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A Method of Feature Extraction and Compression of 3D Model

Zuojun Liu, Lihong Li, Mi Yu
Feature extraction is a major concern in 3D retrieval, which decides its performance and efficiency. Therefore, feature extraction and compression become the keys to guarantee the retrieval’s performance and speed. The process is as follows: firstly, transform the standard 3D model to 2D images by perspective...
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Voltage Harmonic Pollution and Treatment Technology of Power Rectifier device

Lixin Zhang, Baolin Zhang, Changhe Xu
This article mainly for power uncontrolled rectifier device and controllable rectification device is produced by the voltage harmonic mechanism has carried on the quantitative analysis. This paper illustrates the harm of harmonic of electric power system and harmonic treatment technology.
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Large Eddy Simulations of the Entropic Lattice Boltzmann Method

Qiang Liu, Yan Wang, Wei Xie
The large eddy simulation (LES) has not been adequately developed in the entropic lattice Boltzmann method (ELBM) framework. In particular, analysis of high Reynolds number turbulence simulations using ELBM-LES remains to be done. A standard Smagorinsky subgrid scale model in large eddy simulation based...
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Research on Bayes-based Text Automatic Classification

Xuan Zhang
Enormous amount of information on the Internet, there are several of information and it is so complicated. Information retrieval is of blind and too much redundant information is in search results. In order for a user to much more effective at getting the information they needed, This paper researches...
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Extracting Faint Signals Behind Bright Sources From CLASH Imaging Using Fourier Analysis

Yao Li, Ding-Peng Li, Feng-Jie Lei, Feng-Shan Liu
With the combination of deep Hubble Space Telescope Imaging and magnification due to gravitational lensing, the CLASH program offers an unprecedented opportunity to search for supernovae at high redshifts and detect some of the most distant galaxies as well. Unfortunately, the cluster field suffers from...
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Study on the eco-control model of sustainable landscape design

Leichang Huang, Chen Chen
Control can make things develop following the planning direction, and keep the change of deviation from target in the permitted limits. Ecological control eco-control combines ecology with cybernetics, which researches on the process of information transfer, transformation, treatment for the ecosystem...
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Process Automation System Development of Lyocell Staple Fiber Plant Based on PlantPAx

Yongwei Li, Kuan Yu, Bo Zhu, Ronghuan Han, Yubo Li, Jianlong Wang
A process automation system based on PlantPAx platform was developed for a lyocell staple fiber plant with annual capacity of 15000 tons. The system has realized simple operation and optimization of the plant, full-automatic startup and shutdown of the plant units, control and diagnostics of malfunctions,...
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Design of Image Tracking System for Strapdown Seeker based on FPGA+DSP

Ming Cui, Zhiyong Wu, Yonggang Cao
Strapdown seeker connect the sensor fixed on the projectile, through a large field of view to ensure the effective of target detection, in order to solve the high frame rate digital image processing and target recognition tracking problem, design a kind of based on FPGA + DSP architecture is applied...
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Calibration Technology and Application of Ultrasonic Sensor for Partial Discharge Detector

Guangke Xu, Fuchun Sun, Weiwei Zhang, Ming Li, Zhenhua Zhu, Andong Wang, Fuqiang Zhao, Jie Liu, Xiuzhong Gong
Ultrasonic partial discharge detector can discover and locate the partial discharge, and is used widely. Recently more and more ultrasonic sensor and partial discharge detector were produced by different producer. There are so many styles and kinds that detector functions are intermingled. For example,...
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The effect of grinding media on the flotation of fine chalcopyrite

Yong Chen, Yong Sheng Song, Wen Juan Li, Gui Ying Zhou
The pulp potential and flotation behaviour of fine chalcopyrite ground with different grinding media have been studied by experiments. It's shown that there exist great differences in pulp potential, oxidation species and flotation behaviour of chalcopyrite ground with ceramic or iron media. Grinding...
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Research of foundation engineering mechanics

Jie Yang, Dewen Liu, Yani He, Qingfeng Xiao, Zhongli Guo
This paper use Midas to build the three-dimensional research model on varied construction stages of foundation pit, in which the foundation pit applies the scheme of combing continous wall and inner support. In geotechnical engineering, the support pattern regularly applied is continuous wall, whose...
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Crystallographic Unified Viscoplastic Constitutive Relations of Single-crystal Material

Qing Wu Wang
Unified viscoplastic constitutive equations are established in the crystal slip systems on the basis of the theory of crystal slip. Plastic dashpots reflecting the material transient response and Newton dashpots mirroring the material viscosity are introduced in slip systems to establish the viscoplastic...
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Applying the Linear Neural Network to TCP Congestion Control

Niu Lei
The previous TCP protocol cannot predict congestion. Only when the sender receives more than three acknowledgements or the retransmission timer is out can it realize that congestion has occurred. We train the linear neural network by using round-trip time and current TCP throughput as its inputs. As...
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Research on obstacle recognition and distance calculation based on the structure of the road

Zi-Ming Zou, Hai-Rong Li, Xiao-Yang Liu
Based on Machine Vision, the paper research a method to detect obstacles and calculate the distance between the obstacle and moving vehicles. First it uses the shadow detection method to determine approximate location of the obstacle and adopt corner detection method to detect the obstacle contour information....
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A Shaking Table Test Design on Seismic Strengthened Brick Masonry Structures

Jie Ping Liu, Chen Liu, Ling Xin Zhang
The 1:4 scale model for shaking table test was designed as a typical three-storey-office building strengthened with external steel reinforcement mesh mortar layer. The process of modeling was provided, including the relationship of model and proto structure, and the design principle of model components....
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Temperature Dependence of Microwave Dielectric Properties of SiO2 /BN Composite

Ting Zhang, Chen Tao
In this presentation, the dielectric properties of SiO2 / BN composite is studied using the the logarithmic rule in the GEM equation.It is found that the dielectric constant of the composite material is effected by the contens of Si2N2O and temperature. And because the dielectric constant of SiO2 is...
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Design of superfine denier Nylon Fabric

Yun Tong
This fabric is given priority to with plain weave, which can play a good down-proof, mainly for down jacket fabrics and development. Using superfine yarn of polyamide as raw material, making the fabric soft and exquisite, meanwhile, the weight of the fabric has been reduced so as to make such fabric...
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The Research on the Injection Interval's Reasonable Water Injection Rate for Multi-Layer Sandstone Oilfield at Ultra-High Water Cut Stage

G.J. Shan
The oilfield of Daqing placanticline is a typical multi-layer sandstone oilfield, which water flooding production occupies over 50% of the total yield of Daqing oilfield, and it has made great contribution to oilfield stable production. For the average water cut is more than 94% at present, a finer potential...
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Comparative Study on Microwave Co-pyrolysis Products of Low-Rank Coal under Circulating Gas and N2 Atmosphere

J. Zhou, L. Wu, Z. Yang, X.F. Liu, Y.H. Song, X.C. Zhao
Microwave pyrolysis is a new research method for deeply processing of low-rank coal. On basis of experiments, this paper conducted comparative study on microwave co-pyrolysis products of low-rank coal under circulating gas (CG) and N2 atmosphere, respectively. The composition and content of tar and bluecoke...
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Effect of ultra-high temperature processing on quality of watermelon juice

C. Zhang, Y. Wang, Y. Ma, X. Zhao, W. Li
The effect of ultra-high temperature processing on the quality and flavor of watermelon juice was evaluated. The temperature of 120 and 135 oC was effective to reduce the total flora count to 2 LogCFU/ml and reduce the color variety of the watermelon juice. However, the higher temperature leaded to a...
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Effect of packaging on quality of fresh-cut thyme

C. Zhang, Y. Li, Y. Wang, Y. Ma, X. Zhao
The effect of packaging on the quality of fresh-cut thyme was evaluated. The packaging showed no significant influence on the shelf life of the fresh-cut thyme when its shelf life was 7 d. The 1-MCP and modified atmosphere packaging treatments hold the sensory features of the thyme, and avoided the loss...
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Effect of refrigerator positions on quality of fresh-cut pepper

Y. Ma, C. Zhang, A. Yang, Y. Wang, X. Zhao
The effect of refrigerator position in the same layer on the quality of fresh-cut pepper was evaluated. The temperatures of the front and rear in the same layer were different. The front temperature was about 0.5 oC higher than the rear temperature. The soluble solid content of the front pepper was higher...
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The influence of pyrolysis temperature on lignite reaction kinetics and gas devolatilization process

Kai Wang, Guangyao Liu, Yang Dong
Pyrolysis is a clean method for lignite utilization, and it is greatly influenced by temperature and heating rate. The reaction mechanism and kinetic model were investigated by means of Differential Thermal-Gravimetric Analyzer and Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer. It is found that lower heating...
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Calculation and analysis of acid dew-point temperature in coal-fired boiler gas

M.T. Cheng, T.H. Zeng
The current calculation method of the acid dew-point temperature of the flue gas is multifarious, and many formulas even exist obvious errors. In this paper, the representative method is used to calculate the acid dew-point temperature of the flue gas, and the Influence factors of the acid dew-point...
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The analysis of influencing factors on profile control effect of profile control agent in HX oilfield

Guilong Wang, Xingjia Zhuo, Yue Wang
In order to optimize construction parameters of profile control in HX oilfield and improve the profile control effect, we studied the influences of permeability, oil saturation, water shutoff agent concentration and injection rate on profile control performance through orthogonal experimental method...
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Safety assessment of steel framework of a utility boiler

Bin Xu, Enpin Liu, Jingdong Wang, Liangsheng Chen
The steel framework of a utility boiler was an important structure sustained loads, and its strength and stiffness were primary factors in structural design. Stiffness was assessed by measuring perpendicularity of pillars. For this steel framewok seismic loads was significant to the entire strength....
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High temperature corrosion behavior of superalloy GH984G in synthetic flue gases environments

G.M. Liu, S.P. Ren
High temperature corrosion behavior of Ni-Fe-based Superalloy GH984G was studied in the synthetic flue gas environments with different SO2 concentration at 800 C. The microstructure and composition of the scales were investigated by scanning electron microscope/energy dispersive spectroscope and X-ray...
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Interface shear strength between slender bamboo rod and ruin soils with high plasticity

X.J. Chai, C.F. He, A.F. Li, G.F. Sima, X.J. Li
For underground earthen sites in humid environment, its preservation is more difficult than the ones in northwest arid region. One reason is that the changing of existing environment, especially the changing of the groundwater resulting in the local cracks and creep-sliding disease of the underground...
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Electrochemical DBS Wastewater Treatment Research

Changyong Jing, Shaohua Ling
The treatment of anion surfactants in wastewater with the electrochemical reactor is studied in this paper. Factors affecting the removal rate were investigated,such as anode material electric current density electrolyse time electrolyte and pH etc.At the optimal conditions of electric current density...
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Study on Heat Exchange of convection heating surface of a Pressurized Oxygen Enriched Coal-fired Boiler

Libao Yin, Hang Zhao, Zhengyang Gao, Xinxin Meng, Shuo Ji
The technology of the oxygen enriched combustion is a very promising new power generation technology for cleaning coal. This paper takes a 300MW coal-fired boiler for study, calculates the properties of flue gas of the pulverized coal combustion under the air and oxygen and pressurized oxygen enriched(CO2/O2=70:30,0.1MPa/1MPa)...
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The procedures developed of automatic cascade non-azeotropic refrigerant selection and matching

Da-Yu Zheng, Qiu-Yan Chen, Li-Ping Gao, Lei Liu, Shuo Chen, Xiang Li, Hai-Feng Yu, Jie Li
Draw the commonly refrigerants table for writing in the program selector working pair in tune content. Selection according to the evaporation temperature of low temperature refrigerant, based on traditional non-azeotropic refrigerant select automatic cascade principle, the preparation method of choice...
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Application of wall monitoring technique for backfill grouting in inclined concrete shaft

Feng Zhao, Shuancheng Gu, Shuning Dong
Grouting water plugging after main inclined shaft of Dafosi coal mine engineering instance, to ensure the safety of the shaft wall in the process of grouting, for the purpose of borehole wall monitoring scheme is proposed. Using strain monitoring technique, the wellbore hydrological and engineering geological...
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Theoretical gas phase compressibility factor of mixed refrigerants in auto-cascade refrigeration system

Da-Yu Zheng, Lei Liu, Li-Ping Gao, Qiu-Yan Chen, Shuo Chen, Hai-Feng Yu, Xiang Li, Jie Li
The compressibility factor is solved using the RKS equation and the corresponding calculation program. Redlich-kwong- Soave the numerical calculation method for solving the compressibility factor, R22 and CO2 is calculated and compare it with standard values, so as to verify correctness of program. Finally,...
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Tribological Characteries of DLC film in Sliding Contacts under Differ-ent Lubrication Conditions

Y. Bai, P. Cao
Diamond-like carbon (DLC) films are well known for their high hardness, low friction and excellent wear resistance. Therefore, DLC film coating can contribute to improving mechanical and tribological properties of materials. The objective of this study is to investigate the effect of solid and liquid...
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The Oil Recovery Mechanism of Activated Indigenous Microorganisms by Nutrient Agents

G.L. Ren, J.L. Wang, Y.X Li, H.M. Yuan, J.J. Le, J.Y. Zhang, L.L. Bai, X.H. Chen, H. Zhang, Y.H. Huang
In order to achieve a group of desired nutrient agent of indigenous microorganism of oil reservoir after polymer flooding in Daqing oilfield, biogas production experiments, physical simulation experiments and 16S rRNA gene library experiments were carried out. The first and second group of nutrient agents...
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Research on the coffee cabinet design based on the shadow observation method

Cheng Liu, Xiang Wu, Chunmao Wu
Based on the shadow observation method, author analyzes some problems when user makes coffee: items are too scattered to be effective for user. At the same time, according to the used frequency of each items, author analyzes the relationship among the items placed in the coffee cabinet, to make it more...
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Study on Supporting Technology of Shallow Buried Mining Gateway with Weak Surrounding Rock

Lifeng Xu
Taking the project field as background, the paper studied the supporting technology of mining gateway with weak surrounding rock in 3-1 shallow seam mining of a coal mine, and solved problems of mining gateway slide and roof deformation and failure. The shortage of original supporting system was simulated...
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Water Chemistry Characteristics and Their Controlling Factors in Dou River Basin

P. Chen, P.X. Shi, Z. Ma, W. Wang, J.J. Miao
It is important to study the temporal and spatial distribution of water chemistry for the regional water resources management. In this study, in order to obtain the water chemistry distribution of Dou River Basin, collection and test works have been done for surface water and groundwater, and the results...
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Construction of Nickel Oxide/Nitrogen-doped Carbon Nanotubes Catalysts with High Activity for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Pinghua Yang, Jianping Xu
Nickel oxide/nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes catalysts for the (ORR) were fabricated using a simple chemical plating method. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) was used to characterize its structure. Electrochemical method studies show that the nickel oxide/nitrogen-doped...
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Study of the Particulate Purification Efficiency of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst and Catalyzed Diesel Particulate Filter

Pi-Qiang Tan, Xiao-Feng Zhang, Zhi-Yuan Hu, Di-Ming Lou
The combination of diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and catalyzed diesel particulate filter (CDPF) is one of the most effective ways to control particulate emission. Particulate number (PN) and size distribution characteristics are studied when a heavy duty diesel equipped with or without DOC+CDPF in...
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Study on NOx emissions from a national V heavy-duty diesel engine

Pi-Qiang Tan, Huan Zeng, Zhi-Yuan Hu, Di-Ming Lou
Detail components of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions, which is including NO, NO2, and N2O, from a national V heavy-duty diesel engine with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) were studied under different operating conditions by using Fourier transform infrared spectrum (FTIR) technology. Results show...
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Dielectric properties of Mn-doped BaTiO3-based ceramics synthesized by wet chemical method

J. Wang, G.J. Rong, L. Liu, C.C. Li, Q. Jiang, H.Y. Cheng, M.M. Wang, R. Liu
A wet chemical method was used in this work to produce Ba0.985Bi0.01TiO3- BaMnxTi1-xO3(BBT-BMT) materials. With increasing Mn content, the ceramic capacitors display stronger temperature stability in its dielectric behavior. The dielectric properties of the samples were measured by a LCR meter. The micstructure...
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Study on radiation power density effects on flight performance

X. Jin, Y.J. Hong, D.P. Wang
Laser-motive UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) is a new concept UAV. Based on analysis of conservation equation of photoelectric conversion irradiated by laser energy, UAV load’s demand for power density and heat convection balance, a model is established to analyze the relationship between UAV maximum...
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The deformation mechanism of soft coal roadway under dynamic mining influence and its optimization support design

Z.G. Sun, Y. Gou, J. Yang, Z.W. Bi, S.G. Li
In light of the coal roadway deformation and breakage problems in soft rock conditions under dynamic pressure influence, based on coupled-supporting principle, combined theories and computer numerical simulation, the floor heave and spalling mechanism under the influence of multiple mining activities...
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Effect of coal moisture on denitration efficiency and boiler economy

Y.J. Liao, Q.S. Xu, S. Ji, H. Zhao
Taking a coal-fired unit as the research object, the denitrification efficiency and cost of SCR system are analyzed under burning-coal with different moisture. Though thermal calculation, the gas inlet temperature at SCR system was calculated, then the denitrification efficiency was gotten from the graph...
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Study on Integrated Control Technology of High Ground Stress in Low Gassy Fully Mechanized Working Face

Zunyu Xu, Benqing Yuan, Yongjiang Zhang
Through analyzing the dynamic disasters of KuZiDong mine 111303 working face in this paper,aiming at the high stress and low gas working face,that ucsing Composite regional measures of "the gas pre drainage standard before mining and effectively reducing the coal seam rockburst tendency through water...
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Experimental Study of Pool Nucleate Boiling Heat Transfer Characteristics of Lithium Bromide Solution with Additives

Y.F. Geng, X.N. Song
The pool nucleate boiling heat transfer characteristics of 10%, 20% and 30% lithium bromide solution was studied in the paper with Polyethylene Glycol Octylphenol Ether as an additive. The results showed that the additive can significantly reduce the surface tension of lithium bromide solution and different...
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Effect of ferrous on the adsorption of As(V) from aqueous solution on activated carbons

G.F. Liu, Y. Gao, L.N. Zhu, H.M. Yan, F. Li, S.F. Yu
Arsenic is a toxic substance. The adsorption by activated carbon is generally considered to be one of the most efficient methods to remove As(V). In this paper, three kinds of commercial activated carbons (N1, N2 and N3) were used to adsorb As(V) from water. The result showed that the adsorption capacity...
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The influence of the high-speed Trimaran to Flow Field

Yi-Fan Wang, Teng Zhao
Trimaran is of three hull, three slender hull share a main deck and the upper structure, which has many superior qualities, compared with the single ship, aroused people's great interest. In the design of the main concern is to reduce the resistance of trimaran, therefore, to study the effect of convection...
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Effects of mesh density on LES of the flow structure in internal combustion engine

D. Tang, Z.H. Zhu, L.F. Shen, B. Zhang
By using the software FIRE, the flow structure of 186FA diesel engine were analyzed by numerical simulation. The indicator diagram, velocity field and turbulent kinetic energy in the cylinder were simulated by both the k - model and the large-eddy simulation(LES) model. The results shows that the mesh...
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Adaptive Control Research Based on Differential Drive Active Steering of Electric Vehicle

Zheming Chen, Qingtao Yu
In order to prevent the four-wheel independent drive electric tricycle in differential drive active steering to understeer or oversteering. It is necessary to control the vehicle, thus setting up four degrees of freedom vehicle model and using the MRAC control strategy to control vehicle. Using simulink...
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Resistance Spot Welding between Steel and Aluminum Alloy

Lihu Cui, Ranfeng Qiu, Longlong Hou, Zhongbao Shen, Qingzhe Li
Aluminum alloy A6061 and mild steel Q235 sheets were welded by resistance spot welding. The interfacial microstructure was observed and the feature and distribution of the interfacial reactant were analyzed and the effects of welding current on the nugget size and tensile shear strength of the joint...
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Microstructure and mechanical property of resistance spot welded joint between pure titanium and stainless steel with interlayer of Nb

Longlong Hou, Ranfeng Qiu, Lihu Cui, Zhongbao Shen, Qingzhe Li
Commercially pure titanium and stainless steel sheets were welded using resistance spot welding with interlayer of Nb. The interfacial microstructure was observed, the effects of welding current on nugget diameter and tensile shear load were investigated deeply. The results show that the interfacial...
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Fabrication, morphologies and properties of luminescent PMMA porous nano-fibers

Haiying Xia, Fulai Zhao, Li Gao, Chaohua Wang, Peng Xi
Luminescent poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) porous fibers were prepared by electrospinni-ng technology using a binary solvent system of EA/DMF and DCM/DMF. The effects of the ambient humidity, content of rare earth complex (Tb(phen)L3) molecular weight of PMMA, and the proportion of E-A/DMF (mass ratio)...
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Enrichment of Se in Soil-Crop Systems in the Selenium-rich Region and their Effects for the Enrichment of Heavy Metals

Shanhu Hu, Shengxu Luo, Yujie Xiao, Zhang Luo, Chunlei Fan
36 kinds of crops and the planting soils had been treated as research samples. All the materials came from Nandu river basin selenium-rich region. 120 research samples had been chosen to research the distribution of selenium and their effects on enrichment of heavy metals in selenium-rich regions. The...
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Heavy Metal Contents and Accumulation Characteristic of Dominant Plants in Tin Mining Wasteland of Gejiu city,Yunnan,China

Xiang-Bin Song, Gui-Xiang Li, Xiang-Jing Fang, Jin-Ping Shao, Li-Ping He, Bo Bi
Land contaminated by high levels of heavy metals in Tin mining wasteland is urgent to be remediated.To find out the tolerant plants which can adapt to the local climate and the soil conditions is thesystem restoration of the area. Results showed that the average content of soil heavy metals of Mn, Cu,...
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Enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-exploded sugarcane bagasse by adding natural Sapindus peel

Y.Z. You, Y.M. Wang, B.C. Q.S, J.X. Jiang
Steam explosion pretreatment was a feasible method to treat sugarcane bagasse. The results showed that the hemicelluloses can be effectively removed during the pretreatment and increase the ability of enzymatic hydrolysis. The highest glucose yield was achieved at 74.99%, which was increased by 57.86%...
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Speciation Analysis and Removal of Heavy Metals Zn, Cu, Cd from Sludge by Organic Acid

S.W. Song, L. Wang, X.X. Wang, G.C. Qi, L. Yu, J. Liu
A chemical extraction procedure for removing extractable heavy metals Zn, Cu, Cd using organic acid as extractant has been applied to wastewater sediments collected from wastewater treatment plant. The Tessier’s five-stage sequential extraction procedure for extractable heavy metals determination is...
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Synthesis of Lignin-based Epoxy Resin using Ionic Liquid [BMIm]Cl

Z.L. Yang, R.F. Zhang, M.Q. Chen, W.T. Li
Industrial alkali lignin (LG) was used as raw material and ionic liquid 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ([BMIm]Cl) was used as reaction system. Alkali lignin was dissolved into the [BMIm]Cl and modified as propyl ether lignin(HLG). Then the HLG modified lignin was used to synthesizing the lignin-based...
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Characterizations of nickel oxide thin films prepared by reactive radio frequency magnetron sputtering

Z.H. Xiao, X.F. Xia, S.J. Xu, Y.P. Luo, W. Zhong, H. Ou, E.S. Jiang
The NiO thin films were preapred by reactive radio frequency magnetron sputtering method on glass substrates. The influence of sputtering power on the crystal structure, surface morphological, optical and electrical properties was investigated using X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy...
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Influence of Ni based catalysts on CH4-CO2 reforming reaction

Hangjie Li, Dongming Shen, Xikun Gai, Peng Lv, Jianwei Mao, Chengxue Lv, Ruiqin Yang
The nickel based catalysts were prepared by the method of impregnation. The influence of the Ni loading, the calcination temperature, the reduction temperature, the promoter on the catalyst performances in the CH4-CO2 reforming reaction was investigated. The results indicate that the Ni/SiO2 catalyst...
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Study on the Parameter Characteristics of Thermal Water Jet Nozzles

Jianzhao Zhou, Liqun Han
There are series of car accidents and thousands of losses because of icy roads in cold weather. So thermal water-jet cutting and mechanical milling deicing technology is developed and researched.It means that road is jetted with hot water and then the ice is removed by using milling cutter. The shape...
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Study on the influence of Paint-removal Process on the performance of the used parts for remanufacturing

Pin-Pin Qin, Dai-Xiang Jiang, Lu-Lin Wang, Xi-Qiu Pan, Chui-Ce Che
Cleaning is an important procedure of used parts remanufacturing process and the paint-removal on the surface of used parts is a difficulty during cleaning process. The surface paint of three materials cast iron HT250, cast steel ZG270-500, and carburizing and quenching steel 20CrMnTi were cleaned by...
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Design and Test of a PZT Wind Generator Excited by Rotary Magnet

M.J. Yan, S.Y. Wang, C.T. Fan, W.J. Wu, J.W. Kan
To meet the demands of rotating machine monitoring system for self-power, a novel PZT wind generator (PWG) was presented. The influence of magnetic force (number and configuration of the magnets) and wind speed on energy generation of the PWG was investigated experimentally. The research results show...
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Friction Welding of magnesium alloys

Zhongbao Shen, Ranfeng Qiu, Qingzhe Li, Longlong Hou, Lihu Cui
Magnesium alloys were welded by friction welding. The mechanical properties of the joint were investigated; the effects of welding parameters on flanging amount, wear amount and tensile shear load of the joints were discussed. The results show that the joint strength increases with the increase of friction...
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The mechanical properties of 1060 aluminum joint by continuous drive friction welding

Qingzhe Li, Ranfeng Qiu, Zhongbao Shen, Longlong Hou, Lihu Cui
Pure aluminum was welded by friction welding in this study. Friction welding of pure aluminum was performed in the fixed upset pressure and friction pressure respectively. The tensile strength of joints was measured. According to the studies performed, pure aluminum welding effect of welding parameters...
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Influence of diameter of quartz raw material on the quality of fused quartz product

W.H. Zhou, S.G. Zhu, X.Z. Liu, H.L. Zhang, Z. Zhao
The traditional quartz processing industry is characterized by high energy consumption and low purity of product. To save energy and purify the product by a new type of furnace, it is necessary to find the best diameter range of raw material sent in. In order to study the influence of the diameter of...
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Structural analysis and numerical simulation of a new energy saving quartz melting furnace

Z. Zhao, S.G. Zhu, J.W. Zhu, Y.F. Zhang, H.L. Zhang
A new type quartz melting furnace to avoid shortages of traditional quartz furnace such as high cost of graphite electrode, low production efficiency, high quartz melting furnace energy consumption is tested and simulated in this paper. Simulation is done as well as the experiment to test distribution...
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Effect on Marine Life by Noise of Offshore Wind Farm

S. Jiang, J.P. Hou
Offshore wind farm monitoring results show that: Spectrum fan running in the underwater noise level substantially are more similar to the overall strength significantly smaller with increasing frequency, in 1 ~20kHz frequency distribution of the power spectrum level 140dB/1 Pa to 65dB/1 Pa, at 120Hz...
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Experimental Study on Mechanical Characteristics of Jatropha Seeds

Z.J. Wu, B. Wang, L.H. Zhang
[Objective] Recently, the interest in jatropha seeds has increased due to its high oil content. In order to study the mechanical characteristics of jatropha seeds, in this study, single factor tests, orthogonal tests were used. [Methods] Experimental factors were moisture content (MC)(7.11%~39.23%),...
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Study on removal of iron and manganese from groundwater with resin

Jie Yun, Yan Zhang, Yashu Yuan, Yuan Wu, Zhen Fang, Qinghui Fan
The thesis explores the adsorption of 732 cation exchange resin to remove the excessive amount of iron and manganese in the low-temperature groundwater. The removal effects in different temperature and filtering velocities are analyzed by testing the effluent water quality and measuring the volume of...
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Natural Frequency Numerical Solution to an Axially Moving Timoshenko Beam on Fixed Supports

Zhigang Yang, Wanzhen Li, Zhenxing Yang, Jiguang Zhang
In this paper, natural frequencies of axially moving beams on fixed supports are analyzed based on Timoshenko model by performing the Galerkin method and the differential quadrature method. Some numerical examples are presented to demonstrate the effects of related parameters on the frequencies, such...
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The life cycle assessment of automotive biological butanol

Zhiyuan Hu, Yushan Ding, Hao Song
A life cycle energy, emission and economic assessment model of biological butanol-gasoline blend fuel was established based on life cycle. Then, the life cycle energy, environment, and economy of biological butanol-gasoline blend fuel used as automotive fuel were assessed. Comparing with conventional...
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Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Multi-Heat Source Stirling En-gine Combustion Chamber

Guihai Jiao, Qifen Li, Lei Zhang, Jingjing Xu, Jialin Zhao, Junpeng Mao, Xiaoyu Liang, Zongqin Hou, Yuntao Zhu
This paper uses ICEM and the FLUENT CFD module of ANSYS software to do numerical simulation of Sterling engine combustion chamber 3D model, to reflect the the turbulent flow characteristics of engine combustion chamber in the Sterling velocity field distribution, further, according to the analysis re-sults,...
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Extracting tin from simulated leaching solution of anode slime with cyclone electrowinning method

W. Wang, Zh. Xu, S.T. Huang, L. M. Yang, Zh. G. Ji, Y. Li
Simulated leaching solution of tin anode slime was prepared as electrolyte to investigate the performance of cyclone electrowinning on extraction of tin from solution in this work. The results showed that Sn(II) could be extracted as sponge tin with cyclone electrowinning. Sn(IV) could be extracted as...
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Enhanced Phytoremediation of Pb-contaminated Soil with -Cyclodextrin

L.D. Gao, R.J. Zheng, T. An, S. Zhang, M.L. Pang
Phytoremediation of Pb-contaminated soil was studied with -cyclodextrin as enhancing agent using Brassica Juncea. Effects of the addition dosage and the addition time of -cyclodextrin, and Pb concentration in soil on the plant growth were investigated. Plants were cultivated in an environmental control...
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Investigation on thermodynamics characteristics of biomass thermal decomposition using TG/DSC method

Z.J. Tang, P. Fang, J.H. Huang, Z.X. Tang, C.P. Cen
Based on results of biomass combustion and pyrolysis using TG-DSC analyzer, biomass thermodynamics characteristics were studied. Integrated heat model and differential heat model were used to determined biomass thermal behavior, and the former fitted the actual better; the heat capacities with temperature...
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Progress of optimal operation for large pumping station system

X.L. Feng, B.Y. Qiu
The research ranges of optimal operation for large pumping stations were analyzed. Energy losses of power transmission and transformation, pumping stations and water transmission should be considered when optimal models are constituted. Under the circumstances of pumping certain discharge or volume,...
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Vane shear rheometer test to demonstrate the debris flow initiation characteristics and phenomena

Zhonggang Liu, Enzhi Wang, Xiaoli Liu, Sijing Wang
The primary question in the debris flow initiation study is differentiation of the initiation process from other processes. This paper introduced a new experimental method and apparatus which can apply artificial rain, detect deformation, resistance and other variables. Based on the experimental data...
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Thermal Analysis of Methanol Reforming Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell System

Jialin Zhao, Yongwen Yang, Hong Yang, Yanan Li, Guihai Jiao, Lei Zhang, Jingjing Xu
Relatively mature methanol reforming PEMFC products have been produced domestically, and power generation efficiency of the whole system can reach 30%, but most of the waste heat is not used. Based on an experiment table of methanol reforming PEMFC system, a large mount of data about the internal temperature,...
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Numerical analysis of the influence of sea level rise on sediment deposition in the Yangtze Estuary channels

R.Y. Shen, J. Gu, D. Wang, X.J. Zhang
To explore the influence of sea level rise on sediment deposition in the Yangtze Estuary Deep-water Navigation Channel, this article has simulated the change of flow velocity in North Passage in different situations of sea level rise with MIKE21 FM and calculated the threshold motion velocity of sediment...
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Ballast water treatment by sequential filtration and advanced oxidation process

Donghai Wu, Guanghua Lu, Ran Zhang
The ability of a 2-stage (filtration + UV/Ag-TiO2/O3) ballast water treatment process to control non-indigenous species introduction has been assessed. The removal efficiencies of turbidity and phytoplankton were monitored during the filtration pretreatment phase, and the degradation of phytoplankton...
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Influence of carbon and alternating oxic-anoxic model on sludge bulking and pollutant removal effect

E.L. Jiao, C.D Gao, S.X. Fan, R.F. Li, Y. Tian
The influence of carbon and alternating oxic-anoxic model on sludge bulking and chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen removal effect are investigated under alternating oxic-anoxic model in sequencing batch reactor (SBR). The experiment performed for 23 days and 30 days instage...
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Experimental research on heat transfer characteristics of Dimple plate heat exchanger

Changfa Ji, Liangliang Wu, Jiawei Li, Xiaoxia Wang
In this paper, we use experiment to work on our own design of the dimple plate heat exchanger and the experimental result is compared with the heat transfer characteristics of the flat plate under the same experimental conditions.The test result shows that, under the given inlet temperature condition,...
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Shortcut nitrification-denitrification can be attributed to the operation pattern of intermittent aeration profile

C.D. Gao, S.S. Fan, E.L. Jiao, Y. Tian, R.F. Li
In this study, two lab-scale reactors were set up and operated in this study, include a sequencing batch reactor for batch tests and a continuous predenitrification bioreactor for regular operation. Batch tests fed by Synthetic wastewater (acetate) and operated in intermittent aeration profile, demonstrate...
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The new means of biomass thermal conversion analysis

L.S. Xu, R. Li, M.H. Gu
In this paper, thermogravimetric analysis method was studied in biomass thermal conversion analysis. Theoretical simulation and experimental methods indicated the problems existing in the traditional thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA). On this basis, a new thermogravimetric analysis platform was developed....
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Analysis Research of the IGBT’s radiator based on ICEPAK

Yuanchao Wang, Lushun Su, Yu Li
With the rapid development of power electronic devices, high-power IGBT is increasingly popular, It is used as a switching device in SVG static var generator. Due to the large switching losses, we need to design a suitable radiator, to maintain the highest temperature of 80 C in working condition, then...
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Determination of Iron and Zinc in Garbanzo by Microwave Digestion-High Resolution Continuum Source Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Quan-De Liu, Shang-Long Chen, Yong Li, Jing Gao, Yun-Xu Zhu
A new application of high resolution continuum source flame atomic absorption spectrometry has been developed for the determination of Fe and Zn in garbanzo. The selected fuel flows of Fe and Zn were 80 L/h and 90 L/h respectively, and the appropriate burner heights of Fe and Zn were 5 mm and 6 mm respectively...
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Study of New Welding Tubular Joint Used For Jacket

S.H Xu, F.Y Yang, L.Q Jiang, M.W Gu, Z.R Song, D.W Yao, Q.G Liu
As the stronger desire of human for energy and space, offshore jackets are used more and more for these. As the excellent fluid mechanics feature of the tubular member, it is widely used in jacket structures. According to the introduction of the process of casting steel joint and directly weld joint,...
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The strength prediction of concrete frozen in the initial through the grey theory

G.Y. Wang, S. Xie, Z. Cheng
Revealed the strength variation of concrete C30 and C50 after the cold in the initial .Using the gray prediction theory which from the cybernetics to analyze the test results after the initial cold.The results show that the results obtained by the formula is consistent with the experimental results,...
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Study on Progressive Collapse Mechanism of RC Structures

Kai Hu, Li Jiang, Ge Qu, Xilin Lu, Zheng Lu, Peng Wang
Based on explicit dynamics numerical simulation analysis, the static loading test and the shaking-table test, and combined with the plane RC frame collapse test, the example of the high-rise frame structure and the high-rise frame-core tube structure, collapse mechanism of RC structures under the static...
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The effect of the rheological stability of a dam tunnel’ surrounding rock linking to different buried depth

C.L Xu, R.H Wang
This paper is based on a diversion tunnel excavation project, the rheological stability analysis was carried out on the excavation process. Due to large buried depth, tectonic stress and stress have influence on the safety of engineering. Based on the theory of unloading rock mass and rock rheology theory,...
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Inpatient building design analysis of comprehensive hospital

Jing Gao
This paper in view of the architectural design of hospital inpatient department, has carried on the analysis from various aspects factor changes of medical model of historical development, social environment, national policy, the philosophy of nursing progress, society of spectrum of disease and medical...
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The experimental study on shear behavior of concrete I-shaped beam with web openings

Mingqiao Zhu, Qiao Jiang, Hailin Huang, Chenkun Liang
Openings on the I-shaped beam web could accommodate pipelines and therefore might cut down the project cost due to the floor height is lower. In this paper, three concrete I-shaped beams are prepared, the sole difference between their is the openings position on the beam web. To compensate the strength...
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State Space Solution for a Pile Subjected to Combined Lateral and Vertical Loads

Fuliang Mei, Guiling Li
A state space solution for a partially embedded pile under combined lateral and vertical loads is developed. Two sets of state space equations above and below ground are deduced from Euler-Bernoulli’s and Winkler’s linear elastic foundation beam theories respectively, in which the coefficient of sub-grade...
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The relationship between the air void system and frost-salt resistance of concrete

Huarong Shen, Yang Jiang, Jiangtao Xia
The frost-salt resistances of concrete were investigated according to the CDF methodeffects of air void systems introduced by different air entraining agent. The results showed that the frost-salt resistance of concrete increased with the decreasing of spacing factor and increasing of air content. The...
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Research on the Test Method of the Concrete Expanded-Plates Pile

Yongmei Qian, Qingyu Cheng, Rongzheng Zhai
This article discusses the current development of tests about pile foundation at home and abroad. According to the difference of test purpose and content, it is analyzed that several typical test methods of the Multi-Extruded-Expanded-Plates pile. In the article, due to the imperfections existed in the...
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Study on benefit evaluation system of fair faced concrete construction technique——In Chengdu City 2nd ring road viaduct project as an example

Li Zhao
This paper introduces the historical research on fair faced concrete, benefit evaluation system of the construction technique of fair faced concrete is studied, and the Chengdu City 2nd ring road viaduct project as an example, analyzes and expounds the construction technology of concrete benefit evaluation...
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Study on axial compression ratio of Seismic Performance of Steel Tube Filled with Steel-reinforced Concrete Composite Column

Bing Wang, Xiao Liu, Pan Ren
With the rapid development of cities, the building becoming larger and higher. That means the weight of building will increase , the disaster will cause a greater loss. Bearing column is the main stress components of building, determining the safety of the building under earthquake. Steel Tube Filled...
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The recycled aggregate concrete filled steel tube finite element model

Bing Wang, Xiao Liu, Juntao Bao
Based on choose the constitutive relationship of core recycled concrete and steel in a reasonable way. It used the ABAQUS to establish the finite element analysis mode of recycled aggregate concrete filled steel tube subjected to axial compressive. It introduced the method and process of establish the...