Proceedings of the 2nd International Seminar of Science and Applied Technology (ISSAT 2021)

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Analysis of Condition Value and Remaining Life of Idano Mezawa Bridge, Nias District, North Sumatera

Sumargo, Reyhan Kamil Nurmansyah
Bridges are an important part of a road network that functions to connect regions to support the regional economy. To function properly, bridges must be subjected to a maintenance program and periodic supervision. In Indonesia, the method used for bridge inspection and assessment is currently regulated...
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Experimental Evaluation of Indexing Between HBase and MongoDB

Ade Hodijah
HBase and MongoDB are non-relational databases where HBase is column-oriented, and MongoDB is document-oriented. MongoDB uses indexing to speed up the searching process, while HBase does not have secondary indexing, a lookup table was created to save an index of searching. This research used a prototype...
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Polysulfone Ultrafiltration Membrane for Textile Industry Wastewater Treatment

P.T.P. Aryanti, F.A. Nugroho, F. Fachturahman, I. A. Hidayat
Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane has become an alternative technology in water and wastewater treatment due to its low energy requirement. However, the application of conventional UF membrane is limited by its low rejection to soluble compounds, such as dyes in textile wastewater. In this work, a UF membrane...
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The Effect of Sodium Chloride with Varying Concentration on Characteristics and Rheology of Extracted Gluten from Wheat Flour

Nancy Siti Djenar, Retno Dwi Jayanti, Joko Suryadi
Gluten is a vegetable protein with the potential to be developed into functional food because of its high protein content. Gluten is viscoelastic which gives chewiness characteristics. In Indonesia, gluten is still imported and limited to processing food or to substitute for animal protein. This study...
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Integrating Ethernet Over PDH Based Microwave Radio Links Using ECMP Load Balancing Method for the Rural Internet Access

Hanny Madiawati, Sutrisno, Vitrasia
Internet is a necessity for most Indonesian people. People who live in rural areas often face problems or difficulties accessing information via the Internet. Their problems are commonly poor connectivity from Internet Service Providers (ISP), such as network breaks and slowdowns. To solve the problems,...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Software Development Tools

Transmissia Semiawan, Muhammad Riza Alifi, Hashri Hayati, Djoko Cahyo Utomo Lieharyani
Software tools, frameworks, and libraries are relatively crucial in software development tools. However, these tools cannot guarantee that a developer will produce good quality software applications. This study aims to investigate the efficiency and effectiveness of software tools, specifically frameworks,...
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Development of Measuring Instrument to Measure and Visualize the Antenna Radiation Patterns as the Teaching Aids for Antenna and Propagation Engineering Practices in Laboratory

Asep Barnas Simanjuntak, Hanny Madiawati, Muhammad Naufal, Raksa Reza Pratama
The performance of antenna radiation pattern measurement conducted manually possesses some drawbacks and limitations: inefficient, inaccurate, slow process, and expensive. This leads to limit the topics and material in practical work in the laboratory since one cycle of measurement which takes a long...
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Simulating the Efficient Movement of Four Segments Robot Arm by Fractal Model

Tedjo Darmanto
An interesting simulation and animation of a robot arm movement by the iterated function system fractal model can be used to plan controlling the trajectory path of the very end of a robot arm to reach the target efficiently. The efficient way can be shown by the minimum number of steps and the minimum...
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Comparison of Newton Correction Between Joule’s Law Experiment and Ice Heat of Fusion Experiment

Sardjito, Nani Yuningsih
The reliability of the thermophysical experiment results is largely determined by the accuracy of temperature determination. The arising problem is that the measured temperature does not indicate the temperature that corresponds to the thermal process of the system, because it is already affected by...
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The Reinforcement of Flexible Composite Beams Laminated Camphor – Reinforced Concrete

Pamella M Sri Rezeki, Yackob Astor, Mujiman, Ery Radya Juarti
Indonesia has a lot of abundant material resources. One of them is the availability of solid wood that can be used for bridge construction. The wood used as a bridge structural element has a 15-20 meters span with class III road loading capacity. However, wood has limited dimensions. Therefore, it is...
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Forecasting the Number of New Cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia Using the ARIMA and SARIMA Prediction Models

Hedi, Anny Suryani, Agus Binarto
In June 2020, the Indonesian Government announced to implement a new normal policy as a result of the increasing number of new cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) every day, but many new cases until August 2021 were still above June 2020. To control the spread of this pandemic, the Government implements...
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Investigation of the Utilization of Kaplan Turbines for PLTMH Power Plants

Maridjo, Slameto, Bambang Puguh Manunggal
The potential of water in Indonesia to generate electrical energy is quite large. This water potential is very suitable for generating small-scale energy. Water is sent through the penstock to drive the turbine. The turbine is coupled with a generator to produce electrical energy. The turbines used vary...
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Flexural Reinforcement of Laminated-Concrete Camphor Composite Bridge Structure Elements Using Plain Reinforcement Steel Both Ends Anchored

Faizal Abdurahman, Mujiman
Wood has shrinkage properties, so it affects the availability of the maximum dimensions of wood available in the market. To meet the need for dimensions that are larger than the maximum dimensions available in the market, laminated boards and beams are made. The dimensions such as thickness, height and...
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Loss of Friction Force Due to High Temperature Effect on A325 Bolts with Proof Load on Steel Bridge

Noval Hasan, Riawan Gunadi, Moeljono, Fisca Igustiany
Steel construction joints are critical parts and determine the overall strength of the structure, one of which is when subjected to high temperatures. The performance of bolt connections on steel bridges is very important to be considered in bridge design. The research results on the performance of the...
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Development of Spectral Sensors for Nitrite Content in Edible Bird’s Nest

Rida Hudaya, Lylia Syamsi, Wawan Sutian, Mazdani Ulfah Daulay, Alli Nur Magribi, Dodi Budiman Margana, Ika Suharti, Surati, Y.C. Eko Suharno, Hajar Cahya Utami, Hanif Nurdiansyah, Siti Rakhma Apriana, Martin
Indonesia is the first exporter of edible bird’s nest commodities to China. Therefore, the Agricultural Quarantine Agency is one of the agencies responsible for ensuring the fulfilment of the requirements requested by China. One of these conditions is the upper limit of nitrite content in edible bird’s...
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Initial pH Influence on Organic Pollutants, Total Suspended Solids, and Nickel Removal from Citarum River Water Using Electrocoagulation

Sri Widarti, Agoeng Harjatmo Raharjo
The water of the Citarum river in West Java is used as a water source for three hydropower plants, and some industries operate along the river area. Besides industries, the Citarum river also accommodates domestic and livestock waste. These lead to very high-level pollution in the Citarum river, especially...
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Applying Hand Gesture Recognition for User Guide Application Using MediaPipe

Indriani, Moh. Harris, Ali Suryaperdana Agoes
Hand gesture recognition is considered important with development technology in industry 4.0 in Human-Computer-Interactions (HCI) which gives computers the competence to capture and interpret hand gestures the executing command without touching devices physically. The MediaPipe is present as a framework...
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Streamflow Estimation Using Regionalized Hydrometeorological Assessment on Associated Ungauged Small Watershed: A Case Study at West Nusa Tenggara Province

Dian Indrawati, Auroop R. Ganguly, Kemal Taruc, Bagus Yakti
Small watershed has a quick response of both meteorological and hydrological variables which led to the critical impact of discharges, especially for a small island. However, the watershed generally has lacked ground observation data. Thus, many engineers and scientists have used the geostationary satellite...
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Chatbot for Information Service of New Student Admission Using Multinomial Naïve Bayes Classification and TF-IDF Weighting

Khoirida Aelani, Gugi Gustaman
New student admission is a process where prospective students need the information to decide which higher education institution they will enroll. Live chat on the institution website is one of the reliable information sources to find information about the institution. Most higher education institutions...
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Experiments for Determining the Thermal Conductivity of Brass and 304 Stainless Steel with Direct Temperature Measurement Techniques Using Lorenz Number as Validation

Ratu Fenny Muldiani, Kunlestiowati Hadiningrum, Defrianto Pratama
The quantity of heat transferred through a connecting rod from two sources of different temperatures with time is proportional to the thermal conductivity of the substance. In this study, the experiment was conducted to determine the thermal conductivity of brass and 304 stainless steels by direct temperature...
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Flexural Strengthening Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Flexural Damage with CFRP

Aridi Wijaya Pradana, Mardiana Oesman
In 2020, about 12% of bridges in Indonesia were assessed to be damaged. CFRP is a material that is widely used for repair reinforced concrete bridges. The behavior of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with externally bonded CFRP sheets was investigated experimentally. The research was to investigate...
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A Computational Model for Performance Optimization of a Stepped Solar Still

Ishrak Sarwar, Munna Das, Mahzuzah Zahan, Mazharul Islam, Farid Nasir Ani
In modern times, several coastal and remote regions still face a scarcity of safe drinking water sources. The conventional fossil fuels used for boiling the water are also running short day by day, so using renewable energy sources to purify the water is a dire need. In the present research, a computational...
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Cervical Cancer Image Classification Using CNN Transfer Learning

Deny Arifianto, Ali Suryaperdana Agoes
Cervical cancer is a major global public health problem, Indonesia is among top 3 countries in the world with the highest number of cervical cancer incidents. An early diagnosis for cervical cancer is one of the key approaches to prolong patient’s life expectancy. The Papanicolaou (Pap smear) test is...
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The Effect of Base Catalyst Type and Temperature of Peanut Shell Hydrolysis to Oxalic Acid

Akmal Khairullah Allam, Doni Hermawan, Fitria Yulistiani
The need for oxalic acid increases every year, mainly due to its use in industry. So far, Indonesia continues to import oxalic acid from foreign countries, which requires a high transport cost. To increase the domestic production of oxalic acid, it is necessary to research its production using various...
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Analysis of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Performance in DC/AC Inverter of On-Grid Solar Power Plant

Nurmiati Pasra, Heri Suyanto, Kartika Tresya Mauriraya
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is a technology used in PV solar inverters to optimize output power under ideal sunlight conditions. It can reach the value of the Maximum Power Point (MPP) of the PV system. In addition, this MPPT is used to adjust the power needed by the load on the grid. The presence...
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The Development of Coffee Bean Drying Process Technology – A Review

Bambang Soeswanto, Ninik Lintang Edi Wahyuni, Ghusrina Prihandini
Coffee is an important export commodity for Indonesia. Coffee drying is post-harvest processing that greatly determines the coffee quality and microbiological safety. Conventional/sun drying is time-consuming, depending on the weather, and can potentially contaminate coffee beans by dust and moisture...
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Flood Detection System Using Ultrasonic Sensor with Fuzzy Logic Method

Jessy Nasyta Putri Santoso, Tri Tisna Firly Hartini, Ali Suryaperdana Agoes
Floods are one of the disasters that often occur in Indonesia. The problem that always arises when floods are the overflow of river water into residential areas that cannot be stopped and causes flooding. Therefore a problem arises, namely the flood detection system that makes flood warnings, which previously...
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The Behavior of Low Strength Concrete Beams Reinforced with Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Under Cyclic Loading

Adi Setiawan, Sumargo Sumargo, Mardiana Oesman
Concrete is a material that is currently widely used in various constructions. However, the development of material and construction technology does not make it perfect. The problem often encountered is that the compressive strength of the concrete used in construction does not meet the initial specifications,...
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Response of Cable-Stayed Bridge Under Ground Motions

A Case Study of Sei Dareh Cable-Stayed Bridge

Afdhal Lazuardiansyah Ramdhani, Riawan Gunadi
The cable-stayed bridges are vulnerable to vibrations caused by earthquakes. This study focuses on the Sei Dareh Cable-Stayed bridge that is at a relatively high level of vulnerability based on the 2017 Indonesia earthquake map. In this research, the study discussed the response of the Sei Dareh cable-stayed...
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Application of the Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) with the Bi-Square Weighting Function on the Poverty Model in the City/Regency of West Java

Euis Sartika, Sri Murniati
The Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR) analysis is considered the most appropriate analysis to describe the Poverty model, including location. By employing the GWR analysis, this study is aimed to find out the proper model of poverty in West Java Province, which can describe the geographical characteristics...
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Design of an Absorber Plate for Solar Air Dryer Using Nickel Oxide Nano Particle Coating

Nahin Abedin, Taybul Alam Aupo, Jahidul Hossain Piash, Ishrak Sarwar, Md. Ehasanul Haque, Mazharul Islam, Farid Nasir Ani
Energy, whether non-renewable or renewable, is vital for the survival of all the living things on this planet. The growing human population all over the world has increased the demand for energy resources and energy from the sun has earned significant interest in recent times. However, the efficiency,...
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Learning from the Scratch for Tuberculosis (TB) Bacilli Detection Using DSOD

Winarno, Fashalli Giovi Bilhaq, Ali Suryaperdana Agoes
Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by the micro-bacteria Tuberculosis which can be transmitted through sputum sprinkling. Tuberculosis is a direct infectious disease caused by tuberculosis bacilli. Most tuberculosis bacilli attack the lungs but It could also be other organs of the body....
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The Effect of Adding Bledug Kuwu Mud and Vermiculite on CBR Values of Expansive Soils

D Kumalasari, S Syahril
Expansive soil is soil containing very high mineral montmorillonite which is sensitive to water, high shrinkage, and low bearing capacity. Therefore, an effort is needed to solve this problem by performing soil stabilization to increase the soil in terms of bearing capacity, increased stability, and...
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The Effect of Adding Lime and Phosphoric Acid for Soft Soil Improvement on Unconfined Compressive Strength Value

A Marques, S Syahril
In construction design, several soil parameters are needed, especially the value of unconfined compressive strength. The value of unconfined compressive strength aims to determine the strength of soil when it receives pressure. The test that is often used is Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) which...
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Artistic Characters Generated by Fractal Model Based on the Composition of Components in Grid

Tedjo Darmanto
A set of artistic characters can be generated by the inverse problem method in the fractal model, which has an advantage over the traditional model in recycling the flexible art composition. The code of iterated function systems of a fractal can be generated by composing the interrelated components in...
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Temperature Dependence on Distance from Heat Source Objects

Sardjito, Nani Yuningsih
The temperature of media surrounding the heat source can be done by a non-contact measurement. Since it is a non-contact measurement, there will be a distance between the measuring instrument and the surface of the object measured in temperature. It is necessary to identify the relationship between measurement...
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The Influence of Applied Current Density and Agitation Speed During Electrocoagulation of Textile Wastewater

P.T.P. Aryanti, F.A. Nugroho, B.H. Prabowo, M. R. Adriaan, M. A. Aziz
Electrocoagulation has been noticed as a prospective technology in textile industry wastewater treatment due to its high color removal efficiency in a simple and environmental friendly method. In this study, a cylindrical EC reactor was used and equipped with a turbine agitator and Al electrodes as baffles....
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Determination of the Fastest Path on Logistics Distribution by Using Dijkstra Algorithm

Anie Lusiani, Euis Sartika, Agus Binarto, Endang Habinuddin, Irfani Azis
Dijkstra algorithm is one of the algorithms that is used to determine the path with the minimum total weight in the computer network, communication network, and transportation network problems. Some problems that have been studied using Dijkstra algorithm, namely multi-hop calibration of networked embedded...
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Performance Analysis of Shear Key in Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Slab Subjected to Cyclic Loadings

Fachmi Fadli, Luthfi Muhammad Mauludin, Heri Kasyanto
Currently, lightweight slabs made of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) have been implemented as an alternative method compared to the conventional slab. This innovation is claimed to make the installation of the slab in buildings faster and more practical. The application of AAC slab for pedestrian bridge...
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The Character of Infiltrated Water in Modeling Through a Combination Layer of Pervious Concrete and Clay Soil

Jul Endawati, Aditia Febriansya
This modeling was carried out to see the characteristics of water infiltrated through two different media types by considering the characteristics of the infiltration ability of each media. The media in the first layer is pervious concrete, while the media in the second layer is clay silt. The model...
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Biopolymer as Environmentally Friendly Reinforcement to Overcome Cracked Soil Problems on Expansive Soil:

A Case Study at Karanggede – Juwangi Road

Bagus Guritno, Dewi Amalia, Iin Karnisah, Apip Pudin
The distribution of soft and expansive soil that is often found in Indonesia often causes problems in the structure above it. To build the infrastructure on expansive soil, it is necessary to improve the subgrade. One method to improve soil is to stabilize it by using biopolymers. Biopolymer was chosen...
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Effect of Distributed Generation Based on Synchronous Generator on Fuse Recloser Protection Coordination in Medium Voltage Network

Supriyanto Suhono, Hari Purnama, Heri Budi Utomo
The integration of distributed generation in medium-voltage distribution systems requires rapid evaluation of the protection coordination, especially the integration of synchronous generator-based generators where the contribution effect of short-circuit currents is relatively high. This research makes...
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Evaluation Experimental of the Dynamic Wharf Structure: A Study Case at Nabire Port, Indonesia

Melati Berliani, Mujiman, Djuwadi
Indonesia is an archipelagic country where one of the supporting transportations is ship. Based on the government’s program to relaunch the sea highway, the wharf is considered very important as the supporter of activities in transportation. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the assessment activities...
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Analysis of Soft Soil Shear Strength on Slopes Stabilized Using Volcanic Ash and Phosphoric Acid

R Prajudi, S Syahril
The main problem in construction is the lack of quantities of land to build the infrastructure, such as roads, buildings, dams, etc. Meanwhile, the technical specifications for soil are often not suitable for the requirements for the building base. Soft soil is a problem in construction due to its unsupportive...
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Design and Development of a Vortex Turbine for the Hilly Regions of Bangladesh

Tauqir Khan, Moinul Mohsin Asif, Hasib Ahmed, Mazharul Islam, Zambri Harun
In the modern world, the days of fossil fuel-based electricity are numbered. In addition, the need for cleaner, greener, and more efficient energy is on the rise. Sustainable energy technology is needed to meet the demand for an environmentally friendly power source that provides consistent power. Small...
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Model for Predicting Electrical Energy Consumption Using ARIMA Method

Muhammad Ridwan Fathin, Yudi Widhiyasana, Nurjannah Syakrani
The growth of the human population and technology has led to a rapid increase in electrical energy consumption. Excess electrical energy would be detrimental to the provider, whereas providing less would be detrimental to the consumers. One method for reducing these losses is to forecast the amount of...
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Flexural and Vibration Performance Analysis of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Slab

Irwan Nuryana, Husnul Fikri, Ambar Susanto, Sumargo, Mardiana Oesman
AAC slab is a component of precast floor slabs commonly used in buildings. As a new product, the performance of AAC must be examined to ensure that its slabs meet the requirements of the applicable standards. Those requirements are reviewed in terms of strength and stiffness. This research was conducted...
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Position Coordination Aid for Blind Persons Based on LoRa Point to Point

Tata Supriyadi, Adira Salsabila, Ridwan Solihin, Rifa Hanifatunnisa, Budi Setiadi, Syifa Afni
Conventional or electronic sticks are one of the tools that are often used by people with blind persons for independent activities. Both tools have limitations that cannot provide a sense of comfort in the form of information on the distance position between blind persons. In this research, electronic...
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The Behavior of Low -Strength Reinforced Concrete Column Strengthened with Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Subjected to Cyclic Lateral Load

Puji Kurniawan, Sumargo, Mardiana Oesman
The impact of unachieved concrete strength causes the column structure components to resist the design load. It is not in an optimal condition, so it needs a strengthening work. One of the strengthening methods mostly used by using composite material is Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP). According...
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The Relationship Between Measurable Temperature by Infrared Thermometer with the Distance to Heat Source

Nani Yuningsih, Sardjito
Temperature measurements can be performed on contact and non-contact basis. In certain situations, direct contact temperature measurement of objects is difficult, so they should be performed without touching the objects. The phenomenon of heat transfer between the objects and their environment causes...
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The Effect of Topping on Hollow Core Slab Floor Plates on Comfort Criteria Due to Vibration by Human Activities

Muhamad Irfan Nurdin, Sumargo, Mujiman, Mardiana Oesman, Tjetjep Hartono
Experimental testing was carried out in a two-story parking building with variations of floor plate finishing without toppings, reinforced concrete toppings, and ceramic toppings. In addition, a drop impact test and a heel drop test were carried out to get the vibration value in the form of a natural...
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Canteen Wastewater Treatment by the Activated Sludge added Bioballs

Tifa Paramitha, Agit Fajar Sukmana, Awaludin Fitroh Rifa’i, Herawati Budiastuti, Mukhtar Ghozali, Robby Sudarman
Water pollution has become a serious problem. Water pollution occurs because wastewater is discharged into water bodies without being managed properly. One of the sources of water pollution is domestic wastewater. Industrial sectors produce domestic wastewater derived from the residue of canteen activities....
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Play & Fun Portal to Support “Steam” Learning Method in Early Childhood

Novi Sofia Fitriasari, R R Deni Widjayatri, Lizza Suzanti, Willdan Aprizal Arifin, Afrizal Dzikrillah, Piona Roskha, Amanda Chairunnisa, Kiran Aulia Putri, Fawaz
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced learning to change. As stipulated by the government, students of all levels of education, from early childhood to higher education, must eventually study from home through online learning. The online learning process would be effective if it is supported by media and...
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Development of Falling Notification System for Elderly Using MPU6050 Sensor and Short Message Service

Asep Najmurrokhman, Kusnandar, Udin Komarudin, Aditya Wibisono
Falls in the elderly are quite common because their motor skills have begun to decline. The elderly who live alone are often late in getting first aid after a fall, as a result of which intensive care is needed. This paper describes the design of falling detection and notification system for the elderly...
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The Effect of Organic Acids Concentration Extracted from the Fruit on the Conversion of Starch to Glucose Using Microwave-Assisted Acid Hydrolysis (MAAH)

Riniati, Nuril Melia Kartono, Qorry Aina, Sudrajat Harris Abdulloh
Fruits such as lemon (Citrus limon L.), starfruit (Averrhoa bilimbi L.), and pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merr) have high organic acid content which can be studied for their use as acid catalysts in starch hydrolysis. The goal is to produce glucose syrup that is safer for consumption. After extraction...
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Soil Stabilization with Bledug Kuwu Mud and Phosphoric Acid on the Plasticity Index Value

A B Winarno, S Syahril
Soil condition in construction has an essential role because it can trigger a construction failure. Generally, before construction is carried out, a soil investigation process is conducted to gain the soil data in the form of parameters needed to design construction; one of them is the plasticity index...
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Design and Development of a Small-Capacity Tesla Turbine for Rural Applications

Azizul Hoque, Md. Ektiyer Saki, Tafsir Mehedi, Sk. Hasan Tanvirul Islam, Mazharul Islam, Zambri Harun
Bangladesh is in great need to find renewable energy sources for its fast-developing industrial sectors. The main objectives of this research are to design and fabricate a small-scale efficient Tesla Turbine for remote areas and test it through experimental investigations. Performance analysis of the...
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Stabilization of Gedebage Expansive Soil on Shear Strength Using Vermiculite and Emulsified Asphalt

Agastyasa Ghea Amarta, Syahril
A construction failure might be caused by so many factors, one of them is the poor properties of the subgrade. A subgrade with low bearing capacity and low shear strength can cause a large settlement. This problem usually occurs in an area where the soil receives too much water. The settlement phenomena...
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Comparison Between Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR) and Stirred Tank Reactors (STR) in Handling Hydraulic Shock Loads

Herawati Budiastuti, Emma Hermawati Muhari, Laily Isna Ramadhani, Mukhtar Ghozali, Robby Sudarman
The use of Stirred Tank Reactor (STR) in wastewater treatment requires a Clarifier in its operation so that Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is an alternative solution. The clarifier is needed to recover some of the wasted microbes in the effluent stream. With SBR, the Clarifier function is replaced when...
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Bandwidth Enhancement of the Rectangular Patch Antenna Using Artificial Dielectric and Proximity Coupled Line Feed

Tiara Septiany Persada, Hepi Ludiyati, Fadlan Muhammad Fernanda, Ananda Dea Maharani
A rectangular patch antenna is a compact antenna. It is appropriate to a modern mobile communication application. The main drawback of the rectangular patch antenna is the bandwidth. It restricts the antenna’s application. The natural dielectric replaces the artificial dielectric to enhance the bandwidth....
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The Characteristic of a 3.5 GHz Circular Patch Antenna Using Open-Ring Artificial Dielectric

Yuliana Nur Rahmawati, Hepi Ludiyati, Sardjito
The circular patch microstrip antenna is a device that supports 5G technology because it has a low profile and small dimensions. The circular patch antenna generally constructs of 3 layers of an electromagnetic material. The materials are a good conductor as the radiator and the ground plane and a natural...
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Comparison of the Performance of Two Circular Patch Antennas Made from Taconic RF- 60A Substrate with and without Artificial Dielectric Using Simulation Approach

Eka Pratiwi, Hepi Ludiyati, Sardjito, Ghania Yuntafa Putri, Nabila Alia Zahra
This paper presents a comparison of the performance of two circular patch antennas. The antennas use a natural Taconic RF-60A with and without modification using laminating metal strips as the substrate, respectively. The first and the second antenna are referred to as a conventional patch antenna and...
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Design and Analysis of a Solar Dryer for the Rural Areas of Bangladesh

Anas Khan, An Najmus Sakib, Refayat Hossain, Mazharul Islam, Farid Nasir Ani
Natural solar drying is a practical method for removing moisture from agricultural products. However, various issues arise in such processes, such as bird, insect, or other animal attacks, fungal attacks, unexpected changes in weather, low or prolonged exposure to the sun, dust mixing, and so on. These...
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Preparation and Characterizations of NiYSZ-based Anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cells

L. Troskialina, Riniati, R. Indarti, S. Shoelarta, Y. Sofyan, D. G. Syarif, D. Mansur
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs) offer their ability to directly convert hydrocarbon fuel into electricity via internal dry reforming. NiYSZ-based SOFC anodes were manufactured via aqueous tape casting. Raw materials such as NiO and yttria-stabilized ZrO2 powders, glycerol, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), and...
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Implementation of Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System Control on Pneumatic Solar Tracker

Baisrum Baisrum, Budi Setiadi, Sudrajat Sudrajat, Varian Wijayakusuma, Hilmi Ulhaq, Rina Hikmawati, Naufal Qamaruddin, Sandi Hardiansyah
The use of servo/stepper motor actuators in solar tracker systems requires additional gear components. These additional components affect the movement response output of the solar tracker system. This study research the accuracy, response output of a single-axis solar tracker system using pneumatic actuators...
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Using Feasibility Index Model to Investigate Human Thermal Comfort Under Weather Data of Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Luqman Raji, Maxwell Yakubu, Samuel Adeoye Akanji
Thermal comfort in the world has created interest for renewable energy researchers due to the increase in the world population and in trying to make the environment friendly to every community. This study determines the thermal comfort of the Mubi metropolis in Adamawa state, Nigeria. The data used in...
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Literature Review of E-Learning Since 2015 - 2020

Siti Nurmiati, Abdul Karim Mohamad, Sazalinsyah Razali
This paper applies citation analysis from the side of the e-Learning field. By using a systematic approach to literature through the adoption of the methodology used, the analysis is based on citation indexes from relevant journal citation reports related to the e-learning field and the publication period...
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Development of an Automation System for Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponic Environment

C. Bambang Dwi Kuncoro, Moch Bilal Zaenal Asyikin, Aurelia Amaris
Hydroponic is one of the plant cultivation systems known for its high-quality products. The growth of the plant depends on the composition of nutrient solution and the plant environment. Due to its nutrient absorption process, nutrient solution composition continuously varies in the Hydroponics nutrient...
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Design and Realization of Parking System Prototype Using RFID Based Microcontroller with Reservation Service via Website for Four-wheel Vehicle

Ferry Tannujaya, Fadhilah Hasanah, Azis Tio Nugroho
Currently, parking management is implemented for four-wheel vehicles in the form of a barcode system printed on paper as identification of parking exits. This system has a weaknes i.e. the barcodes are easily damaged or lost. A parking system using an RFID card as vehicle identification with a reservation...
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Investigation on the Interaction of Lignocellulose and Starch-Based Wastes in Wet Torrefaction Process

Budi Triyono, Pandji Prawisudha, Mardiyati, Ari Darmawan Pasek
Indonesia, with a population of about 250 million people, not only produces large amounts of municipal solid waste (MSW) but also requires large amounts of energy. The conversion of MSW into solid fuel can be the solution to solve the problems. Indonesian MSW is dominated by high moisture-organic wastes...
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Study of Control Well to Prevent Landslides Risk During Construction of Cisumdawu Toll Road

Syifa Alfina Sholehah, Agus Suyono, Bambang Setio Budianto, Iin Karnisah
Landslides often occur in the Cisumdawu toll road area. The reason is that the toll road section is located in a basin surrounded by three volcanic mountains, namely Mount Tampomas, Manglayang, and Patuha, so that it has geographical conditions in the form of ravines and cliffs that have steep slopes....
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PLC Based Remote Accessible Refrigeration Training Unit

Pratikto, Muhamad Anda Falahuddin, Apip Badarudin, Muhammad Arman, Muhammad Rashid Ali
Since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, teaching and learning activities must be held remotely. Learning is done online. Students and lecturers carry out WFH (work from home). In principle, online learning is not expected to reduce the knowledge transfer process. However, in terms of learning that requires...
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Improvement of Soft Soil for Subgrade Stabilized with Emulsified Asphalt and Tailing

T Hasyimi, S Syahril
Soil is one of the construction materials in civil works. Soft soil that has low bearing capacity becomes a problem in the construction process. To support the construction process, stable soil conditions are needed. The subgrade is the lowest layer of soil that serves as a place for laying the pavement...
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Numerical Study of the Cone Angle Effect on Conical Basin Gravitational Water Vortex Turbine

Sugianto, Haryadi, Prasetyo
Free vortex almost always occurs in open streams. The Gravitational Water Vortex Turbine (GWVT) is expected to extract energy from this phenomenon. The turbines are expected to be at the forefront of harnessing the potential of low hydro head energy. However, this effort needs to describe fluid motion...
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Health Card for Teenager Based on Near Field Communication and IoT using Sensor Fusion Method

Noor Cholis Basjaruddin, Fiter Yogie Saputra, Ricky Evan Anugrah Firdaus, Sabar Pramono, Fatimah, Ediana Sutjiredjeki
Unhealthy lifestyles affect growth and development in adolescence which causes the Indonesian government to make a Health Card for the Teenager program. This card is used to monitor adolescent development from the parameters such as height and weight. However, the data recording, measurement, and identification...
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Material Protection for Citarum River-Bed by Local Scour used What-If Analysis

Nita Widia Khairinnisa Rustawa, Djuwadi Djuwadi, Bambang Setio Budianto
This paper presents scour protection measures at the Citarum riverbed due to obstruction of the Batujajar bridge piers used what-if analysis. Various studies have been carried out and developed for more than 30 decades, showing that the scour phenomenon causes many cases of bridge collapse in the world....
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Conversion of Crude Hevea brasiliensis Oil to Biodiesel Utilizing Perna viridis Waste Shells as Solid Catalysts

Mahanum Mohd Zamberi, Nor Faizah Haminudin, Farid Nasir Ani, Mohd Farid Muhamad Said, Hairul Bakri, Fadhilah Shikh Anuar
The over-reliance and environmental damage caused by the use of fossil fuels have created the need to explore an alternative source of renewable and clean energy. Free Fatty Acid (FFA) from Hevea brasiliensis oil or commonly known as rubber seed oil (RSO) was utilized as feedstock with the aid of waste...
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Image Processing Implementation on the Field Programmable Gate Array

Dianthika Puteri Andini, Gunawan Sugiarta, Feni Isdaryani, Fadhel Muhammad Hafidh
Image processing is an essential principle that is increasingly being applied in innumerable applications to optimize abundant design complexities to modified version by implementing the hardware platform to practice the algorithms. This is especially for the practice of a real-time system that performing...
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Modification of the Single-Phase AC Induction Motor to the Low-Speed Single-Phase AC Permanent Magnet Generator

I Made Wiwit Kastawan, Erwin Yusuf, M. Afif Dzulfiqar N.K.S., Harry Setiadi
This paper discusses the design of the low-speed single-phase AC permanent magnet generator through the modification of a squirrel cage single-phase AC induction motor. Both rotor and stator of the single-phase AC induction motor are modified. Eight permanent magnet poles are embedded in the rotor so...
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Efforts to Repair Groundsill Bantar River Progo Special Region of Yogyakarta Indonesia

Yoseph Susanto, Edy Sriyono, Ilham Purnomo, Tania Bhakty
Mount Merapi is one of the most active volcanoes in the world and produces large sediments when it erupts. The Progo River is included in the Mount Merapi area, so this river will be affected by material from the eruption and has the potential to significantly change the morphology of the Progo River....
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Framework for Measuring Readiness of Satu Data Indonesia (SDI) Implementation

Falahah, Tien Fabrianti Kusumasari, Ari Fajar Santoso
According to Satu Data Indonesia (SDI) regulation, each government office should publish their public data or limited access data through a portal, and the data should be able to interchange digitally through a data interchange mechanism. The regulation also defines three-stage on data releases which...
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Comparison of Accuracy and Predictive Results of ES-Holt Method and ANN-Back Propagation Method: Case Study of Number of Tourists

Syaharuddin, Pardomuan Robinson Sihombing, Ahadiah Agustina, Nur Fitri Hidayanti, Novi Yanti Sandra Dewi, Zaenafi Ariani, Gilang Primajati
The COVID-19 pandemic has weakened many sectors, one of which is tourism. Almost all priority tourism locations of the government experience a significant decrease in the number of foreign and domestic visitors. This also impacts the level of welfare of the community around the tourism area. This study...
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Millennials’ Intention Towards Syariah Card: The Roles of the Theory of Planned Behavior and Product Knowledge

Muhammad Muflih, Radia Purbayati
Support from various community groups for the sharia card is very important to advance card service-based sharia financing activities. This study aims to estimate the roles of the theory of planned behavior (TPB) and product knowledge in influencing millennial intentions towards the sharia card. By utilizing...
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Tourist Motivation and Satisfaction Towards Hot Springs Destination

Lusianus Kusdibyo, Lina Setiawati
This research aims to examine and measure the relationship between tourist motivation and satisfaction towards natural hot springs tourism. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed and a total of 375 data were valid for the analysis. A two-stage PLS-SEM was carried out to evaluate the measurement...
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The Determinants Factors of Regional Financial Independence

Jouzar Farouq Ishak
This study’s objective is to examine the determinants of regional financial independence, namely local own-source revenue, balanced fund, and other lawful local revenues. The method used was multiple regression analysis in provincial governments of Maluku and Papua in 2010-2019. The Government of Maluku...
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An Analysis of Sustainable Finance Disclosure at Indonesian Sharia Commercial Banks using POJK 51/POJK.03/2017

Its Determinants and Influence on the Profitability

Haqqi Lailatul Qudriyah, Hastuti, Dian Imanina Burhany, Sumiyati Sumardi
Sustainable finance is a business principle that can generate profit today without sacrificing future generations by considering the economic, social, and environmental aspects. Regulation on the implementation of sustainable finance for financial service institutions (FSI), issuers, and public companies...
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Understanding Value and Attitude of Generation Z on Indonesian Local Cuisine

Elsa Veronica, Lusianus Kusdibyo
Indonesian local cuisines or local foods have tremendous varieties of ingredients and tastes. Despite its diversity, existing research on local cuisine consumption is developing but still limited. This study aims to scrutinize the value and attitude of generation Z on Indonesian local cuisines consumption....
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The Influence of Social Media Marketing Activities on Indonesian Local Apparel Brand Purchase Intentions

Anhari Firdaus, Lusianus Kusdibyo
The Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a significant increase of social media users in Indonesia and driven companies to shift their marketing activities online. Past studies related to social media marketing activities have much focused on luxury brands from large companies and less focused on local brands...
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A New Strategy Approach to Sustainable Tourism Development: Moving Beyond from Pandemic Outbreak Through Tourism Technology

Nono Wibisono, Widi Senalasari, Lina Setiawati
The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many industries around the world, tourism is without exception. Famously known for its abundant natural resources, Indonesia is currently facing huge losses in its tourism sector, one of which is in Patengan Village, West Java. A model of community-based tourism...
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The Relations of Job Type, Smartphone Usage, Religion, and Financial Institution Product Awareness

Moch. Edman Syarief, Ira Novianty, Ahmad Sirri
This study aims to see the relationship between job type and the knowledge about Islamic financial institution products, either directly or through the intervening variable of smartphone usage. It also explores the role of religion as a moderating variable between these two aspects. The data were collected...
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Predicting Generation Z Behavioral Intention Towards Organic Food Consumptions

Sita Ayunda Julianty, Lusianus Kusdibyo, Fatya Alty Amalia
A healthy lifestyle has significantly increased the awareness of consuming organic food. In the midst of many unhealthy fast food choices, Generation Z (Gen Z) is expected to have favorable intention behavior toward organic food consumption. Past studies have not yet voiced this appropriately. Using...
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Understanding the Effect of e-Commerce Security Towards Loyalty

Muhamad Nur Aldiyansyah, Fatya Alty Amalia, Gundur Leo
In this pandemic, E-Commerce becomes one of the best choices for people to fulfill their needs and wants. Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest E-Commerce application, gains benefits from the increasing number of its monthly web visitor. Unfortunately, recently it suffered from a data breach that leaked most...
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The Effect of Financial Literacy and Financial Technology on MSME Profits

Survey on MSMEs in Bandung

Vira Indah Permatasari, Hastuti, Sulistia Suwondo
At the beginning of 2020, the world was hit by a disaster of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has changed human life including business activities, MSMEs are no exception. Many business owners are closing their businesses due to the situation. MSME owners, therefore, need to acknowledge what can be done to...
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How Liquidity, Bank Efficiency, and NPF Ratio Impact on Islamic Commercial Bank Performance During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Denti Sri Insani
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the Indonesian economy, including the banking sector. Both Islamic and conventional banks must seek solutions in order to maintain their financial performance. The government is implementing the new normal era as an adaptation phase for all business lines...
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The Effect of Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, and Risk on User Interest in Using Financial Technology Peer to Peer Lending

Riauli Susilawaty Hutapea, Devi Rahayu Andista
This study aims to regulate the effect of perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, and risk on user interest in using financial technology peer-to-peer lending. Peer-to-Peer Lending is a loan acceptance financial business that uses an internet-based electronic system to connect lenders and borrowers...
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Exploring Social Entrepreneurship in the Community Affected by the Jatigede Reservoir Infrastructure Development Project

Moh. Farid Najib, Adila Sosianika, Nono Wibisono
Infrastructure development in Indonesia is growing rapidly, given Indonesia’s economic growth that is still lacking to be said as a developed country. Development can occur in various industrial sectors, one of which is Jatigede Reservoir located at Sumedang regency. This infrastructure development certainly...
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Factor Analysis of Hot Springs Tourist Motivation

Lusianus Kusdibyo, Lina Setiawati
The purpose of this study is to determine the dimensions or factors of tourists’ motivation to hot springs tourism. It is driven by a research gap that past studies on hot springs tourism mainly focus on the relationship between motivation variables with various indicators and other behavioral constructs....
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Loyalty Towards Islamic Microfinance: The Roles of Perception, Expectation, and Trust

Customer loyalty is an important factor in the current rise of Islamic microfinance. This study estimates the loyalty factors through the direct role of perceptions and expectations on trust. This study intends to determine the effect of members’ perceptions, expectations, and beliefs on the decision...
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The Behavioral Intention of Millennial Consumer Towards Green Fast-Food Retail

Bella Marhaenia Dyah Ayu Pithaloka Hayuningardi, Moh Farid Najib
The millennial increasing interest in green products indirectly affects the existence of fast food, which is previously often associated with something unhealthy. Some fast-food practitioners are now offering several products they claim to be “greener”. However, it is still very rare to launch outlets...
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The Identification of Infrastructure, Accessibility, Environment, and Physical Tourism Attraction Resources: Cibeureum Lake Case

Aceng Gima Sugiama, Nufi Tirani
Natural lakes have the potential to be developed as a tourism area, but it is very important to identify and measure the potential level of their tourism resources. This paper aims to identify and assess the potential resources of physical tourism assets based on four criteria, namely tourism infrastructure...