Proceedings of the International Conference on Social Science, Public Health and Education (SSPHE 2017)

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Therapeutic Effect of a Novel Human Parathyroid Hormone Analog Nasal Drops on Osteoporosis Rats

Jiao Feng, Yan Zhu, Shuang Gao, Shuyan Ren, Rongyue Cao
In this study, the therapeutic effect of a novel human parathyroid hormone analogs nasal drops on ovariectomized rats was evaluated. Thirty-two of 40 3-month-old female Sprague-Dawley rats were ovariectomized and 8 received sham operation. Thirteen weeks later, ovariectomized rats were randomly and averagely...
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Diagnosis and Prevention of Lymphocyst

Lingling Liu, Shouguo Huang
Lymphocyst is one of the most common complications following pelvic lymphadenectomy in gynecological malignancies. Lymphocyst is mostly asymptomatic. But when it grows large, the pressure symptoms such as urinary tract obstruction and venous thrombosis of the lower limbs will have a great effect on the...
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The Result Analysis of Drug Susceptibility Test in Vitro of Mycoplasma in Urogenital Tract

Yan Zhu, Jiao Feng, Qingyang Liu
Purposes: To discuss the infected status and drug resistance of mycoplasma in urogenital. Methods: Five hundred and seventy-nine genitourinary samples were detected for the presence of mycoplasma with identification and 10 drug sensibilities by Mycoplasma Susceptibility Test Kit. Results: Two hundred...
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Design and Development of Medical Image Diagnosis Report System

Bing-jin Liang, Hao-yu Jin, Guo-dong Liu, Xiao-mian Ma
The purpose of this paper is to develop an efficient medical image report system, which is consistent with the printing effect, display, editing and other interface effects. In the project, we instantiate the report items as a text box control, drop-down box control, image control, etc. These controls...
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Research on Public Acceptance of Waste Safety Disposal Based on Structural Equation Model

Li Liao, Xiaohua Yang, Yaping Wan
Waste disposal is one of the noticeable problems in the development of nuclear energy and the use of nuclear technology. The public's awareness about environment and safety was significantly improved. Especially after Fukushima, the public is more sensitive to the development of nuclear energy, and more...
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Pollution Characteristics of Environmental Hormone Phthalates in the PM2.5 in Haidian, Beijing

Yanli Che, Fangang Zeng, Xiaowei Li, Qiucheng Wang
Phthalates contaminants in PM2.5 were analysed qualitatively and quantitatively. A total of 15 phthalates were detected. Some of them are documented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency priority pollutants list, which were identified as environmental hormones. The higher content of phthalates...
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Research on Influence Factors of Carbon Emission Based on STIRPAT Model in Jilin Province

Xinwen Zhang, Wenjia Cao
A method was used to assess carbon emission to calculate the total carbon emission in Jilin Province in addition to describing. IPAT model and STIRPAT model were combined to confirm the main influence factors that affected carbon emission from three aspects, which were wealth per capita, population and...
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Teaching Reform of Physical Chemistry Experiment in Application-oriented Colleges

Shijing Zhan, Lianzhu Peng, Jingmei Lu, Tong-ying Feng, Bingzhi Guo, Wuqing Du, Xiaohong He, Ling Wu
Based on the requirements of physical chemistry experiment and the characteristics of application-oriented colleges, some suggestions for the teaching reform of physical chemistry experiment were proposed, including the cooperation between theory and experiment, using the teaching mode of subgroup alternating,...
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Applied Research on Flipped Class in the Securities Investment Training of Private Colleges

Nan Wu, Chun-hui Wang, Liu-yang Zhao
Along with the continuous renewal of information technology, teaching mode is also changing. More and more colleges and universities adopt the flipped class mode which is a kind of new teaching mode. This paper embarks from the flipped class theory, based on the applied talents training target of private...
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Research on the Ways of Enhancing College Students' Scientific Research Ability: An Experimental Teaching Approach

Jisong Liu
With the adjustment of talent training objectives in the higher education field, college students' scientific research activities play an increasing important role in the process of cultivating innovative talents. In order to improve the quality of talent training and adapt to China's economic environment...
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Design of a Web-based Teaching Environment for Engineering Education of Undergraduates

Weiming Cai, Lingong Li
The increasing use of internet in people's daily life and its continuous development lead to the inevitable use of web-based applications because of their easy access in any place at any time. In this study, a new Web-based teaching environment is developed and presented for the engineering education...
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Research on the Teaching Platform of Criminal Image Technology Based on Virtual Reality

Feng Xu
The scene simulation is an important part of virtual reality system, it provides powerful methods support to the research of forensic science. In this paper, we introduce the connotation and characteristic of the virtual teaching, construct the teaching platform of criminal image technology and discuss...
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A Case Study on Popular Science Education: Mobile Green Energy Castle into Countryside

Meng-Fen Shih, Chyi-How Lay, Hoang-Jyh Leu, Chin-Choa Chen, Chiu-Yue Lin
Green renewable energy is now the focus of global attention and a key opportunity for non-oil-exporting countries to take ownership of their energy. The study integrated the green energy technologies such as solar, biomass, wind, fuel cell bike and carbon footprint to form the experience activities such...
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Research on the Curriculum System Design of Engineering Cost in Mainland China Based on Professional Competence Standard

Hua Zhao, Xing Li, Hui-jie Jiang, Xiao-ting Yi
The constant adjustment and optimization of the curriculum system is an important issue about the major construction of engineering cost, which directly impacts on the success or failure of talent training in Chinese universities or colleges. Based on literature review and benchmarking, the paper summarizes...
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SPOCs Based Teaching Reform and Innovation for the Course of "Multimedia Technology and Application"

Qian Gao
The SPOCs teaching mode has the characteristics of combination of the classroom teaching method and flipped classroom teaching method based on online teaching. So this paper focus on the design and application of the question-based SPOCs teaching mode in the course of "Multimedia technology and application",...
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The O2O Model of the Design MOOC Course Design

Xi Zhou, Man Li
The rapid expansion of the Internet has promoted the fission of the education method and the teaching model, the MOOC has become the representative education concepts and teaching methods of the Internet age, which is widely used in multidisciplinary teaching. The O2O model of the design MOOC course...
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Exploration on the Talents Cultivation of Statistics Based on Social Needs

Yushuang Chen, Xintong Zhang
In order to adapt to the new demands for social development brought by the era of big data, the core task of talents cultivation for statistics has become that training statistical personnel with the applied statistics as the main, the theoretical statistics as an auxiliary. Through the analysis of the...
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From the Misread to the Misreader: the Irony Narrative in "The Other Two"

Yufeng Mu
The short story "The Other Two" adopts the hero Mr. Waythorn as the center of consciousness. In his perspective, his wife undergoes a dramatic change from angel to witch. However, he might not be a reliable narrator, whose vision deserves a cautious treatment. The irony narrative in this story lies in...
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Sustainable Dual-Channel Supply Chain with Demand Uncertainty and Capacity Constraints

Juanjuan Qin
This paper focuses on the impact of consumer low-carbon awareness (CLA) and competition on order quantity in dual channel supply chain of one-manufacturer and one-retailer under the capacity constraints. Based on the economic order quantity model, this paper shows two scenarios: the centralized model...
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Research on Applied Talent Cultivation Reform of Tourism Management Major under Business Mode of "Tourism plus Internet"

Xinyu Ren
"Tourism plus Internet" will be the mainstream trend of tourism development. The emergence of this business mode not only brings new challenges for tourism development, but also proposes new requirements for the talent cultivation of universities. To comply with the new requirements of "Tourism plus...
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The Spatial Structure of Household Income Level in Guangzhou Based on Housing Rent

Yang Wang, Hong'Ou Zhang, Yuyao Ye, Lixia Jin, Gengzhi Huang
Based on demographic data from the newly available 6th census of 2010 in Guangzhou metropolitan areas, China, we established an alternative method of evaluating residential income level by using housing rent in urban statistical areas. Then we analysed the differentiation pattern and spatial structure...
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On the Marketing Mix of Fujian Tea Tourism

Yanling Chen, Rana Muhammad Sohail Jafar, Michael Morley-Bunker, Chang Lin, Lingcheng Chen, Ruyan Wu, Peifen Zhuang
Based on the data from a questionnaire survey of scholars in the tea industry and the tourism industry and by using the 4Ps Theory on marketing strategy, the authors analyze the development and existing issues for the marketing of Fujian tea tourism. The results show that major problems of Fujian tea...