Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Education, Management, Computer and Society

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Local Normal Universities and Colleges of Undergraduate Course Engineering Talents Cultivation Plan Orientation

Shuxia Gao, Deyi Wang, Peng Zhang, Xianjun Guo, Xiaolong Zhang
The passage focuses on the basic connotation of life vocational career,the training concept of local universities and colleges of undergraduate course engineering talents, talent objective orientation and talent training mode were deeply analyzed and discussed, this paper introduces the courses of general...
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Obtain Employment Oriented Personnel Training Program of Engineering Class Specialty

Shuxia Gao, Deyi Wang, Peng Zhang, Xianjun Guo, Xiaolong Zhang
With the development of environmental protection industry, environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is a growing demand for professionals in the aspects of environmental protection equipment engineering. On the same time, the profession in our country is just began and many questions...
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A New Invisible Cloak with Broad Stealth Angle Based on Isotropic Material

Jingbo Zhao, Hong Yao, Jun Du, Yijing Liu, Jiulong Jiang, Yake Dong
Study on invisible cloak has attracted considerable attention from all over the world thanks to its potential application value. However, it is still difficult to achieve fully movable invisible cloak due to material and other constrains currently. Here, the design and experimental demonstration of a...
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Research on the Development of Construction and Economic Structure Coordination Degree of Shaanxi Province

Lijuan Zhang, Xiaofang Li
The construction industry as a pillar industry of the national economy has an very important role in the coordinated operation of the national economy. Therefore, from the construction industry perspective, it is of great meaning for exploring the coordinated development of the economy. Based on the...
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Research on the Technology of Urban Road Traffic System

Weiling Teng, Xiaofang Li, Shidan He
Urban road traffic system is a system which is a collection of its internal factors, complex open, large randomized controlled. It has the basic characteristics of relevance, dynamic balance and structural. The characteristics of urban road traffic system determine the complexity that problems. Despite...
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Analysis and Design of University Scientific Research Management System based on UML

Shidan He, Xiaofang Li
UML is a language for the specification, construction, visualization and documentation of the software system. In this paper, the UML method is used to analyze and design the scientific research management system in colleges and universities, and to establish a system model which is based on scientific...
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The Local Unversities’ Transitional Development and "Five 'One' Project" Construction Plan

Naizhu Huang, Xiaoping Wang, Jiaming Zhong
Xiangnan University put forward "Five 'One'project" construction plan in the implementation of the Ministry of education "Guidance on carrying out guiding some undergraduate colleges to transform and develop the university of applied technology in the pilot reform" . In "Five 'One' project" implementation...
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Study on Improving Resource Sharing in Higher Education Park by Grid Technology

Yongqiang He, Qin Qin
It has already been the key problem for development of current higher education that how to allocate educational resource in the higher education park to realize resource sharing and how to make full use of the educational resource in the park to improve scientific and sustainable development of it....
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Based on the Multi-attribute Fuzzy Decision-making of Anti-ship Missile Attacks on the Sea Scheme Optimization

Shuqi Wang, Liang Ma
Using the multi-attribute fuzzy decision-making method, the mathematical model of the minimum weighted average deviation method to the fleet to the sea combat missiles combat the effect, the fleet command coordination ability, the missile lead attack ability and the elements such as combat damage index...
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Based on Weighted Relative Deviation Distance of Anti-ship Missile Fuzzy Comprehensive Operational Capability Evaluation

Lin Zhang
Against anti-ship missile weapon system combat capability evaluation methods of present situation, proposed a evaluation method based on weighted relative deviation distance. In the multi-factor fuzzy comprehensive evaluation, on the basis of fuzzy matrix to calculate the relative deviation of relative...
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Fire Distribution in Fleet Air Defense Missile Network Collaboration

Jingbiao Cai, Weiqiang Feng, Yi Zheng
It is the key to assure and optimize the firepower allotment for the network centric ship-to-air missile, which can improve the whole air defense warfare capability of surface vessels formation. For the purpose of take the advantage of The Network Centric Ship-to-air Missile, under the condition of earlier...
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Study on Image Thinking in Higher Education

Yinjia Li
This paper has discussed what is Image Thinking in High education especially in Advanced Mathematics. At the same time, its four characteristics the relation between Image Thinking and Logical Thinking are given by some typical examples and intuitive graphics. Research shows that Cross Nature and Rich...
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Construction of Large Volume Concrete for the Raft foundation of the Basement

Yonggang Wang, Shuai Wang
This paper analyzes the construction technology of large volume concrete for the raft foundation of the basement with engineering examples. In view of the difficulties in the construction of raft foundation, the design of concrete mix proportion, the temperature of the concrete into the mold, the concrete...
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The Application of WeChat in a Long-term Mechanism Construction of College Students Education Management

Yanrong Liu, Shidan He
As an important part of the construction of spiritual civilization, the education management of college students is related to the cultivation and shaping of the world outlook, outlook on life and values. With the emergence and popularization of micro letters, the freedom of speech is deepened, and the...
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The Management of Computer Room Research based on VMware Virtual Machine Technology

Wenbin Hu
Experiments in the computer teaching process often need to use a number of operating systems, which often destroy the computer room in common operating system. Maintenance of the engine room has brought some difficulties. If the traditional experiments to build a virtual experimental platform to complete...
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Research on the Influential Mechanism of International Team Performance

Chengcheng Song
This literature’s hereof purpose is to detect several key variables such as team form, team cohesion, and team cognition affect team’s achievement on base of analysis of International Team frame structure and historic researches. Moreover influential mechanism was set up about International Team performance,...
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On Skopos Theory: An Exemplification of Fiction

Ning Cai, Jian Zhou
The Skopos theory is one of the most recognized theories in modern translation field. The ‘Skopos theory’ is originated in Germany, and then it becomes widely accepted and recognized in modern translation study field. The meaning of Skopos in Latin means aim, purpose, intention or function. The key idea...
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On two Different Fictional Connotations Between Heterogeneous Natural Languages

Chen Diao, Wanzhang Liu, Ning Cai, Changhui Tian, Lin Xue
Every language is closely related to its culture. Due to historical events, cultural traditions, religious beliefs, natural environment factors, and other aspects, cultures both in English and Chinese language gives animal words specific and different cultural connotations, forming their own specific...
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A Dynamic Multiple Custer-head Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Networks

Fei Lu, Yi Liu, Yongyi Zhao
At present, the technology of wireless sensors develops rapidly, there are more and more studies in this area, especially the researches of sensor node energy. In this paper, we propose a new algorithm which named a dynamic multiple cluster-head clustering algorithm. In this algorithm, according to the...
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The Empirical Study and Construction of Performance Evaluation Model of the Financial Input in Science and Technology

Fan Yin
This article innovatively puts forward with the standard to evaluate the performance of the financial input to science and technology and constructs the DEA/EFA performance evaluation model. Based on the date of 2012 and 2013, this article demonstrates how to use the model and makes a concrete analysis...
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Integrated Research of Geotechnical Engineering Investigation and Design based on GIS Technology

Qing Han, Jun Sun
This paper is based on the author's years of experience in geotechnical engineering investigation. This paper discusses the current situation and existing problems, and analyzes the system of the integration of geotechnical investigation from the field practice, and the role of GIS in the system construction...
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Exploration on Domestic Flight Delay and Compensation

Jun Zhang
Flight delay refers to the state of facts that, during the aviation passenger transportation, the carrier cannot draw out of station or arrive at the station according to the transport contract. Flight timetable or time specified on the air ticket should be considered as the direct evidence for flight...
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Research on the Relationship among Technology Sources, Learning Modes and Innovation Performance of Technical SMEs of Tianjin

Geng Zhao, Zibiao Li, Jie Ma
Due to the characteristics of high technology and knowledge intensity in Technical small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), the research on technical resources, technology development and learning mode of Technical SME and the exploration of acting mechanism and innovation performance, are theoretically...
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College Students Volunteer Service: a Platform for Carrying out the Effective Practice of Citizen Education in Colleges and Universities

Tianyun Pei
The citizen education is an important method to coordinate, to improve and promote the relationships between citizens and the country, the government, society in daily life, and it can effective enhance the overall level of citizens. As an important place of civic education, the colleges and universities...
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Research on Life View Education Approaches of College Students

Rong Ling
University stage is an important period of cultivating college students' life view. In recent years, college students' understanding on themselves and life is fuzzy, and they are lack of correct understanding on life value. Positive life view is not comprehensively formed. Currently, life view education...
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Study on the Relationship Between University School of Professional Structure and its Development of Pillar Industries in Jilin Province

Bing Chu
Personnel training, scientific research, social services and cultural heritage are the four core functions of universities In this paper Jilin Province an objective analysis of the relationship between undergraduate programs between local colleges and universities and its pillar industries the analysis...
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Tracing Method of Quality Issues of Gearbox and Application of Rank Sum Test

Hong Hu, Lianzhi Li
Tracing quality issues of complex automobile gearbox is realized, defective parts and assembly procedures are analyzed and confirmed, analytical method for tracing quality issues is provided and the thinking is illustrated. Furthermore, the tracing model for assembly and quality issues of the gearbox...
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Management Innovation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in China

Junping Zhang, Guocen Zhao, Zheng Wei, Faxin Zhao
With the increase of Chinese private hospitals and foreign hospitals, the Chinese health care market has become more competitive. How to win in an increasingly complex health care environment has become the problem that is faced by Chinese public hospitals. The problem that is demanded to be urgently...
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MOOCs and SPOCs: Evolution and Inheritance of Online Education

Lin Li
The rise of MOOCs is strongly influencing the course teaching at colleges and universities. However, the development of the course is also accompanies by some doubts. As the inheritance ad development of MOOCs, SPOCs reestablished the development of online education. This paper first analyzes problems...
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Rail Transit Travel Time Distribution and Prediction Based on Automatic Fare Collection Data

Kun Ma, Jiaxing Wen, Qi Wang
With the development of urban rail transit line networking, precisely obtaining the travel time distribution and analyzing its characters has become very important. This paper is based out of Automated Fare Card data to obtain the travel time distributions by analyzing the transaction records from Automated...
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Legal Education of Medical Students based on Medical Disputes

Zhongshan Jin, Chen Wei
This paper is aimed to solve the medical students' ability of legal knowledge to prevent and resolve medical disputes in the future medical practice. By using literature review method, this paper will focus on two aspects: one hand, how to correctly position the medical students' legal education objective...
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Using Arduino to Introduce the Concepts of Mechatronics to College Fresh-Persons

Xiaoming Li, Zhen Li
Mechatronics, as a complex discipline which covers the fields of mechanics, electronics, information, computer science and control, is sometimes very hard to be understood and accepted by fresh-persons , who have little knowledge or experiences on engineering. They may not choose mechatronics as their...
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The Exploration of Enterprise E-Commerce Intelligence System

Dehui Li
Enterprise e-commerce intelligence system, which is used in the e-commerce enterprise to carry on the information processing and the information mining, has gradually become the key factor that decides the e-commerce enterprise`s competition ability. This paper explores the enterprise electronic business...
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Monetary Policy and Liquidity Risk- Evidence from Chinese Banks

Jinmin Du, Han Lv, Junlong Wang
With the wide use of fair value accounting, it is generally believed that the growth of the economy will be inhibited by the accounting accelerator effect,however in the economic downturn, whether systematic risk from the bank's liquidity reduction will be expanded,and whether the economy can be suppressed...
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Study on the Status Quo and Problems of Pension Institutions in Zhengzhou As Well As Countermeasures— Investigation Based on 28 Pension Institutions in Zhengzhou

Wenhui Xing, Ruimin Fu, Huiping Chang, Wei Tang
With the change of aged population’s structure as well as people’s viewpoint on public pension, the traditional family nursing mode can’t adapt to social changes any more. Thus nursing institutions for the aged have been vigorously developed. In this paper, nursing institutions for the aged in Zhengzhou...
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Ship-borne Warning Helicopter Fire Control Radar Antenna Pattern Design and Simulation

Qi Xu, Zhe Teng
The design and realization of radar antenna direction chart is important in simulation of radar system. The good design of radar antenna direction chart can improve the rate and reality of radar system simulation. Firstly this text introduces traditional antenna direction chart. The traditional antenna...
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Transmission Line Maintenance Scheduling Based on Graph Coloring

Hongtao Yu, Xichang Han, Yang Ma, Xianwei Xing
In order to improve the efficiency of transmission line maintenance scheduling, a multi-objective and multi-scale mathematical model is proposed. The coloring problem of graph theory and analytic hierarchy process are combined, and various constrains are considered in the model. In order to deal with...
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Exploration and Practice on Teaching Reform of Thermal Process Control System

Yuyan Zhang, Yang Ma, Na Zhang, Yan Bao
The thermal process control system is a comprehensive course, which aims at thermal production process and uses conventional instrumentation as the tool on the basis of control theory, making it a professional core course in automation specialty and related professions. Studying this course could train...
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Method of Network Security Situation Analysis

Jin Jin, Jian Song, Changhui Tian
Now with the computer network and e-commerce used widely, network security has become an important problem that it must be considered and resolved. More and more professions in the enterprises and individuals are subjected to the security problem in different degree. It is looked for the more reliable...
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Research on Experimental Teaching System Structure based on Cultivating the Innovation Ability

Xichang Han, Yuyan Zhang, Xiaojuan Zhu, Jie Liang
Experimental teaching is an important and indispensable link in the process of cultivating creative talents. It is very important to explore practical teaching system in cultivating applied talents for Local Universities. In this article, the existing problems of the automation practice teaching was...
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On Attack and Defense Training in Teaching Basketball

Jian Zhang
With the increasing popularity of basketball, more and more students are joining professional basketball training activities, and how to effectively develop and implement basketball teaching has already become an issue worthy pondering over and exploring into for basketball teachers and coaches in colleges...
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Game Analysis on Subsidies of Alternative Rotation between Farmers and Governments in Main Grain Producing Areas in the Northeast

Dehua Zhang
The northeast is the national famous commodity grain production base, per capita amount of commodity grain in rural households in Heilongjiang and Jilin ranks the first and the second place respectively in the country. In the process of food growth production for nearly 10 years, main grain producing...
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Research on the Influence of Farmers’ Wage Income in Heilongjiang from National Agricultural Investment

Dehua Zhang
Farmers’ wage income is increasingly growing in Heilongjiang, but the growth rate is not high. With the implementation of national food security strategy, Heilongjiang receives national agricultural investment continually. Whether it will hamper farmers’ wage income growth or not has become a new problem....
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Research on the Running-up and Take-off Technique of Long Jump in Athletics Teaching

Zonghao Zhang
Along with the continuous development of sport science, people’s understanding of long jump is strengthened. Under such background, this paper elaborates relevant running-up and take-off technique in long jump, hoping to contribute to better implementing athletics teaching.
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The Research on the Change of the Cost of Labor Migration in Urban and Rural Areas and Enterprise Labour Shortage

Jing Ma, Aidong Wu
As for our country enterprise in the process of transformation in the development of changes in the cost of Labor migration, put forward the effective countermeasures for the enterprises in solving the difficult labor shortage problem. This article uses the theory of cost-benefit analysis method and...
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Comparative Study on International Competitiveness of Financial Services Trade in Chinese, American and India

Liyuan Chen
In recent years, the rapid development of international trade in services has increasingly become an important indicator of national competitiveness .This paper do research in financial services trade. China and India are the delegates of emerging economies. The United States is the most developed country...
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Research on Application System of Electronic Commerce based on Novel Mobile O2O Model

Shumin Duan, JianJun Wu
O2O mode is the combination of the Internet and the opportunity to provide business information through the cable or wireless Internet. The characteristics of O2O mode is the most important promotion effect to be investigated, each transaction can be tracked. This paper firstly analyzes E-commerce platform...
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Analysis of Factors Influencing the Accession to the GPA---Logit and Probit Model Approach

Yang Gao
As one of WTO plurilateral agreement, WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) have 44 parties now. China wants to join the agreement, and is on the actively negotiating. According to the IMD Competitiveness Yearbook released 1996 to 2014 GPA members’ relevant economic data, this paper using Logit...
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Analysis of Influence of China Commercial Bank Credit Behavior on Monetary Policy Effect

Yanni Zhao, Zhiyong Feng
Regulation of monetary policy may not achieve desired effect. Consistency between commercial bank credit behavior and monetary policy orientation can greatly affect the effectiveness of monetary policy from the perspective of China. In the paper, possible influence of several commercial bank credit behaviors...
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Discussion on the Educational Status and Development of Martial Art and Traditional Physical Majors

Haibo Wang
Traditional sport belongs to our brilliant culture. Nowadays, people have had an increasingly complete knowledge about traditional sports; and meanwhile majors of traditional sports have been constantly set up in colleges and universities, aiming to achieve a sound development of traditional physical...