Proceedings of the International Seminar on Recent Language, Literature, and Local Cultural Studies (BASA 2018)

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Writing about Film Adaptation: Film Adaptation in Indonesian Media Discourse, 1927 - 2011

Christopher A. Woodrich
This article examines how the practice of film adaptation, primarily the adaptation of novels into film, has been discussed in Indonesian media discourse since the first occurrences of the practice. As such, it applies a library research approach to review a range of literature related to adaptation...
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Muara Jambi – from Sloka To Seloko

Elizabeth D. Inandiak
The language of Muara Jambi village has already established itself in the international world of archeology with a word grown on its own land: menapo. This is how the villagers refer to the mysterious temple complexes surrounded by walls and canals, many of which are still piles of ruins and earth mounds...
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Language Morality

Sahid Teguh Widodo
The purpose of this study is to find out the form of morality as a means of communication, both directly and indirectly. The form of this research is descriptive qualitative. Research data was obtained from secondary data sources in the form of data from various reference sources and electronic information...
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What does ‘local language’ mean in the context of Indonesia?

Hywel Coleman
This paper has the modest aim of exploring and problematising the ways in which the terms bahasa daerah and local language are used. It does this at two levels: the societal and the individual. This brief discussion has examined some elements of the terminology employed at the societal and individual...
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The Revolution of Regional Language Learning

Sutrisna Wibawa
The disruption era is inevitable even by the education systems and institutions. It is not just a today’s phenomenon, but also tomorrow’s. Universities and schools must prepare themselves and be competitive in entering this era. They have to make fundamental changes by shifting from the status quo they...
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Sĕrat Darmasarana as The Reception of Ādiparwa, Mosalaparwa and Prasthānikaparwa

Anung Tedjowirawan
Sĕrat Pustakaraja is tops poet R. Ng. Ranggawarsita of Keraton Surakarta XIX Century AD. Said "Pustakaraja" for being the book guidelines for a king, or even be interpreted as "The King of Books", as it became the leading book as well as being the leading of story book Javanese. Sĕrat Pustakaraja is...
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Subordination of Javanese Women

Ari Prasetiyo
An important issue that is often discussed is about gender equality. In relation to the issue of gender equality, in society there are many things that can be categorized as a form of gender inequality, namely differences in views about the roles and positions of men and women. It is often found that...
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Songka Bala: Reflection of the tenth Muharram Tradition for the Tenro Community

Dafirah Dafirah, Pammuda Pammuda, Bahar Akkase Teng, Esti Pertiwiningsih
This article discusses the results of research on a ritual performed routinely by one of the community groups in South Sulawesi i.e the Tenro community in the Selayar Islands Regency. The ceremony or ritual ceremony is held in every tenth of Muharram month commonly called Asyura. For the Tenro community,...
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Sanggit and Soeharto Power Discourse in Purwa Leather Puppets Rama Tambak Play

Darmoko Darmoko
Purwa Leather Puppets (Hereinafter abbreviated as PLP) from time to time are used by the power as a media of political propaganda. The symbols in PLP are used by the authorities of power to influence the community to follow the values that have been designed in a PLP performances. When Soeharto came...
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Critics Towards the Culture of Drinking Beer in "Hanyu Jiaocheng" Textbook Used in Indonesia

Dian Prasetyo Adi
This research is a criticism of the contents of "Hanyu Jiaocheng" the textbook used in learning Mandarin in Indonesia. Along with the rise of Mandarin Fever in the world, also in Indonesia, learning foreign languages including Mandarin is increasingly becoming the top choice for Indonesian people. Since...
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Context and Patterns of Interaction in Literature Learning at Primary School: An Ethnographic Study in Javanese Cultural Perspectives

Edy Suryanto, Emzir Emzir, Sabarti Akhadiah
The present study aims to reveal the role of Javanese culture in literary learning based on two aspects: (1) the context of teacher and student interaction in the classroom and (2) the interaction patterns of teachers and students in Javanese cultural views. The study was carried out in class V of Surakarta...
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The Dynamics of Community in A State Border of Indonesia-Timor Leste: Cultural Adaptation Strategies of Indigenous Community in Nusa Tenggara Timur and Timor Leste Towards Modernization of Bureaucracy and Development of Facilities and Infrastructure in State Border

Eni Sugiarti
This research focused on a cultural adaptation of Indonesia-Timor Leste border communities to the modernization of bureaucracy and infrastructure. The direct observation method was used by applying in-depth interview technique using the cultural adaptation strategy theory by Kaplan. The modernization...
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Indonesian Diversity reflected in Batik Motifs Worn by Asian Games’ Mascots

Erna Wardani, Ika Maratus Sholikhah, Dyah Raina Purwaningsih
This paper focuses in exploring batik motifs worn by Asian Games mascots: Bhin-bhin, Atung and Kaka that wear three kinds of Indonesian batik: Papua batik, batik tumpal, and Palembang batik. Batik is traditional cloth originated from Indonesia. Formerly, elder people used to wear batik only in special...
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Character Building in Kethoprak Performing Arts

Favorita Kurwidaria, Budi Waluyo
Indonesia is a country that has diverse arts and cultures. One of the existing traditional performing arts is kethoprak. Kethoprak still exists despite the development of modern culture. This happens since the people conserve it. Kethoprak as a traditional performing art has a very essential role in...
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Violence and Abnormal Sexual Behavior in Titisan Iblis by Abdullah Harahap

Fitria Sis Nariswari, M. Yoesoef
This research examines Titisan Iblis (1989), a novel written by an Indonesian writer Abdullah Harahap, using Sigmund Freud’s concept of das Unheimliche (the uncanny). This research aims to reveal how violence and abnormal sexual behaviors depicted in a literary work can be used as the manifestation of...
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Mendu Traditional Theater as a Treasure of the Local Wisdom of West Kalimantan

Gunta Wirawan, Herman J. Waluyo, Sarwiji Suwandi, Sahid Teguh Widodo
West Kalimantan has a lot of hidden local wisdom, one of which is the traditional Mendu theater. Mendu's strength lies in his dialogues as a medium for delivering messages that are always accompanied by moral advice and education. The storyline brings evil and kindness, with a good story that is always...
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Positive Problem Solving Skills in Javanese Fairy Tales for Generation-Z

Krisna Pebryawan, Luwiyanto Luwiyanto
Tales are written literary products whose stories are light and witty. The value of education contained in it has proven to be beneficial to its listeners. One of the benefits is honing children's skills (generation-Z) in problem solving (Positive Problem Solving Skills). In an effort to navigate the...
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The Value of Empathy in Javanese Traditional Games as a Formation of Social Care in Urban Youth Generation

Mahendra Wijaya, Sri Hilmi Pujihartati
The development of communication and information technology is growing rapidly from conventional to internet which can be accessed via Android mobile phones. Gadget tends to be in demand by all groups of people: from children, teenagers, to parents. The use of Android mobile phones is dominated mainly...
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Local wisdom of Balinese Agricultural Rituals

Ni Wayan Sartini
Balinese society is the society that still holds fast to religious traditions related to agriculture. It is depicted by the various rituals conducted in the agricultural activities. This study attempts to reveal the local wisdom in the agricultural rituals conducted by Balinese farmer community. The...
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Tobacco Farming Ritual Among Tebal in Temanggung: From Individual Ritual to Communal Performance as Safeguarding Effort

Susi Ivvaty, Pudentia Pudentia
Most of the tobacco farmers in Temanggung regency of Central Java perform rituals during the farming of tobacco, dry season plants that are planted and harvested once a year. The rituals accompany the process of farming tobacco, starting from nyecel or land preparation in December-January followed by...
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The Relevance of Prophetic Perfective of Folklore Based on Values of Characters on Rembang Regency

U'um Qomariyah
Folklore as part of literature plays pivotal role in forming nation’s characters. Likewise, in term of mental formation, the world in folklore is a world built on the dialectics space of the beauty and value. This paper was aimed to reveal the relevance of prophetic perspective of folklore in Rembang....
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Local Wisdom of Fisherman in Language and Livelihood Tradition in South Coastal of Kebumen Central Java Indonesia. (Study of Etnolinguistik)

Wakit Abdullah, Edi Subroto, Inyo Yos Fernandez
The purpose of this study is to describe local wisdom of fishermen in language and livelihoods traditions of south coastal in Kebumen examined by etnolinguistic. This study is descriptive qualitative and exploratory, etnosains based approach. Research data collection techniques are in-depth interviews...
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Local Wisdom in The Babad Demak

Waridi Hendro Saputro
Local wisdom in the manuscriptsof Babad Demak has distinctive characteristics. Culture from Demak Regency can be seen from the contents of Babad Demak, so to see it, needed to identify the script descriptively. This identification can show the characteristics of Demak's local wisdom. This research is...
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Wasilah Catur Wedha within Javanese Household

Widodo Widodo, Hardyanto Hardyanto, Yusro Edy Nugroho
Building a household within Javanese culture has its own standard rooted in philosophical ancestors, not only about the quantity but also the quality. Javanese culture that is closely related to the goodness has some teachings that are mostly used as the role model of life. Among those many Javanese...
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Criticism Response In The Javanese Mataram Cultural Community: Its Forms And Semantic Formulas

Edy Jauhari, Dwi Purnanto, Miftah Nugroho
This article studies criticism response in the Javanese Mataram cultural community. Its goal is to understand the forms of response and semantic formulas used to express criticism response. The data was collected through a Discourse Completion Task and questionnaires. The results of the dataanalysis...
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The Lyrics of the Song Children's Toys are Javanese, Point of View Ecofeminism

Agustina S, Dewi
Children's songs on Javanese society is a local wisdom that is currently eroding because globalization is expanding into all fields. Children's music is an art in the community and is now eroded. Javanese children are not much more familiar with children's play songs. Children prefer to watch animated...
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Project-based Learning Model to Increase the Writing Skill Toward German Language

Dian Permatasari Kusuma Dayu
Foreign language is a language that is not used by people in a country in their daily lives, so that it becomes a second language besides the national language of the country, and becomes a communication tool and integrates with the outside world. At this time foreign language learning really needs to...
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A Critical Discourse Analysis of Gender Discrimination on Ratih Kumala’s Gadis Kretek Novel

Diana Hardiyanti, Yunita Nugraheni, Sumarlam Sumarlam
This paper presents the text analysis on gender discrimination toward the role of woman in Ratih Kumala’s Gadis Kretek Novel. The novel was published in 2012. It tells about the history of cigarette industry in Indonesia. The Javanese culture on the novel reflects the patriarchal system in life of Javanese....
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Palangka Raya the Capital City of Indonesia: Critical Discourse Analysis on News about Moving the Capital City from Jakarta

Dwiani Septiana, Sumarlam Sumarlam
Palangka Raya was planned as the capital city of Indonesia long time ago by the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno. Since Jokowi became the President, he brings back again the issue about moving the capital city of Indonesia from Jakarta. He hasn’t mentioned any specific place as the new capital...
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The Local Wisdom in Javanese Traditional Games (Ethnolinguistic Study)

Dyah Padmaningsih, Yohanes Suwanto, Sujono
This research describes improvements in Javanese language and culture that relate to the meaning and meaning of culture in traditional Javanese games. Research data is in the form of lingual unit data related to language and culture. This type of research is descriptive qualitative, which describes the...
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Gender Ideology in Seno Gumira Ajidarma’s Clara: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Esriaty S. Kendenan, Sumarlam Sumarlam
This paper aims at finding gender ideology issues in Seno Gumira Ajidarma’s Clara from the critical discourse analysis perspective. The concept of gender in this paper refers to Sara Mills’ (1995) who used the term to explain different relation between women and men which cannot be separated from race...
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Semantic Aspect of Deletion Argument in Javanese Subordinative Conjoining Clause

F.X. Sawardi, Hesti Widyastuti
The same constituent in conjoining clauses is deleted in the second clause. These deletions are determined by two conditions: syntactic condition and semantic condition. The syntactic conditions are that both constituent occupy the same syntactic functions. While semantic conditions are the same elements...
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The Polemic of Kendari Beach Reclamation on Online Media (Critical Discourse Analysis)

Fahmi Gunawan, Sumarlam Sumarlam
This research aims to analyse the polemic of kendari coastal revitalisation in view of the critical discourse analysis. This research is done to reveal the practical discourse and social practices and the conflicts that rise between the authorities and parties being controlled. This research used critical...
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The Representation of Power in the Text News on the Meiliana Case (A Norman Fairclough Critical Discourse Analysis)

Faizal Risdianto, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Noor Malihah
This paper presents the results of news text analysis about The Meiliana Case: How a noise complaint resulted in an 18-month jail sentence by using Norman Fairclough’s critical discourse analysis approach as a major theory. The study includes a description (text analysis), interpretation (discourse practices),...
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The Intensity of Imperative Sentences in Javanese Language

Henry Yustanto, Chattri Sigit Widyastuti
Acoustic sound intensity is produced at the width of humans’ airwaves. Loudness or sound intensity plays a substantial role in human’s speech production. Intensity allows us to show the flow of tones as well as the contours of intonation in a speech. The intensity of speech in a language society also...
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Causal Relationship as an Expression of Happiness and Joyfulness

Hermina Sutami
The topic of this research is about emotion and state of mind. Happiness and joyfulness (gembira and senang in Bahasa Indonesia) can be classified as types of positive emotion which is associated with causal relationship. Causal meaning reflects cause–effect relation. Causal relationship which is represented...
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Javanese Language in the North Tondano Sub-district: Phonological Study

Imam Baehaqie
This study was aimed to identify phonological aspects of Javanese-Tondano language (Jaton), namely Javanese language which is possessed by people in Javanese village, Minahasa, North Sulawesi. The data was collected through observing method with simak libat cakap (observing while participating and involving...
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"Isen Mulang" Motto : Spirit Symbol of the Dayak Community in Response to Capital City Movement to Palangka Raya

Imam Qalyubi, Adul Qodir, Abubakar Abubakar
This paper try to explore the issues of the capital city movement from Jakarta to Palangka Raya which is in the recent years has been widely discussed both in the regional and national media. So far there have been many studies on the movement of the capital's discourse on economic, geological, topographical...
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The Pragmatic Force of 'Parikan'

Kenfitria Diah Wijayanti
Parikan in Javanese society is a form of pasemon. To understand the parikan fully, it is necessary to comprehend the context. A context is considered as an aspect related to the physical and social environments of a speech. Parikan is composed of two constructions of sentences. The first sentence is...
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Characteristics of Compound Words in 'Loloda' Language

Maklon Gane, Wakit Abdullah, Dwi Purnanto
The purpose of this study was to describe the morphological process by compounding in LL as a member of the North Halmahera languages group in North Moluccas. The sources of data in this study are group of word(s) (clauses and sentences) that contain compound words. This study is morphological process...
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Digging and Preserving the National Cultural Heritage through Handling of the Ancient Javanese Manuscript at Sebelas Maret University

Prasetyo Adi Wisnu Wibowo
The institutions located in the central and regional levels, the government and the private sector try to take a role in script handling activities. This shows that the script is seen as meaningful and important. Sebelas Maret University of Surakarta with the slogan Mangesthi Luhur Ambangun Nagara has...
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Development Of Indonesian Language Learning Textbook With Character Education Through Active Learning As An Elementary Students’ Learning Source

Retno Winarni, St. Y. Slamet
This studywas aimed to: (1) describe the students’ and teachers’ needs on Indonesian language learning textbookinsight with character education, (2) describe the development of Indonesian language learning textbook model, (3) test the effectiveness of the textbook, 4) to describe the result of textbook...
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The Insinuation Againts Power through A Song “2019 Ganti Presiden” (A Critical Discourse Analysis)

Rona Merita, Sumarlam Sumarlam
This paper aims to describe the result analysis of song lyrics created by Johny Sang Alang entitled “2019 Ganti Presiden” by using Norman Fairclough’s critical discourse analysis approach as major theory. This song creates and appears when the political situation heats up. In 2019, Indonesia will have...
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Critical Discourse Analysis of Online Media News about The Potential of Conflict of Presidential Election 2019

Sakut Anshori, Sumarlam Sumarlam
This paper aims to describe the results analysis of ten texts report on the Potential of Conflict of Presidential Election 2019 by using critical discourse analysis approach of Norman Fairclough. The study includes text analysis (description), discourse practice (interpretation), and social practice...
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Politeness and Impoliteness in Directives: A Study on the Students-Lecturers Interaction

Suhartono Suhartono, Joko Nurkamto, Sumarlam Sumarlam, Sri Marmanto
Today student-lecturer interaction for supervising and consultancy has been shift from a minimum face-to-face interaction to a maximum distance one. It is due to the fast growth and development of cell-phone technology. Such way of interaction requires the students to keep performing politeness and to...
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The Elderly Language Activity In Aisyiyah Nursing Home of Surakarta (Psycholinguistic Threats: Information Consistency on Elderly through Storytelling)

Sumarlam Sumarlam, Djatmika Djatmika, Sri Pamungkas
One of the strategies to inhibit dementia process can be realized through giving someone attention or providing them storytelling media. People with dementia generally suffer from short-term memory loss, however, they have detailed memories of past events. The unique thing in this study is related to...
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Does Sony Vegas Platinum Pro 13 Help Students to Understand Pragmatic Well?

Suryo Daru Santoso, Edi Sunjayanto Masykuri
Learning language and culture mean learning pragmatics. For 10 years, the linguist researchers have been doing the investigation about pragmatic, pragma-linguistic and sociopragmatic. They wonder to find the effective method to understand them. Since it is included on Curriculum in Bahasa Indonesia or...
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The Relationship between Language and Culture: a Sociolinguistic Perspective

Widhiya Ninsiana
this study seeks to understand and describe the relationship between language and culture in a sociolinguistic perspective. Bearing in mind that this study is an exploration based-perspective, the framework is underlied by several factors, beyond the language itself. This has something to do with society....
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Critical Discourse Analysis On Racism by Netizen On Facebook Group: A Study of ethnic mentioning on ‘Info Cegatan Jogja’ Facebook Group Threads

Yulian Purnama, Sumarlam Sumarlam
Discourse created in society is increasingly diverse. Many media can be used to convey discourse. In today's increasingly sophisticated era, Facebook is one of the media that can be used to convey discourse. In this discussion the author tries to analyze the discourse structure contained in the Facebook...
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Potrait of Belitung Malay Society in Novel “Sirkus Pohon” by Andrea Hirata Based on Subagio Sastrowardoyo Prespective

Abdul Basid, Aulia Maulida, Muhammad Hasyim
This research aims to describe the portrait of belitung malay society in Novel "Sirkus Pohon" by Andrea Hirata based on the perspective of Subagio Sastrowardoyo. This research is a qualitative research. The primary data source used was novel Sirkus Pohon of Andrea Hirata, while the secondary data source...