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Innovation of Time-saving Model of Aged Service in Community

Jingwei Zhao, Xiaoyang He, Chengwei Chu
At present, China's problem of population aging is increasingly serious. But the services of traditional family care and social institutions have their own drawbacks. Time-saving aged service in community can fully compensate for the lack of old-age home modeland mobilize the community human resources,...

Study on the Contextual of Advertising Language

Kaiyan Wan
Context Since first proposed in 1923 by the famous anthropologist Malinowski has become a lot of research in the field of a very important and indispensable concept. Context The importance lies in the close relationship between it and the meaning of the works, the expression was to convey the meaning...

Research on the Innovation of Party Building Work in Colleges and Universities Based on the Internet

Wenming Yu
With the continuous development of the network information society and deepening reform of higher education, party building work in colleges and universities is facing new opportunities and challenges. Based on the author' working and teaching experience for many years, this paper analyzes practical...
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Solar Radiation Assessment In China And Validation Of McClear Model (article retracted)

Chao Liu, Christophe Vernay, Shuiming Shu
This article has been retracted for copyright reasons.
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Effect of citric acid on toxicity of graphene towards freshwater algae (Chlorella pyrenoidosa)

Chuntong Guo, Pingping Song, Xuesong Cao
With the increasing in production and application, graphene will inevitable be released into the aquatic environment and have impacts on aquatic organisms. In this work, we investigated the toxicity of graphene to algal cells (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) in the presence of dissolved organic matter. The results...
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An adiponitrile additive electrolyte based on lithium difluoro (oxalate) borate for lithium batteries

Shiyou Li, Dongni Zhao, Ruimeng Chen
Adiponitrile (ADN) as a promising solvent is widely used in high-voltage system. However, its effect on the graphite is not so ideal, for the reason that thermal instability at low potential and lower lowest unoccupied molecular orbital (LUMO) energy (-0.02223 eV) of ADN result in the reduction decomposition...
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Excellent stability of Al-doped LiMn2O4 prepared by a sol - gel method

Liping Mao, Songli Du, Shiyou Li, Zhengzhi Ren
LiAlxMn2-xO4 (x = 0.00, 0.05, 0.10, and 0.15) is synthesized successfully using a sol - gel method at 700 for 10 h in air. X-ray diffraction (XRD) results indicate the LiAlxMn2-xO4 has a good crystallinity. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images show tiny distinction about the morphology and size...
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Electrochemical properties of iron substituted lithium manganese phosphate prepared by sol-gel method

Qiuping Zhao, Xiangfei Li, Shiyou Li, Yuqin Tian
Olivine LiMn0.4Fe0.6PO4 (LMFP) materials were synthesized by the modified sol-gel method with the addition of sucrose as an additional carbon source. Electrochemical properties of LMFP were advanced. The materials doped possess high reversible capacity of 107.4 mAh-g-1 at 0.2 C-rate and excellent cycling...
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Investigation of the benefits of pulse current for the additive manufacture of Ti-6Al-4V

Guangsen Chen, Zhenshu Ma, Changmeng Liu
In order to reduce the heat input in arc additive manufacturing, pulse current was adopted. Single-layer beads and multi-layer walls were deposited by direct current and pulse current. The morphology, microstructure and mechanical properties of forming components were analyzed. Experimental results exhibited...
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The Research on Running Characteristics of A New Type of Radiant Air Conditioning Combined with Fresh Air System

Yingning Hu, Xuan Yao, Weiming Zhong, Yan Wang, Shanshan Hu, Chaojian He
The aim of the article is to comprehensively test and explore the running performance of a new type of radiant air conditioning combined with fresh air system by simulating the climate that summer is hot and winter is warm, which is developed by the laboratory research group. The test results show that,...
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Shock-wave synthesis of alveolate graphene

Yazhu Lan, Pengwan Chen, Chunxiao Xu, Jianjun Liu
In this paper, glucose and RDX as raw material, alveolate graphene was synthesized by shock wave in the detonation chamber. The results of TEM, HRTEM, SEM and XRD showed that alveolate graphene was synthesized in the wall of the detonation chamber. The ratio of RDX and glucose was an important role for...
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Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Air Pollution Analysis

Weichen Yang
Aiming at air pollution in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, this paper carries out modeling analysis, considering different season pollutant composition and regional distribution differences; a kind of effective approach that analyzed air pollution relationship in the region is determined. In order to simplify...
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The Study of Multi Machine Equivalent Model Of Wind Farm Based On The Wind Speed

Qing Liu
With the rapid development of wind power technology, the size and number of grid-connected wind farms increase rapidly. Equivalent modeling of wind farms is the basis of the research on grid operating characteristics after wind power is connected to the grid. Long-distance transmission of large-scale...
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Analysis of electrolytic process parameters based on orthogonal test method

Ning Sun, Daolin Jiang
In the process of electrolysis of rare earth metals, there are many factors that affect the final electrolytic production. These process parameters are usually determined by the workers in the factory according to their own experience, there is no statistical analysis of the scientific data to the final...
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Research on the influences of high salt water on CaCO3 dissociation

Xiaoyu Weng
For the consideration of wastewater zero discharge,many coal-fired power plants reuse the reverse osmosis concentrated water and chemical drainage in the desulfurization system ,but studies of influence to the CaCO3 dissociation by highly concentrated saline wastewater are rare. This paper analyzes negative...
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5G Mobile Communication Technology

Huajun Chen, Lina Yuan
The fifth generation(5G) mobile broadband system will be able to achieve to increase the rate of flow up to 1000 times, enhance the number of connected devices about 100 times and the peak rate of 10 GBPS,guarantee the user experience rate about 10-100 Mbps,smaller time delay and higher reliability,and...
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3D Substation Modeling Based on BIM Technology in China

Xiaoqiang Hu, Baojian Zhao, Chenglei Sun
The application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology in managing the electric power construction project has not only become possible due to popularization of the technology, but also become necessary as the electric power project's size and complexity increases. In this paper, an electric...
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A Multi-outputs DC Power Module

Fengchen Li, Dongguang Zuo, Longtao Hu
In order to meet the requirements which a variety of DC power supply of a certain test equipment, a voltage stabilizing module which can provide a variety of DC voltage is designed. The voltage stabilizing module comprises a power supply switch, a DC/DC switch power supply, a DC/DC isolation module,...
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A Method for New Energy Electric Vehicle Charging Hole Detection and Location Based on Machine Vision

Hui Zhang, Xiating Jin
A new method based on machine vision is designed for electric vehicle charging hole detection and location in order to solve the low efficiency, space limitations or leakage risk in artificial charging operation for electric vehicle and to realize the automatic charging based on robot. The method enable...
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Constraints of Developing Natural Gas Combined Cooling, Heating and Power (CCHP) Systems

Ke Li
The Chinese government has put forward specific demands for the development of natural gas distributed energy, but there are still a number of constraints in the development process. This paper describes the technical principles of natural gas CCHP systems, analyzes its positive role, and demonstrates...
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Pulse Train Controlled PCCM Buck-Boost Converter

Ming Qin, Fangfang Li
In order to reduce the impact of the decrease of inductor current during the freewheel switch on the pulse of next cycle, this paper puts forward a novel control scheme of pulse train (PT) according to the working character of the pseudo continuous conduction mode (PCCM) Buck-Boost converter. The novel...
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Expectation and Review of Control Strategy of Wind Turbines Yaw System

Jiatong Song
In recent years China's wind power industry has developed rapidly. Yaw system is an important part of the wind power generation system. Its effectiveness not only affects the wind energy capture efficiency of the system, but also related to the safe operation of the wind power system. In this article,...
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Simulation Analysis of Run Vibration on Vehicle-mounted Optics Image Stabilization System

Dongwei Li, Huiyan Chen, Guoquan Ren, Jun Han
Vibration, especially at the circumstances of accidental falling down, always cause great damage to vehicle-mounted optics image stabilization system. Therefore, during the process of designing vehicle-mounted optics image stabilization system we need to consider how to reduce the harmful influence of...
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Research on Control Strategy for Battery System of Photovoltaic Power System Based on Bi-directional DC/DC Converter

Xin Li, Pu Xie
Independent photovoltaic system needs energy storage in order to balance the power and improve its instability of power generation. A scientific control strategy can combine the PV cells to the battery system organically. The lithium-ion battery can be the bridge to achieve this target. This paper presents...
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How to Understand PM2.5

Bowen Wei
In view of the factors that affect PM2.5, we set up two models. Multiple linear regression models were used in the establishment of internal factors. Consider that there are too many external factors, we adopt the dimension reduction method, using the principal component analysis method. Through the...
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Methane release analysis on gas hydrate at the Okhotsk Sea slope based on SONIC technology

Hechao Zang, Zhili Hua, Bo Liu
This paper studies the case of the methane release of the Okhotsk Sea slope, It is made a large scale acoustic sweep focusing on the east slope of Sakhalin Island based self-developed software SONIC. Detecting and judging the location of undersea methane gas leaks (GF),reisen and seabed, surveying morphological...
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Optimization Strategy of Load Control Based on Power Consumption Efficiency

Ruixiang Fan, Benren Pan, Jianbo Xin, Xiaohui Xu, Nayan Yu
In the paper a two-stage management scheme is proposed. At the first stage, the yardstick competition is applied to optimize the electricity energy rationing model to realize maximum energy consumption efficiency. At the second stage, the objective of load control is to achieve the maximum of energy...
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Comprehensive assessment of Power Demand Side Management (PDSM) based on PCA-fuzzy synthetic evaluation

Zhu Xu
Integrated with the characteristics of comprehensive assessment, comprehensive evaluation index system of power demand side management (PDSM) is established. A quantitative evaluation model of PDSM implementation is proposed. In the model, index weight is calculated through principal components analysis...
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Strategies of Adding Hot Water when Bathing

Yiming Li, Qiming Chen
To keep the water temperature even throughout the bathtub and as close as possible to the initial temperature without wasting too much water, we establish a mathematical model of the temperature of the bathtub water in space and time to determine the best strategy the bather can adopt when bathing. On...
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Densification Technology of Al2O3/Fe Metallic Ceramic Materials Prepared via Powder Metallurgy Method

Jie-Guang Song, Yu-Jun Zhou, Rui-Hua Wang, Shi-Bin Li, Shi-Yuan Yu, Yao-Qi Li, Ning Wang, Xiang-Yun Huang, Jin-Yun Cheng
Metallic ceramic materials while maintaining the excellent properties of ceramic materials, but also have the advantages of a metal material, is an important new engineering materials. Iron-based composite applications broad, but not high abrasion resistance, wear-resistant engineering parts for such...
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Analysis of Main Factors of PM 2.5

Zhuo Chen
Anti- haze masks sell pretty well in recently years in north China. But it isn't a good thing. It means many cities in the northern China are under great pollution of PM2.5. Reducing the PM2.5 concentration and controling haze weather effectively are imminent.
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A Thin, Angle-insensitive, Broadband Microwave Absorber Based on Metamaterial

KeTao Zhou, Jin Pan, Rong Pan
In this paper, we have presented a simple model for making thin, angle-insensitive, broadband metamaterial absorber in microwave frequency. The proposed structure consists of a square loop imprinted on a aluminum-backed dielectric substrate. Numerical results show that a -10dB absorption bandwidth from...
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Review on waste heat utilization technology of circulating water in power plant

Ning Dong
Circulating water in thermal power plant as a unit of the cooling medium, takes a lot of heat and released into the environment, not only causes environmental pollution but also makes that the resource utilization rate of thermal power plant is not high. Through the water source heat pump technology,...
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Smart Home Smoke Detection and Relay Contract based on STM32

Hao Yin
This paper discuss the smoke sensor and the relay control in the smart home.STM32 is used as the central part of the whole system and LwIP protocol is also applied to transfer data. The system uses the MQ-2 smoke sensor detect the concentration of combustible gases in air, and uses the SRD-05VDC-SL-C...
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Grouped and Segmented Equalization Strategy of Serially Connected Battery Cells

Haolin Li, Guojing Dong, Qingliang Hong
The imbalance of serially connected battery cells can easily lead to overcharge and over discharge, which can not only shorten the life of the battery pack but also reduce the energy efficiency. In this paper, aimed at the merit and demerit of existing measures, a new balancing method based on grouping...
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High-precision tension control method for starting and stopping of optical fiber winding based on trajectory planning

Zhonglin Guo, Jianhui Zhao, He Xu
The paper suggests a tension control method based on angular speed trajectory planning to improve tracking angular speed of fiber supply axis and precision of controlling optical fibre tension during the course of starting and stopping of optical fibre winding. First, kinematic trajectory of fibre extraction...
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Design and implementation of a 2.45GHz circularly polarized microstrip antenna for wireless energy harvesting

Chuang Hu, Yawen Dai
Based on the microstrip patch antenna radiation square chamfer, thereby introducing perturbation, single-fed microstrip antenna in circular polarization. High-frequency structure simulator HFSS antenna work at 2.45GHz of antenna design and simulation, the antenna has a circular polarization characteristics,...
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Methods review of recycling mercury from waste mercury chloride catalyst of PVC production

Zinan Xie, Xia Wang
Serious pollution of waste gas, waste water and waste residue are generated by calcium carbide-based polyvinyl chloride (PVC) production in China, especially the mercury pollution on account of using a mass of mercury chloride catalyst (HgCl2). This study introduced main methods and techniques which...
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Highly Stable Mesoporous Ge@C Sphere Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries

Chen Cheng, Jing Xu, Kai Xie
The Mesoporous Ge@C sphere has been designed via a modified St”ber method and an in-situ solution deposition. Compared with the pure Ge nanoparticles, the as-synthesized Mesoporous Ge@C sphere nanocomposites show much better cycling stability and rate capability. That as-prepared anode material can maintain...
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[WITHDRAWN]Perinatal Al-Quran Sound Affects Novel Object Recognition Memory and Hippocampal Formation Cell Count

Tryando Bhatara, Achadiyani Achadiyani, Uni Gamayani
Brain development is influenced by many factors including sensory stimulation. Al-Quran sound as a form of auditory stimulation may influence nervous systems related to learning and memory. We investigated the effect of Al-Quran auditory stimulation to NOR (Novel Object Recognition) memory and amount...
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Burn Healing with Binahong (Anredera cordifolia (Tenore) Steenis) Leaves Extract as A Topical and Systemic Treatments

A.F. Hapsari, D.A.W. Setyaningrum, R.P. Wardhani, A. Alfina, W.A. Dzakiy, R.B. Ginting, M.F. Fajriansyah
Burn is still an important problem in health facility worldwide. Burns management from ancients ago until now is quite varied either giving topical therapy alone or combination with systemic drug along with various clinical considerations. Research on the healing of burns with phytoextract has been done...
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Mitotic Index In Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Nst (IDC-Nst) of Breast and Its Relation With Tumor Size and Regional Lymph Nodes Status

Dyah Ayu Woro Setyaningrum, N.C. Siregar, H. Tjahjadi
Until nowadays, breast cancer is still the highest malignancy in women in both the developing and developed countries. The main causes of death in breast cancer is metastasis. Patients who have experienced distant metastases have a poor prognosis. Proliferation is a biological process that is important...
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Impact of Learning Family Medicine in Community in Preclinical Students of Medical Faculty of University of Riau

Elda Nazriati, Adi Heru Husodo, Ova Emilia, Tri Nur Kristina
WHO recommends for training students in family settings, but its implementation is still challenging. This study was aimed to evaluate learning in family setting with home visit model. One hundred and ten preclinical students of sixth semester were participated in this study. A post-test only control...
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Genetic pattern of CYP1A1*2A (T>C) gene in patients with colorectal cancer in South Jakarta – Indonesia

Chris Adhiyanto, Witri Ardini, Hoirun Nisa, Zeti Harriyati, Suryani, Dina A. Amu, Kemal A.L. Fajar, Taslim Poniman, Rofi Saunar, W. Aditomo
The information of relationship between genetics and cancer in Indonesia, especially colon cancer, is still limited. This study aimed to determine the genetic pattern of colon cancer allele in Fatmawati Hospital, Jakarta -Indonesia. We conducted a case-control study of 40 colorectal cancer patients and...
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The Evaluations of Bleach as Decontaminant Solution to Promote The Positivity Rate of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Culture for Sputum Specimen

Erike Anggraini Suwarsono, Agus Sjahrurachman, Anis Karuniawati
Background: Tuberculosis (TB) is still worldwide health problems. Sputum is contaminated by normal flora, that make its should be decontaminated prior to culture. Bleach known as a potent disinfectant, easy to access because it is commercially available, could be the alternative solution as decontaminant...
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Designing An Ideal Model For Skill Laboratory Teaching And Learning In Developing Country, Lesson Learnt From Indonesian Medical School

Erike Anggraini S., Dyah Ayu W. Setyaningrum, Riva Auda
Skill laboratory teaching and learning is a part of medical school curriculum. The learning involves many things such as knowledge as well as affective and psychomotor capability, tutor role, and faculty financial support. In developing country, there is not only financial burden to support skill laboratory...
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Association Between 25(OH)D Serum Levels with Calcaneus Bone Mass Density in Elderly at Rural Public Health Care Clinics of Jakarta Islamic State University in 2017

Achmad Zaki, Nurhayati Adnan, Sudarto Ronoatmodojo, Fika Ekayanti, Flori R. Sari, Amalina Fitrasari, Ning Indah P
Osteoporosis is systemic bone disease marked by decline of bone mass density (BMD) and deterioration of bone microarchitecture so that bones become brittle and break easily. With the increasing of life expectancy, number of elderly in Indonesia will increase simultaneously. Estimated 10% of Indonesian...
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Iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome caused by treatment with traditional herbal medicine, a case report

Hari Hendarto
Iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome is caused by the administration of exogenous glucocorticoids. The use of exogenous glucocorticoids has been found as an adulterant in many traditional, alternative medicines. In this case report, we describe a patient with iatrogenic Cushing's syndrome due to chronic use...
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Prolactinoma with galactorrhea and dysfunction erectile in man, a case report

Hari Hendarto
Prolactinoma, is the most common type of pituitary adenoma. Signs and symptoms are due to either the effect of excess hormone secretion or local compression. Here we report a male patient with prolactinoma presented with high prolactin level, severe headache, diffuse arthralgias, visual field impairment,...