Proceedings of the 9th Joint International Conference on Information Sciences (JCIS-06)

874 authors
Lai, Feipei
Unconditionally secure cryptosystem based on quantum cryptography
Lai, Feipei
Anonymous signcryption in ring signature scheme over elliptic curve cryptosystem
Lai, Feng-Min
Feasibility Assessment of Support Vector Regression Models with Immune Algorithms in Predicting Fatigue Life of Composites
Lai, Gi-Yi
Applying Genetic Algorithm to Support Index Fund Portfolio Strategy
Lai, Jian-Yuan
High-Speed Fuzzy Inference Processor Using Active Rules Identification
Lai, Kin Keung
Neural-Network-based Metamodeling for Financial Time Series Forecasting
Lai, Pao-Lien
On the Two-Equal-Disjoint Path Cover Problem of Crossed Cubes
Lai, Yeong-Lin
CPW Filters with Defected Ground Structures for RF and Microwave Applications
Lai, Yeong-Lin
Novel Silicon-Based Microwave Bandstop Filters for Communication Systems
Lan, Qiujun
Return Distribution under Behavioral Biases: A Numerical Simulation Study
Lan, Yi-Sheng
Fabrication and characterization of two-dimensional photonic crystal using holographic lithography technology
Lang, Rongling
An Algorithm For Identifying The Recurring
Laufer, Fabián
A Parallel Multi-Criterion Evolutionary Approach for Pension Fund Asset Liability Management
Lawless, William
A quantum model of dynamic interdependent uncertainties for industrial organizations
Lee, Chao-Kuei
Enhancement of Tera-Hertz Radiation by carrier dynamics modulation with chirped optical pulses
Lee, Cheng-Ta
A Near-optimal Slot Assignment Algorithm for RFID Reader Networks
Lee, Cheng-Ta
An Efficient Object Tracking Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Lee, Chien-Chiang
Is Rate of Stock Returns a Leading Indicator of Output Growth? In the Case of Four East Asian Countries
Lee, Chih-Wei
A Modification to the Copula Approach for Pricing Correlation-Dependent Credit Derivatives
Lee, Chiung-Hon
A Financial Decision Supporting System Based on Fuzzy Candlestick Patterns
Lee, Chuan-Min
The maximum interval graphs on distance hereditary graphs
Lee, Han_Yuan
Discovering Hidden Blue Ocean Strategy with KeyGraph Machine
Lee, Hon-Chung
Optimal Energy Consumption for Wireless Sensor Networks
Lee, Hsuan-Shih
Increasing and Decreasing with Fuzzy Time Series
Lee, Huai-i
Long-Term Asset Management Strategy under Loss Aversion: A Quasi-Ladder Payoff Distribution Approach
Lee, Jeong won
Complexity and entropy density analysis of the Korean stock market
Lee, Joon-Won
How to design optimistic operations for peer-to-peer replication
Lee, Jye
Image Restoration Using RO Learning Approach
Lee, Meng-Yu
The Sequential Compound Option Pricing with Random Interest Rate and Application to Project Valuation
Lee, Min-Chang
Application of Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Marking method to Evaluate Customer Satisfaction
Lee, San-Nan
Multicast Wavelength Assignment with Sparse Wavelength Converters to Maximize the Network Capacity using ILP formulation in WDM Mesh Networks
Lee, Shu-Hua
The time-series relation between monthly sales and stock prices
Lee, Wan-I
Recognition of profitable customers for dental services marketing--a case of dental clinics in Taiwan
Lee, Wo-Chiang
Genetic Programming Decision Tree for Bankruptcy Prediction
Lee, Yang-Han
Application of Hardware Architecture of Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Packet Scheduling
Lee, Yang-Han
A Hybrid System with Petri Net and Fuzzy Theory
Lee, Yao-kuei
Achieving Efficient Pathname LOOKUP in File Server Group
Lee, Yen-Po
image approximation by preserving color features
Leou, Jin-Jang
A Computation-Aware Scheme for Motion Estimation in H.264
Leroux, Christophe
Orientation filtering : a Novel Matching Method
Leroux, Christophe
Calibration Method Accuracy Evaluation via depth reconstruction
Li, Chunshien
Image Restoration Using RO Learning Approach
Li, Jian-Fa
An Application of Intellectual Capital on Financial Distress Models by Using Neural Network
Li, Jian-Fa
Using Fuzzy Game Theory on IPO's Pricing Behavior
Li, Jian-fa
A Study on the Performance of Hedge Fund and Market -Timing -Ability
Li, Jung-Bin
Applying XCS Model to Spread Trading of Taiwan Stock Index Futures
Li, Jung-Bin
Applying Technical Analysis of Stock Trends to Trading Strategy of Dynamic Portfolio Insurance
Li, Ming-Yuan
Two Are Better than One?
Li, Sheng-Tun
Evolutionary Fuzzy Case-based Reasoning for Financial Performance Ranking
Li, Sheng-Tun
A Knowledge Discovery Approach to Supporting Crime Prevention
Li, Tong
A Customer Retention System Based on the Customer Intelligence for A Telecom Company
Li, Wei
A Quick Self-Adaptive Background Updating Algorithm Based on Moving Region
Li, Xiaobai
An Algorithm For Identifying The Recurring
Li, Xueyan
1/f Fractal Signals Denoising with Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
Li, Ye
1/f Fractal Signals Denoising with Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
Li, Yung-Ming
A Fuzzy Rule-based Bargaining Model for Online Group Purchasing
Li, Zhen
A Novel Feature Extraction Method for Facial Expression Recognition
Li, Zhisheng
Annuity Planning and Consumption-Investment Choices in Retirement Planning
Liang, Gin-Shuh
A Study of the Performance Evaluation for Airline Operation
Liang, Jiye
A Measure Method for Indiscernibility in Imperfect Information System
Liang, Tien-Fu
Application of fuzzy linear programming to transportation planning decision problems with multiple fuzzy goals
Liang, Yu-Teng
An Effective Drilling Wear Measurement based on Visual Inspection Technique
Liang, Yu-Teng
A New Method for the Registration of Mammograms
Liao, Benjamin Penyang
Piecewise nonlinear goal-directed portfolio insurance strategies under TIPP idea
Liao, Hsiu-Li
Development of a Patent Matching System Using a Hybrid Approach
Liao, Lun-De
A Simplified LED Converter Design and Implement
Liao, Yung-Sheng
A Study of Improving the Coherence in Multi-Step Ahead Forecasting
Liaw, Shien Kuei
Investigate C+L Band EDFA/Raman Amplifiers by Using the Same Pump Lasers
Liaw, Shien Kuei
High Performance Ring-Cavity Tunable Lasers
Lien, Cheng-Chang
Object-Based Accumulated Motion Feature for the Compressed Domain Human Action Analysis
Lien, Chih-Cheng
An Effective Prefetching Technique for Location-Based Services with PPM
Lim, Guay
Inflation Targeting, Learning and Q Volatility in Small Open Economies
Lin, Chad
Low-Cost RFID Identification Variation
Lin, Cheng-Yu
A New Method for the Registration of Mammograms
Lin, Chien-Liang
Bargaining Strategies for Construction Joint Ventures by Fuzzy Logic
Lin, Chih-Han
A Remote Parallel Computation System for Biomedical Data Visualization on the Grid
Lin, Chih-Hung
A novel OoS-aware Routing for ad hoc networks
Lin, Chin-Shien
A Final Price Prediction Model for online English Auctions ─ A Neuro Fuzzy Approach
Lin, Ching-Hung
Snapshot Lifecycle Management
Lin, Chiunhsiun
Face Detection in Non-uniform Illumination Conditions by Using Color and Triangle-based Approach
Lin, Chow-Sing
Dynamic Handoff Ordering Adjustment for Multimedia Cellular Network
Lin, Chuan-Neng
End-to-End QoS Provisioning by Flow Label in IPv6
Lin, Chun-Fu
A Near-optimal Slot Assignment Algorithm for RFID Reader Networks
Lin, Chung-Gee
Dynamic Asset Allocation under Stochastic Volatility - Theory and Practice
Lin, Chung-Yuan
Fast Occluded Object Tracking Technique with Distance Evaluation
Lin, Frank Yeong-Sung
A Near-optimal Slot Assignment Algorithm for RFID Reader Networks
Lin, Frank Yeong-Sung
An Efficient Object Tracking Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Lin, Hermann
90-nm Wideband Optical Amplifier Including an Semiconductor Optical Amplifier and a DCF-based Raman Fiber Amplifier with Gain Clamping and Dispersion Compensation
Lin, Hui-Chuan
Reversible Palette Image Steganography Based on De-clustering and Predictive Coding
Lin, Iuon-Chang
An Improvement on Secure E-mail Protocols Providing Perfect Forward Secrecy
Lin, Iuon-Chang
A secure and efficient scheme for authenticating remote users using smart card
Lin, Jeng-Jong
Application of Inverse Fuzzy Logical Inference to Breakdown Diagnosis
Lin, Jheng-Yao
A Hybrid System with Petri Net and Fuzzy Theory
Lin, Ji-Kun
Motion-based Adaptive GOP Algorithms for Efficient H.264/AVC Compression
Lin, JiaChun
Novel BCD Circuits Design Using And-Or-Inverter Gate and Its Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata Implementation
Lin, Jie-Shin
On Evolution of Bank Runs
Lin, Jim-Min
Fuzzy Information Retrieval Techniques for Help-Seeking System
Lin, Koong
Low-Cost RFID Identification Variation
Lin, Liang-Hung
Using Fuzzy Regression and Neural Network to Predict Organizational Performance
Lin, Ling-Zhong
A Fuzzy Preference Relations to Service Innovation Project Selection