Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Biomedical and Biological Engineering 2017 (BBE 2017)

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Basic Research on Real-time Evaluating of Thermal Damage of Tissues by Visible-Near Infrared Spectra

Wei-wei JIA, Li-juan DAI, Xi WANG
The feasibility of evaluation thermal damage in real time by Visible-Near Infrared (V-NIR) spectroscopy is investigated. Thermal damage are produced in fresh porcine livers in vitro by laser (808nm, 5W). The V-NIR spectra (330-1100 nm) at distances of 4, 8 and 12 mm from the center of the damage are...
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Antibiotics and ELISA as a Hyphenated Technique for Screening High Production Cell Lines from Transfected HEK293 Cells for the Production of Recombinant Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Jian-wen HU, Meng-meng LIU, Ji-zhong HAN, Bin ZENG
Recombinant follicle stimulating hormone(rFSH), which play an important role in assisted reproductive technologies. However, the availability of a suitable system for the screening high production cell lines from transfected mammal cells for the production of rFSH is limited. The purpose of this study...
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Extracellular Expression and Catalytic Bioactivity of Optimized Human Aromatase (CYP19) in Pichia Pastoris

Yan-ying HU, Yong-hui ZHONG, Jing ZHEN, Hui-tu ZHANG, Shi-ru JIA, Fu-ping LU, Yu-jie DAI, Xiu-li ZHANG
The fragment encoding aromatase (CYP19) with 45 N-terminal amino acids cut-off was cloned into pPIC9K vector and transformed to the yeast Pichia pastoris. The multi-copy recombinant strain was selected for the production of recombinant aromatase. The catalytic bioactivity of secreted enzyme was further...
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Anticancer Activity of Oridonin Against Esophageal Cancer Cells Enhanced by Special Electromagnetic Field Treated Water

Jiang PI, Jin-huan JIANG, Hua JIN, Xin WANG, Yuan PENG, Ji-ye CAI
Oridonin, the main pharmacological active substance isolated from Rabdosia Rubescens, has been found to show anti-inflammatory, pro-apoptotic, neurological effects, and excellent anticancer activities. However, the clinical application of oridonin is still limited by its poor solubility. The special...
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Time-Dependent Cellular Injuries Induced by Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate and Dihydrate Crystals

Jian-Min WANG, Ling-Hong HUANG, Jian-Ming OUYANG
Objective: This study aims to compare the cytotoxicity and adhesion difference between oxalate monohydrate (COM) and dehydrate (COD) crystals and African green monkey kidney epithelial cells (Vero). Methods: Through the detection of cell viability, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) release amount, expression...
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Research on Intracranial Pressure Changes of Craniocerebral Injury Caused by Cudgels

Hong-fa CHANG, Zhen-jiang LIU, Peng XIA, Yong-min YU, Dai-qin TAO, Hong-wei LI
Objective To research intracranial pressure change rules of craniocerebral injury through experimentation on animals. Method According to the difference of the hit parts, the animals are divided into three groups to collect the intracranial pressure changes through data collection system andpressure...
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The Neural Mechanism of Acupuncture Analgesia

Qiu-ling XU, Tao LIU
The acupuncture signal in the uplink conduction, one side through the spinal cord segmental relationship affect the adjacent segments dominated by the skin, visceral activity and adjacent segments of the pain in the introduction; more often up to reach the brain stem, Forebrain and other parts, through...
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Analysis of Animal Models of Oral Ulcers Based on the Characteristics of Clinical Symptoms of Chinese and Western Medicine

Huan LI, Ming BAI, Yan-yan MIAO, Ming-san MIAO
Objective: To analyze the methods and characteristics of animal model of oral ulcer and the characteristics of Chinese and Western medicine oral ulcer disease anastomosis. Methods: To summarize the characteristics of animal models of oral ulcers, modeling methods, analysis of oral ulcer animal model...
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Study on Animal Model Characterization of Chinese Medicine

Xu ZHANG, Hui ZHOU, Xuan-xuan ZHU, Yi LIANG, Jia-chen WANG, Yan-yan MIAO, Ming-san MIAO
Characterization can reflect objectivity and represent objective things. With the development of pharmacology of Chinese Medicine in recent years and the deepening of animal model research in Chinese medicine, how to accurately and quickly copy the successful model animals according to the characterization...
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Modern Analysis of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Chronic Abacterial Prostatitis

Jing LIU, Tan WANG, Huan LI, Ming BAI, Ming-san MIAO
Objective: To explore the therapeutic principles of modern Chinese medicine for chronic prostatitis and the application of TCM in CNP. Procedures and Methods: Analysised the relevant information and literature, to explore the mechanism of Chinese medicine for the treatment of prostatitis, sum up TCM...
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Researches on the Progress of Antiallergic Traditional Chinese Medicine and Its Mechanism

Xuan WU
With the study of anti-allergy medicine, it proves traditional Chinese medicine has anti-allergic effects and several other functions, such as protecting and stabilizing the target cell membrane (reduce or prevent degranulation, release the allergy mediators, increase the intracellular cAMP levels),...
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The Significance of Restoring the Traditional Diet of Chinese People from the High Incidence of Modern Diseases

Bao-song LIU, Meng-fan PENG, Yan-yan MIAO, Ming BAI, Ming-San MIAO
From the reform and opening up in 1979 to the year of twenty-first Century, China's economy has been growing rapidly,and great changes have taken place in people's traditional eating habits. Gradually westernized modern diet has become one of the main reasons ,which leading the incidence of many chronic...
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Thinking of Toxicology in Chinese Medicine

Xu ZHANG, Yan-yan MIAO, Ming-san MIAO, Tian-yuan LIU, Tao ZHANG, Cai-ling FENG
This paper summarizes the research achievements of predecessors in the field of toxicology of Chinese medicine, discusses the new understanding of the toxicity of Chinese medicine from the aspects of the toxicity of Chinese medicine, the application of the toxicity of Chinese medicine and the trend of...
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Inference of Pure Titanium Micro-arc Oxidation Process on Microstructure of Calcium Phosphate Membrane Layer

Yu-lei LI, Jin-jun TANG, Yue-lai DAI, Li-jun ZHANG, Xiao-yu JIN
In this paper, the growth law of the phosphate and calcium layer in different voltage process was studied. The surface morphology of the film was observed by SEM, and then the distribution of phosphorus and calcium in the film was analyzed. The results show that the higher the voltage, the more uniform...
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Valvular Heart Disease-Related Feed-Forward Loop Network Reveals Some Biological Features for Disease Development

Feng YANG, Ke LIU, Wei ZENG, Guang-bin WANG, Zheng-wen LI, Ke-li HUANG, Ni-ni RAO
This study is to uncover VHD-related important biological features for understanding molecular of this disease. The system analysis strategy is applied to generate the first VHD-related FFL network. Then, the network topology is mapped into the biological space to refine the biological features of VHD....
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Research Progress of Plant Calcium Nutrition and Calcium / Cold Signal Interaction

Qing-wen SHI, Qiao-bo SONG, Hui-xin WANG, Chun-ming BAI, Di WU, Qi-ping DONG, Xin CHENG, Xiao-ri HAN, Yi-fei LIU
Calcium, as the second messenger inside plants, is extensively involved in plant response and transduction of various stress signals. Plants shall generate calcium signals of specificity under stress, and this shall give a rise to a series of intracellular physiological and biochemical responses. Calcium...
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A Study on the Local Electrochemical Processes Inside Cavities

In this paper, a set of experiments scanning real potential variations inside cavities under current control were employed to characterize local electrochemical information. The limiting diffusion current and the critical currents sustaining the supersaturation of dissolved gas and completed oxide film-formation...
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Visible Study of Mercuric Ion in Brassica Juncea Living Cells and Plants Using a Fluorescent Dye

Pin-san XU, Zheng-yao ZHANG, Ling-yao LI, Yu-bo LIU
Concern over mercury cytotoxicity inside live specimens has encouraged the development of efficient methods for the in vivo detection of this heavy metal. In this study, by using the previous developed fluorescence dye EPNP (2,6-bis-(4'-peperazino-N'-butyl-1',8'-naphthalimide) dimethylpyridine) as a...
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Analysis of Animal Models of Alopecia Areata(AA) Based on Clinical Features of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

Huan LI, Ming BAI, Yan-yan MIAO, Xiao-yan FANG, Ming-san MIAO
Objective: Analysis of alopecia areata animal model production methods, characteristics and characteristics of Chinese and Western alopecia areata anastomosis. Methods: To summarize the characteristics of the alopecia areata animal model, according to alopecia areata diagnosis and clinical characteristics...
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The Harm of Fog and Thick Haze to the Body and the Prevention of Chinese Medicine

Le KANG, Yan-yan MIAO, Ming-san MIAO, Zhen-ya HU
In recent years, The situation that China's fog and thick haze pollution is very grim, which has threatened people's health and daily life work. fog and thick haze is a meteorological phenomenon, which is the essence of human activities caused by fine particulate pollution. With the increase in the severity...
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Characterization of a Serine Carboxypeptidase Hoscp from Holotrichia Oblita Faldermann (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea)

Dan ZHAO, Ya-kun ZHANG, Xiao-ping YAN, Wei GUO, Xiao-min LIU
In this report, we have identified a novel serine carboxypeptidase, named HoSCP, from the midgut of a destructive agricultural and landscape pest, Holotrichia oblita. HoSCP cDNA gene was cloned by immunoscreening method. Sequence analysis showed about 49kDa HoSCP consists of 457 amino acid residues with...
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Photosynthetic Characteristics of Marestail Using PAM Fluorometry

Li-nan GAO
In this work, we used PAM fluorometry to examine photosynthetic characteristics of marestail (Hippuris vulgaris) across a water temperature gradient in three lakes. Three lakes were studied across a gradient in water temperature, with low water temperature conditions in Grass Lake and Arrow Bamboo Lake,...
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Bioink of Multi-Biomaterials with Tyrosine Reinforcement for 3D Bioprinting of Skin Constructs

Ke YANG, Yong SHI, Hong-bo ZHANG, Rui-xue YIN, Shih-mo YANG, Wen-jun ZHANG
In this paper, a bioink composed of multiple native materials with tyrosine micro-particle reinforcement for 3D bioprinting of skin scaffolds was developed. The rheological property of the developed bioink was optimized for 3D Bioprinting process. The results showed that Tyrosine micro-particle reinforcement...
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Analyze the Animal Model of Pruritus Based on Clinical Symptoms of Chinese and Western Medicine

Ya-juan WEN, Ming BAI, Ming-san MIAO
Objective: Based on the characteristics of clinical symptoms of pruritus, analyze the relevant animal model, and then propose the evaluation and improvement. Method: According to the clinical diagnostic criteria of pruritus in Chinese and Western medicine, summarize the characteristics and modeling methods...
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Analysis on the Characteristics of Flower Traditional Chinese Medicine for Preventing and Treating Cerebral Ischemia

Li-ling XIANG, Ming-san MIAO, Ya-juan WEN, Jing-yi QIAO
Objectives: To investigate the characteristics and mechanism of flower traditional Chinese medicine for preventing and treating cerebral ischemia. methods: To summarize active components of flower traditional Chinese medicine on cerebral ischemia model and the characteristics of prevention and treatment...
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Injury Difference of the Un-Aggregated and Aggregated Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate on Human Kidney Proximal Tubular Epithelial Cells

Li-shan HUANG, Da GUO, Jian-ming OUYANG
Purpose: To study the injury difference of the un-aggregated and aggregated calcium oxalate monohydrate (COM) on human kidney proximal tubular epithelial (HKC) cells, and to discuss the molecular and cellular mechanism of kidney stone formation. Methods: The cell injure by crystals was evaluated by measuring...
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Injured Human Kidney Proximal Tubular Epithelial Cells Modulate Nucleation and Growth of Calcium Oxalate Crystals

Da GUO, Jian-min WANG, Jian-ming OUYANG
Purpose: The oxidative damage of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on human kidney proximal tubular epithelial cell (HKC) and the nucleation and growth of calcium oxalate (CaOx) crystals modulated by normal and injured cells were investigated. Methods: The method of CCK-8 was used to detect the proliferating...
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Study on Terpenoid Compounds of Different Tissues of Camphor Tree

Ying-ying YUE, Yan FU, Jie CHANG
Based on the current research value of biomass and terpenoids, in this paper, the terpenoids contented in the different organizational of the camphor tree were analyzed by SDE extract method and GC-MS analysis method. The results showed that the contents of terpenoids contained in camphor leaves were...
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Isolation and Identification of a New Clostridium Butyricum XYB11 Strain Producing 1, 3-Propandiol from Soil

Yan-bo XUE, Miao-miao YANG, Jun-hua YUN, Tinashe Archbold MAGOCHA, Yi-lin QI, Lin-sen YANG, Ming-ming GUO, Fan Zou, Xiang-hui QI
1, 3-propanediol (1,3-PD) is an important chemical material, which is wildly used in many fields. Clostridium butyricumis key strain which can transform glycerol into 1,3-PD. In this study, a new strain producing 1,3-PD was isolated from soil. On the basis of morphology, biochemical-physiological characteristics,...
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Characterization of Microbial Community Composition in the Fermentation Starter (Daqu) Reveals a Distinct Dominant Species Combination Potentially Contributing to the Flavor of Chinese Gujingtribute Liquor

Hui-min ZHANG, Hong-kui HE, Run-jie CAO, Lei LIU, Zhi-hui TANG, An-jun LI, Zhi-zhou ZHANG
In this study the microbial composition in the starter (Daqu) of Chinese Gujing Tribute liquor was determined by employing near full length ribosome gene library sequencing approach. Gujing Tribute Daqu has a distinct microbial community structure by comparison with several other important types of Chinese...
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Isolation and Preliminary Molecular Characterization of Novel Anaerobic Microbial Species from the Interface Between Zaopei (Fermented Grains) and the Bottom Pit Mud

Ying HAN, Hong-kui HE, Hang DU, Run-jie CAO, Hai-ning NING, Zhi-hui TANG, An-jun LI, Zhi-zhou ZHANG
Strong-aroma type liquor occupies over 70% of Chinese liquor market, but the namelist of key microbes responsible for liquor flavor is still vague. Lots of data indicate that the interface between the bottom pit mud and Zaopei (fermented grains) plays an important role for aroma molecule production,...
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Anti-Proliferative Activity of Benzamide Analogs in A549 Tumor Cells in Vitro

Li-wen SHEN, Yan-ling WU, Min CHEN, Yoshimasa Tanaka, Wen ZHANG
Objective: To determine the antitumor activity of five benzamide derivatives with similar structure in A549 tumor cells. Methods: Cytotoxicity of the compounds in A549 tumor cells were monitored through an xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analysis System. Results: Four benzamide analogs inhibited the growth...
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Antitumor Effect and Immune Regulation of the Pingyan Capsule on Lewis Lung Cancer Cells in Vivo

Na LI, Yan LI, Tian-yu LIU
Objective: we investigated the function of Pingyan capsule on antitumor and immune regulation in Lewis lung cancer tumor-bearing mice. Methods: mice were randomly divided into normal control group, model group, positive control group, high, medium and low dose Pingyan capsule groups. Lewis lung carcinoma...
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Identifying the Sulfate Ion Binding Residues in Proteins

Shao-bo LI, Xiu-zhen HU, Li-xia SUN, Xiao-jin ZHANG
Many proteins function execution depends on the process of protein and ligand interact with each other. The identification of ligand binding residues is important for the research of the protein function. The 4442 protein chains with <25% sequence identity and resolution <3.0  were analyzed using Ligand...
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Antimicrobial Activities of Polyphenol Extract of Peanut Skins

Wen-xu XIA, Ping ZHAO, Jia-bin WANG, Zhan-juan LI, Nanju Alice LEE
In this study, the cardinal and purple peanut testa were used as the raw materials for extracting polyphenol substances with ultrasonic and freeze-drying. Then the bacteriostasis and antifungal activities of the extracts were investigated by the methods of disc diffussion and equivalent against the Benzylpenicillin...
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Effects of Tween 80 on Degradation of Benzo[ƒ]pyrene in Soils Growing Sudan Grass

Sheng-wang PAN, Zhi-hua LEI, Yun-xiao WU, Mao-ping HE
Phytoremediation is becoming a cost-effective technology for the in-situ clean up of sites polluted with hydrophobic organic contaminants (HOCs). The major factors limiting phytoremediation are the mass transfer, rate of plant uptake, and microbial biodegradation of HOCs. To evaluate the potential of...
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Aqueous Two-Phase System Combined with Ultrasound for the Extraction Of Polysaccharide from Hawthorn (Crataeguspinnatifida) Leaves

Ri-li HAO, Juan-juan MA, Kun LI, Chuan-he ZHU, Xiao-cun ZHANG
Aqueous two-phase system (ATPS) combined with ultrasonic technology was employed to extract polysaccharide from hawthorn leaves in this study. The partition behaviors in different ATPS were investigated first, polyethylene glycol (PEG) 11.5% and (NH4)2SO4 14% were selected as the optimum solvent for...
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Molecular Actions of Marine Bioactive Compound Fucoidan

Xue-lian WANG, Yan ZHAO
Fucoidan is a complex sulfated polysaccharide mainly found in brown seaweed. It has been used in a wide range of applicationsacross different industries such as food additives, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. Studies have shown that fucoidan has numerous biological activities including anti-cancer,...
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Correlation between Analgesic Effect of Electroacupuncture "ST36" - "GB34" and DNA Methyltransferase on Sciatica Rats Dnmt3a

Qiu-ling XU, Tao LIU
To observationthe relationship between spinal inhibition of DNA methylation in electroacupuncture (EA) analgesia, and spinal cord Dnmt3amRNA expression. EA and inhibitors of 5-AZA Dnmt can improve CCI animals hyperalgesia state and decreased Dnmt3amRNA expression. DNA methylation is closely related to...
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Analysis of Chronic Skin Ulcer Model Based on Clinical Features of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine

Ming-san MIAO, Xiao-li YAN, Ming BAI, Yan-yan MIAO
Objective: Analysis anastomosis of the commonly used animal models and clinical features of chronic skin ulcer disease, put forward to recommendations for model refinement. Method: Summarize the characteristics of existing chronic skin ulcer model and molding method, according to traditional Chinese...
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ITS andTrnl-F Sequences Analysis of Pulsatilla Chinensis (Bge.) Regel

Shao-xuan ZHANG, Guang-zhu LIN, Tian-tian WANG, Ya-rong LI
To provide scientific data of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) and trnL-F sequences for the authentication of Pulsatilla chinesis(Bge.) Regel., we extracted the genome DNA from the leaves of Pulsatilla chinesis(Bge.) Regel., collected in Jilin Province, amplified the ITS and trnL-F region using...
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Ureteroscopy Holmium Laser Lithotripsy Treatment Complicated Ureteral Stones

Fan-ping MENG, Jun WEI, Yong-liang CUI, Ji GAO
Objective: to discuss the effectiveness and safety of the ureteral stone in complicated ureteroscope of ureteroscope. Methods: in this study, 47 cases of ureteral calculi were treated by the ureteroscope of the ureteroscope, which was collected from February 2015 to February 2017. Results: in 47 cases,...
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Transurethral Plasma Cutting and Prostate Tear in Addition to the Treatment of Hyperplasia of Prostate the Clinical Efficacy of Comparison

Fan-ping MENG, Di ZOU, Yan HE, Ji GAO
Objective To compare the efficacy and complications between bipolar plasmakinetic resection of prostate and bipolar plasmakineticenucleation of prostate for benign prostatic hyperplasia(BPH). Methods 303 cases of BPH were divided into 2 groups, 143 cases aged (73ñ13.4) yearswith prostate volume of (76.5ñ22.5)ml...
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Soft Renal Calyx Calculi under Ureter Mirror Treatment

Fan-ping MENG, Yan HE, Di ZOU, Ji GAO
Objective: to study the electronic soft ureter mirror joint qin laser lithotripsy in the treatment of renal calyx calculi under safety and effectiveness.Methods: our hospital in March 2016 - March 2017 electronic soft ureter mirror qin laser lithotripsy under 40 patients under the treatment of renal...
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Design and Development of Long Range Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Chip and System for High Sensitivity Detection

Lu-lu ZHANG, Xing CHEN, Cun-fang XU, Yan-fei REN, Ya-ting LI, Da-fu CUI
Long range surface plasmon resonance (LRSPR) was used to improve the propagation lengths, electric field strengths, and the sharpness of angular resonance curves compared with the conventional surface plasmon resonance (CSPR). LRSPR sensor chip was designed with buffer layer whose refractive indices...
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Effect of Mental Fatigue on Error Monitoring

Feng MA, Yi XIAO, Gui CAI, Feng-gang XU, Shan-guang CHEN
Performance monitoring tasks generate response-locked event-related potentials (ERPs), generated from anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) region of the medial prefrontal cortex. However, the quantitative relationship between mental fatigue and error monitoring has not been closely investigated, which is...
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Fed-Batch Fermentation of L- Threonine by Escherichia Coli Supplemented with B-Vitamins

Yue-wen SU, Qun-qun GUO, Sen WANG, Xin ZHANG, Jian WANG
B-vitamins can be used as cofactors in the synthesis process of L-threonine. Concentration of the cofactor can effectively change the activity of specific enzymes and reallocate the distribution of carbon substances in the cells. Theeffects of B-vitamins, including calcium pantothenate (VB5), cobalamin...
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Analysis of Cytoplasm Polymorphism on the TR2 Locus of Mitochondria Genome in Leaf Beet Line SK-5

Qiao-hong LIU, Li-ping LIU, Cheng-fei LUO, Da-you CHENG, Cui-hong DAI, Shu-zhi SHI, Nai-guo LIANG, Tian-jiao LIU
One mitochondrial minisatellite locus was used to study cytoplasmic diversity in leaf beet lines SK-5 population from Chongqing, China. The analysis of one mitochondrial minisatellite locus (TR2) was conducted using variable number of tandem repeats (VNTRs) molecular markers method within 50 single plants...
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Exercise Related Sudden Death: The Changes of Expression of Bax, Bcl-2 Protain in Myocardial Tissue and Brain Motor Cortex

Yu QIAN, Ren-Jun YANG, Jin YIN
Purposes: Study the changes of cardiac and brain function of exercise related sudden death in rats under over fatigue state and explore the causes of sudden death preliminarily. Methods: Totally 72 male SD rats.7 rats were randomly selected as negative control group. The others were trained continuously...
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Physiological and Biochemical Effect of Endurance Training of Altitude Training on Fixed Maximal Oxygen Expenditure in Middle and Long Distance Runners

Lang QIN, Jin YIN
The purpose of this study was to investigate the exercise intensity of endurance training of altitude training under the plain and plateau by means of the fixed maximal oxygen expenditure. Eight middle and long distance runners voluntarily participated in this study, the ergmeter bike and telemetry cardiopulmonary...