Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering (ISKE 2007)

750 authors
Qing, Yin
Exact solutions to a generalized Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation
Qiu, Xiaoping
An Expert System for Workflow Procedure Optimization
Qiu, Xiaoping
Study of Relationships among Enterprises Based on Maximizing the Profit of Supply Chain
Qiu, Xuqiang
Evaluation of the quality of attribute reductions obtained using rough set by margin criteria
Qu, Shaocheng.
A Sliding Mode Control Strategy for Uncertain Systems with Time Delay
Qu, Shiru
Predicting Short-time Traffic Flow Using Volterra Adaptive Model
Ranjeet, Elkunchwar
A Course Recommender System Using Multiple Criteria Decision Making Method
Rao, Dongning
Fault Tolerant Web Services Composition as Planning
Ren, Dianbo
Global Exponential Stability of a Class of Neural Networks With Unbounded and Varying Delays
Ren, Guoqiang
Benchmarking the life cycle cost management of building project
Ren, Zhang
Fast fault diagnosis expert system for rocket launch
Rong, Jian
A hybrid neural network-fuzzy logic architecture for multisensor data fusion in target tracking system
Rong, Xiangsheng
Construct Offline and Online Membership Functions Based on SVM for Classification
Rongli, Liu
Reliability Analysis of Circuit Performance Based on Random Set Theory
Ruan, Da
A new linguistic-valued aggregation operator to multiple attribute group decision making
Ruan, Da
Determination of alpha-resolution for lattice-valued first-order logic based on lattice implication algebra
Ruan, Da
Decision Support Systems in Society and Policy Support Applications
Segura-Salazar, Juan
A Partition Rule for SAT Solvers: The Multiple Partition Rule (MPR)
Shan, Shimin
A Dispersive Degree based Clustering Algorithm Combined with Classification
Shao, Liangshan
A Non-recursive Algorithm for 4-Peg Hanoi Tower
Shao, Yingchao
A Method for Ranking Fuzzy Numbers and Its Application to Game with Fuzzy Profit
Shao, Yingchao
Extracting Linguistic Rules from Database using Linguistic Aggregation Operator
Shao-cheng, Qu
A Novel Active Pining Control for Synchronization of Uncertain Lü Chaotic Systems
Shaowu, ZHOU
Parameters selection of SVM for function approximation based on Differential Evolution
Sharifi, Mohsen
Using XCS as a Prediction Engine in Data Compression
Shen, Haiyang
A Novel 20G Wide-Band Synthesis Methodology for CMOS Spiral Inductors using Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm
Shen, Peng
The Improved BP Neural Network Model and Its Application in Enterprise Strategic Management Performance Measurement
Sheng, CAO
Anti-counterfeit Authentication System of Printed Information Based on A Logic Signing Tehinique
Shi, Chun-xue
Solving Path Planning Problem by an ACO-PSO Hybrid Algorithm
Shi, Jinqin
Towards a general fuzzy ontology and its construction
Shiguo, Lian
Adaptive Image Steganography by Reversible Data Hiding
Shu, Chang
On Continuity and Boundedness of Fuzzy Syntopogenous Spaces
Shu, Lan
Hierarchical Visualization of Multidimensional Data
Song, Jing
Decision Tree Construction based on Rough Set Theory under Characteristic Relation
Song, Jing
Construction of Decision Trees based Entropy and Rough Sets under Tolerance Relation
Song, Lihui
Fast fault diagnosis expert system for rocket launch
Song, Tingxin
Research on the Industrial Robot Control System Based on the Ontology and Web Service
Song, Xiaoxue
Inclusion Measure and Similarity Measure of Intuitionistic and Interval-valued Fuzzy Sets
Su, Jinshu
An Ensemble Method for Multi-class and Multi-label Text Categorization
Su, Shexiong
Multi-task Coalition Formation based on Task-group Structure
Su, Yingying
A Novel Approach to Optimization Problem without Objective Function
Su, Yingying
Optimizing and Modeling of Comprehensive Performance in Control Systems
Su, Yingying
Reconstructing Dynamics of Fuzzy PID Controller Based on Elman NN
Su, Yuxiang
Study on Transient Signals Recognition in Power System Based on Multiwavelet Packet Coefficient Entropy and Artificial Neural Network
Sun, Jinyan
A New Method for Constructing Radial Basis Function Neural Networks
TANG, Zile
An Automatic Identification Algorithm of Forest Fire Based on Visible Light?
Tan, Baohua
Research on the Industrial Robot Control System Based on the Ontology and Web Service
Tan, Derong
Research on the Parameter Identification of LuGre Tire Model Based on Genetic Algorithms
Tan, Hongming
Noninvasive extraction of dynamic information of human vascular wall
Tan, Ping
Application Study of ILC with Fuzzy Neural Network in Shaking Table Control System
Tang, Bingyong
The Customer Satisfaction Evaluation and Fuzzy Adaptive Control in the Supply Chain
Tang, Liansheng
Ant Colony Algorithm Based on Information Entropy Theory to Fuzzy Vehicle Routing Problem
Tang, Wenyan
Study on the Method of Channel Siltation Recognition Based on SVM
Tang, Xiao
Electrocardiogram Classification Method Based on SVM
Tang, Xiaochun
A Data Cleaning Method Based on Association Rules
Tang, Yang
Synchronization for Chaotic Systems with Different Structure and Unknown Parameters
Tang, Zhonghua
Methodological Study of Government Resource Optimal Allocation and Control
Tao, Lan
Learn from the Information Contained in the False Splice Sites as well as in the True Splice Sites using SVM
Tasharrofi, Shahab
Using XCS as a Prediction Engine in Data Compression
Teng, Hao
Study of Quantum genetic algorithm based on mutative scale chaotic optimization
Tian, Jiming
Credit risk assessment based on rough set theory and fuzzy support vector machine
Tian, Wei
Analysis of Network Effect in Port and Shipping System characterized by scale-free network
Tong, Xiaohua
Extended Cellular Automata Based Model for Simulating Multi-Scale Urban Growth Using GIS
Tu, Xuyan
Algorithm of Marriage in Honey Bees Optimization Based on the Nelder-Mead Method
Viedma-del-Jesus, Maria I.
A Majority-Based Aggregation Operator To Represent Emotional States
Vroman, Annelies
Using parametric functions to solve systems of linear fuzzy equations with a symmetric matrix
Chaotic Analysis on Series of Groundwater Depth in Hetao Irrigation District
Wan, Shuting
ANN with the Error Contracting Gradually Algorithm and Its Application in Generator Fault Diagnosis
Wan, Zhongping
A neural network approach for nonlinear bilevel programming problem
WanLi, Zuo
Gray Tunneling Based On Block Relevance for Focused Crawling
Wang, Cuihong
Fuzzy Guaranteed Cost Control for Uncertain Singular Systems with State and Input delays
Wang, Cuihong
Delay-Dependent Static Output Feedback Control for Singular Time-delay Systems
Wang, Daoping
A granular computing approach to inducing rules in incomplete information systems
Wang, Debiao
Reconstructing Dynamics of Fuzzy PID Controller Based on Elman NN
Wang, Dehong
Computing Concept Lattices with Clustering Approaches
Wang, Dongmei
Automatic Chinese Summarization Method Based on the HowNet and Clustering Algorithm
Wang, Fuli
Control of Guide Disk speed of Rotary piercer
Wang, Guojun
On probabilistic averaging in bounded commutative residuated l-monoids
Wang, Haihuan
A research on the purchase quantity allocation between contract market and power auction market
Wang, Hongxia
A Novel Image Steganography Using Chaotic Map and Visual Model
Wang, Huazhang
Online Detect Polymorphic Exploit Based on Data Mining
Wang, Hui
An improved particle swarm optimizer with shuffled sub-swarms and its application in soft-sensor of gasoline endpoint
Wang, Hui
Making the Right Decisions for Disaster Prevention
Wang, Jia-yang
Algorithm Study Based on Rough Entropy for Gene Analysis and Selection
Wang, Jian
A Key Delay Design Operation Model of Block Cipher Algorithm in Network
Wang, Jianpeng
A new extracting rule algorithm from incomplete information system by covering rough sets
Wang, Jing
Performance Evaluation of Infrared and Visible Image Fusion Algorithms for Face Recognition
Wang, Jing
A Method of Personalized Web Search Result Clustering Based on Formal Concept Analysis
Wang, Jing-min
Short-term electricity load forecasting based on particle swarm algorithm and SVM
Wang, Jun
A Non-recursive Algorithm for 4-Peg Hanoi Tower
Wang, Kaibin
Texture Image Segmentation Using Without Re-initialization Geodesic Active Contour Model
Wang, Lei
Research on Model of Project Synthetically Management Based on Genetic Algorithm
Wang, Li-ping
Short-term electricity load forecasting based on particle swarm algorithm and SVM
Wang, Liguo
A Learning Behavioral Model of CGF
Wang, Lu
A Hybrid Algorithm Based on Artificial Immune System and Hidden Markov Model for Multiple Sequence Alignment
Wang, Ning
Anamorphic Signature Identification Based on Correlative Specific Area of Restored and Segmented Image with Transformable Gridding
Wang, Ping
The Combining Rule of Dempster-Shafer Theory for Correlative Evidence
Wang, Qiuping
The New Methods of Improving Smooth Degree of Modeling Data Series
Wang, Rui
Goal Representation and Reasoning based on Description Logics(DLs)
Wang, Shuzong
A Hybrid of Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization for Feedforward Neural Network Training