Proceedings of the International Conference on Education in Muslim Society (ICEMS 2017)

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Enhancement Learning Outcome of Science in Elementry Students by Cooperative Learning and Logical Thinking Method

Sita Ratnaningsih, Wit Laili Darmayanti
Natural Science Learning is a very crucial thing, at this time the results of science learning in the primary schools in Indonesia on a national average is still low. Though studying science since elementary school is a very important. The purpose in this study was to investigate the influence of cooperative...
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Evaluating Equal Education Certification for Indonesian are Not Finish Formal Education by Using CIPP Model

Nurkhasanah Nurkhasanah, Ahmad Sofyan, Hasyim Asy’ari
Paket C is government program aims to providing equal education certification for Indonesian who are not able to finish their formal education. The evaluating Paket C program using CIPP model; Context, Input, Process, and Product dimension with a qualitative approach. The evaluation findings on the context...
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The Innovation of Human Resource Management in Education to Improve School Quality

Nurochim Nurochim
Human Resource Management education is any effort in the form of policies, activities, considerations intended for human resources in this case educators and school personnel can afford and prosper in working optimally to achieve educational goals. The purpose of this research is to know the human resource...
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The Effect of Reflective Journal Writing on Students’ Writing Ability of Narrative Text

Firdaus Habibi, Ismalianing Eviyuliwati, Sunardi Kartowisastro
This research is aimed to obtain the empirical evidence about the effect of reflective journal writing on students’ writing ability of narrative text at the tenth-grade students of SMA Triguna Utama South Tangerang. The writer used quasi-experimental research which classified into a quantitative research....
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Analysis of Mathematical Reflective Thinking Skills Based on Learning Model And Mathematical Prior Knowledge

Abdul Muin, Lisfa Novianti, Eva Musyrifah
In several types of research, analysis about mathematical reflective thinking skills viewed based on one independent variable as treatment given. The purpose of the research was to analyze the mathematical reflective thinking skills not only based on learning model but also viewed based on mathematical...
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Enhancing Students’ Higher-Order Thinking Skills Through Guided and Free Inquiry-Based Learning

Zulfiani Zulfiani, Regiani Yunistika, Nengsih Juanengsih
The study aims to determine the effectiveness of guided inquiry and free inquiry to improve students’ higher-order thinking skills (HOTS). The quasi-experiments was conducted using non-equivalent pretest post test control group design. Simple random sampling was used as the sampling technique with 64...
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Understanding Female Religiousity in Indonesia

Ulfah Fajarini
This article analyzes coping mechanism under the restriction of women’s role in domestic sphere. These women are members of Jam’iyyat al-Nisa Assembly of Muslim (Majelis Taklim Jam’iyyat al-Nisa ??" MTJN). This research is conducted using qualitative method, namely direct observation and in-depth interview....
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Classroom Discourse: Pattern of Interaction of Talk Between Students in Primary Science Classrooms in Indonesia

Munasprianto Ramli, Media Putri Yohana
Classroom talk has been the subject of research over the last forty or so years. In the field of science education, dialogue has become a central issue in developed countries within last twenty years. Although the research focused in this topic grows rapidly in western country, this was not a case in...
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Reframing The Curriculum: Making Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Action

Eny S. Rosyidatun
Many people in the world have been paying more attention and concern on issues in environmental field since a significant climate and environmental changes happens. The global warming phenomenon which is relevant to greenhouse effect, ozone layers destruction, coral reef bleaching, and floods, became...
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The Ability of Creative Mathematical Thinking of Madrasah’s Students

Maifalinda Fatra, Tita Khalis Maryati
Educated people have the power of thought, reason and intelligence which support them to overcome the problems they face in everyday live. One way to develop these powers is to develop a creative thinking on mathematics. This study investigated the effect of the implementation of Curriculum 13 (K13)...
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Scientific Literacy Among Junior High School Students in Different Curriculum

Yanti Herlanti, Ahmad Soleh
Indonesia has applied two curricula, namely the former curriculum (2006 ??" best known as School-Based Curriculum) and the new curriculum (2013 ??" best known as Content Standard Curriculum) simultaneously since 2014-2017. This study is aimed to determine the student’s Scientific literacy on both curricula....
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The effectiveness of Teaching with Analogy on Students’ Mathematical Representation of Derivative Concept

Gelar Dwirahayu, Siti Miftah Mubasyiroh, Afidah Mas’ud
The purpose of this study was to describe the effectiveness of Teaching With Analogy (TWA) model to increase students’ mathematical representation. Teaching With Analogy is a learning model that provides guidelines to build linkages between something is already known and something new to learn or learn...
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The Implemention of Virtual Laboratory Phet Guided Discovery Learning on Students’ Achievement: Dynamic Electricity Topic

Fathiah Alatas, Hasian Pohan, Ahda Sulukin Nisa
Dynamic electricity was considered as abstract concepts, needs experimental study. This research tries to apply learning in a virtual laboratory PhET by guided discovery learning where students build their own knowledge, contextual and interactive. Methods used quasi experimental design with non-equivalent...
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The Representation of Culture in English Reading Passages of Senior High School National Examination in Indonesia

Siti Nurul Azkiyah, Dede Puji Setiono
Culture has become one of the concerned issues in the field of language testing and evaluation. Therefore, this paper attempts to identify different cultures contained on test items, particularly whether the Indonesian culture is sufficiently represented. Qualitative method using a content analysis design...
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The Effect of English Captioned Video on Students’ Listening Comprehension (A Quasi-Experimental Study at the Eleventh-Grade Students of SMAN 4 Tangerang Selatan)

Ratna Sari Dewi, Zaharil Anasy, Rif’atun Nazhiroh
This study aimed to obtain empirical data regarding whether there is a significant effect on providing English captioned video (variable x) towards students’ listening comprehension (variable y). The research was conducted at Senior High School 4 (SMAN 4), Tangerang Selatan and consist of 40 students...
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The Effect of The Learning Cell Model on Students’ Mathematical Communication Skills

Gusni Satriawati, Adelina Fitriyani, Kadir Kadir
The competence of mathematical communication skill is one of the main factors in learning Mathematics; however, the reality in learning mathematics shows that the students’ ability of mathematical communication is still low. The main issues of this study is to analyse the students 'mathematical communication...
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Assessing Creativity of Senior High School Students in Learning Biology Using Online Portfolio Assessment on Facebook

Nengsih Juanengsih, Wulan Apriani, M. Ahmad Danial
Creativity is a meaningful ability and demands in improving the quality of education to produce creative learners. Assessment of creativity in the learning process is needed to contribute positively to the process and the achievement of learning outcomes in the development of creativity. This study aims...
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Correlational Investigation of Indonesian EFL Learners’ Critical Thinking, and Grammar Mastery with Their Reading Comprehension Achievement

Alek Alek, Estetika Handayani
Critical thinking and grammar mastery play a prominent role in fostering students’ reading comprehension skill. Reading comprehension is a prominent aspects to develop other English skills. The present study was to investigate the relationship Indonesian learners’ critical thinking with their reading...
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Development of Chemistry Interactive Instructional Media Based on Mobile Learning on Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

Budi Kurniawan, Dedi Irwandi, Nanda Saridewi
This research aimed at developing chemistry interactive media based on mobile learning on oxidation-reduction reaction and also at finding out the quality of the media that have developed. The instructional media developed by using Warsita models; design, production and evaluate. Products were validated...
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Instilling Islamic Values in Foreign Language Teaching: An Indonesian Context

Ahmad Madkur, Azkia Muharom Albantani
Recently, there seem a significantly growing number of studies in the relationship of religion and instructional activities. In Indonesia, the world’s biggest Muslim country where the big number of Islam-affiliated schools play a role in shaping the educational policy, it is considered important that...
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Using Problem-Based Learning Approach with Scaffolding Technique to Enhance Students’ Mathematical-logical Thinking Ability

Lia Kurniawati, Reski Meidasari, Ramdani Miftah
The objective of this research was to analyze students’ mathematical-logical thinking ability. This research used the quasi-experimental method with randomized control group post-test only design. The sample of research was 82 students of the seventh grade which were chosen by using cluster random sampling...
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Development of KADIR Learning Model to Enhance Students’ Mathematical Problem Solving Skill

Kadir Kadir, Moria Fatma, Rizki Heryani Oktavianti
The purpose of the present study was to develop KADIR (Koneksi, Aplikasi, Diskursus, Improvisasi and Refleksi) learning model kits for improving students' Mathematical Problem SolvingSkill (MPSS). This study was a research and development study employing the 3-D (Define-Design-Develop). The field try-outs...
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Professional Teacher for EFL Classroom

Fahriany Fahriany, Fahri Haswani
One factor influencing the success of EFL Class is teachers, which of course are expected to have good competences. One of the required competences is professionalism beside pedagogical personality and social competences. This article discusses professional English teachers who can inspire students to...
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Student’s Self- Efficacy And Their Speaking Skill At Lower Secondary School

Desmaliza Desmaliza, Tria Septiani
Although learning English for many years, most students could not be able to practice and speak in the class or out of class. Speaking in English language is very difficult for students and they think that they cannot speak English even though they know that the skill is very important to face the globalization....
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Measuring Content Validity: Students’ Self-efficacy and Meaningful Learning in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Scale

Norliza Ghazali, Mohamad Sahari Nordin, Sulaiman Hashim, Suhailah Hussein
The objective of this research is to examine the content validity of students’ self-efficacy and meaningful learning scale in context of Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) by using Content Validity Ratio (CVR). The research was conducted through the evaluation among 20 expert panels with purposive sampling...
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English, Modernity and the Decay of Local Language

Asna Usman Dilo, Sri Dewi Jayanti Biahimo
This study aims at describing the correlation between English usage in daily interaction of young generation in Gorontalo and the decay of local language. It is a qualitative study where the data are taken from observation, interview, and documentation. The respondents in this study are young people...
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Building Fiqh Education to De-Radicalization

Hasbiyallah Hasbiyallah, Erni Haryanti
This article aims at building Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) from which Islamic education system would be operating to de-radicalization. As the study of the Shari'ah (Islamic Law and rules), the whole corpus of Fiqh is about the interpretation of the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah (the practice and tradition...
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Views of University’s Top Management Leaders on University-Community Engagement

Aida Suraya Md.Yunus, Norzaini Azman, Shukran Abdul Rahman
University-community engagement (UCE) activities may be side-lined by academics due to the greater emphasis given to research, publication and teaching in promotion and yearly appraisal. Thus, communities close to a university may not receive any benefits from the existence of a university in their larger...
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A Prophetic Pedagogical framework for Islamic schools

Muhammad Abdullah
During the last 35 years Islamic or Muslim schools have sprung up in Europe, North America and Australia. Reasons for the establishment of these schools generally pertain to Islamic faith and quality of education. In the main the desire of parents is for their children to both maintain their faith and...
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Engaging Youth Through Youth-Adult Partnerships (Y-AP): Implications for Education and Community Organizations

Steven Eric Krauss
In educational settings the world over, youth are increasingly disengaged from schools and communities. Increased dropout rates, truancy, crime, and general malaise within schools and youth programs indicate a disengagement problem in the context of youth learning spaces. Creating learning settings where...
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Acquiring Arabic Vocabularies Through Memorizing Al-Qur’an

Mar'atus Sholehah
This research investigated acquiring Arabic vocabularies through memorizing al-Qur’an. The language of al-Qur’an is Arabic. It could not be changed until the end of this world. There are many memorizers al-Qur’an, the frequency in memorizing al-Qur’an for each person is different based on their Arabic...
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Authentic Learning Model with Multiple Source for 21st-century in Higher Education”

Ria Hedhiana, Mochammad Noviadi Nugroho, Sri Rahayu
Purpose This article is aims to Multiple Source Learning Acces and Authentical Learning for 21st-century "Reinventing Paradigm of Higher Education Relevance” Responding to Global Perspective In this study, the researcher will use qualitative methods, to examine the condition of the natural object, in...
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Implementation of Moral & Character Education In the Development of Student Social Life Skill in Higher Education

Herlina Herlina, Ria Herdhiana, Mochammad Noviadi Nugroho
Multidimensional crisis is a symptom of moral decline (character), this not only happen to adults among adults, but also has happened to the students and the students, the young shoots of hope of the nation. Parents, educators and those working in the field of religion and social behavior of many who...
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The Ability of Estimation Stability and Item Parameter Characteristics Reviewed by Item Response Theory Model

Ilham Falani, Nisraeni Nisraeni, Iyan Irdiyansyah
The objective of the study is to determine the ability of estimation stability and item parameter characteristics based on the use of logistic models. The data used are simulated data which generated using WINGEN, as much as 1000 participants sample size with length of test of 40 items. Further estimation...
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Factors That Affect Students’ Reticence in Class

Nguyen Van Tuyen
It is a widely held axiom that language is intertwined with culture. That is why teachers of languages and researchers show their concern about not only teaching methods but also culture of learning by language learners. In pursuit of empowering their learners’ communicative competence in the target...
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Analysis of Student Learning Differences in Learning Accounting Basic Financial 2

Saiful Almujab, Mochammad Noviadi Nugroho, Ria Herdhiana
This study aims to determine the perceptions of students on the implementation of lecture of Financial Accounting Basics 2 in the Economics Program, to find out what materials are difficult to feel by students in studying Basic Financial Accounting 2 in Economic Studies and to find the effort to be done...
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Scientific Attitude Profile of Student Through Guided Inquiry by Experiment Method

Gita Dynamika Putra, Burhanudin Milama, Nanda Saridewi
Scientific attitude is extremely needed in science teaching especially chemistry. This research was done to analyze scientific attitude of student through guided inquiry by experiment method. Used instruments were observation sheet and interview. The research had undertaken in three senior high schools....
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Designing of Educational Game Tools for Early Childhood Development Based on Islamic Values

Miratul Hayati
Using of educational game tools considers child development to stimulate children personal, intellectual growth, language ability, cognitive, social ability, emotional, motor skills, physical coordination, art and religious morals. Educational game tools is using by concrete objects in the learning process....
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Increasing Scientific Reasoning Through Discussion of Virus Issues in Scientific and Socioscientific

Nuzli Fahdia Mazfufah, Yanti Herlanti, Yuke Mardiati
Scientific reasoning is useful in order to solving problems in life. The discussion of socioscientific issues has potential to improve students' scientific reasoning. This research aimed to determine the use of discussion of virus issues in scientific and socioscientific to improving students' scientific...
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The Development of Chemistry Textbook Based on Scientific Literacy the Concept of Colloid System

Vivi Seftari, Burhanudin Milama, Nanda Saridewi
The qualities of student science literacy skills were still below the standard, one of the reason was the absent of chemistry textbook which provide student to integrate with the development of science in the factual aspect with our daily lives. The research aims to develop chemistry textbook based on...
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The Effectiveness of Teachers’ Higher Order Thinking Skills Questions on Science Test Achievement of form Four Students

Sheela Kumari A/P Appanna, Tajularipin Sulaiman, Yuni Wulandari
This quasi-experimental study aims to investigate the effectiveness of teacher’s higher order thinking skills questions on test achievement of form four students. Sixty (60) students from intact groups were assigned into the control and treatment groups. The treatment group were exposed to teacher’s...
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The Influence of Parent Attachment on Self Regulation in Recovery Among Registered Drug Addicts

Wan Maisarah Wan Abu Mansor, Nor Aniza Ahmad, Siti Aishah Hassan
Drug addiction is an issue that should be taken seriously by all. The growing number of drug addicts from time to time has led to a variety of prevention, enforcement and rehabilitation approaches use to solve the problem. This research aims to identify the relationship between parent attachment and...
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The Analysis of Language Skills Proportion in English Textbook Grade XI Published by Kemendikbud 2014

Indah Damayanti, Dian Eka Chandra Wardhana, Mei Hardiah
The main part of teaching and learning process is good materials and activity for students which are represented by a textbook. Evaluation on a textbook is needed in order to evaluate the content to the need of teaching and learning process and the goal of the curriculum. This research aims to evaluate...
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Building Autonomous Learners in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Classroom

Abd. Rahman
The concept of learner autonomy has been widely discussed in the area of second language acquisition (SLA). Learner autonomy is the ability of the learners to take responsibility for their own learning. It is believed that this concept allows the learners to be more active and become effective language...
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Out-of-Class English Language Learning Strategies Used by English Majors in Indonesia

Haryanti Haryanti
This study aimed to investigate out-of-class language learning strategies (OCLLSs, henceforth) used by six English majors in Indonesia. The data used in this study were the students’ journals written for seven days and email-based interview results. The study found that the two most common strategies...
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Experiential Realizations of Pedagogic Discourse in an Indonesian EFL Classroom

Sunardi Sunardi, M. Sri Samiati Tarjana, Soepomo Poedjosoedarmo, Riyadi Santosa
This paper aims at finding the schematic structure of a pedagogic discourse in an Indonesian EFL classroom and describing the process types used in the discourse as the experiential meaning realizations. The data of this study was a video-taped EFL classroom taught by a non-native English lecturer in...
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Teaching Practice Assessment Methods For Pre-Service Teachers In Malaysian Teacher Education

Syaiful Anwar Yahya, Rosnidar Mansor, Mohd Hassan Abdullah
The Malaysian education system has expanded from strength to strength in the last few years. Throughout last decade, the system has made significant changes from the pre-school education to the higher education. However, the quality of Malaysian teacher has always been subjected to debate since this...
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Characteristic of Students’ Personality for An Ulul Albab Program Student Intake In Malaysia

Umi Kalthom Abdul Manaf, Fadzilah Abdul Rahman, Fathiyah Mohd Fakhruddin, Siti Solehah Ibrahim
The study was conducted to determine the criteria in students’ selection for admission to the Ulul Albab program at a MARA Junior Science College, Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The primary mission of the Ulul Albab curriculum is to develop a personality who is scientifically inclined in science...
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Educating and Empowering Entrepreneurs through Local Community Project in Malaysia ??" Financial Problems in SDSI Program

Azizan Asmuni, Hayrol Ag Shaffril, Jasmin Arif Shah, Husnina Yusoff
The One District One Industry program locally known as SDSI (Satu Daerah Satu Industri) initiated by the Malaysian government has begun to show the positive economic impact on rural entrepreneurs. In thriving for successful, the entrepreneurs faced a lot of obstacles and problems, particularly in finance...
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Influence of Students’ Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness and Time Spent Towards Students’ Continuance Intention Using MOOC Among Public University Students

Aisha Aminu Daneji Mas Nida Md. Khambari, Ahmad Fauzi Mohd Ayub, Wan Marzuki Wan Jaafar
With the development of technology and internet, more and more public universities in Malaysia has put in their efforts and investment in MOOC. The benefits of MOOC cannot be maximized, as there is high enrolment but low courses completion rate. The aim of this paper is to explore the influence perceived...
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The Availability of Question Analysis on Higher Order Thinking of Physic Textbook in The Concept of Rigid Body

Arini Nur Chayati, Erina Hertanti, Ai Nurlaela
The purpose of this research is to analyze the availability of questions on higher order thinking that was developed in textbook in the concept of rigid body. The textbook selected for this research is the most physics textbook used in the high school in South Tangerang in the terms of 2015/2016, that...
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Rehabilitation Patterns to Teens Victims Through Religious, Social Economic, And Education Perspective Approach (Preventive, Repressive, Curative, and Rehabilitative) Case Study Of Liddo Sukabumi BNN Drugs Rehabilitation Center And Inaba Suryalaya Tasikmalaya

Moch. Noviadi Nugroho, Ria Hedhiana, Saiful Almujab, Sri Rahayu
The problem of drug abuse is a very potential danger to destroy the generation of the nation. Drug abuse is closely related to the quality of human resources and the future of the nation because the main victims are the younger generation. This has a negative impact on health, psychology,education, socio-economic...
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Representaion of Islamic Culture on Indonesian Language Textbooks in Madrasah

Nuryani Nuryani
The aim of this study is to describe representation of Islamic Culture on Indonesian language textbooks in madrasah for the past two years. Islamic education should be able to realize the elements of Islam in every component of teaching, one of them in the preparation and use of textbooks for each subject....
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The Correlation between Concept Mastery and Stage of Moral Reasoning Student Using Socio-scientific Issues on Reproductive System Material

Tri Ayu Lestari, Saefudin Saefudin, Didik Priyandoko
This research aims to analyze the correlation between concept mastery and moral stages of students. The research method using a correlational study with stratified random sampling technique. The population in this research is all of eleventh grade students in Senior High School Bandung. Data were collected...
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The Implementation of Think Pair Share on Learning Outcomes and Self-Efficacy in Fourth Grade SD Muhammadiyah 12 Pamulang

Fidrayani Fidrayani, Novia Fauzia
This study aims to describe the improvement of learning outcomes and self-efficacy on thematic learning through the implementation of Think Pair Share learning strategy in fourth grade students at SD Muhammadiyah 12 Pamulang. The type of research used is qualitative with classroom action research which...
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Quality Assurance Implementation Practices in Selected Malaysian Public Universities

Baboucarr Njie, Soaib Asimiran, Ramli Basri, Suhaida Abdul Kadir
The quest to improve and compete globally has prompted universities around the world to subscribe to quality assurance practices and the Malaysian public universities are no exception. This study was conducted with the aim of exploring the quality assurance practices in Malaysian public universities...
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Muslim Education and Interfaith Understanding: The Case of the Muslim College in the United Kingdom

Suwito Suwito, Yusuf Rahman, Izza Rohman
In a multicultural society, Islamic education that is conscious of the need for creating social harmony across faiths and denominations has more to offer than confessional education in Islamic seminaries and secular universities’ critically approached by Islamic studies. Muslim higher educations in the...
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Narrative as a Pedagogical Method and Quality of Pre Service Moral Education Teachers

Nur Surayyah Madhubala Abdullah, Maizura Yasin, Norzihani Shaharuddin
This paper explores how narrative can be used as a pedagogical method in improving quality of pre-service moral education teachers. It examines the use of stories to engage students’ experiences with moral behavior of people and the ethical basis for their behavior to achieve the learning outcomes. Further,...
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Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS ) Ability of Student High School, Collage, and Physics Teacher on Physics Lesson Materials

Iwan Permana Suwarna, Yenny Handayani, Neni Ratnasari
Higher order thinking skill (HOTs) is an important skill that must be possessed in the 21st century. Teachers, students’ teacher, and students must have this skill. This study is aimed to describe of HOTs in high school students, physics students’ teacher, and physics teachers. The study was conducted...