Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling

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Design of Remote Structural Monitoring System Based on Labview and Linux

Jing Yubing, Zhao Hui
In order to keep the safety of the large structures, it is necessary to take effective remote monitoring for it. The design method of a remote structural monitoring system based on Labview and Linux is proposed in this paper, and the constitution modulus and function realization of the system are presented...
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Research on Multi-period Stochastic Inventory Model of Tobacco Commercial Enterprise

Huang Dongbing, Zhang Dandan
Build multi-period stochastic inventory model of tobacco commercial enterprise and determine optimal inventory stock and order point under maximum expected profit. Case studies have shown that this model can optimize tobacco commercial enterprise inventory, so as to achieve the effect of inventory cost...
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An Application of Virtual Assessment and Enhanced Testing Methods in Developing of Aerial Pressure Sensor System

Li Weilin, Li Zhiqiang, Li Xiaoxiao, Qin Sha
The combined application of virtual technology and enhancement testing plays an important role to improve the reliability of avionics products in the design stage. The manufacture processing of static pressure probe is introduced in this paper in which finite element simulation analysis software ANSYS...
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A Novel Identification Method of Two Phase Flow Based on LDA Feature Extraction and GRNN in ERT System

Zhang Yanjun
Two-phase flow measurement plays an increasingly important role in the real-time, on-line control of industrial processes including fault detection and system malfunction. The flow regime parameter is one of the most important parameters in measurements. This paper proposes a new identification approach...
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Difference Analysis between Safety Management System and Airworthiness Management System in Civil Aircraft Design and Manufacture Organization

Li Sheng, He Pei, Lu Yao, Li Jing
As a new active safety management method, Safety Management System (SMS) presents a prospective vision of the world's aircraft transport industry on safety management situation. The fundamental purpose of SMS is to make safety management from the current aircraft accident investigation into prior forecast...
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Frequency Determination of Beams Coupled by a Double Spring-mass System Using Transfer Matrix Method of Linear Multibody Systems

Abbas Laith K., Zhou Qinbo, Rui Xiaoting
The analysis of natural vibration characteristics has become one of the important steps of the manufacture and dynamic design in different industries. The feasibility of using the transfer matrix method of linear multibody systems (MSTMM) to compute the free vibration characteristics of a system composed...
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Parameter Identification of Wind Power System Low Frequency Oscillation Based on Matrix Pencil Algorithm and Stabilization Diagram

Xie Guoqiang, Pan Benren, Xiong Lixia, Zou Jin, Yu Kansheng
As installed wind energy capacity increase, the low Frequency oscillation parameters may change. In order to accurately detect the low Frequency oscillation parameters, a algorithm based on the matrix pencil and stabilization diagram was proposed. It’s difficult to get the order of oscillation signal,...
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System Integration of PLM and ERP Based on Cloud Computing

Tang Guochun
It describes the difference and relationship between product life cycle management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, analyzes the interaction of two system data, and obtains the integration content. It discusses the technology and solutions on the integration of ERP and PLM based cloud...
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Automobile General Equipment Department Workshop Warehousing System Simulation Study

Pi Daijun, Li Qingsong
In this paper, firstly the workshop warehousing system was briefly discussed, storage model which demand is random variable was used to inventory modeling and analysis for an automobile general equipment department workshop warehousing system, algorithm had been designed to solve it, the best inventory...
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Technical Research of Crane Reliability Control Based on Neural Network

Yu Janli, Zhou Ruifang, Wu Zhifei
This paper study control problems of tower crane operational reliablity. Observational variables of crane running status are employed as input vectors, status codes of reliablity are employed as output vectors, on-line neural network model is set to monitor tower reliablity of crane running status. Cross...
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Self-related Process Residual Control Chart Based on Neural Network

Yu Janli, Han Yang, Miao Manxiang, Huang Hongqi
The output data of the modern complex product manufacturing process shows the high correlation, leading to the output of the process deviates from the design target or increasing of false alarms when traditional Control Charts monitors the process. A kind of self-related process of residual control chart,...
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Measurement of Some Parameter in Wind Tunnel Experiment Based on ZigBee

Yuan Zhiqiang
The paper designed an energy-efficient, high-reliability wireless system for measuring torsion, revolution and pneumatic pressure in the wind tunnel testing of the wind turbine, based on the platform of the sensor network formed by all kinds of sensors and ZigBee nodes. The paper introduced the measuring...
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An Intelligent Algorithm of Bi-level Programming Model for Three-Stage Supply Chain

Wang Rui, Zhao Shuang, Rao Renqiao
In this paper, we established the optimal strategy model and compiled the hybrid intelligent algorithm to solve this model, using the fuzzy random simulation and enumeration method to find out manufacturer’s optimal order quantity, optimal production and optimal R&D investment; supplier’s optimal production,...
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A Method for Ocean Turbulence Effectiveness Detection and Intelligent Processing Based on Pseudo Dissipation Rate

Song Dalei, Yan Qizhi, Wang Shuxin, Yang Hua, Zhu Yuchao
The exploration and research of ocean turbulence is very important to understand the operational mechanism of ocean circulation, to improve simulation and prediction ability of the global climate changes and circulation. At present, the turbulence instrument includes two types: horizontal turbulent measurement...
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Simulation Study on Mechanical Properties of Three-phase Asynchronous Motor Based on Mixed Programming

Ma Tengfei, Wu Yanxiang, Lv You
Studies on mechanical properties of three-phase asynchronous motor, we usually use Matlab to establish a model to achieve the simulation of the motor mechanical properties. In the process of the actual use, modify large number of parameters will cause many program errors and affect the experimental velocity....
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Study on the Technical Characteristics and Development Direction of 4G Communication

Liang Dehou, Zhang Yang
With the rapid development of electronic information technology, future mobile communication technology would be characterized by faster speed, wider spectrum, more flexible and intelligent operation, better compatibility, high quality and low cost. This paper mainly describes the main technical characteristics...
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The Transformation of School Auditorium Sound Reinforcement System

Zhang Yang
At present, most of the researches on sound reinforcement system problems are focused on the new building cases. This paper discusses a transformation problem with "architectural acoustics" and "the sound reinforcement". In order to solve the problems efficiently, we take a transformation of school auditorium...
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A Reusable Driving Engine for Complex Control Systems Based on Embedded TCP/IP

Zhang Zhichun, Xiao Jingxin, Xu Wen, Zhao Zhenpen, Tang Shengquan, Bu Jian
This paper presents a complex control system in which a large-scale of devices are controlled by micro control units (MCUs) based on embedded TCP/IP, with emphasis on the management of these MCUs through one or more reusable driving engines. The number of the driving engines bases on the scale of the...
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Implementation of the Model for Identifying and Referring Hardware in Complex Simulation Systems

Zhang Zhichun, Xiao Jingxin, He Yun, Zhao Zhenpen, Tang Shengquan, Bu Jian
This paper focuses on complex simulation systems with a large-scale of hardware controlled items to resolve the problems about the identification, sampling driving, transformation and reference of hardware items. A formal resolving model with its software supporting system is presented to decouple the...
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Lightweight RFID Privacy Protocol Based on Universal Hash Function

Gao Shu-jing, Zhang Rui-quan
Ownership transfer privacy, including forward untraceability and backward untraceability, is a specific privacy problem in supply chain. A lightweight ownership transfer privacy protocol with mutual authentication based on universal hash function is proposed. There are two keys in. The private key that...
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The Dynamic Rate-limiting Filtering Based on Preprocessing Sensor Data

Tang Chao, Wan Zhou
Aiming at the noise inference when sensors testing data, this paper proposes a dynamic rate-limiting filtering algorithm to discover and eliminate the error. By the algorithm the author intends to preprocess the sensor output data to effectively eliminate the blunder error and ensure the data accurate...
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A Ship Mission Reliability Modeling Method Based on GTST in Schematic Design Phase

Yang Jianjun, Li Fang
As the existing modeling methods for ship mission reliability are unable to effectively calculate the accuracy of mission reliability, this paper proposes a modeling method that divides a ship mission reliability model into the upper part and the lower part. The upper part is a complete mission profile...
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Configuration Analysis of a Variable-Topology Mobile Robot

Tian Hai-bo, Li Ai-min
Based on metamorphic principle, a variable-topology robot is presented to adapt to the conflictive requirements of complex fields. The robot has a body and 4 articulated unit. Each articulated unit consists of transformable link, coxa joint, thigh, knee joint, joint wheel, crus and foot wheel. In different...
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Application of Multimedia and Network in Specialized English for Automation

Wang Xiyan, Wang Tianhao
Specialized English is different from College English course in many ways. From the aspects of vocabulary, passage and translation, the author discusses about the characteristics of specialized English. Based on the current status of specialized English teaching in college, we should improve the teaching...
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Teaching Strategies of Specialized English for Automation Assisted by Multimedia and Network

Wang Xiyan, Wang Tianhao
Specialized English is a very important course for the college students majored in science. Based on the current teaching status, this course needs more attention of the college students and the teachers. It can help the students to keep pace with the current advanced technology as well as the communication...
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A Study on Simulation of Single Sailing Training System

Chang Xiaofeng, Luan Xin, Hou Guojia
The single sailing simulation system is introduced in this paper based on a large amount of data from the experiment. Combining traditional method with the fuzzy control, a new method of routes planning is put forward. Relying on simulating the system using MATLAB tool, we can find the optimist degree...
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Entropy Evaluation of Industrial Upgrading of Mining Area

Ji Shuailing, Zhang Rui
In order to solve the problem that the economic growth and the development of enterprises constrained by the industrial development of mining area, the paper establishes model of entropy evaluation of industrial upgrading of mining area. Firstly, the evaluation index system is given by analyzing SWOT...
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Research of a Weighted Multi-link Load Balance Network Model Based on P2P

Li Jiao, Liang Gongqian, Liu Tianshi
To solve P2P network load balance problem, this paper researches a weighted multi-link load balance network model based on P2P. Based on the model, it analyzes P2P communication algorithms, and then gives communication performance evaluation parameters. Finally, it summarizes the characteristics of the...
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Dynamic Modelling and Analysis of Performance for the Electromagnetic-driven Spherical Robot

Sang Shengju
This paper analyses the dynamic performances of the electromagnetic-driven spherical robot including rolling, obstacle overrunning, uphill climbing and the like, as well as discusses the influence factors on the dynamic performance of the spherical robot, which comprise the equivalent pendulum mass,...
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The Study of Quantum Platform in Underwater Glider

Qi Shengbo, He Zengchuan, Chai Ying, Yao Lele, Zhang Chenglun, Song Dalei
The software of traditional embedded systems have many shortcomings: the lack of openness, system maintenance difficulties, etc. This paper proposes a solution based on Quantum Platform to solve these problems, and applies it to glider system. The hierarchical state machines of main active object in...
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Simulation Analysis of Supply Chain System under Emergencies Based on Multi-agent Model

Li Qianying, Wang Jirong, Song Dawei, Li Jun
Under the framework of quantity discount contract, the coordination problems caused by emergencies in the two-echelon centralized or decentralized supply chain with a single supplier and a single retailer are discussed respectively. The dynamic models of the supply chain based on multi- agent system...
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Multiparty Bidirectional Quantum Secure Communication Based on Closed Qubit Transmission

Yin Xunru
A multiparty bidirectional quantum secure communication protocol is proposed with two-photon entanglement and quantum dense coding, in which the qubit transmission forms a closed loop. In this scheme, each user performs the unitary operations according to his secret information to encode the exchanged...
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Research on Twice Single-Direction Negotiation Process on Single-layer User-data Switching Platform Architecture

Guo Yangyong, Yu Wei, Hu Jun
This paper studied Quality of Service Negotiation Protocol(QoSNP) consultation process based on Single physical layer User-Platform (U-platform) Architecture(SUPA), discusses Twice Single-Direction Negotiation (TSDN) work process, and the timing diagram as tool, respectively for processing of intermediate...
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Design on Tester of Fruit Surface Friction

Yang Lei, Song Xin, Li Yancong, Shan Huiyong
This paper introduces the basic structure, operation and working principles of a fruit surface friction tester and the test of friction coefficient between Fuji apple and silica gel which shows that the accuracy of the testing result met the designed requirements.
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A Low Order Nonconforming Mixed Finite Element Scheme for Nonlinear Integro differential Equations of Pseudo-hyperbolic Type

Li Xianzhi, Zhang Kaiguang, Meng Hongling
In this paper, a low order triangular nonconforming mixed finite element scheme was studied for the nonlinear integro-differential equations of pseudo-hyperbolic type. By utilizing the properties of the interpolation, mean-value and derivative delivery techniques, the corresponding convergence analysis,...
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A novel k-Combination First-Fit Algorithm for Three-dimensional Knapsack Packing Problem

Huang Xiaoyu, Qi Mingyao, Zhang Ying, Zhao Shulin
A novel k-Combination First-Fit Algorithm is presented in this paper, which provides a high-speed and high-accuracy solution for Three-dimensional Knapsack Packing Problem (3DKP). Previously, limited solutions for 3DKP exist because 3DKP NP, which indicates there is no polynomial time exact algorithm....
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The Research and Application of Intelligent Broadcast System of Coal Mine

Guo Xiucai, Lu Xiaomin
This paper briefly describes the practical significance of coal mine broadcasting system, a comprehensive consideration of functional requirements and the control demands of the system, analyzing the advantages of Industrial Ethernet combines CAN field bus technology and the feasibilities of it’s applications...
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Application and Research of SVM in Coal Mine Fan Condition Monitoring

Guo Xiucai, Wang Kaixuan
In order to real time control of coal mine fan equipment running status, A kind of mine fan state monitoring system based on ZigBee has been designed, Through collect and processing the fan operation parameters, such as temperature, vibration, realize the function that real-time monitoring the fan’s...
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A Simulation Test Based on Improved SSL Protocol

Huang Xueqin, Qiang Geng
Through the safety analysis of SSL operation in the current flow of online payment, the defect of identity authentication of SSL protocol in the application of e-commerce is identified and an improved protocol strategy is proposed. The online payment model is improved based on the improved SSL protocol...
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The Real-time Acquisition Terminal System Based on Multi-machine Parallel

Qiao Xinxiao
This paper describes a real-time acquisition terminal system based on multi-machine parallel, which utilizes multi-CPU interconnect technology based on SPI bus. Up to 10Mb / S speed full-duplex communication is used between the CPUs. Through exclusive signal lines so that the CPU can access external...
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The IT Audit Objective Research Based on the Information System Success Model under the Big Data Environment

Li Tingliao, Chen Lianghua
Information system under the big data environment has the characteristics of Volume, Velocity, Variety and Value. Currently, the information system audit objective mainly starting from the characteristics of information system itself, less combined with the specific business objectives. In this paper,...
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Computer-Assisted Language Learning and the Improvement of Communicative Competence

He Qibin
Communicative competence which covers all aspects of language use has always been the goals to reach both for the language teachers and undergraduates in their English language teaching and learning. As English is the foreign language with no or little language environment for students to pick up the...
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Path Planning of Robotic Fish Based on Fuzzy Control

Li Xin, Deng Yansong
Due to the complexity and the uncertainty of water environment, the majority of communal gorithms of local path planning are almost approximate and bring some noise interference, so it is difficult to control accurately. Referring to the idea of fuzzy control to solve problems of the robotic fish collide,...
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Tibetan Recognition System Based on the Improved Extraction Algorithm of Complexity Index Feature

Mai Zhiyuan, Xiang Wei
Tibetan character recognition is a significant module of multi-language information processing system in China. Owing to the special structure of Tibetan characters, the recognition of traditional Tibetan characters encounters the problems of low recognition rates and poor recognition effects. Through...
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Modeling of Nonlinear Dynamics of Drill Strings in a Supersonic Air Flow

Khajiyeva L.A., A.K. Kudaibergenov
In this work we study nonlinear lateral vibrations of a drill string moving in a supersonic air flow. A nonlinear mathematical model of drill string vibrations is created on the basis of the nonlinear theory of elasticity making use of the Hamilton principle. Solution to the model is obtained by the...
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Object Tracking Using Meanshift Algorithm Combined with Kalman Filter on Robotic Fish

Li Xin, Xiang Wei
This paper investigates and proposes an improved Meanshift algorithm combined with Kalman Filter aiming at the shortcomings of the Meanshift algorithm theory as well as obvious limitations of a target tracking for the independent visual robotic fish being affected by the fluctuation of the water wave....
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Analysis on Energy Saving and Consumption Reducing of Wireless Sensor Network

Yang Xiaoqing
Through careful research and analysis on wireless sensor network (WSN), this paper confirms the important function of MAC protocol on wireless network communication. Moreover, through OPNET simulation software, this paper simulates different working scenes, and carefully researches MAC layer in IEEE...
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Virtual Design of the Hydraulic Manifold Block

Guo Yinsai, Zhang Yi, Zeng Xiangfu, Zhang Mengyi
The hydraulic manifold block is designed by using virtual design method to provide the designer with a complete, image geometric model. Design process is simulated by using the method of physical modeling. Designers can directly see the results of design, the relationship between the observation holes...
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Study on Information Demands in Heuristic Teaching for Learners

Luo Qi
To make the heuristic teaching more effectively carried out, exploring the information demands of learners is an indispensable step. The results show that: the main motivation for the information demand is still to learn knowledge; there are a variety of ways to get information, but the dominant ways...
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Study on Design of Carbon-Credit’s Cost Accounting System for Manufacturing Enterprises Problems

Liu Chengzhi, Liu Bolun, Yang Ziang
As the price of carbon credit gradually reflects the economic value caused by the scarcity of atmospheric environmental capacity, the cost structure in manufacturing enterprises’ products will be changed greatly. As an indispensable element of components, carbon credit will become an important cost component...