Proceedings of the 3rd UPI International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training

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The Contribution of the Vocational Teachers’ Professional Competence toward Vocational High Schools’ Performance

Abdul Haris Setiawan
This research aims to determine the contribution of the vocational teachers’ professional competence toward the Vocational High Schools’ performance. This research is ex-post facto. Statistically, based on the data and analysis techniques, this research is descriptive quantitative. The population was...
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Teaching of Professional Trainers at Vocational Colleges in Malaysia

Sukor Nordin Abdul, Razali Hassan, Azman Hasan
Professional in teaching development is a main thrust in human development. It is vital to the teaching development of individuals, communities and nations. The purpose of this paper is to introduce Teaching of Professional Trainers at Vocational Colleges in Malaysia. The teaching professional will include...
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A Synchronization Concept of Vocational Education in Indonesia

Agung Premono, Tuti Iriani, Riyadi Riyadi, Daryanto Daryanto
Vocational education in Indonesia has been implemented in three different levels of education: higher education, secondary education, and non-formal education. However, vocational education implementation of these levels seems not related to each other. This study is carried out to create a synchronization...
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Cooperative Model of Industrial Work Practice for Vocational Teacher Education

Ahmad Sonhadji, K. Hassan
The industrial work practice is assumed to strengthen the vocational discipline for students of vocational teacher education program. One of models of industrial work practice is cooperative education. The objectives of the study are to know: (1) the advantages of cooperative education, (2) the differences...
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Application of Formative Evaluation with Instructor Directional Feedback to Improve Students Learning Outcomes on Thermodynamics Subject

Ambiyar Ambiyar
The purpose of this research is to show the result of formative assessment application to improve students learning outcomes in Thermodynamics Major, Department of Mechanical Engineering Education, Faculty of Engineering, State University of Padang. The type of research is action research. The results...
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The Patisserie Project Based Learning Model to Enhance Vocational Students’ Generic Green Skills

Ana Ana, Sri Subekti, Siti Hamidah
Characteristic of patisserie learning is very different to other culinary expertise learning.  To obtain maximum results, the patisserie learning process need to be designed and developed based on a particular model and approach, so that it has a clear foundation, both conceptually and operationally....
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Electronic Systems Training Development for Automotive Technicians

Asep Setiadi, Christ Timotius
Bandung, West Java Indonesia is one of the most popular city for tourism, travellers, and culinary. Many people visit Bandung by planes, by trains, by motorcycles and most of them by car. Every week end around 50,000 to 60,000 automobiles came into the city center of Bandung and other areas around the...
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The Implementation of Cooperative Learning in the Engineering English through Contextual Learning

Ayuddin Ayuddin, R. Husnan
The Engineering English is a learning material that is relatively difficult to understand by students. However, it can be more fun and easily understood by the student if the learning process is processed properly or find the right method. The Engineering English educators need to continue to explore...
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Round Table Model: A Cooperative Learning for Engineering Education

Rauf Bakhrani, Ayuddin Ayuddin
The subjects in this research is the Construction Building for PTB departement on UNG. The author concluded that most of the learning activity has a low presence, the same problem also occur in the students assigned tasks. This is due to a lack of enthusiasm, participation, and activeness of students....
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The Key Factors Affecting Internal Quality Education Services in Secondary Vocational Schools

Bambang Trisno, Daniar Nurdianto
The objective of this research is to construct a model of the internal factors which will influence the level of quality services in the organization of vocational school. This research empirically explore the correlation between the internal quality service and the school change factors. With analysed...
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Schools Partnership with Industries Towards Learning Effectiveness in Vocational School

Danny Meirawan
This research is to describe the influence of the influence the school partnerships with industry in supporting the effectiveness of learning in the Vocational High School. The method used was explanatory Survey Method with quantitative approach. Data was collected in Vocational Schools in Bandung regency....
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Model of Learning Implementation in Preparing Vocational Teachers

Dewi Cakrawati, Sri Handayani, Mustika Nuramalia Handayani
Establishing Vocational High School on Agro industry is the government policy to support agriculture development, by producing qualified employees in agro industry. But it was limited by the lack of vocational teachers that hold social, pedagogy and knowledge competencies. Department of Agro Industry...
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Continuing Professional Development for the Personnel of Vocational School in Indonesia

E. Kosasih Danasasmita
The need for skilled human resource in the new era globalisation is very important. The professional educator standards for vocational school is used by LPTK (Education Institutions of Education Workforce). The purpose of LPTK is to increase the skilled human professional educator by providing quality...
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An Assessment on Vocational School Teachers’ Job Satisfaction in Province of North Sumatera

Eka Daryanto, Syaiful Sagala, M. Badiran
The job satisfaction is reflected by the affective reaction of an individual on to his/her work related factors. This study explores the relationship between individual characteristics, job characteristics with job satisfaction of teachers in vocational schools at the Province of North Sumatera, Indonesia....
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The Readiness of Graduates Secondary Vocational School to Enter Labor Market

Elih Mulyana, Sumarto Sumarto, Bachtiar Hasan, Wowo Sunaryo
Secondary Vocational School (SVS) is designed to produce graduates who are ready to work. The observation conducted to some contractors in Bandung West Java, and obtained information about SVS graduates. The information is, they are not ready to work, but they can be trained in order to ready to work....
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The Acquisition of Tacit Knowledge in Culinary Industry Work-Based Learning Process and Its Development Alternative

Fitri Rahmawati, Kokom Komariah, Rizqie Auliana
The purpose of this paper is to describe the acquisition of tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge through Work-based Learning activities in the catering industry. Research method to describe the acquisition is using survey methode. The approach use Food Processing Context with Work-based Learning (PM-WBL)...
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Improving Students’ Entrepreneurial Interest using Production Based Learning Model in TVET

Indrati Kusumaningrum, Ganefri Ganefri, Hendra Hidayat
This research is aimed to describe the improving of students’ entrepreneurial interest by using Production based Learning Model in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Higher Education. This research is a descriptive research with qualitative approach, used standard instrument to measure...
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Applying DACUM Approach and WIDS Program Application to Curriculum Development of Vocational High School in Indonesia

Gunadi Tjahjono
The purpose of this research is producing basic competence and validating task analysis of basic competence on productive subject, electrical engineering competence. Development method of basic competence for productive subject in Vocational High School using developing of curriculum (DACUM) approach,...
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Developing a Model of a Competency and Students Computer Network International Certification Test for Vocational High Schools

Hary Suswanto
This study aims: (1) to investigate the implementation of the available certification test; (2) to find out a model of a competency and students computer network international certification test by integrating a cognitive competency test and a psychomotor competency test; (3) to find out the validity...
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Competency Mapping Based Work Area Electrical Industry Classification for Vocational Education and Training

Hasanah Hasanah, Nasir Malik Muh.
The purpose of this study was to map the electrical field work competency based industry classification. Competency mapping work in this study considers the Regional Model Competency Standards (RMCS), namely: the task skills, task management skills, contingency management skills, job/role environment...
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Improvement of Vocational Skill of Students Through Discovery Learning Method

I.G.P. Asto Buditjahjanto, Tresya Mauriraya Kartika
The objective of this research is to investigate the vocational skill of students to analyze and to measure units of electricity in basic electronic circuit. This research uses two classes, one class for experiment with discovery learning method and the other class for control that uses lecture learning...
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Vocational Pedagogy in Perspective Vocational High School Curriculum

Isma Widiaty, Ana Ana
The objective of the research is to study vocational pedagogy in perspective vocational High School Curriculum (SMK). The method in this research used a qualitative with in-depth interviews, documentation, and focus group discussion to discuss about concept, design, and developing vocational pedagogy...
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Difference Level of Professionalism and Quality of Learning Process Based On Undergraduate Education Teacher Background

Jaja Kustija
This research aims to know the different level of professionalism competencies of vocational teacher’s educational backgrounds, thus vary as follows: Bachelor of technical education (S.Pd), Bachelor of applied science (S.ST), and Bachelor of Engineering (ST). The competencies include pedagogic competence,...
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The Need for the Incorporation of Ergonomics into Curriculum of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training for Teacher/Trainer Professionalization

Mustapha Chedi Jamilu
Ergonomics has to do with maximizing user’s/worker’s comfort, safety and health, productivity and efficiency while in the other hand Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) concern with knowledge, skills, attitude, and occupation. Ergonomics is yet to have the recognition it deserves in...
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The Role of Work-Based Learning in Building Employability Skills of Vocational Education Students

Kokom Komariah
The incompatibility between educational outcomes with the need of workforce is predicted due to the mismatch of workforce needs with the qualifications of produced graduates. Therefore, the learning in vocational programs must be able to give the solution. Work-Based Learning (WBL) is one of the learning...
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Developing Creative Thinking Skills in Learning at Higher-Educational Institution of Teacher

Luthfiyah Nurlaela
The ability to think creatively is necessary for human resource competencies in order to boost global competitiveness. The aims of this study were: (1) developing a textbook on learning strategies to think creatively; (2) developing course materials applying creative thinking skills in the Bachelor Program...
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Optimization of Implementation QMS ISO 9001:2008 in the Education and Training Vocational Education (TVET) Professional

Muhammad Giatman
One of the crucial issues the nation today is the lack of consistency and commitment to long-term employment, therefore, need to be prepared and the culture of people who have a good work ethic and professional. Implementing Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001: 2008 with good and consistent is the...
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Implementing the Indonesian Qualification Curriculum in Study Programs

Sondang Sumbawati Meini
The students is starting to feel restless on global competition with foreign workers to look for employment opportunities in many different fields of work and profession. How the Engineering Faculty of The State University of Surabaya (Unesa) effort to overcome the job competition in internal faculty....
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Integration of New Technological Innovation of Automobiles into the Automotive Curriculum of Technical Education Programs at Higher Education

S. Mandra Moh. Ahsan, Sunardi Sunardi
This study aimed to identify the current technological developments that are important to be integrated into the curriculum of higher education to improve its relevance. The design of this study used a survey design, which the research area is Makassar City. Respondents were taken from the automotive...
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Occupational Competence Needs Analysis in Furniture Making Industry

M. Syaom Barliana, Ilhamdaniah Ilhamdaniah, Dadang Kurnia
This research project intends to adapt existing methods for the identification of work processes in selected occupations and existing methods for work process analysis in order to draft a toolbox for occupational analysis. The research most likely will include three methods, namely occupational sector...
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Talent Scouting Program as One of Models to Prepare Teacher of Vocational High Schools

Muhammad Yahya, Dyah Darma Andayani
This research aims to know the preparation process of Vocational High School teacher through Talents Scouting Program especially in several aspects such as suitable approach method and its effectiveness in Vocational High Schools. This research used observational method by using 40 school samples in...
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Patterns of Vocational Education Partnership in the Era of Decentralization

Muhammad Yahya, Yasdin Yasdin
This article aims to explain the management of vocational education, especially partnerships with industry in the era of regional autonomy and decentralization of education. Delegation of authority from the central government requires local governments to manage the education sector, especially vocational...
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The Importance of Technopreneurship Management Model for Vocational School

Muhammad Harlanu, Agus Nugroho
The lack of Indonesian technopreneur opens great opportunity for vocational school graduates to become technopreneur instead of becoming an employee or a college student. It is due to their competence supported by three-year-entrepreneurship education at vocational school. This study is to find out the...
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Evaluation of Vocational High School Teachers’ Concern in Implementing Curriculum 2013

Nizwardi Jalinus, Youmil Abrian
This paper aims to assess the extent to which the elements of concern of teachers to the change of curriculum. Problems that always arise in the process of change is the only change into a document, while the implementation of the provision of education and learning for the new curriculum as it is still...
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Developing a Design of an Analog Electronics Practice Instruction as an Effort to Improve the Professionalism of Prospective Vocational Teachers

Purnamawati Purnamawati
This research aims at producing a design of an analog electronics practice instruction as an effort to improve the professionalism of prospective vocational teachers. This research is a development research employing the modified instructional development model of Thiagarajan. The results are as: Firstly,...
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The Effect of Teacher Performance on Student’s Productive Competencies in Vocational High School

Ramli Ramli
This study was aimed to reveal the achievement level of (1) the teacher performance of vocational school students, (2) the productive competencies of vocational school, and (3) the effect of teacher performance on productive competencies of West Sumatra vocational schools students. The study used is...
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The Effectiveness of Media Implementation in Competence-Based Learning Integrated With Character Building in Vocational High Schools

Riana T. Mangesaa, Dyah Darma Andayani
The use of media in the learning process or in teaching can generate new desires and interests. It can even motivate learning activities that bring the psychological effects on students. In association with the implementation of the curriculum 2013 that emphasize on the values of character, it is necessary...
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Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based Self Control Learning Model against Increase in Food Hygiene Behaviors through Sanitation Hygiene Subject in Catering Vocational Student

Rita Patriasih
One of the important things to consider in food handling that food safety aspect is ensuring that food produced by the industry not only meets the demands of taste alone, but also can meet the health aspect. The reality was the rapid development of today's food industry had not fully followed by an increase...
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A Challenge of Vocational Education for Preparing Green Employment

Rustam Asnawi, Istanto Wahju Djatmiko
Currently the vocational education has been oriented to the educational processes in which focusing on the development of the student in order to ready to work professionally and ready to improve their self-potential in particular field work. Meanwhile, today and future jobs in various business sectors...
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Mapping Out a Strategy for Synergizing Science and Technology Institutions and Industries in Research and Skill Development in Nigeria

Shehu Abdullahi Ma’aji
The significance of partnership between training institutions of higher institutions of learning and productive sector (industries) is to enable Nigeria use Research and Development related Science, Technology and Innovation as the fundamental ingredients to enhance its competitiveness and advance itself...
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Implementation of Project-Based Learning in EduNet PC WORX IEC 61131-3 Based PLC Training Program

Budi Mulyanti, Arjuni B. Pantjawati, Siscka Elvyanti, Erik Haritman
In this paper, the implementation of project-based learning (PBL) in EduNet PC Worx IEC 61131-based PLC (programmable logic control) training program is described and discussed. By using PBL, the students are expected to understand the concept and have ability to accomplish projects in a good level of...
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Humanistic Soft Skills Learning For Generating Professional Teacher Performance

Siti Hamidah
Teachers are profesional workers. It means being a teacher is encouragement of soul through learning processes with standard quality. Mastery soft skills are a necessity also demand. Mentioned in the Constitution of Teachers and Lecturers, there are four pillars of teacher competence as professional....
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The Effect of Formative Assessment Intensity to the Student Learning Outcomes in Learning Operations Unit 1

Siti Mujdalipah
Evaluation conducted when the mid-term and at the end of the semester showed low learning outcomes in Operation Unit 1 course. Systems evaluation conducted intensively every after the end of a material is believed can improve this condition. This study aims to determine the effect of intensive formative...
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Six-Legged Animaloid Robot as a Trainer for Robotic Course

Siti Sendari, Hakkun Elmunsyah, Yogi Dwi Mahandi
The innovation of robot technology attracts students to study and participate in many robot contests. Thus, robotic trainer is very urgent to be developed, especially an animaloid robot, which can encourage both of robotics course and robot contest. Here, the trainer was developed using seven steps of...
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Sustainability of Information Technology in Higher Education Institutions: New Concept

Syahril Syahril, Yulherniwati Yulherniwati
The new paradigm of higher education requires higher education institutions (HEIs) to be managed by utilizing information technology (IT). This has been recognized by the HEIs, but it did not go smoothly. Frequently occur in development process, the re-creation of the necessary facilities (low sustainability)....
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Education as a Direct Profitable Societal Investment: Innovation Pedagogy Putting Sociocultural Learning Theories into Practice in Higher Educational Institutes

Taru Penttilä, Sami Lyytinen, Liisa Kairisto-Mertanen, Harri Lappalainen
Higher education needs to respond to the needs of employers by providing capable workforce. Graduating students have to possess capabilities to take part in diverse innovation processes at their future work places. In this paper we present how higher education can be changed to the direction where both...
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Effective Management Workshop and Creative Work for Improving Students Practice Skills

Tetty Setiawaty
This research’s purpose is to describe effective workshop management and workshop creative work in Vocational School to improve the enhancement student practical skill. Research method applies case study qualitative, data collection technique using: in depth interview, participant observation and documentations....
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Community-Based Learning in Vocational Education and Training: Making Schools Closer to The Real World

Waras Kamdi
It has long been casually observed that more and more students complain about irrelevance of their learning: what is learned in school is no longer related to the needs and challenges in real life. There is no relationship between what is learned in classrooms and what happens outside the classrooms....
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Employers’ Needs for Employability Skills of Engineering Graduates in Indonesia

Wasimudin Surya Saputra
Employers hire people with the technical or work-specific skills required to do the job. But they’re also looking for an additional set of skills that they often consider just as important—employability skills. This study was conducted to examine the employer’s needs about the employability skills of...
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Understanding of Composite Professional Competence Variable of Teacher Students of the Faculty of Technology and Vocational Education

Yadi Mulyadi
It is widely known that the success of teaching and learning systems on TVET is multidimensional, implying that measurement requires a number of different competences to capture each element. The point as an important key of successful at the teaching-learning process in the classroom is teacher professionalism....