Proceedings of the 2020 5th International Conference on Humanities Science and Society Development (ICHSSD 2020)

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Sleep Problems and Behavioral Development in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Literature Review

Bumo Zhang
Sleep problems are common in children with autism spectrum disorder and are associated with problematic behavioral outcomes. The current paper is aimed to provide an overview of the direction of the relationship between sleep problems and behavioral outcomes in children with autism spectrum disorder....
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Study on the Effect of Tennis on the Physical Health of Middle-Aged and Old People in Nanchang City of Jiangxi Province in China

Jianxin Gao
By testing many physiological indexes of middle-aged and old people in Nanchang city, Jiangxi province, this paper studies the fitness effect of tennis on middle-aged and old people, explores the unique fitness effect of tennis on middle-aged and old people, and objectively evaluates it. Therefore, it...
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Effect of Psychological Intervention on Anxiety of College Students With Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Hai-yan LI, Feng-ju QIN
In this paper, firstly, to understand the psychological state of university students with tuberculosis and explore the effect of psychological intervention on the psychological anxiety of college students. Secondly, fifty-two pulmonary tuberculosis patients from a university in Jinan were randomly divided...
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Research on the Construction of Party Construction Platform for Sino-foreign Cooperatively-run College Students

Zhu Weixia
The party construction work platform is an important “stage” to promote the smooth development of students’ party construction work. At present, there are many defects in the platform construction of Sino-foreign cooperatively-run school students’ party construction, which has affected the actual effect...
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Challenges Faced by School Education in the New Media Era

Cai Baojing, Zhu Yongfei, Chen Tingmei
In recent years, new media has developed rapidly, occupying almost every class in primary and secondary schools. It brings us many conveniences and challenges to school education. This paper expounds the challenges faced by school education in the new media era from three aspects: the difficulty of teachers’...
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Research on the Application of Face Recognition System

Chen Mingtsung, Lu Cai
For the unrestricted investment of face recognition technology, whether it is to protect the safety of people’s life and property or to infringe on people’s basic rights. Face recognition is the most typical one of pattern recognition. It extracts the feature information of face in different ways, compares...
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An Analysis on Right Boundary of Geographical Indications

Zhang Keyi
Defining the boundary of the right of geographical indications is an important prerequisite for protecting geographical indication. The right of geographical indications cannot be separated from natural and human factors. The attributes of public property and non-exclusivity determine the validity scope...
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Interventional Effect of “Group Therapy Based on Problem-Solving Therapy” on the Symptoms of Depression in High School Students

Jin Bin
OBJECTIVE: To explore the effect of group therapy based on problem-solving therapy for high school students with depression intervention. METHODS: The grade ten students in Chao yang, Beijing were randomly selected for group therapy intervention based on problem-solving therapy. The intervention last...
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A Preliminary Exploration of Management Problems in the Wisdom Transformation of Chifeng College Library

Man Jiang
The main purpose of this paper is to explore in depth the problems in management in the process of the transformation of Chifeng College Library to the Wisdom Library. It is proposed to reform and upgrade in six aspects: optimizing the organizational structure, facing readers, increasing self-service...
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Circular Economy Development and Renewable Energy Law in China

Hu Pengnian, Qian Wei
Circular economy is not just an environmental protection issue. In the current economic model, people have come up with many protective measures and remedies in response to the long-term damage of the social environment since the industrial revolution. However, such actions are passive. Compared with...
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The Correlations Between Music Preferences and Personality

Jinghan Gong
Music is useful in our daily lives, but how can it correlate to our personality? Little research was about the correlations between music preferences and personality among Chinese teenagers. The present research will demonstrate the correlation among (Chinese adolescents) them. 81 junior high school...
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Research on the Existing Problems and Countermeasures of the Cooperative Medical Insurance System for Urban and Rural Residents: A Case Study of a Certain District, Chongqing

Gu Jijian, Gong Jianqiu
It has been 7 years since the pilot implementation of the cooperative medical insurance system for urban and rural residents began in 2007, and great results have been achieved since implementation, but there are still many problems. This article explores the case of XX District, Chongqing, one of the...
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The Influence of Organizational Support on Career Commitment of New Generation Employees

Fang Jiarui
With the gradual entry into the post-90s, the new generation of employees has gradually become the main group in the job market, and the post-90s employees are no longer a fresh vocabulary; However, the new characteristics of the new generation of employees are that they make organizations or enterprises...
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Research Development of Agricultural Celebration and Festival Based on CNKI Database

Ji Chen, Nianrong Li, Ying Qin
Since the “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” was held in 2018, the researches on the festival activities related to the “agriculture, rural areas, and rural residents” have gradually increased. Based on the conceptual analysis, this paper reviews the overall situation of domestic research in the past...
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An Exploratory Study of Applying MOOC Concept to College English Teaching for Non-English Majors

Qian Zhang
With the development of economic globalization, the modern society sets more strict requirements of the comprehensive ability of English and the multicultural communication ability for the college students. However, in China, the prevailing teaching model of college English is a combination of classroom...
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Employment Guidance for College Students Under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

Fang Wang, Fenghai Zhang
The employment rate of college students has always been a key issue of concern for society and universities. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, the combination of industrial selection and artificial intelligence in many fields to achieve intelligence is both an opportunity and...
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Orienteering Events Along South China Historical Trail Promote Rural Revitalization

Chuan’an LIU, Xiaosu WANG
In order to serve the strategy of rural revitalization, and reveals the social value of orienteering competition. Through interviews and text analysis, this study makes a qualitative analysis of the social value of orienteering. The conclusions are as follows. The deep integration of orienteering and...
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Analysis of the Connotation of Ideological Work in State-owned Enterprises

Wang Han, Xia Liyu, Wang Youzi
In recent years, with the rapid development of new media technology, profound changes have taken place in the media landscape and public opinion ecology. The environment of social public opinion tends to be complex and changeable, and the difficulty of ideological guidance is increasing. State-owned...
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On the Construction of Political Value System Model of Military Civilian in the New Era

Fang Hua, Liu Wenjuan, Li Meng, Wang Zhengyin, Pan Jian, Yi Kang
This article attempts to discuss the construction of the political value system model of military civilian personnel in the new era from the four dimensions of connotation, construction method, construction principle, and basic structure. From the political standpoint, political attitude, political participation...
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Analysis of Core Competency Literacy of Innovative Technology Talents in Intelligent Robot Industry

Fang Yu-Shen, Wang Shi-Jie, Hu Run-Jiao, Zhou Zhao-Hong, Zhu Bi-Yun
According to intelligent robots are a holistic and interdisciplinary field of work, what is needed is not only the performance of individual capabilities but also the performance of educated talents, to become an advantageous source of industrial competition. To strengthen the professional competence...
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The Construction of City Image in Short Video: A Case Study of Xi’an in the Short Video of Douyin

Cao Shan
With the continuous advancement of urban modernization, the city has become an important node of global economic development and cultural exchange, and the competition among cities is inseparable from the shaping and dissemination of the city image. In recent years, Douyin short video has changed the...
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Research on the Path of Honesty Education for College Students in Financial Difficulties

Haojun Dong
In recent years, college students with financial need have benefited from various effective subsidy policies. College students no longer drop out of school for family economic condition. This article analyzes the current situation of honesty education for college students in financial struggle who have...
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Research on the Risks of Building the Start-up Team of College Students

Yu Qianqian, Liu Xianming
Under the background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation(I&E), our country vigorously promotes the development of students’ innovation and entrepreneurship. In response to the call of the times, the entrepreneurship number among college students is booming. However, the practical problems of...
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Systematic Design Practice of Fragmented Knowledge Points in Entrepreneurship Curricula

Li Xiao, He Sha, Liu Guanren, Liu Shunqiang, Liu Xianming
With the arrival of the Internet information age, massive information, convenient mobile terminals, and attractive “fast-food culture” become the engines for fragmented learning. The demands for high-quality teaching guidance in entrepreneurship curriculum have become urgent with the increasing emphasis...
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Translation Strategies in the Context of International Exchange and Cooperation in Colleges: On Subtitle Translation of Titanic from Relevance Theory

Wang Qiuyang, Wang Yingli
As a special mode of translation, caption translation plays an increasingly important role in the field of translation. Therefore, under the background of international exchanges and cooperation among colleges and universities, it is necessary to deepen the understanding of subtitle translation with...
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Correlation Between Socio-Economic Consequences and the External Effects Management of Regional Medical Systems

Shvets Yuri Yurievich
The article deals with the questions of social correlation in relation to the content of health protection issues. The generally accepted social contract in the sphere of health protection turned out to be broken by the events that took place in the world at the beginning of 2020. Principles of mutual...
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Discussion on Mathematics Education in Colleges and Universities Under the View of Mathematics Culture

Yunwen Yang
In the course of human development, digital culture is constantly developing, and digital culture belongs to higher mathematics education, which can play a very important role in higher mathematics education. Mathematics is not only a basic subject in colleges and universities students’ learning of other...
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Research on Language Poverty Alleviation From the Perspective of Economics

Chengming Ma, Chen Lan
In the course of our country’s development, the problem of poverty has always been a very big problem, but in the view of economics, this study can better understand the influence of people’s language on economy, and this paper mainly focuses on the influence of language diversity on economic growth...
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To Explore a New Way to Improve the Effectiveness of Ideological and Political Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges

Ting Liu
Under the guidance of Marxism, Mao Zedong thought, modern scientific development view and President Xi Jinping’s new thought, we have explored the teaching methods and achievements of ideological and political courses in higher vocational colleges. By analyzing the effectiveness of ideological and political...
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Discussion on the Teaching Reform of Computer Network Security Course

Xueyong Wan, Liang Zhang
The network security problem is becoming more and more serious with the popularization of the internet, but the current threat to the computer network is not only a technical threat, but also a physical threat. If we do not solve these problems, it will bring more potential harm to the computer network.
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The Role of Virtual Technology in Higher Vocational Computer Network Security

Qin Zhou, Lei Lu, Youfu Chen
At the present stage, the market employment situation is very severe, but if we want to make the employment situation of graduates more ideal, we must adjust the talent training plan of higher vocational colleges, because the effect of talent training in higher vocational colleges will directly affect...
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Improving the Moral Education System in Higher Vocational Colleges with the Concept of Practical Education

Meizhen Huang
To practice the idea of educating people as a guide to reform and improve the moral education system in higher vocational colleges. can play a very effective role. The importance of moral education in higher vocational colleges is obvious to all, students begin to accept moral education from primary...
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Discussion on the Training Mode of Computer Major in Colleges and Universities Under the Background of Big Data

Jian Peng
People have entered the era of big data, and in the era of big data, people can get the information is also explosive growth, but when people can get more data and information, people will be more difficult to process the information, so people should master the big data technology, use the big data...
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Public Opinion Response to Public Security Crisis

Tian Wan
There are many reasons for the public security crisis, but in most cases, the public opinion crisis is caused by the problems existing in the new media communication, and the public security crisis public opinion events have brought great influence to the social structure of our country and the security...
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Innovation of Practice Teaching Mode for Training Public Management Talents

Lu Liu
In order to promote the progress of society and ensure the sustained development of economy, it is necessary to strengthen the cultivation of public management talents, because public management talents are also the essential talent resources in the process of social development, and in the process of...
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Analysis of the Thoughts of Project-Based Experimental Teaching in Computer Network Course

Lingfang Huang
At present, people have entered the information age, and under the background of information age, information technology has become the existence that all walks of life must pay attention to, aiming at the change of market and the demand of society, colleges and universities should also cultivate students’...
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A Probe Into the Reform of “Curriculum Thought and Politics” in Colleges and Universities From the Perspective of Teachers

Xiaoyun He
Teachers, as the main implementers and the main organizers of “curriculum ideological and political “, play a very important role in the effective implementation of” curriculum ideological and political “. On the one hand, the teacher’s words and deeds can bring great influence to the students, and the...
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Study on the Efficiency of Administration in Colleges and Universities in China

Qiuhong liang
In order to ensure the efficiency of university administration, improve the quality of university administration, and ensure that university administration can be carried out smoothly in colleges and universities, it is necessary to improve the professional ability and professional accomplishment of,...
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Exploration and Practice of New Material Technology Hatching System

Xinsheng Zhao
In our age, all progress has been made, thanks to the constant explorations of our forefathers on the road to development. The progress of this age can be from the ancient stone age to the bronze and iron age to the present information and carbon age. From this, we can see that the material science and...
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Application Conception of the Application of VR Technology in the Book Interview of University Library

Qian Xu
Along with the development of science and technology, a new round of technological innovation, among which, most people expect, is the use of VR technology. VR used in people’s daily life is also used in learning life. This paper will take the application of VR in university library as an example, reflect...
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The Application of Big Data Analysis in the Optimization of Mobile Communication Network

Ding Chen
At this stage, big data technology has become one of the most practical and widely used technologies, and the application of big data in people’s daily life is also very common, and the application of big data technology has brought a lot of convenience to people’s lives in society, but at the same time,...
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Analysis on Innovation Strategy of Logistics Management in E-commerce Environment

Chunbin Liu
The development of e-commerce has provided a lot of help for the development of logistics industry in China, and with the development of this era, the logistics industry in China is making continuous progress. And the method and content of innovative logistics management is very important in the current...
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Two-Dimensional Construction Business Translation Teaching Mode for Females Based on Social Constructivism

Tan Shuxin
Guided by the theory of Social Constructivism, this paper constructs a two-dimensional Construction translation teaching mode consisted of cooperative construction and practical construction, which conforms to the characteristics of female gender and language learning style, it is concluded that this...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Education for Life in Kindergartens

Hu Hao, Chen Fangrong, Fan Xiaoxiao
In order to know the current situation of education for life in kindergartens, the teachers from five kindergartens in different districts of Chongqing have been selected in the research, and the questionnaire survey method is applied to investigate the current situation of education for life in kindergartens....
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Research on Current Cyber Bullying for Students as College Learning Disabilities

Zhu Jiaming, Wu Pengju
986 students in domestic universities have been investigated in the research for their cyber bullying experience. All participants have completed five online questionnaires about cyber bullying, social support, autognosis, happiness and body perception in the process. Results show that the proportion...
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Study on the Problem and Strategy of Picture Book Selection of Kindergarten Teachers–A Case of Jiangjin District of Chongqing

Xia Zesheng, Chen Ping
As an important educational resource, picture books have received more and more attention and have been widely used by kindergarten teachers in recent years. In this study, the survey of kindergartens in Jiangjin District, Chongqing revealed that kindergarten teachers lack of sufficient knowledge in...
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An Analysis of the Perplexity and Path of Parent-Child Book Reading for Preschool Children in Top Classes

Liu Li, Yang Cenxi
Parent-child book reading, as one of the important ways of early reading in family education, has been highly valued by parents under the development of the nationwide reading activities advocated in the new era. Children in top classes are at an important stage of the transition from kindergarten to...
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Brief Exposition on the Language Characteristics of Children’s Literature From the Perspective of “Whole Language”

Wang Xiaoyang
Whole language is a theory of children’s language education that rose in the middle of last century. Based on the theory of “whole language”, “literary language” and “oral language”, as different language types, complement each other. The combination of “literary language” and “oral language” strengthens...
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Research and Practice of Successive Teaching Pattern Reform Based on the OBE Concept Under the Background of Transformation and Development

Liu Jianhong
In the context of the reform of vocational education in contemporary world, the reform, development and transformation path of teaching mode have been explored during the transformation from local ordinary universities to application-oriented universities in this paper. The major of preschool education...
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Investigation and Research on Rhythmic Activities in a Kindergarten in Chongqing

Fan Xiaoxiao, Shen Mingyan, Hu Hao
The art education is one of five fields in the preschool education, and the rhythmic activities constitute the infants’ music education significantly. Chongqing x Kindergarten is taken as an example in the paper. With the rhythmic activities as the research object, the observational method, questionnaire...
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Suggestions on Discrimination and Training for Occupational Responsibility of Preschool Teachers

Xue Li, Liqiong Jiang
The occupational responsibility of preschool teachers is an important measurement for their occupational level, and an indivisible unity composed of responsibility cognition, responsibility emotion and responsibility behaviors. Strengthening the rational research on preschool teachers’ occupational responsibility,...
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A Study of Tribal Composition and Conflict in Darfur

Gao Yifei
More than 80 tribes are distributed in the Darfur region of Sudan. The composition of tribes is intricate. Moreover, the production modes are different, which are composed of the Arab involved in the nomadic herding and non-Arab black people engaged in farming. In the early days, the armed conflicts...
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New Age Youth Helps Rural Rejuvenation Strategy

Du Piao-piao
The report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China made major decision-making arrangements for the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization. 2020 is the year of the finalization of the nation’s decisive battle against poverty, and it is also a crucial year. As...
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Comparative Research on the Traditional Teaching Method and the Situational Teaching Method of Children’s Printmaking

Xie Li, Li Dan
Children’s printmaking is an important part of children’s art education. In order to explore suitable teaching methods for children’s printmaking, this research randomly selected 10 children with equivalent printmaking skills for experimental research on traditional teaching method and situational teaching...
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A Study on the Current Situation of Parenting Stress of Mothers of 0-3 Year-old Young Children in Chongqing

Nan Jiang, Xiaofen Liu
Parenting stress not only affects the physical and mental health of the mother, but also affects the harmony of the family. In terms of young children, excessive parenting stress will prevent the mother from raising the young children in a better way. Especially under the implementation of the universal...
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Investigation of the Current Situation and Countermeasures of Kindergarten Life Education

Wei Sun, Yingchun Zhou
Children’s self-awareness, social cognition, and life values, etc. have been developed, and life experience and sense of identity of life value are very important for the growth of the whole life. Therefore, life education should be carried out from an early age to guide children to love and cherish...
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Research and Practice of College English Teaching Based on Production-Oriented Approach

Xue Li
With the continuous development of global economy, the probability of the use of English in various countries is also increasing. The responsibilities of college English teachers themselves are even more arduous. In order to teach more effectively, many teachers began to explore new and effective teaching...
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Research on Blended Teaching Mode of College English Listening Class

Xue Li
With the rapid development of educational informatization, blended teaching integrates the advantages of traditional teaching and online teaching, which is more and more widely used in education. English listening has always been a weak link in the process of college English teaching. This paper starts...
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Research on the System of Indirect Patent Infringement -- Take “3D printing” as an example

Zhou Zhi-de, Yu Shan-shan
This paper takes the indirect infringement of patent involved in the provision of 3D printing by University Library as an example, starting from the current situation of patent infringement legislation, the recognition of indirect infringement of patent, and the relationship between direct infringement,...
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Research on the Innovation of Human Resource Management to Promote the Development of Psychological Capital

Qu Chang, Chen Guangjiu
Psychological capital is positive mental state shows individual in the growth and development process, is to promote the personal development and performance improvement of the psychological resources. Modern human resources management development urgently requires the core psychological factor attaches...
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Implementation Strategy of College English Online Blended Teaching Model

He Yuying
In 2020, the new coronavirus is pushing online teaching to every learner, and online teaching will really come into our lives. The hybrid teaching mode, which combines students’ online micro-class autonomous learning with offline teachers’ face-to-face classroom teaching, has been implemented in various...
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A Study on the Innovative Mode of Actual Combat Integrated Teaching and Training for the Future

Li Li, Zhao Hongqiang, Sun Weiqi, Zhou Wei, Shi Yumin, Zhang Suqin, Wang Xiaoyan
It is the premise of integrated teaching and training to set up the idea of actual combat. We must give full play to the advantages of college education and military training, and actively carry out integrated teaching and training. The integrated teaching and training should be closely linked to the...
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Survey and Analysis of the MOOCs Platform at AI Industry Talent Training Courses

Fang Yu-Shen, Luo Ke-Yi, Huang Ying-Yan, Huang Wei-Sheng, Li Feng-Ping
The massively open online course (MOOCs) teaching platform has risen rapidly in recent years, using the ubiquitous Internet to break geographical and time constraints, and making it easier for people to acquire knowledge. The training of AI talent has always been the focus of the development and competitiveness...
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Research on the Need to Describe English as a Lingua Franca - A Reading Response to Seidlhofer (2001)

Si Li
As English is used widely in the world, an increasing number of individuals pay attention to describing the phenomenon and the status of English. This paper summarizes critically Seidlhofer’s article on the case for a description of English as a lingua franca. It first introduces Seidlhofer’s major arguments...
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The Countermeasure Research on The Ideological and Political Leading Work of the Communist Youth League in Colleges and Universities In The New Era

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
Under the new situation, the CPC central committee and the youth league central committee have put forward new requirements and instructions on the ideological and political work of the youth league in colleges and universities. Ideological and political guidance of the communist youth league in colleges...
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Innovation of “New Media+ Classical Poetry” for Children’s Traditional Cultural Learning Style

Jing Chen
The new media based on information technology and its matrix cluster have offered new channels and pattern of manifestation for children to learn the Chinese traditional culture. With the advent of the information age, the Internet and the Internet-based new media have appeared in every aspect of children’s...
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Research on Innovation of Management System for “Supervisor of Major” in Colleges and Universities Under the Construction of “First-class Major”

Xiaozhuo Wei, Jie Yang, Ailu Guo, Anyu Wang
“First-class major” is fundamental for educating “first-class talents”, and its construction depends on the organization and leadership of first-class “supervisor of major”. Developing and optimizing the management system for the supervisor is holistically circumstantial in lifting their quality and...
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Supply and Demand Analysis of High-End Talents in Liaoning Province

Bao Wen Li
The researcher first analyzes the supply situation of talents with master’s degree or above in Liaoning Province from two aspects of total amount and distribution, then analyzes the development trend of industrial structure, the development status of high-tech industry, the demand trend of high-end talents...
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On the Management Mode of Colleges and Universities Under “Big Data Governance”

Xu Sha-Sha, Li Yuan, Yan Ting, Zheng Kou-Quan
This paper analyses the function of “big data governance” from several aspects, such as improving the performance level of higher education governance. The combination of “big data” and “college management” brings the rich logical connotation of “big data college management mode”. It will inevitably...
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Exploration of the Theory of Gain Sense in the Political Theory Course of NCO Cadets

Fang Hua, Li Meng, Liu Wenjuan, Wang Zhengyin, Yan Hongxin
The sense of gain of political theory course for non-commissioned officers (NCO) refers to the relatively stable, active and positive psychological experience that non-commissioned officers gain and improve in cognition and behavior, emotion and attitude, thoughts and values, etc., during the teaching...
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Entrepreneurship Education in Guangxi Universities Curriculum Development Inquiry

Chen Xianning, Li Dehua
As the first region facing ASEAN, Guangxi has more and more frequent economic and trade investment links with ASEAN countries. With the establishment of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, the demand for talents in the future development of Guangxi will be more inclined to innovative talents. It is necessary...
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A Case Study of Trade Secret Legal Risk Management

Xing Yuxia
According to the “Special 301 Report” of the United States, ZTE incident was caused by violations of US sanctions against Iran and allegedly stealing US trade secrets, highlighting the importance of legal and compliance risk management of Chinese trade secrets. The “Special 301 Report” has a special...
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Analysis of Financial Management Problems and Countermeasures in College Students’ Start-up Enterprises

Xie Jianru, Guo Yintong, Dong Jian
As more and more college students graduate, employment has become a social problem. The employment situation is severe and the competition is fierce. Therefore, many college students choose to set up their own enterprises, which can not only solve the employment problem, but also realize their social...
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A Study on the Value of New Generation Employee Help Scheme in Industrial Organization

GuangLi Luo
The employee help program of EAP (employee assistance program) is a practical and technical system of management psychology which studies the relationship management between the organization and the staff, explores the traditional interaction mode of changing the relationship between the organization...
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Education Mode of the Integration of Industry and Education Under the Background of New Engineering in Architecture Majors of Vocational Colleges

Xiuyun Li
The integration of professional engineering courses in vocational engineering is an important part of the college-enterprise cooperation talent training program, and it is a useful exploration to deepen the integration of production and education. The article analyzes the current situation of the higher...
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Research and Implementation of the Construction of Embedded Technology Applied Curriculum Group for Professional Ability Training

Tang Ming
With the rapid development of embedded technology, it has merged many disciplines such as computer science and technology, electronic information engineering, communication engineering, Internet of Things engineering. The construction of embedded technology curriculum system has lagged behind the development...
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Exploration of Rural Development Potential Under the Strategy of Rural Vitalization in China

Peilin Sun, Shiqi Zhang, Tiantian Zhang
Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province, which is the only demonstration province of rural vitalization in China. With its good digital economy, ecological environment and organizational foundation, Hangzhou has unique advantages. Through three-stage sampling, we select three typical urban-rural...
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Practical Training and Research on the Construction of Productive Practice Base in Higher Vocational Colleges—A Case Study of “Dayi Love Tea House” in Heyuan Poli Technic

Shi Wan Li
The construction of productive training base in higher vocational colleges is an important measure to deepen school-enterprise cooperation and cultivate high-quality technical talents.[1] In order to solve the problems of teaching and production in the construction of productive training base in higher...
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The Impact of Authoritarian Leadership on Work-to-Family Conflict

Lin Qiu
To enhance the understanding of leadership influences on employee work–family conflict, this study focused on traditional Chinese leadership (i.e., authoritarian leadership). The present study investigates the impact of authoritarian leadership on employee work–to–family conflict (WFC) by focusing on...
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Executive Shareholding and Ambidextrous Innovation—the Moderating Effects of Executive Education and Executives Term

Wei Mengli, Zhu Yongming
Taking the listed companies in 2015–2018 as a sample, the paper discusses the influence of the shareholding ratio of senior executives on the enterprise’s dual innovation, and examines the adjustment effect between the senior management qualifications and the senior management term. Through research,...
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A Brief Analysis of College Counselors to Improve the Realization of College Students’ Legal Accomplishment

Yuchen Wang, Fang Fang, Fuyu Lei, Jun Liu, Junzhe Chai, Jingyi Liu
College Counselors are not only the life mentors of college students seeking knowledge but also the intimate friends in terms of students’ healthy growth. College students are the backbone of the future development of the country and society, and their legal quality directly affects the construction...
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Research on Synergistic Relationship Between Local University Discipline and Regional Industries

Liu Sulan
Starting from the key elements of the diamond model,we construct a “double diamond model” for the mutual development of industry local universities and regional industries, which takes “two-way demand” as the link,and takes an local university in South China as an example, research shows that the university’s...
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A Review of the Literature About the Theoretical Generation and Influence of Scientific Research Training Environment

Yang Yang, Zhang Yu
The Research Training Environment Theory proposed by Charles J. Gelso, a well-known professor in the University of Maryland, mainly includes eight elements: (1)faculty modeling of appreciate scientific behavior and attitudes; (2)Positive reinforcement for scientific research activities; (3)Early and...
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The Enlightenment of University Counselors to Carry Out Political Guidance to College Party Member Students in the New Era

Chunming Xu, Can Wang, Nan Yang
College student party members, as the advanced representatives of college students, are the important objects of ideological and political education in colleges and universities. As a teacher who has the most frequent and close relationship with Party members of college students, college counselors are...
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Application Research Based on Flexible Management Model in Human Resource Management

Tong Xu
Based on the characteristics and functions of flexible management, this paper analyzes the specific application of flexible management in human resource management. Flexible management helps to stimulate the creativity and enthusiasm of employees, improve the productivity of enterprises, and enhance...
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Constructing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System for the Cultivation of Innovative Talents in Computer Major

Chun Jiao
To build an innovative and new industrialized country, it is necessary to continuously and deeply promote the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities of our country in order to train a large number of computer professionals with innovative spirit and entrepreneurial...
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Emergency Crisis Management for Socialist Basic Economic System Research on Causality and Shouldness of Advantage

Gu Jijian, Mu Shuwan
The new coronavirus epidemic is exactly the same as the SARS epidemic 13 years ago. The difficult problem it brought to society is the reflection on the emergency crisis management model and the test of the socialist basic economic system. The two large-scale emergency crises have just proved that the...
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The Application Mechanism of Emotional Demand in Advertising Photography from the Perspective of Symbols

Cai Tongyu
Advertising images have the natural attribute of conveying human emotions. The emotional appeal mechanism of advertising photography is to construct emotional connotation through metaphorical mode and to change the information composition of image symbols by using the rhetoric of artistic photography...
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Regional Evaluation of Static Efficiency of China’s Publishing Industry: Situation, Problems and Countermeasures

Zhang Linxue, Wu Yang
Based on the Super-efficiency DEA model, the static efficiency and changing situation of publishing industry in 31 provincial administrative regions in China are measured. It is found that the comprehensive efficiency value and scale efficiency value of publishing industry in China decrease year by year,...
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Analysis of Network Consumption Based on Economic law

Bangyu Wang
The rise of the Internet has promoted the rapid development of online consumption, but at the same time various online consumption disputes have become increasingly acute, and the legislation for the protection of the rights of Internet consumers, such as security, privacy and information, is imperfect...
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A Game-Based Approaches for Teaching Entrepreneurship in Application-Oriented University

Yu-yang Li, Wei Li
Entrepreneurial education has been gradually popularized in higher education of China, but the characteristics and requirements of entrepreneurial education in application-oriented university are different from other types of universities. Based on the educational practice of application-oriented universities,...
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Online Course Construction and Application of Intelligent Control Major Practical Teaching in Higher Vocational Education Based on Virtual Simulation

Fei You
The purpose of this research is to apply virtual simulation experiment to practice teaching through the construction of practice teaching online course based on virtual simulation, more systematically plan and build online practice teaching resources of intelligent control specialty in higher vocational...
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Innovative Design of Intelligent Conference Management Platform

Zehui Liu, Wenli Gong, Jiankang Zhang
The conference control module, on-site operation module, alliance promotion module and data cloud module are the four major modules of the intelligent conference management platform. The on-site operation module includes common activities and other activities, as well as free and paid functions. Conference...
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Research on Strategies of Sports Intervention of University Students’ Physical and Mental Health during the Epidemic of COVID-19

Zhang Nan, Wang Ting, Li Manhua
Based on the online questionnaire of university students’ physical and mental health and their sports activities during the epidemic of COVID-19, this paper analyzes in depth the physical and mental problems of university students and summarizes the ways of sports intervention which is implemented in...
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The Realistic Representation, Inducing Factors and Governance Strategy of Family Corruption

Qiwen Tang
Since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), the CPC central committee with Xi Jinping at the core of leadership has launched an anti-graft campaign with an all-inclusive and zero-tolerance attitude. Among all the corrupt behaviors, “family corruption” has undoubtedly become...
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Intelligent Technology Helps Prevent and Control Outbreaks in Property Communities

Dongxiu Ye
When Comrade Xi Jinping inspected the research on the prevention and control of new coronary pneumonia in Beijing, he emphasized that the most powerful weapon for humans to fight against diseases is science and technology, and that humankind cannot overcome major disasters without scientific development...
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Research on the Construction of Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility Engineering System

Yongming Zhu, Yanmei Zhang
The lack of sense of national responsibility and its role in this new coronary pneumonia epidemic have been concentrated, and the issue of social responsibility has once again attracted attention from all walks of life. this paper starts from the background of social responsibility development, analyzes...
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A Study on the Countermeasures of Strengthening the Construction of Teachers in Colleges and Universities

Li Jing Han
Since the 18th National Congress of the Party, the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core has attached great importance to education, put forward a series of innovative new ideas and new ideas around the fundamental question of “who to train, how to train, and who to train “, and systematically...
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A Brief Analysis on the Force Majeure of Covid-19

Yingyuan Tang, Chenhao Zhao
To determine the legal nature of the “New Coronary Pneumonia” epidemic as force majeure, we should fully grasp its historical evolution, constituent elements, legal effects, and the difference between force majeure and situation changes, so as to get a deep reflection on the force majeure system in order...
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Under the Background of “Internet +”, the Current Situation and Demand of Children’s Family Education Guidance

Liao Jiayi, Mo Li, Kong Xuejiao
Family education is an important force in the growth of children. The behavior of parents affects their children subtly, and good family education has a great promoting effect on children. In the Internet era, the old teaching mode will change, and the new parent-child relationship will be established,...