Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Education, Language, Art and Inter-cultural Communication (ICELAIC 2021)

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The Interpretation of the Concept of Home in Kyrgyz Language View of the World: Associative Experiment

Cholpon Naimanova, Kanikey Aalyeva
The topicality of the research is based on the interest in the study of the concept of “home” in Kyrgyz cognitive linguistics. The concept of home is topical from the cultural, spiritual, and moral values of any culture including Kyrgyz. The novelty of the research is that the concept of home has been...
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Native Language Interference in the Process of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language

Katarina Jalova
In this article, we deal with the problem of native language interference in the process of teaching Russian as a foreign language. In the theoretical part, we define the concept of the interlingual interference with an emphasis on various areas of language in which it occurs. In the analytical-interpretative...
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Physiological Metaphor as a Means of the Metaphorical Modeling of Brexit in Russian Media Texts

Linda Krajcovicova
This article deals with the analysis of the physiological metaphor as a means of the metaphorical modeling of the discourse event Brexit in the Russian media discourse and political discourse. A special emphasis is put on its potential conflictogenic effects and the intentions of its use. The analysis...
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Conceptualization of Conceivable Worlds of a Person in Altered States of Consciousness

Yulia Pogrebnyak, Aigul Bakirova
The article describes the ways of conceptualizing the conceivable worlds in altered states of mind at the example of the main character’s conceivable world in Chuck Palahniuk’s “Fight Club”. From the conducted analysis it can be seen that the world of people in altered states of consciousness can expand...
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Strategies Adopted by C. H. Brewitt-Taylor for Translating Military Terms in San Guo Yan Yi from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

Mingzhi Ran
As one of the “Four Great Chinese Classics”, San Guo Yan Yi (the Three Kingdoms) takes an important position in Chinese literature. It contains a lot of military terms like weapons, military attires and military strategies or tactics with unique Chinese cultural elements or connotations which may generate...
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The Use of Politeness in Online Merchandising Businesses from the Perspective of Geoffrey Leech’s Politeness Principle

Huanzhang Lin
With the development of online merchandise, more and more trades and deals are completed through online means via electronic devices. At the end of last century, Geoffrey Leech illustrated his Politeness Principles briefly known as six main maxims as “Tact, Generosity, Praise, Modesty, Agreement and...
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A Comparative Study of Translations of the Word “Junzi” into English from the Perspective of Cultural Communication

Xijin Lin
The word “Junzi” highly sums up the connotation of Chinese traditional culture, which often appears in Chinese classical literature. With the development of one belt one road’s construction, the economic, cultural and political exchanges at home and abroad are increasingly frequent. The translation of...
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The Evolution of Chinese Word Meaning and Its Application in the Teaching of Chinese Vocabulary to Foreign Learners

Jianguo Zhang
The evolution of Chinese word meaning is an extremely complex process and scholars are unable to decide what is right in terms of its evolution patterns and details. Therefore, as a foreign Chinese teacher, in the teaching of Chinese vocabulary to foreign learners, one should pay special attention to...
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Features of “X Dada” in Modern Chinese

Jiaojiao Wang
The word “Dada” has several parts of speech. It’s often used as a kinship appellation noun in Chinese dialect. The semantic generalization of “Dada” in the construction of “X Dada” is the common result of the externalization of metaphorical thinking and the generalization of emotional principles. The...
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The Linguistic Art Style of “The Communist Manifesto”

Yi Zhang, Mengqi Zhang, Shuoyang Zang, Junfei Bi
The Communist Manifesto, as a Marxist programmatic document, not only has important theoretical value but also has a unique charm of language and art. This article mainly discusses the linguistic art style of “Communist Manifesto” with humorous imagery metaphors, smart language, exquisite and rigorous...
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Language Attitude of Interlocutors Towards Dialect Users by Means of Verbal Guise Test and Interview

Linxin Zhang
In China, the co-existence of various kinds of regional dialects is relatively noticeable. Since the promotion policy of Mandarin declared by the Chinese government, the amount of the speaker of Mandarin has been experiencing a tremendous increase. Therefore, the contact between Mandarin and different...
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Bibliometric Analysis of the International Language Testing Research Through WOS Databases (2000-2020)

Yansong Feng, Jianghong Han
Using CiteSpace as the bibliometric analysis method, this paper analyzes the documents of three WOS databases (SSCI, CPCI-SSH and A&HCI) to systematically present the chronological development of the international language testing research during the past two decades. The visualized analyses display...
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Study on the “Bird” as a Core Word in Yusuf Khass Hajib’s Qutadğu Bilig

Aibibula Tuersun, Sufeinuer Saifuding, Riziwanguli Kahaer
The core words play very important role in the study of the vocabulary of a language. This article discusses for the first time the word ‘bird’ in Qutadğu Bilig (Wisdom of Royal Glory) from the perspective of the core word. An exhaustive search of relevant classic literature and inscriptions was conducted...
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Case Studies of Relay Translation in Ancient China

Quanmin Xin
The existence of many different languages in the world is a barrier to communication among different peoples. In ancient times, different ethnic groups had more language barriers compared with modern people. As with adjacent groups, with regular contact, some people with language talent were able to...
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Review of Semantic Priming Research Applied in Second Language (L2) Acquisition

Furong Kou
This paper synthesizes and evaluates semantic priming research applied in second language research. It first provides the definitions of semantic priming and its types. Then the relationship between semantic priming research and second language research is discussed. The empirical studies concerning...
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A Genre Analysis of Chinese Celebrities’ Apologies on Sina Weibo

Yibei Wang
Nowadays many celebrities from different circles join in Sina Weibo, the most popular self-media platform in China. Based on genre theories of Bhatia and Swales and considering the unique social context, the study has analyzed 3 pieces of apologies from Sina Weibo. This research is a new attempt to apply...
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The Accented English Pronunciation of Chinese EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Preschoolers

Jingyi Yang
Even though the patterns of Chinese English as a new variety of English is gradually emerging, very few studies have been done to explicitly explore the unique patterns of Chinese English comprehensively with consideration of all areas of China. To fill in the previous gaps, ten Chinese EFL preschoolers...
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English Translation of Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 from the Perspective of Skopos Theory

Ruyi Song, Ya Liu
In 2020, COVID-19 broke out globally. Countries around the world worked together to fight the epidemic. Now the world has entered the “post-epidemic era.” In the prevention and control of the epidemic in China, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has exerted its unique advantages and contributed to the...
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Psychological Reasons for Homophonic Internet Buzzwords Usage by Modern Chinese People

Xiaolan Wen, Xiangxue Li, Enhui Chen
As a dissemination mode of mass culture, homophonic Internet buzzword has a wide audience and represents the spirit of the network society to some extent, and its influence often extends to the realistic level of the society. This paper selects Bilibili, SINA Microblog and some other network social platforms...
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A Study on the Publicity Translation in the Context of Global Epidemic from the Perspective of Thick Translation

Jingwei Guan, Qiqi Cui, Hongling Que
Thick translation is a concept related to cultural communication. It was first proposed by American translation theorist Anthony Appiah in 1993. [1] Nowadays, thick translation is an effective way to realize Chinese culture going out and carrying out publicity translation. At present, the Covid-19 epidemic...
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Motivating EFL Students in Learner-centered Classroom

Ruixia Huang
Traditional English classroom is teacher-centered, in which teacher dominates the classroom while students sit there listening passively. The demotivation resulting from this requires changing the traditional role of both the teacher and learners. The author of this paper tries to address the challenge...
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The Application of Contemporary Chinese Verbal Model Markers and Their Construction Corpus in an Electronic Dictionary of New Words

Ming Zhao
Corpus can provide more powerful support and convenience for linguistic information processing, and the information obtained through corpus is richer and more complete, and the relevant research results are more objective and credible. In this paper, on the basis of statistical screening of more than...
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Chinese-English Subtitle Translation Strategies from the Perspective of Communicative Translation Theory: A Case Study of China from Above by Knny Png and Klaus Toft

Wei Zhao
Documentary subtitle translation is a relatively new research field, and more and more attention has been paid to it at home and abroad. In this thesis, the researcher aims to study and interpret documentary subtitle translation from the view of communicative translation theory. By analyzing the characteristics...
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A Review and Methodological Reflection on Knowledge Organization Studies

Jie Zheng
The isomorphism and interdisciplinarity of knowledge organization and terminography provide necessary prerequisites for interdisciplinary research in these two academic fields. Based on the literature synthesis, this article reviews the theoretical and applied research of knowledge organization in the...
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Psychology of Metaphorical Mapping in the Literary Language of Modern Chinese Fictions

Guanghan Li
From the perspective of cognitive metaphorical studies, this paper examines exhaustively the metaphorical coding through the rhetorical expressions in modern Chinese fictions, and finds out the cognitive reasons, psychological patterns and mechanisms with the systematic features in the literary metaphorical...
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Chinese-English Translation of Publicity-targeted Tourism Texts*

Hongmei Wang
The English translation quality of publicity-targeted tourism texts plays an important role in the development of China’s inbound tourism. Good publicity-targeted tourism texts can effectively attract foreign tourists and promote the development of China’s tourism industry. From the current situation,...
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Research on Translation Strategies of Taoism in the New Media Environment

Fei Luo
This paper puts forward a multi-level translation path of reader-centered, text-based, culture-oriented, new media environment-based and translator-centered approach, in order to provide feasible solutions for Taoism translation with the focus on the characteristics of new media environment, the characteristics...
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A Survey and Research on Language Usage in Border Counties of Ethnic Minorities in China

Taking Burang County, Tibet as an Example

Xin Lin
China’s ethnic minority border counties are geographically adjacent to other countries and have frequent foreign exchanges. The local border trade and tourism development provide them with advantages in foreign language environment. It has certain practical significance to discuss the language use in...
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Glocal Expression in Wudaokou Commercial Linguistic Landscape

Wenli Fu, Lisha Xu, Na Yang
From the perspectives of sociolinguistics and social semiotics, on the basis of Luke Rowland’s theory of glocalization and Kress’s theory of multimodal semiotics, using a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods, this study focuses on analyzing the commercial linguistic landscape...
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Iconicity: A Basic Characteristic of Signs in Game Text

Research on a Foundational Question of Game Semiotics

Yaopeng Xu, Qinxin Yu
The semiotics of games treats games as symbolic text and provides a set of systematic research methodology for the field of game studies. Based on the semiotic theory of Charles Sanders Peirce, this paper analyzes the essential quality of the smallest unit “act” in the game text and holds that the “act”...
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Death as a Semiotic Issue: Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Svetlana Gerasimova, Elena Kulikova
The cultural code of dying is fundamental to every culture. The transition from paganism to Christianity was marked by a new thanatological teaching, expressed in the exclamation: «Christ is Risen!» It formed the basis of Russian traditional thanatology and the Russian cultural code. It is preserved...
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Reflection of Revolutionary Environment in the Ontology of I.A. Bunin’s Poetry of the Pre-Emigrant Period

Yuliya Morozova
The paper explores I.A. Bunin’s sentiment towards the revolution as well as reflection of his social and political views through poetry in 1915-1919 and letters to N.A. Nilus alongside excerpts from Bunin’s non-fiction articles that have a distinct correlation with his pre-emigrant poetry (“I have no...
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Life and Works of I.A. Bunin During the Second World War

Sergey N. Morozov
The paper explores life and works of I.A. Bunin between 1939 and 1945. Hardscrabble life of Bunin and members of his household during the Second World War is revealed through public records and mailing exchange with contemporaries. It also identifies the circle of people who received Bunin’s support...
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The Struggle Between the Realist and Modernist Trends in the Theater World of Russia in the Early 20th Century

Magda A. Dzhichonaya
The article dealt with the problems of the disengagement of forces of artists when there was a struggle between realism and modernism, especially in theatre. Both realists and symbolists had their achievements. K. Stanislavsky and V. Nemirovich-Danchenko were true innovators of theatrical art in Russia...
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A Study of Trauma Metaphor in Morrison’s Novels

Liting Wang
“Trauma” is one of the important themes in Morrison’s novels. In recent years, many critics has applied the theory of trauma to interpret the work of Morrison, especially to analyze the trauma of black women in her works by combining her identity as a black woman writer with the theory of feminist criticism....
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The “Foolishness for Christ” and Its Character Images in Remizov’s Creation

Juan Zhang
Saint foolishness means the foolishness for Christ. In Russian folk culture, the people of foolishness for Christ are the people of gods, and they are sacred Orthodox people. In Russian literature, a series of foolishness for Christ images have been created in both the saints’ biographical literature...
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Exploring the Core Word “Hair” in Qutadğu Bilig by Yusuf Khass Hajib

Sufeinuer Saifuding, Yidayati Yanitake, Aibibula Tuersun
The study of core words in a language mostly depends on various classical resources. This article investigate the core word “Hair” in one of the classic masterpieces- Qutadğu Bilig (Wisdom of Glory) within the framework of semantic field theory. Through studying the literature, we found that there are...
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Review of Research on Chinese Mythology

Dong Zhang
Mythological Narration, an important concept which belongs to the field of Mythological Research, could be explained in various ways. However, the academic value of this concept has not been noticed adequately. As a manifestation of the externalization of mythological thinking, mythological narration...
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Study on the Emotional and Rational Life in Ding Xilin’s Comedy

Yizhen Sun
The discussion on Ding Xilin’s dramas mostly focuses on the analysis of his comic language and artistic techniques, while the display of the life force of the characters in Ding Xilin’s dramas is seldom discussed. Throughout the dramas created by Ding Xilin during his lifetime, praise for the rhythm...
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Approach-avoidance Conflict Writings in Chinese Literature on the Theme of Rural Migrants

Yiwen Zhang
The objective of this paper is to review and interpret the approach-avoidance conflict in the Chinese literature of rural migrants in the 1980s and 1990s. With the use of research methods such as close analysis and social criticism, this paper classifies and explains the writings on approach-avoidance...
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Analysis of “Orphan of China” and French Neoclassical Drama from the Perspective of Theme and Structure Plot

Zhongxin Jia
In the 18th-century, Yuan Zaju (Chinese drama) “Orphan of Zhao” was translated and transmitted to France by the French missionary Marjosé. The philosopher and playwright Voltaire adapted the play and staged it in France. Why Voltaire, a pioneer of French thought adapted this play, and how to adapt it...
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Analysis of Time and Space Narrative in LiuDai’s Novella Immortal Lover (SanDuo) and Talisman (ZhenWu)

Li Hou, Jianjun Kang, Yongli Xu
Rural stories, historical tales and cultural legends are the most important materials for novels. How to awaken these dormant histories and introduce them into the creation of literary works is the basic problem that writers have to devote themselves to solve. In this article, it takes the works of writer...
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Representation of the Concept “Home” in Andersen’s Fairy Tales

Kaili Sheng, Lanjia Peng
There are three similar stories in Hans Christian Andersen’s later fairy tales, and the plots basically follow a general structural pattern of the hero and heroine “making a covenant at home — leaving home and abandoning the covenant — returning home”. Through the different choices of the hero and heroine,...
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Analysis of Lermontov’s “A Hero of Our Time”: Love, Friendship and Adventure

Zuji Wang, Siqi Lu, Huaiju Wei
Lermontov’s “A Hero of Our Time” (《当代英雄》) is a world masterpiece whose unique creative process has resulted in the multiplicity of the themes of the novel. There are three core themes of this novel: the theme of love, the theme of friendship, and the theme of adventure. In the novel, these three themes...
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Characteristics of the Female Discourse in Louisa May Alcott’s Novels

Meilin Cao
This article is a study of the relevance of Alcott’s work novels and female consciousness. The ideology of “separate spheres” [1] prevailing in American society in the 19th century confined women to the family most of the time, but both in reality and in the literary imagination, women were constantly...
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The Heroines’ Predicament of Self-differentiation in Celeste Ng’s Fictions

Minyao Tian
The new-generation Chinese American writer Celeste Ng has won many awards and praises for two novels Everything I Never Told You and Little Fires Everywhere. Both novels with a recurring family motif, begin with the suspense of a missing girl and narrate the self-differentiation process of Lydia and...
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Exploration of Gothic Elements in Allen Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher

Xiaoli Zhang
As representative Gothic work of Allan Poe, The Fall of the House of Usher inherited Gothic tradition in western literature, and was added modernist elements of psychological analysis due to the innovation and development of Poe. By means of literature research, this article analyzes Gothic elements...
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The Construction of Eileen Chang’s Image in Different Periods

Yaqi Zhao, Guicheng Zhuang
From Seventeen-year Literature to the neglect of the mainland version of literary history during the Cultural Revolution, to the attention after the boom of rewriting literary history in the 1980s, the construction of Eileen Chang’s image has gone from high to low and then showed a trend of recovery....
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The Great Feelings in “Land Our Story” Directed by Yun Zhu Under Micro-image Narration

Han Tian, Guicheng Zhuang
A good documentary requires not only certain creative skills and formal expression, but also the integration of the creator’s humanistic feelings to make the documentary more powerful and warm. “Land Our Story” takes the development of the Party Communist as the time line, starts from the portrayal of...
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A Review of Domestic and Foreign Studies on Russian Writer Boris Pilnyak’s Works

Zhao Wei
Boris Andreyevich Pilnyak is known as the “founder of Soviet prose”. He is one of the founders of the Russian avant-garde and one of the most outstanding Russian writers in the first half of the 20th century. Pilnyak has fully demonstrated his philosophical thoughts on major propositions such as artistic...
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Study on the Narrative Time and Space of Mo Yan’s Novellas and Short Stories

Yingjie Nie, Kaihua Wang
The narrative time and space in Mo Yan’s novels can be described as intertwined and jumping, with twists and turns, interpromoting relation between fiction and reality, and unpredictability. This article focuses on Mo Yan’s novellas and short stories since his attempt of narrative revolution in 1985,...
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The Aesthetic Embodiment of Modernity in Chinese Literature in the 20th Century

Yinghong Sheng, Xiaowen Lin
Chinese literature in the 20th century, especially since the May 4th Movement, has been referred to as modern Chinese literature by academics. In recent years, scholars have been questioning the idea that Chinese literature in the 20th century has the characteristics of modern times but no characteristics...
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Historical Flows of Serbian Literature Created in Kosovo and Metohija in the XX Century

Marija Jeftimijevic, Mihajlovic
This paper provides an overview of the development of Serbian literature created in the area of the southern Serbian province – Kosovo and Metohija, during the XX and at the beginning of the XXI century. It is explicitly emphasized that literature created in the Serbian language, primarily for ideological...
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Elements of Chinese Culture in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden

Xincun Huo, Jingwei Zhong
The Western imagination of the East has a long history of worship, misinterpretation and distortion. A large number of elements of Chinese culture appear in Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden, covering many aspects of life, including ritual, literature and art, and thought, with the number and depth much...
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The Source of Confidence and Worry: Analysis on the Cultural Deposits of Belief in the Rule of Law in Chinese Culture

Zhiyu Cao
In the context of the new era, cultural confidence focuses on the ability of the excellent Chinese traditional culture to contribute wisdom and solutions to the survival and coexistence of mankind. The rule of law is a political choice for China to move towards a higher social form. The belief in the...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Film and Television Adaptation of Literary Works in the New Era

Yijing Chen, Guicheng Zhuang
Due to the influence of Western film and television works, the ideology of Chinese film and television literary creation has changed in recent years. For the creation of literary works in the new era in China, the influence of film and television adaptation cannot be underestimated. From 1992 to 1993,...
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The Specifics of the Development of the Tourism Sector of Contemporary Russia from the Intercultural Prospects

Denis Chistyakov, Ruben Arutyunyan
The article examines the main trends and problems of the development of the tourism industry in Russia, which is closely connected with the communication and intercultural integration processes of the modern world. The authors investigate the formation of tourism in the Russian Federation from the perspective...
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Slavic Themes in the Works of Scientist and Scholar of Slavic Studies A.F. Hilferding

Based on the Collection of A.F. Hilferding’s Works “Russia and the Slavic People”

Natalya Alexandrovna Bondarenko
The article explores scientific endevours of A.F. Hilferding, who was s prominent Slavophile and scholar of language at his time. Historic and cultural ties between Russia, southern Slavic nations, Polabian Slavs, Poles and others were the cornerstone of his focal area. A.F. Hilferding promoted the idea...
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Studying Cultural Traditions of Russian Country Estates as an Important Factor in Artistic and Aesthetic Education of Students of an Artistic Vocational Education Institution

Victoria V. Bezrukova, Lyudmila N. Mikheyeva
The article focuses on some aspects of artistic and aesthetic education of students of an artistic vocational education institution (choreography school) associated with studying the Russian estate culture and traditions of Russian country estates, and organizing traditional balls, literary and musical...
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Contrasting Fortunes of European Leaders Attempting to Use the T-Form of Address in Public During State Visits

Marina Vazanova
This article examines the use of T and V forms of communication. We explain the historical and psychological reasons why Russians are wary of T as a form of communication. We give examples of European Leaders and their choice of T and V forms when addressing others, in private and in public, which go...
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The Functioning of Singing Groups in Rural Areas in the Context of the Extinction of Local Authentic Traditions on the Example of the Volgograd Region

Elena Deryabina, Andrey Kabanov, Anna Utesheva
The paper describes the mechanism of preservation of traditional culture in the urban and rural areas in the XX and XXI centuries. It also discusses the urban amateur ensembles’ contribution into revival of the traditional rural singing culture in 1990s. The paper evaluates the current state of traditional...
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Stylistics of Russian and European Art Nouveau in Costume Design, Decorative and Applied Arts

Kira K Kazanskaya
The founder of the “haute couture” (high sewing) field, the Englishman Charles Frederick Worth, put the costume of the late 19th – early 20th century on a new stage of development in the scale of decorative and applied arts. This high idea was picked up by famous couturiers, interpreting it in their...
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The Multifaceted Representations of Irritation in Weike Wang’s Chemistry

Qifeng Sun, Fuyi Feng
As a newly-emerged Chinese American female writer, Weike Wang has won many literary awards including the Pen/Hemingway Award for her debut fiction Chemistry. Influenced by the “affective turn,” Chemistry is characterized by the overwhelming depiction of the negative feelings of the Chinese American female...
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Death Aesthetics in Japanese Love Movies

Huixian Chen
Death, as the destination of life, has been the ultimate proposition of people’s repeated thinking and research since ancient times. Japan is one of the countries with the strongest expression of death culture and aesthetics of death. Extremely fierce and beautiful and sad deaths are reflected in a large...
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Chinese Teaching in the United States from China by the Analysis of SWOT

Lin Zhu
There are two participants in the process of Chinese dissemination in the United States. China led one of them. This article mainly analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of enterprises in the market competition by analyzing SWOT. The analysis of SWOT includes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities,...
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Exploring the Reasons of Willingness to Engage in Intercultural Communication Among College Students in China

Junying Lu
With the development of international understanding education, the cultivation of intercultural willingness has also been paid more attention to colleges and universities. Therefore, the paper conducted a questionnaire analysis of students’ willingness to engage in intercultural communication in a university...
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A Comparison of the Current Status of Tibetan Opera Research in Chinese and English Contexts

Daiqiong Liu
Tibetan opera is a cultural treasure of the Chinese nation with a splendid and long history, attracting the attention of researchers in China and foreign countries. At present, both Chinese and English studies on Tibetan opera in China and foreign countries have achieved certain results. It is found...
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Analysis on Cultural Awareness of Senior English Compulsory Textbooks by the People’s Education Press

Xiaodan Zhang, Yan Li
Culture is an important part of language learning and it has a great influence on students. “General High School English Curriculum Standard (2017 edition revised in 2020)” this book mentioned that cultural awareness had become one of the four key elements in English disciplinary core literacy, so the...
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Differences of Cultural Taboos Between China and Western Countries and Their Influence on the Intercultural Communication

Jingguang Li
Cultural taboos, as a very important social phenomenon, have a great influence on the intercultural communication. Therefore carrying out the research about the difference of cultural taboos is very significant to promote international exchange and the world harmony. This thesis starts with the explanation...
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Nostalgic Representation of “Old Shanghai” in Hong Kong and Taiwan Films

Nan Dai
In today’s media era, image text, as an important way to present the city image and interpret the city culture, becomes an important carrier of the image of city. Cine-writing, a concept proposed by Agnès Varda, the artist of French films, is also widely used in the analysis and interpretation of the...
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The Role of the Bulgarian Sunday Schools Abroad Aiming to Keep the Bulgarian Culture and Traditions

Boryana Prashtilova
The current article summarizes and discusses 243 Bulgarian Sunday schools abroad, situated at 6 continents, financially supported by the Ministry of Education and Science in the Republic of Bulgaria and 130 schools of 19 countries, participating in the National program Native language and culture abroad....
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Translation Ability-oriented MT-PE Course Design

You Zhang
With the wide popularization of neural machine translation in the translation industry, the machine translation +post editing (MT-PE) has become one of the main tasks of translation talent training. Based on the development of post-translational editing at home and abroad, this paper focuses on the training...
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Study on Strategies for English Teachers to Improve Their Classroom Language

Jingxin Wang
The article deals with the improvement strategies of English teachers’ classroom language. English teachers in this article refer to the English teachers for English majors in universities. In English class, the teacher’s language is an important input of information, and the correct and effective use...
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A Study on the Construction and Evaluation of College English Wisdom Classroom in the “Internet Plus” Era

Yinping Tong
Wisdom classroom is the inevitable result of the deep integration of information technology and education under the background of “Internet plus education”. Wisdom education is the development direction of future teaching, and creating wisdom classroom is an effective way to realize wisdom education....
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The Theoretical Basis and Path Exploration of the Implementation of the “Reality Coupling” Education Model for Applied Foreign Language Majors in Local Colleges and Universities

Jinghui Zhou, Kaihua Wang
Against the background of professional transformation, applied foreign language majors in local colleges and universities should review the current situation, seize the opportunity, and focus on cultivating applied foreign language talents with strong foreign language application ability and outstanding...