Proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Education Science and Economic Management (ICESEM 2017)

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The Local Government's Fiscal Risks and Their Solutions under Supply-Side Reform in China

Xinran Hu, Lianghai Lei
The current five tasks of China's supply-side reform, which are de-capacity, de-stocking, de-leveraging, lower costs and offset weaknesses, will cause new fiscal risks to the local government. We use qualitative analysis to investigate the local government's fiscal risks under the supply-side reform....
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"Flipped Classroom" Teaching Design of the Course of "New Technology of Apparel Digitalization"

Haibo Zhang, Xiaomeng Zhang
As a new network teaching mode, "Flipped Classroom" is increasing attracted attention. This paper took the postgraduate courses section of " New Technology of Apparel Digitalization " as an example, and made a preliminary study on how to carry out "Flipped Classroom" by referring to the "double main...
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New Strategies and Measures for College Engineering Education under the Framework of Professional Engineering Accreditation

Guoqing Yu, Jing Lv, Shuanghua Cao
Engineering accreditation is an important foundation for building international mutual recognition of engineering education and engineer qualification. This paper introduces the engineering accreditation and the Washington Accord at first. Then, according to the professional evaluation practice for some...
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The College Classroom Construction and Management under the Background of "Internet plus Education"-Taking South China University of Technology as an Example

Fang Lu
Since the promulgation of Education Informatization Decade Development Plan (2011-2020), the support environment of informatization education of universities in China has reached a large scale and good application results have been achieved. In this paper, through the analysis of the current situation...
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The Research on the Moderating Role of Structural Hole between Perceived Value and Purchase Intention

Jingbo Shao, Feisi Yao
The relationship between customer perceived value and purchase intention has been explored among scholars for many years. However, it is still blurry that when the relationship is stronger and when is weaker. Our study fills the gap by integrating the structural hole theory into the relationship and...
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Enhance the International Students' Experiences in Chinese Higher Education: From the Educational Perspective

Huijuan Xue
Based on Hofstede's national culture, referring to the theoretical paradigm of 'capital-identity transformation', this paper explores the educational experiences of international students taking Chinese higher education from the perspective of cultural adaptation. It combines the qualitative data from...
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Developing the Elderly Tourism Market in China

Shijun Wu, Zhaoyue Wang, Nikki Wingate, Haitao Guo
With a rapidly growing number of the elderly in the population, the consumption level of the elderly continuously improves to afford travel. Consequently, the elderly tourism industry faces unprecedented opportunities. The aim of this study was to promote the healthy development of the elderly tourism...
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Research on "The Belt and Road" Cross-border Logistics Talent Cultivation from the Perspective of Higher Vocational Education Supply-side Reform

Xudong Li, Yanying Zeng
This paper focuses on the "quality" of the talent supply-side in the higher vocational education rather than the "quantity" of the talent demand-side. With "the optimization of the talent supply structure and the improvement of the talent supply quality" as the core, based on the higher requirement from...
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Practical Research on Blended Learning Based on WeChat Public Platform

Liangtao Yang
With the development of the "Internet + education", mobile learning with its unique way is leading a huge change in digital learning. Social software, such as smart phones and tablet computers, has gradually affected all aspects of people's lives and studies, especially the emergence of WeChat public...
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Research on Archives Communication in the New Media Age

Lei Chen, Shuying Chen
In the era of new media, the dissemination of archival information should conform to the trend of the times. It should make use of the influence of new media, improve the cognitive ability and sense of archives of the public, and use new media to expand the dissemination of Archives. Through the network...
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Introducing Collaborative Teaching into Elective Courses Across an Engineering University: Effect of Teacher's Characteristics on Student Evaluations of Teaching

Rongjun Pan, XiaoJin Feng, Xuewen Feng, Huiqin Wu
Collaborative teaching can benefit the students with diverse learning characteristics a lot to access and achieve high academic performances. Student evaluations of teaching is widely used as a metric to estimate instructor effectiveness. To estimate the effects of different teachers' characteristics...
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The Study of Learning Support Services Status in National Quality MOOCs

Guang Liu
Quality assurance is considered to be a common concern in online open course construction. Learning support service is a key factor to assure the quality of open online courses. This paper begins from four aspects, namely design and development of learning resource, learning activity service, learning...
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Construction of the Comprehensive Training Mode of Clinical Talents

Na Wang, Jinguo Wang
On the base of the demand for modern medicine, the education idea, the curriculum reform and the way of quality control, teaching reform and teaching innovation, the construction of community medical practice base and so on to measure clinical medical talent training mode in an all-round way. Clinical...
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Constructing the Autonomous Patriotism on China's Weibo: the Case of "Ding Was Here"

Bei Guo
Through analyzing the international incident known as 'Ding was here', which sparked a wave of national patriotism on Weibo, this study shows how the state plays a significant role in establishing the parameters for public debate to regulate social media in China. This study provides empirical evidence...
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How Listed Companies Implement Sustainable Development Strategy in Environmental Protection

Ling Han, Qingjun Meng
In order to explore how listed companies involving in the environmental protection can get sustainable development in the competition, this paper adopts case analysis method. Through selecting the Capital Group share Ltd. Co. in Shanghai stock exchange of China a share market, this paper figures out...
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Study on Technology-based Small and Micro Enterprises' Patent Strategy

Ziwei Chen, Li Ma
In order to solve the problem of technology-based small and micro enterprises' intellectual property rights ability and technological ability are not synchronized. This article using literature research method, cases study and related data to analyzes patent's vital role in technology-based small and...
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The Investigation and Analysis of the Humanistic Spirit of University P. E. Teachers

Degang Xu
Through the investigation and analysis of humanistic spirit of college physical education teachers, the present situation of humanistic spirit of college physical education teachers is displayed, which provides a theoretical basis for strengthening the humanistic spirit construction of physical education...
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Construction of Literature Resources in Transitional Library of New University Campus

Lihong Qi
The purpose of this study is to explore the construction and effective utilization of information resources in the transitional library of the new campus of university. This paper states the present situation of the construction of information resources in the new campus of University, and surveys and...
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Study on Theoretical Framework of Rural Women's Formal Financial Loaning Behavior

Qiuluan Yang, Linping Wang
The study of rural women's formal financial loaning behavior must pay attention to both "loan demand" and "credit supply" at the same time, i.e., we must pay attention to loaning intention, actual loaning application behavior, and credit constraints or credit rationing of by formal financial institutions...
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Research on the Technology Spillover Effect of Taiwanese Investment on Agricultural Products Processing Industry in Mainland China

Chang Lin, Jiangfan Yang
In order to test the technology spillover effect of Taiwanese investment on the development of agricultural products processing industry in mainland China, this paper is based on the panel data of 10 segments of China's agricultural products processing industry and the panel data from 2007 to 2012. The...
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Digital Learning Resource Construction Strategy Research in "Internet+" Era

Fang Lu
Digital learning resource serves as an important pillar for digital learning and the formation of a learning-oriented society. Domestic universities have kept to contemporary application hot-spots since the end of 1990s to construct digital learning resource and promote modern education. This paper has...
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The Related Interest Game in Ecological Construction of Farmers' Tea Plantation

Shuilian Gao, Jiangfan Yang
To elucidate complicated interest relations of ecological construction in the tea plantation and solve the problem of slow ecological construction of farmers' tea plantation, this paper analyzes the real problem of ecological tea plantation model and the interest relationship by field investigation and...
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An Empirical Study on the Factors Affecting the Job Satisfaction of Hotel Employees-A case study of five-star hotels in Fuzhou

Lechen Xie, Wenlan Wang
To provide a basis for exploring effective strategies for hotel management based on the job satisfaction of employees, while reducing brain drain and improving hotel service levels. This paper uses five-star hotel employees in Fuzhou as a sample, select the department staff to conduct a questionnaire...
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Research on the Reform of Distribution Incentive Mechanism of Scientific and Technological Personnel in Taizhou under the Innovation Development

Guannan Li
This article uses the method of current situation analysis-problem found-problem solution, aims at sorting out the relationship of innovation development, scientific and technological personnel and incentive mechanism, putting forward opinions and suggestions for the incentive mechanism reform of scientific...
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Design of E - commerce Double - type Talents Based on Top - level Design

Jianhua Xiao
In order to solve the lack of top-level design in the process of e-commerce professional training in ordinary colleges and universities, this paper constructs the double-type e-commerce under the view of the whole industry chain from the aspects of providing top-level design basis and analyzes the status...
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Securitization of Rights in Electronic Commerce Environment

Peng Guo
Securitization of rights for paper-based securities is to integrate intangible rights with unique and tangible objects and the circulation of paper-based securities symbolizes the negotiability of rights. However, in electronic commerce, the essence of circulation of electronic securities is the control...
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Study on College Interactive Teaching Based on Mobile Network

Yiqun Li
Based on the rapid development of mobile network and interactive teaching, this paper focuses on the college curriculum integrated with literature review, survey analysis, case study and empirical analysis methods. Some important factors are pointed out, such as the personalized learning, modular knowledge,...
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Efficiency Evaluation of Urbanization in Western China Based on DEA Model

Bing Yang, Chenggang Li, Min Li
Studying on the efficiency of urbanization in the western region is conducive to the promotion of urbanization construction in the western region. Taking twelve provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the western region as an example, from the input-output perspective, this paper constructs...
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Analysis on the Operation Efficiency of China's Marine Transportation Industry and Its Influencing Factors

Shujuan Wu, Junming Lu, Jianhua Xiao
China's marine transportation industry needs to change its current operation mode and improve economic efficiency, so that it can survive in the turbulent market. Based on the DEA model, it measures the eleven coastal provinces and cities' marine transportation industry efficiency by taking the number...
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The Impact of Human Capital on Shanghai's Economic Growth

Yanan Song
This paper adopts the economic data from 1978 to 2014, Shanghai as the research sample, to verify the relations of human capital and economic growth in Shanghai by using VAR and variance decomposition methods. The paper finds there are long-term equilibrium between both Shanghai material capital and...
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Big Data Application in Commercial Economy Management

Xiaodi Wang, Yuan Zhang, Xiaojing Zhang, Li Xue
In the era of information technology development, big data is playing an enormous role in commercial development circle, cybereconomy new challenges for enterprise development and competition, and gradually become a significant management model in commercial economic management. Furthermore, commercial...
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Analysis on the Competitiveness of Guangdong Coastal Tourism Industry Based on Grey System Theory

Chao Li, Jianhua Xiao, Feng Wu
Aiming at the problem of the shortage of Guangdong coastal tourism industry's competitiveness, using grey system theory to analyse the grey correlation of influence factors, and then draw the conclusion of the grey correlation degree between various influence factors and coastal tourism revenues, furthermore...
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Shipbuilding Industry Operation Analysis of Jiangmen in 2015

Yong Zhang
To understand the development of shipbuilding in Jiangmen, through such methods of statistical investigation and business negotiation, we collected data from nine shipbuilding enterprises in Jiangmen and analyse Jiangmen shipbuilding industry in 2015 from aspects of output value, profit, and order quantity....
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Research on Financial Performance of Chinese Airline Companies -Based on factor analysis

Jiakang Wang
In China's social, economic activities and the dual drive of reform and opening up, China's middle class has been expanding rapidly. The air travel demand of Chinese middle class has driven the development of China's aviation industry rapidly. And China has become a world aviation giant next only to...
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Innovation and Reconstruction of Management Mode in Internet Era

Hongan Chen, Yuhan Bai
In the Internet era, enterprises are taking the road from resource driven to innovation driven. We draw attention to the problem that the traditional management mode is no longer suitable for enterprises during the critical transformation period. The aim of this paper is to innovate and reconstruct a...
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Research on the Multiple Free Trade Areas under the Background of the TPP Effect of China's Economy and the Strategy Choices

Jin Qian
This article analyzes the multiple Free Trade Areas of China in the Asia-Pacific region, compares the TPP members with China's economic situation, and selects 19 countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific region in 2000-2014 panel data of 285 samples in order to find the effects of TPP and Chinese corresponding...
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The Current Situation of E-Commerce Development of Agricultural Products in Fujian and Its Countermeasures

Jingxian Xu, Jianhong Guo
E-commerce of agricultural products can reduce logistics costs, increase farmers' income, and enable large-scale production of agriculture. Therefore, the study of e-commerce of agricultural products is very meaningful. In addition to agricultural products, e-commerce in Fujian has developed very well....
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Evaluation of Logistics Reputation Based on Principal Component Analysis and BP Neural Network

Ruijun Zhang, Kui Fu
In order to reduce the risk of the buyers' purchase and avoid the problems of future returns and replacement after purchase, we need to sort out the credit of the seller of the electricity supplier to implement different purchase risk control strategies. Based on the principal component analysis and...
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A Study on the Development of Translation Competence: A Perspective of Discourse Construction

Guanghui He, Bing Liu, Min Tang
The main purpose of this study is to testify the impact of discourse construction on developing students' translation competence. This paper presented the elements of translation competence based on PATCE model. We used the translation performance of 30 non-English major freshmen for data bank. Through...
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Research on the Factors Influencing Regional Development Differences of the Financial Industry in Yunnan Province

Meijuan Li, Yuluan Chen
To evaluate the regional financial development differences in Yunnan, this paper summarizes its present situation from regional financial aggregates, regional financial structure and regional financial efficiency, we use factor analysis and cluster analysis to analyze the main factors that affect the...
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The Impact of Industrial Structure on Economic Growth in Baoshan, Yunnan Province

Meijuan Li, Qiufang Huang
To promote the industrial structure more reasonable, and enhance the economic growth rate in Baoshan, which is located in the west of Yunnan province, we establish econometric model to analyze the impact of Baoshan's industrial structure on its economic growth. Our results show that the three industries...
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Practice and Experience Reference of the Number Portability Policy in Typical Countries or Regions

Meijuan Li, Lili Zhang
To promote the effective implementation of the number portability policy in China's telecom industry, we analyze the practice of number portability policy in countries, such as Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, and summarize their experiences in the practice of number portability. Our results show that these...
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A New Method of Information Fusion and System Optimization in Statistic Inference

Xiaonan Xiao
Sampling design and investigation play a significant role in statistic inference. In order to overcome the defects in traditional method of sampling design and investigation, the article implements multi-index Fuzzy dynamic cluster analysis and offers a unique way of information statistics and packet...
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Analysis and Countermeasure Research on Financial Risks of P2P Network Lending Platforms

Wei Wei
Along with the arrival of P2P lending platforms, the financing demand of small-scale lending subject has been satisfied and the prosperous development of medium and small-sized enterprises has also been facilitated. However, the financial strength of P2P borrowers is generally not strong and the platform...
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Research of Logistics Management of E-Commerce Retail

Xia Cen, Yu Zhang, Hua Guo
Recent years, electric retail platform is also mushroomed as the rapid development of its growth rate far beyond people's imagination. But China is a developing country, logistics development started late and its level was low, do not yet have a sound logistics system, which also has many problems. Therefore,...
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Research on the Training Objective of Traffic and Transportation Specialty (rail traffic operation management) Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Jing Sheng, Chenchen Zhang, Xuemei Xiao, Jiawei Zheng
To continually optimize the personnel training program, it is significant to properly assess the conformance of both the standard and the purpose of personnel training. We proceed from the personnel training program of traffic transportation majority in our school and point out the AHP-based fuzzy evaluation...
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The Research on Management Model of Public Stadiums and Gymnasiums in Shanghai City

Yingfeng He, Ning Hu
The paper aims at the research of management model and operational mechanism of public stadiums and gymnasiums in Shanghai city. Through the methods of literature study, questionnaires, conversation investigation and so on, based on international standard project management theory and model, the paper...
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Analysis of Research Hotspots in Logistics Field based on ESI Highly Cited Paper

Xuan Liu, Jin Huang, Chang Liu, Wenyan Liu, Changyan Yan, Xiaohong Li
In order to seek clarification of the current research hotspots in logistics field, this paper uses bibliometrics in logistics research. A visualization software Citespace was used to analyze the ESI highly cited paper in 2007-2017 year logistics field in the Web of Science database. This paper makes...
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Research on the Development of Art Design and Fashion Industry

Mengqi Wang, Xinqun Feng
Along with the progress of China's economy, the fashion industry has gradually emerged, and the professional quality of its practitioners in the rising process is directly related to the future direction of this industry. This will need to strengthen the development of the fashion industry and promote...
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An Online Learning Platform for College Students

Guizhen Wang
With the rapid development of new technologies, the traditional methods of teaching are losing their appeal for college students. In order to improve the teaching quality and learning effect, many other teaching and learning methods have been extended on the basis of the traditional teaching, and the...
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On China's Excellent Traditional Culture and Innovation of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

Yingfeng Xu, Jingxian Xu
At present, the ideological and moral education of college students is in a chaotic state, and the Chinese traditional culture has a moral connotation. Therefore, it is of great significance to innovate the ideological and political education in Colleges and universities with traditional culture. The...
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Some Typical Problems of Entrepreneurship Education "Popularization" in Local Universities and Colleges

Houchun Ding, Li Jiang
This paper aims to examine the typical problems faced by the development of education "popularization" in local colleges and universities in China. Based on the actual situation of the education work of the typical university ,this article adopts "typical case analysis" method and regard the real work...
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Research on Optimization Strategy of the Salary Management of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in China under the Knowledge Economy

Chao Zeng, Wenfang Fang
The small and medium-sized enterprise has become to promote China's economic and social development of a force with reckoned. Although the small and medium-sized in our country enterprise development by leaps and bounds, but its in human resources management, especially the compensation management still...
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Research on the Basic Countermeasures of Financing Difficulties of High Tech Enterprises in China under the New Normality

Chao Zeng, Lijia Huang
With the further deepening of economic globalization, the status of high-tech enterprises in the national economy has become increasingly prominent. The high-tech enterprises with technological innovation as the core competitiveness play an irreplaceable role in promoting social and economic growth and...
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Research on the Motivation and Tendency of Enterprise Performance Evaluation in Information Economy

Hong Ji, Peiwen Zhang
The information economy era brings the enterprise business environment, the rapid change of customer demand and competition, and puts forward new challenges to enterprise management. This paper analyzes the mechanism of enterprise performance management from the perspective of enterprise informatization...
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Study on the Efficiency of Regional Innovation Resource Allocation in China

Jing Liu, Yi Zhou
The efficiency of regional innovation resource allocation reflects the ability of a region to use and integrate resources, which represents the overall function and efficiency of regional system, and determines the strength of regional capacity to a certain extent. As a developing country, China's regions...
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The Influence of Knowledge Sharing on Organizational Performance and the Countermeasures

Hong Ji, Shuyuan Zou
The most important part of knowledge management is knowledge sharing, which is the prerequisite for the process of knowledge collection, transfer and reconstruction. Knowledge sharing among employees within an organization is an important means for organizations to gain a competitive advantage. This...
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Professional Embedding: The Inevitable Choice of Entrepreneurship Education in Local Colleges and Universities in the Era of Common Entrepreneurship

Li Jiang, Houchun Ding
This paper aims to examine the necessity and focus of the development of "full school entrepreneurship education" in local colleges and universities. We combed the literature, suggest the local colleges and universities in the entrepreneurial education on the long-standing ideological misunderstanding,...
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Pricing Strategy of Multi Channel Supply Chain Based on Manufacturer's Pricing Time

Shusheng Sun, Lei Liu
In a multi-channel supply chain system, if the retailer increases the direct channel on Internet, the dominant manufacturers are faced with pricing decisions under the consideration of the price sensitivity of the demand in channels. Based on the theory of delayed game theory, this paper analyzes the...
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On the Coordinated Development of Cultural Undertakings and Cultural Industries

Baolu Sui
The article tries to show that cultural development requires the coordinated development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries. Because cultural undertakings and cultural industries are the two basic aspects of cultural development. And cultural undertakings provide resources and directions...
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Innovation of Ideological and Political Education of Students in Higher Vocational Colleges

Fei Sun
In today's tough education situation, how to strengthen the ideological and political education of higher vocational college students are educators worth pondering. With the continuous progress of society, the development of Higher Vocational Education in China is in good condition, and a large number...
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An Empirical Research on the Impact of German Refugee Flows on Euro Exchange Rate

Hang Li
Since 2015, German refugee problem has worsened continuously, attracting worldwide attention. The refugee flows have a certain blow on Germany economy and have caused the euro tumble against China Yuan. In order to analyze the impact of German refugee flows on Euro exchange rate, this paper makes research...
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Analysis About Some Problems in the Control of Plead Guilty Plea System

Yuehong Wu
It is a huge systematic project to promote the trial-centered litigation system reform, aiming at solving the problem of "detection out of control", "restricting failure" and "out of control". The ultimate goal is to promote criminal justice, Criminal justice authority. To the criminal expedition process...
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Construction of Innovative Experimental Center in University against the backdrop of "Made in China 2025"

Jiangang Yi, Zhen Chen, Shiwei Ju
In order to meet the new requirements for scientific research on equipment manufacturing in universities against the backdrop of "Made in China 2025", this article presents the necessity and urgency of carrying out the construction of innovative experimental center. By integrating the laboratories of...
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Discussion on the Construction and Reform of Industrial Robot Specialty

Jiangang Yi, Pin Xu, Siwei Ju, Pengfei Wei
Aiming at the new requirements of undergraduate education for national and enterprise development, the construction of industrial robot specialty for undergraduate education is proposed in the undergraduate course. Starting from market requirements, the post composition of industrial robot enterprises...
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Exploring Teaching Reforms and Practical Aspects of Online Courses at Newly-Built Undergraduate Colleges -A Case Study of Zhejiang Shuren University

Jinbiao Jin, Bin Liu
The student-centered online teaching model combines traditional and online teaching, to create a new teaching model that leverages the mentoring and guiding functions of the teacher, while giving full play to the cognitive functions of the student; hence, reforms in newly-built undergraduate colleges...
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An Equilibrium Analysis on the Relationship between Economic Growth and Urbanization-Based on Statistical Data from 1990 to 2015 in Heilongjiang Province

Fengsheng Li, Junping Zhao, Tianpeng Chen, Huixia Fu
The statistical data about annual real per capita GDP and annual proportion of urbanization from 1990 to 2015 was selected as a sample in order to study the relationship between economic growth and urbanization in Heilongjiang Province. It made an empirical analysis by the Granger causality test, unit...
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The Influencing Factors of Liability Management of New Energy Listed Companies in China

Min Xu, Lihong Yang
The vigorous development of new energy industry plays an important role in promoting the sustainable development of China's economy. The effectiveness of debt management of new energy companies in China plays a decisive role in the healthy and stable development of new energy industry. Based on the annual...
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Study on the Key Influencing Factors of Consuming Will of Public Tea by the Public

Ping Chen, Jiangfan Yang
In order to help the decision-making departments, enterprises and other related institutions find the key points of the policy implications to expand and sell public tea , this article is based on the survey data of 1419 social public, and uses the logistic regression analysis method to identify the...
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Study on Accounting Treatment of the Third Party Payment Platform

Shuhong He, Lihong Yang
This paper analyzes the accounting treatment environment and major accounting thinking of the third-party payment system on the basis of the operation model of China's third-party payment platform. Besides, problems that the Chinese accounting information quality is easy to be threatened, accounting...
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Research on the Characteristics of Leisure Cycling Tourism and Development Strategies

Feng Liang
Cycling tour, as a green and healthy leisure travel mode, transforms a bike from a vehicle into a leisure travel tool, which is significantly meaningful for cycling culture. With application of literature review method to consult relevant materials, this paper expounds the understanding and development...
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Discussion on Classic Reading Promotion in the University Library in the Internet Plus Era

Xiaoli An, Yi Ding
Classic reading is a significant component of education. To promote classic reading and improve the quality of education, this study uses approaches of questionnaire to get the status quo of classical reading of college students in the new technology environment, as well as influencing factors. Also,...
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Supply-side Structural Reform of Cultivating Higher Vocational Talents of Tourism in the Context of Region-based Tourism

Wei Chen
At present, the concept and mode of universal tourism is rooted in the restricting and upgrading of the tourist industry. In the background of universal tourism, the tourist industry urgent needs a great many talents of tourism. However, high vocational school as cultivate tourism talents is the core...
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Development Design and Research of Elevator Advertisement Projection Products Driven by PSET

Kang Hu, Rong Mao
Under the influence of new internet media advertisement, as a part of integrated marketing communication, the application of new technology and method in domestic modern advertising industry is becoming more and more important. Based on the PSET analysis method, this paper has clarified the gap of PSET...
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The Innovation and Exploration of the General Education Curriculum "Automobile Culture"

Guanqiang Ruan, Zhongdong Lu, Jinrun Cheng
To comply with the trend of social development, meet the requirement for automotive knowledge and culture, develop the scientific and cultural qualities of college students, we had defined new aim and taken innovation, in this paper, for the general education curriculum "Automobile Culture" in Shanghai...
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On the Impacts of Negotiated English Listening Teaching on Learners of English in College

Lihua Tang
The study has developed a negotiated syllabus incorporated in college English listening teaching. Results indicate that this type of teacher-student negotiated intervention in the teaching-learning process has been perceived to be effective by both teachers and students. Students are observed to appreciate...
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On the Cultivation of Creative Design Talents in West Straits Culture and Creative Industry Chain

Tingting Wang
In the background of the opening and development of the economic zone on the west side of the Straits, the paper explores how creative design higher education adapt to and cooperate with the inherent needs of the rapid development of cultural and creative industries in the region, develop advantageous...
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Research on the Construction of"double-qualified" and "dual-talented" Faculty in the Newly-built Private Undergraduate University

Jiangbo Chen, Yan Li, Rui Xue, Aixia Cao
The present study describes the private under-graduate university transition development background, analy-zing training applied talents, characteristics and typical patterns. Based on this, we propose what is "double-qualified" and "dual-talented" teacher, and how to build "double-qualified" and "dual-talented...
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Innovation and Reform of Financial Accounting under New Normal in China

Yang Li, Linghui Qu, Liwei Jing
The paper starts from the research method and the excepted purpose, and then describes the connotation of financial accounting. This part mainly introduces the historical evolution, functions and basic principles of financial accounting. Next, it puts forward financial accounting face many challenges...
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SME Financial Report: Challenges from the New Normal in China

Yang Li, Aitong Zhang, Liwei Jing
The paper begins with the theoretical analysis of the new economic norm, then analyses the changes on the financial report of SME enterprises in China under the new economic norm. And based on the analysis on the reasons of change on the financial report of SME enterprises in China under the new economic...
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Research on Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Innovation Capability of Beijing Based on Catastrophe Progression Theory

Shuai Ding
This paper uses the annual data from 2001 to 2015 of Beijing through catastrophe progression method to do the research on evaluation of scientific and technological innovation capability of Beijing based on catastrophe progression theory and the development of catastrophe system model. The results show...
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The Reform of Econometrics Teaching Model Based on MOOC Environment

Bingyun Zheng
Econometrics is a core course in the economic and management specialty. This paper discusses the main problems that are irrationality of courses' arrangement, ignorance of bringing up ability and practice appliance and irrationality of teaching methods. Blended teaching with MOOC is an innovative teaching...
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Research on the Dimensional Model of Tourist Perceived Value in the Dabie Mountain Ecotourism and Its Empirical Research

Fang Chen
Based on the view of tourists' experience, this paper builds the conceptual model of tourist perceived value in the Dabie Mountains ecotourism from the four tourist perceived value dimensions of environment, resources, service and cost. Selecting Daofeng Scenic Area as the case study, this paper applies...
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Research on Evaluation and Development Strategy of the Dabie Mountains Ecotourism

Yingshuang Ma
This paper builds the evaluation index system of the Dabie Mountains ecotourism resources from the three dimensions of ecotourism resource conditions, environment quality, and development conditions; it applies analytic hierarchy process to calculate weight of each evaluation index, and based on fuzzy...
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Research on the bottleneck of Outstanding Mechanical Engineering Talents Training Pattern

Yali Hou, Changhe Li, Hengshan Yang, Yong Yang, Yanbin Zhang, Dongzhou Jia
The necessity of studying the outstanding mechanical engineering talents training pattern is analyzed, and a training goal of outstanding plan is established as well as a new higher engineering education system. The implementation task of outstanding plan is analyzed, and a new college-enterprise joint...
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Research on the Difficulties and Strategies of Chinese Traditional Culture Communication in Foreign Languages Universities against the backdrop of Internationalization

Yong Wu, Othman Abdul Jalil, Mohd Saad Mohd Rashid
This paper mainly aims to explore the current situation of Chinese traditional culture in foreign language universities with the development of internationalization. By concluding these three aspects of the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture, mainly the ignoring, neediness and Integration,...
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The Problems of Academic Misconducts and Approach to Resolve

Shuhui Wang, Yanping Niu, Shengfeng Wang, Caijuan Shang, Feifei Shang
At present, academic misconducts prevail in the academic circle, which exert a serious negative effect on the society. On the basis of a large number of literature, the causes for academic misconducts have been discussed in the paper. It is mainly includes researchers' weak moral awareness, academic...
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The Integration of Moral Education and Efficient Classroom in Secondary Vocational School

Weizhi Wang, Yuanyuan Xu, Lingling Ding
Moral education is the cornerstone of teaching and education in schools, and the success of education has a direct impact on students' work as a human being. Moral education in secondary vocational schools is more specific. This article focuses on how moral education integrates with efficient classroom,...
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Justices of Peace and the Modern Prison Reform of the British

Lingling Zhang
This paper takes the local prison reform of British justices of peace in 18th century as the discussion object, and tries to discuss the issue of system reform mode of the country contained in the establishing process. Through analyzing the court cases, the gaol and the house of correction had started...
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Research on Teaching System Construction of Applied Surveying Engineering Specialty with "3S" as the Core

Maohua Liu, Yue Shao, Jing Yao, Yingchun You
In order to adapt to the application of surveying and mapping engineering specialty construction, by modifying the teaching plan, increase the content of the practice, appropriate cuts theoretical study, based on "3S" as the core of the practical teaching system construction surveying and mapping engineering...
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Study on Supporting Technology for Mechanized Construction of High Speed Railway Tunnel

Jun Gao, Xiao Lin
In order to improve the construction and management level of tunnel comprehensive mechanization, from the improvement of tunnel construction efficiency, select scientific and reasonable construction technology, from the construction technology and mechanized supporting, analyze the development status...
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The Application of Genre-based Teaching Approach in English Intensive Reading for Minority Preparatory Students

Hongxia Dai
I choose the text of Unit Twelve "Alex Haley" from Book 2 in English compiled by higher school teaching material compiling group in Education Ministry for Minority Preparatory students so as to introduce the application of genre-based teaching approach in English intensive reading for minority preparatory...
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Research on the Synergy Degree Evaluation Model of Fujian Free Trade Zone and Port Logistics Based on Order Parameter

Lijin Shao, Qiuming Wu, Bi Zhao
The establishment of the free trade zone is a new path for China to explore the development of the economy. However, the port logistics played a very important role for free trade zone, the synergy degree between two is becoming the critical key. Based on combing and analyzing the literature review of...
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Analysis on Construction of Ideological Safety Pre-Alarm Capacity in Colleges

Chunyan Li, Zilong Zhang
The ideological safety pre-alarm in colleges mainly includes the collection, sorting, analysis and judgment of safety intelligence, as well as the construction of emergency pre-alarm mechanism and guarantee system. In light of the hard evaluation and promotion as well as other issues faced by the current...
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Evaluating the Dissemination Impact of Social Networks based on an Entropy and Analytic Hierarchy Process Hybrid Model

Qin Wang, Zisheng Liu, Xiaoli Wang, Jian Xue
Nowadays, social networks greatly affect people's daily life. However, the need to evaluate the dissemination impact of social networks based on multiple criteria has become a necessity. In this paper, the authors construct an evaluation index system, develop an entropy and Analytic Hierarchy Process...
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Prediction of Short Term Exchange Rate Using BP Neural Network

Jun Liu
Exchange rate prediction accuracy is often about the survival of an enterprise or even national economic environment security. The effect of predicting the short-term exchange rate with general statistical method is not ideal. This paper proposed a multi-layer BP neural network model to predict short-term...
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Research on Teaching Method of Computer Information Management Course for Optoelectronic Engineering

Liang Han, Wei Yang, Bin Cui, Delian Liu
Due to some reason, the teaching effect of computer information management course of optoelectronic engineering is not ideal. Based on the characteristics of optoelectronic engineering, this paper proposes a teaching method of computer information management course based on interest drive. This course...
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An Empirical Study of New Blended Translation Teaching Model

Xuelong Jiang
The aim of this paper is to change traditional models of translation teaching, construct a new and effective blended teaching model, and encourage students to form a habit of autonomous translation learning. Hence, in light of seven years of translation teaching experience, the author develops the new...
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International Student-oriented Course Construction and Teaching Practice of Engineering Drawing

Hong Jia, Xiaohang Jin, Yi Sun, Xiaxia Hu, Yumei Bao
As globalization of higher education goes forward, there's urgent requirement for full English teaching for related majors and curriculum in universities in China. In order to meet the demand, course reform and exploration work has been carried out for the compulsory course "Engineering Drawing" in higher...
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Discussion on Promotion Model of the TRIZ Theory with the Background of "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

Xuebo Yan, Ziqian Zhang
"Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" has been the development trend of the era with the strong impulsion of the Government of China, which promotes innovation as self-awareness participated by all people. As the foundation of independent innovation, it is important to popularize innovation approach...