Proceedings of the 2018 7th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (ICEESD 2018)

1161 authors
Hao, Xiayi
Research of Power Consumers Behavior Based on K-means Algorithm
Hao, Xiayi
Energy-saving Analysis of Refrigeration System in Micro-grid with Combined Cooling, Heating & Power Generation
Hao, Zhou
Equilibrium Assignment Model and Algorithm for Multi-Modal Considering Distance Factor
He, Bin
Research on Application of Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Technology in the Safety Monitoring of Pipeline Transportation
He, Fenghua
The haloacetic acids formation potential in treated waters exposed to ozone and chlorine
He, Juan
Effects of Exogenous Melatonin on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Capsella bursa-pastoris Seedlings under Salt Stress
He, Li
Parameter Discussion of Bearing Capacity Analysis of Highway Bridges in Heavy-cargo Transportation
He, Liyuan
The risk analysis of reservoir operation based on uncertain theory
He, Ping
Experimental study of fungal release characteristics in central air
He, Shien
Key Technologies and Applications of 10GW-Level Wind and Solar Power Plant Cluster Controlling
He, Shuai
Performance of Energy Consumption and Indoor Air Quality for the Fan coil System with Sensor Fault
He, Weidong
Composite MnCO3/PVDF-HFP separator towards high-performance lithium-ion batteries
He, Weikang
Asynchronous Motor Modeling and Dynamic Co - Simulation Based on ANSYS
He, Xianda
Microemulsion-based interfacial diffusion synthesis of uniform BaCO3 nanorods
He, Yuheng
Application of MVC-DI process to the treatment of the municipal landfill leachate
Hong, Xiao
Research on GPS Remote Precise Positioning of Power Transmission Line Inspection Robot
Hong, Xiao
Study of Expert Control Systems for Power Transmission Line Inspection Robot
Hou, Baojian
The risk analysis of reservoir operation based on uncertain theory
Hou, Gui
Study on fatigue failure characteristics of asphalt mixtures under different test methods
Hou, Jian
A Filter Algorithm for Suppressing Mixed Noise Based on Grey Relevance
Hou, Lei
Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Arsenic Speciation in Sediments of Plateau Lakeside Wetland and Their Relations to Environmental Factors
Hou, Lei
Dynamics Analysis and Prediction on the Land Use of Typical Karst Wetland Watershed in Southeast Yunnan, China
Hou, Xiaobing
Experimental investigation on mechanism of vacuum regeneration of LiCl solution
Hou, Zhonglan
Comprehensive Evaluation on Exhaust Heat Power Generation System
Hu, Bin
A New Analytical Method of Standby System Reliability Model
Hu, Guangyao
Experimental study of fungal release characteristics in central air
Hu, Jianqiang
Rural tourism low carbonization cognitive problems and countermeasures research in Zhejiang - based on the investigation of Big creek village
Hu, JinZhao
Biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal using anoxic-anaerobic oxidation ditch under low temperature condition
Hu, Qigao
Design and Analysis of a New Type Transmission Tower
Hu, Qing
Study on growth and accumulation characteristics of Sorghum bicolor?S.Sudanense. on uranium
Hu, RongFang
Research on the Sharing Bicycles Delivery
Hu, RongFang
Research on the Structure Trend of Sharing Bicycle Market
Hu, Shuju
Development of wind-hydrogen coupling system
Hu, Wenwen
Study on quality management based on Internet of things technology in dam construction
Hu, Xiaohai
Research on Supporting Facility Configuration in Communities under the Mode of Home-based Care-Taking Hohhot City as an Example
Hu, Xinsheng
Quantitative Risk Assessment of LPG Tank Area
Hu, Yunpeng
Performance of Energy Consumption and Indoor Air Quality for the Fan coil System with Sensor Fault
Huang, Chaogang
Preliminary Design of Electric Cable Heating System
Huang, Chunlei
An Optimizing Algorithm for Tower Crane Selection in Precast Concretes Structures Based on Cost in China
Huang, Guizhi
Microwave drying of Siraitia grosvenorii and its effect on the Vitamin C content
Huang, Jianhang
Existing forms and transformation of S-functional groups of sewage sludge of different seasons by using XPS method
Huang, Junyao
Solid phase extraction of melamine from water using magnetic grapheme oxide as adsorbent
Huang, Linqing
Construction of intelligent fire management system based on BIM technology
Huang, Mingqiang
Study on the Long-term Mechanism of Energy-saving Technology Promotion about Rural Residences in Hot Summer and Cold Winter Zone
Huang, Peng
The Influence of Land Use Change on Ecological Carrying Capacity in Wuhan Urban Agglomeration
Huang, Shaohui
Effects of heavy metals Cu, Zn and its compound stress on physiological characteristics of Cinnamomum camphora
Huang, Shiqing
Microstructure and Compressive Performance of Solidified Waste Resin Concentrate
Huang, XiaoQing
Research on the Sharing Bicycles Delivery
Huang, XiaoQing
Research on the Structure Trend of Sharing Bicycle Market
Huang, Xiaodan
The Development of Static Load Testing Instrument for Piles Based on the Internet of Things
Huang, Xiaojing
Effects of Exogenous Melatonin on Physiological Indexes of Kiwifruit Seedlings under Low Temperature Stress
Huang, Xiaoyan
Development of the third generation advanced high strength steel for automobile
Huang, Xin
Research on the heat collecting efficiency of flat-plate collector and evacuated tube collector
Huang, Yuqiong
Vegetation and Soil Carbon Storage of Some Typical Subtropical Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest in Dagang Mountain
Ji, Changqi
Research on Route Optimization of Sino-Europe Container Sea-rail Transport
Ji, Dejun
Mechanical Analysis and Structure Health Monitoring of Congruence Beam Cable-stayed Bridge
Ji, Jingzhe
Analysis of seismic response and economic performance of CS wallboard high-rise buildings
Ji, Yingdong
Analysis on Research trends and Characteristics of International Supply Chain Management Based on Mapping Knowledge Domain
Jia, Bin
Experimental Study on Prestressed BFRP Reinforced Mental Pipelines
Jia, Dongdong
Study on influence of upstream pier on scour depth of downstream pier
Jia, Lei
A Review of the Seismic Performance Size Effect of Reinforced Concrete Beams
Jia, Lijun
Sustainable Redevelopment of Jingxi Abandoned Coal Mine Land: Recreation Spots From Problem Spaces
Jia, Xiang
Consideration of the role of tourism environmental protection on the sustainable development of Tourism
Jia, Ying
Wind erosion mechanism of cement-mortar protective layer under air-borne sand environment
Jia, Yong
Evaluation method of handling and stability performance of special vehicle with large inertia based on the combination method of rank correlation coefficient
Jia, Yong
Research on large inertia vehicle's handling stability based on improved evidence theory
Jia, Zhengmao
The risk analysis of reservoir operation based on uncertain theory
Jiang, Liubing
A new synthesis algorithm based on least squares for InSAR phase unwrapping
Jiang, Ningshan
Influence of temperature variation on Seismic subsidence properties of frozen soil
Jiang, Ningshan
The Research of Water Immersion Test of loess under overburden pressure
Jiang, Ying
The investigation of aeration optimization in a pilot-scale anoxic-anaerobic oxidation ditch for nutrient removal from wastewater
Jiang, Z.
UAV Autonomous Charging System based on Multi-Information Cooperative Positioning
Jiang, Ziwei
Effect of Irrigation with Dairy Factory Effluent on the Content of Soluable Cation in Soil of Winter Wheat
Jiang, Ziying
Estimation of Po-210 and Pb-210 Emissions from Coal Energy Use in China
Jiao, Liangzhen
Performance of Energy Consumption and Indoor Air Quality for the Fan coil System with Sensor Fault
Jin, Guangya
Thermodynamic Analysis of Different CO2 Cascade Refrigeration Cycles
Jin, Meishan
A Sample-and- Hold Circuit for a Resolution Pipelined ADC
Jin, Zhen
Ecological Security Classification of Regionally Sustainable Utilization of Land Resources Based on SVM
Jing, Guo
Fast data analysis method based on AIS system
Jing, Haitao
Spatial Distribution and Optimization Of Urban Surface Water Environment
Jing, Xiaopeng
Composite MnCO3/PVDF-HFP separator towards high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Jun, Sangying
Demand Side Management and Demand Response under Smart Grid Framework
Kang, Jingxin
Micron poly-L-lactide fibers fabricated by melt direct writing
Kang, Rong
The Impact of the Carbon Market on the Economics of CCUS
Kang, Xinli
Experimental Study on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete under Uniaxial Compression
Kang, Xuejun
Comparison of extraction efficiency of three nanofibers for four heavy metals in aqueous solution
Kang, Zhongfei
Port machinery and equipment performance analysis system
Ke, Deng
Analysis and Evaluation of Urban Land Use
Ke, Deng
Intelligence Information Retrieval Based on Text Mining
Kong, Xinli
Experimental and Analytical Study on CFRP strengthened AAC panels
Kosheleva, Elena
Plate stability under periodic load action, material of which obeys hereditary law of viscoelasticity
Kou, Guigui
Study on response of water-table aquifer under shallow, deep and high-intensity exploitation
Kou, Qingqing
Comparative analysis of soil infiltration under three types of land use
Kuang, Cao
A Review on Biomass Tar Formation and Catalytic Cracking
Kuang, Cao
A Review of Pyrolysis Gasification of MSW
LI, Gang
Thoughts of DraInage DesIgn for ChInese HIghway In Water EnVIronment SensItIVe SectIons
LI, Yiran
Research on the Dynamic Model of 2.5D Fluid Structure Interaction of Gravity Dam and Simulation of Seismic Stress Response
LIU, Kun
Study on Excavated-in Harbor Basin Current Field
LIU, Xiao
Study on Adaptability of Lateral Concentrated Smoke Exhausting Mode in Large-span Rectangular Tunnels
Lai, Xuebing
Fault ergodicity algorithm for reliability evaluation of distribution system