Proceedings of the 2015 Joint International Mechanical, Electronic and Information Technology Conference

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Online WOM effects and product type: Evidence from Tmall

Qihua Liu
This paper examines the persuasive effect and the awareness effect of online user reviews on product sales. Using publicly available data from a China-based B2C e-commerce site under the Alibaba Group—, we show that rating of online user reviews has no significant impact on product sales after...
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The organizational design method for scientific research team based on computational organization theory

Shaohua Wang, Lili Rong
In order to overcome the disadvantage of current design method for scientific research team, the adaptive organizational design method for scientific research team is put forward based on computational organization theory and modern optimization algorithm. According to the characteristics of scientific...
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An Improved Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on UMHexagonS

Meng Wang, Xia Zhang
Motion estimation plays an important role in H.264 video compression process. However, it takes 60%-80% of the encoding time. In this paper, an improved motion estimation algorithm based on UMHexagonS algorithm is proposed, including three aspects which are improvement on unsymmetrical-cross search,...
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The Centralized management method to increase the security of ARP

Qinggui Hu
This study puts forward the new centralized management method to strengthen the security of ARP. The switch is the core of the LAN, it could manage ARP in concentration. When the switch receives the ARP request message the switch will check the source address is legal or not. If the source address is...
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The new method to prevent ARP spoofing based on 802.1X protocol

Qinggui Hu
Address resolution protocol (ARP) is widely used to maintain mapping between data link (e.g.MAC) and network (e.g. IP) layer addresses. But it is well-known to be vulnerable to spoofing or denial of service (DoS) attacks. 802.1X protocol is the authentication standard for user access network released...
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A method to quickly predict dispersion for impact point of high spin rate projectile

Xiao-lin Luo
A method for real time in flight prediction of the ground impact point and dispersion of indirect fire projectiles is investigated. A three degree of freedom projectile model solution is used to be determined the total dispersion of trajectory. With the root mean square method, mean point of impact error...
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Comprehensive Evaluation and Prediction Model of Sustainable Development

Jinlan Chen, Yuchen Xiao, Jialiang Zhou
The article conducts a research on sustainable development of a country or an area. We build a Short-term Evaluation Model and a Long-term Development to distinguish more sustainable countries from less sustainable ones, and combing the two models, we build comprehensive evaluation model of sustainable...
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User interface design in technology service platform of performance equipments Yanna

Wei Jiang, Meng Zhang, Rong Jie shi, Yujian Jiang
The user interface is the medium between man and computer, The users take advantage of the interface which is an important part of computer system to exchange information with the computer. The design and development of the user interface accounted for a large proportion in the whole workload of technology...
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Research on key technology of equipment maintenance material catalogue compilation management system

Li Long-teng, Zeng Li, Ge Yu, Cai Xiao-yan, Zeng Chui-zhen
To improve the low efficiency in compiling the catalogue of equipment maintenance material by manpower, the key technology in design and implementation of equipment maintenance material catalogue compilation management system are researched based on the analysis of the technology of Big Data and COM...
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The security solution for Windows XP end of life with trusted computing technology

Cui Zhanhua, Pan Hongyi
The system based on trusted computing is proposed to secure IT system after the Windows XP end of life. The system consists of a series of software, hardware and firmware, including Trusted Platform Module, BIOS, Operating System, Trusted Software Base, Trusted Management Center, etc. It performs functions...
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Study on Basic Vowels in Mongolian Based on PAS

Su Min, Yu Hongzhi
Using PAS 6600, the physiologic parameters of basic vowels in Mongolian were extracted in the process of pronunciation, which includes expiratory airflow duration, peak expiratory airflow, expiratory volume and aerodynamic resistance. Through statistical analysis of the extracted parameters, it shows...
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A New Improved Feature Extraction Method in Memory EEG Data

Luo Jing, Yun Li, Hong Zhang
various papers and conferences about EEG data can be found at present. There are various feature extraction methods reviewed oversimplified in section one, such as zerocrossing, low zero-crossing rates, coherence analysis, subspace methods, the mean absolute amplitude, standard variance, kurtosis and...
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Fuzzy Monte Carlo Finite Element Solution Applied in Engineering Structures

Bo Liu, Changhong Liu, Hehui Wang, Rong Jing, Ciwei Xu, Hongjun Qi
Based on the theory of the fuzziness and stochastic finite element solution, a fuzzy monte carlo finite element solution was presented. Firstly, with the -cut set of the fuzzy set, fuzzy parameters in a fuzzy engineering structure were transformed into stochastic variables in the uniform distribution...
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A new kind info sample theorem and its aliasing error estimation

Zhao Zhen-yu, Liu Shan-cun
The signal must be bandlimited in its reconstructing by using the Whittaker-Shannon
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Research on monocrystalline silicon defect detection based on wavelet singularity

Wu Wei, Qiu Zongming, Huang Qiu hong
series,the request is too high.The paper constructs a kind of new series instead of the
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A Novel Design for Video Frame Switching Based on SoC

Jiuhua Zhang
Whittaker-Shannon series, for a given signal,using the new series and its samples to reconstruct the
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Research on the cooperated optimization model of energy in iron and steel enterprises

Li Bing, Niu Hong-hai, Chen Jun, Peng Xin
signal,through this method the request of the signal can be lowered, at the same time the aliasing error
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Research and Implementation of high accuracy timing method based on GPS PPS in spaceborne remote sensing cameras

Pan Wei-jun, Liu Tao, He Qian-gmin, Xiao Long, Wang Yan, Zhang Ye
estimation is given.
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A Method of Container Terminal Resources Scheduling Simulation Research

Li Mingqi, Zhang Peng, Du Yuyue
In order to study the impact of container terminals in different resource allocation and scheduling device efficiency of terminal operations, using FlexTerm software to establish a terminal simulation model for the simulation of transportation operations research, through the simulation experiment under...
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Analysis For Sampling Tube’s Head of SCR DeNOx Reactor’s Inlet Flue

Haiming Zheng, Zhaihui Chen
The sampling tube is always used to collect flue gas in the field of CEMS,However the inlet of SCR DeNOx reactor system always with more than 300 velocity comes to about 14m/s,as well as dust with high concentration.All these factors could reduce the life of sampling tube.In this paper,using software...
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Intelligent Control Method and Self-position-azimuth Correction Method for Autonomous Vehicle

Takuya Nishimura, Sho Asai, Liuyang Song, Peng Chen
This paper proposes an intelligent control system using fuzzy-neural network (FNN) for autonomous vehicle .The autonomous vehicle will appropriately and automatically recognize and judge the running environment and run along a given orbit by using FNN. In order to acquire the training data of FNN, the...
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Application of improved ant colony algorithm in vehicle scheduling problem

Wang Rui, Wang Jinguo, Wang Na
In this paper, the ant colony algorithms is studied, and improve the shortcomings of the algorithm, And the improved algorithm is introduced into the field of logistics transportation. Aiming at the complexity and uncertainty of logistics transportation vehicle scheduling problem, a new algorithm is...
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Research on path planning of mobile robot based on improved artificial potential field

Wang Rui, Wang Jinguo, Wang Na
This paper mainly studies the robot path planning algorithm based on the improved artificial potential field. In the traditional artificial potential field, calculate the intensity and minimum of the potential field with the superimposed sum of Potential field strength each other and mark this point....
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Research on video traffic control technology based on SDN

Ziyan Lin
With mobile internet development, new video business appears continuously that bring forward higher demand for quality of services of the traditional network. Software defined network (SDN) can satisfy such demand by decoupling the control plane and data plane, and promote bandwidth availability, as...
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Real-time traffic congestion detection based on frame difference function and virtual loop

Fei Liu, Zhiyuan Zeng, Rong Jiang
Traffic congestion has become one of the major concerns of policy-makers in modern metropolises. Accurate real-time traffic congestion alert is of great importance for alleviating congestion. In this paper, we propose a fast, unsupervised, video-based approach using average frame difference function...
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Review on the Test Method of Adhesive Failure in Solid Rocket Motor

Li Chen, Lu Gui-e, Jiang Jinyong, Ge Qiang, Wang Shaoguang, Wang Bin
This paper introduced common detection methods of adhesive failure in solid rocket motor including ultrasonic method, X ray radiography technique, industrial CT, infrared heat wave method and laser holographic interferometry. It also recommended the most suitable detection methods for various types of...
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Vehicle-carried Remote Control System Based on ARM

Yongsheng Cao, Enjian Bai, Xiaojun Yao
Aiming at the lack of intelligentialize of low-end vehicle, the wireless remote control system based on ARM vehicle-carried control system is designed by combining the ARM control and 4G wireless transmission. The integrated structure of the system and data communication and signal control between modules...
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Silicon Neuronal Network with Excitability Neurons for Edge Detection

J. Li, B. Liu
Inspired by the human vision system, neuromorphic vision systems simulating the mechanism of signal processing in retina are extensively investigated. This paper describes a silicon neuronal network with bio-inspired structure detects the edge information in image. The digital spiking silicon neuron...
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The Study of Security Issues for the Industrial Control Systems Communication Protocols

Qu Wanying, Wei Weimin, Zhu Surong, Zhao Yan
With the depth integration of informatization and industrialization and the rapid development of the Internet, the industrial control systems (ICS) communication protocols’ risks have become increasingly prominent. This paper firstly analyzes the security issues of the current mainstream industrial control...
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Fuzzy Control and its Applications in QCM Sensor System

Chen Hai Xia
Research in the field of neural networks has made significant progress, that progress has attracted a lot of attention and support of the people more money on. Now more and more academic and commercial research is carried out on neural networks, such as chip-based neural networks are developed and applied,...
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The Research of Non-contact Online Detection and Key Problem of Capsule Filling Machine

Liu Ying, Ning Hai, Wang Guihe
Non-contact online detection is an online testing module for the capsule filling machine in China lack of capsule counting function , the module can display the number of actual production of qualified capsule in real-time. The analysis and research of the key technical problems in the module such as...
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A New System for Testing the Static Performance of MCP-PMT

Jiawei Shen, Jia Cao, Yiting Guo, Yunsheng Qian
The microchannel-plate photomultiplier tube (MCP-PMT) is the key component in the Daya Bay reactor neutrino experiment II. However, there are few approaches to evaluate its properties. Based on the situation, a testing system and a series of experiments to assess the static performance of MCP-PMT have...
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Study on Dahlin algorithm of Brushless DC motor based on Neural Network

Zilong Huang, Dan Wang, Lele Xi, Yankai Shen
Brushless DC motor has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, no excitation loss and good speed regulation performance. Dahlin algorithm is to find a reasonable digital regulator D(z), which can make the closed-loop transfer function of the system...
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Integrated Control Based on Three-system of Vehicle Chassis

Lei Zhang, Xiaoling Jin, En-guo Dong
The integrated control model based on two chassis subsystems has been widely studied and achieved a good vehicle dynamic performance; however these models haven’t effectively improved the vehicle performance under some complex working conditions. In order to improve the overall vehicle performance, an...
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Analysis and calculation of dimension of gauge block in sine bar measuring taper angle

Ping Kan, Miao He
The sine bar is a precision measuring tool which is used for indirect measurement or machining of precision angle by the principle of sine function. When the cone taper angle is measured by sine bar, which is at one end of the sine bar need to pad the size of the corresponding block below it, the sine...
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On The Extinction Characteristics of Terahertz Wave in Fog

Qinghua Zhang, Hongxia Wang, Jin Ma
In this paper, according to Mie theory and the particle size distribution of fog droplets, the total absorption and scattering of group particle were analyzed, the extinction parameters and attenuation rate of the Terahertz wave were calculated in radiation fog and advection fog through Matlab programs,...
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Gas Desorption and Transportation in Original Coal of Baijiao Coal Mine Under Temerature-stress Loading Condition

X.H. Zhang, Y. Chang, X.l. Ren
This paper presents experimental investigation on gas desorption and transportation in bulk coal under temperature-stress conditions, focusing on gas emition at three stages, heating stage, uniaxial loading stage and confined pressure loading stage. These tests conducted to simulate the effects of underground...
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Design of Intelligent Detection Platform for Waterfowl Breeding Environment Based on Internet of Things

Ling Yang, Xucan Cai, Yun Liu
The quality of breeding environment is one of the most important bottlenecks that restrict the sustainable development of waterfowl breeding. Good breeding environment can reduce the growth of disease or the harms brought by the disease, and improve the waterfowl’s quality and quantity. This paper designs...
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A Digital Map Developing Method used in Vehicle Location System

Ma Liang
In this paper we will introduce a method to develop digital maps used in vehicle location. We will introduce how the map was made with VC++. How we describe roads and buildings in the map.
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kinematics simulation and control system design of the three DOF parallel mechanism

Bin-cheng Li, Tian Yu, Ping Liu
In this paper, we designed a novel three degree of freedom (DOF) parallel mechanism (PM), which can make the moving platform rotate and incline through the movement of three sliders. We built a model of this mechanism and had a kinematics analysis in MATLAB. We also did the same kinematics simulation...
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A Study of Six Degrees of Freedom Welding Robot Path Planning Based on Genetic Algorithms

Haiming Shen, Qian Kang, Xiaofeng Yuan
n this paper, modeling is planned on the basis of characteristics of six degrees of freedom welding robot. According to the characteristics of the genetic algorithm, the modeling take the advantage of the most representative weighting method of multi-objective optimization design method to weigh all...
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A Low-power Portable Digital Spectroscopy for CZT Gamma-ray Detector

Qibin Zheng, Changqing Feng, Hang Su, Danyang Zhu, Shubin Liu, Qi An
A portable, low power, digital spectroscopy for CdZnTe (CZT) detector is designed and described in this paper. Its readout electronics is implemented with waveform sampling, Flash-based FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) and USB (universal serial bus) technique. The CZT detector, with an effective...
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The design of remote monitoring system based on virtual serial port

Yanqin Sun, Tiancun Yang, Heming Cheng
In view of the landslide and slope collapse and other geological disasters phenomenon of instability of rock mass, combined with acoustic emission technology, modern communication and computer technology, and to design the geological disaster monitoring and warning system which has a set of automatic...
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PC/104 Embedded Computer Module Design Based on SPARC V8 Processor

Zhang Tong, Zhou Jiqin, Zhang Weigong, Ding Lihua
With the development of the computer technology, microelectronics technology and network technology, embedded-systems are widely used in many fields including industry control, railway locomotive control, and vehicle, etc. This paper proposes a hardware design scheme of PC/104 embedded computer module...
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Optimal allocation of power quality monitors based on an improved adaptive genetic algorithm

Wang Hong, Li Dan, Huang Wenqing, Dai Yuxing
To solve power quality problems caused by voltage sag, an improved adaptive genetic algorithm is presented for the optimal allocation of power quality monitors. The basic idea of the algorithm is that the entire system can be observed when voltage sag occurs on the buses and along the lines, and thus,...
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Sinusoidal Amplitude Modulation and Coherent Demodulation Technique for Chlorophyll Fluorescence Measurement

Gang Li, Juan Zhang, Sheng Chang
As a quick and non-intrusive probe of photosynthesis, the chlorophyll fluorescence has been widely studied. Extracting the weak fluorescence signal from the strong noise is necessary to the chlorophyll fluorescence measurement and analysis. In this paper, the time-domain and frequency-domain characteristics...
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Vehicle Color Recognition in The Surveillance with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Boyang Su, Jie Shao, Jianying Zhou, Xiaoteng Zhang, Lin Mei
Vehicle information extraction is the key means in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). Color plays an important role in vehicle recognition. The main challenge of vehicle color recognition is to find the dominant color. In this paper, we propose a color recognition method using convolutional neural...
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Improved Binary Decision Diagram based Accelerated Circuit Evolutionary Algorithm

Yafeng Meng, Junbin Zhang, Jinyan Cai
Nowadays, Evolvable Hardware (EHW) is widely used in many fields. When it is used in circuit design, its advantages can be incarnated adequately. However, if the circuit scales are very big, the probability of successful circuit evolution is reduced greatly. So improving traditional Evolutionary Algorithm...
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An Energy-saving Operation Strategy for High Speed Trains Based on Genetic Algorithm

Wenting Song, Mi Tan, Wenchuan Cai
This paper studies an optimization operation strategy for high-speed trains with a purpose of minimizing the running energy consumption in a fixed time. A more comprehensive and energy-saving model based on a priori available information is proposed, where the relatively special performance characteristics...
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A Robust Framework for Vehicle Detection and Tracking Based on Particle Filter

Huihui Liu, Yong Liu, Haiqing Du
Vehicle detection and tracking have been promising application in traffic surveillance and vehicular network. However, the vision-based approach still remains a challenging task due to the problems of illumination variation, shadow and occlusion. In this paper, we propose a robust framework mainly concatenates...
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Fuzzy Identification and Control Compensation of Unmanned Surface Vehicle Steering System

Yiming Bai, Yongsheng Zhao, Yunsheng Fan
The steering system modeling and control compensation are the core technologies of autonomous Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV). The steering characteristics of USV often have strong non-linearity and uncertainty under complex flow, wind and wave. Parameterized math approaches are difficult to achieve satisfactory...
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Research on the Design of Automation System of Distribution and Packaging of Cigarettes

Wei Qun, Tu Xiaofan
The paper studies a set of fast automatic cigarette packaging plan based on plastic-envelope machine which is used to solve packaging problems in the last one kilometers’ distribution to retailers. According to the packaging principle of box, group, bar and bag in cigarettes industry, design a packaging...
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Design and Debugging of GIS fault fast positioning system based on PVDF piezoelectric film sensor

Yang Zhaoguang, Li Zhixin, Yang Junting, Wen Dingjun
This paper introduces an acoustic emission sensor using PVDF Piezoelectric film which is convenient to use in the field. In order to verify the reliability of GIS fault fast positioning system based on PVDF piezoelectric film sensor, four different kinds of typical defects were set, and the practical...
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Gaussian distribution Diagnoses in Transformer’s Insulating Oil

Ming-Jong Lin
With the purpose of applying a Gaussian distribution as a diagnostic tool for detecting incipient faults in power transformers, we investigated the fundamental characteristics of Gaussian distribution than theorem of the form – the mean and variance of the uniform distribution to take the parameters...
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Research on high density SMT reliability of aerospace products

Xuming Liu, Baiyang Cao, Yin Xu, Ran Xiao, Hailong Zhao
High density assembly of aerospace electronics equipment is an important direction of research linking technology. Based on the experiment, the paper complete the solder of high density aerospace products under different welding parameters , including PBGA and CBGA in different sizes. Secondly, execute...
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Power Cable Structure Recovery and Application Based on Mould Melt Joint

Haijie Zhong, Yunjie Xia, Jinming Wang, Hong Huang, Zhenjie Liang
Many failures of power cable system expose that power cable accessories are the main weak point because of frequently poor workmanship and low-quality when installed on-site. That introduces a question that could we use another method to reduce power cable accessories failures rate. Mould Melt Joint...
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Radar Downstream Channel Phase Noise Measurement and Analysis

Rui Xu, Jianhong Xu, Xinfeng Fan
The channel system parameter of phase noise has an important influence on the performance of the radar receiver. With a brief introduction to the concept and formation mechanism of phase noise, the research was focused on local oscillator phase noise, which has the greatest impact on the performance...
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Theory and Experiments of a Rolling-ball Mechanism for Horizontal Vibration Isolation

Gaofeng Guan, Qiang Yu, Fei Shen
It’s significant to isolate micro-vibration interference from ground to precision instruments, so lots of scholars have paid attention to study vibration isolation mechanisms and got a fruitful outcome. The most important characteristics of a passive vertical vibration isolator are natural frequency...
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Study on underwater connector temperature and pressure testing technology

Jun Liu, Yuchen Wang, Baoshuang Shi, Daoming Wang, Liquan Wang, Xiangjuan Xu
the paper has researched the relevant authority standards of domestic and international such as ISO 10423, ISO 13628, API SEPC 17D, ISO 13679, ISO 21329, API Spec 6A, then determined the designed parameters of the temperature pressure test connector. And, the test device was designed according to the...
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Z-domain Analysis about the Impact of Op-Amp FDCG, NLDCG, GBW and SR on Performance of Switched-Capacitor Integrator

Hong-wei Ma, Jian-hui Wu
The corresponding variation form of the Z-domain transfer function of switched -capacitor integrator(behavioral simulation model) under the impact of op-amp’s four nonlinearities are explored in detail in this paper, which are finite direct-current gain(FDCG), nonlinear direct-current gain(NLDCG), slew...
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Research of Quality Management Method Based on Power Big Data

Nige Li, Min Xu, Jie Fan, Wantian Cao
Power big data is big data concepts, technologies and methods practiced in the power industry. Power big data related to electricity generation, transmission, substation, distribution, electricity, dispatching the links, cross-unit, multi-disciplinary, cross-business data analysis and mining. Big data...
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Risk-based information security audit applied research in the power industry

Gengshen Yu, Qian Guo
This paper analyzes the information security situation in the power industry,Combined with information security requirements of the power industry, From the information security audit objectives, audit evidence, information security control framework, information security and other aspects of the audit...
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Embedded System Design in Closed-loop Active Flow Control

Qiyang Hu, Naiming Wu, Jia Ren, Chang Liu
Closed-loop active flow control in this paper is applied in S-shaped inlet to enhance engine intake quality for the sake of the inlet’s special structure. The pressure coefficient gradient is used to reflect the degree of controlling flow reattachment on the S-shaped inlet. A transfer function is established...
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Research of Vehicle Electrical Fire Authentication Based on Metallographic Analysis

Gu Yangyang, Xi Ming, Wang Zheng
Vehicle electrical fires mostly are caused by the circuit fault, analyze the circuit molten marks by using the metallographic analysis to determine the circuit molten marks belongs to the primary or secondary molten marks is a important method for vehicle electrical fire authentication.
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The Analysis of the Impact of Master Station's Performance and Mechanism on the Success Rate of Electricity Usage Information Collection

Shuang Gao, Gangjun Gong, Baogang Zhang, Wanqing Yang
Electricity usage information collection system includes a master station system, communication channel and terminal devices. Among them, the master station system is the brain center of electricity information collection system which can achieve called measuring mechanism storage, calculation and analysis,...
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Compact Dual-frequency and Dual-polarized Monopole Antenna

Kang Luo, Bin Chen, Yigang Wang, Boao Xu, Xiaoli Zhou
In this letter, a compact dual band monopole antenna with circularly polarized ( CP ) property around 2.4 GHz and linearly polarized ( LP ) property around 1.57 GHz is presented. The antenna consists of a tree-shaped monopole antenna and a modified grounded plane. To realize CP characteristic, two orthogonal...
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Research on the Deformation Measurement of Ground Collapse Based on Spiral Parallel Cable and TDR

Bo Cao, Qing Li, Yangkai Zhang
This paper briefly describes the defects of the ground collapse measurement technology at present and proposes a new method for measuring the ground collapse. The structure of the spiral parallel cable is illustrated and its circuit characteristics are deduced,it is concluded that the characteristic...
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The design of the RF radio signal acquisition and analysis system

Gaojian Zhang, Gang Yang, Lin Yang, Qingqing Zhang
A RF radio signal acquisition and analysis system which is based on ARM and FPGA hardware architecture is designed in the paper. The system can measure the field strength data of multiple frequency radio signals at the same time, and save the demodulation broadcasting audio in real time. In addition,...
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Design of multi-channel automatic switch high precision low voltage change-over switch

Bing Zhou, Jing Hui Zhao
There is a kind of multi-channel automatic switch high precision low voltage switch. The conversion axis of low potential automatic change-over switch has public contact. The public contact and indexing plate’s each indexing position contact constitute the multi-channel change-over switch. Stepper motor...
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Design of Embedded Numerical Control System Based on ARM

Dongdong Li, Zhiqin Wei
The emergence of embedded technology brought a new technological revolution for the field of modern industrial numerical control. Based on the analysis of embedded technology and computer numerical control systems, this paper discussed the general structure model of embedded numerical control system,...
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Optimization Analysis of Cooling Process of 3D-Printing in FDM

Li Yanxiang, Cao Guangchun, Xie Lu, Huang Dahai
Fused deposition modeling (FDM) has brought great innovation for manufacturing because of its simple processing and forming rapidly, but the printing products created by this way are always found low-strength, deformed, cracked and so on. Aiming at these problems, there have been many researches on the...
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Studies on Transmission Network Planning Methods with the Comprehensive Effect of Uncertain Factors

Li Hua, Jin Shixin, Li Wei, Zhang Zixin, Zhao Lin
The uncertainty of wind power, illustrates that the uncertainty of load and wind power have a great impact on the transmission network planning results. In order to obtain more stable and reasonable plan, the transmission network planning which considering the combined effect of wind power and load is...
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Fault Tolerant Control of Quadrotor based on Parameter Estimation Techniques and Reconfigurable PID Controller

He Xie, Jean-Charles Chaudemar, Huang Jun, François Defay
This paper focuses on the fault tolerant control of quadrotor. In this paper, the dynamic model of quadrotor and its measurements model will be given, and a PID controller will be designed based on the models. Then we propose an approach to detect and diagnose the fault of rotor with the help of parameter...
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A 14-bit 2.5 GS/s DAC based on Multi-Clock Synchronization

Hegang Hou, Zongmin Wang, Ying Kong, Xinmang Peng, Haitao Guan
This paper presents a 14-bit 2.5GS/s current-steering segmented DAC with a new technology of synchronization, called multi-clock synchronization, which is used to optimize the timing between the internal digital and analog domains. The quad-switch architecture is also adopted to mask the code-dependent...
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The transmission characteristics of the laser pulse in cumulus

Hongxia Wang, Qinghua Zhang, Aijun Li
The transmission of laser beams in dense medium like cumulus will produce multiple scattering phenomena. The results of multiple scattering not only weaken the laser energy, but also lead to the broadening of laser pulse in time domain. In this paper, the scattering parameters of cumulus were calculated...
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The High frequency induction electric iron Design of adjustable and constant temperature

Qiang Song, Jianguo Song, Pengtao Mu
The method which adopts the XMC1300 of infineon as the master control chip, using armored K type thermocouple temperature acquisition, after XMC1300 A/D conversion of the improved PID algorithm control source system of constant temperature;To improve the traditional low frequency resistance wire of electric...
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Sensor Optimization Selection Based on Fault Detectability and Trackability

Luo Jianlu, Tan Xiaodong
Correctly selecting and reasonably arranging sensors are critical to high fidelity health assessment and low testing costs. A novel approach of sensor optimization placement for health monitoring based on fault detectability and trackability is proposed in this paper. Firstly, the requirements of sensor...
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A yaw angle testing system design based on magnetoresistive sensor and accelerometer

Ping Xia, Yangkui Xiang, Fuyong Cheng
With the development of aerospace business and the popularization of automobile and yacht, navigation has been an important part of people’s life. And in the area of navigation, obtaining of yaw angle appears especially important. This paper designed a electronic compass with angle compensation used...
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Multi-Parameter Fluctuation Effects on InGaAsP/InP Geiger-Mode Avalanche Photodiodes

Qian Dai, Jie Deng, Zhu Shi, Li-bo Yu, Hai-zhi Song
For Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes, a statistical method is advanced to establish the quantitative correlation between the controllability of structure parameters and the homogeneity of device properties. Setting many parameters fluctuating independently and simultaneously, the collective effect of...
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The Experimental Study of Mine Intrinsically Safe Electromagnet

Li Jing, Zhang Xi, Li Zhi
Electromagnet, as the actuator of electro hydraulic control system, its performance directly affects the performance of the electro-hydraulic control system. This paper analyses the working principle of intrinsically safe electromagnet, determines the experimental program, and tests the characteristics...
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Accurate source localization approach based on illuminating LEDs in indoor environment

Yan Zhang, Xiansheng Guo, Ya Zhou
We propose a new positioning system based on the received signal strength (RSS) fingerprinting approach. The RSSs of LEDs are influenced by some ambient parameters, such as radiation pattern, incidence angle, attenuation coefficient, multipath fading and so on. And these factors degrade the performance...
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The comparative study of equal channel angle and step angle of the buckle battery sealing concave film

Wenhuan Gao, Huilai Sun
Based on the 3D modeling of closing machine by SolidWorks, the sealing process of button battery is mainly analyzed and comparative study on equal channel angular sealing concave film and the sealing step angle concave film are studied with the contact stress with battery with the change of time. In...
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Dynamic Analysis For Power Amplifier Electronic Equipment

Famao Wu, Long Jiang, Jian Wang, Weibing Zhu
Power amplifier electronic equipment is an important component of aviation weapon system, and random vibration is a main factor result in structural failure. In order to fully understand dynamic characteristics of power amplifier electronic equipment, according to modal analysis theory, the theory of...
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Six-phase Fuzzy Control of City Single-cross Road

Dewei Zhang
This paper discusses city single-cross road’s traffic light real-control. Considering the pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, we carry on the six phase fuzzy control. It present a method of current phase green light delay , set up the algorithm and 3D controller design method. It also set up the principle...
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Achieve Fuzzing Based on Symbolic Execution Platform

He Hao, Gan Shuitao
The traditional software development does not consider the concerns, which is can addressing security problem effectively. So how to find the problem is the standard consideration for security researchers. In the field of software security testing, there are four ways, Fuzzing, Dynamic Taint Analysis,...
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Research on Hybrid Temperature Measurement Method for High Speed Motorized Spindle

Li-xiu Zhang, Jin-peng Li, Chao-qun Li
Temperature measuring method is one of the key issues in the research of high speed motorized spindle of thermal characteristics.In this paper, a new hybrid temperature measurement method is proposed, which is based on the contacted temperature measurement and infrared temperature measurement experiments,...
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A High Energy Resolution X-ray Spectrometer using SDD

Chen Er Lei, Feng Chang qing, Ye Chun feng, Liu Shu bin
A high energy resolution X-ray spectrometer based on Silicon Drift Detector is described in this paper. The spectrometer consists of the SDD detector module, the analog electronics for shaping and filtering and the digital electronics for peak detection and data transfer. The system can working at room...
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Study on Weighting Method of Functions and Performance Indicator System of IETM Authoring System

Xu Zongchang, Hu Chunyang, Sun Hanbing
IETM authoring system is the important instrument to make IETM. Studying its indicator system helps choosing them. This paper introduces overviews of the indication system, then combining several weighting methods, achieves quantitating weights of functions and performance indicators of IETM authoring...
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A Signal Transmission Model for Diffusion Based Molecular Communication Nanonetworks

Daniel Nzinga Kinsumuna, D. Turgay Altilar, Deniz Demiray
Nanonetworks is a communication between nanodevices, called nanomachines. Nanomachines are very small devices at the range of 10-9 metre. Molecular communication is one of the types of nanonetworks in which nanomachines are able to sense, calculate, actuate and intercommunicate. Transmission, propagation...
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Analog Front-end Design of Passive RFID Tags for ISO/IEC 14443 and 15693

Yan Guoqing, Li Xiaojin, Chu Jianpeng
This paper presents a design of analog front-end of passive RFID tags for ISO/IEC 14443 and 15693 by using SMIC 0.18 m 2P4M CMOS process. In order to have better performance, three rectifiers have been designed and compared, LDO and low-pass filter have been designed to obtain a high PSRR and a large...
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A chopped charge pump of PLL

Pu Luo
In this paper, a chopped charge pump with matching up and down pulses was introduced. The proposed topology is based on differential current sources and sinks. a switching circuit for switching on in a first phase one current source of each pair to provide up current pulses, and switching on in a second...
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An Improved Design of L-probe Feeding Microstrip Antenna Array for 4G Applications

He Wang, Hu Yang, Lei Gu, Fei Zhao, Wenlu Yi
To meet the high requirements of 4G mobile communication systems, such as broadband, wide beamwidth and high gain, an improved microstrip antenna array fed by L-probe is proposed. Generally, most of the 4G antenna array elements have wide band and a gain of 3-5dBi. But the beamwidth in the horizontal...
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Research of WeChat Public Number's Security of Power Information System

Gao Peng, Shi Cong-cong, Fan Jie
With the popularization and development of mobile Internet and smart mobile terminals, the WeChat public number which combines traditional services and mobile internet application has become the development require of power information systems, research for the security of WeChat public number of power...
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Influence factors and Countermeasures of breaker’s shunt capacitor dielectric loss measurement

Yang Junting, Peng Peng, Yang Zhaoguang, Wen Dingjun
Affected by various factors, the result of shunt capacitor of breaker dielectric loss measurement is easily misjudged. In order to avoid misjudgment, this paper analyzes the common three kinds of influence factors: interference signals in the site, Cardon effect and air humidity. Three methods were proposed...
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A New High Speed LVDS Repeater

Wang Liao, Chen Su
A LVDS receiver and driver for LVDS repeater are introduced, which can buffer LVDS one channel to four. As a result, the repeater can speeds up to 633Mbps.It is useful in long distance transmission to reduce signal attenuation.
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Startup Transient Response Analysis of an Energy Storage Flywheel System

Wang Hongchang, Du Zhouming
In order to analyze the startup transient response of a flywheel system, its shaft system is studied in this paper: The transient oil forces of a squeeze film damper (SFD) in fixed frame are firstly derived. By putting the Wilson- formulation integration method which having damp of algorithm into the...
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Physical Simulation Experiment System of Multi-Rigid-Body Spacecraft Attitude Control Based on Micro-Gravity Floating Platform Environment

Yong-ming Gao, Zhao-ming Li
This document mainly focuses on the problems existed in floating experiment such as software complexity, real-time difficulty and test method lackness. According to the simulation requirment, experiment of flotation units is proposed, hardware system of the simulation system is designed and software...
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Kinematic analysis and simulation for a kind of Planar Articulated robot based on ADAMS

Xiao-gang Liu, Zhi-xin Xie
According to the structure and motion characteristics of Planar Articulated robot to simply the model.On the basis of the robot kinematics analysis,use D-H matrix for modeling ,mathematical model of the pose is obtained.Based on the dynamic simulation software ADAMS to establish the Virtual prototype...
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Design and Analysis of a Catamaran Data Acquisition Platform for Water Optics

Ruilong Luo
The experimental work for water optics cost a lot of time and efforts. Researchers in many places still depend on the traditional lifting sensor methods of measuring and recording water optics data. In this work, a new design of data acquisition platform is described, which is equipped on a platform...
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Research on the control method of test platform of marine component mechanical properties

Li Cunjun, Zhao Hua, Su Shijie, Zhang Jian, Wang Ting
According to characteristics of high flow, high inertia load, variable stiffness of test platform in marine component mechanical properties, considering the president research status of hydraulic servo system, this paper establish the mathematical model of hydraulic servo system of test platform and...