu Liu, Yongjian Chen, Haining Cui, B. Marí, Rong Wang
Since transparent conducting oxides can be as a buttom layer of complex film electrodes, electrodeposition technique may produce ZnO films depending on variety conditions and modified surface layers of substrates in electrochemical procedures. Here we invested the structure and morphologies of ZnO films...
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The molecular orientation in Monomolecular Layer of Asymmetrically Substituted Copper ( ) Phthalocyanines

Zhenxing Wang, Haining Cui, Shiquan Xi
Systematic research on monomolecular layer of asymmetrically substituted Copper ( ) Phthalocyanine (CuPc) and mixed CuPc with arachidic acid (AA) has been done. In this paper an attention is focused upon the molecular orientation in the film by means of the surface pressure-area ( -A) isotherm method,...
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Ergonomics in Product Design

Xi-Hui Yang, Yuan-Peng Zhu
In this article, according to the social science and technology development, through continuous improvement of the key technology of modern product design: ergonomics, 3D printing technology, man-machine ergonomic evaluation, etc. to gradually make the product design process more perfect and mature,...
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Optical Calculation with Three Sources

Zhimin Zhou, Cailing Wang, Xiaoyan Li
The optical beacon is an important position indicator in aviation, sea transportation and the sea lifesaving. As an optical indicator, the optical beacon has been applied in many fields With the need of the remote indication, the optical beacon with LED sources, owing to high brightness and luminous...
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Vibration Method for Elastic Modulus of Glued Laminated Beams

Ling-Ling Yu, Jiejun Wang, Diyang Xia
In order to study basic method for measuring elastic modulus of glued laminated beams using vibration method, the theoretical basis of measurement was introduced. A forced vibration method was used to measure the natural frequency of glued laminated beams in simple supported condition. Compared with...
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Experimental Research on the Impact of Lubricating Oils on Engine Friction and Vehicle Fuel Economy

Yimin Mo, Junping Wang, Jun Wang, Tuo Dong, Wenjun Zhou
The engine friction loss and vehicle fuel economy aiming at several kinds of energy-conserving engine oils with different quality standard, viscosity grade, friction modifier, and viscosity index improver were tested in this paper. Experimental results showed that the engine friction loss was reduced...
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Patron Driven Acquisitions Via Mobile Crowd Sensing

Qiancheng Yu, Xiaofeng Wang, Fangzheng Yang
The concept of readers participating in the selection of library materials has been around for some time, but in recent years, with the the popularity of smart mobile phone, new opportunities for patron-based selection have emerged. In this paper, we propose a patron driven acquisitions mode via mobile...
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Numerical simulation of the wind turbine erosion

Yarong Du, Weiwei Chen
In this article, through the numerical simulation of the wind turbine under different wind speed, we can observe the changes of the blade surface pressure. If the air pressure of the blade surface is larger, the erosion is more serious. In consequence the erosion degree will be more and more serious...
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Research on Optimal Management Technology and Forest Measurement Based on Visual Identity

Rui Pan, Jidong Ma
Nowadays, there are increasingly obvious contradictions between the wood production and the rapid development of national economy. In addition, there are wild work, extensive management and astonishing waste in the forestry production and management field. The major work for the forestry workers of China...
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Study on the electricity generation performance of double chamber microbial fuel cell in coking wastewater treatment process

Hongduan Xie
Double chamber microbial fuel cell with anaerobic and aerobic was used in treatment of coking wastewater. The influence of electrode materials, initial COD and temperature on the power generation performance of microbial fuel cell was investigated. The results shown that, the electricity production performance...
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The Effect from CeO2 to W-2 High-temperature Enamel Coating’s Microstructure and Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

Cheng Wang, Congyan Zhang, Xiaojun Shen, Yan Chai
The W-2 high-temperature enamel coating which coated on the surface of the K403 guide vane, presents the faults of coating’s collapsing and cracking frequently in use because of the greater difference between W-2 high-temperature enamel coating and K403 alloy in coefficient of thermal expansion. In order...
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Preparation of Zr52.8Cu29.1Ni7.3Al9.8Y1 bulk metallic glass by hereditary process

Shuaidan Lu, Shuchen Sun, Xiaoxiao Huang, Xiaoping Zhu, Xiaodong Li, Ganfeng Tu, Shaodong Huang
Zr-based bulk metallic glass possesses the highest potential as a structural material among metallic glasses. However, its potential application has been restricted by a number of issues, such as fragility, small size and difficult fabrication into different shapes. In this paper, an attempt is made...
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Lifetime Modeling of LED luminaires by Dual-stress Accelerated Life Test

Huajing Li, Lei Nie, Fei Huang
LED luminaires, the research object, is the new energy industry products. And aiming at the lifetime prediction and reliability evaluation of LED luminaires, a novel dual-stress accelerated life tests were designed and lifetime models were developed. The temperature and vibration were selected as the...
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Research on self-centering ability of tapered roll for initial flatness waves of steel strip in the continuous annealing furnace

Kezhi Linghu, Zhengyi Jiang, Jiang Tang, Meng Yu, Fengqin Wang, Xueqi Huang
The snaking of strip in the continuous annealing furnace affects both the process stability of production line significantly and the quality of final products. This paper for the first time proposed the self-centering ability of tapered hearth roll on initial flatness of strip travelling in the furnace...
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Video mosaic for panoramic image

Zhaoxia Fu
This paper presents an optimal mosaic method of panoramic video image. Firstly, the multi-resolution decomposition algorithm is applied to image registration, and the registration method of phase correlation is optimized, and the iterative process will be conducted on the image level of low scale. Given...
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Start-up of upward conveyor based on AMT

Yunxia Li, Zengcai Wang, Weili Peng
AMT (Automated Mechanical Transmission) has been used in heavy-duty trucks for its high efficiency, low cost and high torque. In this paper, AMT is used as a soft-starting device to start up upward conveyors softly. On the basis of dynamic characteristics, clutch torque control strategy is put forward...
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Study on Characteristics of Ultrasound Amplitude for the Concrete under Stress

Ling Zhang, Lili Gao, Chunling Yan
Cube concrete samples (150×150×150mm) of five ages (7, 14, 21, 28 and 35d) under different stress conducted the ultrasound examination by non-metallic detector and universal testing machine. The results show that the relationship curve of the stress and the ultrasound amplitude can be divided into four...
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Information and Data Processing in the Scheme of 1 3 Optimal Phase-covariant Quantum Cloning Machine

Lizhi Yu
Quantum cloning plays the key role in information and data processing. We proposed a scheme for implementing the optical 1 3 phase covariant cloning, which optimally clones qubits belonging to the equatorial plane of the Bloch sphere. We show how the 1 3 phase covariant cloning can be implemented by...
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Effects of Blade Tip Foil Thickening on Tip Vortexes in Ducted Propeller

Lei Mei, Junwei Zhou
A thick tip foil blade was designed to reduce the tip leakage flow and weaken the tip vortexes in ducted propeller 19A/Ka4-55. The thick tip foil was constructed by normal extrusion of the original tip foil. The maximum thickness of the foil increased from 1.64% chord length to 7.64%. The commercial...
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Research on Cucumber Downy Mildew Detection System based on SVM Classification Algorithm

Bingyu Zhou, Jingwen Xu, Junfang Zhao, Aiwen Li, Qiuyu Xia
Cucumber, a common economic crop, occupies a large proportion of vegetable cultivation in China. Plant diseases and insect pests, especially the cucumber downy mildew, are important causes for the decrease in the yield of cucumbers. In order to reduce the losses caused by pests and diseases and achieve...
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Contact Stress Analysis of Tapered Interference Fit for the Cantilevered Axle

Shufen Xiao, Xueqi Jiang, Xiwen Li
By means of mechanic analysis, the contact stress analysis along the axial direction of the tapered interference fit was conducted, and it was compared with the FEM analysis of 3 modes of different load, namely, displacement load, pressure load, and offset load. Results shows that: the position of maximum...
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Hardware-configuration based on FPGA for open CNC system

Shuanqiang Yang, Xinlong Huang
In this paper, according to analyzing the domestic and foreign recent research status and future developments of open architecture CNC system, an open soft system with configurable architecture based on PC + programmable I/O interface card has been studied. The research is studied for the drawbacks of...
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Periodic Points Under Iteration of Sum of Squares or Cubes of Digits in Some Positional Systems

Wenliang Wu, Xingju Dang, Yao Zhang
There are different periodic and fixed points under iteration of sum of squares or cubes of digits of positive integer in different positional systems. On the iteration of sum of squares of digits, in binary and quaternary these points all converge to fixed point 1. There are three fixed points and one...
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Simulation Study for Energy Harvesting Using Polyvinylidene Fluoride flag in the Flow

Fengchi Lv, Rujun Song, Xingxu Zhang, Xiaobiao Shan, Tao Xie
In this paper, Dynamic response and energy harvesting potential of single piezoelectric flag in the uniform flow is analyzed through 2D simulation method. A piezoelectric material named Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) is used to manufacture the piezoelectric flag. Special example is introduced to analyze...
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Effect of Ti on microstructure and properties of Ti-Nb microalloyed high strength steels

Qing Yuan, Guang Xu, Bei He, Yulong Zhang
Three Ti-Nb microalloyed high strength steels with varying Ti contents were refined in laboratory 50 kg vacuum induction furnace. Microstructure observation and TEM analysis were conducted. Tensile tests were performed. The results show that both yield strength and ultimate tensile strength increase...
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Research of Ball Screw Pair of Noise Prediction Based on the Virtual Lab and Experimental Verification

Xianghong Xu, Tao Yu
This paper aims to analysis the ball screw pair in transient dynamics model based on the virtual acoustic prediction software. Its acoustic finite element model is established in the Lab to extract the transient dynamics analysis, which is concluded that the vibration response of the ball nut pair of...
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Effect of Particle Size on the Microstructure of Cu60Cr40 Alloy by Microwave Sintering

Dongdong Liu, Bo Wang, Zhongqi Dong, Suhua Yin, Huilan Sun
Effect of the particle size of Cu, Cr on the microstructure of Cu60Cr40 alloys was investigated using the method of mechanical alloying and microwave sintering. The particle size of Cu, Cr was analysised by the BT-9300S type laser particle size distribution analyzer, and Cu60Cr40 alloys has been investigated...
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Application study of the Tunnel Seismic Prediction method in Qiyueshan tunnel

Wei Lu, Jing Wu, Shucai Li, Zhenhao Xu, Liping Li, Yanhuan Zhang, Lun Zhou
For deep tunnels, their engineering geological and hydro-geological conditions are highly changeable and complex. Rough construction often triggers or produces accidents, such as water inrush, mud inrush, landslides etc. For informational dynamic design and construction of tunnels, it is of vital importance...
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Tunnel Monitoring and Measurement Case Study in Qiyueshan Tunnel

Chunjin Lin, Lun Zhou, Shucai Li, Zhenhao Xu, Liping Li, Jing Wu, Yanhuan Zhang
Monitoring and measuring is one of three main factors of the New Austrian Tunneling Method. By measuring the tunnel rock deformation data, collecting and analyzing it, measuring data can be used for the feedback of excavation results and for guiding the construction timely. The tunnel monitoring includes...
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Higher Order Crack Tip Fields for Physical Weak-Discontinuous Crack of Linear FGMs Cylindrical Shell with Reissner’s Effect

Yao Dai, Xiao Chong, Jincai Huang, Zhiqiang Zhang
The physical weak-discontinuous problem of an axis-directional interfacial crack between homogeneous material and functionally graded materials (FGMs) cylindrical shells is studied. Base on Reissner plate theory, the governing equations are derived for weak-discontinuous problems of cylindrical shells....
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Higher Order Crack-Tip Fields for Anti-plane Crack in Exponential Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Materials

Xiao Chong, Yao Dai, Dianhui Hou, Junguo Ma
The near-tip fields of an anti-plane crack in functionally graded piezoelectric materials(FGPMs) are investigated. To make the analysis tractable as usual, the elastic stiffness, piezoelectric parameter, and dielectric permittivity of FGPMs are assumed to be exponential functions of x parallel to the...
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Crack Tip Fields for Anti-plane Interfacial Crack between Functionally Graded and Homogeneous Piezoelectric Materials

Xiao Chong, Yao Dai, Guixiang Hao, Zhiqiang Zhang
The problem of an anti-plane crack situated in the interface of functionally graded piezoelectric materials (FGPMs) and homogeneous piezoelectric materials (HPMs) is considered under the impermeable assumption of crack surfaces. The mechanical and electrical properties of the FGPMs are assumed to be...
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Structural evolution under gamma ray irradiation of zircon originated from Hainan province, China

Weidong Zhu, Long Fan, Xirui Lu
In order to investigate the structural evolution and the capability of resistance to -ray irradiation of natural minerals, the zircon from metamorphic rock in the middle region of Hainan was investigated. The morphologic characteristic of cracked rocks was observed and zircon crystals were selected under...
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Corrosion and Protection of the Condenser Seawater Cooling System

Qiang Fu, Lin Tian, Rui Wang, Yupei Ning, Yue Yang, Xuejun Xie
Composition and main material of seawater cooling systems of power units are stated briefly. Some corrosion and protection examples of seawater cooling systems are summaried. In order to protect overall seawater cooling system, the suitable material should be chosen firstly, and surface treatment such...
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Seawater Cycling Cooling and Its Industrial Application

Qiang Fu, Lin Tian, Rui Wang, Yue Yang, Yupei Ning, Xuejun Xie
Necessity, history, actuality, problems and countermeasures, industrial application prospect of seawater used as cycling cooling water are analysed. When seawater is used as cycling cooling water, waste water discharge quantity and intake quantity of water are small, engineering investment and operation...
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The Development of Engineering Vehicles Steer - by- Wire System

Jiangxue Chang, Manjiang Li, Xuefeng Bai
Steer-by-wire is the latest technology in vehicle steering system. This paper reviews the domestic and foreign development of steer-by-wire steering system. The structure ,characteristics and working principle of the steer-by- wire steering system were analyzed in detail. At last, the solutions that...
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The multifractal of ultra low carbon steels containing titanium organizations

Shengli Cao, Qingjun Zhang, Liguang Zhu, Wenling Mo, Chunliang Yan, Xiaoyan Wu
Steel samples under different pulse magnetic field are produced using self-developed pulsed magnetic field generator, and the discharge voltage of the pulsed magnetic field selected from the experiment is 0V, 40V, 80V, and 100V four gradient levels. The morphology of the microstructure is photographed...
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The electronic structure, density of states and optical properties of ZnO doped by Mg in substitutional and interstitial position

Yonghong Hu, Caixia Mao
The formation energy, electronic structure, density of states and optical properties of ZnO doped by Mg in substitutional and interstitial positions are studied. It is found that the band gap of ZnO is enlarged by doping Mg in the substitutional position, and the ZnO doped by interstitial Mg becomes...
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Cutting Temperature investigation when Heavy Milling Welded Aluminum-Thin- Walled Hollow Structure

Y. F. Ge, J. M. Hou, X. L. Jia, C. Liu
Carbide tools were used to investigate the cutting temperature when heavy milling 6N01-T5 aluminum thin-walled hollow W-shape structures. The results showed that the value of cutting temperature at the area of weld seam or the intersectant ribbed slab was 40-60% times higher than that of cutting the...
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Nonlinear numerical analysis of SRC-RC transfer columns based on OpenSEES

Hao Gu, Yun Zou, Ming Chen
In order to study the seismic behavior of SRC-RC transfer column under low-cycle loading, the open source finite element software OpenSEES was used to establish models of SRC-RC transfer column based on fiber model and conduct numerical analysis. Compared with experimental results, numerical analysis...
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Research on Anti-Rollover Control for Vehicles under Limit Conditions

Yanfei Li, En-Guo Dong, Lei Zhang
To improve the anti-rollover capability of vehicles under limit conditions, the rollover stability of vehicles in high speed steering was studied; a vehicle dynamics model was built with the software of Carsim. Based on the variable threshold method of yaw rate, an anti-rollover controller was designed,...
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Effect of Ionic Strength on Adsorption of Corncob Xylitol Residue on Cr(VI)

Jingwen Xue, Fandeng Meng, Yantao Liu, Huagai Xia
The adsorption of xylitol residue in 200mg/L of Cr(VI) solution at different ionic strength was studied. Results show 97-99% of Cr(VI) can be effectively adsorbed when Ca and Na ion concentration was ten time of Cr, and the adsorbing ratio decreases with the increasing of Ca and Na concentration, indicating...
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Synthesis of an Epoxy Resin Curing Agent Containing Maleimide Group

Guo Tao, Man Xiao, Ziran Chen, Youhui Xu
A novel N, N-(4-amino phenyl maleimide) diglycidyl amine (APMDGA) was synthesized from maleic anhydride, 4-nitroaniline, and epichlorohydrin by a few-step reactions via intermediate products N-(4-nitrophenyl)maleimide and N-(4-aminophenyl)maleimide. The chemical structure of APMDGA is confirmed by 1H-NMR,...
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Numerical Simulation on determining technological parameters of vibratory aging treating for large-sized welding box-section beam structure

Jian-Ke Fu, Jun Jin, Xing Zhou
In order to determining technological parameters of vibratory aging treating for large-sized welding box-section beam structures, kinetic analysis was carried out according to the industrial standard. The natural frequency, vibration mode and the curves of amplitude-frequency were obtained by using Finite...
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The Study on Suspension Velocity of Tobacco Fragment in Exhaust Hood of Tunnel-type Damping Machines

Yongxiang Zhao, Guangbo Zhang, Weixue Cao, Xue-Yi You
The suspension velocity of tobacco fragment is theoretically and numerically studied in tunnel-type damping machines. The movement of fragment tobacco is described by Euler-Lagrange theory. The proposed model is solved numerically, and the relationship of the shape, size and flow field of fragment tobacco...
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Influence of carbores binder on the strength of Magnesia-Carbon materials

Jun Liu, Hongxia Li, Haixia Feng
A new binder system was developed to produce Magnesia-Carbon matreials in a cold batch process. The binder system comprises a liquid carbores and a high-melting carbores powder. Both components are graphitizable thus leading to an anisotropic carbon system resistant to spalling and oxidation. The system...
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Fabrication of stainless steel PEMFC bipolar plate by soft punch stamping

Hanxia Ruan, Tao Chen
Different from traditional forming process, sheet soft punch process uses only a rigid die and the other tool set is a flexible medium, such as natural or synthetic rubbers. Soft punch stamping process for flow channel in stainless steel bipolar plates of the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)...
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The Low-pressure Casting Technology of aluminum alloy motor

Guoding Yuan, Hai Gu, Jianhua Sun, Zhufeng Li
Through the research on low-pressure casting, combined with structure of aluminum alloy, this paper introduces the typical system design of low pressure casting process, including the designs of feeding system and exhaust system. The control techniques of the process parameters which include filling...
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Influence of Grid on pkHRR Test of Cone Calorimeter

Weibin Xie, Ran Wang, Xiaochun Wang
Influence of grid on peak of Heat Release Rate (pkHRR) test of cone calorimeter was researched, in which cotton, flame-retard cotton, PET, and flame-retard PET fabric were used. Results show that coefficients of variation (C.V) of pkHRR values of cotton and flame-retard cotton were reduced from 8.5%...
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Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous silicon Ellipsoids

Jing Wang, Shaodian Shen, Dongsen Mao, Guanzhong Lu
Ellipsoidal silicon nanoparticles were prepared by using the mesoporous silica as raw materials via an magneisothermic reduction reaction with the temperature program control method, while the sample get the corresponding ellipsoidal shape of mesoporous silica. The properties of the ellipsoidal silicon...
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Cu2O Nanocrystals: Study on Hydrothermal Morphology-Modulated Synthesis and Photodegradation of Organic Pollutants

Yanfeng Dai, Shaodian Shen, Dongsen Mao, Guanzhong Lu
We report a facile method for the synthesis of cuprous oxide nanocrystals with three different structure. High surface roughness spheres, self-assembly layered Cubic and snowflake nanocrystals can be synthesized directly by hydrothermal method. F127, CTAB and EDTA was used to be a precise control of...
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Cutting Force Simulation of Titanium based on DEFORM-3D

Zhuo Chen, Lu-Fang Qin, Li-Juan Yang
DEFORM-3D is a finite element method (FEM) software that can perfectly simulate cutting process of materials. In order to research the cutting process of titanium, using DEFORM-3D software as a platform, through FEM on modeling and simulation to the cutting of TC4, the influence rule of cutting depth...
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Dequan Jin, Wuwei Chen, Huibin Li, Yue Zhang
Firstly, based on the theories and methods of acoustic intensity measurement, the surface radiation noise of the rear driving axle of minibus was tested in the bench experiment. With the analysis of the experiment data, sound power was calculated to plot the noise distribution of the rear driving axle....
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Microstructural Characterization of Extrusion Welds in 6xxx Aluminum alloys

X. Ren, J. L. Zhang, J. P. Li, J. Liu, H. H. Zhang, X. R. Wang
In this study, the microstructure of extrusion welds (including charge welds and seam welds) in a curtain wall hollow profile made of 6063 alloy is investigated using both Optical and Scanning Electron Microscopy (OM & SEM, respectively). The grain size and the morphology, size and distribution of particles...
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Research on the power dispatching and trading mechanism oriented to low-carbon economy

Rui Ge, Miao Li, Qiangming Zhou, Xu Cheng, Dunnan Liu, Bin Cao, Lizheng Shao
In the era of low-carbon economy, the traditional electric power industry will be confronted with tremendous changes on its external environment and internal developing model. The electric power industry should also pay closer attention to low-carbon, energy–saving as well as the emission of the CO2,...
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Prediction of weld shape for fiber laser welding based on hybrid heat source model

Y. Liu, P. Jiang, Y.W. Ai, C. Yue
The shape of welded joints directly affects the quality and stability of joints, so the weld shape prediction has great significance and engineering value to for process parameters selection. A mathematical model of fiber laser welding temperature field simulation is proposed for weld shape prediction...
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The research on fatigue test of the pin for the folded arm lorry crane

Hong-Feng Ma, Zheng-Wen Yuan, Le Gao
Based on the structure mechanics analysis and fatigue mechanism study for the pin of the folded arm lorry crane, a new fatigue test equipment for the pin of the folded arm lorry crane is developed. The pins are quenched in different hardened layer depth ratio, and then 48 pins are chosen for the fatigue...
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Network Security Classification Assessment Based on Fuzzy Mathematics

Jiaqi Li, Ning You, Jianyi Liu, Ru Zhang
Because of the complexity and uncertainty of network security, the static and single direction of network security protection has been unable to adapt to the changing network environment. Through scientific results of other researchers, we proposed a push-pull combination and multi index of fuzzy comprehensive...
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A correlation analysis algorithm about index in Power grid planning

Yangjun Liu, Qingxin Wang, Jiaman Ding
Currently,decision scheme often ignores the correlations among the indexes,which will not only make calculation more complicated , but also affect the accuracy of decision-making, even cause huge economic losses. It is unreasonable that it assumed independent irrelevance in information fusion of the...
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A Big data dynamic migration strategy

Jin Fang Zhang, Qing Xin Wang, Jia Man Ding
In the face of the current resource scheduling using the static load balancing strategy in cloud computing environment could easily lead to the waste of resource, the paper put forward a migration strategy based on the big data migration. The strategy will compare the current load conditions, and choose...
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A Sensitivity Analysis Method about Power Grid Planning Indexes

Huai Wei Si, Qing Xin Wang, Jia Man Ding
Sensitivity analysis is a measure of the uncertainty of an analytical model inputs how to affect the outcome, many of the traditional technique uses probabilistic analysis model, this paper contains a subjective variable uncertainty and occasional uncertainty probabilistic sensitivity analysis with probably-box....
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A Secure Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Grids and Symmetric Polynomials

Yuquan Zhang, Lei Wei
A scheme for WSNs(wireless sensor networks) security is given by dividing sensing circle into sections and using the symmetric polynomials in this paper. Ordinary sensor nodes and heterogeneous sensor nodes are distributed in the circle equally. The keys among sensor nodes are established by utilizing...
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Desorption and Diffusion Characteristics within Bituminous in the Presence of Moisture

Zhongping Cui
In order to investigate the effect of moisture on methane desorption and diffusion characteristics, a series of experimental measurements were performed on coal samples with different moisture contents. The experimental data was fitted and the mechanism that accounts for the reduction in desorption amount...
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Microscopic Pore Structural Characteristics in Coal Particles

Xiaoyong He, Zhe Zhang
In order to investigate the internal pore structure of coal, the adsorption isotherms of coal particles with different sizes were measured using the Quantachrome Autosorb iQ specific surface area and pore size analyzer. The pore characteristic parameters obtained were analyzed including the specific...
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Effect of Water on the Critical Surface Tension of Coal

Jun Wang
In order to improve the effect of water injection and dust prevention in coal seam, the wetting process with water in coal was described in this paper. The coal surface tensions with six different aqueous solutions were measured and the contact angle of coal samples from Zhaozhuang Mine was tested. The...
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The thermoelectric properties of In2O3 thin films deposited by direct current magnetron sputtering

Fan Ye, Xiao-Qiang Su, Xing-Min Cai, Huan Wang, Zhuang-Hao Zheng, Guang-Xing Liang, Ping Fan, Dong-Ping Zhang, Jing-Ting Luo
In2O3 films were deposited on K9 glass by direct current magnetron sputtering with different oxygen partial pressure percentage. It is found that the films have a body-centered cubic structure, a relatively high transmission in the visible range and an optical band gap of around 3.75 eV. The conductivity...
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Research on the preparation and mechanical properties of biomedical metallic materials

Yukun Wei, Haobo Zhang, Jijun Xiao, Yang Qiao
This paper summarized the preparation and mechanical properties of current biomedical metallic materials, which contained medical stainless steel, titanium based alloy, magnesium alloy. Preparation covered metal smelting, powder metallurgy and micro-arc oxidation technology. The mechanical properties...
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Mobile Sensor Networks Based on Several Algorithms

Li Zhang
In this paper, we propose several algorithm for mobile sensor networks. Such that distributed flocking algorithm, node dispatch algorithm, node localization algorithm, aggregation algorithm etc.The distributed flocking algorithm can attain a more uniform deployment of sensors. the node dispatch algorithm...
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Robust Analysis and Control of Stochastic Interval Systems

Cheng Wang, Congjun Rao
Stochastic interval systems is a new type of stochastic system in recent years, which is a new field integrated by information and control. This paper introduces the research history and the newest research trends of stochastic interval systems, and presents many widespread theoretical and application...
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Thermodynamic analysis and experimental study of TiB2 coatings by CVD

Xiaoxiao Huang, Shuchen Sun, Shuaidan Lu, Xiaoping Zhu, Kuanhe Li, Ganfeng Tu
The coatings of titanium dibordie (TiB2) on a high purity graphite substrate by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) was studied by using a gas mixture of TiCl4, BCl3 and H2. The reaction thermodynamics and the influences of TiCl4: BCl3 flow ratio on the growth rate of TiB2 are analyzed by using HSC software,...
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Free vibration of laminated composite plates by the various shear deformation theories

Song Xiang, Chun Lu, Ji Wang, Wei-Ping Zhao
In this paper, the analysis of various higher-order shear deformation theories for the free vibration of laminated composite plates is presented. A Navier-type analytical method was used to solve the governing differential equations. Natural frequencies of simply supported laminated composite plates...
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Experimental and numerical investigation on the performance of hydrodynamic cavitation in multi-holes orifice plate

Changhao Ji, Zhixia He, Yuhang Zhixia
The multi-holes orifice plate are simple hydrodynamic devices which can be used for intensification of liquid-liquid heterogeneous micro-mixture for preparing bio-diesel or emulsified diesel. In this study,a flow visualization experiment system with a transparent hydrodynamic cavitation reactor was setup...
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Experimental Research on Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Different Modification Methods

He Gao, Guoping Wu, Xiaowen Yuan
The recycled aggregates were modified by sodium silicate, cement grout, cement mixed with superfine fly ash grout and polymer emulsion. The influence of the modified recycled aggregates to the mechanical properties of the concrete was studied. The results indicated that the recycled aggregates can reduce...
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Analyze on User-Centered Design of Small Medical Products

Lili Liu, Yao Yao
This article from the small medical products research status quo of humanized design for the starting point of design, We analysis the relevant factors of humanized design, including the user characteristic model, user behavior model, interface model and environmental characteristic model and than analyze...
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Design and Application on the Composite Rail of Column-Beams in Gantry Machine

Hua Lu, Dewei Tang
Column - crossbar rail is the heart of the Moving beams CNC gantry machine which is now widely used in Machinery manufacturing. Whether the structure is rational directly affects the dynamic performance of the whole machine and machining accuracy. The traditional slide, linear rolling and hydrostatic...
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Dilatometric Analysis of Phase Fractions during Austenite Decomposition in Pipeline Steel

Ye-Jin Yang, Jian-Xun Fu, Ren-Jie Zhao, Yan-Xin Wu
Dilatometry is one of the most popular methods for the study of high temperature physical properties of steel and thermal expansion is considered to be an important factor concerning on the crack formation during casting and rolling for pipeline steel. In the present study, dilatometric curve of X60...
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Numerical simulation on the aerodynamic characteristics effect of ribs acting on the stay cable

Yifeng Huang, Jixin Yang
The cable wind-induced vibration of long span cable-stayed bridge is one of the key factors causing serious damage to the bridge. The ribs setting on the surface of the stay cable are one of the aerodynamic damping measures to restrain its wind-induced vibration. As the surface morphology of the stay...
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Curing Properties of Water-based Self-drying / Fast-drying Foundry Coating

Chunyi Zhan, Shengshan Feng, Shuzhong Xie, Chunjing Liu, Jiahao Liang, Yunhua Gao
The article focuses on the self-drying curing characteristics of energy-saving and environmental friendly water-based self-drying / fast-drying foundry coating. Through check experiment, the differences of strength, humidity resistance and influence on the strength of resin sand when respectively using...
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The Key Componets Design and Research of the Projectile System of Marine Pipeline Concrete Weight Coating Production Line

Shuang Jing, Zhiqiang Huang, Xu Luo, Kun Zhang
Due to the effect of the marine environment, the marine pipelines would drift away because of the water buoyancy when the pipeline laying and operation, as well as suffer the damage from the other external factors. Therefore, we need to coat a concrete layer on the anticorrosive pipe’s surface with a...
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Characterization the rheology behavior of modified skim rubber

Linghong Zhang, Tianming Gao, Jiao Yang, Hongxing Gui, Ke Chen, Maofang Huang
Test of the rheology behavior for modified skim rubber (MSR) were carried out with rubber processing analyzer (RPA), and mooney viscosity were carried out with Mooney Viscometer. The results showed that mooney viscosity of MSR is lower than skim rubber, and it is higher than SCR-5 (Chinese Standard Rubber-5)....
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Wall-Modeling Large Eddy Simulation on rough wall for High Reynolds Number Flow

Yu Liu, Mingbo Tong, Binqi Chen, Fangli Wang
In this work a wall-modeled LES is developed to solve the basic flow character over rough wall on high Reynolds number without resolving the details of the roughness elements. The averaged roughness shear stress can be combined with the smooth wall shear stress in the inner layer wall-model. The instantaneous...
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Effect of Assembly Condition on Dynamic Performance of C/C Composite Finger Seal

Li'Na Wang, Guoding Chen, Hua Su, Guangmei Yang, Yanchao Zhang
The performance of finger seal as an important component has decisive influence on performance of aeroengine. The complicated operating state of aeroengine, such as assembly condition, also has important influence on finger seal performance. However, equivalent dynamic model has not considered this factor,...
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Research on Time-Frequency Characteristics of Infrasound Information before rock Failure under Compression

Hong Xu, Tingqiang Zhou
Six group of axial compression tests of sandstone were conducted in laboratory, and the infrasound signals of each test process were recorded synchronously then the time-frequency characteristics of all signals have been analyzed to find the failure precursor information, the results show that: The infrasound...
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Synthesis, Characterization and Photophysical Properties of Tetra-(hydroxypheny-hexfluoropropyl) Zinc(II) Phthalocyanine

Junri Wen, Zhiqiang Yu, Tiantian Zhang, Hongqin Yang, Yiru Peng
Tetra-(hydroxypheny-hexfluoropropyl) zinc(II) phthalocyanine was synthesized and its structure was characterized by elemental analysis, IR, MALDI-TOF mass, and 1HNMR methods. Its photophysical properties was measured by UV/Vis, steady-state, and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. The bulky fluorinated...
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Effect of Dipping Basalt Fiber on Mechanical Properties of Concrete

Dingce Huang, Qiu Xiong, Zhiwei Xing
A new dipping basalt fiber reinforced concrete (DBF-RC) was developed in this study. The surface of fiber was modified by dipping into epoxy resin. The mix of DBF was first researched on cement mortar, and then on concrete. The workability and mechanical properties of cementitious materials were investigated....
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Evolution of adiabatic shear bands in zirconium alloy under dynamic deformation

Dong Li Zou, Li Feng He, Da Wu Xiao
Evolution of adiabatic shear bands in zirconium alloy under dynamic deformation was investigated by means of split Hopkinson pressure bar impacted at different strains and strain rates. The results show that adiabatic shear bands were the main plastic deformation mechanism of zirconium alloy subjected...
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Fatigue Life Analysis of One Hybrid Bus Frame Based on Road Spectrum

Gaojun Liu, Huaixian Yin, Tiezhu Zhang, Hongxin Zhang, Meishi Zhou
To verify the fatigue life of a hybrid bus frame, the finite element model of the frame is built, and the equivalent stress distribution of the frame was got. Multi-body dynamics vehicle model was built in ADAMS/Car. The simulation analysis was conducted based on the road spectrum compiled by MATLAB...
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Assessment Criterion for Heat Transfer Deterioration of Supercritical Fluids

Cuilian Ji, Jitian Han, Ran Chen, Tao Zhang
In order to enlarge the application scope of the existing criteria for the heat transfer deterioration, the criteria of heat transfer deterioration was assessed by using the method of mechanism analysis and experimental data available in the literature. The obtained results indicated that the criteria...
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the design of hand &box seedcase cutter

Yan Huang Xiao, Bo Liu, Yue Wang
Based upon existing instruments have some disadvantages in both ways, one hand is simple structure, single function ,not work, difficult to cut, cannot cut completely or unsafe issues;on the other hand is complex structure, equipped with gear-down mechanism ,high manufacturing cost, bad price/ performance...
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Research on a Frame of Cloud Service Composition in Cloud Manufacturing System

Min Shu, Hua Guo, Xiuyan Zhao
The cloud manufacturing (CMfg) is a new manufacturing paradigm that can realize the added-value and on-demand use of manufacturing resource and ability in the form of manufacturing cloud service (CS). In order to realize the added-value of cloud service (CS) through cloud service composition (CSC) in...
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Numerical Analysis of Composite Bolted Joints using the Arlequin Method

Binqi Chen, Mingbo Tong, Yiding Wang, Fangli Wang
This paper aims to implement the Arlequin method to simulate the bearing failure in composite bolted joints. Arlequin coupling elements are established by introducing Lagrange multipliers to couple the 3D coarse elements and 3D refined elements. Refined elements are meshed one element each ply the same...
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High discharge capacity of VB2-Ni as anode for VB2/air battery

Qiping Kang, Guoqing Wang, Xin Lu, Xin Zhang, Kun Zhang
The compound powders of VB2 with 25 wt% and 50 wt% Ni were mixed uniformly using a planetary ball miller, respectively. The discharge capacity of VB2/air battery with VB2-Ni as anode in KOH electrolyte was investigated at room temperature and ambient pressure. Meanwhile, the microstructure of VB2-Ni...
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Dynamic anti-plane behavior for interacting cracks emanating from the edges of the circular cavities in piezoelectric bimaterials

Lixia Wu, Dong Li, Yanru Ren
In this paper, we examine the dynamic anti-plane behavior of interacting redial cracks emanating from the edges of two interfacial circular cavities in piezoelectric bimaterials under incident anti-plane shearing wave (SH-wave). Green’s functions for a semi-infinite piezoelectric medium with two circular...
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Simulation of Micro Blanking Process of Square Hole with Fillet Based on DEFORM-3D

Shining Zhou, Xiaolong Yang, Jing Sun, Wenji Xu, Xin Liu
Simulation of Micro Blanking Process of Square Hole with Fillet was carried out based on DEFORM-3D. The ratio of burnish depth, shear depth and fracture depth to sheet thickness under different relative blanking clearance (c/t) was analyzed. The results show that the burnish depth at the fillet increases...
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Adjacent Order Separation for Variable Speed Bearing with Peak Detection and Fixed-point ICA

Bin Chen, Mi Liu, Yuan Zhou, Baocheng Gao
To solve the problem of adjacent order overlap for variable speed bearings, a novel method with the fixed-point independent component analysis (ICA) and peak detection is proposed. Firstly, the mixed vibration signal is whitened by through of the singular value decomposition. Then it introduces fixed-point...
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Parameters optimization for aluminum alloy magnet cover with stamping based on FEM simulation

Huajun Yan, Shuangjie Zhang, Yuzhong Liu
In view of the phenomenon that defects such as fracture, wrinkling and springback may generate when box shaped parts are stamped, however better surface quality on parts have been required. The process of drawing, cutting and springback for magnet covers with arc top and straight sidewall are simulated...