Proceedings of the International Symposium on Social Sciences, Education, and Humanities (ISSEH 2018)

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Pamali as the Product of Ethnic Wisdom of the Indigenous People of Kampung Kuta Ciamis

Adita Widara Putra
This study aims to describe some forms of Pamali or prohibitions or taboos in the Kampung Adat Kuta community which are viewed from the side of ethnic wisdom. Research on ethnic wisdom needs to be done now to maintain the preservation of ethnic knowledge that belongs to certain areas of society. This...
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The Evaluation of Students' Soft Skill Development Program at Universitas Garut with Quadruple Helix Concept and System Model

Ikeu Kania, Erna Rustiana, Gugun Geusan Akbar, Mutiana Budiman, Aceng Ulumudin, Dini Turipanam Alamanda
Lack of students’ soft skill development in building interpersonal and intrapersonal relationship is a problem that occurs at Universitas Garut. This study aimed to evaluate students’ soft skill development in order to facing the era of globalization. The research method used was qualitative approach...
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Investigating the True Meaning of Car Free Day for Indonesian People

Fajar S.A Prabowo, Arif Partono Prasetio, Ikeu Kania, Abdullah Ramdhani, Diena Siti Hanifah, Dini Turipanam Alamanda
Car Free Day (CFD) programs are widely adopted in Indonesia with the concept of a free day driving with the aim of reducing motor vehicle pollution. CFD is increasingly in demand by the public because it raises various activities. The purpose of this research is to explore the factors that drive society...
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The Effect of Local Wisdom Values in Micro Enterprises Based on Creative Economic toward Their Competitiveness

Rochanda Wiradinata, Arie Indra Gunawan
Micro-enterprises are one of the sectors that contribute the most to national income. But in its implementation micro businesses often have difficulties, especially in terms of competition. Creative economy is one of the choices for micro-businesses to collaborate to create something of value sale. Cirebon...
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Evaluating Problem-based Material in a Social Class: Sounds from Indonesian primary school students

Ratna Tiharita
Problem-based material is rarely found in the context of Indonesian Primary Schools. Therefore, this paper is attempted to evaluating the current issue of problem-based materials and its outcomes for the students in the social class. This study used qualitative approach. The respondents were the social...
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Research-based Lectures to Improve Students' 4C (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) Skills

Maulia Depriya Kembara, Rama Wijaya Abdul Rozak, Vini Agustiani Hadian
Research is an activity that students need to actualize the understanding of the concepts they have with the ability to make solutions to problems that arise in the field. In research, all abilities possessed by students will be seen starting from communicating, collaborating, critical thinking, and...
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Agreement as an Essential Element in Implementation of Diversion

Waluyadi Waluyadi, Ismayana Ismayana, Moh. Sigit Gunawan, Jojo Junawan
The purpose of this research is to describe and analyze the implementation of child case diversion at the stage of investigation, both successful and unsuccessful. This study uses a normative / doctrinal approach. The data used is secondary data as the main data and primary data as supporting data. Secondary...
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Communication Marketing of Youth and Sport Department of Culture and Tourism in the Water Park Cave Sunyaragi Cirebon City, West Java, Indonesia

Nurudin Nurudin, Farida Nurfalah
The communication marketing in tourism is an attempt being made to convey information about the existence of a tourist attraction to the public, so that potential tourists know interested, and willing to come to the resort town in question. Identify the problem in this research are as follows: 1). To...
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Influence of Peer Group Conformity on Moral Identity and Penchant for Watching Violent Television Shows on Aggressive Behavior in University Christian Indonesia

Renatha Ernawati
This research aims to prove the influence of variable moral identity, peer group conformity, and the avocation of watching violence on television on aggressive behavior. The research population is University Christian Indonesian (UKI). This research uses quantitative research method. The type of statistics...
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Improving the Performance of Facilitator through Individual Characteristic and Motivation in Development of Empowerment Teacher and Education Personnel (P4TK) Bandung – Indonesia

Imas Komariyah, Komarudin Komarudin
P4TK-IPA, is an institution that provides facilities in carrying out the improvement of competence of educators and educational personnel. In carrying out the activities of the education and training needs to have the right strategy and achieve the targets in the human resources development component...
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Measuring Patriotism and Nationalism of People’s Commemoration on 17th's of August

Yeni Kurniawati Sumantri, Iing Yulianti
Indonesia has experienced a long history of independence. The struggle of its people showed incredible heroism colored by the spirit of patriotism and nationalism. Nowadays, the reflection of Indonesian people in striving their independence encapsulated in the commemoration of independence which is held...
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The Relationship between Anxiety Level and Foreign Language Learners’ Reading Comprehension

Aris Badara, Hilaluddin Hanafi, Kamaluddin Kamaluddin, Nurlaela Nurlaela, Ita Mulya Sari
This research attempted to examine whether there is any statistically significant relationship between reading anxiety and students in reading comprehension. Additionally, it also analyzed the level of reading anxiety experience among students in reading comprehension among 95 students of second semester...
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Expert Perception on Quantum Approach Teaching Material Model for Speaking Mandarin

Tri Budianingsih
The development of quantum approach teaching material model for speaking Mandarin is a part of Research and Development program in a private university in Jakarta. Prior to being tested to students, it is required the model was examined by experts in teaching Mandarin. The examination entails perception...
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The Study on Legal Issuance of the Statement of Environmental Management for Micro Industry of Lambak Cracker (A case study in Plered subdistrict – Cirebon regency)

Endang Sutrisno, Ibnu Artadi, Endang Sutrisnno, Ratu Mawar, Akhmad Fikri
The Statement of Environmental Management (SPPL-Surat Pernyataan Pengelolaan Lingkungan Hidup) is capability statements by a firm official regarding managing and supervising capability about environment and industry effect towards the environment in accordance to AMDAL (Analisis Mengenai Dampak Lingkungan-Environmental...
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The Development of Self Concept in Adolescent through Meaningful Movies

Evi Delviana
This article was made to discuss the development of self concept in adolescent through a meaningful movie. The author used literature study method that is based on abstract of research result, journal review, and reference books. The development of self concept in adolescent is influenced by various...
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Effects of Uncertainty Reduction and Benefits on Online Airplane Tickets Purchasing

Sella Destia, Indah Umiyati
Communication, media and informatics technologies that are increasingly rapidly developing internet users in Indonesia are potential for business people in Indonesia, where as the rapid growth of internet users, this also encourages e-commerce growth in Indonesia. Global information has influenced the...
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The Role of Creating Shared Value in the Company

Titiek Rachmawati, Pramita Studiviany, Ida Ayu Sri Brahmayanti, Maulidah Narastri
Creating Shared Value (CSV) is a concept yielded from company policy and activities. In this case, company is mandatory in creating economical and social value at the same time, without prioritizing at one side. CSV emerges from the expansive idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concept. It...
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Representation of Linguistic Aspects in the Genre of Text in Junior High School’s Bahasa Indonesia Textbooks in the 2013 Curriculum

Jaja Jaja, Mudopar Mudopar, Maya Dewi Kurnia, Hesti Muliawati
This research aims to describe the representation of linguistic rules of each text’s genres in curriculum 2013 Bahasa Indonesia’s text book for 7th grade students. The description was done by analyzing the purpose, content, and structure of each genre of the texts based on the use of its linguistic rules....
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Government Policy on Additional Income to Civil Servants

Mukarto Siswoyo, Ipik Permana, Moch. Sudrajat Hidayat, Endang Sutrisno
The regional regulation No 02 of 2012 highlights additional income for civil servants. It is purposed to stimulate the improvement of work performance by increasing their prosperity. This research aims to evaluate and describe the effect of the implementation on such policy related to its purpose. So...
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Violence among Senior High School Students in the City of Abepura

R Partino, Ahmad Muhammad Diponegoro
This research aims at understanding (1) The quantity level of the violence to high school students in the city of Abepura; (2) The types of violence to the students; (3) The actor of violence to the students; and (4) The factors causing the violence. This research used descriptive design. The sampling...
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Helmets Law: The obedience of bikers

Ipik Permana, Hamirul Hamirul
This paper aims to find out the reasons why people in Bungo district are reluctant to wear helmets while riding and what efforts are made by the lawmakers in order to raise awareness off wearing helmets while riding. This research used case study method with qualitative approach by deploying the data...
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Literature Study on the Influence of Arduino Microcontroller Trainer Media on Creative Thinking Level and Student Learning Outcomes in Microcontroller Learning

Karno Setyo Budi, Supari Muslim, Agus Budi Santosa
The background of this research is that the microcontroller trainer media in schools still cannot significantly improve students' creative thinking skills. The main reason is because the media trainer used is still relatively complicated, so it is difficult to understand by students. This study aims...
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Management of Hazardous and Toxic Waste: A legal study of environmental health of fish and shrimp feed Industry in PT Suri Tani Pemuka Cirebon West Java Indonesia

Ayih Sutarih, Junaedi Junaedi, M. Fadri Al Baehaqi
Toxic and hazardous waste is leftovers as a result of industrial activities, which contain substances, energy, and / or other components which due to their nature, concentration and / or amounts can threaten, pollute, damage and / or endanger health and the environment. The threat actualization contradicts...
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Content, Structure, and Linguistics Realization of Popular Articles in Newspapers

Abdul Rozak, Dede Endang Mascita, Asep Firmansyah
This article is attempted to describe the content, generic structure and linguistic realization of the popular articles on the newspaper, particularly in the perspective of Indonesian newspaper. This is a descriptive research. The data collection is conducted through the documentation, reading and the...
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Local Wisdom Story of Baridin-Ratminah and Saidah-Saeni

Abdul Rozak, Ira Rahayu, Dede Endang Mascita
This research describe local wisdom values contained in these two folklore they are Baridin and Ratminah from Cirebon and Saidah and Saeni from Indramayu. Local wisdom is a set of knowledge and experiences which had good value that used to solve the problems in a certain society. Descriptive qualitative...
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Cooperation between Teacher Guidance and Counseling with Islamic Religious Education Teacher to Provide Service Guidance Counseling

Nina Ikhwati Wahidah, Mahmudi Mahmudi, Otto Fajarianto, Dewi Fajaryanti, Hasdar Hanafi
Psychological development in adolescents is often colored by various types of conflicts. So that there are so many students who are not ready and experience various problems both from the educational environment and the social environment. This is where the importance of cooperation between counseling...
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Modeling of Ecotourism Development in Tasikmalaya District, West Java

Siti Fadjarajani, Nandang Hendriawan, Ruli Asari
The Tourism Sector in Tasikmalaya Regency has excellent potential to be developed towards ecotourism-based tourism areas. Mount Galunggung Tourism Area, Jasper Park Area and Kampung Naga Region are the three tourism areas that are most likely to be used as ecotourism area modeling. The objectives of...
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Manuscript of Pedagogy by Mirat Afkar Rijal: Anthropology-history correlation in the text of the Nusantara Arab’s poetry

Iin Suryaningsih
In cultivating the contents of the manuscript text, philology cannot be separated from the context of society and culture that made or gave birth to it. For this reason, in the study of the community's response to the existence of manuscripts at present, it can utilize anthropological studies. Cross-linking...
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Could the Loyalty Program Increase Store Loyalty?

Aang Curatman, Agus Suroso, Junaedi Junaedi, Yono Maulana, Rahmadi Rahmadi, Soesanty Maulany
Developing and maintaining customer loyalty is crucial in the business competition. Thus, this study aims to examine the effect of customer and customer-company identification (CCID) loyalty cardholders on the store. The samples in this study were 100 respondents who were cardholders of the minimarkets...
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Critical Factor of Mobile Payment Acceptance in Millenial Generation: Study on the UTAUT model

Ida Rosnidah, Arinal Muna, Ayatullah Michael Musyaffi, Nelia Fariani Siregar
The millennial generation is considered a golden generation in the world and Indonesia, in particular, that is capable of being the driving force of changes. They want everything to be fast and easy, especially transactions. Mobile payments provide a fast and easy solution for making payments wherever...
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Local Wisdom Values in Kethek Ogleng Dance Tokawi Nawangan, Pacitan

Agus Hendriyanto, Bakti Sutopo, Arif Mustofa
Instead of having natural wealth, Indonesia has large cultural diversities, religions, and ethnic groups. Kethek Ogleng dance is one of those cultural diversities, containing local wisdom values. Descriptive qualitative research design was implemented in this study, by using Kethek Ogleng dance as the...
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Instagram as the Dispute Arena of Personal Branding of Local Head Candidates in West Java Province at 2018

Khaerudin Imawan
The virtual room has made humans “insane.” They lose their consciousness on identities. It goes with the imaginative fantasy. They fight reality but deny the fact. The humanity side becomes apparent and fades with the paradox action. The production of texts, photo images, and audio visual made by anyone...
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Language Style of Opposition Politician Group in Indonesia: Critical discourse analysis

Eko Kuntarto, Mukarto Siswoyo, Suherli Kusmana
This study aimed to describe the style of the language of opposition politician groups in Indonesia, which could lead to relations of power non-visible (hidden power) with the ideological process that appears in oral or written discourse. This study uses a Fairclough Critical Discourse Analysis model....
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The Effect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on Bank Customer Loyalty through Satisfaction as Mediating Variable: Evidence in Batam, Indonesia

Suryono Saputra
This study examines the effect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on banking customer loyalty in Batam city of Indonesia through customer satisfaction as a mediating variable. The respondents of this study are the customers of commercial banking in Batam collected by using purposive sampling method....
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Content Analysis of Kindergarten Daily Learning Implementation Plans (RPPH) in Central Jakarta Region

Nila Fitria, Rohita Rohita
Learning devices are a real form of learning activities. Learning tools include weekly implementation learning plans (RPPM), Daily Implementation Learning Plans (RPPH), and assessments. The lesson plan for daily implementation is a design made by the teacher to carry out one day of activities in the...
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The Planning Design to Improve Community Participation of Rural Areas Development

Hery Nariyah, Darwanto Darwanto
The planning function in an effort to increase the participation of the village's physical development is a description of the discussion about the problem of the less optimal planning function in an effort to increase the participation of the village's physical development. The planning that has been...
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The Parameter of Character Reinforcement through Optimization of School Literacy Movement Oriented to Critical Discourse Analysis

R. Panca Pertiwi Hidayati, Dheni Harmaen, Rendy Triandy
This research is motivated by the school’s obligation to actively foster students’ interest in reading through characterized GLS. Since the GLS operation, a parameter which measures character reinforcement through searching of GLS quality performed by teachers at school is needed. In this case, the author...
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Understanding of Kindergarten Teachers of the 2013 Curriculum of Early Childhood Education

Rohita Rohita, Hesti Hapsari Sekarlawu
Curriculum 2013 Early Childhood Education (ECE) is a curriculum that applies in the world of child education in Indonesia today. In this regard, Kindergarten teachers must be able to understand the 2013 ECE Curriculum (K13) so that they can provide various activities and experiences that can optimize...
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The Effect of Individual Characteristic, Communication, and Work Environment on Employee Performance PT Hilex Cirebon West Java

Siska Ernawati Fatimah, Lisa Harry Sulistyowati, Sunimah Sunimah, Agustina Agustina, Nadhira Nadhira
This research was conducted on PT Hilex that located in Plered Kabupaten Cirebon, this company established since 2001 and pure PMA that is have a good market in ASIA. PT Hilex Cirebon produced cable, for this time research devoted to the production of motor and car cables totaling 120 employees, researchers...
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Using Human Resources Character Education through the Characteristics of Art and Culture

Ade Tuty R. Rosa
This paper is motivated by a study of the theory of experts related to character education, character meaning, cultural and cultural characteristics of human and community resources. The social problems faced by the nation today are character degradation. Systems in the digitization era will trigger...
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Female Perspective on Learning Styles: English Department Students Universitas Muhammadiyah Maluku Utara

Adi F. Mahmud, Salwa Muin, Nursina Hamia
Understanding learning styles can enhance teaching and learning effectiveness by identifying students’ preference for comprehending and utilizing the information presented in classes. This study aims to (1) investigate what learning styles preferred by females students (2) what females students dominantly...
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The Impact of Religious Obedience Against Religious Tolerance on Junior High-School Student

Ahmad Syamsu Rizal, Munawar Rahmat
West Java is the province with the most followers of Islam. Of the total population of 43 million, almost 42 million are Muslims. However, according to BMPT the most radical act of Islamic radicalism occurred in West Java. It is as if there is a relationship between Islam and radicalism. Tasikmalaya...
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Building Faith for Children through Learning Model of Kisah Qur`ani in Junior High School

Udin Supriadi, Fahrudin Fahrudin
The essence of religion is to believe in God Almighty who needs to be instilled in children from an early age. Junior High-School as education institutions for children should foster more awareness for religious fundamental. During this time, religious learning was only in the form of habituation without...
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The Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program by an Oil and Gas State Company (PERTAMINA) in Indonesia

Nasir Asman
The study aims to describe the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program at an Oil and Gas State Company PT Pertamina EP Asset 3 Cirebon in Klayan Gunung Jati Cirebon as well as the image from the surrounding society toward the company due to the programs.The techniques of collecting...
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The Implementation of Regional Policy of One-Way Urban Road Networks in Addressing Traffic Congestion

Yanto Heryanto, Nursahidin Nursahidin, Muhammad Luthfi F.
The main concern of this study is the Implementation of the Regional Policy concerning Traffic Management and Engineering in addressing Congestion in three main streets in Cirebon City. The problems identified are includes: 1) how is the implementation of the regional policy 2) factors influencing the...
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Building Artificial University Model Based on National Ranking Parameters

Achmad Fathoni Rodli
The increasingly digital pattern of society makes the conditions for changes in governance and implementation significant to be implemented immediately. So that patterns or models of evolution can provide benefits to access to education that is not limited by distance or time. In this study the object...
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The Influence of Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment on Organizational Citizenship Behavior

Maftuhatul Fazriyah, Edy Hartono, Rini Handayani
This study aims to acknowledge the influence of the job satisfaction and organizational commitment on the organizational citizenship behavior of the employees, either partially or simultaneously. The research was conducted at Astra International Tbk Cirebon with 51 respondents. This is an associative...
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The Influence of Organizational Culture on Organizational Commitment and its Implications on the Performance of City Public Service

Ade Sholahudin, Adi Setiawan, Muhamad Alwi
Work Effort (Willingness to perform) is as a level of willingness of an individual to give his best ability. This condition is in line with what is meant by commitment. Own commitment is measured by how far the level of willingness of individuals to work hard in carrying out their functions in the organization....
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Implementation of Village Development Policies: Building Indonesia from suburbans

Heryani Agustina
Village development is a national development strategy that is in accordance with the vision of developing Indonesia from the suburbans to improve people welfare because a large poor population in Indonesia lives in the village. The Indonesian government in the reform era has been paying great attention...
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Investigating Experience on Blended Learning Classroom Practices in Tertiary EFL Students

Ratnawati Ratnawati, Didih Faridah, Syafiul Anam, Pratiwi Retnaningdyah
Digital literacy has been increasingly most important in the world that has become more globalized. Therefore, blended learning is deemed necessary to equip students to master the 21st century competences that promotes 4C learning skills (Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication)....
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Understanding of Principal Accounting Subject Based on Gender and Mathematics Ability: Empirical evidence from Indonesia

Acep Komara, Agung Yulianto
Student accounting capabilities begins with an understanding of principal accounting courses. This has been the main focus to note in the accounting students before learning attended the advanced courses in accounting. Therefore, this study aims to explore the difference between gender and mathematics...
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Application of Criminal Delegation to Hate Speech on Consumer Complaints through Social Media

Harmono Harmono, Iwan G Gumilang, Tina Marlina, Rima Febriany Rachman
Hate Speech is one of the cases that is being happened lately. This case usually stems from the submission of an opinion through social media and it is considered to have violated the law and thus leads to reporting and or prosecution. No exception for consumers who complain about the poor service from...
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Curriculum Development Procedure in Unswagati Cirebon

I. Robia Khaerudin, Lien Maulina
This research aims to get an overview of the procedures for curriculum development in University of Gunung Jati (Unswagati) Cirebon. Presidential Regulation Number 08 of 2012 raises the demand for graduates to have certain qualifications. Kerangka Kualifikasi Nasional Indonesia (KKNI) regulates the ability...
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Study of Legends and Folklores as Efforts to Develop Instructional Materials in High Schools

Suherli Kusmana, Jaja Jaja
This research is aimed at obtaining appropriate teaching based on the student’s cultural background to help ease their difficulties in learning short stories. Folklore has a good deed and is close to the students’ life, and therefore it is suitable to be implemented as teaching material. This research...
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The Affective Factors Causing Students to be Passive During the Speaking Class

Haris Budiana, Nunu Nurwaliyah
It was found that many students were passive during the speaking class. This research aims to investigate the affective factors causing their passiveness. It was conducted in a senior high school in Cirebon in 2018/2019 academic year taking 20 students, who were identified reluctant to speak during the...
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Leadership Style of Principal and Organizational Culture Improve Teacher Job Satisfaction

Henny Suharyati, Sutji Harijanto
The aim of this study is to explore the empowering of leadership style and organizational culture in increasing the senior high school teacher job satisfaction. The research used a quantitative approach by taking a survey. The affordable population in this study are 146 heads of public and private high...
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The Role of the National Government in the Preservation of the World Heritage Site of Crisologo Street Vigan Ilocos Sur Philippines

Carmina Dolor L. Estonanto, Jeanna Chelcea V. Javier, Patricia Ellice L. Centeno, Edelyne S. Laquindanum
The Crisologo Street situated in Vigan City is the last surviving site in the Philippines depicting urban planning and architecture that reflects the mixture of different cultural imprints on the Filipino heritage including Spanish urban planning with authentic 19th to the early 20th century architecture...
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Platinum Model in Indonesian Language Learning for Elementary Schools

Endry Boeriswati
The purpose of this study was to develop an Indonesian language learning model in elementary schools. This model is named the Platinum Learning Model. This Model is to foster critical thinking skills through the use of Indonesian in elementary school. The Platinum model was developed based on the theory...
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Student’s Self-Efficacy in Speaking Learning

Iis Lisnawati, Yuyun Yuniawati, Welly Nores Kartadireja
This study aims to describe ways that can be used to improve students' self-efficacy in speaking learning. This research uses a descriptive qualitative method with literature study techniques. One of the causes of student speaking difficulties is anxiety. Anxiety is associated with low self-efficacy....
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Curriculum Evaluation on Hotel Administration Study Program at Bandung Tourism Higher Education

Lien Maulina, I. Robia Khaerudin
This research is aimed to evaluate the curriculum of Hotel Administration Study Program at Bandung Tourism Higher Education viewed from two dimensions, starting from curriculum as a document and curriculum as implementation, these issues divided into two research questions, namely 1) how is the performance...
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Tourism Marketing Strategy to Enhance the Visitors’ Interest

Dian Andriany, Intan Andini
The research aims to find out the causes of less visitors coming to the Talaga Pancar Pine Forest tourism in Lengkong Kulon Village, Sindangwangi District, Majalengka Regency and the marketing strategies in increasing visitor interest. This qualitative descriptive study uses data collection techniques...
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A Character-Based Academic Advising Model to Improve the Students’ Self-Concepts

Suhendra Yusuf, Ayi Najmul
The aim of this research is to explore the model of faculty academic advising and its relationship with the students’ self-concept, i.e., self-understanding, self-awareness, and self-recognition. A Character-based academic advising was proposed in response to the ineffectiveness of implementation of...
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Regional Plan of Public Relations: A strategy in tourism sector

R. Mahendra Haryo Bharoto, Welly Wihayati, Iin Indrayanti
This study aims at identifying factors supporting regional plans employed by the local government by using public relations and to find out the role of public relations in promoting and increasing tourism visit in one of historical sites in the city of Cirebon, Sunyaragi Cave .It is a qualitative study...
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The Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Policies to Overcome Poverty

Mukarto Siswoyo, Moh. Taufik Hidayat, Moh. Sutarjo
This study is aimed to know the implementation of CSR policies to overcome poverty in Cirebon City and the factors that influence in the implementation of CSR policies. The study is conducted by using qualitative research methods with using case study strategies. The results showed that the implementation...
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Developing School Culture, Thinking Skills and Attitudes towards Junior High School Students

Wahidin Wahidin
The purpose of this study is to examine the patterns of communication and use of social media in learning activities related to thinking patterns, attitudes and behavior patterns of students. The research method used is the mix method. The objects in this study were junior high school teachers and students...
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The Effect of Organizational Commitment and Organizational Support as Intervening Variables to Turnover Intention of Employees

Noveria Susijawati, Adi Setiawan, Gerhana Mentari Putri, Siti Maryam, Aoliyah Firasati, Muhamad Alwi
Turnover intention is an interesting discussion at this time for a company because the turnover will disrupt the operations of the company both in terms of cost and time. The high turnover rate in a company is a result of turnover intention on very strong employees. Organizational commitment influences...
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The Perspective of Indonesian Administrative Law on the Authority of Industrial Estate Management in Order to Realize Welfare State

Alda Rifada Rizqi
The Welfare State concept provides additional duties and responsibilities to the country, besides being responsible for the protection and security of citizens, the country is also obliged to realize the wellbeing of its citizens. The government has the authority in the field of industry that must be...
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Material Development in Indonesian Language Teaching as General Course Based on the Century Learning Paradigm in Career and Life Skills (CLS) Aspect

Ajeng Tina Mulyana, Yumna Rasyid, Zuriyati Zuriyati
Preparing students to be skilled in work in the 21st century and able to connect a skill in 21st century teaching/ Partnership for Teaching 21st Century Skill (P21) this articulates that students are expected to become successful individual citizens in working in the 21st. This 21st century paradigm...
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Innovation in the Public Sector: The effectiveness of "LAPOR!" as one of the Smart City Programs in Bandung

Gugun Geusan Akbar, Ikeu Kania, Aceng Ulumudin, Grisna Anggadwita, Lintang Sukma Harmanto, Dini Turipanam Alamanda
Many cities in Indonesia try to develop and design effective strategies to create smart cities through innovation and technology. Bandung is one of the local governments in Indonesia which is known as the pioneer of smart city in Indonesia. The Bandung City Government has succeeded in developing innovative...
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Javanese Local Colours in the Fictions of Umar Kayam

Hartono Hartono, Suroso Suroso
One of the phenomena of writing literary works in Indonesia since the last few decades is the tendency to promote regional culture in accordance with the socio-cultural background of the author. The purpose of this study is to explain the form of local colours represented by Umar Kayam in his fiction...
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Success Factors of Summarecon Mall Bekasi: A millennial perspective

Pramis B. Wibawa, Basuki Wibawa
Lifestyle and entertainment center are relatively central in today practice and it plays a critical role in forming healthy economic condition along with perceptions of the society within the region. Several of the shopping centers have failed to achieve key performance indexes in the region of Bekasi....
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The Transformation of Short Movie into Short Story

Aji Septiaji, Zuriyati Zuriyati, Aceng Rahmat
Learning media can categorized as creative things if they have advantages in the process of creating, processing, and producing a product or work. Variety of existing learning media either software or hardware based can be alternative in fostering students’ creative thinking in processing or creating...
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Developing Morphological Awareness in Adapted Teaching Materials

Nurani Hartini, Hendriwanto Hendriwanto
Developing morphological awareness for the language learner entails the decent activities in which the output of learning provides compelling evidence of such meta linguistic. It is likely to have more in depth discussion on what development is preferable to improve morphological awareness. Unfortunately,...
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Enhancing Concept Understanding and Problem Solving Ability by Using Blended Learning System in Social Sciences Learning in Grade V SDN Tanjung III

Dadang Iskandar, Acep Roni Hamdani
This study is back grounded by students who had not maximally achieved concept understanding ability and problem solving ability in Social Sciences learning. Through this study, the solution to solve that problem is examined by applying learning which use Blended Learning system. Blended Learning is...
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Designing Social Sciences Worksheets Based on Ethnoscience: A natural stone artisans community

Iin Wariin Basyari, Endang Herawan, Ayu Hartini
Learning resources that are contextual with the nature, social condition, and culture become very important in the learning of social sciences. The aim of this study is to identify the socioeconomic and cultural phenomena of the natural stone artisans which can be used as a worksheet for social sciences...