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A Study on the Innovation and Development of Strategic Emerging Industrial Clusters

Yunyang Nie
With the rapid development of China's economy, the development of strategic emerging industrial clusters has been rapidly promoted in many major regions of China, and this model has achieved obvious economic and social benefits. However, with the expansion of the total, there are also some problems-the...
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Analysis on the Cultivation Measures of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents in Private Colleges Under the New Situation

Jiaojiao Mo
Innovation and entrepreneurship education is a new educational concept in the history of higher education development. It is the starting point for private colleges to carry out the innovation and entrepreneurial education to serve the regional market. This paper analyzes the necessity and feasibility...
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Research on Teaching Innovation of College English in the Model of Mobile Fragmentation Learning

Dan Li
With the rapid development of information technology, college English teaching is in line with the development of the times. In this paper, the main features of mobile fragmentation learning are analyzed. Based on these characteristics, this paper gives some directions of teaching innovation of college...
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Research on Strategies and Measures of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of College Students Promoted by Communist Youth League-Taking Guangxi University of Finance and Economics as an Example

Lian'gui Wei
Based on the practice of the Communist Youth League of Guangxi University of Finance and Economics and combined with the advantages of the Communist Youth League organizations, this paper expounds the problems existing in the process of the innovation and entrepreneurship of the college students promoted...
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Discussion on the Teaching Mode of 3D Print Design Course

Peifeng Li
3D printing design course is a very theoretical and practical courses, in order to better carry out 3D design of classroom teaching, so that students learn industrial design courses efficiently, technical institutions of this course take "product guide, step by step progressive "teaching methods gradually...
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Research on the Incentive Mechanism of PE Teachers in Shaanxi Non - governmental Colleges and Universities

Dehou Ma
This study intends to combine the social psychology, social management and other multi-disciplinary knowledge to carry out investigation and analysis of the work of physical education teachers to reflect the status quo and the existing problems of Shaanxi private colleges and universities teachers' incentive...
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Application of Green Construction Idea in Management of Architectural Engineering Project

Yuhai Miao
As an important method and key link in the implementation of sustainable development strategy in the architecture industry, green construction has been understood and accepted by more and more people in the industry. How to promote the green construction in architecture industry, improve the sustainable...
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New Perspectives of Musicality Analysis of Schumann's Childhood

Su Lin
This paper analyzes the background, style and creative features of Schuhmann's piano works Childhood and sums up the unique and distinctive musicality of the works. We can get a better understanding from the angle of both appreciation and performance. In addition to my practical playing experience, I...
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Dynamic Correlation Research on Grain Markets Based on DCC-GARCH Model

Yan Ge, Haixia Wu
Based on the week data of the national wheat, corn and soybean wholesale price index from January 9, 1998 to June 22, 2012, the paper inspected the dynamic correlation among the markets of national wheat, corn and soybean using the DCC-GARCH model. The results show that the standardized residual product...
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[WITHDRAWN]Can International Crude Oil Futures Stabilize the Crude Oil Spot Price Fluctuations in China?

Yan Ge, Haixia Wu
Based on the international crude oil futures price and the spot price of crude oil in China from January 4, 2006 to August 20, 2014, the VEC-BEKK-GARCH (1, 1) model was used to analyze the international crude oil futures prices and the crude oil Fluctuation relationship between spot prices. (1) There...
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Research on Service Crisis Management of University Library

Hui Pan, Ruixiang Ou, Yao Huang
According to the understanding of the library service crisis management and the field where university library service crisis occur, the library service is divided into three parts: service item, service mode and service quality. By analyzing the current level of university library service, this paper...
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Tibetan Parents Self-cultural Identity Level for Middle School Students Trilingual Educational Impact Study

Linjia Gao
This survey conducts a research about the impact of parents' self-cultural identity level for middle school students' trilingual education in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (GTAP) of Sichuan province. In this study we will be concentrating on effect of parent's ethnicity, cultural education on trilingual...
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[WITHDRAWN]Research on the "Ecological Harmony" Consciousness of Foster's "India Trip"

Linjia Gao
The famous British novelist Foster's "trip to India" contains profound ecological thoughts, reflecting the ecological crisis between man and nature, man and man, and between conquest and domination. The novel strongly criticized the strong sense of power created behind the crisis, advocating the desire...
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Development of Organization Theory of Library in Information Age-Team Organization

Peiwei Xue
In the information age, the library of the essence of the work has been managed by internal resources to manage external huge information resources, which requires the library to establish efficient utilization of information resources, update the flexibility of quick response to user requirements and...
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Research on Servant Leadership Models under the Background of Public Hospitals

Jian Gong, Jiang Su, Jian Sun, Fei Ma, Xiaoming Dong, Fanchen Meng, Mingyu Cong
Oriented serving the staff, the servant leadership in essence goes beyond the previous organizational interests and innovates a new leading model. In public hospitals, the servant leadership model includes the models to treat employees, performance, and work. This paper discusses the models of servant...
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[WITHDRAWN]A Study on the Shaping and Training of Public Servant Leaders in Public Hospitals

Jian Gong, Jiang Su, Jian Sun, Fei Ma, Xiaoming Dong, Fanchen Meng, Hongxia Bi
In recent years, the theoretical research achievements in the management of academic circles in Europe and America and the practical management experience in the industry show that public servant leader plays a catalytic role in the healthy growth and harmonious development of enterprises. This paper...
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Research on Fragment Reading in Mobile Internet

Ruixiang Ou, Hui Pan, Yao Huang
Reading is an important part of people's social life. With the accelerated pace of life, people retain the traditional reading habits and methods, but also began to get used to fragmented reading. This paper studies the manifestation and characteristics of fragmented reading in the mobile Internet, analyzes...
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Research on Practical Knowledge of College PE Teachers

Pengju Guo
Physical education teachers should have practical knowledge and related skills include: education, training knowledge and professional expansion of knowledge; and students to establish and develop relations, guidance and explain, demonstration, observation and analysis, feedback and other professional...
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Research on Cost Control of Construction Project in China

Jinxu Li
In today's construction industry, cost management is the core competitiveness of the construction company. The competition among the construction companies has turned into the cost competition. This paper first gives the concept of the cost of the construction project, and then gives the principles of...
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Modern Succession of the Outstanding Traditional Culture in Ideological and Political Education in Universities

Yiqiu Wang, Shijie Li
The 5,000 thousand years' history of civilization development of China has accumulated rich spiritual treasure. The permeation of Chinese outstanding traditional culture in the ideological and political education in universities is conducive to the modern heritage of excellent culture. After giving the...
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[WITHDRAWN]Research on the Development Strategies of Yunnan' Historic and Cultural Tourism Resources

Yiqiu Wang, Shijie Li
The long and rich history and culture of Yunnan are important resources for tourism development in Yunnan. The Yunnan' historic and cultural tourism resources are unique, rich in categories and relatively complete preservation. In the process of the development of historical and cultural tourism resources...
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The Personality Emotional Structure In Interior Design

Jing Zeng, Keyue Duan
In today's word, people on indoor function and aesthetic demand to meet at the same time, more and more pursuit space design build atmosphere of psychological sense of fit and satisfaction. As interior design elements such as form, color, texture, light, they can make the space character visualization,...
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How Trade-off between increasing crop yield and privacy protection

Ling Li
Advances in technology has improved the precision of seed,allowing farmers to use fewer loads of fertilizer and helping them saving an amount of money.But these applications of technology relies on the data from farmers.As a result,many farmers worried about these data will be misused by these service...
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Study on Continuous Cropping Obstacle and Control Strategy of Medicinal Plants

Xiuying Wang
After the continuous years of planting, the same species or closely related species in the same land even in the normal management situation will appear the phenomena, including growing worse, serious diseases and insect pests, yield reduction and quality deterioration, which are the continuous cropping...
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Research on the Influencing Factors of the Agricultural Products Purchase Willingness

Zhengjie Zhang, Ju Chang
The purchase intention is the subjective tendency of the consumer to choose a product and is proved to be an important indicator of the predicted consumption behavior. On the basis of the existing theory of purchase intention, this paper analyzes the influencing factors of the purchase intention of Dictyophora...
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A Study on the Influence of Haze on Respiratory System of Outdoor Athletes

Jia Liu
Haze pollution is one of the most serious environmental pollution problems in modern society. There is a growing body of evidence that outdoor breathing exercises are more damaging to the respiratory system of people exposed to haze than those without exercise. In other words, sports disadvantages outweigh...
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A Study on the Supply of Medical-Nursing Combined Community Service in China

Yang Yang
This paper studies the supply services of medical-nursing combined community support mode in China through literature review. It is found that the supply service of medical-nursing combined community support mode in China is relatively simple and lacks the service requirement evaluation system, family...
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Research on Early-warning and Countermeasures of Financial Risk in Universities

Feng Pan, Hui Pan, Ruixiang Ou, Yao Huang
With the financial risk in universities is becoming more and more prominent, the correct evaluation of the early warning mechanism of financial risk and the proposition of the feasible evaluation methods of financial risk in universities is one of the important and urgent research directions. This paper...
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Realistic Predicament and Countermeasure of the Construction of High Quality Curriculum Resource Sharing Platform in Universities

Jing Xiao
With the continuous development of scientific and technological information, more and more institutions of higher learning have entered a new era of information education and each school has its own high-quality curriculum resources. However, the resources owned by many universities have not been maximized....
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Collation and Research of Health Keeping Thoughts and Methods in Dunhuang Posthumous Writing

Xue Lin
There are rich records of health keeping in the Dunhuang Posthumous Writing, and most of them are combined with diagnosis and treatment. At that time, these thoughts and methods played an important role in health and conditioning. This paper analyzes the thoughts and methods of food intake and sexual...
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Research on Unscrambling Sports Testing Data and Enhancing Physical Quality of Students

Lei Li
The physical quality of the students is directly related to the health of the people of the country and is of great significance. The indexes of students' physical quality, such as flexibility, speed and endurance, can be obtained through sports tests. We carefully analyze the sports testing data of...
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The Development of Sport and Health Industry in Liaoning Province under the influence of" Health Service Organizations, Family, and Social Collaborative Model"

Yong Zhu
Physical quality enhancement program of average citizens is part of the public health enhancement program, which is a series of processes that focus on maintaining and improving the overall physical quality of the general public. As we all know, there are many factors that affect the health and physical...
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Research on Applications of Core Strength Training in Physical Education in Universities

Yong Liu
The core strength training is a new idea of strength training which was transplanted from the rehabilitation field into the competitive sports training in1990s. At present, the core strength has been widely used in swimming training, badminton training and athletics training in colleges and universities...
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Analysis on the Competitive Factors of Cultural Industry in Shaanxi Province

Liqin Li
Shaanxi has rich cultural resources, but the overall competitiveness of Shaanxi cultural industry is not strong. From the "cultural resources", "cultural consumption", "cultural potential", "cultural environment" to analyze the four aspects of Shaanxi cultural industries to influence the competitiveness...
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[WITHDRAWN]Development Trend Analysis on GDP of Shaanxi Province

Miao Fan
The data of Shanxi GDP from 2009 to 2014 was analyzed Based on the model of GM(1,1) of Grey Theory. It calculates the development of GDP in next few yeas. Then again, we use Grey correlation analysis on primary, secondary and tertiary of Shanxi, discussed the correlation of GDP to them. Based on the...
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Establishment and Improvement of the Assessment Mechanism of Local Party and Government Cadres

Hai Hu
Leading cadres is the socialist modernization of our country the main responsibility in the institutional framework, follow the rule of reason, with the rational spirit through the selection of the main assessment team, set the evaluation index with rational principle, the implementation of justice the...
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Research on the Development and Construction of Pre - school Education in Village in the City of Shaanxi Province

Ni Li
As a lag of urbanization products, city village distribute like island in the urban fringe. In order to better understand the situation of the village in the real life, this paper aims at the status quo of the pre-school education in the semi-urban and rural villages in the villages and villages that...
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Countermeasures Analysis on Removing the Excess Production Capacity of Yunnan State-Own Iron and Steel Corporation

Keyi Zhao
In recent years, Chinese iron and steel industry has gone through a tough period of time, due to the huge excess production capacity and the relatively low market demand. Along with the building market demands cooling down, the consumption of crude steel are constantly decreasing. The state council noted...
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Research on Zhu Xi's Interpretation of the Analects of Confucius by "Honesty" --Set "Disease Death" as the Center

Wang Zheng
"The Analects of Confucius" recorded in the disease of the death of the text shows the Confucian ceremony, filial piety and gentleman of the Road. In the case of disease death, people "honest" will be the most authentic expression. Zhuzi associates the truth of the human being with the Confucian principles...
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Main Functions and Realization Paths of First Hand Historical Materials in History Teaching of High School

Yang Jiang
The application of the first hand historical materials in history teaching of high school is conducive to enhancing learning interest, cultivating autonomous learning ability, erecting correct emotional attitude values and realizing the innovation and reform of teaching methods. We should expand Historical...
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Research on Mechanisms of Targeted Poverty Alleviation Through Rural Tourism in Sichuan Minority Areas

Fulin Gui, Fan Yang, Yufeng Wang, Shuyue Lei
Rural tourism is an important handle for targeted poverty alleviation in minority areas in Sichuan, and is an important carrier to enhance the hematopoiesis function of targeted poverty alleviation. At present, the problems of targeted poverty alleviation in rural areas of Sichuan minority areas include...
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Research on the Curriculum and Teaching Mode of EMP in English Teaching in Medical Colleges and Universities

Congjuan Chu
At present, the research of medical English is mainly concentrated in undergraduate colleges. Based on the theoretical situation, this paper starts from the theoretical basis of EMP teaching, combined with the characteristics of medical English, tries to learn from the curriculum, the construction of...
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The Application of Freehand Painting Techniques in Oil Painting Teaching

Ronghuei Hwang
The freehand oil painting techniques to fuse the Chinese and western artistic spirit and creative consciousness could Show the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, and absorb the modeling principles of western painting, to create a strong flavor of the times and national temperament. This article...
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Public Service Motivation and Public Sector Incentive

Lamei Tang
In this paper we elaborate the reason why public sector incentives need to take a full acknowledgment and consideration about the organizational publicity and public servants' psychological motivation.and we also try to demonstrate the implementation logic of public sector incentives from the personal...
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Condition Based Maintenance of Grid Equipment and Its Prospect Based on "Internet +"

Ziqi Wang
With the rapid development of power grid technology, production and living have put forward higher and higher requirements for the safety, stability and economic operation of power system. The past Plan-Maintenance mode cannot meet the needs of power grid development, and Condition Based Maintenance...
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The System of Public Figures' Reputation--On the Judicial Judgment

Xiaoxuan Cui
The study of the system of public figures' reputation is to solve the problem of disagreement in the same cases in the current judicial practice, including the particularity of public figures' reputation right and the definition of public figures. Based on the analysis of the relevant referee cases,...
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Research on Interest Rate Marketization and Risk Control of Commercial Banks

Tao Liang
After interest rate marketization, interest rate risk control will be an important aspect of risk management of commercial banks in China. This paper analyzes the main risks that Chinese commercial banks will face in the process of interest rate marketization and the current situation of Chinese commercial...
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Research on the Defects of the Litigation of Economic Law and Its Complement

Mengran Wang
The litigation of economic law is necessary in economic law. In order to judge the merits and demerits of economic disputes, the litigation subject can appeal to the basic attribute of the main body of judgment. It is the inevitable product of economic conflict, and also responds to economic law the...
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Research on the Cultivation of Business English Interpreting Ability Based on Schema Theory

Shaolin Wang
With the exchange and development of world culture, English has been paid more and more attention. In order to meet the needs of the market, people gradually developed business English, that is, for the needs of professional English. In the process of cultivating business English interpreting ability,...
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Research on Current Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of Interpretation Teaching of College English

Shaolin Wang
Listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating are the five basic elements of English learning. Interpretation is an important part of translation. However, there are still many problems in the interpretation teaching of College English, which have a negative influence on the quality of teaching....
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Research on Working Memory Mechanism of Simultaneous Interpretation

Shaolin Wang
With the increasingly frequent international political, economic, cultural and other exchange activities, the demand for simultaneous translators also increased, simultaneous interpretation is a complex multi-tasking process. In the process of input information processing, working memory is a special...
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Research on the Causes of the Destruction of the Qin Dynasty

Jing Huang
Qin's law is invincible in the Qin period and it becomes a rapid decline of the Qin Dynasty. Many people think that the Qin Dynasty is due to the tyranny of the Qin Dynasty led to the demise of the Qin Dynasty, but summed up the historical experience, we found the problem or the emergence of the system...
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The Integration of Intangible Cultural Heritage(ICH) in Pingxiang in the University Campus Cultural Construction

Songqi Yao
Since the 21th century, the impact of global economic integration on the diversification has been a social problem that faces the public with its increasing effects. The ministry of Culture has studied and then established the theme of "All protect the ICH", leading the public and universitys to pay...
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A Preliminary Research on the Reading Promotion of University Library

XueJiao Chen, Xuan Zheng
Under the background of universal reading, university library shoulders the important task of reading promotion. In the face of the status quo and problems of the reading promotion of university libraries, this paper uses the theory of empathy to explore the necessity, validity and feasibility of the...
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Research on Economic Law Protection of Telecom Consumer Rights

Deyu Liu
The strong professionalism of telecom industry and the market monopoly status of telecom operators determine that the rights and interests of telecom consumers are inevitably limited and infringed. At present, China's economic law for telecommunications consumers rights protection has many deficiencies....
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The Mode Change of Tax Collection in China under the Background of Big Data

Dongdong Wang
With the advent of the era of big data, the current tax collection and administration mode in China are faced with severe challenges and are gradually getting into a dilemma facing a transition pressure. At the same time, big data technology is also showing new vigor and vitality with providing a powerful...
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Transformation Thinking of the Management and Service for College Retirees in the New Era

Yi Li, LiangJun Du, TingTing Zeng
Under the new situation, the work of management and service of retirees in colleges occupies an important position in the work of harmonious campus construction. This paper analyzes the deficiencies in the management and service of retired personnel in colleges in our country and gives the directions...
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Development Approaches of Teachers Supporting Education Under the New Situations

Yunfan Chen
Through the questionnaire survey form, the paper investigated the two hundred teachers supporting rural education in Jiangyou County in Sichuan Province from the perspectives of age structure, degree distribution, work time, turnover reasons, reasons for supporting rural education to analyze the overall...
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Suggestions on Development Strategies and Policies of National Parks in Qinzhou Under Strategy of "One Belt and One Road"

Gui-yuan Huang
Guangxi Province is an enthusiastic supporter of the initiative on building the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. One of its city, Qinzhou, with the knowledge of its strategic backgrounds, expects to seize every possible chance to take an active part in the initiative of "One Belt and One Road". With...
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Discussion on Medical College Document Writing under the Background of "Internet Plus"

Fei Ma, Jian Gong, Tong Pang
Under the environment of "Internet plus", document writing is the inevitable product of the Internet era, and it is also a new thing with great vitality and positive effect. Document writing under the network environment will make full use of the advantages of the network environment, and will give the...
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Training Model Construction of Personnel Majored in Cultural Market Operation and Management based on Modern Apprenticeship System

Jin-e Xu
The talents trained in the training mode of professional management and management of the cultural market do not meet the needs of the market. Therefore, the reform is imperative. As an educational mode promoted by enterprises and schools, the educational objects of the modern apprenticeship system include...
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A Study on the Transmission Path of Zhang Daqian 's Paintings under the New Media Technology

Dengming Gao, Jingwei Cao
The present is in an age of "information explosion", and it's also a "reading and seeing pictures" or even a "listen to pictures" era. There are a lot of information every time in our lives.As the new media has the advantages of fast communication speed, strong interactivity, large information capacity...
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Study on the Legal System of Wetland Protection

Qingyuan Sun
Wetlands are not only an important strategic resource for socio-economic development, but also a place where biological species live. With the increase of human understanding of wetlands, how to make reasonable use of wetland resources and maintain the sustainable development of wetlands has been widely...
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Network Mutual Assistance: A New Model of Personal Life Risk Sharing Based on Internet

Lili Chen
Network mutual assistance is a new mutual assistance mode. At present, there are a number of network mutual assistance platforms being established, and the main operating mechanism and development models have received widespread attention. Starting from the difference between mutual assistance and mutual...
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Construction of Tourism Management Mode Based on Project Management Theory

E Hua
It is one of the most important factors influencing the development and improvement of the tourism management. To establish a comprehensive and perfect tourism management model is one of the most important factors in the development of the tourism industry, it is also constantly improving its own. Whether...
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Research on Language Economics and College English Education

Zhihong Fan
College English education should follow the law of market economy, objectively and rationally understand the college English learning motivation, the economic value of the language and the economic benefits and the allocation of educational resources should accurately grasp the market demand, effectively...
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The Contribution of Occupational Health Psychology to the Promotion of Well-Being at Work: an Evaluation of EAPS in the UK and China

Shan Liu
Employee assistance program (EAP) is a kind of interventions in workplace based on occupational health psychology (OHP). However, it was introduced to China only about ten years. The aim of this essay is to examine the contribution of OHP to the promotion of well-being at work though comparing the EAPs...
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Exchange Rate Fluctuation, Money Supply and GDP

Baoshuai Zhang
In order to reflect the time-varying and non-linear characteristics of the exchange rate fluctuation and the effect of money supply on GDP, this paper constructs the stochastic fluctuation model and time-varying parameters based on the analysis of exchange rate fluctuation and money supply to the GDP...
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Study and Prevention of Systematic Risk of Insurance Industry of China

Yue Gu
The insurance industry is a risk management industry which cannot be ignored in the financial system. It promotes the stable development of the market economy with its special social and economic compensation mechanism. Therefore, to explore the systemic risk of insurance industry can prevent the spread...
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Research on Characteristics, Opportunities and Strategies of Exhibition Industry of Guangxi

Xinyu Xiong
The exhibition industry, as a sunrise industry in modern society, has played an important role in Guangxi's economic construction in recent years. Modern exhibition industry in Guangxi has the characteristics of great in number and high in quality. In the face of the strategic opportunity of "The Belt...
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Research on Development Strategies of Red Tourism of Guangxi under the International Background

Xinyu Xiong
The red tourism in Guangxi is attracting more and more overseas tourists, and has become an important brand of Guangxi tourism. Under the new conditions, it is of great significance to analyze the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and challenges of the red tourism in Guangxi, and give the strategic...
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Analysis of Features and Singing Skills of Chinese Classical Poetry Songs

Fangheng Wang
Chinese classical poetry songs are not only an important part of traditional Chinese poetry art, but also the treasure of our national vocal music art. This paper analyzes the characteristics of conception beauty of literature, melody beauty of rhythms, artistic beauty of tunes of Chinese classical poetry...
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Research on the Social Assistance Countermeasures for Poor Elderly Population in China

Rongli Guo, Xiuhong Guo
There is an amazing number of old people suffering from poverty in our country, and the frail nature determines that the poor old people are badly in need of the government and social power to survive and get rid of poverty. However, it has been a long time that the anti-poverty problems of aging population...
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Some Specific Methods About Selecting Dams' Address

Wenheng Li
In this article,we take the Kariba Dam as an example and analyze the number and location of new small dams in detail through Exponential estimation method and Gray Analytic Hierarchy Process. Then,we set up a model and put forward the concrete strategy of regulating water flow. We firstly make a simple...
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The Market Environment of Survival for Large cost Chinese Costume Commercial Movies

Xiao Han
This year, in the Chinese Lunar New Year period battle of homemade films, a movie named "Lost In Thailand" turned out to win large number of people's attention successfully. On the contrary, "The Last Supper" and "The Guillotines", which are more familiar and large cost commercial movies for audience,...
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The optimized model of enterprise internal accounting control in network environment

Xiaojie Li
Network Environment Enterprise Internal Accounting Control relying on network information technology and large data technology to achieve the control environment in the information-based, automated control mode, the control of the proliferation, control the focus of pluralism. The current network environment...
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Harmfulness and Preventive Measures of Accounting Information Distortion

Shanshan Qin
In the environment of sustainable economic development, accounting information plays an important role in external decision-making, internal economic management and national macro-control,which is based on quality. Accounting information quality is the life of corporate accounting work. However, in recent...
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A Study on the Phenomena and Countermeasures of Mother Tongue Cultural Aphasia in English Teaching

Lili Zhang
At present, the problem of mother tongue culture aphasia is becoming more and more prominent in English teaching in China. Teachers pay too much attention to the cultivation of foreign language culture in English teaching, ignoring the transmission of mother tongue culture. As an important part of English...
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The Application of Situational Teaching in Cultivating College Students' Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Quality

Wei Jia
Nowadays, the view of the ideological and moral and the rule of law is popular, so, the cultivation of college students' ideological and moral and legal quality has become an important content and task of ideological and political education in colleges and universities. How to cultivate college students'...
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Under the background of network influence the bottleneck of our country university foreign language teacher professional development and the sustainable path

Liping Gong
With the strengthening of international exchanges, language play an increasingly important role, under the background of "Internet +" at the same time, major changes have taken place in language learning. Foreign language teachers as implementers of foreign language teaching, plays a significant role...
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The "Internet+" Era'S Revelation of the Reform of Professional English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges

Linna Li
The "Internet+" is a new form of Internet evolution that goes deep into all areas of society. Under the background of "Internet+", the trend of business English teaching in the era of adapting to the times is also an inevitable choice. Business English teaching staff should be actively thinking about...
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College students' English pragmatic competence analysis and college English teaching

Shuo Chi
To enhance language pragmatic competence is the main purpose of the college students' language learning, the importance of the English education system in colleges and universities is obvious. Correct English form does not mean that can speak proper English, lack of pragmatic competence will cause pragmatic...
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Prevention and Reasons Analysis of Volleyball Training Injury

Dupin Xie, Xingxing Liu
Athletes often occurrence sport injuries in volleyball training. The main cause of this event is due to the lack of awareness of athletes is not clear. There is some athletes in the injury situation is still not fully recovered with practice, it is very big harm to athletes. Therefore, in order to minimize...
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The Construction of Computer Teaching Evaluation System for Higher Vocational Education Guided by Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ability

Yang Yang
According to the requirements of the National Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan, the training of students' innovative and entrepreneurial ability in higher vocational education in the new period should bestrengthened. In the process of computerized teaching and training in higher...
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Investigation and research of Hui nationality medicine in Sino Arab Economic and trade

Wei Huang, Zhaoyu Liao
Objective: to discuss and analyze the application and development of Hui nationality medicine in Sino Arab Economic and trade. Methods: to attend the 2016 Sino Arab Economic and Trade Forum cum CITIF will Arabia area some scholars, businessmen, politicians and some in the China area settled and engaged...
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Cross-Cultural Literary Translation Studies - In the Translation of Works of Mo Yan, For Example

Chunyan Zheng
Literary translation is essentially different between different language types, cross-domain interpretation of the national culture, Mo yan depends largely on the Nobel Prize for literature achievements acquired excellent translators of their spiritual kernel canonical works and creation, the work of...
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Analysis of the influence of "camp to increase" policy on the supply chain of agricultural products

Yangming Liu, Qiong Ma
Since 2011, our country has promoted the reform of business taxation as value-added tax, so far, our tax policy and system have made very significant changes, and it has great significance to the development of China's economy. As a major agricultural industries in China, the development of agriculture...
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The feasibility study of introducing crowdfunding into the PPP model of profit-making enterprises

Ting Zhang, Jiaxin Chen
In recent years, the 3P (PPP) model has played an important role in the financing and operation of public infrastructure projects as a new type of financing. However, the PPP model has disadvantages such as high financing cost, certain franchise monopoly and complex transaction structure. The crowdfunding...
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Research on regional coordinated development of pension real estate projects

Ting Zhang, Jiaxin Chen
With the development of economy and the arrival of the era of aging, urban pension real estate projects have broad market prospects. The government has issued laws and regulations on the protection of the rights and interests of the elderly, and formulated a series of relevant fiscal, financial and other...
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Analysis of the creative motivation and creation mode of Zhang Daqian 's self-portrait

Mao Li
Zhang Daqian's self portrait is in the specific historical and cultural background of China, the awakening and examination of self consciousness is the best carrier of the artist's emotional release, personality, ideal and spiritual sustenance. From Zhang Daqian's self portrait in the theme and style...
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British and American culture sympathy establishment and to English study influence

Xiao Li
Ignore or even hostile to exist in the part of college students, the author of this paper to study the phenomenon of English and its culture, first of all, this paper expounds the necessity of learning English and its culture, illustrates the significance of cultural identity, then in English teaching...
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Criminal Law Regulation of Legal Means to Defraud the National Welfare Behavior--from the Perspective of Equality of Opportunity Protection

Henan Li
With the gradual increase of government's input to national welfare, there have been many acts of defrauding national welfare in the legal form. How to regulate the conduct of such acts, so as to ensure that citizens can enjoy the welfare of the country on an equal footing and become a very prominent...
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Reflections on the Innovation of Legal Construction in Colleges and Universities of Jilin Province

Henan Li
Jilin Provincehas made a lot of achievements in all aspects about the implementation of the rule of law for many years. But the school needsinnovation in the network system, the system, the supervision system and other aspects of system, so as to straighten out the internal and external relations, to...
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The Function of Human Movement Science to Competitive Sports

Zimin Chang, Wenwen Wang
Through the method of literature, a relevant part of the contents of human movement science and sports are analyzed. This part includes athlete scientific selection, training monitoring, physical recovery and nutritional supplements, sports injuries and medical supervision, monitoring and elimination...
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Method to Foster Sense of Community among Students in K-12 Online Education

Ling Li
K-12 education is of great significance in students' growth, not only because it provides knowledge to children, but also in that it equips them with necessary interpersonal skills and affectivity, without which, education can at most be called training. Online education is booming around the world,...
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Reflection on Application of Sports Games in P. E. Education

Qin Li
Through literature analysis and practical experience, this paper gives a discussion on the rational use of sports games in physical education, discusses how to select and what should pay attention to when use sports games in the process of sports teaching, in order to better play the sports game's value...
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Low carbon efficiency of the port logistics service supply chain under the restriction of study

Xinrong Xu
With the rapid development of logistics industry, sea transportation is now more and more business share. At present, about ninety percent of the trade is done by the maritime transport of goods, the increase in shipping business competition at the same time, also put forward higher request to the port...
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Research on the Relationship among Internal Audit Quality, Interactive Mechanism of Management Structure and Corporate Value

Huishui Su, Kaiyan Zheng, Sineng Li
From the perspective of internal audit, the paper makes an empirical analysis on the relationship among internal audit quality, interactive mechanism of management structure and corporate value by drawing the experience and statistics from listed companies in the year of 2012-2016. The result manifests...
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'Extension' and 'Fusion' -- Discussion of Modern 'New Voice' Works and Singing

Wei Yang
In this multi-developed today, About the 'new voice' concept, it should be said that its emergence and development already is the conventional result of singing form. In this paper, it has taken further exploration and summary of the relevant 'new voice' works, besides, went about studying the new concept...
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Analysis of the Artistic Style of 36 Aire Di Steli Antic

Min Yao, Yang Liu
Compared with E.Curtis (1875-1937) and F.Tosti (1846-1916) who almost has no opera works, Donaudy is one Italian composer who was ignored by contemporary music circle and up to now, the number of document literature on him is relatively less, even like the authoritative Music Encyclopedia The New Grove...