Proceedings of the 2017 3rd International Conference on Economics, Social Science, Arts, Education and Management Engineering (ESSAEME 2017)

684 authors
Xiong, Xinyu
Research on Development Strategies of Red Tourism of Guangxi under the International Background
Xu, Hong
Analysis of BIM Technology to Optimize the Effect and Economic Benefit in Project Management
Xu, Jin-e
Training Model Construction of Personnel Majored in Cultural Market Operation and Management based on Modern Apprenticeship System
Xu, Kaihua
Research on the Influence of Basketball Technique Model on the Comprehensive Quality of Basketball Players
Xu, Miaoxian
Innovation Analysis of Energy Management in Large Buildings
Xu, Qiang
The Analysis of Policy Objectives and Economic Effects of House Property Tax
Xu, Qingqing
Copyright Protection on Handicrafts of Yunnan Minorities from the Perspective of Industrialization
Xu, Tongtong
Intraday Trading Patterns in the SSE 50 ETF Option
Xu, Wenfeng
On the way to stop infringement in intellectual property law and its improvement
Xu, Xinrong
Low carbon efficiency of the port logistics service supply chain under the restriction of study
Xu, Yali
Research on the Influence of Basketball Technique Model on the Comprehensive Quality of Basketball Players
Xu, Yan
Discussion on The Construction of The Quality Management System of PE Teaching in Colleges and Universities
Xu, Yidan
Response of Rice and Maize Yield to Inherent Soil Productivity of Paddies and Fertilization in Chongqing China
Xu, Yu
Studies on Interaction between Materials Manufacturing and Graduate Education --Illustrated by Hubei Province
Xu, Yuxuan
Research on the Application Development of Data Science in Customer Segmentation
Xu, Yuxuan
Research on the Development of Data Scientific Analysis Tools in the Big Data Age
Xu, Zhaoyi
The Impact of Financial Intelligence on Commercial Banking from the Perspective of Transaction Cost
Xuan, Yurong
Innovative Research on Integrating Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture in Undergraduate Ideological and Political Education of Higher Universities of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Xue, Peiwei
Development of Organization Theory of Library in Information Age-Team Organization
Yan, Di
The Practice Exploration of Micro English course in College English Teaching
Yan, Liping
Energy Consumption Forecast Based on Coupling PSO-GPR
Yan, Mei
Case study of STEM education in the family
Yan, Qinlao
Study on the Curriculum System Reform in of Vehicle Engineering University of Applied Sciences
Yan, Wei
Theoretical Logic and Forward Path of Chinese Opening-Up Strategy
Yan, Xiangbin
Comparative Analysis of Two Chinese Major Online Review Platforms in Customer Concern Identification
Yang, Bin
The Influence Mechanism of Relationship Governance on Coordination Capability and Performance of Port Coal Supply Chain
Yang, Bing
Research on the risk of Shanghai Composite Index based on VaR and GARCH model
Yang, Bing
Employability Promoting Ways of Middle Vocational Undergraduate Students based on Career Planning
Yang, Chunmei
A Study on the Impact and Promotion of "One Belt One Road Strategy"for the Internationalization of West China Normal Universities
Yang, Fan
Research on Mechanisms of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Through Rural Tourism in Sichuan Minority Areas
Yang, Hui
Path Choice of Creating Cultural Industry Highland in Changbai Mountain Tourism International Leisure Mountain
Yang, Jing
Research on the Different Ways of Thinking between Chinese and Western People and Barriers in Cross-cultural Communication
Yang, Li
Research on the Development Trend of Electronic Archives Management in Higher Vocational Colleges
Yang, Long
Research on Multi - objective Programming in Aerobics Teaching
Yang, Meiyan
Financial Risk Analysis and Prevention of Chinese Real Estate Enterprises
Yang, Peipei
SWOT Analysis on the Development of "The Silk Road" Sports Tourism in Yunnan Province
Yang, Wei
'Extension' and 'Fusion' -- Discussion of Modern 'New Voice' Works and Singing
Yang, Xiuli
A Professionalization Framework in Understanding Migrant labors' Adaptation to China's Industrial Restructuring
Yang, Yang
A Study on the Supply of Medical-Nursing Combined Community Service in China
Yang, Yang
The Construction of Computer Teaching Evaluation System for Higher Vocational Education Guided by Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ability
Yang, Yike
An Analysis of Requirements on Government Economic Behaviors from Social Structural Transformation under The New Normal
Yang, Yu
Analysis on Essential medicines' use and its influencing factors in Beijing's Community Health Institutions
Yang, Yue
Research on the Curriculum Design of Cloud Computing Technology and Application Specialty
Yao, Chifu
Using the Multiple Assessment Method to Improve the Teaching Quality of University non-test based Course
Yao, Jianfeng
The Hotspots and suggestions of MOOC research in China
Yao, Min
Analysis of the Artistic Style of 36 Aire Di Steli Antic
Yao, Minghai
Image Dehazing Method Based on Multi-scale Feature Fusion
Yao, Songqi
The Integration of Intangible Cultural Heritage(ICH) in Pingxiang in the University Campus Cultural Construction
Ye, Liting
An Analysis of the International Financial Cooperation in the "The Belt and Road" Initiative
Ye, Xiumin
Development status, problems and policy suggestion of 5G
Ye, Yucong
An Empirical Analysis of Real Estate Residential Investment and Economic Growth - Taking "Shanxi Province" as an Example
Yi, Xiaohui
Study on the infiltration of academy culture into local folk custom
Yi, Xiaohui
Research on the implementation of University Humanities Teaching
Yin, Long
Study on Air Pollution Control in China from the Perspective of Public Health
Yin, Long
Exploration and Practice of Deep Integration of Virtual Simulation Technology and Innovative Entrepreneurship Education
Yin, Long
College Students' Social Problem Analysis and Countermeasures Research
Yin, Long
Research and analysis of social obstacles in college students
Yin, Mingjing
On Enhancing the Sense of Civic Social Responsibility of Minority College Students in the Course of Situation and Policy
You, Dandan
Intraday Trading Patterns in the SSE 50 ETF Option
Yu, Chunyan
Study on the effectiveness of pragmatic transfer in third language acquisition
Yu, Fan
The Hotspots and suggestions of MOOC research in China
Yu, Hao
The application of LDA model on user profile
Yu, Jiangying
Combining Contexts and Hyperlinks for Named Entity Disambiguation Based On Knowledge Base
Yu, Xiaodong
The Analysis of Physical Decline belongs to the College Students from Gansu--based on the Sociological Perspective
Yu, Yang
Strengthening the management of scientific research funds and improving the efficiency of scientific research funds
Yu, Zhike
Research on the Ecological Transformation of College English Course in Computer Network Environment
Yuan, Xuemei
The impact of virtual reality technology on digital media teaching
Yuan, Xuemei
Research on new media art based on diversified media
Yue, Chenzhong
The Justification of Legitimate Defense-based on Jurisprudential Analysis of Yu Huan Case
Yue, Hongzhu
The Analysis of Policy Objectives and Economic Effects of House Property Tax
Yue, Shengdong
Rating and Analysis of the Merits and Demerits for 'Chinese Opera Reform' in the History of Sichuan Opera Music Development and Reform
Yue, Shuying
Study on the Surgical Treatment of Large Pituitary Adenomas
Zang, Qi
Analysis of the Practice of Network Technology in Electronic Information Technology
Zeng, Jie
The Comparative Study of Teacher's Ethics Education in China and the United States
Zeng, Jing
The Personality Emotional Structure In Interior Design
Zeng, Ju
Research on the construction of diversified teaching evaluation system in English teaching quality management in Higher Vocational Colleges
Zeng, TingTing
Transformation Thinking of the Management and Service for College Retirees in the New Era
Zeng, Wenjie
Study on English teaching model based on ability progression
Zeng, Yanhao
Research on Evaluation Mechanism of Teaching Management of Military Professional Degree Postgraduate Education
Zeng, Yueye
Analysis of the Impact of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment on Its Export Scale
Zeng, Zhen
Exploring the Aesthetic Connotations of Sight-singing and Ear-training
Zhan, Weihua
The Application of Micro - course in College English Teaching
Zhan, Wen
Research Progress on Ecological Protection and Restoration of Urban Wetlands in China
Zhang, Baoshuai
Exchange Rate Fluctuation, Money Supply and GDP
Zhang, Bingjiang
A study on the comprehensive evaluation method of teachers' teaching quality based on Z-score
Zhang, Donghua
Study on the Influence of Pragmatic Transfer in Third Language Acquisition on Uygur Students' English Speech Acts
Zhang, Fan
Discussion on education strategies of personality integrity for young athletes in China
Zhang, Fan
Exploration on the implementation path of psychological health education improvement of China's young athletes
Zhang, Fan
Research on the education reform of TRX suspension training method applied in physical fitness course in Police Colleges
Zhang, Genlian
Construction of humanized management model of College Textbooks
Zhang, Genlian
Exploration and Research on the new model of teacher management of universities in China
Zhang, Genlian
The important concept of teacher management in Colleges and Universities under Humanistic Care
Zhang, Genlian
Problems and Countermeasures of teachers' management in local colleges and Universities
Zhang, Genlian
Reflections on the reform of teaching material management in Colleges and Universities
Zhang, Guoquan
Status Quo and Countermeasures on Physical Education in Rural Primary and Middle Schools
Zhang, Hua
Existential Interpretation of Isabel Archer in The Portrait of a Lady
Zhang, Hui
Research on the Innovation of Teaching Management Mode in Private Independent Colleges
Zhang, Jing
The Book Market Influence Of Book Integrated Design
Zhang, Jing
Analysis on Process Management and Its Application in University Library Management
Zhang, Jun
Analysis of the Impact of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment on Its Export Scale