Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Educational Development and Quality Assurance (ICED-QA 2021)

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Tips on Improving Students Understanding in The Keitaron Course with Problem-Based Learning Method in Japanese Literature

Adrianis Adrianis
This article is an empirical experience of the researcher in the keitairon (morphology) course which was carried out face-to-face and online. The research used a descriptive qualitative method. The purpose of this research is to find out the students’ creativity, how the students solve a problem, how...
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Implementation of Project-Based Learning Using Online Virtual Lab Media in the Interfacing and Peripheral Course

Ratna Aisuwarya
The Interface and Peripheral course is one of the Computer Systems Study Program elective courses. This particular course, related to the computer architecture field area, is offered in the sixth semester for two credits. This study aims to analyze the differences in students’ creativity before and after...
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Implementation of Storytelling Podcast in Case-Based Method

Berri Brilliant Albar, Indah Maya Sari
Storytelling is effective for all types of learners. Visual learners learn through mental imagination of stories, auditory learners learn through the words and sounds of storytellers, kinesthetic learners learn through emotional connections and feelings from a story. Storytelling helps the learning process...
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The Evaluation of E-Learning in Logistics Distribution Practicum Courses Based on Students’ Future Orientation and Case Studies

Ares Albirru Amsal, Laela Susdiani
Logistics Distribution Practicum (LDP) is a course that plays an essential role in the industrial era 4.0. This course provides skills regarding the movement of goods and services relevant to today’s online buying and selling transactions. Thus, course learning can not be separated from the motivation...
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Case Base Method: A Collaborative Learning to Improve Students’ Soft Skills in Business Analytics

Ares Albirru Amsal, Rayna Kartika
This research aims to investigate the readiness of students using a case-based method in Business Analytics course subject in the Department of Management, Universitas Andalas. Since Business Analytics is a new course subject offered to the students in 2021 at the Management Department, the readiness...
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The Effectiveness of Online Learning During the Covid-19 Period in The Andalas University Agribusiness Study Program

Devi Analia, Rika Hariance
This study aims to describe students’ opinions about the effectiveness of the online (online) learning process and what obstacles occur during lectures during the Covid-19 pandemic period. The online learning process in question is learning using I-learning in the form of an LMS (learning management...
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Development and Implementation of Blended Learning in the Practice of Bank Financial Statement Analysis Course

Dian Yuni Anggraeni, Sanda Patrisia Komalasari
Blended learning is used to describe a learning solution that combines several different delivery methods. It provides several conveniences in teaching and learning, both with the process and materials. It is hoped that it can enhance student performance. The observation and survey methods are used in...
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Why 6 Cs? The Urgency of Learning at Elementary School

Poppy Anggraeni, Dadang Sunendar, Bunyamin Maftuh, Wahyu Sopandi, Ryan Dwi Puspita
Science and technology continue to develop and bring about changes and new orders in various fields of human life, including the education system. The implication is that current learning practices must be oriented towards learning following the demands of human competence in the 21st century. This study...
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Implementation of Case Based Method (CBM) and Outcome Based Assesment (OBA) Learning Methods in Political Sociology Courses

Dewi Anggraini, Mhd Fajri
The Political Sociology course is a subject that is included in the 2018 KKNI-based curriculum and it is a compulsory subject for majors given to third semester students. In this course, several important topics is discussed the concept of political sociology, as well as the relationship between sociology...
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Project-Based Learning (PjBL) Method: Improving Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills for Nursing Students

Yulastri Arif, Zifriyanthi Minanda Putri
Problem-solving skills and critical thinking are very important for nursing students in carrying out their roles as nursing managers after graduation. Many nursing managers cannot perform optimally in terms of their critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities within the hospital service units....
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Implementation of Case Based Method (CBM) Learning on Students in Improving Problem Analysis Ability and Problem Solving

Desna Aromatica, Hendri Koeswara, muhammad Ichsan Kabullah
Problem analysis and problem-solving are two essential things in learning public organizations, especially public organization theory courses. Students who take this course are forged to be able to master theory as well as be able to analyze problems in public organizations and solve them. The use of...
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Case-Based Method in Pathophysiology of Non-Communicable Diseases Topic Improves Student Performance of Undergraduate Nutrition Students at Public Health Faculty, Andalas University

Putri Aulia Arza, Azrimaidaliza Azrimaidaliza
Pathophysiology of non-communicable diseases is a topic in the third semester undergraduate nutrition students at Faculty of Public Health University of Andalas. The case-based method is becoming an increasingly common teaching strategy in science education, especially in medical education. This study...
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Application of Case Base Method (CBM) in Online Learning in Higher Education (Study of Sociolinguistic Lectures for Undergraduate Students)

Aslinda Aslinda, Sonezza Ladyanna
Case Base Method is one of the learning methods in optimizing outcomes. Online lectures are an effective modern way of studying, especially in situations where physical contact is not possible. Therefore, this study discusses the application of the Case Base Method in online learning in universities...
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Blended Learning in Intermediate Accounting I

Silvy Astari, Rayna Kartika
The blended learning method is used in the intermediate accounting subject in the Diploma program, Andalas University. The lecturer provides five videos and a PowerPoint to increase the student’s understanding of the subject. The teaching method used is Teaching Center Learning (TCL) and Student Center...
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Case-Based Method (CBM) Implementation in Financial Management 1 to Reach the Outcome Learning

Silvy Astari
This paper aims to examine the effect of the Case-Based Method (CBM) in reaching the outcome learning in the Financial Management 1 course in the international class, Accounting Department, Economic Faculty, Andalas University. One of the topics in financial management 1 is analyzing financial statements....
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Evaluation of Learning Process in the Agricultural Extension Study Program Andalas University During the Covid 19 Pandemic

Nuraini Budi Astuti, Sri Wahyuni, Yenny Oktavia
This study aims to describe the learning process in Agricultural Extension Study Program during the Covid-19 pandemic. Using the survey method, data were collected from 13 courses with 325 respondents. The results of the study indicate that around 70% of lecturers use video conferences as learning media...
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Implementation of Project Based Learning on The Sanitation of Public Places Course

Trisfa Augia, Azyyati Ridha Alfian
The Public Places Sanitation (STTU) is a compulsory course in the field of Occupational Safety and Health/ Environmental Health of the undergraduate program, Faculty of Public Health. Evaluation of learning outcomes in the previous year showed students had low interpersonal skills. The objectives of...
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Development and Implementation of Distance Education (PJJ) with Credit Earning System at The Universitas Andalas Agribusiness Study Program

Zednita Azriani, Rika Hariance, Rini Hakimi, Nuraini Budi Astuti
One of the Merdeka Learning programs at Merdeka Campus is the implementation of Credit Earning activities. The credit earning system can be applied with face-to-face learning and distance learning. The Agribusiness Study Program is conducting credit earning activities with Distance Learning with 4 private...
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Case-Based Method and Improvement Student’s Performance on Life Cycle Nutrition Course among Nutrition Science Students

Azrimaidaliza Azrimaidaliza, Deni Elnovriza, Syahrial Syahrial
Background: One of the skills that graduated students of nutrition science program study must possess is a higher thinking skill. These skills are needed when nutritionists overcome the nutritional problem. The study aims to analyze the effectiveness of the case-based method according to improve students’...
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Analysis of Students’ Perception Towards Distance Learning with Project-based Learning Model

Asniati Bahari, Fauzan Misra, Sanda Patrisia Komalasari
Distance learning through a student exchange program will maximize its results by combining its activities with other independent studies (called MBKM) programs, namely independent study activities. Independent projects can realize students’ ideas in developing creative, innovative products and improve...
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Effect of Project-Based Learning Model on Student’s Performance at Accounting Information System Course

Asniati Bahari, Winda Azmi, Alya Ledias Anshar
Project-based learning (PjBL) is a learning model that uses projects as a learning process to achieve attitude, knowledge, and skill competencies. The study aims to obtain information about how students can improve their learning outcomes in the Accounting Information System course by using the Project-Based...
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Application of Project-Based Learning Method for Acquisition of Student Expertise in Solving the Industrial World Problems

Susila Bahri, Radhiatul Husna
To face the world of work, especially in the industrial sector, students majoring in mathematics at Andalas University need to have expertise in expressing real-world problems into mathematical equations. These skills aim to enable students to solve problems mathematically or by using computer software....
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The Use of Rubrics for Peer-Assessment with the PBL Method in Folklore Courses

Rima Devi, Rachmidian Rahayu
Assessing the achievement of a course needs to use clear indicators, which are valid for the assessment itself and for the students being assessed. The rubric is a good indicator to use, which is also an indicator for students in doing assessments. Rubrics and peer assessments are used as indicators...
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The Impact of Field Research on Student’s Learning in A Prose Class at English Department, Faculty of Humanities, Andalas University Padang

Ferdinal Ferdinal, Seswita Seswita, Isramirawati Isramirawati
This article deals with the application of Project-Based Learning (PjBL) to writing skills at a university in Indonesia. It seeks to investigate to what extent field research impacts the improvement of students’ writings. This study applies an experimental investigation that centers on 22 English undergraduates,...
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Problems in Online Education Administration in Improving the Quality of Education in Higher Education

Rizky Amelya Furqan, Noni Sukmawati, Sonezza Ladyanna, Efriyades Efriyades, Aslinda Aslinda, Alex Darmawan
Documents and SOPs are an essential part of controlling an institution’s quality. Documents and SOPs in the online academic process will differ from the offline academic process. Therefore, this discussion discusses the design and manufacture of digital-based documents and SOPs with a pandemic-friendly...
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Project-Based Learning in an Element Machine II Course: A Review

Dedison Gasni, Devi Chandra
The purpose of this paper is to review project-based learning (PjBL) methods as an effective pedagogy to improve the knowledge and skills of mechanical engineering students in engineering design components. The curriculum should integrate engineering knowledge and skills in design components and processes...
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Agricultural Economics Master Degree Program Student Perceptions About Online Lectures During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Dian Hafizah, Rusda Khairati, Widya Fitriana
The covid pandemic that began in March 2021 in Indonesia has changed activities in society. Including those affected by the pandemic are lecture activities in the Master’s Degree Study Program in Agricultural Economics. Lecture activities that had been conducted face-to-face have now been replaced with...
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Application of Case-Based Method in Postpartum Pre-Profession Courses to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Erda Mutiara Halida, Rafika Oktova
A case-Based Method is a flexible form of learning that includes problem-based learning and encourages reasoning skills development. It enables students’ high-order thinking skills to follow Bloom’s taxonomy of cognitive learning by exposing knowledge in the form of narration with questions and activities...
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The Modified Case-Based Methods in Combination with Team-Based Approach for Teaching General Microbiology at Agricultural Product Technology Department of Andalas University

Purnama Dini Hari, Hasbullah Hasbullah
The objective of this paper is to investigate the effect of the modified case-based method in combination with the team-based approach in accomplishing subject learning objectives, student perceptive of the cognitive learning objective, and increasing student group participation. The Teaching was held...
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Analysis of Learning Outcomes Achievement in Advanced Blocks of Undergraduates Students at the Medical Faculty of Universitas Andalas

Hendriati Hendriati, Dian Pertiwi, Zurayya Fadila, Aisyah Elliyanti
Background: Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is a learning method that is very useful for developing competency and improving critical thinking and self-directed learning. The study aims to assess the correlation of learning outcomes between the Special Sensory Disorder block with Physiology System block...
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The Role of Using Problem-Based Learning in Engineering Economics Course

Yervi Hesna, Benny Hidayat
The Engineering Economics course is a compulsory subject for civil engineering students at Andalas University in semester 7. The learning achievement of this course is that students can analyze and make decisions about infrastructure investment. Infrastructure is often associated with basic facilities...
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Effectiveness of Distance Learning Entrepreneurship Course with Credit Earning System at Universitas Andalas

Danny Hidayat, Donard Games
Distance Learning is an educational system with a broad reach not limited by space and time. At the beginning of 2020 or more precisely in March 2020, all education units in Indonesia implemented the Learning at Home program, or Distance Learning, since the Covid-19 Virus was declared to have entered...
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Application of Case-Based Method in Pre-Professional Family Planning Course to Improve the Critical Thinking of Students of Midwifery Study Program at Andalas University

Uliy Iffah, Hindun Mila Hudzaifah
The dominant learning method applied so far in the Pre-Professional Family Planning Course has been the discussion and question and answer one. However, this method is deemed not able to hone students’ analytical skills, sensitivity to problems, problem-solving skills, and the ability to evaluate problems....
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Implementation of Problem-Based Learning in Video and Image-Based Tutorial Discussion with Increasing Student Learning Outcomes for Block 1.A (Introduction to Midwifery Education)

Aldina Ayunda Insani, Feni Andriani
Bachelor of Midwifery at Medical Faculty of Andalas University has implemented a Student-Centered Learning system with a Problem Based Learning (PBL) method approach. One of them is using a block system, and the activity is in the form of tutorials. Tutorials are carried out by utilizing videos and pictures...
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Enhance Accounting Student’s Academic Skill By Implementing Project Based Learning on Information Technology and Computer Programming Subject

Verni Juita
The current changes in learning activities that support online learning have brought new challenges. One of these challenges is achieving learning objectives such as students’ understanding and critical thinking as part of their academic skills. Therefore, this study aims to evaluate the implementation...
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Design and Implementation of Autonomous Fish Behavior in Virtual Interactive Aquarium Application

Allin Junikhah
The Interactive Aquarium Application is an application that represents the real environment of the aquarium into an interactive virtual environment. Children as users can interact with objects in the aquarium through user gesture processing. Several supporting elements are needed in developing the Interactive...
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Implementation of Distance Learning with Credit Earning System In Islamic Financial Economics Course

Neng Kamarni
Universities that previously fully carried out face-to-face methods during lectures as well as thesis guidance and other academic activities, due to the pandemic, now need to turn them into distance learning methods. With the distance learning offered by the study program, it is a great opportunity to...
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Improving Student Learning Activities in Islamic Macroeconomics Course through a Project-Based Learning (PjBL) Approach

Neng Kamarni
One solution to solving problems faced by students in Blended Learning is to apply one of the learning approaches, namely the Project Based Learning (PjBL) approach where with this learning approach students will be creative, because through this learning approach students are expected to deepen their...
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Implementation of the Case-Based Learning Model Through Online Flipped Classroom Learning Approach in Computer and Society Course

Afriyanti Dwi Kartika, Jefril Rahmadoni
The Computer and Society course at the Information Systems Department, Universitas Andalas, studies ethical, legal, and policy issues society faces caused by technological developments. Learning activities for this course are usually carried out using the traditional lecture method, which is then followed...
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The Effectivity and Efficiency of Project Based Learning in Achieving Student’s Expected Learning Outcome (A Case Study of Vocational School Students)

Rayna Kartika, Annisaa Rahman, Iswardi Iswardi
The research paper aims to investigate the effectivity and efficiency of project-based learning method to achieve student’s expected learning outcome. There are several aspects and strategies which need to be considered to achieve effectivity and efficiency in the project-based learning method with student’s...
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Project Based Learning: An Integrated Approach to Enhance Student’s Competencies in Stock Trading Simulation

Rayna Kartika, Annisaa Rahman
This study aims to describe how project-based learning can enhance students’ competencies to learn about stock trading. As students’ competencies in finance, especially in portfolio, is one of the expected learning outcomes at the accounting department, Universitas Andalas, students must be able to implement...
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Sampling and Botanical Identification of Forages for Goat as Project-Based Learning Model in the Feed Quality Control Subject

Khalil Khalil
Forages and green fodder are the primary feed source for ruminants of goat, cattle, buffaloes in West Sumatra. Forages compose various wild plant species collected from different lands, but the livestock will select and consume the palatable plant types. The objective of the present study was to offer...
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Project Based Learning Horticultural Course at Faculty of Agriculture, Andalas University

Nilla Kristina, Warnita Warnita, Elara Resigia
The subject of advanced Horticulture Production Technology is one of the elective subjects at the Agro-technology Study Program. The achievement of this subject is that the students are able to apply agronomy, plant breeding, plant protection, soil science, and social sciences oriented to effectiveness,...
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Implementation of Project-Based Learning For Improving a Student’s Ability in Analysis, Critical Thinking and Systematic in Calculus

Riri Lestari, Des Welyyanti
Calculus is one of the important subjects in the fields of science and engineering. This course explains the basic concepts of mathematics, so that this course tends to be boring. During the Covid-19 pandemic, courses were conducted online. It gave a lot of new problems. For these reasons, it is important...
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Development of Student Satisfaction Questionnaire For Midwifery Professional Education Study Program in the Learning Process

Ulfa Farrah Lisa, Laila Rahmi, Hindun Mila Hudzaifah
Gugus Kendali Mutu (GKM) is a quality assurance tool at the study program level that unites and improves continuous improvement of the implementation of learning. The obstacle faced at this time is that the evaluation of student satisfaction with the learning process has not been carried out through...
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The Implementation of a Case-based Learning Method on Physical Pharmacy Course

Henny Lucida
This article reports on active learning techniques applied to the Physical Pharmacy course taught to the third-semester students of the Undergraduate Pharmacy Study Program, with a total class of 145 students divided into two parallel classes. The purpose of this action research is to develop a Case-Based...
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Implementation of Project Based Learning (PjBL) Method for Business Simulation Courses in Master of Management Study Program Faculty of Economics Universitas Andalas

Hendra Lukito, Syafrizal Syafrizal
This classroom action research aims to determine the effectiveness of case-based learning methods and outcome-based assessments for business simulation courses in the Master of Management study program, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Andalas. The business simulation course is a course offered in the...
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Strengthening the Teaching and Learning Process Through Blended Learning in Sociology Study Program

Maihasni Maihasni, Wahyu Pramono, Indraddin Indraddin, Dwiyanti Hanandini
A study program’s teaching and learning process is a patterned activity carried out regularly with curriculum guidelines and standards that apply in a study program. Designing an appropriate learning method is necessary to get expected results and quality. The Department of Sociology applies blended...
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Efforts to Improve Student Learning Activities with Case-Based Learning (CBL) Approach in Introductory Microeconomics Course

Wahyuni Eloisa Marinda, Neng Kamarni, Ratih Ramadhani
Case based learning (CBL) provides opportunities to expand knowledge and develop skills through problem solving and investigation. At CBL students can practice decision making based on real-life problems. This study aims to see the ability of students through the use of case-based learning models in...
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Reproductive Health Psychology Course Action Research: Increased Student Engagement through the Application of Case-Based Method (CBM) and Outcome-Based Assessment (OBA)

Yessy Markolinda, Suci Maisyarah Nasution
This article discusses the course development of Reproductive Health Psychology through a Moodle-based learning management system known as iLearn Unand v2.0, an online platform utilized in Universitas Andalas. All learning materials like handouts are shared through iLearn Unand v2.0. We use Microsoft...
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The Effects of Case-Based Method, Project-Based Learning, and Experiential Method on Students’ Analytical Ability in the Global Marketing Management Course

Winny Alna Marlina, Susiana Susiana
This study involved students enrolled in the Global Marketing Management course. After completing the course is students are expected to know about export and import procedures. The purpose of the study was to determine whether Case-Based Method, Project-Based Learning, and Experiential Method can improve...
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Implementation of Outcome-Based Assessment in English Morphology Courses at the English Department, Andalas University, Padang

Rina Marnita AS, Zulprianto Zulprianto
The OBA-based assessment method is employed in the Project-based Learning English Morphology class consisting of twenty-three students at the English Department, Andalas University. The assessment aims to evaluate students’ comprehension of the concept of a morpheme, the smallest meaningful unit in the...
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Overview of Students’ Perspectives on the Project Based Learning Method on Bridges Design Course

Masrilayanti Masrilayanti, Ridho Aidil Fitrah
In the midst of a pandemic that is still ongoing in the world, the learning system in universities is much different from the past. Academic staff including lecturers, continue to strive so that learning objectives can still be achieved. One of the learning methods used is Problem Based Learning, which...
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Case-Based Method Implementation in Taxation: Acceptance, Satisfaction, and Its Impact on Learning Outcomes

Fauzan Misra, Dian Yuni Anggraeni
This study aims to examine the influence of the case-based method implementation on achieving outcome learning in Taxation courses. The population of this research is the 3rd semester of undergraduate students of the Department of Accounting at Universitas Andalas. Results show that the Case-Based Method...
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Problem Identification and Solution Design: Project Based Learning Approach in Improving Students Active Participation and Confidence in English Class

Putiviola Elian Nasir, Rifki Dermawan
Previous experience related to teaching English as a foreign language for International Relations Department of Universitas Andalas demonstrated that the majority of the students’ English language ability is within the intermediate level. This should lead to English speaking students with no difficulty...
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Case-Based Learning Method in Intelligent System Course

Nefy Puteri Novani, Desta Yolanda
The learning method discussed in this study is a case-based method implemented in the Intelligent Systems course. Activities in this research include action planning and compiling teaching materials in the form of cases scenarios/problems that students find solutions to in small groups. In its implementation,...
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The Effectiveness of E-Learning by Using Online Media During the Covid-19 in English for Engineering Class

Ahmad Nusi, Sammy Saptenno, Stevanus J Gomies, Rina Latuconsina
In this study, the researchers intend to describe learning effectiveness by using online media during the Covid-19 in English for Engineering class. This study was descriptive quantitative on evaluation of the learning process during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Thirty students in the English for Engineering...
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Project-Based Learning: Enriching Students’ 21st Century Skills

Inda Mustika Permata, Bima Jon Nanda, Silvi Cory
With the advancement of technology, today’s industry seeks to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness. Meanwhile, in education, technological advances make it easier for students to get more comprehensive knowledge and information. However, technological sophistication also poses challenges for students....
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Improving Student Learning Using Case-Based Method in Hybrid Learning of Basic Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practicum

Purnawan Pontana Putra, Friardi Ismed, Regina Andayani
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused universities to adjust the state of education on campus without reducing learning outcomes. In this case, Hybrid learning was developed, which combines offline and online learning and practicum. The method used in developing this learning is the Case-Based Method, in...
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Education Development in Utilizing Indonesian Demographic Dividend: The Road to Become a Developed Country

Taofik Andi Rachman, Euis Latipah, Supiana Supiana, Qiqi Yuliati Zaqiah
Indonesia is experiencing a demographic dividend when the productive age is greater among its people. This phenomenon is often used to make a leap towards developed countries by several countries. This will be successful if it is used to encourage the performance of the human and economic resources of...
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The Implementation of Project Based Learning on Introduction to Accounting 1 Subject

Rita Rahayu
This study aims to evaluate the implementation of project-based learning in the Introduction to Accounting I class. In this regard, three measures were used to evaluate the implementation: student perception, assignment score distribution, and achievement of learning outcomes. Twenty students registered...
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Effectiveness of Entrepreneur Education for Entrepreneurial Intention through Creativity and Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy

Tri Rahayuningsih
Entrepreneurship course is one of the compulsory subjects at Universitas Andalas. However, its effectiveness has not been measured to foster entrepreneurial intention, especially for psychology students. The purpose of this classroom action research is to find out whether entrepreneurial intention can...
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The Implementation of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) in Mobile Ad Hoc Network Course: Simulation and Case Study

Budi Rahmadya, Rifki Suwandi, Tri Kurniawati
In this paper we applied the concept of online discussion to regular meetings and practice meetings. lectures are held by forming discussion groups for mobile ad hoc networking course. Each group discussed different parameters in network simulator made using the NS-2 software. Furthermore, the use of...
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Applying Case Study Method at the Pre-Profession Pregnancy Course

Laila Rahmi, Lusiana El Sinta B
National development in the educational sector is an effort to develop national interests and improve the quality of Indonesian people. Through education, the younger generation can develop self-potential, self-control, personality, intelligence, noble character, and skills. The method developed in this...
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Improving Learning Achievements Through Case-Based Method

Mery Ramadani, Hamidatul Yuni
Student-centered learning based on social and cognitive constructivism theories asserts that students’ prior knowledge is the basis for learning and is a creative, relational process. Student-centered learning mirrors and promotes the paradigm shift from teacher to student-centered learning. This study’s...
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Case-Based Method as the Way to Motivate the Students in Learning English Pragmatics

Ike Revita, Rovika Trioclarise, Farah Anindya Zalfikhe, Reschi Andriani
The learning and teaching process needs the creativity of the lecturer in order for the course learning outcome could be reached. The lecturers are responsible for designing the class and selecting the appropriate method. One of the various methods offered is the case-based method. This article aims...
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The Implementation of Case-Based Method (CBM) on Cost Accounting Course

Riwayadi Riwayadi, Ika Sari Wahyuni TD
This research aims to evaluate the implementation of CBM on cost accounting courses to improve students’ learning experiences and achieve learning outcomes. The research type is applied research. The population is the students taking cost accounting courses for the international class of III/Int.-A and...
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Application of Case-Based Method In Improving Students’ Critical Thinking Skills In Case Auditing Course For Accounting Department Students

Husna Roza, Elvira Luthan
Conventional learning methods (Teacher Learning Center /TCL) are unable students to exercise analytical skills, practice problem solving, and evaluate problems, especially in Auditing courses that require high analysis and critical thinking. Due to the many shortcomings of the TCL, the government recommends...
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Development and Implementation of Case Based Methods in Block 3A. Midwife Care on Pregnancy at the Undergraduate of Midwifery Program Faculty of Medicine Andalas University in 2021

Miranie Safaringga, Fitrayeni Fitrayeni
Achievement of the learning objectives of a student with the method of learning problem based learning (PBL), can be influenced by the results of extracting their peer information in small groups because the information obtained by students will be discussed to perfect the knowledge gained. This study...
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Project-Based Learning Models in the Development of International Cooperation Framework Course

Anita Afriani Sinulingga, Haiyyu Darman Moenir
This research aims to develop a project-based learning model of the Development of International Cooperation Framework course. The type of research is classroom action research that develops models and project-based assessments in the development. The study involved the fifth-semester students majoring...
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Development of Case-Based Methods in Learning Courses in Health Ethics and Law in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Sri Siswati, Adila Kasni Astiena, Ikhsan Yusda Prima Putra
The Health Ethics and Law course is a mandatory public course for FKM Unand students following the curriculum standards of the Public Health Undergraduate Study Program throughout Indonesia, which has been agreed by the Association of Indonesian Public Health Higher Education Institutions. So far, the...
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Application of Online-Based Mind Mapping Model as a Development Economy Learning Media for Economics Students at Regional Campus

Nur Ari Sufiawan, Bintang R.A Majo Saibah, Werriantoni
Background: Teaching and learning activities are replaced with online learning. There is monotony in online lectures. As a result, the students have difficulty understanding the materials presented. Also, the students are less creative. These shortages suggest that online learning activities remain far...
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Project-Based Learning to Understand Students about the Application of Code 1726:2019 in Earthquake Engineering Courses

Jati Sunaryati, Ruddy Kurniawan, Masrilayanti Masrilayanti
Indonesia updated its earthquake regulations by issuing Code SNI 1729:2019 concerning Procedures for planning earthquake resistance for building and non-building structures. Likewise with SNI 1726: 2019, which contains various rules so that an engineer can design and analyze earthquake-resistant buildings....
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The Implementation of Case-Based Method in Advanced Financial Accounting I Subject

Indah Permata Suryani, Husna Roza, Jonhar Rusli
This study aims to evaluate the implementation of the Case-Based Method in Advanced Financial Accounting I course in an International Class at the Accounting Department of Universitas Andalas. Our team teaching first discussed the Semester Learning Plan by evaluating the previous method implemented in...
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Emphasizing Student Engagement in Blended Learning: The Case of Students in Business Digital Course

Valeny Suryaningsih, Alfitman Alfitman
Digital business is aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of an organization by deploying innovative digital technologies throughout an organization and beyond, through links to partners and customers and promotion through digital media. To have better understanding, students are required to engage...
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The Effectiveness of Implementation Case-based method: Students’ Perspective

Valeny Suryaningsih, Alfitman Alfitman
Case-based method (CBM) is one of teaching approach that will stimulate student to hone their critical thinking and problem solving. Digital business will enhance the competitiveness of an organization by deploying innovative digital technologies throughout an organization and beyond, through links to...
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Development of Cost Accounting Learning with Case-Based Method (CBM)

Susiana Susiana, Yindrizal Yindrizal
This study investigates the case-based learning model (CBM). theory and its application in designing online and independent learning. The purpose of this study is to validate and refine the theory for the context of online learning. The respondents of this research are 67 students who are taking Cost...
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Employee Engagement Index: A Case Study of Academic Support Staff of Higher Education

I Nyoman Sutapa, Isanti Anna Ismu Edi, Soeharijadi Soeharijadi
This study focuses on developing an Employee Engagement Index for academic support staff due to its role as a strategic driver to improve performance. It was measured using 31 indicators developed from three dimensions of engagement, including vigour, dedication, and absorption, tested and applied on...
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The Effectiveness of Online Teaching Method Between Video Demonstration and Written Module Material to Enhance Clinical Skills of Refractive Error Management Among Medical Students

Muhammad Syauqie, H. Hendriati
INTRODUCTION: In this pandemic period, offline teaching methods had to be transformed into online teaching methods so medical students could acquire basic skills and competencies in ophthalmology. This study purposed to compare the effectiveness of the online learning method between video demonstration...
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Implementation of Project Based Learning (PjBL) Learning Model to Improve Students’ Soft skill

Verinita Verinita, Yanti Yanti
The Management Study Program, Faculty of Economics, Andalas University offers the Marketing Management course in odd semesters. Based on last year’s evaluation of learning in the Marketing Management course, students have difficulty understanding the application of marketing management in the business...
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The Effect of Project-Based Learning Methods on Material Understanding and Student Thinking Skills

Delvi Yanti, Nika Rahma Yanti
Project-Based Learning Method is a real/complex world problem raised into a learning scenario (students can find their own or projects from industry), student-centered, solved by students in groups. The material studied in the Land and Water Resources Management course is a real-world problem, so the...
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Implementation of the Case-Based Learning Method in Introduction to Circuit Analysis Course

Desta Yolanda, Rifki Suwandi
Classroom Action Research (CAR) is one of the techniques for lecturer-managed learning to improve through continuous improvement. CAR in the Introduction to Circuit Analysis course is carried out on the teaching-learning process and assessment of learning outcomes or assessments that occur in the classroom,...
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A Development of Student-Centered Learning With Problem-Based Learning Through Blended Learning in 3.B Block (Normal Delivery Care)

Yulizawati Yulizawati, Henni Fitria
In 3.B Block students will learn the concepts, changes and mechanisms of normal delivery, to documentation of midwifery care in normal delivery and newborns. Thus mastery of the material in 3.B Block is important, because it will provide provisions for students in providing midwifery care to mothers...
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Implementation of Project-Based Learning in the Theme of Language Variations in the Shakaigengogaku Course

Lady Diana Yusri, Imelda Indah Lestari
The purpose of writing this article is to explain the implications of the Project-Based Learning (PjBL) method in Shakaigengogaku or Sociolinguistics courses. This research is devoted to the theme of Japanese language variation. The subjects of this study were 45 fifth-semester students. There are four...