Proceedings of the 2007 International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering (ISKE 2007)

750 authors
Zhang, Zhimeng
Image Feature Extraction based on Pulse coupled neural Networks for Seafloor sediment classification
Zhao, Baohua
Study of Quantum genetic algorithm based on mutative scale chaotic optimization
Zhao, Dan
Short-term electricity load forecasting based on particle swarm algorithm and SVM
Zhao, Feng
A generalized fuzzy entropy-based image segmentation method
Zhao, Fuqing
A Hybrid Algorithm Based on PSO and GA to Dynamic Virtual Holon Mechanism and Negotiation Model
Zhao, Hailiang
Connotation Searching Method for Paper Retrieval System Based On Fuzzy Rules
Zhao, Hua
A Linguistic Decision Model for Promotion Mix Management Based on Genetic Algorithms
Zhao, Hua
A method to solve Multi-attribute Group linguistic Decision-Making problems
Zhao, Hui
A Novel Incentive Consistent Peer Selection Mechanism
Zhao, Hui
An AI planning based approach for automated Web services composition
Zhao, Lingzhong
Formalizing interactive institution with RBA calculus
Zhao, Liyuan
The Fuzzy Lattice Order Decision-Making Method for Travel Mode Choice Based on The Travel Time Reliability
Zhao, Yanxia
Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation on Knitted Fabric's Subjective Comfort Sensations
Zhao, Yingnan
A Learning Behavioral Model of CGF
Zheng, Chen
Anti-counterfeit Authentication System of Printed Information Based on A Logic Signing Tehinique
Zheng, Hongliang
Completeness of (μ,ν)-Resolution Principle of Intuitionistic Operator Fuzzy Logic
Zheng, Jiabi
Methodological Study of Government Resource Optimal Allocation and Control
Zheng, Shengfu
Multi-task Coalition Formation based on Task-group Structure
Zheng, Yongkang
Short-term Load Forecasting Based on FCM and Complex Gaussian Wavelet SVM
Zheng, Yongkang
Transient Stability Assessment of Power System Based on Support Vector Machine
Zhiwen, Mo
Electrocardiogram Classification Method Based on SVM
Zhong, Bingxiang
Reconstructing Dynamics of Fuzzy PID Controller Based on Elman NN
Zhong, Botao
Study on Goal Directed Alternative Plan Recommendation Agent Negotiation
Zhong, Weimin
A Hybrid Algorithm Based on Artificial Immune System and Hidden Markov Model for Multiple Sequence Alignment
Zhong, Xiaochun
A hybrid neural network-fuzzy logic architecture for multisensor data fusion in target tracking system
Zhong, Zhou
Implementation of High-volume Reliable Intelligence E-business
Zhou, Chunlei
Three Real-Coded Genetic Algorithms With New Mutation Operators
Zhou, Faguo
The Design and Implementation of an Interactive Intelligent Chinese Question Answering System
Zhou, Fulin
Application Study of ILC with Fuzzy Neural Network in Shaking Table Control System
Zhou, Haoyuan
Effects of Diverse Connecting Mechanisms on Knowledge Diffusion
Zhou, Hongjun
On probabilistic averaging in bounded commutative residuated l-monoids
Zhou, Jianguo
Credit risk assessment based on rough set theory and fuzzy support vector machine
Zhou, Jun
The Structured Analytical Technology of Video Information Management
Zhou, Li
An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Multidimensional
Zhou, Liang
An Improved Caching Strategy for Training
Zhou, Qing
Uncertain Reasoning in Diagnosis Tools
Zhou, Shu
Zhou, Tao
On the Rough Approximation of Non-Convex Set
Zhou, Yong
Improved Genetic Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based on Serial Number Coding
Zhou, Yong
Knowledge Discovery of Interesting Classification Rules Based on Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Zhu, Hong
Time-Frequency Analysis Based on PNN for Nonstationary Random Vibration of Spacecraft
Zhu, Yi
Automatic Chinese Summarization Method Based on the HowNet and Clustering Algorithm
Zhu, Zhongliang
A Novel Image Steganography Using Chaotic Map and Visual Model
Zi-guang, Li
Solving Path Planning Problem by an ACO-PSO Hybrid Algorithm
Ziying, Zhang
Research on Global Path Planning in the Marine Environment for AUV
Zou, Bin
A research on the purchase quantity allocation between contract market and power auction market
Zou, Kaiqi
The New Method Definite Initial Cluster Center for Fuzzy Risk Clustering Neural Networks
Zou, Lamei
Optimization of Hidden Markov Model by a Genetic Algorithm for Web Information Extraction
Zou, Li
Completeness of (μ,ν)-Resolution Principle of Intuitionistic Operator Fuzzy Logic
Zou, Li
Linguistic Truth-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Propositional Logic Based on LIA