Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation

873 authors
Zhang, Lanchuan
Motor's Braking Force of Electric Vehicle with Double Motors
Zhang, Yu
Design of automated driving system of a wheeled heavy duty off-road vehicle
Zhang, Hong
Design and Analysis in Multiple-Scissor-Linkage Applied to the Robotics Arm
Zhang, Jinbo
Kinematic analysis, modeling and simulation of the substation inspection robot
Zhang, Jie
Design of Crane System Based on an Improved Active Disturbance Rejection Controller
Zhang, Xianpeng
The Research on Position and Orientation Constraint of Rootless Redundant Robots Based on Dynamic Modeling
Zhang, Mingshu
Representation of Dynamic Performance of Fixed-tilting Pad Mixture Bearing Used In Heavy-duty Gas Turbine
Zhang, Juncai
Building multi-objective optimization function of NC cutting parameter for Chemical Tower
Zhang, Hao
Evaluation on Transfer Reliability of Wuhan Comprehensive Transport Hub Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
Zhang, Huiyun
A Novel benefit model for virtual machine resources allocation
Zhang, Bo
The research on soft start and buck energy-saving simulation of asynchronous motor
Zhang, Chengyuan
The research on soft start and buck energy-saving simulation of asynchronous motor
Zhang, Qinhe
Development of the Simulation System of Multi-model H-beam Rolling
Zhao, Junfang
A novel LBP-Mean shift segmentation algorithm for UAV remote sensing images based on LBP textural features and improved Mean shift algorithm
Zhao, Zhiqiang
Path planning for terrestrial platform based on A-star algorithm
Zhao, Mingzhe
Simulation and Analysis on the Control System of Stepping Actuators of Underwater Valve
Zhao, Yu Bo
In the process of multi-function material heating and energy saving method
Zhao, Xiang Dong
In the process of multi-function material heating and energy saving method
Zhao, Hongshen
The improvement of the active support control system force transducer performance, based on Kalman filtering
Zhao, Qiliang
Design of the Power Amplifier for Magnetic Bearings Based on the Three-level PWM Modulation
Zhao, Yu Bo
Power supply requirements planning research in distribution of power grid
Zhao, Qi
Analysis of teaching satisfaction based on Markov chain
Zhao, Xia
Unidirectional Convergence Problem of nonlinear system
Zhao, Yongjian
Biometric Personal Identification Based on Chinese Handwriting Signature
Zhao, Yun
Spike sorting based on PCA and improved fuzzy c-means
Zhao, Jianhua
The basic business platform construction of national sea area dynamic monitoring management system for service
Zhao, Lei
Analytic geometry method proved by finite difference on beam angular displacement
Zhao, Yan
A new technology of GPS for field test drivers
Zhao, Gang
The Technologies of Close-range Photogrammetry and Application in Manufacture
Zhao, Weixuan
Study on Preparation of cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing coating
Zhao, Yanming
Study on the Status and Development Prospect of the Nano-Concrete
Zhao, Yan
A kind of auto train braking performance test device
Zhao, Yang
Influence of Shale Gas Components on Jet Diffusion Flame
Zhao, Yongjian
Constrain Component Extraction Techniques
Zhao, Jinghong
The Simulation and Research of Impedance-Matching Balance Transformer Based on Ansoft
Zhao, Xiong
Mechatronics system design and experiment research for a novel patient transfer apparatus
Zhao, Yuqing
The research and simulation on passive solar house with the attached sunspace in Beijing
Zhao, Xianglian
Study on Sticky Information in Research Cooperation on SD Model
Zhen, Ran
A hybrid algorithm based on neural network for DO concentration control
Zheng, Yuhuang
An Activity Recognition Algorithm Based on Energy Expenditure Model
Zheng, Yuhong
Three Kinds of Optical Flow Technique: LCT, DAVE and DAVE4VM
Zheng, Zhao
Application of HEC-RAS in floating bridge Calculation of the backwater height
Zheng, Zhao
Application of 2-D hydrodynamic mathematical model in the regulation project of secondary suspended river
Zheng, Yongfeng
Finite Element Modal Analysis of Four-link Combination Portal Crane
Zhong, Jianyong
Study on Control System in Opto-electronic Tracking Based on Sliding Mode Variable Structure
Zhong, Ming
Reliability Analysis on the Injection System by Mapping T-S Fault Trees into Bayesian Networks
Zhong, Yantao
Product Evaluation System Design of User Interaction Experience Based on the Concept of MDS
Zhou, Xiao
Design and Implementation of Information Management and Decision System by Mobile Intelligent Terminal in Bridge Inspection
Zhou, Dali
Multi-model And Fuzzy PID Control for Fixed-wing UAV
Zhou, Miao
An improved PR controller current tracking control strategy research for Active Power Filter
Zhou, Huixiang
New Solution for Isolation of Multi-tenant in cloud computing
Zhou, Liuci
Design of ACFM System on Chip Based on Nios ii
Zhou, Qingjie
Fault diagnosis of wind turbine based on rough set and BP network
Zhou, Qingjie
Fault diagnosis of Wind Turbine Pitch Systems based on Kohonen network
Zhou, Hanmin
The present situation and prospects for safety online-monitoring system of tailings pond
Zhou, Li-Juan
Study on modified phenolic foam for Insulation of building's exterior wall
Zhou, Wei
Improved strength and durability of concrete by bacterial carbonate precipitation
Zhou, Wei
Influence of Bacterial Carbonate Precipitation on the Compressive Strength and Water Absorption of Fly Ash Concrete
Zhou, Xiao
Wuhan Bridge Group Monitoring Networking Platform Based on Health Monitoring and Inspection
Zhou, Jiahai
Design and Application of Robotic Package Stacking for Train Loading in Ports
Zhu, Honghan
The financial risk index system and early-warning research
Zhu, Shaopeng
The Agriculture Vision Intelligent Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Machine Learning
Zhu, Shunzhi
The Modeling of Cloud Serves Computing Search Algorithm for Big Data
Zhu, Lixiang
Research on Water Level Control Scheme of Reservoir Flood Resources Utilization Considering Dam Safety and Risk Benefit
Zhu, Shuanglong
Simulation of magneto-rheological semi-active suspension system of EV driven by in-wheel motor
Zhu, Shuren
Research on Agent-oriented distributed inventory management
Zhu, Jie
Reliability evaluation of distribution network based on improved non sequential Monte Carlo method
Zhu, Hai-Feng
Practical Measuring method of Thickness for Zinc-Coating in Steel Transmission Towers
Zhu, Chunmei
Research on the tensile mechanics properties of steel fiber RPC
Zhu, Lixiang
Seasonal Limited Water Level Control of Reservoir Based on Flood Utilization
Zhu, Min
Design of automated driving system of a wheeled heavy duty off-road vehicle
Zhu, Wenqing
Study on Sticky Information in Research Cooperation on SD Model
Zou, Huaiwu
Control System Research and Performance Prospect of Low Impact Docking System