Proceedings of the 2018 7th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development (ICEESD 2018)

1161 authors
Zhen, Xianzi
Study on Characteristics of Air Pollution at Highway Toll Stations in Dalian, China
Zheng, Guoxiang
Characteristics of a microbial consortium with high lignocelluloses-decomposing capacity
Zheng, Honggang
Research on land consolidation mode of whole village in Yunnan Province
Zheng, Jiang
Mechanical Simulation and Analysis of The Construction Process of A large-span space latticed structure in Coal Yard
Zheng, Kan
Dynamic response of a semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbine under flooded column damage
Zheng, Lei
Research on GPS Remote Precise Positioning of Power Transmission Line Inspection Robot
Zheng, Lei
Study of Expert Control Systems for Power Transmission Line Inspection Robot
Zheng, Peinan
Analysis on Characteristics of Water Regime disaster in Floor Season of Western China in 2017
Zheng, Pengjun
A New Ship-Targeting Model for Ship Supervision Based on AHP-DEA Method
Zheng, Rui
Anomaly detection for sleep EEG signal with Mahalanobis-Taguchi-Gram-Schmidt method
Zheng, Shuling
Effects of Cyphomandra betacea Seedlings Intercropping with Hyperaccumulators on Soil Enzyme Activity under Cadmium Stress
Zheng, Xingrong
Quantum Calculation of Four-body interaction of Solid Neon
Zheng, Yaxian
Bidding simulation methods for power suppliers considering forward contract
Zheng, Yi
Mechanical Properties of Tetrafluoro skateboard rubber bearings under nitric and sulphuric acids Condition
Zheng, Yuanzho
Research of the structure and function of Ordinary Landing Craft
Zheng, Yuanzhou
The Design and Application of Intelligent Buoys in Polar Water
Zheng, Zhenyi
Preliminary Design of Electric Cable Heating System
Zhong, Jianlin
Theoretical Calculation and Research on the Strength of a Artillery Barrel
Zhong, Jun
Research on the impact echo technique of quantitative detecting the pre-stressed conduct grouting pumpness
Zhong, Peiyi
Existing forms and transformation of S-functional groups of sewage sludge of different seasons by using XPS method
Zhou, Caihui
Multiple Compound Foundation Bearing Characteristics
Zhou, Chenyang
Characteristics of a microbial consortium with high lignocelluloses-decomposing capacity
Zhou, Guangen
Mechanical Simulation and Analysis of The Construction Process of A large-span space latticed structure in Coal Yard
Zhou, Guangli
Research on the impact echo technique of quantitative detecting the pre-stressed conduct grouting pumpness
Zhou, Hao
The optimal emission reduction rate and price with carbon quota and manufacturer competition
Zhou, Hengchao
Numerical Simulation of the Influence of Nozzle on the Variable Load Performance of Premixed Burner
Zhou, Jiangqi
Simulation of the all-vanadium redox flow battery with composite arched channel
Zhou, Jiayu
Performance of Energy Consumption and Indoor Air Quality for the Fan coil System with Sensor Fault
Zhou, Lin
Effect of Nitrogen Level on Trace Elements of Allium fistulosum L.
Zhou, Lin
Effect of Nitrogen Level on Growth and Metabolism of Allium fistulosum L.
Zhou, Liping
Microstructure and Compressive Performance of Solidified Waste Resin Concentrate
Zhou, Lun
Study on Dynamic Resilient Modulus Prediction of Subgrade Soil and Its Relevant Finite Element Method Implementation
Zhou, Ming
Solid phase extraction of melamine from water using magnetic grapheme oxide as adsorbent
Zhou, Peng
Laboratory tests of soft ground improvement with drained-timber pile:A new timber pile technique
Zhou, Qiang
Key Technologies and Applications of 10GW-Level Wind and Solar Power Plant Cluster Controlling
Zhou, Qiujing
Zhou, Sheng
Detection and Analysis of Metabolites from Facultative CO2 and N2 Fixing Bacteria
Zhou, Sheng
Molecular Biological Identification and Determination of Growth Conditions of Facultative CO2 and N2 Fixing Bacterium BHJ
Zhou, Wei
Effect of Ca2+, Mg2+, Mn2+ on Growth and Sporulation of Bacillus sp. L15
Zhou, Yuanjing
Study on Improving the Stability of Blueberry Anthocyanins
Zhou, Yusong
Experimental study on treating cellulose acetate wastewater based on electro-Fenton
Zhou, Zhide
Microwave drying of Siraitia grosvenorii and its effect on the Vitamin C content
Zhou, Zhihua
Research on the heat collecting efficiency of flat-plate collector and evacuated tube collector
Zhu, Chunjiang
Discussion on the Elements of Modern Agriculture Sustainable Development
Zhu, Daming
Synthetical element evaluation method for AC-DC EHV converter substation power quality
Zhu, Dengyuan
Temperature field numerical analysis of asphalt pavement
Zhu, Gaolong
Composite MnCO3/PVDF-HFP separator towards high-performance lithium-ion batteries
Zhu, Nuo
Simulation of pedestrian evacuation with the obstacles based on a dynamic cellular automaton model
Zhu, Weifeng
Correlation analysis of the population and energy--the coexistence of promotion and inhibition
Zhu, Wenzhe
Urban vegetation coverage monitoring technology based on NDVI
Zhu, Xiaochen
Calculation of the Growth Efficiency of China's Regional Industry Considering the Constraints of Exhaustible Resources
Zhu, Xintong
Enterprise risk grade evaluation based on risk management
Zhu, Yuya
Analysis of Ultrasonic Testing in Engineering Blasting
Zhu, Zhaopeng
Application of Slick Water with Low Surface Tension in Water-Blocking Damaging Gas Reservoirs
Zhuang, Jinliang
Practice and exploration of "cooperative education" from the perspective of the symbiosis theory
Zou, Hongbing
Reducing the carbon emission in shipping industry- Application and development of LNG fueled ships in China
Zou, Jian
Numerical study on local loss at right angle diversion under the different cross section shapes
Zou, Tonghua
Experimental investigation on mechanism of vacuum regeneration of LiCl solution
Zou, Yan
A Preliminary Study on Evaluation Model of Bullacta exarata Invasion in the Yellow River Delta
Zou, Zuxu
Selection and analysis of economic and energy saving thickness of foam concrete exterior wall
Zuo, Haibin
Key factors of CO2 emission analysis in iron and steel mill