Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Applied Linguistics (CONAPLIN 9)

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Modeling Academic Writing for University Students

Aunurrahman Aunurrahman, Fuad Abdul Hamied, Emi Emilia
A good piece of academic writing is achieved through hard work and dedication. The hard work and dedication require the academic writing basic knowledge mastery. Yet, this is not an easy task for university students. This conceptual paper proposes how to model academic writing for university students...
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The Analysis of Teachers' Lesson Plan Through Behavioural Objectives Theory

Intan Septia Latifa
A lesson plan is a necessary product of lesson study, where teachers have the authority to formulate their statements. However, further investigation is necessary to ensure the criteria of lesson plan making are fulfilled. Therefore, this study is objected to analyze teachers' lesson plan through behavioural...
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TBI in ESP class: the Advantages and Limitations

Ivonne Susan
English for general purposes (EGP) could not suit in all work field, community realize that English for specific purposes (ESP) is needed. As we know that ESP course is aimed to prepare the learners to execute specific task or set of tasks. Unfortunately, a research revealed that there was some problems...
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Understanding the Basic of Kanji's Meaning Through Mnemonic Method Learning

Linna Meilia Rasiban
It is commonly assumed and claimed that learners with no prior knowledge of Chinese characters often find it more difficult to learn kanji than learners from character backgrounds (Ishida, 1986; Machida, 2000; Toyoda, 1995). It makes kanji being a burden or something dreaded by Indoneian JFL. According...
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Developing Students' Reading Comprehension Skill through Reciprocal Teaching Strategy

Diana Oktavia, Dina Fitriana
Using strategy is beneficial to make reading easier, more effective, and more comprehensible. Dealing with the notion that students must be independent in reading brings up the inquiry of what strategy helps to develop reading comprehension skill. Through a quasi-experimental study involving test before...
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Seventh Graders' Needs Analysis towards EFL Subject

Ghea Kyat Priyanka, Dewi Nur Asyiah, Novia Tri Febriani
This study was motivated by data revealing that decision making upon learning objectives were taken merely from curriculum and syllabus review, while students' preferences towards their needs in learning was neglected. Therefore, this study is aimed to find out students' needs in studying English as...
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Listening to Students Voice:Students' Problems in Listening Comprehension

Friscilla Wulan Tersta, Alviaderi Novianti
Listening is the basic part in determining students' success in communication, but in reality the position of listening skill is neglected by some other institution. This makes the students cannot develop their listening skill effectively as the receptive skill which has a crucial part in language learning....
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U-Shape Design in Teaching: EngagingNon-English Speaking Country Studentsin Learning English

Abdul Halim, Yetty Septiani Mustar
This qualitative study aims to present how U model seating arrangement affects the process of teaching and learning positively. This study also aims to uncover several activities which could be established when the U model seating arrangement is applied. This study was conducted at IAIN Kendari in 2016....
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The Effect of Project-Based Learning on L2 Spoken Performance of Undergraduate Students in English for Business Class

Achmad Yudi Wahyudin
Project-based Learning (PBL) has become the central part in ESP practice in higher education. The present study tried to confirm the questions whether the students' foreign language (L2) oral performance in English for Business (EFB) Class is affected significantly after PBL is tailored. The study conducted...
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Language and Interpersonal Values Education: Teachers' Roles and Perspectives on Students' Language Behaviour Education in Technology-Mediated Communication

Adi Suryani
Language which is intertwined with communication is the central aspect in interpersonal relationship. It contains the dimensions of values, culture and feeling/emotion which can foster or obstruct and damage social relationship. Thus, it is vital to insert language/communication attitude education within...
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Assessing English Language Needs through the Lens of ESP - EFL Students' Perspectives

Anik Kusnawati
ESP students are one of stakeholder informants in needs analysis. This paper reports on ESP-EFL students' perspectives of their target and present English needs by seeking information about their reasons and decisions in determining those needs. Thematic analysis using a conceptual framework of target...
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Controversy behind Applying EMI (English as the Medium of Instruction) among EFL Students

Anne Ratna S.
This study attempts to figure out the factors which lead to controversy towards applying the rule of English as the Medium of Instruction (henceforth EMI) among EFL students. The study also aims to investigate the perspectives of EFL freshmen and EFL lecturers towards applying EMI in EFL class. The researcher...
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The Effects of ICT and Longhand Note-taking on Students' Comprehension

Clara Herlina Karjo
With the advent of technology nowadays, taking notes by hand seems old-fashioned to most students nowadays. Typing on ICT devices (such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets), on the other hand, is more preferable since it is more practical and can record more information. Note-taking (either by hand...
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Investigating the Quality of a Popular Classroom Assessment Instrument in Indonesia

Taufiq Effendi, Ichwan Suyudi
This paper reports a preliminary study on the quality of a multiple-choice test as a popular classroom assessment in Indonesia. An item response analysis was conducted to scrutinize four major kinds of quality: reliability, construct validity, item discrimination ability, and distractor plausibility....
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The Effect of Applying the Talk-To-The-Text Strategy on Students' Reading Comprehension in Narrative Texts

Fadhila Yonata
This study investigates the effect of applying the talk-to-the-text strategy on students' reading comprehension of narrative text. By employing quasi-experimental research design, specifically pre- and post-tests design one, talk-to-the-text reading strategy was implemented as treatment in experimental...
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The Effectiveness of CIRC Method and Comic-strip Media to English Writing Ability

Fenny Thresia
All university students are expected to be able to write in English. One way to achieve this purpose is through comic-strip media. This aims of this study to determine the effectiveness of the comic-strip media in improving English writing ability of mechanical engineering students. This research focus...
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An Investigation of English-Mandarin-Malay Code Switching of A Singaporean Speaker

Gharizi Matiini
The use of Code switching is enormously popular in the countries with more than one language speakers. However, it is commonly used only by Bilingual Speakers in two languages. The present study aimed to investigate the code switching of a multilingual speaker in Singapore. Singapore is highly popular...
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The Effect of Six Thinking Hats and Critical Thinking on Speaking Achievement

Ummu Hani, Ismail Petrus, Margaretha Dinar Sitinjak
The Six Thinking Hats (STH) is an interesting strategy, which requires students to think and discuss an issue from different points of view. The objectives of this study were to find out the students' speaking achievement after being taught by the STH, the interaction effect of STH and critical thinking...
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English Reading Comprehension Strategies Employed by The Students of First-Year English Education Program

Eddy Haryanto, Amirul Mukminin, Akhmad Habibi, Urip Sulistiyo, Misbie Septi Peni
This study aimed to obtain deeper understanding and rich information about the reading comprehension strategies employed by the first year English education program students. The participants of this study were first year English education program students in Jambi University who got the highest scores...
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The Use of English in Teaching Science and Mathematics at RSB Public Junior High School 1 Gorontalo

Hasanuddin Pate Mohammad, Sitti Roskina Mas
The competitiveness in education is one of the important issues for developing quality of education in Indonesia. The government of Indonesia has made a decision about the criteria of national standard school, planning for international standard school, and international standard school. The international...
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Developing Authentic Assessment for Reading Competence

Hazairin Eko Prasetyo
The purpose of this paper is to describe how language teachers in Indonesia can independently develop an authentic assessment for measuring their students' reading competence. This is of a high priority in terms of two reasons: 1) in the era of globalisation, teachers can no longer rely on traditional...
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Language Trajectory and Language Planning in Maintaining Indigenous Language of Lampung An Applied Sociolinguistics Study

Lina Septianasari
The heterogeneity of Lampung sets this province to be a multilingual province reflecting the plurality of Indonesia. Somehow, this condition affects the maintenance of indigenous language in Lampung. The aims of this research are to describe the language trajectory in multilingual areas of Lampung and...
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Encouraging Students' Involvement in Drama Performance (A Case Study in an English Course in Bandung)

Elis Homsini Maolida, Liana Savitri
This study explores the implementation of various strategies to encourage students' involvement in drama performance. The present study employed a case study by observing the teachers' and students' process of drama preparation and performance. Teachers' and students' interview were also conducted to...
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Learner's English Language Attitude in Madura: Raising Awareness of the Notion of Global English

Maulana Yusuf Aditya
A central issue of this paper is to study the attitude of learners toward English language. It also highlights the teachers' approach and methodology in teaching English and points out that it is necessary to raise learner's awareness toward English languge. This paper tries to find why so many learners...
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An Analysis of Students' Sociocultural Competence in Delivering Suggestion Speech Act

Melati Melati, Nyimas Triyana S
This paper is aimed at describing English students' competence at Universitas Jambi in performing speech act of giving suggestion as one of speech acts studied in English subject. Discourse Completion Test (DCT) is used as data collection method and the taxonomy of suggestion linguistic realization strategies...
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The Analysis of Soekarno's Speech on Nation Foundation: Demystifying the Ideology of Pancasila Using Foucauldian Methods

Martina Mulyani, Vina Nurviyani
Pancasila, as a nation foundation of Indonesia, is well known throughout the country. In order to know Pancasila in detail, it is significant toidentify the founder of Pancasila, Soekarno, the first president of Indonesia. This paper is aimed to demystify Soekarno's speech that marked the birth of the...
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The Implementation of Routine Conversation Technique to Improve Students' Speaking Ability in EFL Classroom

Murysid Mursyid
This paper is aimed at describing English students' competence at Universitas Jambi in performing speech act of giving suggestion as one of speech acts studied in English subject. Discourse Completion Test (DCT) is used as data collection method and the taxonomy of suggestion linguistic realization strategies...
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Engaging Literary Competencethrough Critical Literacy in an EFL Setting

Muzakki Afifuddin
In the process of developing students' literary competence especially in the aspect of the ability to respond appropriately to all literature in a target language, students' literacy in the target language becomes a challenge that teacher must face. This paper then proposes the initiation of literary...
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The Pre-School Teachers' Understanding on Early Literacy: Implementation and Obstacles in Teaching-Learning Activities

Nia Kurniawati
Early literacy plays a key role in enabling the kind of early learning experiences that research shows are linked with academic achievement, reduced grade retention, higher graduation rates, and enhanced productivity in adult life (Strickland & Riley-Ayers, 2006). This case study focused on pre-school...
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Prosodic Problems in Children with Autism

Tri Wahyu Retno Ningsih, F.X. Rahyono, Lilie Mundalifah Roosman
Prosodic gives a lot of information relevant to understanding of spoken messages. In addition, prosodic in signaling understanding in language interaction. The aim of this study was to point out, the possible recurring patterns in the pitch contours of children in autism. This project was the development...
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Students' Perceptions on DeFleur Communication Model in Sprechfertigkeit Teaching for High School Students

Syukur Saud, Wahyu Kurniati Asri
German language is one of the most difficult foreign languages taught in Indonesian high schools. Teaching German effectively can be determined by the way teachers communicate with students. This research aims to explore the students' perceptions on the application of Defleur communication model in teaching...
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The Effectiveness of ScaffoldingStrategy in EFL reading comprehension

Sri Wachyunni
The aim of this article is to examine the effectiveness of scaffolding in improving reading comprehension skills in an EFL reading context. An experimental design was applied in this article. Participants of this study were 60 students of English Education at Jambi University. The students in the experimental...
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The Comparative Analysis of Feminism Thought In Poems of Maya Angelou and Audre Lordre

Agung Suhadi, Kiagus Baluqiah, Yupika Mariansyah
This paper explores the construction of feminist thought as portrayed in selected poems of black female writers, Maya Angelou and Audre Lordre. Both writers reveal themes of powerless female protagonists (black African American Women) who undergo mental conflicts as a result of the hegemonic culture...
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Assessment (Teaching Report Portfolio) of English for Young Learners Courses

Dian Susyla, Ria Angraini
The aim of this research was to find out and describe about the weaknesses and strengths of the portfolio assessment of EYL courses made by English students of Muhammadiyah University of Bengkulu. This research was designed by using descriptive method. The object of this research was eighteen portfolio...
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Study on Action Research: Improving Speaking Competence in English Language Through Roles in a Drama

Rita Sutjiati, Tri Wahyu Retno Ningsih, Suci Budiwaty
The purpose of the study is to obtain emperical data on the improved competence in English language through the roles in a drama. This research is an action research, meaning, an activity to improve performance between the lecturer and the student. An action research has different characteristics such...
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An Acoustic Analysis of Indonesian Formant Using Visartico

Ichwan Suyudi, Debyo Saptono
The aims of the research are to design an application of Indonesian phonetic, that is a vocal tract animation and to test this application on the Indonesian non-native speaker. This research is indicated to the experiment of Indonesian phonological description by controlled and measured phonetic experiments....
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Teachers' Knowledge of English Young Learners In the Indonesian Context

Syahrial Karea
Teachers' knowledge of the characteristics of their students, including English language young learners is important in supporting successful learning. This paper discussesteachers' knowledge of English learners in Jambi city of Indonesia. Thirteen secondary-trained EFL teachers teaching English to children...
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Teaching Model of Deradicalization through Multicultural and Local Wisdom Literacies

Tedi Rohadi
Indonesia has been a country with multi-ethnics, cultures, and religions. These diversities become its own wealth and treasures as well as dangers. The differences will create dynamic and meaningful human lives. On the other hand, they posit potential radicalization and conflicts that will explode anytime...
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Why It Took so Long to Complete Undergraduate Thesis at English Department:

Yulhenli Thabran, Nunung Fajaryani
In this study, we seek to explore issues surrounding thesis writing process and completion among English department students. It has been years that students in our department spend relatively longer in completing bachelor thesis. It takes them minimum two semesters or even more to complete their thesis....
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Dominant Maxim violations in 'Behind the Lawyer Profession' of Hitam Putih Talk Show

Junnilalita Aisya Virgin, Citra Putri Utami
Maxims are often violated in TV talk show programs, including Hitam Putih. This study is to find out the dominant maxim violations and their causes in the first segment of Behind the Lawyer Profession in Hitam Putih talk show. The source data in this qualitative study is the transcription of a conversation...
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Audio only or Video?: Multimodality for Listening Comprehension

Menik Winiharti, Clara Herlina
Listening plays a vital role in EFL classes. With the advance of technology nowadays, teachers can use more than one means - namely multimodality - as a tool of instruction. This study is aimed to discover whether audio or video modality is more beneficial for EFL students in listening comprehension....
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Empowering Students from 'Racism' in Assessment Practices of English Test Proficiency through Genre-Based Pedagogies

Yulizar Komarawan
This paper demonstrates that genre-based pedagogy can contribute to the improvement of students' English skill especially argumentative writing skills which are needed in assessment practices of English test proficiency such as IELTS. To reach the goal of the study, a qualitative research design was...
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Teachers' Difficulties and Strategies in Developing Narrative Texts as Learning Materials for Young Adolescent Regarding to Theme System

Sri Setyarini, M. A. Ling, Fanissa Narita
This study entitled Teachers' Difficulties and Strategies in Developing Narrative Texts as Learning Materials for Young Adolescent aims to, 1) find out how the English teachers developed Narrative texts regarding to Theme system; 2) identify what difficulties faced by the teacher in developing the texts;...
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"I Spoke Bahasa Indonesia to My Children so They Would Not Repeat My Experience at School": Why Parents Choose to Talk a Particular Language to Their Children at Home

Abdul Rahman
Family is the first social institution that introduces language to children. This family will lay foundation of their children's language competence. In a family, parents will indirectly teach their children how and when using the language. They will teach the name of objects, how to deliver their intention...
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Using Movie to Improve Students' Narrative Writing Skill

Firman Aziz, Fithry Fathiyyaturrizqi
Since KTSP to 2013 Curriculum, students are expected to be able to write in many genres of writing text, including narrative text. In fact, most of EFL students often faced some difficulties in writing English text because they think that they were not be able to select proper words, use correct grammars,...
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The Phonetics of Bahasa Indonesia Speech Errors in Kelas Internasional TV Series

Eva Nurul Candra, Asti Ramadhani E Lestari
Research urgency on analysing "Kelas International" TV series explores an increasingly urgent question to be researched in linguistic term: How does "Kelas International" TV series describe the difficulties in learning Bahasa Indonesia i.e. pronunciation? The design of this study is a descriptive qualitative....
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Integrating Writing Modes into Speaking Tasks

Maria Hidayati, Nova Ariani
Writing and speaking serve similar purposes in terms of communicating our needs, establishing and maintaining social relationships. Both skills need to be generated by the learners, yet the medium used to convey the message is different. Bailey (2006) refers the medium used to convey the message to modality...
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The Use of Genre-Based Approach to Teaching Students' Writing Skill of Hortatory Exposition Text in Bahasa Indonesia

Asep Nurjamin, Lucky R Nurjamin
Nowadays, Genre-based approach (GBA) has become a popular approach in teaching English, particularly in writing. As instance, the interest to use this approach in other languages emerges as well as its success in English language teaching. However, in fact, the use of this approach in teaching other...
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Directive Speech Acts Performed in Khutbah (Islamic Friday Sermon)

Cipto Wardoyo
Khutbah is the primary formal occasion for public preaching in the Islamic tradition. Khutbat al-jum'ah or Friday sermon is delivered in the mosque weekly on Friday. The Friday prayer is one of the symbols of Islam, one of the most important aspects of the worship performed on Jumu'ah day is the deliverance...
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Students' Critical Thinking in Writing an English Exposition Text (A Case Study in a Private University in West Java)

Dedeh Rohayati
This study was aimed to investigate elements of critical thinking demonstrated by students in their writing an English exposition text. Further, it was intended to find out students' opinion about critical thinking reflected in their essays. A qualitative research design, particularly a case study, was...
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Teachers' Perception towards the Use of Quipper School in Teaching English

Dewi Amalia Saptani
Rapidly developing technology plays an important role in the innovation of education. Learning Management System (LMS) websites are one of the most recent innovations. This study investigates teachers' perception towards the use of Quipper School (QS), one of popular LMS websites in teaching English....
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The Impacts of English National Examination in Indonesia

Taufiq Effendi, Ichwan Suyudi
This paper investigates the impacts of the English national examination in Indonesia through a range of research literature. It started off with a brief history of the examination in the country. The study found out that the English national examination as well as the national examination of other subjects...
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The Verbal Configurationin Cell Ads Language (A Critical Discourse Analysis)

Emma Bazergan
The study is about the phenomena of The Verbal Configurationin Cell ads language at describing the forms and meanings behind and the social factor caused. The object of the study is all cell ads in Makassar that have been introduced in media whether visual or non-visual. The study is descriptive in introducing...
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English Teachers' Understanding of the 2013 Curriculum

Endang Darsih, M.Pd
This study focused on English teachers' understanding of the 2013 curriculum at five targeted junior high schools in Kuningan, West Java. It involved sixteen teachers using mix-method design. Since teachers are the key people who are interpreting the planned curriculum and giving life to it in the language...
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Assessing Students Critical Literacy Capacity: Feasible or Impractical?

Failasofah Failasofah
Critical literacy skill, particularly proficiency in reading and writing, could be essential for students to be really prepared for college, work, and citizenship. Students are not only able to read text and write words but also empowered to consciously analyze, assess, categorize, induce, deduce, synthesize,...
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Teachers' Beliefs and Understandings of Their Roles in Micro Course Planning and Syllabus Design

Fitri Aprianti
Developing syllabus in language education program is critical, hhowever, little is known on the actual roles that teachers play in it. Therefore, this study was intended to explore the EFL teachers' beliefs and understandings regarding their roles in micro course planning and syllabus design and how...
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Developing Instructional Materials For Engineering Students: Focus On The Students' Communication Skills Needs

Dini Hadiani, Nia Nuryanti Permata
Language and communication skills are recognized as important elements in the education of the modern engineer, including English for Specific Purposes (ESP). Consequently, there is a need for a valid and reliable form of teaching for engineering students. However, there has been an issue that many engineering...
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An Analysis of Meaning Negotiation Strategies Used in Conversation by Undergraduate Efl Students

Rudi Hartono, Diemroh Ihsan
Negotiation of meaning occurs in interactions as a communication strategy to make meaning comprehensible. In a conversation, speakers and interlocutors may employ negotiation of meaning strategy to achieve mutual understanding. Negotiation of meaning is important in language acquisition and second or...
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The Phonological Process of Regressive and Progressive Assimilations on the Lyrics of the Rap Song, Rap God by Eminem

Hendar Yunada Satria
Rapping as one of the musical genres essentially involves the speaking or chanting of rhyming lyrics, often set to a beat. The rhyming created by rappers is considered to be one of the most sophisticated styles of poetry. Themes often address provocative subjects such as violence, sex and socio-political...
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A Description of The Uses of Metacognitive Self Regulation and Cognitive Strategy Used with Reading Comprehension

Intan Septia Latifa
The reform of curriculum in Indonesia to the 2013 curriculum influences the way teachers teach in the classroom in which in this case they are demanded to apply student-centered teaching. In order to implement the student-centered teaching, two components of self regulated learning; metacognitive self...
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The National Character Education Paradigm in the Indonesian language instructions

Cahyani Cahyani, Isah Isah
The cultural-based nation character education in the elementary school is aimed at implementing the education in its nature that is developing the human potential of students for their roles in the future. This national character education integratively combines the generic and specific potentials to...
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Language Varieties Used By English Teachers In Young Learners Classes

Isry Laila Syathroh
One of competences which teachers should possess is strategic competence. In the classes of English Language Teaching (ELT), teachers must be able to communicate either verbally or non-verbally with students to stimulate them to learn English effectively. This paper attempts to shed some light on language...
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Students' Academic Engagement in Small Group

Lasito Lasito
This study looked at students' academic engagements when they worked in small groups to prepare speech drafts in an EFL classroom. In particular, the study examined what students were focusing and kind of thinkingprocesses occurred during deliberations. Analysis is based on deliberation segments from...
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Analyzing Teacher's Questions in Reading Activity

Muhammad Hasanul Aqil
Teacher's questions play significant part in teaching unexceptionally in teaching reading. Ineffective questions made by teachers lead to misconception among the students. Besides, the domination of low level type of questions within reading class has low access in promoting reading comprehension. This...
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Religiosity of Cirebonese Society Culture in the Oral Tradition Pepujian

Muhammad Kamaluddin
Cirebonese society and its culture grew and developed from the long history of the oldest Islamic Sultanate in West Java led by Sunan Gunung Jati. As the king of the Sultanate and at the same time as Waliyullah, various forms of traditional cultural expression held as citizens. One of them is the oral...
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Application of Linguistics in the Translation of Japanese Texts Into Indonesian

Nani Sunarni
Exchange of information among countries is now inevitable amidst the rapid development of science and technology at both the local and global levels. Such an exchange is enabled by means of, among others, translation. While books with local Indonesian contents, for example, have been translated into...
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Lexicon Acquisition on Pre-School Children

Ningsih Tri Wahyu Retno, Endang Purwaningsih, Dwi Nitisari
The purpose of this research is determined the lexicon acquisition of children aged 3-5 years. The methods of this research are observation method and testing techniques. Observation method and testing techniques were conducted at play group and kindergarten. The test instrument uses pictures which are...
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Teaching Grammar through Data-Driven Learning (DDL) Approach

Sidik Indra Nugraha, Fauzi Miftakh, Kelik Wachyudi
Although English has been taught as a compulsory subject from elementary to college level, many students consider English a challenging one especially when dealing with grammar. This paper reported an implementation of teaching grammar to students specialized in midwifery by integrating a Data-Driven...
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An Analysis of Cognitive Reading Strategies Used in Reading Comprehension

Nur Intan Asmara
Various kinds of English texts are presented in Senior High School, but most of the students often have problems in understanding the texts because they cannot comprehend the texts well. This might be because they have never been exposed to the reading strategies and never known that there are strategies...
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An Analysis of Teacher's Corrective Feedback and Learners' Uptake In Dialogue Journal

Pipo Nuramirah
The aim of the study was to investigate types of corrective feedback the teacher provided in dialogue journal. A total of 20 learners taking Writing 2 Course were classified by English proficiency level into two groups. They were Elementary and Intermediate. The qualitative method was largely employed...
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An analysis on the Different Use of Discourse Markers in Spontaneous and Non-spontaneous Utterances English

Ratna Padmi Trihartanti
It is impossible for us not to use discourse markers in our utterance because without being realized we need them to make our utterance more meaningful. The importance and the function of discourse marker haven't been known widely by students, and for the reason the research entitled 'An Analysis the...
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Categorization of Euphemism in Code-Switching

Rusdiah Rusdiah
The use of euphemism has traditionally been common in subject areas in which people do not like talking directly. Euphemism sometimes appears in code switching. The objective of the research is to classify the category of euphemism in code-switching in Bahasa Indonesia, Local and Foreign languages. The...
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EFL Pre-Service Teachers' Perception of Language Use for Medium of Instruction in English Classroom

Urip Sulistiyo, Eddy Haryanto, Wulan Wulan
The purpose of this research was to investigate the learners' perception toward teaching English using Bahasa or English in the classroom, learners' preference for language use as the medium of instruction in English classroom, what subjects that can be taught by using Bahasa. The participants were EFL...
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Metaphors and Destination Image in Sumedang Tourism Promotion Through Social Media

Utama Dewi
Many researchers do study on language tourism especially on metaphor, but it is very limited research in tourism promotion especially in Sumedang. Sumedang is part of West Java province which has many tourism potency like nature tourism, art and culture tourism, religion tourism and culinary tourism....
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Spoken Language Features Used by Teachers in the Early Bilingual Classroom

Citra Putri Utami, Junnilalita Aisya Virgin
English teacher at schools must be seen as a person who can speak English well. The students believe that they are the source of the target language. Thus, it is quite interesting to investigate the language used by teachers in the immersion school to interact with the students in the classroom. This...
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National Examination in Indonesia and Its Backwash Effects: Teachers' Perspectives

Velentina Rizki Sutari
The change of national examination's status from high-stake testing, of which backwash has a greater impact, to low-stake testing, influences the practice of teaching and learning of English. This study is geared toward investigating teachers' perspectives on national examination and unearthing how it...
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Refusal Strategies Performed by Javanese English as Foreign Language (EFL) learners

Weni Mardi Waluyani, Soepriyatna Soepriyatna
Refusal is one of speech acts that people perform. This research specifically identified the most common strategies used in performing refusals and how Javanese EFL learners use the refusal strategies regarding the status of the refuse. The research was conducted in faculty of education Sampoerna University...
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Assessing Student's Speaking through Socratic Questioning Method

Woro Kusmaryani
Socratic questioning is a method of learning introduced by Socrates where a series of questions are used in the conversation or debate which carried out by two or more people who discuss and confront the issues. The purpose of the research is to describe the use of Socratic questioning in assessing student's...
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Identifying and Analyzing Frequent Verbs Used in Students' Speaking and Listening Activity

Tita Ratna Wulandari, Cita Hikmah Yanti
This study discussed words used in English language. The writers aimed to know what are the most frequent words used by foreign language learners for their oral communication. The target words analysis were verbs only. Therefore, the problems of the study were formulated as follows: (1) what are most...
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Language Varieties Analysis of Dialect Differences in Bahasa Dawan

Yabes Olbata
This study aims at finding out and describing the dialect differences of Bahasa Dawan (Uab Meto) used by Timorese in Soe and how do the Timorese cope with the dialect differences when they speak the language (Uab Meto). This study used qualitative descriptive design. The participants of this study were...
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The Effect of Aptitude toward the Adaptability in Social Interaction

Yuniatri Intan Kusumaningrum
Social interaction is believed to be the catharsis of the success of English as L2 learning (Lightbown & Spada, 2006). Sadly the practice of social interactions will be highly more challenging for learners coming from different cultures. The ability to adapt to new environment itself is a challenge,...
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Portraying Students' Perception of Teacher's Roles in EFL Classroom through Drawings Analysis: Social Semiotic Approach

Fitria Kamelia, Riyanda Riyanda
It is pivotal to know whether or not teachers have thoroughly accomplished their roles in order to build an effective teaching in the classroom. Hence, the researcher aimed to investigate the realization of teacher's roles in the classroom through students' perception. The participants were the 11th...